Protesters Deface The Former Home Of Defense Witness In Chauvin Trial

We recently discussed the reckless rhetoric of Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Cal., in Minnesota, including declaring that she and protesters would not accept an acquittal in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin.  The comments came after days of rioting, looting, and other violence. The concern is that such rhetoric would inflame those already inclined toward violence, particularly given the gunfire directed at National Guardsman after her comments. Now it appears that protesters targeted one of the witnesses for the defense — an act that is clearly intimidating and retaliatory. It turns out the home defaced was the former home of Barry Brodd, the retired police officer.

Pig blood was smeared over the home and garage.

The Santa Rosa Police Department stated that the “suspects in this vandalism were targeting” Brodd for his testimony.

Protesters have been at the courthouse throughout the trial.  Some of us have criticized the judge for not sequestering the jury, which includes at least one person who lives in or near Brooklyn Center, the scene of the recent shooting of Daunte Wright and renewed rioting.

I cannot imagine a greater basis for sequestering a jury.  Indeed, I stated earlier that there was a strong basis for changing the venue of the Chauvin case.  It is hard to see how the rioting and protests would not have a prejudicial impact on a jury.

Previously, the home of the prosecutor responsible for the manslaughter charge in the Wright case was also targeted by protesters.  Earlier the county prosecutor involved in the start of the Chauvin case sold his home after it was targeted. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman and his wife had lived in the house for years but were forced to sell due to the nightly harassment.

The targeting of the homes of prosecutors and witnesses create serious concerns of intimidation and harassment. It also magnifies concerns over the comments of political figures like Waters.



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  1. I propose a way to determine which side of this argument is right.

    What say we remove the Police and National Guard from the City of Minneapolis for a full Week beginning immediately and also remove any physical barriers, fences, etc……and let the mostly peaceful protests play out as they might.

    Then…we can determine whether the move to defund/abolish the Police Department, or switch from armed Police Officers to Social Workers is a wise concept.

    I am of the firm opinion we all know the truth…but half of us are talking out their butts….the half that endorse the anti-police rhetoric.

    But….in reality….despite the Police and National Guard presence….which is for show. only due to the Rules of Engagement being dictated to them by the Leftist Leadership in charge….we shall see my test be put in action as the Police and National Guard shall not be allowed to end the Riot, Arson, and Looting but be required to merely look on and be targets for direct violence against them by the mostly peaceful protestors.

  2. Why was it only George Floyd?


    Minneapolis Police Used Neck (sic – i.e. shoulder) Restraints 237 Times, Left 44 People Unconscious Since 2015, Records Show

    Minneapolis Police Department officers have used neck restraints to subdue at least 237 people since 2015, according to an NBC News report published on Monday.

    The report, which analyzed Minneapolis police records dating back roughly five years, also found that officers’ use of the disarming restraint tactic caused subjects to lose consciousness in 44 of those instances. Data showed that 60 percent of individuals restrained by police using this method were black, 30 percent were white, and the remainder were Native Americans, NBC News said in its evaluation.

    – Newsweek

  3. Are we all to believe that chauvin willfully murdered a known criminal and drug out perp while he was being videoed by a mob while other officers stood by. Reasonable doubt – case closed.

  4. Why in the Hell was this guy, Derek Chauvin, even charged??? It’s been clear to me for some time now he never should have been charged.

    Have you people had enough of this/these Commie/Fascist takeover yet?

    Southern Border being over ran right now & continuing by the 3rd worlders for Slaves , Mad Maxine/Biden/Pelosi/Shcumer/McConnel/McCarty they’ve geared up over fake cases like Derek Chauvin to let as many cities in the US be Burned to the Ground. Complete Medical Tyranny attempting to be implement… Fauci/Bill Gates/Big Pharma. Etc.

    Why would the Dems/Rinos do that, because they’ve sold this nation out for personal $$$ gain! But where will they go! LOL!

    Look around for yourself.

    For a guy that likes reading history I must say these a very interest times be living in.

  5. I just read commentary from “Karen S.,” whoever she is. Thank you, Karen, for taking the time for such on-point commentary (and thanks to “Bill Abell” for taking the time to thank her. I join Bill. The rest, I dismiss as silly and immature criticism of her thought -provoking truth. I might add that the mainstream media (NBC and ABC evening news) have been trying to influence the public with an all-but-conviction of Chauvin with their slanted selective-fact reporting of the trial and closing arguments. I noticed that they did NOT mention the vandalizing and hanging of a bloody pig’s head at the former home of police Defense witness. Can you imagine if the other side had done that to prosecution’s police witness(ses)???? It would have been all over the evening news.

  6. Turley – “..The use of such prejudicial comments rarely result in overturning convictions but Waters has added her highly publicized and inflammatory comments to a trial that should have (in my view) been held in a different city with a sequestered jury.”
    True enough that big mouth comments from politicians don’t normally result in overturning convictions, but Maxine’s comments go far beyond that. They amount to what appears to be a call for more violent confrontation in an attempt to intimidate everyone involved in the process. The jury has to know that those confrontations will be aimed directly into the hearts of their homes and their families. The judge knows it too. See my ‘mob rule in Minnesota’ post. Officials are already selling homes out of fear of the mob.

    The jurors are at risk and they know it.

    This is not a fair trial. Perhaps it isn’t a trial at all but only a form of mob theater.

    The judicial system, state and federal, has been looking rather shabby this past 12 months.

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