Columbus Shooting Sparks Protests Despite Videotape Showing Knife Attack

The shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, in Columbus, Ohio has sparked protests despite the police releasing a videotape that appeared to show Bryant moving to stab another girl.  The incident has strikingly similar legal issues to the shooting of Adam Toledo in Chicago.  The parents of Bryant insist that she dropped the knife just before being shot, the same situation raised in the Toledo shooting.  The videotape does appear to satisfy the standard for the use of lethal force under Tennessee v. Garner and other case law.

Police told local media that, at  4:32 p.m., officers were dispatched to the address after a caller reported that a female was trying to stab other individuals.  The videotape shows Bryant moving toward the other female with the knife before being shot by the officer.

Various media outlets like NPR posted misleading accounts of the shooting, which fueled anger in the city.  NPR later corrected its original account:


The Daily Beast was criticized for its coverage, including a quote from “local Columbus activist K.C. Taynor of Exodus Nation” that “the latest police killing made it impossible to celebrate the Chauvin verdict. It’s another murder. They’re animals. They treat us like animals.”

Here is video with the The body cam footage around 6:35.


The knife if shown laying next to Bryant.

The site Heavy reports that Franklin County Children Services confirmed that Bryant was a foster child. Her aunt, Hazel Bryant, told The Dispatch that her niece “got into an altercation with someone else at the home” but that Bryant dropped her knife before being shot by a Columbus police officer.

On its face, the videotape would offer strong support for a justified shooting claim.

The Columbus Police manual states “Sworn personnel may use deadly force when the involved personnel have reason to believe the response is objectively reasonable to protect themselves or others from the imminent threat of death or serious physical harm.” That language is derived from Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985), when the court addressed the Fourth Amendment protections afforded a fleeing suspect and held that an officer may not use deadly force to prevent escape unless “the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.”

Tennessee v. Garner addressed a fleeing unarmed suspects and found the state statute too broad:

The use of deadly force to prevent the escape of all felony suspects, whatever the circumstances, is constitutionally unreasonable. It is not better that all felony suspects die than that they escape. Where the suspect poses no immediate threat to the officer and no threat to others, the harm resulting from failing to apprehend him does not justify the use of deadly force to do so. It is no doubt unfortunate when a suspect who is in sight escapes, but the fact that the police arrive a little late or are a little slower afoot does not always justify killing the suspect. A police officer may not seize an unarmed, nondangerous suspect by shooting him dead. The Tennessee statute is unconstitutional insofar as it authorizes the use of deadly force against such fleeing suspects.

In Graham v. Connor, the court held that the question of whether an officer used excessive force “requires careful attention to the facts and circumstances of each particular case, including the severity of the crime at issue, whether the suspect poses an immediate threat to the safety of the officers or others, and whether he is actively resisting arrest or attempting to evade arrest by flight.” However, the Court ruled unanimously that the “reasonableness of a particular use of force must be judged from the perspective of a reasonable officer on the scene, and its calculus must embody an allowance for the fact that police officers are often forced to make split-second decisions about the amount of force necessary in a particular situation.” (The ABA discussed these and other cases in a recent posting).

In this case, Bryant was in close proximity and moving toward the other person with the knife. This was a direct threat of lethal force made against another person and the officer can claim that there was little time or space for “de-escalation” efforts.  The shooting is likely to be found to be justified under the governing standards for the use of lethal force.



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  1. Stop a black person from killing another black person or feed and educate your family and put away a small amount for your retirement after 30 years of service to your community. The liberals all talk about controlling the police but they never talk about a solution to the murders in the black neighborhood. No way they would bring up a problem that they are responsible for. It would hurt their bank accounts and their collections at the voting booth. Can’t have that.

  2. “If all earthly power were given me,” said Lincoln in a speech delivered in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, 1854, “I should not know what to do, as to the existing institution [of slavery]. My first impulse would be to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia, to their own native land.” “…he asked whether freed blacks should be made “politically and socially our equals?” “My own feelings will not admit of this,” he said, “and [even] if mine would, we well know that those of the great mass of white people will not … We can not, then, make them equals.”

    1. Dear Anon, you often use this quote by Lincoln. In your mind the country is still operating as if it were 1865. At the time civilizations in the black nations were not as advanced as in other nations. The statement by Lincoln has no more relevance today than the black civilizations of the world of 1865. Lincoln was perplexed with the problem but the blacks were freed and he did not send them to Liberia. In those days the education of a black man was not allowed. Today the education of a black man is not wanted because it’s a white “thing”. Why don’t you address the problems of today concerning the leadership of the black community. The leadership today in the black community is an abysmal failure while the black men who should be leading are called Uncle Toms. You time warp back to the past to find the guilty while overlooking the failures of the present right before your eyes. I understand, you have a narrative that must be fed.

      1. TiT, you’re addressing George, who is an extreme bigot. He is a white nationalist who does not want Blacks in the US. He is a misogynist who believes women should not have the right to vote.

      2. Lincoln, as well as other national leaders such as Senator Henry Clay, were trying to decide what to do with the soon-to-be freed black slaves. Lincoln publicly stated that he did not think that they could fit-in with white society, and that they would become “a burden on all successive generations of Americans.” That has proven to be true. Lincoln, Clay and others did raise money to “repatriate” blacks to Liberia, purchased land for them, created the country of Liberia with a constitution drafted in the U.S. and quite similar to ours. Roughly 5,000 American blacks volunteered to move to Liberia, including the ancestors of Liberia’s President, Charles Taylor. But it is a moot issue. After passage of the 13th Amendment, blacks became citizens, and they have the highest per-capita income and education of blacks anywhere in the world. They aren’t going anywhere.

        1. The Naturalization Act of 1802 was in full force and effect in 1863 requiring citizens to be “…free white person(s)…” which, in turn, required immediate deportation of illegal aliens.

          That was the law.

          It is now a cold case awaiting resolution.

          1. Sorry, but once the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, that superseded and nullified any conflicting legislation. The Constitution is the “supreme law of the land.” So while there may have been better options for the ex-slaves, such as providing them with their own island in the Caribbean (since sending them all to Africa was unrealistic), the lawmakers chose to make them citizens and allow them to stay in the U.S., so that is the end of the story, for better or for worse.

    2. This is a statement about the challenges of assimilation and integration, not diversity [dogma] (e.g. racism).

  3. Who would want to be a police officer in today’s environment?

    When a person needs an ambulance in certain areas of agitation, does the ambulance go in before the police? If the death is secondary to the delay who caused the death? Should there be rioting?

  4. Look at the picture. You got black chick in the jeans trying to stab the black chick in pink with a knife. You got Trayvon Junior there in the hoodie, kicking another black chick who is on the ground. That fact alone is bad enough, but these folks are doing this right there in front of multiple policemen.

    That is Black America in 2021, and that is what we expect our police to deal with on a regular basis, and all the time pretending not to notice the common characteristic of race. Any cop, black or white, who is NOT a “racist”, is not very smart.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. If you look at the top photo, she isn’t trying to stab anyone. She has a knife in her hand, and the knife is pointing away from the person, not at the person.

      Are you blind as well as racist?

        1. SF

          Anonymous’ technique is to ignore the situation and try to move the debate to one small detail – essentially try to deny the truth by debating details..

          Don’t know if he is willfully dishonest or honestly stupid, but we see this over and over again.

          Anonymous is typical of many Lefties who lack intellectual integrity.

        2. If by “people like her,” you mean Blacks, I live with several Black people. We have knives in our kitchen. I have never felt threatened.

      1. Photo? You have a video capturing the event, showing the assailant turning the blade toward the girl in the pink just as the officer fired. Damn!

      2. Anonymous – look at the frame by frame where the first girl fell on the ground when Bryant lunged at her. She makes a clear sweeping stab with the knife. This 16 year old girl absolutely did try to stab two unarmed girls, right in front of at least 3 cops. She was violent and out of control.

        This kind of criminal behavior needs to be roundly, publicly condemned, rather than excused. Yeah, but she was just 16. Yeah but was she really trying to stab the first girl? Maybe she was just trying to tickle the girl in pink. She was just at a party with her friends and the cops killed her for no reason. People like you denying the frame by frame video evidence, claiming that she wasn’t trying to stab anyone. Would a reasonable cop have allowed her to do what she wanted to do to that girl in pink?

        That’s the kind of irresponsible rhetoric that makes black people believe all cops are racist. That cop tried to get her to stop. She wouldn’t. Shew as already on top of the girl in pink, strides away from him. He couldn’t reach her. He had to act quickly or he’d witness a possible murder.

        The fault was Bryant’s for trying to stab 2 people, right in front of 3 cops, and for failing to obey his command to stop. By the time he fired, it was way too late for her to come to her senses. People are trying to parse each frame to find out if she dropped the knife the instant before she was shot or the instant after. That’s too late. Waiting one instant more to fire and that other girl could have been dead.

        You can’t try to stab two unarmed people. I am at a total loss as to why this is a question for so many people eager to believe a false narrative.

        Larry Elder, the Obamas, Candace Owens, Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, and Amala Ekpunobi aren’t out there stabbing people. This kind of behavior isn’t “black culture.” Bryant’s actions don’t reflect on the aforementioned people. It’s “failure culture”. It’s “criminal culture.” We need to hold up successful black people and stop pretending those who follow failure culture are not responsible for anything that happens to them.

        1. Karen, I would love to look at it frame by frame. I have not yet found any video that allows me to do that. If you can provide a link to a video that will let me move through it frame by frame, I’d appreciate it.

          The video above requires that you create a Google account to view it. I refuse to do create a Google account, as they’re already gathering more info about me than I want.

          1. I get where you’re coming from with Google. They are way too intrusive. You can watch the Youtube video without an account.

            It does help to watch the video. I was absolutely shocked, when I watched the video, because that’s not how the media had portrayed the incident at all. There have already been pundits outraged the cop didn’t use pepper spray. Her hand was descending with the knife like Norman Bates in Psycho. She could have gutted that girl in pink, and if the first girl hadn’t fallen back as she swiped the knife at her, she’d be slashed, too.

            The girl with the knife seems to have had a lot of problems.

            Here is the Youtube video. During the police conference, they slowed the video down so you can see the events unfold in slow motion. In real time, things went downhill pretty quickly. It was over in seconds. The cop yelled “Get down!” 4 times, but she ignored him and tried to stab the second girl, who was pinned and curled up on the side of the hood of the car. She could have been gutted or had her throat slashed. It helps to see it in slow mo.

            Be aware that this is unedited footage, so it might be upsetting to watch.

            1. Thanks, Karen, but Google will not allow me to play that video unless I register. It says
              “Video unavailable
              “This video is restricted. Please check the Google Workspace administrator and/or the network administrator restrictions.”

      3. And the girl she is trying to stab is only trying to jump away because it’s just a game they’re playing. Look at the face of the girl who is about to be stabbed to see if she thinks it’s just a game. Ms Bryant is chasing people with a knife but somehow there’s no way she should be considered dangerous. Let’s see a person acting like an enraged dog is holding a knife and quickly moving in you direction but somehow poses no threat. After all, Ms Bryant is just a little choir girl having a little fun. Blind is Anonymous finding a racist under every rock.

      4. “Are you blind as well as racist?”

        The only answer is you are afflicted with terminal stupidity.

          1. You are so inventive Anonymous the Stupid that you steal others words. You are also dumb and blind. You still don’t know what the video showed though many people have written a description of it.

            Why don’t you hold your Cuomo dol a bit tighter.

      5. Of course if you freeze the picture, at some time in the arc of the swing, the blade will be pointing away from its target.
        This is the legacy of Obama who had his surrogates fan the flames of racial discontent and in his suave manner, exploited feelings of racial injustice to maintain power and push his agenda.
        Biden like the sick and unimaginative deviant that he is, doubled down on it.
        I be am black and if the girl in pink had been my daughter, I would have sent flowers to the police station with my sympathies and thanks for saving her life.

        The headline should read:


        1. I’m not the one who chose the photo. JT chose it, “Squeaky” commented on that specific photo (she said “Look at the picture”), and I replied to what she said about it. I’ve yet to find a video that I can move through frame by frame. If you know of one, please do post a link. The police haven’t released their entire bodycam footage, and we don’t yet have testimony about what occurred before they arrived. The officer stupidly doesn’t tell the girl with the knife to drop the knife, even though he knew that they’d gotten a call about someone with a knife.

          Imagine that you watched the video of Kyle Rittenhouse shooting two people. Now suppose you have additional earlier video showing that they threatened him. Now suppose you have yet more video showing that they were threatening him because he’d already killed someone. Do you interpret all three the same way, or does your interpretation vary with how much info you have?

          We need more info.

          1. Anonymous – I posted a link to a Youtube video in response to your comment above. Let me know if you can’t play it.

      6. So you disagree with Turley? The shooting and killing was NOT justified legally?

        1. I don’t know yet whether or not he was justified. I’m going to wait until there’s more information. An investigation has started. I and anyone else who wants can wait until it concludes.

  5. Well, the Democrats have perfected the art of bribing people with their own money. So it stands to reason they would figure out a way to create a reparations industry, based on the lie that White Americans have stolen Black Americans natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Of course, if this was about equal justice, Democrats would have applauded the Chauvin verdict as an example of the system working. They would have certainly denounced the appalling fraud of the BLM movement, as they ignore black on black crime. They wouldn’t invoke the hideous Jim Crow era in describing election security laws that are in fact less restrictive than their own states. An era by the way, ushered in by the Democratic party. Look no further than what Democratic party “leaders” did to protect black lives in Chicago when they elected a black president from Chicago. NOTHING! This was the tell on where this was all going.

    1. Not an imagined threat or risk (e.g. Ashli Babbitt). Not an imminent threat. But an immediate threat to the lives of two unarmed girls and responding police officers. And her partner is an accomplice to its progress. Baby Lives Matter (BLM)

    2. “. . . they would figure out a way to create a reparations industry . . .”

      Yep. It’s stealth (racist) reparations. One example of which is the some $5 billion for black farmers, as part of the so-called “Covid-19 Relief Bill.”

  6. What would you do if you were a cop sent on a call in a black neighborhood to stop an attack on a black person by another black person. Gee fellas no matter how hard I pushed on the accelerator the patrol car just wouldn’t go more than 20 miles per hour. These patrol cars get a lot of miles and are subject to these intermittent problems. How many black people will die because the cops showed up to late. Maybe we can figure out a way to keep count so we can deliver their blood to Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden’s hands. The criminals know when fewer black and whites are patrolling the hood. Hold on to your purse Mama. Better yet, you’d be better of just letting them have it if you value your life. If your Asian and you own a convenience store in the hood you should shut it down if you value your life. Then the black grandmother will have to take a bus or the subway to buy her groceries as she fears for her life. Those cop cars just aren’t as fast as they used to be. Hey Nancy! Hey Joe! Hey BLM! You reap what you sow.

    1. Except notice that this didn’t take place in “the hood.” The homes and cars and blooming cherry trees in the video depict a nice neighborhood; better than many whites live in. Yet the ghetto behavior remains the same.

      1. Tin, you can take the squirrel out of the forest, but you cant take the forest out of the squirrel

      2. I thought the parking job of the sub compact crossing the sidewalk left something to be desired. I suspect among those people anywhere a car fits is OK to “park.”

      3. “TIN says:April 21, 2021 at 1:24 PM
        Except notice that this didn’t take place in “the hood.” The homes and cars and blooming cherry trees in the video depict a nice neighborhood; better than many whites live in. Yet the ghetto behavior remains the same.”

        It might be the “foster home.”

        Hopefully, the BCI will get things sorted…and quickly.

    1. Why??? Uh, because we have the highest number of African-Americans of any other country in the world. DUH! When you have the worst bunch of miscreants and savages of any other country, then you can expect this.

      Move all our hoodrats to France and then France would have the highest numbers.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. “we have the highest number of African-Americans of any other country in the world.”

        Are you trying to sound stupid??

        We are the only country with African Americans, because that term is specific to the US. If you mean Blacks, we do not have the largest Black population of any country in the world, and only an idiot would think we do. You truly think we have a larger Black population than Nigeria? You think we have a larger Black population than Brazil?

        On top of displaying your ignorance, your disgusting descriptions of Black people tell us that you’re an extreme racist.

        1. You know what, I don’t even care if people call me racist anymore. The term has become meaningless. I recognize reality and when I see one example after another after another after another ad nauseum of crappy behavior, then let the chips fall where they may.

          You call me names but you do not ever intelligently dispute what I say. You are an apologist for savagery and violence and stupidity and whether you are simply a DNC shill or a total idiot, who cares?

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. “you do not ever intelligently dispute what I say.”

            BS. I intelligently disputed what you said by correctly pointing out that your claim “we have the highest number of African-Americans of any other country in the world” is either meaningless (since African American is a term that isn’t used for Blacks in other countries, most of which are not even in the Americas) or false (because there are other countries with larger Black populations than the US).

            Notice that you could not bring yourself to answer — or even acknoweldge — the questions I asked: You truly think we have a larger Black population than Nigeria? You think we have a larger Black population than Brazil?

            “You call me names”

            I call you racist because you are.

            Did you notice that even Turley/Darren found your first comment (the one that referred to Bryant as a “dead ape”) sufficiently racist that they deleted it?

              1. So you can’t bring yourself to answer my questions (You truly think we have a larger Black population than Nigeria? You think we have a larger Black population than Brazil?) but want me to answer yours. Got it.

      1. I frequently back up my claims. In fact, some people here even complain about the links (with evidence) that I provide.

        1. Anonymous the Stupid, that is because your links do not match what you say. Most of the times they can’t because you say nothing and the link frequently disagrees with your overall opinion.

            1. But, Anonymous the Stupid, your own LINKS frequently prove you to be Stupid and sometimes they lead nowhere.

              Statistics 101:

              Randomly select 12 people from a city that is mostly Democrats and in that group of 12 most will be Democrats.

                    1. Anonymous the Stupid my opinion may or may not be fact. You aren’t productive is a fact. All anyone has to do is look at what you have written.

              1. Allan, you and your pal Young seldom use random samples. It’s one of the things I’ve pointed out to Young repeatedly. He likes to use convenience samples.

                1. Anonymous the Stupid, I can’t tell you when or if Young uses random samples, but random sampling isn’t always the way to go. There are a lot of things in the world you know nothing about.

                  1. “I can’t tell you when or if Young uses random samples”

                    You can tell when Young uses them by reading his comments.

                    “random sampling isn’t always the way to go”

                    Duh. I didn’t suggest that random samples are ALWAYS the way to go, Allan.

                    “There are a lot of things in the world you know nothing about” is true for all of us: you, me, and everyone else. But statistics is not among the things I know nothing about.

    2. The ignorant comments from others notwithstanding, The answer is simple we have a high violent crime rate.
      I don’t know where your source got their data but if they compare countries with high violent crime rates the answer will be apparent.

      1. “The answer is simple we have a high violent crime rate.”

        Many countries have much higher violent crime rates than the US. We’re nowhere near the highest rate of homicide, nowhere near the highest reported rapes per capita, etc. Here are data about that –

        “I don’t know where your source got their data”

        They say where they got their data for each of the countries they considered, in the column that says “Source for number of law enforcement killings.” But they were only comparing select wealthy countries. If you want to look at more comprehensive data with data sources identified –
        We are not at the top of that more comprehensive list. It’s obvious from the per capita column in that list that it does not correspond to the size or percentage of the population that’s Black, and it also doesn’t correspond to per capital violent crime rates, though that latter association is closer.

  7. if i understand the black communitys reaction to this
    theyre ok with blacks being killed
    along as its not a white person or cop doing it
    more blacks were killed by other blacks in chicago since jan 1 or this year
    than were killed by cops of all ethnicities everywhere in america going back
    to 2016

      1. Anonymous

        “YOU DON’T.” Do you know that as a fact? Or, just an opinion? Since you appear to claim that knowledge, why not share it with us?

        1. I’m not Black, but not a single Black person I know says “theyre ok with blacks being killed along as its not a white person or cop doing it.” All of the Black people I know are concerned about Blacks being killed by people of other races and occupations too. That there’s a different response when cops kill a Black person does not imply that other killings are A-OK.

          Can you name even one Black person who has ever said “I’m ok with Blacks being killed as long as it’s not a white person or cop doing it”? Just one.

          1. It’s “the dog that didn’t bark”. How many Black on Black murders happen every week? How many Blacks murder Black children every month?
            How many BLM protests happen in those neighborhoods?

            That screams “I’m okay with it.”

            1. By your reasoning, the fact that women are raped daily but there aren’t a lot of protests also screams “I’m okay with it.”

              By your reasoning, the fact that men are disproportionately the victims of murder but there aren’t a lot of protests screams “I’m okay with it.”

              BLM is protesting police violence, not murder in general, so their protests or lack thereof don’t show what you claim them to show.

              1. BLM is protesting police violence, not murder in general, so their protests or lack thereof don’t show what you claim them to show.

                By your reasoning, BLM is a movement, not about Black Lives, not about violence being committed against blacks, but only police violence? Well gosh, if we measured them by their actions, one would think they were pro-looting, pro-arson, pro-violence, pro-racism, pro-murder and pro-anarchy. They should rename their movement Black Mayhem Matters BMM.

          2. Every supporter of the BLM movement says it by their actions, which have cost more than (net) 2000 lives since Floyd died.

          3. “Can you name even one Black person . . .”

            The mayors of Chicago and DC, the MN AG. Sharpton, Waters, Jackson — just to name 6. Add to that the media’s black race hucksters (too numerous to count). They’re all guilty of that crime by their failure to acknowledge the problem, by their failure to address the cause, and by their lack of action to solve the problem.

            1. Sam, the question was “Can you name even one Black person who has ever said “I’m ok with Blacks being killed as long as it’s not a white person or cop doing it”?

              Don’t cut the question off to misrepresent it.

              Please do quote “The mayors of Chicago and DC, the MN AG. Sharpton, Waters, Jackson … Add to that the media’s black race hucksters” saying something equivalent to “I’m ok with Blacks being killed as long as it’s not a white person or cop doing it.” I doubt that you’re telling the truth, but quotes can convince me.

              “They’re all guilty of that crime by their failure to acknowledge the problem, by their failure to address the cause, and by their lack of action to solve the problem.”

              Don’t be silly. If I say “can you name someone who SAID that,” and they didn’t SAY that, then they’re not examples, no matter how much you condemn them for other reasons.

              1. “Please do quote . . .”

                Actions (and the failure to act) speak louder than words. And the failure to speak out speaks volumes. (Your rabbinical hair-splitting notwithstanding.)

                1. In other words, you have no evidence at all that they said it, and you’re simply attributing it to them because you’re unaware of them saying something to the contrary. You let me know when you’ve read transcripts of everything they’ve ever said.

                  “the failure to speak out”

                  You haven’t proved that they’ve failed to speak out. Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence. Even if you had, you’d be lying to claim they said something while relying on an absence of speech. I would never say that you support white nationalism simply because I’ve never heard you speak out against it. I wouldn’t say it unless I’d heard you speak in favor.

                  1. “Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence.”

                    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. There are scads of contexts in which such absence is evidence.

                    “you’d be lying to claim”

                    I don’t respond to ad hominem or to arguments from intimidation. So I’m done with this interaction.

          4. Anonymous:

            “Can you name even one Black person who has ever said “I’m ok with Blacks being killed as long as it’s not a white person or cop doing it”? Just one.”

            BLM and similar march, riot, loot, burn to protest police use of force against black people. Most of those incidents were proven justified.

            Where are the marches and solidarity for all the black-on-black crime that slaughters people every week in Chicago, including children? Little 7 year old Jaslyn was murdered while sitting in a McDonald’s drive through with her Daddy. A few men shot up the car, apparently targeting the father. Jaslyn was shot 6 times.

            Yet there is no national outrage. No solidarity. No demanding more policing and to shove crime right out of those cities to make it safe for children like Jaslyn. Instead, “ratting” or rolling on someone to the cops to help solve these crimes is frowned upon.

            Even though you might not know anyone who says they don’t care about black-on-black crime, I’ll bet you know a lot of people who immediately become outraged, before learning all the facts, about white cop-on-black use of force, while they don’t exert themselves over increasing crime. In fact, BLM’s activities have defunded police, and caused police to step back This led to more murder. Therefore, all this Black Lives Matter protests has done is create more black deaths. That’s the hard truth people don’t want to face.

            There wasn’t any national sentiment that black lives didn’t matter. The KKK is a fringe group universally despised. Rather, there was a sentiment that criminals of any race who fight with cops or try to harm others, and get hurt in the process, bear some responsibility. They view innocent Jaslyn differently than Michael Brown, who grabbed a cop’s gun and tried to shoot him.

            BLM needs to change it’s slogan to “Criminals’ Lives Matter!” Except they only care about black criminals. They are rather prejudiced against black conservatives.

            Some may say it’s a tu quoque argument, yet the outrage is undeniably selective, and the facts misrepresented.

            1. A 12 y/o black boy with a gun killed a 13 y/o black boy over an argument at a mall yesterday in Prince George’s County, MD, which adjoins Washington DC and is the wealthiest majority-black county in the U.S. Just bringing this up because CNN and the other MSM won’t mention it. Nor will BLM (no money to be made from the tragedy).

              1. Here’s an article about it in The Washington Post –

                Here’s the coverage from ABC News –

                Do you consider them MSM?

                Here’s reporting from TheGrio, “a video news community devoted to providing stories that affect and reflect Black America” –
                That’s not BLM, but the Black community isn’t silent about this.

  8. What cop in his right mind is going to intervene in any brawl? It’s easier and safer to stay in the car and arrest the winner after he/she drops the weapon. Then call the ambulance. You want NO policing, you’ll get NO policing. And that’s why anyone not knowing how to use a firearm is nuts.

    1. Yep, clearly the only two possibilities are killing the person with the weapon or saying in the car. No other response is possible.

      1. Anonymous says: “Yep, clearly the only two possibilities are kill the person with the weapon or saying[sic] in the car. No other response is possible.”

        Please elucidate for us the other possible responses that would have fit into the time frame. Please don’t include equipment or tactics that were not in place or use by this law enforcement agency.

        1. How about: tell the person to drop the weapon and then don’t shoot if they drop the weapon.

          1. Anonymous, the officer asked, Hey, what is going on here?” Then, he said, “hey, get down, get down, hey, hey, hey.” In those few seconds the girl with the knife pushed another girl down and then ran to other, her accomplice, at about the same time, kicked the girl on the ground as she tried to get up, meanwhile the girl with the knife was poised to stab the girl at the car. She could/should have dropped or put the knife down, or held it up and away upon the officer’s arrival, she didn’t. All of this happened in approximately 12 seconds. Who initiated the mayhem? The officer had about 5 seconds to react to prevent severe injury or death. This didn’t happen in slow motion and there was no time to slow the action down.

            Your assessment is unrealistic, unreasonable and completely ignoring the culpability of the 16 year old for her wild behavior and inability to control herself. Whether or not there are alternatives to the tactics and equipment used in this incident are moot, as they weren’t used or available and it happened far too fast for a complete tactical and logistical response. The least you could do is be honest and fair and realize this was not the officers doing or plan, rather it was the tragic response to an out of control individual.

            1. You think it’s unreasonable to expect a police officer to yell “drop the weapon” (“drop the gun,” “drop the knife”)? Seriously? They should be trained to say that.

              My point was that mespo727272 falsely suggested that there are only 2 possible responses by police. There are more than 2. Any honest discussion will acknowledge that there are more than 2 possible responses. That doesn’t tell us which response is best in a give situation. It only honestly acknowledges that it doesn’t do anyone good to falsely suggest that there are only 2 possible responses.

              1. Anonymous – while you make a point that saying, “drop your weapon” would be better than “get down get down get down get down”, did Bryant obey the command? She would have survived the encounter if she’d gotten down. But she didn’t.

                When someone’s hadn’t is plunging a knife towards another person, out of physical reach of the officer, the number of possible responses narrows down to:
                1. shoot them
                2. observe and fail to act

                One of those choices means a murder could take place in front of an inactive police officer on duty. Dereliction of duty that resulted in a homicide.

                Non lethal force is contraindicated when there is a deadly weapon, and a victim is in danger. Non lethal, like pepper spray, takes a bit of time. It will not stop the arc of a homicidal swing with a knife. It won’t save the victim. People can also be tased multiple times, and it requires a certain close distance.

                Lethal force is indicated when a victim is in danger of being stabbed to death in that moment.

                The problem isn’t the cop. It’s that a girl tried to murder two unarmed girls.

                Why doesn’t the attempted murderer hold any responsibility in what happened? How many people should be sacrificed to her rage to see if she really means it when she stabs at someone?

                I’m seriously at a loss here. A girl tries to stab two unarmed people, refuses to get down as ordered, and is shot in the act of trying to stab someone. If the cop had run over there he would have been too late. The knife was literally in its arc. But the cop is the bad guy in this scenario? Seriously?

                I see a bunch of safe armchair quarterbacks behaving as if the cop could freeze ray a homicidal maniac. They are thinking what if Bryant was their kid. They aren’t thinking, what if the girl in pink, or the girl on the ground, was their kid. What if anyone else that girl would have tried to murder that day was their kid.

                1. What if he’d tried to talk it out? Answer: Bryant was in the act of trying to stab someone. She would have stabbed someone and possibly murdered her.
                2. What if the cop had used pepper spray? Answer: by the time he holstered his gun and drew his pepper spray, and got close enough to use it, Bryant would have stabbed the girl in pink, who might have been murdered.
                3. What if the cop had used a taser? Answer: See above. Tasers have to be used in close proximity.
                4. What if he’d shot her in the leg? Answer: That would not have stopped the arc of her deadly swing with the knife. Cops don’t shoot for the moving target of arms and legs because it’s too easy to miss, and won’t drop someone.
                5. What if the cop had wrestled with her for the knife and used a control hold? The cop was not within reach. By the time he ran over there, Bryant would have stabbed and possibly murdered the girl in pink. Plus, the cop might have gotten stabbed.

                Why is this so hard to understand that the person whose safety was of prime importance was at the unarmed girl in pink who was in imminent danger of being murdered? Why does the safety of the knife wielding Norman Bates impersonator matter more than the victim?

                Does anyone ever watch slasher horror movies? Is the audience shouting at the screen, “No! Don’t shoot Jason, Freddy Krueger, Michael, Leatherface, Norman Bates, Ghostface, or Chucky! Talk it out! Pepper spray! Don’t use the gun that’s right in your hand to save the girl! Find some pepper spray!”

              2. It is clearly unreasonable in this situation. The officer got out of the car to ask, “what’s going on?” A reasonable and appropriate question to ask, before he got an answer or could utter another word the girl swung into action and knocked the other girl down. He yelled get down, get down as the girl in a frenzy moved to another girl with her knife poised to stab. The officer used deadly force because deadly force was threatened. The girl had an obligation under law to listen to the officer and explain what she was doing, she chose to continue in her rage. Sadly, she is dead because of her rage, not because the officer was inept or racist. Your willingness to excuse her behavior is symptomatic of a childish mindset that pervades our nation. Your inability to recognize how quick the situation devolved because, and only because, of the girl’s action shows immaturity in assessment and disregard for the reality of time.

          2. “How about: tell the person to drop the weapon and then don’t shoot if they drop the weapon.”
            Hahahaha, Or push the unicorn in between them. The naivete is priceless.

          3. To be clear; the very moment you have an individual lunging at you with a knife, is when you want the police to simply order them to drop it? And that seems rational to you?

            1. The police were told before they arrived that there was someone with a knife. Why the hell wasn’t the first thing they said “Drop the knife”? Do you think they’re too stupid to say that?

              1. So for example, you called the police to say someone was threating you with a knife. Just as the police arrive and open their car doors, the individual with the knife lunges at you with the knife. Are you a) hoping they shout orders to the assailant, you know, to protect the assailant’s life? b) hoping they use whatever force is necessary, you know, to protect your life?

                1. I would hope that instead of asking “Hey, what is going on here?,” which is the first thing I heard him say, he said “Drop the knife!” If he has time to say the former, he has time to say the latter, don’t you agree?

                  1. Anonymous the Stupid, in the video did you notice where the camera was initially facing? Did you notice the fight and the kick? Did you note one girl was down and another against the car being attacked by a girl ready to stab her? How much time do you think the policeman had?

                    We watch you look at things spending days and you still can’t come up with the right answer yet in three seconds you expect the police officer to be able to engage two fights at the same time and use your words. Had he done that you would have still criticized him because you would say he didn’t use the word please. What a jerk.

                    1. Allan, you seem to desperately want a conversation with me. I will never treat you as a sincere discussant because you’ve shown yourself to be a prolific troll. For the record, the anonymous commenter posting the 4:15 comment is a different person than me. You generally deny that we are different people.

                    2. “Allan, you seem to desperately want a conversation with me.”

                      No I don’t. You were my experiment and it failed long ago. However like many experiments with rodents the rodent survives the experiment and is either destroyed or kept in a cage for the rest of its life.

                      You are my “pet” rodent that can be watched running down endless mazes. You are not here for legitimate discussion for you neither have the desire nor the ability.

                      You are here and will exist until you disappear.

                    3. Allan is desperate for conversation.

                      And, yes, he’s a “prolific troll.”

                    4. Anonymous the Stupid, I am only interested in intelligent discussion which leaves you out. You must not have paid attention.

                      Anonymous the Stupid, in the video did you notice where the camera was initially facing? Did you notice the fight and the kick? Did you note one girl was down and another against the car being attacked by a girl ready to stab her? How much time do you think the policeman had?

                      No, you noticed nothing except the talking points given to you.

                    5. Allan says to Anonymous, “Anonymous the Stupid, I am only interested in intelligent discussion which leaves you out,” not recognizing the logical contradiction.

                      Allan: if you truly believed that someone is incapable of intelligent discussion, and you were only interested in intelligent discussion, then you would ignore the person instead of responding to him multiple times a day.

                      You are lying. Either you actually enjoy discussion with people you don’t consider intelligent (e.g., because you get your rocks of denigrating people), or you recognize that one or more of the multiple people you call “Anonymous the Stupid” are intelligent, or both. But your behavior belies your claims.

                    6. >>” I am only interested in intelligent discussion which leaves you out,
                      >not recognizing the logical contradiction.”

                      There is no contradiction. You are a Gerbil in a maze. We are not having an intelligent discussion. People talk to living creatures. Do you think they are discussing world affairs?

                      You are my Gerbil in my maze. There are many ways of not taking notice (ignoring). You don’t even exist. You have no name or icon. I am not talking to anyone.

                    7. Allan S(tupid) Meyer in a nutshell: he characterizes people he dislikes as “a Gerbil in a maze” and despite spending the bulk of his comments here addressing them, he says “I am not talking to anyone.”

                      Allan, if you believe that you’re having typewritten exchanges with gerbils, you should seek out mental health counseling. You should seek it out either way, given the sick delight you take in denigrating people.

                    8. “he characterizes people”

                      WRONG, Anonymous the Stupid. It is only you, the Fighting Gerbil that wears dentures and insults everyone.

                      You fail to understand that you don’t exist so whether you be a Gerbil or a lawn mower your existence is not real. You are insignificant. You are worthless.

                  2. If he has time to say the former, he has time to say the latter, don’t you agree?

                    The police roll up on a call with where their is a report of a person threatening others with a knife. At the scene is least 5 people plus 2 others in the immediate vicinity. Two women are shown standing in the driveway, with another group standing further up the driveway, As the officer is trying to assess the situation, a women shoves a 4th women to the ground and a man is shown kicking a woman in the head, At this point the officer’s bodycam shows him turning away toward the woman on the ground. As he turns back with his weapon drawn, now the knife becomes visible as the woman lunges at the woman in pink. Perhaps the officer could have just gotten out of his vehicle and yelled, “drop the knife” to whoever might have it. He could have ignored the assaulted woman on the ground and the guy kicking her in the head until one of the 7 dropped an alleged knife. Most importantly, the arrival of at least 3 police cruisers didn’t seem to be any kind of deterrent to the knife-wielding girl. She went on the attack after the officers were already out of their vehicles. It is absolutely unreasonable to conclude she was interested in complying with orders from anyone, let alone the police.

                  3. Anonymous asked:

                    “I would hope that instead of asking “Hey, what is going on here?,” which is the first thing I heard him say, he said “Drop the knife!”” When he exited his vehicle, he asked the unarmedgirl in pink, “Hey, what’s going on here?” Why would he yell, “Drop the knife” when none of us saw the knife until after he asked that question?

                    He told her “Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down!” Did she obey that lawful command? No. She tried to stab two people right in front of 3 cops. Was “get down” an unlawful command? No.

                    Yet here you, and a shocking number of people are, defending the homicidal maniac instead of being grateful to the cop for saving the life of the girl in pink, and who knows how many other people. Is this really a moral quandary on right and wrong in America? Do we know support the homicidal maniac, and we’re angry when the victim is saved from murder by a quick thinking cop? The country really has lost its way.

                  4. Do you know if he saw the knife? Did you see the knife? At what point during the first time of watching the video did you see the knife. Give us the time stamp. Your are both unrealistic and unreasonable and obviously never been faced with any situation remotely like this. Bottom line, you’re simply an apologist for leftist talking points no matter the facts, the data or evidence. You’re never here to have reasonable discussion.

              2. Anonymous the Stupid, why don’t you look at the video and take note of the fight taking place in two areas with I think kicking in one. Then why don’t you take a stop watch and time the commands and the shot.

                This is what happens when families don’t teach their children to be civilized.

          4. How about listening to the video and using your brain. There was action in two areas and the cop shouted out at least 2 commands trying to stop the ruckus and then shot. I don’t think 1 second elapsed between any of the commands and then the gunfire when no action was taken by the person with a knife.

            Anonymous is watching in slow motion while the policeman is dealing with two different areas of concern. Dealing in rapid real time there wasn’t time to do much of anything.

          5. Anonymous – it would help if you watched the video and then commented.

            The cop actually did tell her 4 times “Get down!” She ignored him. She tried to stab two unarmed girls in front of 3 cops. She was shot in the act of trying to stab someone. It was appalling. She was completely out of control and it appeared she was trying to murder multiple people.

            Her mother must be in terrible grief. As well, the mothers of those two girls Bryant tried to murder must be shuddering at the close call. This appeared to be a very troubled girl. I don’t know what the argument was about, or what happened prior. But on camera, she tried to stab two girls who did not have any weapons in their hands, both of whom were trying to escape from Bryant. Bryant was the aggressor in this video clip. The entire incident was over within 10 seconds of when the officer exited the vehicle. It was very fast. He had a split second to realize it was attempted murder in progress and react to save the victim in pink.

            I’m sorry, but I cannot understand the direction the public outrage has taken. It used to be that the parents of people who tried to, or did, murder people apologized to the community and the police department.

            I don’t see the world coming together in support of the near murder of the girl who scrambled backward and fell down, or the girl in pink. Those were both girls who were almost murdered. Were it not for the quick thinking police officer, who knew how many people Bryant would have murdered that day, names to be forgotten in the growing pile of victims of violence. This is the kind of violence that’s a real and present threat to the communities in which they occur.

            A cop shot someone who was trying to plunge a knife into another person. If the public is going to demand that cop be charged, then all cops should quit and leave us to anarchy.

            Chauvin used unlawful force and failed to render aid. Potter grabbed the wrong weapon and accidentally shot Wright. Out of millions of police interactions, there were two really egregious cases. Other than that, police use of force is generally against people who had guns, knives, or were fighting cops.

            What we see instead is the media shaping public opinion against law enforcement, deliberately misleading the public on police use of force. Meanwhile, as police pull back, crime and murder go up.

        2. What about equipping police with tranquilizer darts that they use to subdue raging hippos on the nature channel?

          1. LOL. Yet it bears pointing out that zoos require someone standing by with life ammunition when transporting anesthetized dangerous animals, like tigers or gorillas, to veterinary care, just in case they shake off the sedation too early and the animal awakes before more sedation is administered. Live fire is required because a tranquilizer dart would take way too long to take effect if human lives are in imminent danger. It’s a Plan B.

  9. We need two national conversations. They are distinct from each other but progress depends on both. 1: Behind the badge. Constantly improving, creating a more professional law enforcement and community safety 2: in front of the badge. The individual citizen and the community’s responsibility to obey the laws, and interact with police in crises and non-crises situations. Without BOTH, nothing will improve as quickly as it should. I hear one conversation, about the police, behind the badge. I don’t hear much of the other conversation, in front of the badge, the citizen’s responsibility in the interaction. Just the opposite, I hear an overt effort to avoid, and ignore, the second conversation, demeaning anyone that suggests the topic. You either want to save lives and live in safe communities or you do not. It could not be more clear.

  10. The real problems in the black community is the black community. With the help of these “social justice” white leftist who continue to scapegoat white Americans they fail to recognize the real enemy: Themselves! They have come to accept the violent life they choose to live by and blame everyone and everything for who they are. The “social justice” Marxist spike them with “defund police they’re your enemy”, “white privilege that’s your enemy”, “white supremacy that’s your enemy”.

    No, you are your enemy.

  11. Here we go, again. The million-man march has become the million-dollar mansion for BLM.

    Fundraising is the smokestack industry of the left. The real racists are on the left, and we have to call out BLM’s lies about racism in America or the radicals will invent crimes and scapegoats to keep the money flowing. The left has no shame when it comes to money-grubbing corruption and abuse of power.

    The black community’s real problems can only be solved by the black community itself. There is nothing more the rest of us can do that will matter.

    1. Which, is why you see stupid white wokesters out there ripping down Confederate statues, and rebel flags and trying to rename military bases. So that they can be part of The Struggle. But notice how nothing they do changes the downward trajectory of Black America? Because like you said, white people can not fix what is horribly wrong with blacks. White people can stop enabling and encouraging that behavior, but white people can not change broken blacks. Anymore than other people can fix drunks or drug addicts.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. I don’t believe blacks are broken, they just are who they are. In Africa the average IQ is 80. In some parts of the continent, it is as low as 50. In some Asian countries the average IQ is 115. I believe the Finns have the highest IQs of white people, at >100. How well is it going to work to import people with average IQs well below the norm, to post-agricultural societies and think they are going to succeed or conform their behavior to the social norms of other races? Their behavior is consistent with all people of their IQ level, including young children: emotional, lack of impulse control, poor reasoning and decision-making. So really, the unfairness is in thinking that blacks should behave like non-blacks. It is like expecting Haiti to function like Singapore, Hong Kong or Finland. It’s just not possible, given the population and the attributes thereof.

        1. Yeah, those white Ashkenazi Jews (average IQ of 112-115) don’t count.

          IQ has been increasing globally for quite a while, in part because it’s linked to prenatal and early nutrition. Learn more about IQ and you’ll find that it’s not fixed by race or ethnicity.

          1. The Jews whose ancestors lived in Western Europe have significantly higher IQs than the Jews of North Africa and the Middle East. Is it because they are racially mixed with Germans, Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, etc., or because the culture and nutritional levels of the relatively advanced European countries benefitted them? While it’s true that IQ levels, overall, have increased, the relative differences between groups remain the same. And even where they have increased, it doesn’t really make a sufficient difference. In central Africa, IQs have, on average, increased from 50 to 55. Would an IQ of 55 equip a person to compete in the American job market? Less than 15% of Irish immigrants end up as welfare dependents. Nearly 50% of Hmongs do, and >80% of Somali immigrants in Minneapolis are still on welfare and public housing after two generations in the U.S.

            1. Jews are not a race, just like Finns are not a race. Both are ethnicities. Prior to WWII, they lived in Eastern Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) more often than Western Europe. I’m not sure why you think “the culture and nutritional levels of the relatively advanced European countries” might have benefitted Ashkenazim more than they benefitted the French or the Italians or the non-Jewish Poles.

              “the relative differences between groups remain the same.”

              Have they? How do you account for the IQ differences among people of the African diaspora in different parts of the world?

              1. The IQ differences between Africans and those blacks in other parts of the world are attributed to racial admixtures. American blacks are 5 points higher on the IQ scale (85 instead of 80) and are noticeably lighter skinned than Africans, because most American blacks are have white DNA. Africans in Asia are often the children of American military black males and Asian mothers, hence they are half black and half Asian, like Tiger Woods. Their IQs are correspondingly higher. Kamala Harris is 1/2 Indian, 1/4 English and 1/4 black. I would venture to guess that her IQ higher than the black girl in the video who was trying to stab people over an argument. Maybe not….

                1. TIN, if you’re talking about average IQs, then specific people like Tiger Woods or Kamala Harris are irrelevant.

                  I also didn’t ask about American Blacks like Tiger Woods and Kamala Harris. I made a comment about “people of the African diaspora in different parts of the world.” Think places like Latin America (Brazil, Venezuela, Belize, …), the Caribbean (the Dominican Republic, Haiti, …), Europe (France, the UK, …), etc.

                  As for “The IQ differences between Africans and those blacks in other parts of the world are attributed to racial admixtures,” how do you know this? How have you tested your conjecture? How have you adjusted for differences in poverty and nutrition? …

                  1. No, I haven’t tested my conjecture, because it’s not mine. I’m not a scientist. I’ve read about the subject at length, and these are the prevailing views. As far as nutrition, it is undisputed that people who live in places where nutritious food is available with very little effort rank at the low end of the IQ scale. For example, people in the Caribbean, Africa and other tropical climates where a variety of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are prolific do not score well. Yet the Finns who live in one of the world’s harshest climates with the shortest growing season score near the top. So perhaps being able to step outside and pick bananas and mangoes and hit an animal over the head for your evening meal leads to the stupid and lazy being able to survive. And in particularly harsh climates, those who are too stupid or lazy to plan for themselves and store food for the six months that they will be snowed in will be weeded out by nature.

                    As for American blacks, certainly the “soul food” of earlier generations (black-eyed peas, turnip greens, ham hocks and so forth) was far more nutritious than the McDonald’s junk that contributes to rampant obesity and diabetes today. But I don’t believe that nutrition has a significant impact on IQ. The Chinese suffered decades of a cup of rice a day yet still rank among the highest IQs. And the Irish, who lived on nothing but a single food source (potatoes) between waves of famine nonetheless score fairly well.

                    1. “it is undisputed that people who live in places where nutritious food is available with very little effort rank at the low end of the IQ scale. For example, people in the Caribbean, Africa and other tropical climates where a variety of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat are prolific do not score well.”

                      I dispute it.

                      Take a look at the levels of undernourishment in many tropical countries –

                      “I don’t believe that nutrition has a significant impact on IQ.”

                      Then read some research about it –

  12. This will go away quickly. It happened right around the verdict being released and I assume tensions were high on the response. I can only hope the parent of the attacked child steps up and thanks the police for saving their child. That would help deflate the situation. The bigger question is why does a person resort to a knife to settle a problem. In this case it cost her her life. It could have cost the other person their life.

    1. I hope the parent of the attacked child speaks up, too, but the lawyers will probably pay her to say nothing. Wouldn’t want to bet my life on a fair outcome here.

        1. Quiet Man and I were referring to the parent of the person who was attacked. Bryant is the mother of the attacker.

          Have you seen any statements from the attacked-person’s family yet?

      1. Diogenes:

        In today’s climate, it might be dangerous for the family of the girl in pink to come out publicly in gratitude for the cop who saved her life.

    2. @The Quiet Man,
      They are already protesting at the police station and are gathering.
      I doubt it will die down soon.

      It was a clean shoot, however… I would have been concerned about accidentally hitting the victim too.

      There’s more to the story though. The girl came out, attached one person to the ground. Knife in hand… yet was the first person stabbed?
      Then she’s going after the girl in pink. With the knife out.

      What’s the background?

      1. I watched the video, too. I agree, it was a clean shoot. Bryant was incensed and wielding a knife. The others were fleeing her, and the cops were plainly visible. Bryant had to be shot.

        I also agree that it was lucky others weren’t shot. Very messy situation. They don’t pay cops enough.

        Bryant’s family said she called the cops and is a peaceful person. Very confusing, but who am I supposed to believe, her family or my lying eyes?

        1. Not really a contradiction. She could have been having a truly horrific moment when she was other wise normally very nice.

  13. Our legal system in now run by BLM and Antifa. OJ is out playing golf, IMO a murderer. Chauvin will be in prison for life for doing his job only because he is white and the jury was scared to death of what might happen to them and their families if they let Chauvin go. Floyd was a dead man walking IMO. Now every cop, but especially a white cop, will hesitate to protect us and himself. More cops and citizens will either be harmed or dead because the criminals know they can get away with the crime. And very soon all guns will be taken away and we will live in anarchy and vigilantes will roam the hoods…I’m glad I’m old…the young generation will have to decide what type of country do they want to live in…freedom or servitude?…I’m very worried they will chose the later.

    1. Chauvin’s conviction will be reversed in due time. Should have been a mistrial due to Mad Maxine’s jury interference and the willing cooperation of the scandalous mass media scoundrels.

  14. If you are a Police Officer, QUIT while you are ahead. Let them kill each other. Why bother trying to stop them, when they will turn around and blame it on YOU???

  15. If you are a Police Officer…QUIT while you are ahead. Let them kill each other. It isn’t worth YOUR life trying to save some of these animals.

  16. What is it with black parents letting their kids roam the streets with weapons?

    What is it with this tolerance of black kids committing serious crimes?

    Parents take some responsibility for your kids’ behavior and for your failures.

    Black kids are dying because they go feral and their parents tolerate that behavior.

    Inevitably then, those same parents are in the streets blaming racism.

    Look in the mirror folks.

    1. This particular shooting my very well turn out to be justified according to current standards, yet clear racist tropes are being introduced depressingly @8:53.

      1. A

        Typical Lefty response.

        See a truth that you don’t like and call it a racist trope.

        Somehow neglect and bad parenting is OK if it comes from black parents.

        That is the bigotry of low expectations.

        I do black parents the courtesy of expecting as much from them as I expect from white parents.

      2. You want racist? Here’s racist. Cop does his job and gets convicted because a bunch of black hoodlums who are racist haters of white people take orders from their kingpin or should we say queenpin mad maxine who hates white people too and wants to intimidate us

        Much more racist intimidation of white people and white people will learn to fight fire with fire. it’s long overdue actually

        1. The jury was unanimous. Six members of the jury identify as white, four identify as Black, and two identify as multiracial. But you strangely assume that they were all “racist haters of white people” taking orders.

          1. Anonymous the Stupid, think of the selection process. Think of the threats.

            Thinking isn’t your strong suit so just try.

              1. Anonymous the Stupid, I guess it is too difficult for you to recognize that the selection process leads to a predominance of one type of person in this particular location. With a bit of encouragement laced with threats I think the jury had more to think about than the case.

                You are too Stupid to think for yourself. Go back to the comics.

                1. The one and only “Anonymous the Stupid” @4:29 (aka Allan/S. Meyer/ Tom) needs to find an outlet for his rage and anger.

                  He should stop hurting himself:

                  1. Anonymous the Stupid I started your course on statistics. Now let’s look at fear 101.

                    Can fear of violence or death to oneself or family make a person change his mind?

                    A) Yes
                    B) No

                    Anonymous the Stupid chose B) No. Perhaps he is too Stupid to learn. What can one expect from a person with the mind of a Gerbil.

    2. Latino neighborhoods and communities in the USA largely do not have these problems. This is because Latinos largely embrace family values and have multiple generations actively involved with raising children and supporting family members.

      Latinos comprise the single largest minority population in America, 18%, while Blacks are the second largest, 13%. Yet, the latter is the group constantly complaining about unemployment, poverty, victimization, reparations, demanding justice as they dump, abandon, slaughter their own children (abortions) and neighbors (black on black violent crimes). Blacks comprise the largest group of abortions.

      There are reasons for all of the “woes” that blacks have; they are self-inflicted. Alas, Blacks make useful talking points for White Politicians. Thus the White Masters are still using Blacks as their slaves. See Nancy Pelosi’s priceless comment on Floyd’s life as a “sacrifice”…..a revealing talking point

      Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice. For being there to call out to your mom — how heartbreaking was that — call out for your mom, ‘I can’t breathe,’” Pelosi (D-Calif.) said during a news conference with members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

      University of Illinois history professor and longtime black activist Barbara Ransby reacted with utter shock.

      “Did Pelosi just say ‘George Floyd, thank u 4 sacrificing your life for justice’?” she tweeted.

      “He did not SACRIFICE his life. His life was violently taken.”

      Others were equally appalled.

      1. It’s rare in rural communities, too. The data show murder is mostly a city phenomenon.

        In 2014, 54% of US counties had zero murders and 69% of the counties had no more than one murder.

        In contrast, 51% of all murders occur in 2% of the counties. The worst 5% of counties account for 68% of murders.

        In the US, living in densely populated areas seems to breed pathological behaviors.

    3. She was in foster care. You should be calling out the foster parents.

      What crime did she commit?

      There are reports that she was the one who called the police. Perhaps she took the knife away from one of the other girls. It’s hard to know without additional evidence. If she dropped the knife before she was shot, the police shouldn’t have shot her.

      1. Anonymous,


        The real world doesn’t need anymore “IF’S” or Monday morning quarterbacks.

        Suddenly, waiting for all the facts is no longer acceptable to those who want to destroy us.

        1. You object to conditional statements? They’re a standard part of logical reasoning.

          When I said “It’s hard to know without additional evidence,” I was encouraging people to “wait for all the facts,” so whoever you’re saying “Suddenly, waiting for all the facts is no longer acceptable to those who want to destroy us” to, it’s not me.

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