BYOC: Teacher’s Racist Diatribe Highlights Failure To Equip Officers With Body Cameras

For years, I and others have argued for body camera (and police interrogation cameras) to be used in every jurisdiction. Despite the obvious value of such cameras, jurisdictions like Los Angeles County have resisted and still do not have this basic protection for both officers and citizens alike. Likewise, prosecutors in cities like Chicago long opposed the filming of officers by citizens. The recent controversy over a traffic stop in L.A. shows the importance of such body cameras. In the video, an officer pulls over a self-described teacher for using her cellphone while driving and is met with a barrage of racist slurs. The officer was only able to show his side in the encounter because he paid for his own camera. It is absurd that Los Angeles County forces officers to pay for their own cameras to guarantee a record of such encounters.  In LA County, it is bring your own camera (BYOC) or engage in policing at your own risk.

The African-American teacher is shown in the video immediately attacking the Hispanic officer with a litany of racist slurs and insults from repeatedly calling him a “murderer” and “Mexico racist” to telling him that he will “always being Mexican” and “never white.” Police say the woman is well known for bringing baseless charges against officers.

Here is the body cam video of the April 23 incident in San Dimas:

The officer remains calm despite the litany of insults.

My anger at the video was not just over the racist slurs but the fact that this officer had to equip himself in Los Angeles.

As many of us have argued for 20 years, these cameras protect officers and the public alike. If this officer did not have this videotape, this could have been an incident where there are two wildly different accounts between the driver and the officer. If a harassment claim is filed, the matter would likely be treated as unproven rather than untrue. It would remain on the officer’s record that he was accused for racism and harassment.

Yet, there is no anger at the political leaders in Los Angeles County for the failure to supply this basic piece of equipment. Last year was the first deployment of body cameras in the city for LA sheriffs. Los Angeles police officers began using body cameras in 2015.

While many politicians are now calling for body cams, it was not long ago that they remained silent on the issue or failed to object (or joined) as police departments demanded delays in the release of such records.  In April 2018, the LAPD began releasing body cam footage to the public from officer-involved shootings.

One of the issues delaying such deployment has been the insistence of officers to have greater control in turning on and off cameras. There should be no such debate in terms of the cameras operating as all times in public movements and encounters.

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  1. Long before there were body cameras, cops bought and used their own recording devices to catch the encounters on audio. This is nothing new and cameras should be standard operating procedure AND long term storage of the video. Departments don’t invest in the cameras for lots of reasons, but maintaining and reviewing the THOUSANDS of hours of video is VERY EXPENSIVE!! If the Congress wants to do something, they should buy and pay for theses costs and fund the personnel needed to oversee a best practices use of video which includes random review to make sure department personnel are doing their jobs with excellence!

    1. “f the Congress wants to do something, they should buy and pay for theses”. Wrong, it is the citizens duty to provide for measures to preserve their civil liberties. Even implying that we should be placing this power in congress illustrates just what a good job the left has done to make you a good member of the herd. The cost of this should be a burden on each community, thereby insuring that locals keep an eye on both the LEOs and the way in which their local communities are raising their children to become good citizens. Put the onus on the immediate tax payer and keep it local.

  2. black woman…teacher….caught breaking a law…good at memorizing slogans….insulting and trying to get a policeman to do something wrong…nothing to see here…move along…in Biden and BLM ‘s new world order…standard procedure followed perfectly..

  3. Maybe she is an ex teacher who has a chip on her shoulder because as a white woman in a county that has a Hispanic-majority population, or at least a plurality, she might have lost her job or never been hired, and blames it on affirmative action. Rightly or wrongly.

    She may be an obnoxious fool, but white people should contemplate a future inj which they are an ethnic minority. We would be fools to seek it.

        1. The video shows her skin color. I suppose she could be a dark-skinned Asian (as is the case with some of the ethnicities found in India), an Aborigine, or come from some other ethnic group. But news reports identify her as Black.

  4. lets see. last year all summer, thousands of people were spitting in cop’s faces calling them racist.

    now one lady says a cop is racist? why is this a story?

    ah, i forgot: she appears to be a white person trying to create a dog bites man story, thats why.

    stupid story, insignificant, and PS LA sucks

    1. So JT refers to her as “The African-American teacher,” and we can see her skin is brown, but you say “she appears to be a white person”?? You might want to have your color vision checked.

      As for “why is this a story?,” the column is about the value of police wearing body cameras. She said that she’d be filing a complaint. The video in this case will help the officer.

  5. Teachers need Mercedes Benzes and Range Rovers? Their product is not commensurate with their absurd levels of compensation. How does this pseudo-sophist/day-care technician have time for anything other than striking? The takeaway is that she won’t even be disciplined, much less removed. De-certify, nay, criminalize teachers unions, yesterday.

      1. Annie, some people pray for a Mercedes Benz. Recall the famous prayer: “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz? My friends all drive Porsches. I must make amends.”

    1. “Teachers need Mercedes Benzes and Range Rovers?”

      No idea of her marital status, but if she is married to someone in a high-paying profession, it may be the spouse’s income that allows the purchase of a Mercedes.

        1. I am perfectly ready to criticize her for something of legitimate concern–her abhorrent behavior. Her vehicle is immaterial to the discussion. Driving a Mercedes doesn’t make someone a jerk; she’s a jerk who happened to be driving a Mercedes.

          1. Agreed, Prairie Rose, though I think she’s worse than a jerk. She’s racist and a liar, she was driving dangerously by using the phone while driving, and she said she intended to file a complaint, when the officer did nothing wrong (and was actually quite professional in dealing with her verbal abuse).

          2. I apologize. Apparently, that went right over your head. Teachers strike. Teachers steal money from taxpayers with impunity. Education budgets and funding are inscrutable; opaque; non-transparent in order to deceive taxpayers. All education is local and should be funded entirely locally. The Department of Education in Washington D.C. should be eliminated and razed immediately. Teachers buy Mercedes Benzes and Range Rovers – drive by their parking lots and take a look. Striking teachers must be fired. Period. The communist teachers unions are the bane of America. The communist teachers unions have filled the heads of American children with specious, deleterious, anti-freedom, anti-American communist propaganda. Teachers unions compel the study of Marx and Lenin not Washington and Jefferson.

            Teachers are a dime a dozen. Teachers don’t/can’t make Einsteins. The critical aspect of education is the student’s cognitive capacity and ambition, not the teacher’s ability to repeat by rote the same “lesson” for 20 years before a luxurious retirement (teachers should be forced to work in a coal mine for six months). American education should have been automated as was every other industry 50 years ago. Most instruction should occur on an in-home PC or I-phone in the format of one CD or hologram per subject/grade level nationally. America only need pay for one “teacher” per subject/grade level nationwide. The cost of education should be exponentially less than is currently the case. Taxpayers are funding day care.

            Teachers unions are in the gates.

            Teachers unions are the enemy.

            “The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend.”

            – Marcus Tullius Cicero


            1. Show me a school where this is true: “Teachers unions compel the study of Marx and Lenin not Washington and Jefferson.”

              The Marx brother and John Lennon maybe, but I doubt there is any school forcing Marx or Lenin down the throats of students.

              Communist? Communism died in the 80s alongside disco. And your brain cells and common sense.

              Stop being daft.

            2. A lot to unpack here. Your over-generalization isn’t helpful to your cause.

              “Teachers buy Mercedes Benzes and Range Rovers – drive by their parking lots and take a look.”

              Not where I live. Pretty basic cars, really. Maybe you live in LA with this fine example of a teacher?

      1. She was at one time homeless and was the subject of a local NBC affiliate story in 2015 about how she was able to get back on her feet. According to one source she is an adjunct professor of English at a local community college in Los Angeles making about $100,000 per year (though I have a feeling that may change). (So much for the tales of woe stories we hear about adjunct salaries.)

        1. I found an post online identifying her that way on the basis of a not-very-clear screenshot of her face. I wouldn’t take it as an accurate ID if I were you. (Might be, but there’s no good evidence for it.) I’m sure that a journalist will track it down and confirm her ID before too long, better to wait for confirmation.

  6. Get her out of the classroom, if she’s teaching. And she clearly a psych eval and some therapy.

  7. Agreed on the cameras, Turley. Any department that doesn’t supply body cams with a requirement to keep them on at all times is not setting up their officers to succeed as well as creating significant liability for themselves. Good on this officer for a) handling this stop well, b) having a cam that he had to supply himself.

    1. And I might add to my comment above, this officer deserves all the credit in the world for his patience and sense of humor in his stop of this clearly abrasive woman.


    2. She still went and filed a complaint after this incident! Can’t imagine how this would turn out had the officer not had his PERSONAL recording device.
      But the really sad part for the officer is he is going to have this complaint, no matter how unjustified , placed into his personnel record.
      And this lunatic is well known as filing numerous complaints against local cops.

  8. Anyone who voted for Biden and his open race baiting, supports this sort of conduct. Isn’t that how the rules worked for Trump voters?
    But seriously, if you voted Democrat, this should neither shock or surprise you.

    The sad part is that she spoke as though her child was in the car. What an example.

  9. I refuse to create a Google account, as they already collect too much information about us, so I can never view the restricted Youtube videos that JT embeds. If anyone else is unable to view it, here’s a copy –

    I’m glad that the police are ticketing people for driving while talking on the phone. It’s dangerous.

    She’s a dishonest racist, and if she’s teaching anywhere, I hope the administration will investigate whether she treats all of her students equitably.

    If she files a false complaint against the officer, I hope that there are legal consequences for her.

    And for all of the conservatives here, I’m a liberal Democrat.

        1. Jeff S.
          You made my day.
          A response on this blog without referencing JT working for Fox.
          Thank you. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you. Now get one of your Democratic representatives to condemn this maniac and many like myself will be SUPER impressed.

      1. A couple of years ago, some idiot driving while distracted by his phone smashed nearly head-on into my car. Fortunately I wasn’t killed; only my car was. I dealt with injuries for months and one is ongoing. As you can understand, I have zero sympathy for anyone ticketed for driving while distracted by a cell phone.

        We’ve all seen those drivers holding up their phones in the car while driving. Our unglued “teacher” wasn’t filming the officer; she was talking on the phone and got caught. That explains her ad hominem attacks on the officer.

  10. This woman is hideous. And the officer, [standing ovation!] I would gladly pay for this woman to be forced to wear a bodycam in her classroom. Short of that, then I would fully support students wearing bodycams in her classroom.

  11. This is nothing new out of blacks, black men & women. They have been defiant arrogant, vile, crude etc towards police officers going back many many years. And not only them but towards people in public. The black “community” is a miasma of crime yet they disrespect and hate the police. The black community is most in need of police protection but is the most hostile to and uncooperative with police. They don’t respect any authority figure — black or white. And don’t put a black person on a jury! They have little logic and believe really stupid things about police. Black jurors often don’t want to convict black criminals.

    Bureau of Justice Statistics show that, nationwide, blacks are committing crimes at 7 times the rate of whites. Blacks make up 13% of the population but commit the majority of violent crimes in this country. It’s even worse than that. It’s black-men who are committing the crimes, so it’s only 6.5% of the population doing nearly all the damage.

    African Americans, especially African American men, continue to be a huge burden to this country. It’s true that there has been some progress for African Americans in the past 50 years and that’s great. But, much of the propaganda or rhetoric of the “improvement” of black America is not exactly true.

    In fact, some of the statistics “documenting” improvement are flawed or exaggerated. It has to do with the large numbers of black men and young black men in prison/jail that aren’t counted. From Becky Pettit in the NYT, “imprisoned black men aren’t figured into most statistics about the standing of African-Americans. The consequence, she says, is an overstatement of black progress in education, employment, wages and voting participation.”

    And it’s not just the US. Brazil, with a majority black and black/mix ethnicity, has a murder-rate-8-times that in the US. Brazil had 50,000 murders in one recent year (compared to about 15,000 in the US, but Brazil has only 200 million people). The Brazil murder total is approximately the entire US death toll from the 10 year long Viet Nam war. Why? Because black people caused it! Crime is also sky-high in the mixed “Latino & black-neighborhoods. Why? Black males try to prey on the Latino men & women, but the Latino male fights back and rightfully so, in a extremely vicious manner.

    Conditions in Africa range from very poor to catastrophically bad. Poverty, dysfunction, tyranny, crime, murder, occasional genocides are very common in Africa. The same can be said of places like Haiti and Jamaica. In speaking of Jamaica, outside of your bucolic resorts that are propped up by white tourism, The vast majority of the rest of Jamaica is a proverbial, cow-patty-hole.

    Black-populations have some of the lowest cognitive ability (IQ) in the world. The majority of Africa have median IQs estimated in the 60s, 70s and low 80s.

    1. This rant reminds of that scene in the jury room of “12 Angry Men” when after such a racist outburst by one juror, the rest told him to sit down and STFU.”

        1. Which of my remarks and how are they relevant to the Christian Blood Libel of Jews?

  12. “The African-American teacher”

    She claims to be a teacher and maybe she is. If true, she shouldn’t be in teaching, IMO.

    Are we sure that she’s AA?

    1. And no one is surprised that you choose Rasmussen’s 2013 data instead of their 2020 data.

      Also interesting that you consider a poll of Americans to be “the experts.” Do you turn to average Americans for all of your expertise? That would explain some of your previous erroneous claims.

      1. Aninny:

        And it’s not surprising you take the newer slightly different data. I love it that your life is checking me. Says a lot about you. But even if we consider the newer data, then which is most accurate given that there is little difference? It’s like a ship with two slightly different clocks — you never quite know which is exactly right but you still know the time.

        Oh and Correct the Record must be slow time of year: it shows in topics and quality of commentary/commenters.

  13. I wonder how Latino students fare in this black teacher’s class given her apparent racial hatred of those of Mexican ancestry?

  14. Cop showed great professionalism and restraint in dealing with a very ugly woman.

    Policing at its best.

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