Protesters Deface Billy Goat Trail With Anti-Police Graffiti

As many on this blog know, I am a lifelong hiker and backpacker.  I often do dawn hikes on the Billy Goat trail along the Potomac, one of the most cherished and beautiful areas in the Washington metropolitan area. This morning, I decided to celebrate my birthday with one of my dawn hikes and it was glorious. I had the trail to myself as the sun was coming up over the Potomac.  It was a perfect hike until I made it to the end of the trail (one the Angler’s end) where the beautiful rock face is now defaced with anti-police graffiti.

We have previously discussed graffiti in natural areas from carving up trees to spray painting rocks (here and here and here and here and here and here and here)

People ruin these natural areas to achieve a type of infamous notoriety. Despite being one of the most beloved and used trails in this area, there has been virtually no graffiti for decades.  I suppose it was too much to expect that our age of rage would not reach such pristine areas. Someone hiked down the trial with a spray can to deface nature to convey their hatred for the police.  Among the graffiti was the common phrase used in violent protests in cities from Portland to Seattle to Washington: “F**K 12.”

There is a debate as to the origin of the common anti-police phrase but some believe was popularized in Atlanta, Georgia as an anti-police slogan and refers to police radio code “10-12” and the 1968 TV show Adam-12.

I have notified the Park Service at its website on graffiti. 

As someone who has hiked the trial for decades, the appearance of the graffiti was crushing. I often thought that nature remains common ground for people from every political and cultural group.  Whatever anger we experience in our lives, nature offers us a release as a place of contemplation and inspiration.  The belief was reinforced by how the trail remained free of graffiti and largely free of any trash. It was reassuring that we all seemed to be joined by our common connection to nature.

For those who still value natural beauty and its transformative elements, here are a few pictures from my dawn hike:




36 thoughts on “Protesters Deface Billy Goat Trail With Anti-Police Graffiti”

  1. Happy birthday, Professor.

    I’ve hiked that trail many times. Always a beautiful and peaceful time.

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday Professor. Having lived about 50 years a mile from the Potomac in the Virginia suburbs I can attest to the beauty of the trails and pathways in that area, as well as the slow deterioration of the character of the residents. Every protest, demonstration or “march” organized by the Left leaves behind tons of trash and filth, as well as defaced monuments. The few organized by conservatives need no clean-up afterwards. Tells you all you need to know.

  3. Happy birthday JT. While definitely worth exposing, perhaps in retrospect you would consider taking down the photos of the graffiti so as not to give the perpetrators additional exposure.

  4. Let me guess, I bet it was done by a group of MAGA hat wearing ‘nazis’, right? If it was, the FBI would not spare any attempt to find the perpetrators. And then the MSM would constantly tell us that in addition to being ‘white supremacists’, MAGA supporters are a danger to the environment.


    1. Yes, National Socialists, per chance Democrat Socialists, and rabid diversitists (e.g. color supremacists), too. And, yes, the FBI is hunting couples, that is a man and a woman, and others, only to release them. Apparently, mistaken identity. Take a knee, beg, good boy and girl. This is social justice a la White Hispanic… Hispanic of White, or whatever the racist designation. That said, did the hundreds of thousands assembled clean up after themselves? It’s the conservative way. Libertarians, on principle, can also usually be relied upon to self-moderate.

    1. Divergent, monotonically.

      That said, the rock, the tree, even birds (think Green) made a color judgment (diversity dogma), and was summarily labeled, and often cancelled.

  5. That tears it! This is beyond the pale!

    “It’s time to stop talkin’ and start chalkin’!”

    – Chick Hearn, Sportscaster

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    – Declaration of Independence, 1776

  6. What needs to happen to the scum that did this, is what was done to the trash, to the scum that came out here to North Dakota end it all they could to try to stop the Dakota access pipeline from being built / constructed. Dozens & dozens & dozens of the white, college age white big-city-college punks was beaten slap down in town. I do mean, BEATEN SO BAD, Dozens of them wound up in the ICU, intensive care unit in Bismarck.

    And then in the ICU in Dickinson, Minot, and Williston. Because the ICU in Bismarck only holds 18. The over-flow. Sanford Medical Center in Bismarck is considered an unbelievably big hospital for my State of North Dakota, but I know it’s tiny compared to your much bigger hospitals in leviathan size cities. But I mean this with all my heart.

    THIS IS WHAT IS NEEDED TO BE DONE TO THEM. AND TO EVERY SINGLE THING THAT IS PART OF ANTIFA AND BLM!!! and what really screws them up is called, “ putting the boots to them.” Steel toe boots, caving in there chest, knees, elbows, heads, etc. and that is exactly what was done to the scum that tried to stop the pipeline and cause so much trouble out here.


    This is from just 1, 1 article if you Google the story on all the garbage the scum left.

    “ Cleanup crews have removed 48 million pounds of trash so far from the largest Dakota Access oil pipeline protest camp — and they’re not finished yet.”

    (From just one day of cleanup close to 52 millions of pounds of garbage, dozens of broken down cars/pickups & old RV. 2 1/2 dozen 4-wheelers.” Also over 200 had to be paid to leave the state because they had no money. Greyhound bus ticket was bought. This protest Drew the pure scum, dredges of society from the East Coast and the West Coast.)

    (Over 2000 wound up invading my state, packed into A very small area on the Indian reservation. Because even after two months the Indians got sick of them. All of the Porta potty‘s were overflowing!!! The county and the state couldn’t keep them clean enough!!!! they had to wind up keeping on hand, 8!!! “SUPER-VAC-RIGS”. Just to try to keep up with all the Porta potty‘s that was always overflowing. And the stench!!! from all the pot smoke from all around the camps, was overwhelming!!!)

  7. Happy Birthday, Professor Turley! What a (mostly) beautiful way to start the day! Thank you for sharing pictures from your walk; it looks like a lovely place to recharge one’s soul. I’m sorry your walk was marred a bit by that graffiti.

    That horrid person should write a letter to the editor to vent their spleen or attend a city council meeting to try to effect positive change if they really want to improve policing. The graffiti reflects badly on any of their concerns because, obviously, police are needed to deal with those who tag public spaces or places that do not belong to them.

  8. Once upon a time in a very large City a Mayor took action by instituting a thing called the “Broken Window” policy and once implemented….improvements in the quality of life for everyone except the crooks, thugs, drug dealers, and those who marked up the place with graffiti.

    Now days…even if caught red handed….those same violators rarely get arrested….even more rarely get charged….and are turned out immediately without posting any kind of bond or paying bail….and we wonder why something as simple and innocent as hiking nature trail cannot be done without it being spoiled by those who only take from Society and do not contribute anything good to it.

    Sorry your morning walk was tarnished by that sad display of Leftist hate.

  9. Great pics and happy birthday, Turley. Totally agreed on the defacing of nature whether it be through spray paint, garbage or machinery. Humans often show just barely enough desire to survive when looking into the mirror of nature, unfortunately we’re even more at a crossroads than normal it seems.


  10. Animals are animals no other way to describe it.

    Even animals don’t foul were they eat.
    As Americans we used to pull together in tough times for the greater good. Singing the National Anthem was an exercise of acknowledging all the we had in common, Same for say the National Anthem, or citing the Lords Prayer before a city council meeting.
    Democrats have destroyed our institutions and divided the nation into warring tribes, and they are still working to further divide.

  11. What is noted above regarding the defacement of nature is a predicate for the defacement of our culture promoted by the Marxist left.

  12. Ah yes sad how they defaced Billy Goat Trail. Sadder still how they’ve defaced our cities over the past couple years and no one has done a thing to stop it.

  13. Destructive and dangerous children.

    While this graffiti is irritating, the vandals graduate to bigger crimes (see statues).

    Unpunished, Portland and Seattle show us the next steps.

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