New Hunter Biden Disclosures Feature $100,000 Donation Of Former FBI Director Freeh To The Biden Grandchildren

We recently discussed the latest disclosures from the laptop of Hunter Biden showing new business dealings leveraging access to his father — and further contradicting President Joe Biden’s repeated denials of any knowledge or involvement with his son’s deals.  Now there is a new disclosure of $100,000 given to the Biden grandchildren by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who was seeking business deals with the Bidens.  As usual, there remains a virtual blackout on the Biden laptop or the mounting evidence of Hunter Biden’s influence peddling. Beyond a couple outlets like the New York Post, voters have to rely on the foreign press for coverage of the disclosures.

Freeh reportedly made the gift in April 2016 to the trust for the children of Hunter’s late brother, Beau Biden, who died of brain cancer in 2015. The donation would well be a humanitarian gesture. However, it was the contemporaneous pitches for business deals with Hunter that has attracted the attention of some. In July 2016, he contacted Hunter and said that he “spoke to Dad a few weeks ago.” He tells Hunter “I believe that working together on these (and other legal) matters would be of value, fun and rewarding.”

An email from Louis Freeh to Hunter Biden reveals Freeh would be delighted 'to do future work with you.'
He later pitches again that he would like Joe Biden’s cell number and personal email.
Another email reveals Freeh looking for Joe Biden's contact information.

Freeh keeps pitching work with the Bidens. In another email, Freeh writes “I would still like to persuade him to associate with me and FSS—as we have some very good and profitable matters which he could enhance with minimal time.”

Notably, emails show that Hunter Biden referred a client  to Freeh. It was Romanian real estate tycoon Gabriel “Puiu” Popoviciu who is a notoriously corrupt businessman.

Freeh later wrote to say on July 8, 2016. “I wanted to thank you again for referring Gabriel to us and we have finalized an attorney letter of engagement with him.”

On April 24, 2017, Freeh writes Hunter to say that there were problems with the $100,000 and pledging “a new $100k gift” and having the trust “reimburse the foundation by paying it $100k.”

Another email details Freeh's $100K donation.

There is nothing here that is clearly criminal. Freeh was clearly trying to tap into the Bidens for business, not that type of rainmaker dealing is common in Washington.  What is most interesting about the emails (beyond the $100,000) is that Freeh understood that Hunter Biden was the window to deal with the Bidens on deals. Keep in mind that, during these years, Hunter Biden says that he was a wreck dealing with drug and alcohol abuse. Biden admits that he was still a crack addict running into his father’s last presidential campaign and the photos from China show him passed out and doing drugs as well as sexual trysts with various women, including possible prostitutes.  In this book, Hunter admitted that he was still a crack addict and alcoholic: “[d]rinking a quart of vodka a day by yourself in a room is absolutely, completely debilitating” as well as “smoking crack around the clock.”

Both Hunter and his uncle are repeatedly referenced in a variety of deals as conduits to Joe Biden.  Tony Bobulinski stated that he personally met with Joe Biden to discuss the business dealings of his son and brother. Bobulinski has been supported by these emails and is repeatedly praised by Hunter Biden in the emails and identified as the person in control of transactions for “the family.” He has directly contradicted Joe Biden’s denial of any knowledge or involvement in his son’s dubious dealings. He has never been called a liar by the Biden and Hunter admits that the laptop “might” be his — or they might be entirely fake Russian propaganda.  The mainstream media has no interest in determining which is true — or to recognize the fact that third parties confirmed that these emails are real.

There are more serious disclosures raised in these emails that not only reveal influence peddling in details but contradict the repeated denials of President Joe Biden. While the Bidens are not claiming that these emails are fake, the media has a blockbuster story in either case: either this is the greatest frame up of all time or it is the greatest cover up. The problem is that, if it is a cover up, the media played a major role in it.

While the media assigned teams of investigators and reporters to cover every possible shady deal of the Trump children, most media outlets are continuing to bury the laptop story. If they do not report on it, it did not happen. That has fueled concerns that we have a type of state media by default where reporters follow a narrative not by legal coercion but personal conviction. In the age of echo journalism and advocacy reporting, shaping the news has become acceptable, even commendable. At this point, the mounting evidence of self-dealing and influence peddling by the Bidens cannot be reported without being an indictment of not just this conduct but that of many journalists and columnists.


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  1. “There is nothing here that is clearly criminal”, yet clearly the media suppression of everything on this laptop confirms that it is. The current person who sits in the WH is a traitor, and his son’s laptop proves it. And it all leads back to one Barry — Barack Obama — Soetoro and his communist handlers, which is why they needed to steal the election.

    Our political class is a vile, deep swamp.

  2. I have read numerous comments dismissing this story as disinformation. This made me curious. It was not difficult to hit troves of data on this subject if one has the time to look and searches beyond Google. For example, Bevan Cooney, former business partner with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer is serving time in prison for fraud. To my knowledge, Archer has been indicted but his case is still being litigated. In 2019 Cooney turned access of his 26,000 emails to two investigative reporters (Schweizer and Tyrmand). They have published some of them and indicated that there are many photos and emails that corroborate and greatly expound on the information that has already been made available to the public. How much more information does the FBI possess? What will they do about it?

    Enter, Tony Bobulinkski, businessman and former CEO of a Biden corporation, ex-Navy officer who once had Q clearance and comes from a military family. He stated that he only wanted the Biden’s ask for a retraction of a piece in the news smeared his name. They did not and so he held a press conference. His timing was unfortunate but he added more texts, documents and emails to the growing body of evidence about the business operation of the Biden family.

    There is much more to this never-ending story than Biden’s laptop with its thousands of emails and photographs and it goes beyond Hunter Biden. The story is a tangled web of persons and events that occurred over the past decade or more that would make a novel writer’s imagination seem boring.

    How can politicians use their influence and family members as a means to increase wealth? Don’t send their grown children to developed countries like France, Germany, or the U.K. Send them to countries that are off the radar such as Ukraine, Oman, Kazakhstan or similar places and let them sit on the boards of companies who will pay them 160,000 dollars per month because of their connections and give them perks if they deliver the goods. Have them meet with government officials in places where little reporting or accountability will occur. Grant them high level access to U.S. officials to make deals. The politicians won’t be paid directly, but their family will make lucrative deals and later cut them in on the action when the heat is off. That way, as one family commented, there will be “plausible deniability.”

    What about Chris Heinz? He was concerned enough about his partners Devon Archer and Hunter Biden joining the board of Burisma that he contacted several of his father’s (John Kerry) aides in the embassy when he learned of the events. He cut himself loose from them once they joined Burisma.

    It does not take excessive effort to get a clearer picture of what has been going with some of our elected officials and their families. This should not be a partisan issue but unfortunately that is not the case. Raw corruption has been obscured and washed so that the otherwise busy citizen will simply dismiss it as usual politics. Hopefully, there will be reporters who keep their eye on the ball and will continue to research this bizarre story when political emotions have calmed down and more details are revealed and the dots connected.

    You might ask, “Why does this matter?”

    The sitting President of the United States of America cannot answer a question without first consulting a teleprompter or reaching for a note card. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he is declining. Who really wields power in the White House? His daily schedule often has no more than three items on the agenda. This is bizarre.

    It doesn’t matter who a person is or what their political affiliation. Nobody loves spending 20 to 30 dollars more to fill the tank or get less groceries per dollar spent. White House Policy impacts everyone in some form or fashion. The persons who sought and hold political office did not get there by accident. They wanted it. We the People have a right to know and to fully understand who governs us.

  3. The problem is Hunter while he should have been AG, is not any official and anything he might have done pales to the crimes of trump and his family. I know a logical fallacy but something you have to settle for the lesser. The choice has never been easier.

    1. Color me amazed at how totally brain dead Democrats are, and the nonsense they spew out daily. News flash… we are NOT discussing Trump so quot gaslighting.

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