“An Excuse to Get to be Racist”: “White Fragility” Author Issues Warning on the Dangers of The Comedy

Mark Twain once said that “A sense of humor is the one thing no one will admit to not having.” Twain observation came to mind this week when Robin DiAngelo warned that “Comedy is . . . an excuse to get to be racist.” It appears that DiAngelo is moving from “White Fragility” to white comedy. The remarks of the author of the book “White Fragility” were carried on the Wisconsin-based non-profit Mythinformed. DiAngelo singled out “Family Guy” and “The Simpsons” as racist entertainment. For free speech advocates, the comments are concerning given the crackdown in other countries on comedians.

DiAngelo explained how comedy is a dangerous gateway for racism:

“Comedy is, I think, an excuse to get to be racist, right? I think TV shows like ‘Family Guy’ and ‘South Park’ and maybe a little bit ‘The Simpsons’ allowed White people to be racist self-consciously. Like, ‘I know I’m being racist and therefore it doesn’t count and it’s OK.’ I don’t think it’s benign to do it in a joking way. And there is a concept in comedy called punching up, not down. So if you want to punch up, there are very different power dynamics and it doesn’t hurt in the same way. It doesn’t invoke a deep, deep centuries-long history of oppression when you poke fun at say, White people. But it’s very, very different when you poke fun at people of color.”

Thus, comedians would be allowed to “puke fun at say White People,” but not people of color.

Notably, years ago, it was the Bush family condemning shows like The Simpson and Family Guy. The media widely panned them for the criticism and reminded them that this was just a comedy show.

Such suggestions have become effective commands in other countries. We have previously discussed the alarming rollback on free speech rights in the West, particularly in Europe (here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here). We have seen comedians targeted with such court orders under this expanding and worrisome trend. ( here and here and here).  Scotland and other countries are adopting even broader rules that could eviscerate comedic entertainment.

We previously discussed one case where comedian Guy Earle has been called before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal for violating the human rights of a lesbian couple by trading insulting comments at a nightclub.

Canada is now facing a major ruling in the case of another comedian. A Quebec comedian, Mike Ward, is known for his irreverent and often insulting comedic stylings. In 2010, he mocked a younger singer named Jeremy Gabriel (known as “Petit Jeremy”) who was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, a genetic disorder that can affect facial bone structure and severe deafness. Ward joked about trying to drown him as well as mocking his appearance. It was distasteful but the audience laughed and Ward followed up by saying “I didn’t know how far I could go with that joke. At one point I said to myself, you’re going too far, they’re going to stop laughing. But no, you didn’t.”

Gabriel later sued and the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal ruled against Ward for having “exceeded the limits of freedom of expression” and discriminating on the basis of disability. The comedian appealed and lost before the Court of Appeal. The court gave cursory recognition of the obvious free speech dangers but insisted that its “intention is not to restrict creativity or censor artists’ opinions” but “comedians, like any citizen, are responsible for the consequences of their words when they cross certain lines.”

The question is whether those lines should apply to any citizens or whether such distasteful or cruel comments are still protected. Ward was mocking a fellow celebrity and in the United States his jokes are protected.

He is now appealing to the Canadian Supreme Court and comedians from around the world have rallied to his defense.

I would not wish to have to choose between the comedic stylings of DiAngelo and Ward. Instead, we can recognize that they both have free speech protections in voicing their views even if others find the unintentionally laughable or decidedly not funny.

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  1. What about, In Living Color, Martin, The Jefferson’s, Good Times, Blackish, Sanford and Son, The Jamie Foxx Show, and several other black themed television shows past and present? You mean to tell me the Simpsons has more offensive racist undertones than these shows? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

  2. I can think of more spot-on programs than the 2 listed here and a whole lot of movies produced in the not so distant past. But I’m not seeing those ever listed; Oh, Brother Where Art Tho”, and Wild, Wild, West starring Will Smith, to name a few.

  3. Today’s two blogs exemplify the expression “the pen is mightier than the sword”. The poisonous pen vs the shot in the back.

  4. It’s interesting that the 2 comics commonly mentioned, Don Rickles and Joan Rivers, were both unabashedly Jewish and who suffered far more discrimination than 95% of all people of color in the USA born after 1970 have suffered.
    Yet they are ascribed to be “privileged” because they are white when no one of color has suffered the discrimination that they suffered which they kept to themselves and in spite of which they continued to strive to attain success.
    All of which begs the question: how many people of color know what it feels like to get out of bed every day being Jewish?
    Clearly this destroys the White privilege theory because Jews, who are mostly white, have suffered no less discrimination than people of color. So there is NO critical race theory as that theory is nothing more than a self serving excuse to create a special preference for people of color, to the exclusion of other people who have similar or even greater discrimination history and suffering.
    And which clearly puts Robin D’Angelo, BLM, the 1619 fabricators, and similar frauds in an indefensible position which is having their fabrications eviscerated.

    1. Bill,

      I have gotten out of bed everyday being Jewish, but I can’t say that I have ever been discriminated- not to my knowledge. Unlike Blacks who can’t pass as White, Jews can pass as Gentiles which explains why the Nazis made them wear the Star of David to remove all doubt.

      1. “I have gotten out of bed everyday being Jewish, but I can’t say that I have ever been discriminated- not to my knowledge.”

        That has to be one of the stupidest remarks made by Jeff Silberman. He’s a turkey who can’t see past the blinders placed on him by mommy and daddy as they sent him to Prep school, leaving him an admitted spoiled brat and clueless Marxist American.

        Pre WW2 population of Jews was 2 million higher than it is today (14.5 million). The generation who lost half of their brothers and sisters in Europe are still around today, facing the scars of torture and death. Their children inherited certain fears due to what their parents suffered.

        There was a lot of discrimination against Jews and still is today, even here in the USA. It is getting worse in great part due to Marxist Americans, but our moronic blog mate is oblivious to those things. He is one of those selfish fools who will, one day, cause others to walk into the gas chambers.

      2. That’s amazing. You are very fortunate.

        I can recount dozens of instances starting with Fraternity pledge rush where I was led through the house like I was in Animal House. Fortunately,, there were 2 Jewish fraternities on campus.

        I also recall the same type of treatment when I applied to Law Firms. There were many more instances in business settings and in legal settings – lawyers can be anti semites also.

        I have observed that most Jews born after 1970 don’t recognize when they are being discriminated against. I can assure you that it exists in all parts of society, though you may not recognize it.

        Just look at the United Nations, whose members constantly attack Israel for frivolous allegations. Do you really think that is not anti semitic, especially when 85% of their petitions are against Israel?? What other country in the world is told to give back land that they won in a war started by the losing adversary???

        Let’s take it a step down to numerous Democrat Congresspersons who constantly spew unrestrained, unsanctioned anti semitic comments.

        And how many members of the Congressional Black Caucus have you heard condemn Louis Farrakhan, who spews as much vile against Jews as Adolph Hitler??

        And look at your Black leaders in local communities and BLM.. There’s more anti semitism under the surface from jealousy than their leaders lead on.

        Open your eyes.

        1. I was fortunate to grow up in a predominantly Jewish community, and despite going to a Prep school which was primarily Gentile, I can’t recall any overt discrimination. Perhaps, the fact the Prep school was located above the Mason-Dixon Line spared me. Nor did I experience any discrimination at my law firm. I was referring specifically to my own personal experience getting out of bed every day as a Jew as you posited. I was not commenting upon anti-Semitism in general. That is a far more complicated discussion. However, for every Democrat/BLM supporter who makes an anti-Semitic statement, I can cite you a similar statement by a Trumpist/Q-Anon supporter. My eyes are open. The only hatred I face on a day-to-day basis are from the Trumpists here.

          1. That’s interesting. I am a Republican, have been for 30 years after I decided to leave the Democrat party when I was 38, and I have never met or seen Q Anon member or a Proud Boys member. I think the summer riots have shown us that those and the KKK and Neo Nazis were nowhere to be found znd are marginalized groups for whom fear is grossly exaggerated. Their harm is limited to a few individual crazy people each year who yield to their psychosis.

            That being said, day to day anti semitism, while it still exists, is not nearly as prevalent as it was previously. The same with racism, except that anti racism has been emphasized so much the last 50 years that racism is much marginalized.

            1. Bill,

              Whereas Antifa and BLM by and large throw rocks, Molotov cocktails and water bottles, the Militia groups are armed with semi-automatic weapons. Thus, it stands to reason that the FBI takes them far more seriously which I presume the Militia groups would regard as a point of pride.
              I’m not sure that their threat is greatly exaggerated. I hope you are correct, but the FBI knows far more about the intentions of these groups than you or I, and I, for one, trust the FBI’s assessment.

              I would not be so quick to relegate mass shootings to those yielding to their psychosis. There are several Trumpists on this blog who have expressed their desire and are just itching for a second Civil War though I don’t see that happening nowadays despite our current culture war.

              I agree that both racism and anti-semitism are no longer tolerated by society. However, that does not mean people have stopped hating each other for irrational reasons. Nowadays, people hate each other’s political affiliation every bit as much as people once hated different races and religion. Hate still sells. Despite what you may think, I don’t hate Trumpists; I pity them for being suckered by a consummate conman.

              1. You make a common mistake in calling Republicans Tr.umpists.
                The fact of the matter is most Republicans voted for someone else in the primaries due to the number of candidates in 2016.
                Trump was not the reason he was elected.
                He was the only one to support the positions most people supported: A vibrant economy to produce good jobs instead of government handouts, withdrawal of unnecessary regulations, support for Israel, re building our military, enforcing our immigration laws, etc.
                Career politicians have proven that they could not meet this responsibility and a businessman was needed. That proof has re-appeared.
                Trump was at the right place at the right time. It could have been anyone who was not a petition with these goals.
                The fact that he kept his promises unlike career politicians only solidified his position.
                The bottom line is that anyone who made those promises and actually kept the promises would get Republican support.

                1. I don’t call those brave Republicans who voted to impeach Trump and the Never-Trump Republicans, “Trumpists.” Fair enough.

                  1. Those republicans who voted to impeach Trump were blind to the facts and constitution and acted on emotion rather than law or constitution or facts.

                    That is not something to be applauded.

                    This is pretty trivial – if the actions that democrats impeached Trump for – warrant impeachment – then Biden can not be president and all the democratic leadership must be removed.

                    Seeking an investigation of abuse of power where there is MORE than reasonable suspicion that abuse of power occured is NOT impeachable, it is an actual duty of the president – to enforce the law and constitution.

                    To many of us it is aparent that Biden used his office of vice president for the personal financial benefit of his son.

                    You need not agree. But it SHOULD be evident to ALL OF US that this warrants serious investigation.

                    It SHOULD have been evident before the first impeachment hearings occured.

                    Republican or Democrat, Senator or Representative – if you voted for impeachment in either instance – you voted for lawlessness and an end to constitutional government. You voted for hypocracy.

                2. And I should add that I would never accuse Turley of being a Trumpist. He is far too committed to the rule of law, educated, fair-minded and dispassionate in his judgement not to see Trump for who and what he is. He has expressed his contempt for Trump’s conduct on numerous occasions.

                  1. “And I should add that I would never accuse Turley of being a Trumpist. He is far too committed to the rule of law, educated, fair-minded and dispassionate in his judgement not to see Trump for who and what he is. He has expressed his contempt for Trump’s conduct on numerous occasions.”

                    Where is this new found comittment to “the rule of law” on your part ?

                    US law requires that those crossing US borders illegally be deported. If you do not like the law – change it. In the meantime there is no rule of law if you do not enforce that.

                    US law requires that those destroying property that is not their are prosecuted – regardless of their politics. If you prosecute those who did damage in the capital on Jan 6. you must also prosecute those who did so during the Kavanaugh hearings in 2019 or during the “summer of love” last yearm, or who tore down statues. Anything less is lawless.

                    38 US states have constitutional provisions that require in secret ballot elections. Accross the country we did not do that in 2020. That is lawless.

                    I can provide a long list of lawless actuions that those on the left either condoned or did.

                  2. “He has expressed his contempt for Trump’s conduct on numerous occasions.”

                    Can you cite an example of CONDUCT by Trump that is contemptable.

                    I am not seeking a long list of your political disagreements with Trump.

                    I am specifically asking for bad CONDUCT.

                    While I can list a few instances of conduct by Trump I find contemptable – and that is a major factor that cost him my vote, I did not vote for Clinton or Biden either – for the same reasons – on steroids.

                    You rant about political rancor – but you are the fountain of it.

                    You want an end to political disagreement – BY FORCE.
                    And then wonder why you are opposed bitterly.

                3. What is a “trumpist” ?

                  Jeff does not define it. He merely lobs the label and then uses it to malign people.

                  Are those who beleive in limited govenrment trumpists ?
                  Are they domestic terrorists ? AG Garland says they are.

                  Are those who want secure borders Trumpists ?

                  Are those who persue bi-lateral rather than multilateral foreign policy trumpists ?

                  Are those opposed to broad government regulation trumpists ?

                  Are those who look for election intergrity and security Trumpists ?

                  Jeff posits correctly that we are bitterly divided over politics.

                  In that he is right.

                  Half the country is tired of being called sexist, racist, hateful hating haters. They are tired of trying to debate political values and issues with opponents who lob false moral accusations rather than argue their position.

              2. Jeff, unfortunately the only real con job has been the Democrat party over the last 50+ years, and I say this as a former member of the Democrat party and 70s liberal. If one really reviews the effect of their policies, not the feel good, emotional rhetoric, but the actual effect of policy you can get a very different picture. Specifically, the effect on the African American family. Often these policies are local as well as national, the welfare system, education, housing. the Atlantic has a good article by Conor Friedersdorf about California but the section about Gloria Romero and her efforts to change education is worth noting because the issue is pervasive across the country.
                This is an area that I agreed with Pres. Trump…educational opportunities (for what liberals lovingly call “underserved communities” while they do their best to keep those opportunities away from them)…and allowing more alternatives for schooling.
                You basically insinuate that all “Trumpists” are hate filled, but I have seen and heard more hateful comments and rhetoric from so called liberals than I ever have from conservatives. Frankly, I don’t hate anyone. The goal of the left is to tear down all familiar institutions so that the only one left is the State and one’s reliance on it.

                1. Karen Ann,

                  Actually, I read that long Atlantic article. My recollection is that Conor did not lay the blame at the feet of liberals or conservatives per se, but rather at elites who wanted to preserve the value of their homes and the integrity of their neighborhoods by refusing high-density housing. There are wealthy Conservatives homeowners in California.

                  I don’t accuse Trumpists of hating. I accuse Trumpists of lying by pretending that Trump is not a chronic and a habitual liar. As I have said many times, I pity Trumpists for being bamboozled by a conman.

                  You say: “ The goal of the left is to tear down all familiar institutions so that the only one left is the State and one’s reliance on it.”

                  I’m regret that you are convinced that the Left is so malevolent. I can’t speak on behalf of the Left, but your understanding is not my understanding of the Left’s goals. Did you form your belief that the Left is Marxist by listening to Mark Levin? Would that it were I could say something to you which might change your mind about my intentions, but I suspect it is a lost cause.

                  1. Oh, My, you have a problem with people lying ?

                    What of the myriads of lies that have been told to us about Covid ?
                    What about the Collusuion delusion lie ?
                    What about the lies under oath told to the FISA court to get a warrant to Spy on Carter Page ?
                    What about the lies about Russian bounties ?
                    What about the lies about Ukriane and the Biden’s and purported Russian disinformation ?
                    What about the lies about Hunter Biden’s laptop ?
                    What about the lies about What Joe Biden knew and when he knew it ?
                    What about the lies about the election – that this was the most secure ever, that there was no lawlessness, error or fraud ?

                    I can go on and on.

                    I am hard pressed to think of a Trump lie – can you remind us of one ?
                    Much less one of consequence ?

                    What about the lies about lying ?

                    Falsely accusing someone else of lying is substantially more morally egregious than actually lying.

                    Regardless, Why should anyone take your rants about Trump or Trumpists seriously when by your own standards you are an outrageous hypocrite.

                    I have no problem holding Trump accountable for actual misconduct. But there is a gigantic gulf between misconduct and political differences. I have political differences with Trump – though not nearly those I have with Biden or Obama.

                    But just as Obama stupidly promised that if we liked our doctors we could keep them – Biden promised to do MUCH better than Trump with Covid. It should be self evident by now that Biden has done WORSE than Trump. Biden has nearly as many deaths in 7 months as Trump did in 12, he has nearly as many infections in 7 months as Trump in 12. And numbers are going up. And Biden has screwed up despite Trump giving him a vaccine to start his presidency.

                    I do not think any president has failed in so many ways to badly so quickly and worse still he failed in circumstances where success should have been easy.

                    To be clear – I do not hold Biden accountable because Covid is still a serious problem. There never was anything he could actually do.

                    I hold him accountable for LYING and claiming that he could and would do something.

                    This is little different from the lefts idiotic nonsense regarding the election. There was no possibility that suddenly changing the way US elections were conducted was going to end well.

                  2. The most egregious lie – probably of my lifetime is the lie that there was anything that any government could do regarding Covid that would work.

                    It should be self evident to everyone – by looking at the world, by looking at different states, that Covid did not care a whit about anything Government did.

                    While I can cite studies and data and published papers to support every contention I make regarding Covid, these should be unnecescary.
                    The failure of government to do anything with respect to Covid is so large it is SELF EVIDENT.

                    Masks did not work. We can debate the details of their effectiveness in the lab. We can debate all kinds of issues regarding their use in the real world. But the FACT is there is no statistically significant difference in Covid infections of deaths in nations, states, or individuals that masked and those that did not.

                    Social distancing did not work – again there is no evidence anywhere that social distancing or any other govenrment policy was effective at defeating Covid.

                    Lockdowns did not work. AGAIN there is no evidence that states, nations that locked down fared any better than those that did not.

                    In fact – at the surface it actually looks like the more draconian the measures the WORSE covid was.

                    Ultimately that is NOT true. Nor is it generally true that the US did worse than the world, or that red states did better or worse than blue ones.

                    That does not mean that differences do not exist and correlations – most of which appear to damn the left do not exist, what it means is that political and policy differences – Fortunately for those on the left – do not explain differences in death rates and infection rates.
                    Because if they did – the more we tries the WORSE we made things. That is actually true – but it is NOT true that the more we tried the worse we made covid. It is the rest of our lives that we ruined.

                    Death rates and infection rates correlate strongly to demographics and latitude. That is ALL. That was self evidently true in early 2020, and it is more true today.

                    States with large dense cities had worse problems and they had them sooner mostly than the rest of the country.
                    Places with higher median age did worse.
                    Places with good health care systems – and therefore more older people and more people in poorer overall health did worse.

                    This exposes more problems with the left’s misunderstanding of health. Rising life expectancy, better health care do NOT mean better health. What they mean is a system that can keep those who are unhealthy alive longer. That is a good thing mostly. But it is meaningless in the face of Covid.

                    Regardless, it is self evident that government experts LIED to us – just as Biden did.
                    They told us that if we folllowed their advice that fewer of us would get sick and worse die.
                    That is now self evidently a LIE.

                    The problem is not with the advice that these people gave us – nearly all the “experts” regardless of what they said were trying to give us their best advice.

                    The problem was that government converted this advice into commands.

                    WE do not have the ability to significantly impact a highly contageous respiratory virus.
                    That was self evident from the start to all with a brain.
                    It should be self evident even to YOU now.

                    The LIE was not advice. It was the promise that if the advice was followed – especially when we used FORCE to mandate following that advice, that we would all be safe. We were not. we are not. That is outside of the ability of any “experts” to promise.

                    Another equally big Covid moral failure – was the CENSORSHIP engaged in by the media, the left and even the government – especially under Biden.

                    These all amplified the voices they liked and supressed the voices they did NOT like.

                    They chose not just for themselves what advice we should listen to – but for ALL OF US what advice we should hear.

                    We do not establish truth by consulting the experts – particularly those in government whose advice appeals to us.
                    We do not reach truth by silencing dissent.

                    Truth can not be reached without robust public debate. Without each side gettingt o present its arguments and evidence.

                    That did not happen – because we were LIED to.
                    We were told that the Truth was known and fixed when it self evidently was not.
                    And disenting views and evidence – much of which turned out correct, was supress.

                  3. Why are we convinced that the left is malevolent – BECAUSE THEY ARE.

                    No one was killed by Jan 6 protestors, Few were injured.

                    Dozens were killed by BLM protestors, many many more were injured.
                    Worse still hundreds have died as a consequence of the destruction of effective policing and thousands have been injured.

                    And none of you on the left care enough to admit your error.

                    You claim that the right is racist sexist, hateful hating haters.

                    Yet YOUR actions have resulted in more violence and death to blacks by several orders of magnitude.

                    The standard of living of US minorities barely rose through the Obama administration, it rose at nearly double the rate of the rest of the country during Trump. And yet you double down on the idiotic policies that punish minorities while shouting evil racist, hateful, hating hater at those who disagree.

                    That is malevolence.

                    Matthew 7:16-20

                    You will know them by their fruits.
                    Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles?
                    Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.
                    A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.
                    Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
                    Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

                    Where is your fruit ?
                    Why should you not be thrown into the fire ?

              3. You confuse conduct with possessions.

                BLM, Antifa, the left engage in violence and destruction.

                There is no consequential violence and destruction by militias.

                I EXPECT the FBI to take seriously those actually seeking to do violence.

                Not only do I expect that – the constitution and the social contract expect the same.

                We did not create government to decide what we can and can not own.

                We created government to punish and constrain ACTUAL violence.

              4. I have seen no one seeking a “2nd civil war” – that is idiotic nonsense of the left.

                What YOU are risking is a 2nd revolutionary war.

                Actually read the declaration of independence.
                The american revolution occured as a consequence of the abuse of power by government.

                You would be correct if you said that many here see amble evidence of abuses of power by government is directed by those like you on the left that are approaching the level of egregiousness that justified the Revolutionary war.

                You would also be correct if you claimed that these militias are busy preparing for the day that YOU or your agents in govenrment come to take their property and their liberty and they are intending to resist force with force.

                You would be correct if you presumed that many of those on this blog are concerned that YOUR use of government to abuse their rights will eventually reach the point at which violence is justified.

                You should think seriously about the fact that the british marched to lexington and concord to take the guns of the militias.
                The consequence was “the shot heard round the world”.

                Regardless, I will be clear, there will be a reconning. This is neither a threat or a promise. It is the lesson of history.

                Governments that abuse the liberty of their citizens trigger revolutions.

                Either the left will back down and learn respect for liberty, or

                “To be, or not to be: that is the question:
                Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
                The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
                Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
                And by opposing end them? “

              5. “I agree that both racism and anti-semitism are no longer tolerated by society.”

                Again your abuse of language masks the truth.

                Racism and anti-semitism has diminished.

                “However, that does not mean people have stopped hating each other for irrational reasons.”
                Absolutely – you clearly hate those who disagree with you, and are prepared to use the force of government against them.
                And you are suprised that they consider you a threat ?

                When you call people racists, sexists, hateful hating haters – you can pretty much guarantee they WILL HATE YOU – because you clearly hate them.

                You can expect they will consider YOU dangerous. You are.

                “Despite what you may think, I don’t hate Trumpists; I pity them for being suckered by a consummate conman.”

                No, Jeff – you hate “trumpists” – and you did so before there was a Trump.

                Trump was elected atleast partly because of your PC nonsense gone way too far.

                What you call Trumpism is the backlash against your hatred.

                When you call someone a racist, a sexist, a hateful, hating hater – it is perfectly rational for them to presume that you hate them and that YOU are dangerous.

                You suffer from such significant cognitive dissonance that you do not grasp that YOU made Trumpists – they were not “conned”.

                Trump is loved by his supporters – and even many who do not support him specifically because he stands up to hateful people like YOU.

                To race baters, and immoral leftists who hurl insults not arguments.

            2. The over use and distortion of the epitaph “racist” seriously risks creating more actual racism.

          2. Jeff, You are a sick puppy. You don’t know what racism or anti-Semitism looks like. You even have created a whole class of people that have radically different ideas, yet you lump them all as Trumpists in the derogatory sense. You hide your narcissism in very obvious places.


          3. Maybe the lack of overt discrimination that you experienced is because there si far less discrimination today that decades ago.

            Not because you think that you can “pass” as gentile.

        2. I do not wish to challenge your experience – and we agree that Jeff is a blindered idiot.

          But in a backwards way he has a point.

          While his posit that anti-jewish discrimination does not exist is demonstrable nonsense, it is also true that discrimination has been declining for a long long time.

          By todays standards my parents were racists. By the standards of their time they were enlightened and non-discriminatory.
          The same is true of their parents.

          Discrimination will never disappear – we will ALWAYS prefer those we share something with, with those we do not.

          The basis may be family, tribe, race, nationality, or it might even be political ideology.
          We will still prefer some over others.

      3. Do you believe people are so stupid that when you introduce yourself as Jeff Silverman they don’t have a clue that you may just possibly be Jewish. I’ve been invited to various events here in Saucon Valley Pennsylvania where until sometime early 21st century these establishments started relaxing the written polices and now unspoken prejudice is slowly mage fading. The constitution purpose is to provide domestic tranquility among others. This is based on making all barriers to pursuing happiness removed so each individual success is based on merit. Atheists, Deists, once a year attendance,Devout, to Fundamentalists all agreed that while not even close to perfect they could live peacefully IF all lived under equal treatment before the Law IF the Judicial Branch judgements met not just the written words as lawyers haggle over but as a covenant. The penalty of anybody who breaks this covenant either ordinary citizens or minions of the government and the individuals voted into office are held accountable equally. The autonomous individual who recognizes no absolutes is just restating the Atheists position they agreed to accepting in1781 approx. This religious belief at one extreme end of the bell curve. They agreed to be annoyed as long as the Fundamentalist’s wouldn’t burn them at the stake who were on the other end. All religious beliefs were personally protected but inflicting them on another individual by violating the ABSOLUTE RIGHTS guaranted by OUR Constitution by DECREE. This provision is pragmatic agreement to help devise a stable long lasting NATION. Dr DEWEY’s poison infected our Educational system beginning in early 1930’s and the fruit is the worlds best systems now has 50% graduation rates with 1.1 GPA success. Procuring for us Black Lives Matter and Antifa , self admitted communists. Communism didn’t end with fall of the USSR. They promulgate Workers of the World Unite. The a religion they don’t believe in Nations. Their self professed goal destruction not promotion of peaceful coexistence, we may accept them but like scorpions they’ll destroy and poison the hapless frog even if they themselves drown.

        1. Huh? John, you are a flibberty-gibbet! After trying to make sense of your stream of consciousness nonsense, I am getting a flashback to Dr. Bronner’s labels on his Pure-Castile Soap!

      4. Millions of jews have been exterminated in pogroms and the holocaust.

        Apparently it is not so easy to pass as gentile.

        I suspect that you are correct that you have faced little discrimination as a jew.
        But history tells us that jewish discrimination has been persistent through history and often murderous.

        I would suggest that you consider the probability that the lack of discrimination you have experienced is more because this country is less discriminatory, and less racist than in the past, and not because you think you can pass for gentile.

        Even if True – why would you say that ? Why would you want to ?

        We have attacked the process of blacks trying to pass as whites as insidious and racist.
        And here you are embracing that.

  5. Why doesn’t this racist author donate all of her book proceeds to black (not BLM) causes, if she “cares” so much.

  6. Comedy is the most illusive of arts. I can remember a song or a painting, but I can never remember a good joke.

    Oh, I remember one joke. Mark Twain once cracked, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    DiAngelo has made an industry of removing all doubt.

  7. Seems like the U.S. athletes at the Olympics should focus on their performances instead of focusing on taking a knee.

  8. Snobs that say comedy is the lowest of the art forms will point at the worst of the genre and call it Exhibit A. That is like pointing to Hunter’s art and saying Manet’s art not worthwhile. Like listening to rap and saying Mozart should be ignored.

    The morons that lump all comedy together forget that comedy runs from Shakespeare to The Marx Brothers and both are classic.

  9. “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble in the road.” Henry Ward Beecher

    Beecher nails these vapid, humorless hand wringers w/ that quote.

  10. Robin D’angelo is a grifter, plain and simple. The self-loathing whites that sit around pontificating about (mostly) other white’s racism should just be shunned and laughed at. This grifter is PAID huge amounts of money to do this act of hers and she will one day be humiliated as most grifters ten to be, See The Lincoln Project.

    One of the shows I saw last night showed this grifter “libsplaining” white racism to Jimmy Fallon who sat there rubbing his chin as if he was hearing Aristotle explain the universe. I would just laugh and ignore it all except that it is harming our nation. Race relations are at their worst in decades due to people like this lying moron.

  11. Di Angelo is a racist nutcase. The woman is the protege of a black activist posing as an educator. The best way to deal her is to ignore her and she’ll go back under the rock from which she crawled. As for comedy, it’s a diversion for people with little intellect. Black comedians have made millions copying the old black-face comedians poking fun at their own race. It’s a well-known fact that many comedians are depressed. Look at Robin Williams.

  12. This proves the Glenn Reynolds observation. Racist accusations far exceed the supply.

    If everything is racist, than nothing is. And all the examples I see, prove we are a color blind society.

  13. Comedy has always been considered the lowest art form. What’s really going on is that Homer and Peter are much more iconic due to being normal people.

    1. Comedy has always been considered the lowest art form.

      That’s a crock. You haven’t seen Hunter Biden’s art

      But seriously folks
      Humor is like gravity. Its a force of nature ever present. Like all things, humor is subjective. I’m not a big fan of insult humor. Don Rickles and Joan Rivers, I could listen to for their Johnny Carson sets, nothing longer. Had a choice of several shows for free a Vegas and passed on Rickels.

      The classics like The Marx Bros, Bob Hope, George Burns, Lucille Ball, are great performers. To call it the lowest Art form is to be ignorant of the Art

    2. Comedy has always been considered the lowest art form.”
      Right. By the shallowest minds in our society who don’t get it. To the rest of us, it’s like good poetry – an economy of words expressing some truth too taboo to share seriously.

    3. “… the lowest art form. “

      This sounds like a relativist who needs a cover to promote ideas that would otherwise fail on their own.

      1. Since some are unaware of the different forms of comedy and how useful it is to show stupidity for what it is, here is an example of comedy that all will laugh at though some will try to muffle that laugh.

  14. Robin DiAngelo has turned her own neuroses and psychiatric problems into a multi-million dollar business, and the fools who allow her to berate and slander them deserve whatever guilt-tripping she dishes out. Unfortunately, thanks to “liberal” education, there are too many DiAngelos out there who have made a mockery of higher ed by getting Ph.D. degrees in “womens studies,” “ethnic studies, “whiteness studies,” etc. These poorly educated gurus of woke are a constant reminder that today’s college degrees in “frivolous studies” can make you rich, but you have to sell your soul into the bargain.

  15. Robin DiAngelo has turned her own neuroses and psychiatric problems into a multi-million dollar business, and the fools who allow her to berate and slander them deserve whatever guilt-tripping she dishes out. Unfortunately, thanks to “liberal” education, there are too many DiAngelos out there who have made a mockery of higher ed by getting Ph.D. degrees in “womens studies,” “ethnic studies, “whiteness studies,” etc. These poorly educated gurus of woke are a constant reminder that today’s college degrees in “frivolous studies” can make you rich, but you have to sell your soul into the bargain.

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