Eight-Year-Old Child Charged With Blasphemy In Pakistan

Flag of Pakistan

I have long been an intense critic of blasphemy laws in nations like Pakistan as the ultimate rejection of free speech and religious freedoms. However, despite the chronicling of outrageous cases, these countries continue to shock the world in their religious fanaticism. This week in Pakistan, Muslims are demanding the execution of an eight-year-old boy who urinated on a carpet in the library of a madrassa or religious school. The boy and much of the Hindu community is in hiding after attacks on Hindus as well as a Hindu temple.

The boy reportedly has no idea why he was held for over a week and what crime he committed in the district of Rahim Yar Khan, in Punjab.

Nevertheless, he is charged with blasphemy and many are calling for his execution.

Putting aside the use of blasphemy laws to crush the rights of free speech, association, and religion, this is a child who is being hunted by a blood-thirsty mob. While the government has made arrests in the destruction of temple, it is still allowing this and other blasphemy charges to be prosecuted even against children.


24 thoughts on “Eight-Year-Old Child Charged With Blasphemy In Pakistan”

  1. Execution for apostasy or blasphemy is the law in Afghanistan, Iran, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Yet there’s been a major and ongoing effort to influence politicians and media everywhere to stamp out “Islamophobia”. Fight this effort.

    All anyone needs to know about any ideology/”religion”  to condemn it right off as fearful and horrible is that is calls for the execution of any who leave it or blasphemes against it or its “prophet.” That’s Islam in spades and it denies a fundamental human right to not believe an idea or ideology and say so without getting killed for it. Fear of Islam is obviously rational and advisable.

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  3. History and current events teach that a minority of intent fanatics, unchallenged and who have an agenda and a plan can inflict their will on the masses. I would venture a guess that the vast majority of Pakistanis would find this appalling. If there is truly a (are) government official(s) who turns a blind eye to this bloodthirsty mob, then God help these people, this family, and this boy.

    Pure evil. In nearby Afghanistan, 60% of the towns and cities have now fallen to the Taliban. Such a beautiful and independent people. The Taliban destroyed vast amounts of priceless antiquities in museums and historic sites.

    I hope and pray that he can escape such tyranny and certain death.

  4. Blasphemy is charged only by the name of our Father ELOHIM not some inanimate object
    This child is innocent of blasphemy and if harmed your souls will suffer

  5. I have been to that part of the world.

    Unfortunately, I think the boys demise is a more likely out come. Even if he were to escape in the near term, he will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life.

  6. If we don’t rescue that child he’s going to be murdered.

    Do fanatics like this suddenly change their beliefs when they set foot on Western soil? No. What would the consequences be of open borders, when large amounts of people who believe apostasy and blasphemy, even unintentional or committed by a child, is a capital offense, were to move to Western nations? We have only to view parts of Europe, where Jews now fear to tread. Where critics of Islam get stabbed on the street.

  7. You should not charge an 8 year old for peeing on a floor. Woodrow Wilson took us to World War One with the premise that “we make the world safe for democracy.”
    We have been predicating our world forces on that dumb doctrine ever since.
    Mister President: Pull out now! Like your precedents should have.

  8. Exactly my first thought. What’s the difference? Different ideology, same result of tyranny.

        1. Wen Bars,

          I had to look up “Regressives”:

          Regressive left is a pejorative term for a branch of left-wing politics that is accused of being accepting of or sympathetic to views that conflict with liberal principles, especially tolerating Islamism.

          Is this who you had in mind?

          1. Thanks for introducing me to the word “regressive”. I will use it often going forward. “Progressive” never did fit the current crop of Democrats/Socialists/Communists/Alinski-ites.

            1. And I am going to describe you, old man, as an American Nazi; mind you, not a pure Nazi, but more like a Nazi-lite. How do you like them apples?

              1. Why don’t you read Mark Levin’s new book?…American Marxism…call him a Nazi!!!…when Jeff looses a debate he just calls people names…rather childish Jeff

                1. Hjf,

                  Olly has taken to calling me an “American Marxist” parroting Mark Levin’s book. I told him (and anyone) who calls me a Marxist or a Communist that I am going to pushback by calling them an “American Nazi.” If they want to engage in name-calling, so can I. Nah!

      1. I have had many debates with my close friends about the death penalty…I am for the death penalty…if you commit murder and admit you killed someone in cold blood then I think you should be executed period…how many far left folks got into massive trouble showing Trump
        s head on a platter…to even say that in public is a felony and it should be…I am not a fan of Biden but I sure wish him a long life and his family too…Jeff only one of Hitler’s elite guard was hung…Hitler murdered about 10 million and only ONE paid the ultimate price…seriously…that’s INSANE!!!

        1. Hjf,

          You don’t know your history. Many perpetrators were executed for Crimes against Humanity not only at Nuremberg, but in many subsequent trials by the Allies and individual countries. Some survivors took the law into their own hands as well, not to mention Israel going after several high-ranking Nazis who escaped from Europe for safe haven in South America.

          But that is not the point. The Death Penalty is not the most persuasive way to demonstrate the sanctity of human life. We can’t prove that “all life is worth preserving” by killing those who have murdered. Rather, we prove the inviolability of human life by NEVER killing unless in self-defense. If we can put someone in prison for his natural life, there is no justification to kill him, for he is no longer a threat except to himself.
          That they deserve to die does not mean that we have to execute them. Keeping the relatively few condemned prisoners in jail for life is a small price to pay to prevent the State from hypocritically killing humans who no longer pose a threat to society. Society can say to all- do what we do, not what we say.

      2. Not for innocent & defenseless babies. That’s the Democrats territory. And ignoring Muslims throwing guys off rooftops or burning them to death or stoning women to death for adultery, another thing the Dems love…

      3. Certainly not for Blasphemy, which would be more in line with democrat free-speech suppression desires.

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