Federal Subsidy or Accessory? Biden Pledges to Effectively Subsidize Violations of State Laws By Teachers

There was a great deal of criticism of President Joe Biden’s press conference from his refusal to take questions on the Afghanistan situation to his calling for the use of Civil Rights laws to oppose any state laws barring mask mandates. One line however received little attention but contained a breathtaking and troubling pledge: “If a governor wants to cut the pay of the hard-working education leader who requires masks in a classroom, the money from the American rescue plan can be used to pay that person’s salary 100%.” With that line, Biden pledged to indemnify people who violate state laws, including orders upheld by the courts. For the states, one can understand if the line between a federal subsidy and a federal accessory is difficult to discern.

Biden’s call to use civil rights laws to challenge anti-mask mandates was itself controversial. Indeed, it could create another major loss for the Administration. The Administration racked up an impressive array string of losses by the first six months in court. That dubious record has continued. In states with anti-mask mandates, the states are making a public health decision. Such decisions (like those made by the CDC) are generally afforded great deference from the courts. These states believe that the health and educational costs for children outweigh the risks for the virus. Many disagree with that judgment but it is a policy that applies to all children and families equally.  That makes this a tough case to win.

Yet, that was not the promise that stood out in the press conference. Indeed, I assumed that I had misheard Biden in promising to pay teacher salaries and waited for transcripts.  What the President is saying is that the federal government will indemnify teachers who knowingly violate state laws. I cannot recall any such prior presidential pledge to subsidize unlawful conduct and it raises serious questions over the use of federal funds to encourage violations of lawful state orders. Again, many disagree with these orders but they are issued under state laws affording governors this power.

It is not clear where the funds would come from to fulfill the pledge. Obviously states were given most of the pandemic funds. Biden may be suggesting that districts that received the money for school expenses and programs could use them for funding defiant teachers. Alternatively, there might be money available through the Department of Education.

I previously criticized how the Congress appropriated trillions of dollars for states during the pandemic without any meaningful limits. This has allowed states like Ohio to literally giveaway millions of federal dollars as part of a state vaccine lottery.  President Biden has relied on the lack of limits in simply declaring that states should give people $100 for taking the vaccine.

Now this lack of any limits has allowed a president to pledge that he will pay the salaries of any teachers who knowingly violate their contracts and state law. Before we get to the legal and constitutional issues, Biden failed to put any practical limits on his pledge. He just told teachers to defy their state while assuring them that any lost wages will be indemnified. What if a teacher is suspended? Biden just promised to cover potentially years of lost wages.  What if the teacher is fired? Will the federal government effectively pay a pension? Indeed, this pledge could create a perverse incentive for states to move to dock or suspend pay to pass such costs to the federal government.

Legally, the President just pledged to indemnify the violation of state law. It is an attempt to do indirectly but he cannot do directly. The pledge is meant to circumvent federalism barriers for federal mandates. Biden has gone back and forth on such mandates. He has asserted that he has the power to impose mandates on states and then claimed that he does not. Most recently, Biden then said that he might use federal authority to bar anti-mark mandates. The position of the Biden Administration on the issue is now completely conflicted and incoherent. The only certainly is a pledge to pay the salaries of any teacher suspended or fired for violating state laws on such mandates.

Biden’s pledge was made after the Texas Supreme Court upheld one of the most cited anti-mask mandates. So the President is responding by promising to fund violations of an order found lawful and constitutional by the highest court in the state (which is usually the final word on such issues even for the United States Supreme Court).

In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis adopted a rule that lets families opt out of locally ordered school mask mandates. In addition, the state board of education approved a policy to allow parents to use vouchers for their children to attend a different school if they encounter pushback on their refusal to use masks. Those orders have not been successfully challenged.

Biden is not alone in supporting such violations. Democrats in Washington have lionized Texas legislators who fled the state to prevent the passage of election reforms. These same Democrats have denounced the filibuster to block bills as a denial of democracy in Washington.  The Texas order for the arrest of the legislators has been upheld by the Texas Supreme Court.

The Texas Supreme Court issued a temporary block on mask mandates in Bexar and Dallas counties on Sunday evening. Even though the decision was not a final ruling on the merits, most schools complied and suspended their mask mandates. However, a lower court judge effectively reinstated the Bexar mandate for public schools. District Judge Antonia Arteaga declared  “I just wanted to apologize to all those parents, school administrators, the superheroes that we call teachers for what someone called the equivalent to a legal tug of war, unfortunately where our children are right in the middle.” There is no “tug of war” between a state supreme court and a lower court. The lower courts are supposed to carry out the rulings of the highest court in the state. Likewise, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins also claimed in a tweet that justices “did not strike down my face mask order.” It is true that the Supreme Court did not issue a final order but felt that there was sufficient support to lift the lower orders pending any decision. However, there are conflicting rulings on these mask mandates that the state courts are working through as part of expedited appeals.

The sharp public disagreements between these courts is unusual but will be quickly sorted out in the issuance of final orders. What President Biden is pledging is something entirely different. He is promising that, despite what the courts rule, the federal government will subsidize continued defiance of state law. Imagine if Texas pledged to subsidize any CDC employee who refused to carry out public health care orders or any border official who refused to release undocumented persons into the country. It would be immediately denounced as an attack on federal authority under the Constitution.

Biden’s pledge could create some new law. The Supreme Court has long held that it is unconstitutional to coerce or commandeer states to undermine their authority under federalism guarantees. Now a president is openly calling for the defiance of state laws by state employees and promising to financially support such violations. He is moving from commandeering state legislatures to commandeering state employees.

When he ran in 2020, President Biden promised that he would end Trump’s disrespect for the courts and return the country to “the rule of law, our Constitution.” Subsidizing the violation of state law is a curious way to fulfill that earlier pledge.




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  1. Biden has never missed an opportunity to vote or advise the wrong way on foreign police over 40 years of service. He even told Obama not to go in to get Bin Ladin.

    The guy could flip a coin and make better decisions.

  2. Why in the world would Biden have sent troops home, before American citizens and Afghanis getting visas were evacuated? Is he waiting until the Taliban gets a strong enough hold that when he finally does send the military back, more of our men and women will die?

    Was his claim that nobody is dying a lie or mental incapacity? You don’t need clearance to see dead bodies in Afghanistan, including the woman who was gunned down for leaving her home without wearing a burka. We can all see the Taliban shooting at people.

    Is his entire policy reliant on us disbelieving our own eyes?

    1. Um, Karen: it was TRUMP who drew down our troops from 14,000 to 2,500, and who turned loose 5,000 Taliban prisoners. Didn’t Hannity tell you this?

  3. The Leftist, corporate media has turned against Biden in the last couple of days.

    Leaving several thousands of Americans to the mercies of savages is what it took.

    I am amazed that it took this long to discover that they had conspired to put a Turkey in the White House..

    As one wit put it, Biden voters must be spinning in their graves.

      1. Failure looks like Anonymous in Stupid mode. The only problem is that Biden’s failures involve the lives of billions of people while the failure of anonymous only affects him and a few rodents in the bathroom

    1. Young, mainstream media is often critical of Biden, Democrats and liberals. But those who avoid mainstream media are oblivious to said coverage.

      1. Yes, I have watched MSM interviews. “What’s you favorite flavor of ice cream, Joe?”

        Very harsh!

      2. Anonymous, you couldn’t possibly say with a straight face that the mainstream media has historically been critical of the Biden Administration.

        The ice cream flavors.

        Obediently asking prepared questions when he calls on reporters from the list.

        Disregarding Biden disregarding the Constitution (requiring nationwide mail in ballots and the CDC imposing the eviction moratorium)

        The media only started waking up out of their torpor when people started falling off airplanes in Afghanistan.

        1. People fell off airplanes in Afghanistan because they panicked. Things are under much better control now that Biden restored some of the troops that Trump drew down. Where do you get off criticizing regular, non-Trump media, by claiming that Biden only answers “prepared questions” from “reporters from the list’? This sounds like some Hannity crap. As a Trump supporter who relies on alt-right media for your information, you are not qualified to comment on mainstream media.

          1. From Biden’s pathetic press conference just now:

            After a reporter asked Biden a question, Biden looked at his notes and said, “I thought the question was…”

            Once the NPR reporter went off script Biden abruptly ended the briefing.

            ‘One corporate press stenographer changed up his pre-approved question. Biden literally answered, “I thought the question was,” before attempting to answer the new question.’ @JordanSchachtel

    2. Young:

      “The Leftist, corporate media has turned against Biden in the last couple of days.”
      If the thousands of Americans behind enemy lines had been Walmart shoppers those prigs in the media wouldn’t care. When it’s their class, they care.

      1. I was thinking that too: are there a fair number of reporters trapped with the Taliban? My goodness! Can’t happen to our sort! What was Biden thinking?

    3. I voted for Biden. I was never a fan, but I remain happy that he beat Trump, because Trump was 10 times worse.



    Suze writes:

    “And Biden whose far left agenda is more important than lives in Afghanistan”.

    Suze implies that Biden’s concern for the pandemic is hypocritical because he ordered a speedy pullout from Afghanistan. Or something to that effect.

    Suze seems to think that if the U.S. had stayed and fought, ‘less lives would’ve been lost’. Though it’s hard to say how this makes any sense.

    Had we responded to Taliban advances with brute strength, U.S. lives would’ve more than likely been lost in addition to civilian casualties. In fact, the entire reasoning behind Biden’s speedy exit was to wash our hands of Afghanistan with minimal loss of life.

    What-Abouts can become so reactionary that making sense is only an afterthought.

    1. I think Zero American lives were lost in Afghanistan under Trump after his negotiations. Maybe a few slipped by that I don’t know about, but that is a pretty good record. No lives were lost in the Mideast between Israel and the Palestinians because Trump created peace in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

      We now are stuck with the worst of the worst, Biden. How many American dead will we have from his dumb moves? We don’t know yet, but only a dummy removes its army and gives up the most secure airport before it gets its civilians and billions worth of equipment out. According to the Stupid, that equipment is meaningless, but now our enemies have some of our most sophisticated equipment. America’s soft power has been severely damaged, and soft power is the power you use to prevent war. Unfortunately, fools on this blog don’t know that, and apparently, Biden is just as foolish as they are.

      When we get back to Covid, what we see is Biden killing Americans by spreading Covid through the US from our southern border. In some years, Biden’s stupidity will kill Americans because the terrorists permitted entry into the US.

      Stupid people should get their just rewards, but their betters shouldn’t be taken down with them.

      Your posts don’t improve with your change in icons.

        1. Actually, anyone that compares my posts written under my name knows differently. You are too Stupid to notice.

      1. I’m blown away by the extent of discipleship shown by you Trumpsters. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Trump did not strike any Middle East peace agreement. All Jared did was formalize a trade agreement between Israel and Bahrain and UAE–but they had already been trading freely before this. There was NO agreement between Israel and Palestine, mainly because Israel wants to keep encroaching into Palestinian areas and Trump wouldn’t do anything about it because he wants those campaign contributions from wealthy Jews. The peace agreement is mostly for show: a nothing burger. Trump didn’t “create peace” anywhere, especially right in DC, where he fomented an insurrection–an attack on our Capitol because he’s a sore loser. Then, there are those Capitol Police who died, along with Ashli Babbitt, whose death is the direct result of Trump’s massive ego and refusal to accept the truth that he was put out by the American people.

        You want to talk about Americans dying due to “dumb moves”? You say: “We don’t know yet, but only a dummy removes its army and gives up the most secure airport before it gets its civilians and billions worth of equipment out.” What about Trump drawing down our troops from 14,000 to 2,500, entering into negotiations that bound the Afghan government without even consulting them and turning loose 5,000 Taliban prisoners? Trump claimed, before he was forced out of office, that all sensitive equipment and expensive military hardware had been removed-so, was he lying? HE announced a 5/31/21 withdrawal date. What did he do to get Americans out of Afghanistan? What about the Special Immigration Visa applications that languished for over a year under Trump’s “administration”? What about Trump downplaying the pandemic, lying about the numbers, lying about Hydroxychloroquine, refusing to wear a mask and allowing the pandemic to spiral out of control, resulting in unnecessary American deaths and illnesses?

        One of the ways they draw in disciples is to get them to believe that if they fall for their lies, the disciples are the smart ones and everyone else is dumb.

        1. ” peace agreement”

          The countries would not formally recognize relations with Israel. Recognizing relationships that are positive is an effective way to create peace. It also told the Palestinians that their policies needed to change. Take note, there was no Israel Palestine war, but war broke out early under the Biden administration. Biden didn’t make a “war agreement”, but where Trump got peace Biden got war.

          1. The “relations” are trade relations that were already happening. More pro-Trump media hype not based in fact. Trump “got” nothing but another opportunity to appear to be doing something significant that really wasn’t.

        2. Yes, it’s Trump’s fault. And Fox News’s fault. And Climate Change. And let’s not forget the UNVACCINATED !!! But really, it’s Trump’s fault.

          But the buck stops with Biden.

          Hahahahahahah ya sure

    2. Let’s try this one more time —

      Exit Strategy 101: Americans, allies, and military equipment out *first* — then the military.

      Not the reverse.

  5. “You can’t handle the truth!”

    – Colonel Jessup

    You can’t handle the scope and breadth of American freedom.

    The people are the Sovereign; government is the Subject of the Sovereign.

    Government is severely limited and restricted while the people enjoy all conceivable, maximal freedom.

    Government exists under the Constitution simply to provide security and infrastructure, as a military to provide for the common defence, laws against property damage and bodily injury, and roads, water, post office, monopoly utilities and items which provide for the general (i.e. all) welfare. That is all.

    Americans enjoy the freedom of education and the freedom of personal healthcare, per the 9th Amendment.

    Congress has no power to tax for education, to regulate education or to regulate personal healthcare, per Article 1, Section 8.

    Congress has no power to mandate healthcare or any aspect thereof.

    Congress has no emergency powers; Congress has the power to suspend habeas corpus only in a condition of invasion or rebellion.

    Federal and state governments have no power to deny to individuals their right to obtain and freedom of education, per the 9th Amendment.

    “It’s the [judicial branch], stupid!”

    – James Carville

    The singular American failure is the judicial branch, including the Supreme Court, which has failed treasonously to accomplish its sworn duty to support the Constitution – the “manifest tenor” thereof.

    Article 1, Section 8

    The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;…

    To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian Tribes;…

    To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;…

  6. Jonathan: Glad to see your website is back up and running. But it seems the cyber attack may, in part, have been self-inflicted. You have long sought the political limelight. You relish in the millions who follow you. You take pride in the fact that you are the leading conservative scholar in the country. You even engage in self-promotion by getting a paid gig on Fox. Things might have been different had you decided just to teach torts in anonymity with occasional tweets or posts on Facebook and scholarly articles in academic journals. But you chose a different path of engaging publicly in controversial issues like supporting professors who refuse to get vaccinated before returning to teach. You lost that argument when Justice Barret refused stop Indiana University’s vaccine mandate. So I wasn’t surprised that some crazy decided to resort to a cyber attack. As you often say we live in an age of “rage” so what did you expect? As the saying goes–if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen get out.

    Now to your argument that in the name of “states rights” the Biden administration should not interfere with Texas and Florida that have implemented anti-mask mandates and are going to penalize local school districts that refuse to go along the anti-science agenda of Governors Abbott and DeSantis. Perhaps you haven’t noticed but we are in the second wave of Covid–made worse by the more virulent Delta variant. 98% of the new hospitalizations are those who are unvaccinated or have refused to wear a mask. Just look at Gulf Shores, Ala.–called the “Redneck Riviera”–where you visited recently extolling the beautiful scenery and historical sites. Apparently you didn’t notice that most of the party goers there did not wear masks. Now the rednecks along Gulf are paying a heavy price for their care-free lifestyles. The Gulf Shores is a “hot spot” for infections. Local hospitals are out of critical care beds. From Florida to Texas the rates of infection are off the charts because they refuse to implement mandatory face masks. But as an anti-vac you applaud the governors of Texas and Florida pushing through laws and executive orders against the wearing of masks–even though all the science indicates a mask is the single best way to prevent infection. But you say “[ i ] n states with with anti-mask mandates, the states are making a public health decision”. That is the most non-sensical claim you have ever made. What Abbott/DeSantis have done has nothing to do with “public health”! Both have aspirations for higher office and they know the importance of getting the Trump anti-vac vote. They are following Trump’s playbook last year of fighting with local officials over pandemic restrictions. It’s all about politics not protecting school children. The governors are more than willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent children in pursuit of their political agendas.

    I urge President Biden to use every tool in his toolbox to counter the anti-science agenda of Abbott/DeSantis. 70% of Americans support the mandatory wearing of mask. They follow the science not false “states rights” claims by you, Abbott and DeSantis. I have a question for you. If you lived in Florida and had young unvaccinated children in school would you follow DeSantis’ proclamation or would you follow the advice of public health officials and school administrators requiring students to wear face masks? I know what I would do–and I suspect you would do the same. When it comes to protecting our children all the legal arguments supporting “states rights” take a backseat!

    1. 98% of the new hospitalizations are those who are unvaccinated or have refused to wear a mask.

      That’s a lie. On the ground medicos are reporting 30% to 50% of people requiring hospitalization due to covid, are fully vaxed.

        1. These figures prove that the vaccines retain a high level of effectiveness in preventing COVID-19-associated hospitalization in older adults.

          However, this data was taken before the Delta variant became widespread in the United States.

          Britain’s NHS reported reduced Delta infections, but also 6x reduced viability of fully vaccinated, comparable to seasonal flu. Also, short-lived antibodies created from reacting to vaccines compared to long-term naturally acquired immunity. Each with their diverse distribution of side-effects, but where the former risk is absolute, and the latter is conditional. Ironically, the leaky immunity induced by vaccines distributed to the general population, may have forced viral evolution.

          1. “The situation is so dire that schools in Broward County may have to close only days into the new school year.”

            Broward County, Florida, is a very blue county, quite neurotic and irresponsible. Their police and school system led to the Parkland shooting. The Democrat-involved Sheriff was fired for lying, and a bunch of other stuff tried to run again.

            Anonymous, you always pick the worst links to defend your side of the argument no matter what name or icon you choose..

            1. What is this guy yammering about? “Broward County”?? Who said anything about Broward County?

              1. If you had any brains you would recognize that the posting was placed in the wrong place. That would be obvious to anyone with a brain.

                1. As expected, the idiot @ 8:26 takes full responsibility for his error and insults.

                  1. What you say is correct. The only thing wrong is the time. You are an idiot and easy to spot.

        2. Data from February thru April. Its now August.
          See Israel.
          Article from July 20 Is
          “According to Tuesday morning’s Health Ministry data, some 124 people were hospitalized, among them 62 in serious condition. More than 65% of people being treated in the hospital were fully vaccinated and closer to 70% of all serious patients. The numbers changed slightly in the evening”.

          I am not suggesting the Vaccine should be shunned. I am suggesting there is no ZERO. We need to protect the vulnerable, start demanding therapeutics get implemented much sooner,and quit setting health policy on the metric of ‘cases’. It is a number with too much variability

          1. Iowan, here is the opening paragraph of your Jerusalem Post article:

            “Anti-vaxxers might be loud but their claims border on lunacy. The vaccines don’t protect as well against the Delta variant, but they are certainly playing a key role in keeping Israelis safe”.

            1. Iowan, here is the opening paragraph of your Jerusalem Post article:
              You know that the open paragraph quotes zero facts. ” Play a key role” That is exactly the kind of science based analysis you think is substantive.

              The FACTS in the linked article show +60% of covid patients needing hospitalization are Vaccinated. You asked for proof. I have provided proof.
              Verses the claim that 98% of paitents are NOT vaccinated. A clear lie that has no supporting verification.

              You demand proof, but that doesn’t change your position. You just turn a blind eye and keep repeating the lies of the Biden administration. Like a good apparatchik

              apparatchik ä″pə-rä′chĭk►
              n. A member of a Communist apparat.
              n. An unquestioningly loyal subordinate, especially of a political leader or organization.

              1. Iowan2,

                “ You asked for proof. I have provided proof.
                Verses the claim that 98% of paitents are NOT vaccinated. A clear lie that has no supporting verification.”

                You cited a report that is describing conditions in Israel and conflating it erroneously with conditions here.

                When this new delta variant appeared it hit the unvaccinated like wildfire. The only reason why we have breakthrough cases is because of the sheer number of unvaccinated individuals. Delta is more virulent and much more contagious. A person with the alpha variant was able to infect 1 person in proximity. The delta variant increases that to 5 people. That means the unvaccinated are spreading it to more people including the vaccinated.

                In THIS country 90% to 99% of hospitalizations ARE people who are unvaccinated. Alabama has zero ICU beds available, Texas is not far behind and Florida is just around the corner on ICU availability. All those states are in those situations because of the unvaccinated. All of those states have low vaccination rates. In my state hospitals are getting close to capacity not because there are thousands of new cases, but because they are taking out of state patients. Because of that people who have real emergencies can’t go to the ER.

                School just started here and there already sending kids home because they tested positive. Their parents may not be vaccinated and they could need hospitalization, but hospitals are filling up with idiots from other states that valued their “freedom”.

                Easiest solution is to just wear a mask. It doesn’t take away your freedom one bit.

                1. “That means the unvaccinated are spreading it to more people including the vaccinated.”

                  You are persistently, mind-numbingly ignorant:

                  “Covid-19: Fully vaccinated people can carry as much delta virus as unvaccinated people, data indicate”


                  “Delta is more virulent . . .”

                  Twice getting this wrong, might be a mistake. N-times is wanton dishonesty.

                  1. Sam, from your link:

                    “The latest results from the UK’s national covid-19 infection survey show that having two vaccine doses remains the most effective way to ensure protection against delta. But, although people who are fully vaccinated have a lower risk of becoming infected, those infected with the delta variant can carry similar virus levels as unvaccinated people, the data show…”

                    Get it? If you are less likely to be infected, you are less likely to carry as much virus.

                    C’mon, this is not that hard for a guy who pretends to be as smart as you do.

      1. “On the ground medicos are reporting 30% to 50% of people requiring hospitalization due to covid, are fully vaxed.”

        Who are these ‘medicos’? And where are they based?

    2. In a country whose administration has gone so completely Marxist, which is what the Democratic party has really become, even moderate constitutional scholars will appear conservative. To have a president so blatantly reveal that he holds himself above the law by issuing illegal and unconstitutional mandates whenever he feels like it, is unprecedented in the history of the United States. It didn’t even take a Bolshevik revolution, just lies, deceit and the unwarranted demonizing of any opposing opinions.

      1. Remind me again of what they impeached Trump for? It’s like a weekly litany of Biden’s impeachable offenses that go by the MSM with not even a whimper.

        1. How about colluding with the Russians, trying to leverage US aid in order to get Ukraine to announce an investigation of the Biden family, and then fomenting an insurrection. Geeze, Suze, doesn’t Hannity cover these topics?

          1. Natacha,

            It’s not to late for you to drop to your knees & beg forgiveness pray to God & except Jesus as your Lord & Savior. Even a wicked Wrecth like you can be saved.

    3. DenM-Could you please urge the president to close the border allowing thousands of infected illegals entry to many of the states? No one knows where they are ferrying them and they very maybe the cause of the uptick in infections of Alpha, Delta and maybe the coming of an Echo infection to many Americans. With the diversion of Afghanistan eyes have wondered from that debacle. If you’re going to be fair and have genuine concern won’t that be another tool in his toolbox? Many of the border LE guys are getting infected and dying and they’re wearing masks.

      1. Investigation of a superspreading event preceding the largest meat processing plant-related SARS-Coronavirus 2 outbreak in Germany

        The conventional (i.e. in common use) masks worn offered little more than a placebo effect that offered a false sense of security. This one study confirms the physics and outcome of several controlled trials carried out over several decades. Masks are an ineffective mechanical device to mitigate transmission in specialized (e.g. medical where the effect is random at best, and increases infections at worst depending on the transmission mode) and especially in the general population.

    4. Vaccination advocates are relishing the opportunity to say, “We told you so!” But many of us who have been vaccinated ourselves still value others’ rights to make their own choices. “Being right” about vaccinations does not confer upon you the right to use force against others.

    5. “[T]he cyber attack may, in part, have been self-inflicted.”

      Right — “Wearing a short skirt means she was asking for it.”

  7. As the Taliban prepared to retake Afghanistan, American military leaders pushed wokeness on the troops and the American embassy in Kabul tweeted out the rainbow flag. As the Taliban conquered, the Biden team was producing a campy video with a gender-bending social media influencer.

    These actions speak loudly about where the administration’s priorities lie. Instead of delivering basic competence, Democrats have stoked the culture wars and ushered in crisis after crisis, from rising crime to rapid inflation to an overwhelmed southern border to the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    There is ordinary incompetence here — Biden was a buffoon even in his prime — but adding extreme social leftism to the usual political greed and stupidity has been catastrophic, from the military to education to border security. The adherents of this ideology are not deterred by policy failures and political setbacks, allowing radical leftism to become the dominant ideology in the Democrat Party and among the institutions that support it.

    1. I am sure flying the Rainbow Flag was a big hit in Kabul.

      Now that we sneaked away in the night they can get back to throwing gays off the roof.



    Professor Turley writes:

    “In states with anti-mask mandates, the states are making a public health decision”.

    More and more Professor Turley drops daily clues that he truly dwells in the rightwing bubble; completely cut-off from mainstream media.

    To say that Governors DeSantis and Abbott are making informed ‘public health decisions’ is like saying Governor Cuomo was a hero to the ‘Me Too’ movement.

    The two news links below tell us all we need to know regarding the covid situations in Florida and Texas, two of our three most populous states.

    The Miami Herald link reports that Florida is grappling with 23,000 fresh cases of covid. The situation is so dire that schools in Broward County may have to close only days into the new school year.

    The Texas Tribune reports that public morgues are filled to capacity and that refrigerator trucks are needed in 5 counties to store the newly dead. It doesn’t get much worse than this.

    One could say, without hesitation, that Florida and Texas are suffering public health crisis’ as a result of the pandemic.

    Therefore, Turley’s claim that DeSantis and Abbott are making ‘public health decisions’ with their anti-mask mandates turns logic on its head. Said governors are essentially pied pipers of death; deferring to rightwing ideology at the expense of public health.



      1. It’s a mess…, with not enough healthcare workers and young kids getting sick. The unvaccinated have blood on their hands.

        “There are currently 8 children in the ICU, with 5 patients under 12 and too young to receive the vaccine. Avery Mitchell, pictured, is one of those children. The best way to protect ALL of Mississippi’s kids from COVID-19 is for everyone age 12 and up to get vaccinated.” -Children’s of Mississippi


        “Children’s of Mississippi
        There are currently 8 children in the ICU, with 5 patients under 12 and too young to receive the vaccine. Avery Mitchell, pictured, is one of those children. The best way to protect ALL of Mississippi’s kids from COVID-19 is for everyone age 12 and up to get vaccinated. (1/2)

        Children’s of Mississippi

        @UMMCnews reported 28 children with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19, the highest number of pediatric COVID-19 patients at Children’s of Mississippi since the beginning of the pandemic. Of these hospitalized children, 100% are unvaccinated. (2/2)”

        1. The favorite refrain of the left…always someone with blood on their hands, but never a Democrat. Let’s talk about blood on his hands…Cuomo. And Biden whose far left agenda is more important than lives in Afghanistan. If you would take the time to read peer-reviewed studies–articles about which are censored by the MSM and social media–you might learn that there are valid concerns about the vaccines.

        2. Anonymous, while I agree with you that more vaccination would slow the spread, please understand that the vaccine only stops 39% of the Delta variant, according to a study out of Israel. The rest will get Covid, although a milder case. Most importantly, the vaccinated will be contagious. That’s why there was a return to masking, which was a crushing disappointment to the vaccinated who hoped to breathe freely at last.

          There could be a 100% vaccination rate, or a combination of vaccinated and recovered from Covid, yet the disease would still spread. This nasty little bug very likely escaped from a gain of function experiment. It is rapidly mutating, and each new variant will create new variants, and so on, ever branching out.

          Epidemiologists have been urging us for months to really focus on treatment protocols. The vaccines definitely helped. It slowed the virus down. But vaccines alone won’t stop it. Simply getting the disease and recovering won’t stop it, either, because every year, children get old enough to be higher risk, and lower risk people get older, and their immune systems become weaker.

          The vaccine is just one important arrow in the arsenal.

          Instead of judging people for not getting the vaccine, why not try to understand their concerns so as to address them? The vaccine absolutely has more side effects than your typical tetanus shot. People who are low risk are weighing those side effects into the risk/benefit evaluation. No one has ESP. They can’t predict whether they will get Covid, and if they do, how they will fare. There are statistical risk factors, sure, but young and healthy people are also getting smashed flat with this.

          We regularly checked in with a teacher when we homeschooled my son. The teacher got Covid, and was incapacitated for weeks, although not hospitalized. She said you’d have to take at least 10 days off of work, compared with the one or two days after getting the second dose of the vaccine. Her husband got Covid, and got pneumonia. His breathing still has not recovered, months later. Her in-laws got Covid, and got pneumonia. Another relative got it, and took the monoclonal antibody treatment. Probably Regeneron. He recovered rapidly.

          Out of the above people, only her in-laws had risk factors, of age. The rest were healthy.

          Some people get no symptoms, or they’re barely noticeable. Others get squashed with symptoms, which may turn into a cytokine storm.

          Discuss the benefits of vaccination. But you’ll never convince one single person to get a vaccine if you dehumanize them. Is your goal to sound holy, or to actually increase vaccination?

          As for healthcare workers, there is also a critical issue the nation must deal with. Nurses sick with Covid are being forced to keep working, exposing vulnerable patients. I am related to a nurse who got Covid, and as soon as she could walk without falling down, she was back at work…still contagious. Every cold and flu season, nurses are always working sick and coughing. Since nurses are exposed to so many contagions, and work with vulnerable patients, nurses should have a lot of sick time. But they never seem to have enough.

          1. “Now people who took the jab too early are being told they are super spreaders., by the CDC !”

            CDC Director Walensky: There is an “Increased Risk of Severe Disease Among Those Vaccinated Early” (VIDEO)
            By Cristina Laila
            Published August 19, 2021 at 1:48pm
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            The Biden Administration is now working overtime to get a THIRD Covid shot into the arms of Americans.

            On Wednesday, the Biden Admin unveiled a plan for vaccine boosters starting in September.

            Beginning September 20, Americans who received two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines will be eligible for a booster shot eight months after their last dose.

            The idea of a booster shot is not sitting well with many people so like clockwork, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky used fear to convince people to get the third Covid shot.

            TRENDING: BREAKING BIG — Jovan Pulitzer: Arizona Audit Report Will be Delivered to Senate on Friday, Results Will Be Earth-Shattering

            Walensky on Wednesday said that people who received the Covid vaccine early on are at an increased risk for severe disease.

            So all the do-gooders and rule followers who blindly lined up to get the experimental jab right away are now being told they have no protection so they MUST get the booster.

            “We are seeing concerning evidence of waning vaccine effectiveness over time and against the Delta variant,” Walensky said.

            Walensky continued, “Reports from our international colleagues, including Israel, suggest increased risk of SEVERE disease amongst those VACCINATED EARLY.”

            Walensky said the only way out is to get the Covid booster.


            Just a few months ago, Walensky said vaccinated Americans were protected and no longer need to wear masks or maintain social distance in many indoor and outdoor settings.

            Now people who took the jab too early are being told they are super spreaders.

            The question is, when will the 4th Covid shot be rolled out?


          2. Docs/Nurses/patients need to stop being so lazy & just do the minimum research listening to the experts in the field & follow treatments that have been on the market & tested over & over again for 50-70 years that work. Or those Docs/Nurses should resign in protest otherwise.


            Former Pfizer VP Latest Message On Covid Vaccines – Everyone Must Listen!



            Aug 15, 2021
            Most Banned Videos
            Most Banned Videos

            Dr. Yeadeon warns of the dangers of new mRNA technology.


        3. “It’s a mess…, with not enough healthcare workers…”

          Yet Mississippi despite its low-level healthcare and low-level hospitals has had less deaths per million then NY and NJ that have some of the best healthcare facilities.

          By the way Mississippi has a high black population, mostly Democrats. They are among the least likely group to take the vaccine.

          Your links tell us that progressivism spreads Covid and death.

        4. “The unvaccinated have blood on their hands.”

          You mean Blacks and Latinos? (Who have by far the lowest rates of vaccination.)

          1. Sam, Republicans have a lower vaccination rate than Blacks and Latinos. All these groups need to suck it up and get vaccinated.

            1. “Republicans have a lower vaccination rate than Blacks and Latinos.”

              That’s a bald-faced lie.

              1. Sam, you nailed it. It is a bald-facer lie. Interestingly, by education the highest refusniks are those with marginal education (largely black) and those with PhD’s, with the latter leading by a little bit.

                Could be if you get a PhD you are more inclined to think for yourself rather than rely on cable infobabes or government bureaucrats.

        5. “. . . with not enough healthcare workers . . .”

          I guess it’s not very bright to fire those who refused to be vaccinated.

    1. AAAAAAHHHHH The sky is falling! But … but … but ….You Chicken Littles have no credibility left. First no mask, then wear the mask. then wear two masks. Then no vaccines in time to save us, then vaccines a plenty. Then vaccines will save us. Then vaccines don’t work.

      Make up your mind you mindless dolts.

      1. Mespo– Yes. They say vaccinations will protect you. But if you are unvaccinated or don’t wear a mask you are putting the vaccinated at risk.


        What is the vaccine protecting against if you can get the disease from unvaccinated, non-mask wearers?

        It protects you from armies of nattering bureaucrat Karens.

        The vaccine is so safe that close to half the CDC staff haven’t gotten it. It is so safe that close to half of Fauci’s empire hasn’t gotten it. It is so safe that the White House does not require staff to get it

        What do these people know about the experimental jab that they aren’t telling us?

        1. ” if you are unvaccinated or don’t wear a mask you are putting the vaccinated at risk. ”

          If you are unvaccinated and don’t wear a mask, then you are putting other unvaccinated people — including children, who cannot be vaccinated — at risk. You are also increasing the risk for Immunocompromised people who may have been vaccinated but whose immune response is not as robust.

          1. Except that unless you have an N95 mask and have been properly fitted for it, the masks people are wearing provide little or no protection. When last December California imposed strict mask mandates their infection rate soared ahead of states that were less strict. Forcing people to use masks that offer little true protection and that increase risks for bacterial infections is NOT true protection. It is only Covid theater.

              1. Anon: That is a very strong logical and fact-based argument you have there. In fact, that should do it for practically any issue you choose to oppose.

                    1. Yeah, you’re right, Young. It’s a time-management thing and I don’t care to invest much in responding to you. It’s a choice.

                    2. I think she, Aninny, can also count, do simple puzzles and run through the dictionary finding words like “ambiguity.” Very Simeon. Can’t figure out BS from truth but there’s hope yet. She reads our stuff like a starved monkey on a banana farm.

            1. The primary way in which an unvaccinated and unmasked person puts others at risk is by choosing not to be vaccinated, which increases the likelihood of infection, at which point being unmasked facilitates spread to others.

              You’re free to believe it’s “Covid theater.” I’ll believe a lit. review.

            2. Young, as it has always been the case. It has never, ever been stated that masks are 100% effective. Even an N95 mask is not 100% effective. The 95 in that designation means it only prevents 95% of viral particles from entering your lungs.

              Surgical masks are 40% to 30% effective. That doesn’t mean they don’t work. People keep thinking it’s supposed to stop infections, that’s not the point of wearing those masks. The whole point is to minimize the level of viral droplets from getting out of your mouth if you’re unknowingly infected. When someone else is also wearing a mask it is already more effective against infection from someone who is infected and wearing a mask. Why? Because that mask is preventing a majority of virulent droplets from being expelled into the air and that REDUCED amount makes the low effectiveness of that same mask on someone else MORE effective. Still not 100%, BUT….it certainly lessens the chance for infection far far more than not wearing anything at all.

              Think about it this way if that doesn’t make sense.
              Why do you cover your mouth when you sneeze? Does it stop that spray from going in your direction 100%. No.

              But you still cover your mouth because you don’t want people near you to…catch something, right? Wearing mask is the exact same curtesy you give others when YOU sneeze and cover your mouth. You would want people to cover their mouth when they sneeze near you, don’t you?

              Those people who are refusing to use a mask are the exact equivalent of not covering your mouth when you sneeze. It’s their freedom to sneeze as they please around everyone and because people are telling you to cover your mouth is tyranny and oppression and trampling on your liberty. Right?

              Covering your mouth when sneezing is exercising PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. So is wearing a mask, because you can infect others WITHOUT sneezing. That’s why masks are not only effective, they are also PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. It’s the very thing these conservative yahoos claim is their most important value and they are going to great lengths to avoid it.

          2. then you are putting other unvaccinated people — including children, who cannot be vaccinated — at risk.

            At risk of WHAT? Healthy kids (99.99%) are at risk of catching a cold. Also, there is nothing preventing parents from putting their children in masks.
            The truth is, the risk benefit/calculation is ignored.
            We well never eliminated COVID. That means we must learn as a society to manage the virus.

            1. “At risk of WHAT?”

              At risk of contracting Covid, which is more dangerous than “catching a cold.”

              “Also, there is nothing preventing parents from putting their children in masks.”

              True, but after all this time, you still don’t understand that the primary use of masks is to reduce the likelihood of an infected person infecting others, not to protect the wearer. Why don’t you understand this?

              “We well never eliminated COVID.”

              We eliminated small pox. We’ve now essentially eliminated polio. It’s possible for us to eliminate Covid-19 too. But not in the near future.

    2. “Florida is grappling with 23,000 fresh cases of covid.”

      Not that facts are going to arrest your “narrative” —

      Florida: new cases — 15,500 (8/19) (NYT)

      California — 18,000 (8/19) (NYT)

      Vermont and Oregon are two of the states with the highest percent increase in cases. And “cases” is *not* the issue. Mortality rate is.

      And — per usual — the two obvious facts the Left tries to ignore:

      1) Blacks and Latinos (the Left’s constituency) have by far the lowest rate of vaccinations.

      2) The 1 million (1.5?) immigrants flooding through the southern border — during a pandemic!

      1. Sam, Republicans have a lower vaccination rate than blacks or Latinos. They all need to suck it up and get vaccinated, despite the efforts of people like Turley to spread misinformation.

        1. “Republicans have a lower vaccination rate than blacks or Latinos.”

          Lie much?

      2. Are they still using that FDC/CDC Admitted Faulty PCR test?

        Facts Matter.

  9. I couldn’t respect the Biden ‘administration’ any less, and I was alive for Jimmy Carter.

    1. At least Jimmy Carter is a good, decent man doing good work in the world post-presidency. Cannot say the same for the filthy corrupt, self-serving, self-enriching dum dum Biden.

  10. This administration is lawless and has disdain for the Rule of Law. They have not curtailed violence by groups that serve as the Brown Shirts for the Democrat Party. They have not protected American citizens from illegal immigrants suspected of murder, rape and other violent actions. They have not protected American citizens in Afghanistan, where they are failing miserably.

    Everything they have done seems to be based on advice from people that hate America and want to see America destroyed.

    1. One of S. Meyer’s friends:


      According to this guy’s wife, he “has been upset of the result of the Presidential election and voted for the first time in his life for President Trump.”

      Fortunately, he surrendered — though it’s not clear, yet, how much of a threat he was.

      1. I wonder if he actually has an explosive or just a piece of junk. Awhile back some goofball mailed a ‘pipe bomb’ to someone and the feds, particularly Wray, made a big deal of it but provided suspiciously little information. Wray implied that it had the ‘potential’ to become an explosive ‘mumble, mumble’ other ingredients. Later it was leaked that it contained nothing but sulfur. It would never explode, not even if you hit it with a sledge hammer. But Wray so wanted it to be white terrorism that he hinted it was dangerous without ever actually admitting it was junk.

        If today’s screwball actually has explosive material we likely will find out. If it is more junk expect Wray to come out and mumble about white terrorism or insurrection. In other words, Wray will lie–again.

      2. No, anonymous, he is more likely one of your many roommates going crazy after spending time with you.

  11. If the Constitution prohibits states from impairing contracts can a federal administrative agency enter an order for the states to suspend enforcement of contracts, like rental agreements?

    Basically, can a federal bureaucrat compel states to violate the Constitution?

    I think this is probably another example, of many, where the federal government is acting without legal authority.

    1. Apparently my thinking on this issue roughly paralleled that of Professor Epstein and logically is right however, in checking on it I see the Court has done a police power workaround on a perfectly clear part of the Constitution.

      See this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contract_Clause

      Professor Epstein doesn’t like it nor do I.

  12. Turley probably gets a bonus for today’s little piece. It is a lie to say that anti-mask mandates are “a public health decision”. They, in fact, are the polar opposite: there is no public health official–not in any state, not the CDC, not the WHO, or any other reliable source, that approves of people going into public spaces without a mask with the Delta variant surging like it is, especially when it comes to children under 12 who aren’t yet eligible to receive the vaccine. Masks are recommended by all reliable public health officials. The decision is purely political: pandering to those who believe alt-right lies, like some of the people who post on this blog, and who claim things like COVID is “gene therapy” that has been programmed to kill the recipient, so we need to start planning for mass graves; or, the claim of “my body, my right”–what about the “rights” of people who believe in science and who don’t want to get sick and who don’t want their kids to get sick? Then, there are the devotees to the Hydroxychloroquine hoax, and who won’t give up no matter what the studies show.

    And, what about cutting the pay for those school officials and administrators who aren’t politicians and who believe in science and who want to protect school children from unnecessary illness? Turley accuses Biden of subsidizing violations of state law. Teachers and school administrators are not motivated by politics–they are motivated by saving the lives of young children by following public health guidelines issued by the CDC and states where politics don’t interfere with science and the public welfare. Turley: has any court ever looked at public officials who put politics above public health and safety by outlawing public health measures enacted to stop the spread of a contagious disease, especially when it is surging? No. Turley harps on Biden and courts “defying” state laws. In theory, isn’t this just like Rosa Parks refusing to go to the back of the bus? She defied state law, too. People who teach and administer schools have pledged to put the safety and welfare of children above all else, and that’s all they are doing. And, it’s the right thing to do.

    Turley has never addressed the fact that DeSantis has received millions of dollars in campaign contributions from Regeneron, the company that makes monoclonal antibody therapy. The more infections, the more monoclonal antibody therapy Regeneron sells, the more money it makes, the more campaign contributions it can make to DeSantis. No problem, huh, Turley? And, it’s not as if everything there is to know about COVID infections is known right now. For example, it is not known whether someone who receives an IV infusion of monoclonal antibodies after positive test results or early symptoms of COVID infection could still have long-term COVID effects, but people like Abbott and DeSantis don’t care about the long-term future of small children. The only long-term future they care about is their own political future. And, Turley is their cheerleader.

    1. I noticed Fox is covering Afghanistan, while NBC is covering Covid. I wonder why that is?

      1. Because Fox thinks it can get away with attacking Biden and scoring political points for Republicans by ignoring the facts that make Trump look bad, i.e.: 1. that Trump announced a 5/31/21 withdrawal date that didn’t include plans for how to evacuate American citizens, contractors and Afghans who helped us; 2. Trump agreed to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners before the US withdrawal; 3. Trump drew down our troops from 14,000 to 2,,500; 4. Trump negotiated with the Taliban without involving the Afghan government, even agreeing to concessions that would bind the Afghan government, resulting in demoralization, refusal to pay their soldiers, thus setting the stage for them to simply lay down their arms and surrender.

        The COVID crisis, aided and abetted by Fox that continues to spread lies and fear about vaccination, is a clear and present threat to American physical health and well being, plus our economy.

        And, disciples like you fall for it.

        1. What’s going on in Afghanistan is a national disgrace. Who the hell would pull the military out first then try to evacuate the civilians. By Bidens own account, there may be as many as 15,000 Americans in Taliban controlled areas. He’s going on the good faith of the Taliban that nothing will happen to them. Biden is making Hilary’s Benghazi fiasco look like she knew what she was doing. In a couple of weeks Uncle Joe will look at us and “What difference does it make”? It worked for Hilary.

          1. Why not ask Trump these questions? He’s the one who drew down our troops from 14,000 to 2,500, released 5,000 Taliban prisoners, and had no plan for evacuating Americans, contractors or friendly Afghans. The “good faith of the Taliban” is the result of Trump’s negotiations with them that didn’t even involve the Afghan government. Trump set the stage for the problems Biden is stuck with cleaning up, just like the Trump Pandemic. Biden relied on our military intelligence that advised that it would take at least 6 months at the soonest before the Taliban could take over. American Intelligence didn’t take into account the demoralization of Afghans because Trump didn’t include them in negotiations with the Taliban, leading to them simply surrendering.

            1. So says you. You’re the same nitwit that said that rich people don’t pay any taxes. Our federal government collects approximately 5 trillion dollars in taxes annually. 5 trillion dollars. Do you really believe poor people coughed up 5 trillion dollars. That amount of money did not come from people below the poverty level. Washington DC is awash in money and that money came from people who were successful or who ran successful businesses. I do believe that Donald Trump has set up residence in your head and you cannot evict him. Do yourself a favor and get out more. It’s a big world out there.

      2. Because NBC doesn’t think commenter Natacha has heard enough about Covid – China Virus- yet.

        Compared to that the most humiliating military disaster in the history of the country is unimportant.

        1. ” the most humiliating military disaster in the history of the country”

          Take a breath, Young.

          1. Young breathes fine. It is Biden who is destroying the nation from all sides. You should pick up a book or get some remedial courses.

            1. “It is Biden who is destroying the nation from all sides.”

              Calm down kiddo.

              You and Young could take some ‘remedial courses’ together. Great idea.

              1. Here is your remedial course—

                Obama says never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.

                Biden takes office:

                Gas prices are up.
                Inflation has hit and other goods cost more.
                The southern border is being swarmed by illegals at the level of a disaster.
                Thousands of Americans and Europeans are abandoned in a hostile land while our military shamefully sneaks away in the night.
                American pipelines shut down for the environment.
                Russian and European pipelines go ahead with Biden approval [what’s on Hunter’s laptop?]
                The country has gone from energy independence to energy dependence and Biden begs OPEC for oil. They turn him down.
                The US celebrates LGBT month in Afghanistan just before the fall [don’t they know these people throw gays off buildings?]
                Racial tensions are at a high, Chicago has more shootings of Americans than war zones.
                Even liberals in California have lined up to buy guns because crime is no longer punished.
                The boot licking media and the military and many Dem pols turn on Biden so the Afghan cesspool won’t splash on them.
                Kamala gets out of town and visits Vietnam.

                I think everyone underestimated Joe’s ability to f*** things up.

                The worst of it is that he isn’t finished with us.

                Rule by Geezerocracy.

        2. If the republicans take over the house next year, could they impeach Biden? Actually I’d rather see him removed for being unable perform the duties of office.

        3. “most humiliating military disaster in the history of the country”? What about Pearl Harbor? What about the fall of Saigon? What about the Bataan Death March and MacArthur abandoning our troops to the Japanese, including military nurses? Ever see the film “So Proudly We Hail”? You might learn something. There are multiple other examples, but what about Trump setting the stage for this problem, then trying to use his stupidity and incompetence to score political points? Why didn’t he involve the Afghans in negotiations with the Taliban? Why did he agree to concessions by the Afghans without even asking them? Why did he release 5,000 Taliban prisoners and draw down our troops from 14,000 to 2,500? Why didn’t he have a plan for and start the evacuations on his watch? Why doesn’t one of you Trumpster and Fox News disciples address these facts, instead of blaming Biden? Are you aware of what our own military officials advised Biden about the ability of the Afghan Army to hold off the Taliban while we exited Afghanistan? The estimates for Taliban take over were 6 months at the low end, and several years at the high end. Of course, this didn’t take into account the demoralization of the Afghan government by Trump failing to include them in talks with the Taliban, which led to them refusing to pay their soldiers or even give them ammunition, leading to their surrender. Pinning the fault for all of this on Biden is disingenuous. This is just another Trump mess left for Biden to clean up, but, unlike Trump, he doesn’t try to blame everything on someone else.

          You say the spike in the Trump Pandemic is unimportant? The daily numbers are critically important, and prove conclusively the stupidity and arrogance of Republican governors who put politics ahead of public health and who refuse to budge. That is the clearest and most existential threat to America right now.

          1. Natacha: “most humiliating military disaster in the history of the country”? What about Pearl Harbor? What about the fall of Saigon? What about the Bataan Death March and MacArthur abandoning our troops to the Japanese, including military nurses?”

            Who is feeding you this? Pearl Harbor was a disaster but not humiliating. We fought back. Saigon fell but political will to fight had collapsed. Biden voted against providing emergency aid to the South Vietnamese. He has always been a seditious idiot apparently. And we did not leave thousands of Americans and Europeans trapped and in the clutches of Dark Age savages as Biden has just done. McArthur was ordered by his superiors to leave Corregidor, he had no choice, and he couldn’t fit everyone else onto a little PT Boat. The Death March was a Japanese war crime, not an American blunder. British Singapore was a military humiliation and Churchill was furious that Brit troops did not set an example of courage in the face of disaster the way we had done at Corregidor.

            You are obsessed with some strange mania. If the cream for yout morning coffee soured you would blame it on Trump and, probably, America.

            1. Pearl Harbor was indeed a humiliating disaster that Roosevelt and military had been warned about by experts, but did nothing to prepare for. Our ships in Pearl were sitting ducks, as were our aircraft that were getting bombed while Japanese diplomats were meeting with Roosevelt. Most of our ships were destroyed, and US looked like fools for ignoring the warnings, failing to be diligent and being prepared and believing that the Japanese wouldn’t attack while Roosevelt was meeting with their diplomats. The lookouts who saw the Japanese planes approaching couldn’t even get through to command headquarters.

              Saigon fell because we were getting our asses kicked by a more poorly-equipped, less-trained but more highly-motivated Vietnamese citizenry. The fall of Saigon was a national disgrace, too, with people struggling to get on the last helicopter out of Viet Nam. We had no business being there in the first place. We left in disgrace, and then disrespected our military who fought there–the VFW wouldn’t even allow Viet Nam vets to join for several years.

              The Battan Death March was the result of poor military planning and execution. MacArthur is the one who decided to leave behind US servicemen, and even military nurses who were physically and sexually abused by the Japanese because they had more character than MacArthur, and wouldn’t leave behind the wounded men who needed them. This was a national disgrace, worse than Afghanistan could even conceivably be. Watch the movie “So Proudly We Hail!”.

              And, your overwrought emotional claim about thousands of Americans and Europeans being “trapped and in the clutches of Dark Age savages” because of Biden would be amusing if it wasn’t so ill-informed. First of all, whatever the Taliban is, we didn’t go to Afghanistan to educate them on our values, correct their behavior, or hope to change their minds about how we believe women should be treated. We went there to stop Al Quaida from using Afghanistan as a staging base for terrorism and because Bush believed that Bin Laden was being sheltered there, but it turns out that he was living in relative luxury in a private compound in Pakistan just outside a Pakistan military facility. So, Bush was wrong for starting this war in the first place. Trump is the one who made an agreement with these “Dark Age savages”, not Biden. Trump is the one who didn’t include Afghans in his agreement with the “Dark Age savages”, including agreeing to concessions by the Afghans. It was Trump who agreed to release 5,000 “Dark Age savages” from prison, and who had no plans for evacuation of Americans and Europeans. Biden was handed this mess, along with the Trump Pandemic and other messes created by Trump. Biden relied on our US military intelligence estimates that Afghanistan would be stable for 6 months at minimum. Turns out, our military intelligence was wrong.

              You are so wilfully ill-informed and such an alt-right media maven that it’s not even funny any more. I want you to try to defend what Trump did, if you can, please.

              1. Natacha: ” MacArthur is the one who decided to leave behind US servicemen, and even military nurses who were physically and sexually abused by the Japanese because they had more character than MacArthur, and wouldn’t leave behind the wounded men who needed them.”

                This is only one of several very ugly statements in your comment, but it will do as an example.

                McArthur left Corregidor because he was ordered to by his Commander in Chief, the President.

                Historian John Toland: ““The Rising Sun” Vol. 1, p. 356

                “…[McArthur} ’I want you to make it clear that I’m leaving over my repeated protests.’ He had considered disobeying direct orders from Washington so he could lead his troops to the end, but his advisors had persuaded him that he could do more in Australia for his beleaguered troops.”

                Wikipedia: “Fearing that Corregidor would soon fall, and MacArthur would be taken prisoner, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered MacArthur to go to Australia” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_MacArthur%27s_escape_from_the_Philippines.

                He was under orders yet you deliberately try to slime him by making it look as if he fled and abandoned his people.

                You really are quite a horrid person with a very ugly soul Natacha.

              2. “Our ships in Pearl”

                I’ll take just one, Natacha, as you aren’t worth more than that. As I stated in an earlier post the Japanese sank ~9 ships which were all old and from WW1. One might say they did us a favor because otherwise the likelihood was that all would have been sunk on the high seas losing about 34,000 trained sailors. The losses at Pearl were far lower.

                I cannot believe a person can repeat such drivel with such frequency.

                1. S. Meyer — True. Our carriers, our true striking force, were at sea when Pearl was attacked. The Japanese wanted the carriers. They didn’t get them and they paid for it at Midway.

                  1. AT that time we had the will. We replaced every one of those ships and more, built carriers, fighters, bombers, trucks and everything needed to fight a war. I don’t think either FDR or Churchill sat in their basements wearing masks and eating ice cream.

                    I think those in the executive branch that actually control our government have a deep hatred for America and want it destroyed.

                    1. “I think those in the executive branch that actually control our government have a deep hatred for America and want it destroyed.”

                      You’re an idiot.

            2. Young, if Natacha wants to declare that Biden’s Afghanistan disaster is on par with Pearl Harbor, let her.

              While you are correct that our military swarmed all over the scene to rescue as many trapped sailors as possible, it was still such a shocking disaster that it galvanized the country.

              Let Natacha destroy her own position with this comparison, and let the country galvanize against the incompetent nincompoop in the White House, alongside the cackling incompetent.

              1. Karen, they did more than swarm to the rescue. Many men grabbed whatever weapons they could reach and fired back. Despite the surprise attack, Japanese planes were shot down.

                Importantly, the nation didn’t do a Biden and retreat to a basement with a gallon of ice cream. It began fighting back, with loss after loss, until we could return.

                Very early on the aircraft carrier Hornet carried Doolittle’s unit close enough to attack the Japanese homeland. One good movie on that attack is “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo”. Some of our pilots made it back, others were captured and tortured to death. I once met General Doolittle and I still count it as a great honor.

                Although the damage was slight, it was a terrible jolt to the Japanese who had been assured that such a thing was not possible. The military leaders who had been hesitating were convinced after that attack that the big plan to attack Midway should go ahead. It was, of course, an enormous defeat for the Japanese navy and, with Guadalcanal following on, the Empire of Japan began its long slide down to total defeat.

                Does anyone imagine that Biden could have led the country through defeat after defeat and on to victory as Roosevelt and Churchill did during WW II?

                No, nobody thinks that. The country is vulnerable and in peril.

                1. Biden didn’t retreat: that was Trump, who drew down our troops from 14,000 to 2,500 and who released 5,000 Taliban BEFORE we left. Trump is the one who entered into negotiations with the Taliban without even involving the Afghans, and even agreed to concessions on their behalf without even the courtesy of asking them first. This resulted in demoralization, so the Afghans quit paying their military and quit providing them with ammunition, setting the stage for them to simply surrender. Some were also paid to do so. HOW IS ANY OF THIS BIDEN’S FAULT? Biden relied on our military intelligence estimates for how long Afghanistan would be stable, but they didn’t take into account the effects of Trump’s disastrous agreement with the Taliban. The story is not over yet. Thousands of people are being evacuated every single day. The rest will either get out, or Biden will force the Taliban to let them out. The Taliban doesn’t want the war to flare up, but, thanks to Trump, they have 5,000 additional troops that he let out of prison. Why don’t any of you Trumpsters address your hero’s failures and responsibility for setting the stage for what has happened? Because the Republicans and alt-right media will never even discuss Trump’s stupidity and they think they can score points for the initial days of the withdrawal.

                  Pearl Harbor was a national embarrassment, and had been predicted by many. The fact is, the US should have been on high alert on Hawaii, but wasn’t. We were caught with our pants down, and that’s a fact. The US should not have had so many ships docked at Pearl because it is relatively shallow and the entrance to the harbor is narrow, so that wreckage from so many ships could have blocked the harbor for weeks or even months. There are those who believe that the attack at Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen because there are those who wanted the US drawn into WWII for lost of reasons–some philosophic, but many, the motivation was financial. Never forget the words of “General Bullmoose”: “What’s good for General Bullmose is Good for the U.S.A.” (“General Bullmoose” was a fictional character on Rowan & Martin’s “Laugh In”, played by Dan Rowan, who wore gold epalets, and who defended the Viet Nam war because it enriched him personally).

                  Yes, I do believe Biden could successfully lead the US to victory any place it needed to go, especially if he wasn’t hamstrung by a predecessor who drew down troops in advance of a withdrawal date that was announced in advance, and who released 5,000 enemy combatants, and who entered into contracts with an ally without even allowing them a seat at the table. Biden is motivated by patriotism and listens to his military experts, unlike Trump, for whom everything is about personal aggrandizement and attention.

                  And, yes, I’ve seen “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” many times. The title comes from the fact that 30 seconds would be all the time in the air the pilots would have to drop their bombs on Tokyo before Japanese anti-aircraft could get a bead on them and shoot them down. The pilots knew that they couldn’t carry enough fuel to return to base, that they’d get hit, and that they’d have to ditch or crash land. The plan was to get to the China coast, where friendlies would be waiting for them, which is what happened. The Chinese sheltered them, nursed them, and moved them around to prevent them from getting captured by the Japanese while they recovered from their injuries and then helped them escape.

                  An aside: if you want to see Gen. Doolittle’s flight jacket and some of the money each member of his crew signed, these are on display at the Udvar-Hazy Museum at Dulles, as part of the Smithsonian collection.

                2. If Biden had been president during Pearl Harbor, he would have ordered the evacuation of the military and ships. Then after Hawaii was leveled, would have claimed: “We planned for that. Surprise attacks are messy.”

  13. Decertify all teachers unions.

    The first workforce of all nations is the military.

    The military cannot and will not allow a union.

    No way. No how.

    Teachers unions are the direct and mortal enemies of the U.S. Constitution and America.

    Teachers unions must be immutably annihilated with extreme prejudice.

    Next question: Civil Rights laws.

    Civil rights laws are inane and eminently unconstitutional in that they illicitly nullify the Constitution and deny constitutional rights to citizens.

    All Americans retain and enjoy the freedom of choice, opinion and discrimination.

    Congress has no power to order what another person appreciates, enjoys, dislikes and rejects.

    Labor laws are unconstitutional and violate the right to private property, which is absolute and not qualified by the Constitution.

    Labor laws are unconstitutional regulation as Congress has no power to regulate anything other than money, commerce and land and naval Forces, per Article 1, Section 8.

    The singular American failure has been and continues to be the judicial branch, with emphasis on the Supreme Court.

  14. “ It is an attempt to do indirectly but he cannot do directly. The pledge is meant to circumvent federalism barriers for federal mandates. ”

    Ironically Trump did that all the time by threatening to withhold funding to whoever was defying him. What Turley never mentions is that any of what Biden is saying is illegal or unconstitutional.

    In Texas hospitals and ICU’s are full. Alabama has no ICU capacity in the entire state. Entire school districts are shutting down because too many kids and staff are testing positive for COVID effectively quarantining thousands for two weeks.

    More and more schools that have mask wearing as optional are having to shut down after a week in operation throughout other states.

    In Texas schools are effective going around the governor’s orders by making masks as part of the dress code. A pretty novel way of still doing what they want without breaking the law. I’m sure Turley would appreciate that kind of legal maneuvering.

    Schools or superintendents who are defying the governor are doing exactly what many who defend the jan 6th insurrectionists as doing. Defying an unjust law.

    Because it involves safety and obviously trying to prevent further hospitalizations those schools will eventually win their court cases.

    How? By pointing out the fact that those same courts wheee they are litigating have mask mandates….for safety. If courts can enforce them for THEIR safety, schools should too.

  15. Off topic. Bomb threat at Library of Congress. Dork has detonator device in his hand. Don’t the Capital Police know how to shoot someone?

  16. Each day this administration holds power it becomes absolutely clear the need for term limits for Congress and the Senate, in-person voting w/photo ID and incarceration for public officials who violate these rules.

  17. WHY have laws when Progressives NEVER follow them…but want to force YOU to???

  18. Trying the best way to describe this issue I looked for what others had to say: ————–Alan Bennett—“We started off trying to set up a small anarchist community, but people wouldn’t obey the rules” {Getting ON 1972}, —————-George Bernard Shaw—“Anarchism is a game at which the police can beat you” {Misalliance}, —————–
    W.B. Yeats —
    “ Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.”
    {Michael Robartes and the Cancer “The Second Coming”}

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