“You Might Be the Fascist”: MSNBC Host Joy Reid Defends Antifa Despite Its Violent, Anti-Free Speech History

This week we discussed the California Government teacher Gabriel Gipe who boasted about his flying an Antifa flag at Inderkum High School and explaining that he has only “180 days to turn them into revolutionaries.” On MSNBC, host Joy Reid went to social media to defend Antifa as an organization as merely those fighting fascism. She based that claim entirely on the name rather than the well-documented violent history of the group. Since I have written previously about Antifa and testified in the Senate on that history, I wanted to offer a counter view.  What is breathtaking is that Reid defends Antifa despite its attacks on journalists, bloggers, and other writers but says that criticism of the group indicates that you are also a fascist.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid went to Twitter to remind everyone that Antifa is “literally” short for anti-fascist. Thus, if you have a problem, you are by definition a fascist:

“If you’re constantly yelling “Antifa!” — which literally is short for “anti-fascists,” ding-ding-ding! … you might be the fascist they’re focused on. Just a thought…”

The first obvious response to this posting is that few journalists or thoughtful people who simply take an organization’s title as proof of its motives or its history. Few abusive organizations actually label themselves as violent or thuggish organizations.

The most extreme example is the most despised of all fascist organizations known as the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Despite the name and adopting socialist programs, the Nazis also hunted down socialists, labor union members, and communists in addition to the commission of genocide and other unspeakable crimes. It would have been breathtaking in the late 1930s as they were cracking down on dissidents for a host in the United States to insist “If you’re constantly yelling “Nazi!” — which literally is short for “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” ding-ding-ding! … you might be the anti-labor people they’re focused on. Just a thought…”  In reality, the Nazis were the ultimate fascists, but their name said they were something else.

I have been a long critic of Antifa because of its violent history on college campuses and campaigns of intimidation and threats against anyone who opposes it. Antifa members regularly attack reporters, academics, and others in the name of anti-fascism.  Antifa is now the largest and most violent anti-free speech movement in the United States.  It is at its base a movement at war with free speech, defining the right itself as a tool of oppression. That purpose is evident in what is called the “bible” of the Antifa movement: Rutgers Professor Mark Bray’s Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook. Bray emphasizes the struggle of the movement against free speech: “At the heart of the anti-fascist outlook is a rejection of the classical liberal phrase that says, ‘I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’”

As I have written, Antifa is indeed more of a movement than a specific organization, but it has members and associated groups. Indeed, it has long been the “Keyser Söze” of the anti-free speech movement, a loosely aligned group that employs measures to avoid easy detection or association.  FBI Director Wray told Congress “And we have quite a number — and I’ve said this quite consistently since my first time appearing before this committee — we have any number of properly predicated investigations into what we would describe as violent anarchist extremists and some of those individuals self-identify with Antifa.”

I have repeatedly emphasized that extreme right groups are also responsible for recent violence and Wray made clear that far right violence still dominates in terms of a threat profile.  Moreover, I have opposed declaring Antifa a terrorist organization.  We have ample laws to deal with such extremist violence from the far left or far right. We do not need to rely on terrorism laws or most recently suggested sedition laws. Yet, Antifa is more than some “idea” and it has a discernible and violent organization. Indeed, the Antifa Handbook discusses how it uses an association of groups, including self-identified Antifa groups, to carry out attacks on critics and those with opposing views.

There are a variety of Antifa groups with long history of organized violence including Rose City Antifa. The RCA is arguably the oldest reference to “Antifa” in the United States was the Rose City Antifa (RCA) in Portland, Oregon. In 2013, various groups that were part of ARA, including RCA, formed a new coordinating organization referred to as the “Torch Network.” I detailed the violence of these groups in my Senate testimony”

“The signature of the group is a self-righteous, rage-fueled violence that parallels the fascistic groups that they claim to oppose. In 2002, ARA activists attacked a neo-Nazi demonstration. Twenty-eight ARA members were arrested but all of the charges were later dropped. In 2005, ARA protested National Socialist Movement (NSM) members in what became known as the 2005 Toledo Riot. Such counter protests by Antifa routinely result in violence. For example, in 2012, ARA members attacked a meeting of the Illinois European Heritage Association with hammers, bats and other weapons. Five members were convicted of assault and other crimes.That same year, almost two dozen members of the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement, part of ARA, broke into the “Fifth Annual White Nationalist Economic Summit and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet,” a group containing white supremacists and white nationalists.The attack on the Ashford House Restaurant led to criminal convictions of five members. In 2016, a confrontation between neo-Nazi groups and Antifa counter protesters resulted in a violent brawl. Seven people were stabbed and nine others were injured. Although the exact affiliation of each of the victims is unknown, both neo-Nazis and Antifa members were among the victims. In 2017, Antifa members joined an otherwise nonviolent counter protest and attacked five neo-Nazis, kicking, punching, and pepper spraying them until stopped by police. Thirteen individuals were arrested on charges including assault with a deadly weapon, obstructing a police officer, and other violations. On July 13, 2019, an Antifa member showed up at a privately owned ICE detention center and began “throwing incendiary devices at vehicles . . . and attempting to burn down buildings and a propane tank.” He was ultimately killed after pointing a gun at police. Antifa have also attacked journalists, including conservative journalist Andy Ngo, who was punched and hit with bear spray while trying to cover one protest.

Antifa mayhem is well-known to the courts. Violence between Antifa and Alt-Right protestors was addressed in Virginia, where “people were hurt and beaten on both sides” after Antifa members attacked protesters with baseball bats, mace spray, canes, sticks, bricks, bottles, and a metal pipe.The Ninth Circuit recently reversed a lower court that dismissed a battery claim against an Antifa member, who allegedly helped “unnamed assailants who attacked Plaintiff with pepper spray, bear mace, and flag poles, by participating in surrounding Plaintiff and by shining her flashlight in such a way as to enable the direct attacks,” may be liable on an aiding and abetting theory. In Arizona, Antifa members threw rocks, bottles, tear gas, an incendiary device, and a spear-like object at officers who set up a perimeter around a rally held by President Trump.”

Bray’s Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook speaks proudly of Antifa’s organized violent history. He makes clear that what Antifa calls “self-defense” includes violence against police or anyone deemed a fascist. In a recent Washington Post opinion editorial criticizing President Trump’s attacks on Antifa as “delegitimizing militant protest,” Bray stated:

“I believe it’s true that most, if not all, members do wholeheartedly support militant self-defense against the police and the targeted destruction of police and capitalist property that has accompanied it this week. I’m also confident that some members of antifa groups have participated in a variety of forms of resistance during this dramatic rebellion.”

Antifa groups, including groups calling themselves Antifa like RCA, have regularly engaged in violence. Bray again describes the attacks during the Trump inauguration as a defining use of violence by the group:

“Fascists in tuxes were pelted with eggs and several MAGA hats set on fire. The next morning, an ‘anti-capitalist and anti-fascist’ black bloc – that is, a mass of anonymous, black-clad militants—set off from Logan Circle to disrupt ‘business as usual,’ while a man whom liberals had bemoaned as a literal fascist was being sworn into the White House. Some of the black bloc, though certainly not all, engaged in target property destruction of corporate enterprises to smash Trump’s ‘façade of legitimacy.’ Most notably, the glass storefronts of Starbucks and Bank of America were rapidly demolished, similar destruction forced a McDonald’s to shut down and ATMS and other corporate property spray-painted or destroyed. The most iconic moment of the day may have been when a limousine was set ablaze.”

It takes an impressive act of willful blindness to ignore the Antifa violence, including the arrest of Antifa supporters allegedly responsible for violent crimes like one of our own GW students.

While Antifa is a collection of groups and individuals, it is both organized and violent. The fact that Antifa regularly resorts to violence reflects its rejection of debate and dialogue with opposing views. Tellingly, the Antifa Handbook starts with the following quote from Buenaventura Durruti: “fascism is not to be debated, it is to be destroyed.”  The group then defines a wide array of intellectuals, reporters, and others are assisting the fascist cause. The result is license to threaten, beat, and intimidate anyone who stands in their way.

What is most chilling is that Reid uses the very tactic of Antifa to paint any critic as by definition a fascist to be attacked.  It has been a successful method to intimidate many into silence.  Of course, that is a favorite tactic of  . . . well .. . fascists. Ding-ding-ding.



103 thoughts on ““You Might Be the Fascist”: MSNBC Host Joy Reid Defends Antifa Despite Its Violent, Anti-Free Speech History”

  1. Profrssor, I have to disagree. Antifa is an organization. It has a flag. That flag alone is proof that it is an organization. It espouses violence, it has a disregard for individual rights and it acts as a collective. Two people are a pair. Three are a crowd and four or more are a group, Twenty five, all dressed alike, engaging in tactics to attack or defend with the use of weapons, is an armed organization. It takes organization to form into offensive or defensive formations. Those formations employ basic military tactics. They do not happen by accident. That takes training, planning and leadership.

    1. Antifag is a collective of fascists/communists saying they are Marxists. All worms of the same rotten fruit. Nothing good comes of or from these mentally challenged hoodlums , outliers of society blaming society for their imagined ills. Devious as stalin , socially retarded as hitler , and morally bankrupt as mao…and too stupid to see what they really are.

  2. “…extreme right groups are also responsible for recent violence and Wray made clear that far right violence still dominates in terms of a threat profile.”

    I’m not saying this is NOT a threat, but who are these right wing militant groups, and more importantly, what is their “threat profile” compared to the destruction we’ve seen over the years from the decentralized ANTIFA groups helping burn down buildings and even set police department HQs in some cities on fire?

  3. Jonathan: This is your second column in less than a day attacking Antifa. What’s the urgency? Last summer it was members of right-wing groups that attacked and killed peaceful protesters. Last year Trump rallied against the anti-fascist protesters in Portland, Oregon claiming the city was under siege from violent radical leftists. Your buddy AG Bill Barr echoed Trump’s false claims. But court docs show of the 300 arrests were for minor non-violent misdemeanors. So your columns are taking up where Trump/Barr left off. If Antifa is so violent why is the FBI, in the investigation of the Jan. 6 attack, charging members of far-right white fascists not adherents of Antifa? Ding, Ding, Ding!

    1. Dennis– “If Antifa is so violent why is the FBI, in the investigation of the Jan. 6 attack, charging members of far-right white fascists not adherents of Antifa?”

      That’s actually a good question, Dennis. A lot of people would like to know the answer.

  4. Tyrannical governance belongs to the left. Tocqueville suggested that a danger to democracy would allow the majority opinion to suppress individual judgment inherent to democratic theories. Added later by others to Tocqueville(s) statement ‘democratic states would use coercive and oppressive measures even more rigorously that their aristocratic predecessors’. .

    Looking for a more refined description of today’s political left drew me to conclude the statement by L. Kolakowski in “Main Currents of Marxism” could best describe the Port side trying to weigh down our ship of liberty with so many anchors. Kolakowski states “Members of the working class in capitalist societies have interests which would rationally lead them to revolutionary action against the system. However ideology creates a ‘false consciousness’ which hides this reality from them. They therefore require leading into ‘correct political activity by a ‘vanguard party’.

    Marxist theory of “deception” of the working class” and the supposed oppressed is no longer over the horizon, but in plain view.

  5. Nazi, Commies, …
    What you say?
    How bout letting me out today?
    Ain’t no reason for me to stay…
    Cause everybody’s far away.
    Get me back on my feet again.
    Back on my feet again…
    Open the door…set me free…
    Get me back on my feet again!

  6. It’s in the name “anti fascist”. That means if you oppose or question the methodology of the Brave, Masked, Wonderful Warriors of Antifa (TM) you are a FASCIST. And that means YOU, JT.

    Didn’t Comrade Lenin say you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet?

    And I have a suggestion for these brave masked souls – Antifa needs to take their message of justice and enlightenment to rural America; I am certain they will receive a warm reception.


  7. How about when Senator Rand Paul and his wife were accosted violently by “protesters” on the way out of the WHITE HOUSE? How about when the loony leftists were in the Senators own elevator harassing Jeff Flake? How about the attacks on the SCOTUS? How about police stations and courthouses being burned?

    EB will never, not once, be critical of these attacks because he is a phony hater of all things Turley. EB is so jealous of Professor Turley that he despises the good professor and yet visits his site 20 times a day. That is odd and I am guessing that good old EB has zero friends, no wife and possible kids that don’t talk to him.

    1. HullBobby,

      EB has a better command of the English language and writes prose more eloquently than you. That’s good enough for me.

  8. If Antifa were just in the streets it would be serious enough, but it is also in the classroom. The effects are chilling, as teachers supporting this totalitarian ideology label their own students as fascists. The case of Gabriel Gipe and the Natomas Unified School District is telling: “I have 180 days to turn them into revolutionaries,” Gipe allegedly said in the video, and later continued, “I have an Antifa flag on my wall. A student complained about that and said it made them feel uncomfortable. Well, it’s meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable, I don’t know what to tell you.” These misguided teachers, who are so careful in choosing the right pronouns so as not to commit microaggressions, are unconscionably branding as “fascist” any young student who even tries to discuss or counter their extremism. Antifa in the streets and CRT in the classroom — connect the dots.

  9. The problem is not just that Antifa deceptively describes itself as “antifascist” when, in fact, it uses fascist thuggery and violence to shut down opposition voices. The larger issue is that it assumes the right to define who and what is fascist. Everyone who doesn’t tow the “ACAB” line is, according to these muddle-headed goons, a fascist. Anyone who voted for Trump — for whatever reason — is, again according to the totalitarian ultra-leftists, a fascist. When you have extremists defining the crime and then punishing the criminals, you have out-of-control vigilantism. Lenin recognized the reactionary nature of such extremism and called “left-wing” communism an infantile disorder. In America, idiot liberals, knowing little about history or political ideologies, cheer on the most totalitarian mobs in the name of “racial justice.” Liberals tolerated antifa violence for too long, and it will hurt them in 2022. The tide will turn, and it won’t be pretty.

    1. Giocon says:

      “Liberals tolerated antifa violence for too long,”

      And Trumpists wanted to hang Mike Pence.

      I easily recognize the difference. Can you see it?

  10. James,

    I wouldn’t dare say to the heavily armed militiamen:

    “[Your] numbers are so diminished [you] are scarcely a threat at all at this point.”

    They would be the first to say that they have far more strength than is widely assumed and that they would “kick the ass” of the ragtag Antifa punks.

    Turley does not underestimate them as you do.

    1. I wouldn’t dare say to the heavily armed militiamen

      Stop conflating heavily armed with right wing terrorists.

      Still waiting for the first attack.

    2. That is largely a fantasy. Groups like the Aryan Brotherhood are real, but they are barely a pep squad by comparison at this point. What Antifa, BLM, Silicon Valley, and even ordinary students perpetrate on the regular is very real and has impact that trickles far beyond their intended targets (see my statement about ‘boneheaded’). Step into the real world with the rest of us grown ups.

      1. Don’t take my word on it. Turley, whose opinion you respect, does NOT disputes the FBI’s assessment that the Rightwing groups pose a much larger threat.

        1. “Don’t take my word on it. Turley, whose opinion you respect, does NOT disputes the FBI’s assessment”

          Turley is holding fast to respect for the institutions of law and law enforcement. He reminds me of Andy McCarthy. Early on in the Trump Presidency, McCarthy joined the propaganda media writing columns that essentially said, “if the accusations about President Trump and his staff are true, its a huge problem for him.”
          People kept contacting him that the leaks and the reporting were fiction. The FBI is complicit in leaking fake intel to the media. The DoJ was also corrupt. But McCarthy held fast to his experience with the DoJ and FBI as straight shooters and by the book professionals.
          But the evidence kept mounting, one thing after another started to fall apart. the Storkx (sp) Paige texts were revealed, the connection between the DoJ and The Steele Dosier was confirmed, and lots more evidence kept surfacing. Now McCarthy takes whatever the FBI says with a bucket of salt and demands hard evidence. The FBI has abandoned any semblence of adhering to the rule of law.

          Turley will get there with McCarthy, when he opens his eyes and examines the evidence.

          Kind of like the huge threat of “right wing” militias

          The one the FBI “caught” planning the kidnapping of the Michigan Governor?
          Except by the time the plan was actualized, the FBI was doing all the funding, all the planning, and were in leadership positions in the militia. The leaders in place, walked away when it was going to put in motion, they wanted no part of it. That forced the FBI to take on the leadership roles. Between FBI and Paid informants, the private citizens were the minority. One paid informant was given >$50k over a seven month period. He paid off his house and car, and cleaned up credit card debt. It was more money than he had ever earned for a whole year.

          Yes, soon the scales will fall from Turleys eyes.

          1. Iowan2,

            Let me put it to this way: if Turley and I had to choose who to put our trust in— between Trumpists who are not honest enough to admit that Trump is an inveterate liar and FBI agents who have taken an oath with their hand on the Bible to uphold the law, we’ll go with the agents. You see, FBI agents have everything to lose by violating their oaths and breaking the law; Trumpists, on the other hand, lose nothing by lying except their credibility which they have never missed before.

            1. 1st of all you have no right at all to claim to speak for Prof Turley & what he’d do. You are speaking for yourself.

              2nd Fm Director of the FBI, James Comey & CIA Director Brennan are both Admitted American Hating Communist.

              I think you’d & your fit in better with the Maoist in Commie China then here in the USA with Americans!

      2. -James,
        Well said.
        They are far more dangerous as they have the means to censor any speech they do not like, as far as they can on their platforms.
        And now we are seeing the level of infiltration in public education, access to young minds to radicalize them and turn them into violent thugs, beating people in the streets who do not agree with them or dare to exercise their 1A rights.

  11. I’m still waiting for that first ‘right wing terroists” attack, (one not planned and executed by the FBI) (to quote insty, the demand for “right wing terrorist” far exceed the supply)

    1. (to quote insty, the demand for “right wing terrorist” far exceed the supply)
      Which is why the F.B.I. has to pay it’s informants so much. Law of Supply and Demand.

  12. I used to deal with ACTUAL right wing hate groups in the 80s and 90s, and no, no they aren’t a larger threat. Their numbers are so diminished they are scarcely a threat at all at this point. Very nearly ALL of the chaos and violence is coming from left wing groups, and if such a thing is possible, they are even more infantile and boneheaded than white supremacists were back in the day. This is absurd, and some of these folks better pray the tide never turns, you can’t walk back from the crying wolf and hate that Reid and her ilk have exhibited the past 4+ years. Neither can our young people. Today’s leftist ‘activists’ will tomorrow be akin to Britain’s former National Front members that essentially live in shame and exile, praying no one learns about their past.

    1. James:

      Militias, while not some far right phenomena nor a “hate group” (whatever that is), are growing and rapidly expanding. Many members are former military or law enforcement.

      1. Mespo warns,

        “Militias, while not some far right phenomena nor a “hate group” (whatever that is), are growing and rapidly expanding. Many members are former military or law enforcement.”

        That is why Turley does not dispute the FBI’s assessment that these Rightwing militias are much more of a threat for an insurrection. It has been reported that these groups are admiring the Taliban’s takeover of the corrupt Afghanistan government. Gives them inspiration.

        It would not surprise me that there are a few militiamen contributing here. I agree with Turley that Antifa are anarchist thugs. All I hear from you Trumpists is that Turley is overestimating the threat of the Rightwing militias. None of you have denounced them.

        1. FBI, CIA, DHS, IRS, & many other so call Law Enforcement Agencies are not mentioned at all in the USC ot State’s Cons., or had amendments carve outs for them.

          So tell us more at the history Militias under USC/State’s Con’s, etc.

          1. First, you call me a “commie”, and now you ask for my comments?

            You can call me a “Democrat,” you can call me a “Liberal,” you can call me a “Leftist,” you can even call me a “Never Trumper,” but you doesn’t have to call me a “commie.”

            1. Didn’t P Turley just have a piece up on calling people/things by correct name Commie? lol. Why don’t you just learn to become an American? The women will no doubt like you more as a Winner.

              Thomas Jefferson was a Democrat/Republic in his day, but now there are no Democrats left, just Commies attempting to hide behind the name Democrat.

              Now tell us all which ABC groups have USC authority & which don’t.

                1. Jeff,

                  I understand the meaning of the word apologize is.

                  I know you need to learn it, become an American & apologize to us Americans.

                  It could be you/people like you have no concept of the number of people here & abroad that you people have people harm & k*illed.

                  But that’s the interesting thing about God, Jesus & the Holy Sprint, the sooner you drop worshipping Satanic Demon & Pedophiles as your leaders you may not see as that, you too can rejoin the rest of mankind in our/your journey.

                  1. Oky1,

                    Have you always been like this or do I bring it out in you? I can’t tell if you are out of your mind or simply crazy!

                    You and I could not be further apart. I just hope this county is big enough so that we never run into each other!

                    1. I admit I’ve become older with all it’s issues, but I still smell victory close at hand. Younger/Older people inside power/out know it is at hand, Non- Violently, with no doubt because the Commie types, ie; Pelosi’s/McConnell’s(Lindsey Graham)/Dems/Rinos/ some leadership in of intel groups/ Google/Apple/Face book/Twitter/GS/JPM/GS/Wells Fargo/BOA/PayPal/etc. types have fully exposed themselves as American Hating Commies.

                      That debate is over& there’s no where those Deep State Aholes can run hide. There own people on the inside see them for the evil they are & are turning them in just like the prostitutes that were ph’in Nazis during WW2 & had their heads shaved afterwards to mark them for all the public to see.

                      IE: Klaus Schawb/Bill Gates Fauci/ etc….

                2. BTW:

                  I think my beautiful Blonde haired blue eyed baby Jesus gets a kick & a nice belly laugh at all my typos, otherwise I doubt I’d make so many.


  13. Oh, the woman who hates gays, lies about it when caught (she got “hacked”) but calls herself liberal? Don’t know her. Don’t want to know her.

    1. Joy Reid is a real danger to the USA. Luckily she speaks to a very small audience-“preaching to the choir”

      1. Reid and Lemon are in a competition for the dumbest Blacks on TV. They are very good at promoting a not very flattering stereotype of Blacks.

  14. Mr Turley- there are right wing and left wing socialists. Marxist Internatanional Socialism competed with Hitlerian National Socialism in the twentieth century. Hitler was a socialist just as much as Stalin was, only with different philosophies of socialism. Mussolini, perhaps Franco were fascists, but they were socialists. None of these people were classical liberal free society democrats. Just because the Nazi’s hated the Communists does not mean they were not both socialists. Russia and China were both communists, but they went to war briefly and disliked each other. People can share broad beliefs but differ in their implementation and even have significant differences in outlook but still have enough in common that they are not antithetical.

    1. You are extremely confused about your ideologies, but it’s a common error by people who have never bothered to actually read anything about socialism and fascism. Maybe start by reading Michael Parenti’s Blackshirts and Reds: Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism.

  15. Thank you very much, Turley, for acknowledging and reminding the Trumpists what they don’t want to hear:

    “I have repeatedly emphasized that extreme right groups are also responsible for recent violence and Wray made clear that far right violence still dominates in terms of a threat profile.”

    As bad as Antifa is as you rightly point out, you do not dispute the fact that right wing groups are worse despite what Trumpists think.

    1. I commend you, Professor, for your honesty by not exaggerating the threat posed by Antifa compared to the militarized, organized and disciplined paramilitary Right wing groups. It takes a brave man to say so in the face of the overwhelming Trumpist sentiment on your blog.

      1. It seems to me that the Professor has consistently challenged all groups that engage in violence, regardless of where they fall on the political spectrum. If only your side would do the same

        1. Whig,

          I am on Turley’s side. I applaud his pointing out that as bad as Antifa is, the Rightwing militias are much more of a threat.

      2. JS:

        Yeah, antifa is bunch of 20-year-old live-with-mom cowards who hide behind masks and run like scared school girls at the sign of ANY resistance much less the militias. They’re to be pitied and ridiculed for the misfits they so obviously are. That said, I do enjoy the beatdowns these punks so regularly take.

        1. Mespo– “, I do enjoy the beatdowns these punks so regularly take.”
          Me too. Too bad the police interfere just when it is getting good.

          They scream ‘defund the police’ and then scream ‘Help! Police!”


        2. Mespo,

          You are correct which explains why the FBI and Turley believe the heavily armed, trained and dedicated Rightwing militias are far more threatening to the “Deep State.”

          I would think you Trumpists would be ecstatic by that state of affairs.

      3. “militarized, organized and disciplined paramilitary Right wing groups”??? Where might we find such groups? Certainly not among the fractured, defensive and disorganized Right in America. Who burned Portland for over 100 days? Who destroyed large swaths of Minneapolis, including one police precinct? Who has been attacking police, journalists and photographers? Crawl out from under your rock once in a while and see what’s actually happening in this country.

        1. Giocon,

          I’m sticking with with the FBI’s assessment that the threat posed by the militarized, organized and disciplined paramilitary Right wing groups is greater than the disorganized Antifa thugs. Turley agree with the FBI too.

      4. Jeff, wait a minute, Turley is a Fox contributor. I thought that his ” hypocrisy” would render his points moot. And before I go any further Joy Reid is an idiot. And maybe I missed it but I don’t see ” militarized ,organized and disciplined and paramilitary” in his description of Right wing groups. That appears to be your analysis. The first time Wray testified before Congress he denied that Antifa existed. Basically because they didn’t have a corporate depth chart. After it became untenable to deny the existence of antifa he changed his story. I have yet to see Dementia Joe retract his description of antifa as an ” idea”. Nor has physical fitness buff Nadler retracted his ” myth” description. And I love those like idiot Reid who claim that antifa must be anti fascist because that is what their name stands for. Moron Lemon said the same thing. Some components of fascism are, militaristic nationalism, contempt for electoral democracy, cultural liberalism and violence against with whom you disagree. That describes antifa!!! As my wife says , she identifies as a super model so that fact that Vogue has not put her on the cover is sexist. It doesn’t matter what you say you are . It matters how you act.
        I am not saying that Right wing groups do not exist. But I don’t see Fox or Newsmax or any other outlets you hate defending The Proud Boys. That is the difference.
        Oh, and dinner offer still holds.

        1. “But I don’t see Fox or Newsmax or any other outlets you hate defending The Proud Boys.”

          Isn’t that the white supremacist group led by a black man?

        2. Paul,

          If you are going to give me such a vociferous diatribe at our dinner, I think I will lose my appetite. Or worse, I can envision a food fight!

    2. Only if you want to believe Wray and hysterical Democrats. Most thinking people will not.

  16. All political entities lie or exaggerate, but the Left is particularly prone to this failing.

    Just look at the Lefty posters on this blog with their pathological fixation on Trump, their “misstatements”, and their obsessive postings.

    Some like anonymous eb, who posts dozens of times a day are merely pathetic, others like Natacha lie obsessively.

    Identify the Lefty posters and ignore them.

  17. JOY REID is a foooool. She has no creditability. She lives in her own World. Antifa are the Storm Troopers for the Left and DEMS. You notice they are never investigated or on trial.

    1. Trump insurrections did. attack police officers and left 137 of them with injuries ranging from broken bones to serious head injuries. Right wing mobs have beaten peaceful protestors and run over them with vehicles resulting in at least one death. Right wing militias roam with guns at the ready menacing citizens in coffe shops and state houses but that’s ok.

      Save me from your faux outrage.

      1. Did you ever, even once, mention the attacks from the leftist ANTIFA goons? How many cops have been hurt over the last year alone? How many police stations? How about last Memorial Day when many police were hurt as the left attacked the White House and burned the church across the street from it?

        Justice Holmes, stop defending violence with your horrible “whataboutism”, it is sickening, especially on a site that should be used for cogent argumentation and not a defense of anti-free speech violence.

      2. I believe you mean the rioters as no one has actually been charged with insurrection.
        However let’s not forget the “mostly peaceful” demonstrations across the country last summer that led to quite a few deaths and hundred of millions of dollars in damages. I don’t believe the “Right Wing Mobs” participated in those. Or the groups of people who forced sidewalk diners in multiple cities to raise a fist in solidarity of BLM.

        I guess my point being is that everyone’s perception is their own reality.

        However, regarding Ms. Reid, I give her credit having avoided being cancelled for her homophobic tweets when she was a nobody into now being, well, if you don’t have anything nice to say,,,

      3. I dispute your use of “peaceful protestors” and I cannot recall stories of “right wing mobs” attacking protesters-nor do I recall any incidences of right wing militias menacing any citizens in coffee shops with guns. Please provide evidence

      4. roam with guns at the ready menacing citizens in coffe shops and state houses but that’s ok.

        In your view, following the law, by legally buying a gun, and legally carrying that gun as you go about your day, is menacing? You need to get a grip on your phobias. Phobias are irrational, unfounded fears. A professional can help you better deal with life.

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