Colorado University-Boulder Conference: “Decolonize” Yourself But Not With a “Sense of Urgency”

Faculty across the country are being asked or required to take courses on diversity and equity as part of anti-racism programs. There are remarkable differences between these programs, including one at the Colorado University at Boulder where faculty and graduate students are taught to shed the “cultural norms of white supremacy” and to “decolonize” their classes. According to the conservative site Campus Reform, this includes rejecting “neoliberal” concepts of time by combating “perfectionism” and the “sense of urgency.”

The university’s Equitable Teaching Conference, hosted by the University’s Center for Teaching and Learning included a session titled “Anti-racist pedagogy and decolonizing the classroom,” taught by Dr. Becca Ciancanelli.  One of the slides reportedly warned against “perfectionism,” “sense of urgency,” “quantity over quality,” and “individualism” as “Cultural norms of White Supremacy.”

Individualism is not a new matter of debate. When I discuss different legal theories or “schools of thought” in my class (including feminism, Critical Legal Studies (CLS), and Critical Race Theory (CRT)), a common point of criticism of these scholars is the elevation of the individual over the collective. I juxtapose those theories with writers of liberalism and classic liberalism (which I admittedly favor).  It can also be part of a dichotomy of rights versus responsibilities in the law.  However, these are writings that address the focus or purpose of legal rules or structures in society from different perspectives. The presentation at Boulder suggests that faculty and students should avoid individualism as a trapping of white supremacy in their own lives.

Ciancarelli’s warnings were based on the work of Professor Sam Bullington, who teaches “unlearning racism, toxic masculinity, and decolonizing teaching, as well as engaged spirituality/spiritual activism” at Boulder.

There are many cultures that have a “sense of urgency” or a drive for “perfectionism” that are not mere reflections of white supremacy in my view.  However, the inclusion of “individualism” as a “cultural norm of White Supremacy” is particularly concerning from the perspective of academic freedom. I value the writings of CLS and CRT scholars on the issue as we discuss the evolution and role of the law in society. While I subscribe to an opposing view and embrace a robust view individual rights like free speech, the writings allow for alternative views on such fundamental issues in class. However, this program suggests that faculty who believes in strong concepts of individualism are engaging in racist or reactionary conduct. This is an area of great debate among scholars that touches upon core values and beliefs, including classic liberal notions of rights in society. This presentation reduces such beliefs to prejudices or even abusive values in teaching.
I have no problem with such theories being taught on campuses. They generate important and useful debate. However, the inclusion of such views as part of a teaching conference on best practices is concerning if it is viewed as endorsed by the university.  The conference was billed by the university as a resource for “CU Boulder faculty, graduate students and teaching staff who would like to prepare for the fall semester with a focus on equity-minded practices.”  That does not sound like a required but rather a recommended course. That is an important distinction.  As a conference on “equity-minded practices,” these academics are certainly entitled to present such theories while others (hopefully) can present opposing or alternative views. However, any sense of endorsement by the university would raise serious concerns over academic freedom and free speech.

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  1. Disharmony with WOKE. Day after day the WOKE in every corner of society blame someone or something else for their disorder. They try to blame supposed white racism or superiority for their continued failures or lack of motivation to succeed. They allude there is yoke holding them back, and that the system is rigged against them. These worshippers of WOKE are unhappy and wish to cast a dark cloud over America. Their nonsense and supposed solutions will be the bane of us all if they succeed in their evil intents. They have little to no understanding of the consequences their proposed actions will have, and lack any historical knowledge of passed similar actions.

    As H.L. Mencken wrote in “Chrestomathy”: “Puritanism, The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy”.

  2. That “children’s book” is an outrage. Anyone is free to try to sell an ideology/political view on an adult but not to force it on little children. A despicable author.

  3. This sort thing of reminds me of the Vietnam War where the elite kids got out of the draft while the poor kids got shipped off to Vietnam.
    Today the elites get to call the poor kids racist. For the longest time now I have been feeling the college/university industry needs to be
    retooled to provide education for a better living and become less of a place for the elites to have a platform for ideas that do humanity little
    good. We expect GM, Toyota and GE to provide good product, we should expect the same from our schools.

  4. There are those who comment on this forum who tell us that CRT is not being taught to elementary children. A book called “Not My Idea” is being taught even to kindergarten classes. They say, don’t believe your own eyes. Here is a reading of the book on YouTube that will allow you to understand what the book teaches. You can decide if this is what you want your young children to be taught in elementary school.

  5. De-Affirmative Action all classes and fill them will unrivaled talent and merit.

    After all, affirmative action is wholly unconstitutional.

    May the best man win!

    The American thesis: Freedom and Self-Reliance.

    End of discussion.

    That is all.

    1. Cindy,

      Hi, glad to see you post.

      If we all keep playing stuff like Johnny Mathis the American Hating Commie’s head will exploded. 🙂

      I’ve been hoping everything for your circle of friends/family is going ok down there. Knock wood everything here is ok.

      I’ve been concerned we all need to watch our own health because of all the sensorship & big pharma bribery as here in Okla land & down you way some of our Docs/Nurses/Hospital Administrators are letting the public down horrible.

      But thankfully many Docs/Nurses/etc., are showing their greatness now when called upon in the hour of need, but it’s up to us all to look & seek them out for their help.

      Just for your & your family & friend’s consideration a short clip of what one recent transplant to Austin, Joe Rogan, used to get his health through this Dr Fauci/BillGates Crud that’s going around there/here.


      BREAKING: Joe Rogan Successfully Treats Himself with Ivermectin – Alex Jones Responds



      Sep 1, 2021
      Hot Videos
      Hot Videos

      Alex Jones reacts to a viral Joe Rogan Instagram video where Joe admits to successfully using ivermectin in his covid regimen.

      “Now is the Time to Use Ivermectin,” Tokyo’s Medical Assoc. Chairman Recommends Ivermectin to All Doctors to Treat Covid:

      ( this below is the Joe Rogan clip)

    2. One other thing.

      All of us Americans have had it with these Islamic Wack Job Taliban loving, American Hating Commie Trash like Joe Biden, Pelosi/Schumer/McConnell, McCarthy, etc.. These people can go shove all their ” Election Fraud” up their backside.

      We can all see it & know it with events like the below video. Most All of the Students are with us & the US Military Rank N File & The Cops/Firefighters, Docs/Nurses & the rest of Americans & these large crowds.

      Americans will likely/wisely Non-Voilently just shut things down until they step down & leave, because we couldn’t give 2 craps about CJ Roberts & the rest of their DC/NY/Hollywood Cocktail party friends.

      There’s 2 short videos in this clip. the 2nd one is of American Fans chanting Ph’k Biden. 😉

      1. Oky1 Great to see you! Glad y’all are well!
        Thank you for all of these links…….
        I’ve kept up a little but have alot going on at church. Hopefully, more and more stories will get out.
        I have never seen as much flat out deceit as from the Dems! Incredible over the top lies.

        1. I so glad to hear you & others are going/staying in touch with the churches & their fellowships, we all must! I’ve been constantly praying more then I ever had. I’ve been very concerned for young unaware parents & their kids. I keep demanding almost daily Govt & govt schools/leadership offer them their legal *Nuremberg Code Rights ( Codified in US Law & International Law) to have all of the Complete 28 pages or so of Informed Constant Papers. Nothing less then Full Disclosure.

          I feel others & I are having success, sticking with being an honorable & decent people. That God would look upon us, as a people, as worthy as Noah & his family.

          Now on to a burning issue here. 😉

          Which do you see as the better song, Hank Williams Sr. or Willie Nelson’s version of “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” ?

          ( I’m sure Mother’s Best was good, but Shawnee Mills isn’t half bad.)

          This is Hank.

          Here’s Willie.

          (Willie has bit of an edge because of better video/audio tech.)

          BTW: I enjoy seeing artist like Hank Sr. being appreciated by 3 & 4 generation.

    3. If people are interested I thought this was one of the better Doc interviews I’ve seen, just this week, I’ve a lot of them, anyway, it’s about a hour long, if one has the time/interest.

      Physician in Viral School Board Video Joins Infowars to Expose Medical Tyranny’s Fake Science



      Sep 3, 2021
      The Alex Jones Show
      The Alex Jones Show

      Dr. Dan Stock joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the fake science being used to implement medical tyranny on the population.

  6. Every people spread and fought for land and resources. This happened quite intensely in Europe and Asia, where population growth strained resources. Much of Europe really suffered during the Little Ice Age. Much of Europe is at high latitude have weaker sunlight and more limited growing seasons. Large parts of North and South America had resources optimal for humans, so Native Americans weren’t as hard pressed. Yet clash they did, sometimes at the cost of the extinction fo entire tribes.

    This idea that colonization was a European phenomenon is not accurate. The Maya and the Aztec conquered and spread out. The Iroquois Nation were infamous conquerers and slavers, and wiped out entire tribes.

    There is no colonial mindset. There are just instincts for survival.

    If an asteroid hit Earth, wiped out most of our infrastructure and electronics, then people would get in touch with that part of their psyche tout de suite. We saw a glimpse of this in the Toilet Paper wars. Hoarding. Buying up all the masks, gloves, and cough medicine. That was just a taste. Most people remain civilized. But with enough environmental pressure, people would behave just as ancient tribes did, scrambling to put together groups of people with similar values, defend that group, and gather resources.

    There is no white supremacy outside of racist groups like the Neo Nazis or KKK.

    What there is, however, is a common belief in the superior value of Western culture and/or conservative values. For example, Western culture values individual freedom and rights. Most of the rest of the world does not. We think our way is better. Western civilization places high value on protecting children. There are parts of the world where it is common to force children to become sex slaves, child soldiers, female genital mutilation, or just to kill the children of enemies. While there are individuals who do terrible things to children, it is not an accepted part of our culture. We think our way is better. Conservatives know that a nuclear family, waiting until you are married to have kids, studying, staying out of trouble, and getting a job will lead to at least a middle class life. Other people think that’s white supremacy and advocate for the opposite. The single motherhood, poor study habits, dropping out of school or ditching class, having kids out of wedlock, doing drugs, and committing crimes leads to poverty, prison, and/or early death. We think our way is better. We value the fairness of capitalism, in which you own the product of your labor and ideas. Your efforts can improve your circumstances. Others believe in socialism or communism, in which nothing you do will ever improve your circumstances, and the State owns the product of your labor and ideas, in many cases telling you where to live and what job you will have. Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system, while socialism and communism has impoverished people and led to human rights abuses and murder everywhere it’s tried. We think our way is better.

    It’s not so much “supremacy”, either, as anyone can incorporate Western civilization and conservative values at any time. It’s more like we think one way is more humane, more fair, and yields a better result.

  7. So let me get this right, perfection and urgency are signs of “whiteness”? Somebody better tell the admissions officers at the Ivy leagues because it seems as if they are keeping Asians out for being closer to perfection on tests and for having a sense of urgency regarding education.

    But of course when it comes to college admissions Asians are considered white?????

    The thing to remember is that the CRT, BLM, and all of the “diversity” folks on campus and in HR departments in our corporations is all a giant scam. The grifters are making money off of white guilt and it is pathetic watching the white liberals beat themselves up for being white.

    1. HullBobby,

      Turley explicitly stated:

      “I value the writings of CLS and CRT scholars on the issue as we discuss the evolution and role of the law in society.”

      Unlike you, Turley values CRT. How can you reconcile his beliefs with yours?

  8. Jonathan: This column is an attempt to push back on attempts by university’s to promote anti-racist and de-colonialization pedagogy–like that at Colorado University at Boulder. You cite and implicitly endorse “Campus Reform” that criticizes the University’s “Equitable Teaching Conference”. What exactly is “Campus Reform”? It is part of the Leadership Institute (LI), a conservative group founded by Morton C. Blackwell, a conservative activist who received the Phyllis Schafly “Excellence in Leadership” award and in 2016 endorsed Ted Cruz for president. Blackwell says LI wants to “prepare conservatives all across the country to challenge the left’s control of the nation’s locally elected school boards.” The LI agenda has been endorsed by such right-wingers as Reps. Dan Crenshaw and Jim Jordan, Kat Timpf at Fox News (where you work) and Grover Norquist. Last month Blackwell launched a new program to train conservatives to take over school boards so that teachers and administrators would be prohibited from teaching anything related to the racist history of the country. Blackwell said: “Radical leftists are promoting a radical agenda, including the teaching of Critical Race Theory…” Never mind that CRT is not taught in K-12 and is only taught at the university level–such as at Colorado University. “CRT” is a conservative trope being used to challenge the teaching of anything related to the actual racist history of the country. That is anathema to white conservatives who prefer children learn only about the conventional white sanitized interpretation of American history.

    What LI’s Blackwell wants has nothing to do with “free speech”. The LI agenda is actually anti-free speech. It wants to silence the free speech rights of teachers and impose its own narrow white racist conservative views. Now I would think you would equally oppose the LI agenda as being anti-intellectual because it wants to stifle, to use your phrase, “academic freedom”. I guess I was wrong because you have now implicitly endorsed the radical conservative agenda to gag teachers and stifle academic freedom. How do you explain the contradictions in your argument?

  9. It seems to me that a case could be made for separation of church and state. Is this not a form of religion? A belief system? If someone forces their belief system on me is that not a form of proselytism?

    Personally, I like the precision thing, especially when flying over the Pacific at 40,000 feet.

    1. Only human beings possess distorted thinking, imagination & fantasy (check local divorce rates or police blotters), )the rest of the animal kingdom relies on instinct such as when the Phuket Tsunami hit journalists were surprised that many feral and domestic animals headed to higher ground. There were no sheep dogs to assist. This is often referred to as “knowing.”

  10. You have just lost all your respect from the Trumpists

    I was reading some analysis of current politics and someone on the left side of the spectrum, correctly opined that Conservatives have a far better understanding of lefttist, that the other way around.
    One of those data points is President Trump. The left has no idea why he was elected, and has no idea of why he is so effective. To there own detriment. Leftist are transparent in their unwavering agenda to amass power by shamelessly buying votes. All the while hiding the grift enriching members of both parties.

    your shallow ad hominem attacks just expose your ignorance.

    President Trump has so filled your skull there is little room left for rational analysis

  11. KKK, Nazis, and progressives agree – minorities are not capable of getting the right the answer. Can’t wait for the Boulder students to start building bridges, performing surgery, or even something as simple as accounting. Will the regulatory agencies accept close enough for minorities? Will this regulatory standard lead to less than scrupulous companies hiring more minorities to cover corruption?

    1. Yup. Can they not see the racism of low expectations? It is as though they believe blacks are incapable of high achievement which is in itself racism, is it not?

  12. Marcus Tullius Cicero:

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”

  13. Decolonization, White Supremacy, White Privilege, Racist all BS. Buzz words to put you on the defensive. Only the weenies on the left buy into the BS. If blacks want progress start right in your own home. Get rid of the Judas goat’s who tell you math is White Supremacy and your a victim, you were never a slave. The only slavery you’re a subject too is slavery of the mind the left keeps you in. Get your kids out of public schools and into charter schools. Sit with them after school and help them with homework. Don’t have children and expect the state to care for them, make sure there’s a father in the house. Demand the politicians who tell you your a victim clean your community of crime. The next time an educator tells you there’s White Supremacy and your a victim, ask him for 50% of his net worth if he truly believes it. I wouldn’t wait for the check! The left needs a base so they lie, cheat whatever it takes to get one, only the weak and jealous buy their BS.

    1. Margot,

      Turley explicitly stated:

      “I value the writings of CLS and CRT scholars on the issue as we discuss the evolution and role of the law in society.”

      He disagrees you. Too bad you can’t tell him what you think to his face. I’m sure he would educate you.

  14. When does analysis of society cross the line into cult ideology? Years ago, the great historian E.P. Thompson wrote tomes on capitalism and time, discipline, etc. He looked at the capitalist system, not groups or individuals. Today’s so-called Marxists have no clue about their historical precedents because they ignore history (when they’re not busy destroying it). All the cultural issues they are griping about have been analyzed before — and by better minds. The academic mob today are second-rate mediocre hacks who can’t see beyond the blame game. If they ever did allow debate and disussion about their twisted ideology, it would be demolished in a NY minute. No wonder they have to stoop to totalitarian tactics to impose their views.

    1. “No wonder they have to stoop to totalitarian tactics to impose their views.”

      True that, giocon1. Liberty has been embraced by societies and has never been something that had to be forced as we see with the left pushing this Stalinist garbage. It’s getting close to curtains for civilization if these people succeed. They have a strong ally in the WH–Kamala and O–and the sands are running fast through the hourglass.

  15. Jeff, in the context of the evolution and the role of law, most people don’t have a problem with discussing and debating it’s content. And maybe we are going to get into the ” you don’t know what CRT is ” dilemma here. But the basic tenets, are as I understand , is that every facet of society is systemically racist, people should be divided into oppressors and oppressed, and the answer to prejudicial injustice is more prejudicial injustice. They also say it is only being taught in colleges which is demonstrably false. I have not heard one person say that our awful history of racial injustice should not be taught. But CRT, to my understanding is not a history lesson in accountability. It is a societal discipline that seeks to divide us.

    1. Paul,

      Turley explicitly stated:

      “I value the writings of CLS and CRT scholars on the issue as we discuss the evolution and role of the law in society.”

      His words. Not mine. If you have a dispute, take it up him!

      1. Jeff, My point was that he explicitly stated ” the evolution and role of the law in society”. That leads me to believe that he is a proponent of DISCUSSING the writings. He is not necessarily endorsing the tenets of said documents. I am sure he would endorse discussing the Code of Hammurabi also but probably does not subscribe to it’s draconian punishments.

        1. Paul,

          I agree, but Trumpists don’t want CRT to be EVEN presented to a classroom lest the students regard it as worthy of discussion not unlike discussing whether euthanasia of “life unworthy of life” was a legitimate Nazi policy.

          1. Jeff, I cannot reply intelligently to this until we agree on what CRT is. Using my definition, in my opinion this particular discipline should stay as a college level coarse. Not In high school. Certainly not in grade school. And it’s ” racial modifications” should not be applied in the workplace. I have found it productive to always define terms when engaging with those with whom I feel may be on the opposite side of the fence on any issue that we wish to discuss. If we cannot agree on ” what the definition of is, is” then there is no point of continuing. So , do you agree with my summation of the basic tenets of CRT? Your answer to that will determine as to how we proceed.
            Have a great holiday.

            1. Paul,

              I have not studied CRT. From what little I have read, it does not seem as fearsome as those like phergus claim (who may know less about it than I do). It may be that CRT is not fully supportable, but no doubt there is an element of truth which Turley finds valuable to discuss. That’s good enough for me to dismiss the irrational fears of the Right. I don’t care to examine it any further. My only point was to demonstrate that, according to Turley, CRT was not the Devil’s work as many Trumpists wanted to believe.

              1. Jeff, my guess is the reason you don’t care to examine it any further is because my summation of the basic tenets are true and you don’t want to admit that. Because that would go against the current Lefty narrative that CRT is simply a history lesson that ” Trumpists” and white supremacists want to keep out of schools. I can’t force you to engage. But you seem to be far from a shrinking violet. Do you refute MY conclusion as to the basic tenets of CRT? Not whether CRT deserves to be discussed as Turley has stated. I have already conceded that . But what it states.

                1. Paul,

                  I’m not interested in what you or a Trumpist tells me what they think it means. I would prefer to study it myself. My sense is that it attempts to look at systemic discrimination as opposed to a racial animus. For instance, red-lining and restrictive covenants in Deeds both in an attempt to limit blacks from owning homes in predominantly white neighborhoods.

                  The lovable bigot Archie Bunker did not want to sell his home to a black person because he thought it would devalue homes in the neighborhood. He personally was not a racist, but he nonetheless believed that most whites would not be willing to take that economic risk. I would say that discriminating for economic reasons is an example of systemic racism.

                  What about the fact that black actors were given stereotypical roles in Hollywood films for decades not because the studio heads were personally racist. Rather, they knew that a leading black character would not sell at the box office. It was not personal; it was strictly business. Is this also not systemic racial bias?

                  1. Jeff, great dodge. You know that the foundational premise of CRT is not a reaction to red lining or Hollywood stereotypes Those are symptoms of racism . I admit that. But CRT is a overreaching discipline. That says everything is systemically racist in American society. From it’s founding through the Civil War to present day. Including capitalism itself. I find that ironic because I don’t see Kendi donating his book revenues to the needy POC. Maybe I missed that. Nor do I see Cullors taking her BLM profits to start up any programs to help Blacks. Not 1 cent to Historical Black colleges. Not one cent to a breakfast program. Even the radical Black Panthers did that. This particular ” devout Marxist” took her money gained from capitalism to buy multiple mansions in neighborhoods that are 97% white. Under your Bunker reference, she certainly should have bought in a Black neighborhood. Because being concerned about property values is certainly systemically racist.
                    You continually point out Turley’s Hypocrisy for being a contributor at Fox. Any calls of ” HYPOCRITE” for Cullors or Kendi?
                    And to answer your question, no, because the studio heads, by your own words, knew that a Black character would not sell at the box office. It was not racist of them. It was a business decision. If there was any racism at all, it was on the part of the viewing audience. You have the equation backwards. By the way, I loved “Lillies of the Field” ( 1963) and ” Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” ( 1967). which grossed $ 56.7 million. And of course, ” In the Heat of the Night”. Also 1967, what a year for Poitier !!!
                    I owned a trucking company based in air freight cartage. There are 2 major airports in Chicago. Midway which is surrounded by low income minority neighborhoods for the most part. And O’Hare, which is surrounded by mostly upper middle class neighborhoods and suburbs. Midway handles about 5% of air freight tonnage. O’Hare the other 95%. I chose to locate my company near O’Hare. Does that make me a racist? And surprise surprise. the warehouse costs were about quadruple around O’Hare as opposed to Midway. Just as a side note, in my highest grossing year, minorities made up 71% of my employees. I based my hiring discretion on profitability not ANYTHING else.
                    I try to the best of my ability to answer any question you pose to me here. I just thought that you would show me the same curtesy.

                    1. Paul,

                      I told you that I am not a student of CRT. It can’t be as as pernicious as you you claim; otherwise, Turley would not say that he values discussing it in his class. He simply criticized that it leaned too heavily in “collectivism.” He did not dismiss it out of hand as you do.

                      As far as the hypocrisy of some of its advocates, so be it. How can be so sure that they don’t contribute any money whatsoever to charity? Is that public knowledge? I did hear conservatives criticize one of the leaders for buying several homes. One must live in poverty in order to teach CRT? Turley admits that he teaches it in his class, and he is a capitalist I presume.

                      All those movies were excellent and groundbreaking especially “Look Who is Coming to Dinner” which had great acting as well.

                      I am not trying to dodge your question, but I am not interested in delving into CRT. As I have said, if Turley says he values it, that’s good enough for me. I have repeatedly stated that I generally agree with Turley’s judgment because he is a liberal and not a Trumpist. My complaint is his hypocrisy as you well know.

        2. Paul,

          Case in point. Read phergus’ reaction to my post:

          “What you miss glaringly in your divine love of CRT is that Turley while recognizing the value of hearing one’s opinions does not endorse nor codify and value/truth of it’s content. Whilst you believe such hate filled screed of lie kneejerkingly. Says a lot about you.”

          I have no doubt that Turley rejects this Trumpist attitude about discussing the value of CRT.

          1. Jeff, could not reply to your post of 4:32 today. But ok, case closed. You have always treated me with respect so I will reciprocate. That’s all . Looking forward to our next “battle”.
            Dinner offer holds.

  16. I have never heard an actual example of a behavior that show how anything we do shows exhibits white supremacy actions as a norm of society. Expecting everyone to achieve, learn, model behavior that follows a set of rules should be a goal of us all that is achievable by us all. It is colorblind. If we cannot all do these basic things then our goals are too diverse to live together as one society.

    If one group seeks power over other, or refuses to be part of society’s standards or endorse those standards and seeks totally different goals that are opposite for their own or their groups cultural heritage then there is no blending to achieve an American heritage.

    America has worked diligently to enact laws to preserve the rights of individuals and at times has gone so far that the collective good has been trampled. Everyone cannot get everything they desire because there has to be compromise within a group so large

    And people HAVE to quit being so delicate that everyday language triggers them. A society of young people who can watch the movies of today, listen to the music of today are not too easily offended and need to stop the idea of word changing. changing a word that invokes same meaning as new “choice” word is about control not true sensibility.

  17. Turley actually said the unthinkable:

    “I value the writings of CLS and CRT scholars on the issue as we discuss the evolution and role of the law in society.”

    HERESY! You have just lost all your respect from the Trumpists here who believe that CRT is pure, unadulterated communism! Woe unto you!

    1. I hope and think from reading Turley that he means he listens to what they are saying to see if there is any truth in things they say. He values everyone’s right to free speech which Trumpers do also. We believe that while everyone has right to speak that does not include right to force views on us or indoctrinate us or our children. CRT theorists can believe what they choose but shouldn’t be able to force that on us. But I do believe that Turley was just advocating for freedom of speech because he does that often.

      1. Wendy,

        Turley explicitly stated,

        “I value the writings of CLS and CRT scholars on the issue as we discuss the evolution and role of the law in society.”

        He believes there is an element of truth in CRT though he admits that the teachings are somewhat too dogmatic. Doctrinaire Trumpists, on the other hand, don’t believe a word of it. To them, it is pure communism. There can be no value whatsoever exposing it to the minds of impressionable young adults. None.

        Turley is no Trumpist.

        1. What you miss glaringly in your divine love of CRT is that Turley while recognizing the value of hearing one’s opinions does not endorse nor codify and value/truth of it’s content. Whilst you believe such hate filled screed of lie kneejerkingly. Says a lot about you.

    2. Prominent lawyers Turley and Dershowitz are Democrats obviously, never bought in to the “hook, line & sinker”(unlike Tribe and Toobin) to pull themselves out of their democratic associated Main stream misinformation conduit to get back to a real constitution, a real Rule of Law and not some imitation dreamed up by a worn out politician who died psychologically years before physical demise.

      1. Marine Viet-vet,

        Instead of attacking your comments, I’ll just thank you for your service and wish you a nice day.

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