FBI Raids Project Veritas Writers . . . Over A Missing Biden Diary?

There is a curious story out this weekend on reported FBI raids of writers or associates of Project Veritas, the conservative investigative journalism outfit. Project Veritas has been described variously as “Gonzo” or “guerilla” journalism and some insist it is more of a political than a press organization. However, it fits the definition of journalism, in my view, and that makes the raids troubling. All the more troubling is the cause: the missing diary of President Biden’s daughter Ashley. [Update: The FBI reportedly also raided O’Keefe’s home]

The New York Times reported that the FBI searched two locations in New York in search of the “stolen” diary that went missing days before the 2020 presidential election. Project founder James O’Keefe questioned how the Times received the story within an hour of the first raid.

O’Keefe says that the organization actually received a tip that the diary was abandoned in a room, an allegation that harkened back to the abandoned laptop of Hunter Biden.  However, Ashley reportedly insisted it was stolen.

The use of the FBI is also reminiscent of the still unexplained use of the FBI when Joe Biden was Vice President to search for a gun owned by Hunter Biden that was discarded behind a restaurant.

Project Veritas decided not to run the story because it could not verify that the diary belonged to Biden. (The FBI may have just offered that confirmation). Instead, it alerted the police, according to O’Keefe: “Project Veritas gave the diary to law enforcement to ensure it could be returned to its rightful owner. We never published it.”

So why the raids?  Since when does the FBI conducted raids over missing diaries?

The FBI can cite the interstate elements of the alleged theft as raising a federal crime. However, what is the crime? It is not clear if they are suggesting that the responsible parties were seeking to sell the diary or that there was some national security element (which would be bizarre since Biden’s daughter was writing before her father ever became president).

Journalist organizations are routinely given material removed from businesses, agencies, or private owners without permission by confidential sources. If this is a federal crime subject to FBI raids, what happened to the new media policies of the Biden Administration after the Tucker Carlson controversy?

There are a host of unanswered questions. Here are five to start with:

  1. What was the context for the diary’s loss? (Did Ashley Biden leave the diary in a room or was it stolen?)
  2. What is the alleged federal crime (and what is the precedent for a major federal investigation over such an alleged theft)?
  3. What precautions were taken by the Biden Administration in light of the claimed media status of the targeted individuals?
  4. Why was there a delay in this action being taken if the alleged theft occurred a year ago?
  5. Has this matter been under investigation for a year and did the White House request the intervention of the FBI?

Regardless of how one feels about Project Veritas, there should be calls from media outlets for some answers to these basic questions.  Likewise, Congress should be seeking such answers as part of its oversight responsibilities.

430 thoughts on “FBI Raids Project Veritas Writers . . . Over A Missing Biden Diary?”

  1. What are the rioters angry about?
    For violating a fellow rioter’s right to riot?
    How can a rioter be considered the victim?
    That’s nuts.
    The property owners are the true victims.
    Power to the people? No, thank you, not if the people are such idiots as these.
    We need a benevolent dictator who can stuff this insanity back into
    the Pandora’s box that is was released from.

  2. If someone in a ghetto or trailer park had their diary stolen, would the DOJ or FBI give a damn?
    Most likely not.
    But when it’s the president’s daughter’s diary, suddenly they give a damn.
    It smells like abuse of power.

  3. Why does everyone on the Internet fancy themselves to be the members of a censorship bureau,
    deciding what is and is not appropriate? Let me remind the Internet of “nulla poena sine lege”, a Latin phrase that means “no penalty without law.”
    This legal concept forbids the penalization of actions that are not governed by a statute or law.
    But people get punished all of the time for saying things that are not a crime to say.
    The masses don’t have a strong grasp of the finer points of law.
    They expect to see you punished for saying things that they don’t like, as a dictator would.
    Ironically, many of them are “journalists” who wouldn’t want to be punished for what they broadcast.

  4. Texas church “under fire” now for exercising their constitutional rights of free expression?
    Was a crime committed?
    Has everyone gone mad?
    Has everyone forgotten what country they live in?

  5. Whatever happened to “finders keepers, losers weepers”?
    Now it’s “losers weep to he FBI to get back what they lost”?
    Talk about privilege…
    This is a gross abuse of power.
    Where is Bob Woodward?
    That man was all about investigating abuses of power by the government.
    But only when it”s a Republican
    Abuses of power by a Democrat president are A-OK with Bob Woodward.
    That man has no integrity.

  6. CNN, MSNBC…they are like aging hippies holding court at McDonald’s, talking like they know what they are talking about. The bandwidth should be reserved for people who are right. What a waste.

  7. TV stations can have their licenses revoked if they are not fulfilling a public service.
    Is it a public service when you send your kids to a school where the mathematicians believe that 2+2 = 5?
    So how it is a public service when the demons at CNN and MSNBC can pollute the airwaves with their vile nonsense?

  8. You unchain a demon, and he use the opportunity to spew the nonsense that he spews on CNN and MSNBC? He never had that chance before, so he milks it for all its worth. It shows the demon’s true colors.

  9. This seems worse than Watergate.
    This would be like Nixon arresting Bob Woodward.
    Why doesn’t Bob Woodward investigate what the Biden administration has done to Project Veritas?

  10. People who merely walked around the Capitol on January 6 are still in prison.

    Alec Baldwin literally killed someone and he hasn’t even been charged.

  11. That stench of a police state emanates from Garland’s DOJ.

    Republicans who dissent are smeared as “white supremacists.” Parents who dissent are deemed “domestic terrorists.” Prominent journalists who dissent are raided for something-or-other.

    Quislings notwithstanding, something reeks here.

    1. You’re smelling the stink from dishonest conservatives. You have a choice about whether you’re in that group.

      Garland and the DOJ have not smeared Republicans who simply dissent as “white supremacists,” though clearly the DOJ does address white supremacists if they break laws, such as white supremacist domestic violent extremists like the one who killed Heather Heyer. Garland and the DOJ have not smeared parents who dissent as “domestic terrorists.” (Have some people outside the DOJ done that? Yes. But you’re talking about Garland and the DOJ, not others.) The DOJ hasn’t raided any prominent journalists “for something-or-other” simply because they dissent. O’Keefe still hasn’t made public what the search warrant actually said, presumably because he thinks it serves him better not to.

      1. Any citizen who objects to the tyranny of the Biden regime is a “white supremacist”. His goon squad has done quite a job violating the constitution and civil liberties. Since 6 January, FBI jackboots targeted an innocent man for attending President Trump’s 6 January rally, raided the wrong home in Alaska looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, arrested a man for standing inside the capitol and waving a Trump banner, confiscated a Lego set from an “insurrectionist” and asked that citizens turn in their “extremist friends and relatives“. The DOJ is complicit in this. Nice deflection, though. Keep blaming patriots instead of government corruption.

        1. “Any citizen who objects to the tyranny of the Biden regime is a “white supremacist”.”

          BS. Some who object to Biden are white supremacists and others who object to Biden are not.

          More the point: the DOJ does not smear white supremacists simply for their odious views. They only focus on the subset of white supremacists who break federal laws, and they also focus on other people who break federal laws but who aren’t white supremacists.

          “FBI jackboots targeted an innocent man for attending President Trump’s 6 January rally”

          Name him, and let’s check whether your claim is true.

          “raided the wrong home in Alaska looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop”

          They searched the wrong home looking for a staff laptop, based on a mistaken ID: apnews.com/article/technology-alaska-new-york-watertown-nancy-pelosi-cc21facf704ecfaec3b616f8101b3cc4
          Thankfully, she wasn’t killed like Breonna Taylor.

          “arrested a man for standing inside the capitol and waving a Trump banner”

          Hodges was indicted and arrested for a bunch of crimes:
          He chose to arrange a plea deal and has been sentenced. If you’re thinking of someone else, name him.

          “confiscated a Lego set from an “insurrectionist””

          That’s Robert Morss. Here’s what he was charged with:
          He’s in jail pending trial. “U.S. Magistrate Judge G. Michael Harvey ruled that because of Mr. Morss’ alleged actions on Jan. 6, his ‘release would pose a danger to the community.’ ‘He did not just cheer on the violence, nor was he an idle participant in the riot, rather he’s charged with violent offenses stemming from the assault on the Capitol,’ Judge Harvey said.”

          “asked that citizens turn in their “extremist friends and relatives””

          I doubt it. If you Google “extremist friends and relatives,” there are no articles with that phrase quoting the FBI. Do cite your evidence.

          1. When a non-credible individual posts, one has to verify everything they say and if they do they will almost always find this non-credible individual is lying or being deceitful.

            He plays the white supremacist card every time he is wanting for a better argument.

          2. Anonymous says:

            “BS. Some who object to Biden are white supremacists and others who object to Biden are not.”

            You have the patience of a saint to take the time to correct these Trumpists with facts. I have given up long ago and just ridicule the worst of them. I do engage seriously with you and a few rational others. I wonder when you will realize the hopelessness of your casting pearls before these Trumpist swine.

      2. Nobody killed Heather Heyer. She was in very poor health. The autopsy report stated that she died of a heart attack.

        1. Heather, one has to provide Anonymous the Stupid (ATS) with a bit of leeway. He is pure ideology of the Stalinist-Mao type. He doesn’t care about the Americans killed or raped by criminals illegally crossing the border. He will defend their right to stay while killing and raping again.

          He will make things up. Continuously he has told us about the weapons found at the Capitol Building. One weapon was disclosed and it was held by an FBI agent. He makes things up and then denies them later trying to make people believe that if such a statement were made it was made by another anonymous.

          You have provided another example.

          Presently he is using two anonymous icons, a generic one and a green one. He is not credible.

          1. Anonymous says:

            “If you want to convince me otherwise, you’ll have to present some actual evidence. Your say-so is not evidence.”

            “Say-so” IS evidence for Trumpists in the Court of public opinion. How many times have we heard Trump say, “People are saying,” or “Everybody is saying”?

            It’s the way of a conman. Unfortunately for Trumpists, hearsay- as a rule- is not admissible in a Court of law. In that forum, under oath, a conman will be exposed for what he is.

        2. Heather, it is likely Heyer died from injury to heart due to James Fields hitting her in his car. Fields is mentally ill, diagnosed schizophrenic as a child, admitted multiple times to psychiatric facilities as a child. He beat his wheelchair bound handicapped mother as a teen. He was a broken individual from a broken family. Heather Heyer wasnt a saint, also from a broken family, likely had best intentions in rallying against a hate group. She was age 32, obese, never married, associated with violent ANTIFA types, and in Charlottesville case, was expecting trouble. The only people that attend these types of events on both sides are looking to create anarchy. She found it. The whole story, from both sides, screams of broken people looking for a rumble. Her mother recently slammed Biden for what we in Virginia know about the Charlottesville event: the Democrats use it for their talking points with no regard for the victims. Typical. Democrats use Blacks, Hispanics, Disabled, immigrants, gays and lesbians, the poor for one sole purpose: political talking points.

          Cardiogenic shock following blunt chest trauma

          Cardiac contusion, usually caused by blunt chest trauma, has been recognized with increased frequency over the past decades. Traffic accidents are the most frequent cause of cardiac contusions resulting from a direct blow to the chest. Other causes of blunt cardiac injury are numerous and include violent fall impacts, interpersonal aggression, explosions, and various types of high-risk sports. Myocardial contusion is difficult to diagnose; clinical presentation varies greatly, ranging from lack of symptoms to cardiogenic shock and arrhythmia. Although death is rare, cardiac contusion can be fatal.

          Fayna Rodríguez-González, Efrén Martínez-Quintana. 2010. Cardiogenic shock following blunt chest trauma, J Emerg Trauma Shock. Oct-Dec; 3(4): 398–400.

          Heather Heyer’s Mom Breaks Silence on Joe Biden Invoking Charlottesville for 2020

          Joe Biden did not tell Susan Bro, Heather Heyer’s mother, that he would be invoking her daughter’s murder in Charlottesville in August 2017 in his presidential campaign launch video focusing on “the battle for the soul” of America.

          “But I wasn’t surprised,” Bro, co-founder of the Heather Heyer Foundation set up in her daughter’s memory, told The Daily Beast. “Most people do that sort of thing. They capitalize on whatever situation is handy. He didn’t reach out to me, and didn’t mention her by name specifically, and he probably knew we don’t endorse candidates.”

          Daily Beast, Apr 2019

          1. “the only people that attend these types of events on both sides are looking to create anarchy.”

            So you disagree with Trump that there were “very fine people on both sides”?

            1. There were people living in the area that did not have to travel in. They had a stake as well. Are you saying all those people living in that area who went outside were bad people?

              Though I agree that many of the rioting people from Antifa and BLM were bad people, there were some good people on both sides that were outside and not supporting or engaged in that type of activity.

              1. Fields should have been institutionalized and / or heavily medicated, but that would have required a family member or loved one to be a leader. Heyer’s family should have taught her to stay away from violent meetings, but at her late age she chose to look for a rumble. Nothing good comes from a rumble.

                Without intact families, society collapses. Democrats gleefully play on society’s collapse.

                1. Intact families get in the way of Democrat brain-damaged confabulation. That is why the left wants to destroy the family and religion. There can only be one God and to them that is the God of the left, Hell.

      3. a coward – hiding as “anonymous” that cant even truthfully address the issues. Yes the DOJ HAS smeared parents as “white Supremists” Its in the twerps MEMO

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