California Teachers Under Fire For Political Commentary in Classes

Two California teachers are under fire this week for political commentary, though only one has been suspended. A California middle school teacher in Ventura was removed from her classroom after a recording surfaced of her telling students that the government “has way too much power” and allegedly saying Donald Trump is still president. In the meantime, a high school teacher is under investigation after he trashed conservatives in a multiple choice question on an exam.

According to CBS LA, the teacher at Anacapa Middle School said “People need to wake up and see the government has way too much power right now.” Mother Sarah Silikula complained that her son was traumatized by anti-vax comments by the teacher and was convinced that Trump was still president. She complained that “He’s damaged. He’s hurt. He’s scared. He doesn’t trust his parents now. He thinks we lied to him.”

The record is a bit unclear since an aide reportedly said that the teacher did not discuss the 2020 election. The report however did allege that the teacher claimed that Hunter Biden “had child pornography on his laptop,” “was having sexual intercourse with his own niece,” and “is doing deals with China and Ukraine where he was funneling money illegally.”

Obviously, none of those topics were appropriate if made in a middle school class and would justify discipline. These are young children who do not need teachers using classes to advance their political agendas.  We have been discussing such cases on both the left and the right recently.

The school district said Friday that the teacher would no longer teach at Anacapa Middle School.

Over at Whitney High School in Rocklin, a teacher slammed conservatives in a test question. The quiz question asked students in a social science class to identify “a group of complete idiots.” The possible answers were given in a multiple-choice format as: “A) KKK; B) all of Florida; C) Fox news; D) Texans.”


The quiz question asked students in a social science class at Whitney High School in Rocklin  to identify "a group of complete idiots." 

The question was clearly meant as a joke. However, it obviously disparages conservatives, including any students who hold such views. It increases the sense of viewpoint intolerance in such schools.

Whitney High School released a statement on Saturday telling parents it will investigate the controversial question.



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  1. Follow the money. Who has most of it? White people. How do you get your grubby hands on it?
    You tax the white people. It’s reverse-slavery. White people work hard to pay for the welfare lifestyles of the Biden voters who don’t work at all.
    They just sit on their couches and eat grapes.

  2. Whitney High school will “investigate” the controversial question. WHAT?

    I am not commenting upon the standards of Whitney High School, or what standards their teachers should be measured against. But we see the snapshot of the question in the article. How much investigation of the question is required? It is obvious the question was put forth. Are they going to go through the exercise of determining what the teacher’s feelings were when he dreamed the question? Seriously?

    1. The communist teachers unions must be decertified with extreme prejudice.

      The Department of Education must be eliminated and the NEA abandoned and ignored.

      Teachers must immediately cease and desist distributing propaganda among and indoctrinating students.

      Teachers must be objective, dispassionate and completely neutral.

      1. Tis a nice dream you have there. Shame the reality is so different. We know unionization of teachers has been overwhelmingly bad for our children, overwhelmingly bad for quality of education. In a nutshell bad over all. When teacher’s unions flaunt politics…and they ALL do it is about as corrupt and absolute harmful to children. That a large percentage of teachers act like factory workers and many of them willingly imbue their political beliefs to indoctrinate our children with absolute garbage like CRT we are doomed. When these unionized teachers accept dumbing down the scores and material to make “equitable outcomes” they fail all of us with their duplicitous poison. Imagine is an auto manufacturer allowed unions to call the shots and make sub par low quality parts just top make their job easier and do less work. Do you think that auto maker would last long in business by churning out below par vehicles ?. Dang right they would not. So our children are a part of a car being made sub quality for equity and all that jazz and it shows in our society. Our children are failing us because the system of education is deliberately pushing out half baked non critical thinking youth. Have any of you in a skilled trade hired on and had to work with someone under 30 and find them so literally uneducated and zero motivated ..yet they want that big money now. It’s maddening to see and work with this flawed product pumped out by our unionized pooblik education apparatus. We spend the most per student in the industrial world and have virtual dogsh*t quality basic education. Equity , race , white privilege , green energy deceit as a religion to these skulls of mush. Imagine if you will college “educated” youth whom can not find a job because their chosen major is so far above them…yet they had “passing grades”. So they try to get into a skilled profession…and a miserable fit these types are. Standing there and having one of these equitable graduates trying to tell you what to do “because they have a college degree , yet they can not master basic math or minimal comprehension for the job nor will they work anywhere near hard. I often feel bad having to show them the door….but jeez louise they are virtually untrainable and hardly salvageable for anything but being a politician or at best a telemarketer.

  3. “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

    – Vladimir Lenin

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    – Barack Obama

    Whatever do you expect will happen after you abandon your children and your nation to communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs)?

    1. Children as community property. A religion that denies women and men’s dignity and agency, and reduces human life to a negotiable asset.

  4. It’s about time we parents insist that all teachers leave their personal politics at the door. Left or right, personal politics need to stay home. This is yet another example of why it’s generally wrong for employees to bring their politics to the workplace, alienating consumers and dragging their employer into the fray.

    For too long, those who work in the public education system have felt entitled to propagandize our children in the classroom. Defeated gubernatorial candidate McAuliffe took one step too far when he claimed parents have no say over what’s taught in the classroom.

    Sex Ed has morphed from a simple biology class to an intensive how-to course on S&M and other explicit practices.

    Kids are taught that gender is not biological, but rather an indefinable state of mind. Masculinity is supposedly toxic. No wonder so many children are now confused. The consequences are dire, as gender confusion now leads to castration and drugs with permanent effects and serious side effect risks.

    They teach that the only slaves were blacks, enslaved by whites. They certainly don’t tech that slavery still commonly exists on the African continent.

    They teach that capitalism is evil, and socialism just hasn’t been correctly tried yet, glossing over the millions who’ve died in the latter’s failed experiment.

    Most public schools are no more than a Democrat propaganda madrassa.

  5. Life was so much better when the Catholic Church sponsored the Inquisition. Sure heretics were burned at the stake, but beautiful architecture arose, celestial music composed, glorious art commissioned and the literature was classical beyond compare. Today’s religious Woke zealots do nothing but burn people where ever they can find them but leave in place no precious art, no heavenly music, no moving literary works, just a lot of opprobrium. And AOC really bad theatrics, eg. hiding under her desk when FBI planned a riot at the US Capitol.

    Richmond Teachers have abandoned Richmond public schools. The Woke Zealots strike again

    “Richmond school leaders reverse course on vaccine mandate disciplinary action“

    “All together, we have 96 teacher vacancies, and that includes 29 persons that resigned just in the past few days,” Vice Chair Jonathan Young said. “So the 29 refers to those teachers, staff that just resigned in the last few days, but we had persons that resigned even prior to that, again, because of COVID vaccination, among other reasons.”

  6. Not to change the subject but a federal judge issued a temporary stay on a Biden mandate and Biden told people to ignore the stay?? If Trump had done that he would have been impeached and removed from office. It doesn’t matter what the stay was about. That is blatant overreach.

    1. Deborah, thanks for mentioning this because Biden did the same with the Remain in Mexico ruling and the eviction ruling. Biden does not believe in the Courts and if Trump acted half as egregiously he would have been impeached three more times.

  7. My wife taught in California for years, and this was apparent as recently as 10 or more years ago, it is not anything remotely new, just gaining greater exposure. Nobody cared. Nobody seems to care about much of anything but personal comfort in that state. I personally believe that California is beyond saving, the entire state will be the next Detroit, but worse, no question.

    To use California as a great example rather than an object lesson in precisely how not to do things is insanity, but here we are. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the only state in the union that requires passing through ‘customs’ upon entry if driving (correct me if I’m mistaken). That would all be well and good I guess, if the vast majority of the state weren’t a stinky, ugly, unsafe pile of cr*p poop hole with a few Instagram moments scattered in-between the poop holes. What a joke.

    Do not follow, the rest of the US. California is a very wealthy dumpster. And please, Californians, do not come to my state and begin the dumpster-fication process of my home, where we have been perfectly fine without your BS, by virtue of the simple fact of your monetary wealth. We don’t want you. You made your bed, lie in it and enjoy it. Maybe even have a moment or millisecond of clarity about yourselves.

  8. Any teacher stupid enough to be a Trump supporter should be fired simply for being stupid. The fact that she’s also a liar and doesn’t understand that a middle school classroom is no place for her to repeat lies she heard on Fox should be sufficient grounds to revoke her teacher license.

    As to the child, I read that his parents were upset because when they told him that they had arranged for him to be vaccinated, he told them that his teacher instructed him that he should refuse vaccination. It set up a wedge between the child and his parents because he didn’t know whom to believe. So, no, McCartyae, it’s not a matter of snowflakes raising snowflakes. Children are still taught to respect their teachers. That teacher should be fired. Indoctrinating children that they should fear or refuse vaccination is politically-motivated, not motivated by valid public health concerns. Teaching children to question the validity of science is just plain wrong, especially since the reason is Trump.

    And, Turley, the teacher with the question about “complete idiots” wasn’t “slamming conservatives”. The KKK is not conservative–it is a domestic terrorist group. Florida and Texas are diverse states. Fox News isn’t “conservative” either–it is a propaganda outlet for the Trump/Republican party that puts out lies on a daily basis. Just yesterday, ugly-ass Kellyanne Conway went on Fox claiming that when the fat one was smelling up the Oval Office, there were no supply chain issues, so this is all Joe Biden’s fault. I guess she forgot all about the shortages of things like toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, bare supermarket shelves and rationing of goods and foods. Or, maybe, she’s just lying again, hoping the disciples forgot about these things, too. And, the supply chain issues we are now experiencing ARE Trump’s fault–fallout from the pandemic when factories closed or cut down on production due to reduced consumer demand. It takes awhile to catch up.

    1. How many liberal idiot teachers have put wedges between parents and their children about a real threat like gender?

    2. In one aspect I find myself in agreement with Natacha. Will wonders never cease? I agree that teachers whether on the right or the left should not be trying to indoctrinate their students. However, let me point out that on many occasions Natacha has informed us that CRT is not a real thing and it is not being used in schools to indoctrinate children. In Natacha’s mind some indoctrination’s are acceptable and some are not. Stated from another approach, some indoctrinations are more equal than other indoctrinations. Natacha, words from your past are easily remembered by those with eyes to read and ears to hear.

    3. Natacha has called people fat and now calls someone ugly assed. This is the approach found on junior high school play yards. At times it’s like “poo poo head” on elementary school play yards. Yet this immature argumentation comes from a fully grown adult. Then again, Natacha may be an unemployed nineteen year old on her computer while living in her mother’s basement. If this were only true it would make her approach to the world more understandable. Alas my suspicion is that she is a thirty something get out the vote volunteer for the Democratic Party. Because of my response I expect that I will soon be depicted by Natacha as a “doo doo head”. Wait for it.

      1. Natacha is mentally ill. Clearly, she makes it her days’ goal to vomit her deranged rantings here. Ignore her just as anyone who knows her most assuredly does.

      2. Why does anybody even bother reading her dumb mile long posts that have nothing but hatred in them?? Ignore the troll

      3. No small wonder I refer to “it” as nastycha. I pulled my son out of my rural school when he was almost 13. After multiple meetings with these “teachers” their politics were so out in front I bid them farewell and my wife and I with some other home schooled parents help made a fine young man out of him. No drugs , no drinking , NO INDOCTRINATION , with the ability to engage in critical thinking. Pooblik schools do none of the above anymore.

    4. Someone (HINT HINT 👆🏽shhh) needs to turn off the Madcow because they’ve clearly turned into one! (And, get those meds refilled stat!)

    5. “ Any teacher stupid enough to be a Trump supporter should be fired simply for being stupid. “

      Natacha, thank you for proving you have no brains.

  9. Does anyone remember your teacher who came to school dressed appropriately, stood before the class lead us in the pledge of allegiance, sometimes a prayer, taught American history (the real history not some BS), math and science? Who wrote home to your parents you weren’t keeping up with your studies and they had to pay a visit to her and *they went* because they were concerned? Who reminded you the sacrifices men and women gave to keep us free from communism and don’t forget respect policeman their your friends? Great woman and men long gone and with them a great nation.

    1. My teachers all wore their black habits because they were nuns. And, we did have prayer, but we were a Catholic school. I have a Jewish friend who went to public school around the same time, and he was punished for refusing to pray to Jesus or bow his head when prayer was forced on the the students. He told a story about a time in the cafeteria when they were told to bow their heads and pray to Jesus and when he didn’t, a teacher slammed his head down onto the lunch table. His parents filed a complaint with the School Board that went nowhere.

      And, I don’t know what you consider *real* history, either–does it include the fact that white people have always exploited indigenous people, like the Native Americans in this country, who were forced off of their lands and forced to move to arid regions that are less-desirable for agriculture and hunting? How about being forced to abandon their native languages and forcing their children to attend schools and learn English? Does it include the fact that white people kidnapped blacks in Africa and brought them to the US to be slaves? How about the Brits who took over India and South Africa to exploit the resources of those lands and subjugate the residents to British rule? Are these facts included in your definition of *real* history?

      How about the Civil War and who were the heroes and who were the bad guys? What is your definition of the *real* history of the Civil War?

      1. When one looks at history through a hazed lens, they can come to any conclusion as to the value of Colonization they wish.

        Take for example the Bandu people migrating from Central West Africa into South Africa in the early 1000 AD era colonizing the San and Khoikhoi tribes. The Bandu brought iron tools, framing and wealth to the area. Would that be considered determinant of exploitive? Were the indigenous Americans without sin before the arrival of Anglo Saxons, (tribal wars, slavery, seizing of territory and on and on). Were the African slave traders only White? There were 389,753 Union combatant deaths and 275,175 wounded in the Civil War, and still you seem to not grasp the sacrifice that was made to correct the wrongs of Slavery.

        WOKE casts aspersions without historical knowledge, wishing for a Utopian state of self-righteousness.

  10. Music
    School days School Days!
    Deer old rotten school days.
    Reading and writing and Rith matic!
    That is the tune that makes me sick!

  11. Oh, brother.
    Both teachers are idiots.

    Can we please just get back to teaching Reading, Writing, Sciences, Math, History (the good, the bad, and the ugly), Geography and keep politics out of it (unless it is related to history, not the current crap)?

  12. I am not sure I understand. FoxNews says they are “Fair and Balanced” but Turley is suggesting here that calling them idiots is an insult to Conservatives? Is Turley saying FoxNews is actually a Conservative news outlet rather than a fair and balanced one?

    Or is he objecting that calling KKK idiots is an insult to conservatives?

    Florida and Texas are diverse places with a range of political views, so I don’t think he could be talking about that as the insult to conservatives.

    1. HINT: Though we understand this may be difficult for crazy liberals to comprehend, but one can be Conservative AND fair & balanced at the same time!

  13. So there is a question that asks if the KKK is a group of complete idiots and Turley finds it offensive to Conservatives like himself.

    1. Try using your brain on this one. Why wasn’t one of the answers, “Global warming alarmists”?

    2. Yes…the Democrats started the KKK and yes they are offensive to us. Why are you asking us about what dumb Progressives are today?? Not any different than their Senator Robert Byrd….except he was a Grand Kleagal, and I don’t think anyone in the party today is that high up.

  14. A teacher who tells students that Trump is still President is just telling a lie to the students. Should teachers be able to lie to students and keep their jobs? Is the point of going to school to learn lies?

    If a teacher told students the world is flat, that would also be a lie, and they should be fired. If a teacher told students that 2+2=5 they should be fired. They should have some field other than teaching students. There are political views and there are lies. I don’t think anyone should be fired for political views. But too often, MAGA “political views” are just lies.

    1. LT:

      “If a teacher told students the world is flat, that would also be a lie, and they should be fired. If a teacher told students that 2+2=5 they should be fired. They should have some field other than teaching students. There are political views and there are lies. I don’t think anyone should be fired for political views. But too often, MAGA “political views” are just lies.”
      Agreed. How about teacher who tells kids the whopper that the Dims love their country, too?

      1. Dems aren’t the ones parading through the Capitol with the treason flag of the confederacy.

        1. No, Dems are the ones rioting and burning our cities, killing people and making minorities lose their jobs.

          What is wrong with those blind to those facts?

        2. Hey Lying Teacher, any issue with leftists burning courts and police stations? How about businesses? Do you think that burning a FEDERAL courthouse is treasonous? Is firebombing the cops treasonous? Is pardoning Puerto Rican terrorists treasonous? is working with Bill Ayers treasonous?

        3. No dems just to DC burning the American flag , carrying BLM flags , carrying soviet flags and about any flag they feel will induce fear and resentment in anyone not bowing to their sickness. The l;eft of center and prog “educationist class elites” teach division , PREACH APATHY TO PURPOSELY DUMB DOWN AND RILE UP THE SHEEPLE THEY CREATE. This rabble of indoctrinated effectively illiterate youth is so much easier for them to control and use as a weapon. They know what they are doing and so does anyone with half a brain.

    2. It has become evident over the years that election results are less concrete than “the world being flat” or “2+2=4”. How do you feel about climate models that are wrong and preached to children. Are they lies?

    3. @ Lying Teacher: If you apply that same reasoning to teachers lying to the students about CRT and how certain they are in asserting “all white people are racist” (the saying of which is one of the grandest demonstrations of irony and a complete lack of self awareness) then you would be intellectually honest. That particular quality is in very short supply from the widest extremes of the political spectrum. It seems to be particularly deficient in the red, orange, and yellow side of the rainbow. The blue, indigo, and violet do have problems with it, but not nearly to the same extent. Meanwhile, the green wavelengths are beginning to be demonstrating by a pronounced Doppler shift towards to blue, indicating they are increasing their frequency.

      Perhaps more people are rejecting the prism through which leftists wishes to view the world, race, in preference to viewing all colors as equals and individuals. We all come from the same Source. We all have the same fallen nature that requires salvation. However, emphasizing the collective over the individual denies this reality and is morally and philosophically counter to our nation’s founding. It takes an tremendous amount of mental gymnastics to somehow perceive “content of character” to be racist.

      Wouldn’t it be better to debate with this teacher what is fact and what is fiction? Wouldn’t that edify all parties involved?? Just firing them accomplishes nothing except entrenching her views and reinforce the submit-to-the-collective-viewpoint-or-be-fired thinking that has been labeled cancel culture.

    4. Tell students men can menstruate and give birth?
      Socialism works, it just hasn’t been done right yet?
      All Caucasians are racist, oppressors?
      How about the 100’s of predictions based on ACGCC……that have been proven to be lies?
      How many teachers told the class…today… the Steele dossier is real?

  15. Indeed, the snowflakes parents *DID* lie to him by telling him that words from an alternate point of view could damage or hurt him. I’ll give her a pass on “scared” because one can imagine scenarios where words and ideas can be scary. I’m not sure who is the more fragile and grieved: the kid or the parent(s).

    Without knowing the context for discussing Hunter’s proclivities and dalliances it’s difficult to discern whether it was appropriate or not. Mr. Turley does not provide that context — or may not know it himself. As is often said in theological discussion: Text without context is pretext

  16. On question 7 the correct answer is the teacher that gave the test and those that hired that teacher.

  17. Seems, based on what the aide reported, that there is an inconsistent application of discipline favoring the leftist. No surprise there

  18. She complained that “He’s damaged. He’s hurt. He’s scared. He doesn’t trust his parents now. He thinks we lied to him.” Snowflakes raising snowflakes? I taught middle school for 15 years. If this kid is this fragile, then shame on his parents.

    1. mccartyae, I agree about the kid being painfully fragile, but as conservative as I am I still think the teacher needs to go.

      1. Hullbobby, I agree. I hate that bad teachers such as these two (and other CRT brain-washed drones) have condemned all teachers as failing our children. As a conservative, I was unable to be open about my political views. After a time, I came to know that there were others like me, afraid to speak or be ostracized by our liberal coworkers.

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