Is The “Workaround” Working? Fourth Court Enjoins Biden Vaccine Mandate

A U.S. district court in Georgia became the fourth court to enjoin a Biden Administration vaccine mandate this week.  As with the other trial and appellate courts, District Judge R. Stan Baker found that President Biden has exceeded his authority in mandating the vaccine for all federal contractors. In the meantime, outgoing New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio has ordered all private workers to be vaccinated. All of these mandates are on course for a showdown in the Supreme Court where three justices have already expressed skepticism over the mandates. 

Biden issued an executive order on Sept. 9 that required contractors to ensure that their workers are vaccinated against Covid and enforcing mask and social distancing policies. Contractors were given until Dec. 8 to comply but that was later extended to Jan. 4.

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia granted a preliminary injunction in favor of the Associated Builders and Contractors, a national trade group that represents the construction industry. To do so, the court had to find that the challengers were likely to prevail on the merits in arguing that President Biden does not have this authority under the Procurement Act.

Judge Baker wrote “In its practical application, it operates as a regulation of public health. It will also have a major impact on the economy at large, as it limits contractors’ and members of the workforce’s ability to perform work on federal contracts. Accordingly, it appears to have vast economic and political significance.” 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki insisted that the Biden Administration is “confident in our ability legally to make these happen across the country.” While the Administration could certainly prevail on appeal, the confidence remains an exercise of hope over experience in such litigation.

Other courts have enjoined mandates under OSHA and Medicare. In the OSHA case, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled based on its own “serious constitutional concerns.”  

In the prior column, I noted Chief of Staff Ron Klain acknowledged that the use of OSHA was a “work around” in light of the constitutional barriers preventing President Biden from ordering a national mandate directly. The Fifth Circuit quoted Klain in a footnote in granting its injunction.

Biden and Klain often seem to be competing for the greatest admissions-against-interest, including a prior admission from President Biden that they would be pursuing a presumptively unconstitutional measure simply to buy more time to spend more money on the now defunct eviction moratorium. Klain was celebrating a way to evade constitutional limitations — but for courts reviewing the OSHA rule, that is akin to a husband telling a spouse that he has found a “work-around” to his vows by redefining extramarital relations.

The federal litigation raises separate issues from those likely to be raised against de Blasio’s mandate. New York will rely entirely on Jacobson v. Massachusetts (1905), where the Supreme Court upheld a state smallpox vaccination mandate. The case has already been used successfully in other courts like the Seventh Circuit, including decisions from conservative jurists. See Klaassen v. Trustees of Indiana Univ., No. 21-2326, 2021 WL 3281209 (7th Cir. Aug. 2, 2021) (“Given Jacobson v. Massachusetts…there can’t be a constitutional problem with vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 [aka COVID-19]”). They have applied the low “rational basis” standard to uphold such mandates in light of Jacobson. 

Jacobson is not a lead pipe cinch of precedent. It involved smallpox, a disease with a much higher lethality of up to 30% of those infected. The disease also hit children to a far greater extent than Covid. It also involved a vaccine that was used for years and was universally accepted as safe. The case also involved only a $5 fine as opposed to being barred from employment, dining, travel and other basic functions in life.

On October 29, 2021, three Supreme Court justices dissented in a case where they felt review should have been granted. Justices Gorsuch, Thomas, and Alito raised questions over whether past deference on the pandemic is warranted and warned that the “compelling interest” recognized in such past cases “cannot qualify as such forever.”

Many of us support vaccinations. The question is the legal authority to require others to be vaccinated. Jacobson is likely to carry considerable weight in the review of state and city mandates.

However, the question is whether courts will demand more from the government in addressing issues of religious exemptions and natural antibodies. Studies indicate that such natural antibodies confer greater protection than vaccines though most doctors still encourage vaccinations. Over the last year, courts have remained highly deferential. However, the three justices previously noted that “if human nature and history teach us anything, it is that civil liberties face grave risks when governments proclaim indefinite states of emergency.”


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  1. It could be argued that the soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-Day should not have done so because they only provoked Hitler. What about THAT moral equivalence?

  2. No, it’s not the same thing, because China is not equal to the United States. The United States, all in all, is good, while China is evil, and evil
    countries should not get to do the same kinds of things that good countries do.

  3. The much bigger crisis is that the 21st Century appears to be the death of our “constitutional democratic republic” and neither party is doing much to repair it.

    This century we violated Ronald Reagan’s Torture Treaty. The USA has operated a gulag for 20 years. We locked up people for years and decades without charge, without trial and without a guilty verdict. We essentially gutted Eminent Domain and Habeas Corpus. Attorney General Ashcroft brought back the illegal tactics of “Cointelpro” covert blacklisting. Without constitutional amendment, we now use “Persons of Interest” to replace the constitutional designation of suspect or accused. The Espionage Act of 1917 has been primarily used against non-spies (ie: journalists, legal whistleblowing, even citizens). We gutted the Voting Rights Act and gerrymandered districts to game the system.

    Republicans and Conservatives were silent when this illegal activity affected other people starting with Bush, now they are finding out after January 6, they are now being labeled “terrorists” and having their rights taken away. In 2021, most so-called “terror persons of interest” are domestic conservative groups not foreign born persons. This worst is yet to come in the decades ahead.

    Now we have the vaccine issue with conservatives crying about the system they themselves created. Maybe Republicans need to become the Party of Abraham Lincoln again – a real constitutional democratic republic that fights for individual rights for everyone, even Democrats.

    1. “neither party is doing much to repair it.”

      Both parties seem to be trying to tear it down in their own way.

  4. Pathologized Totalitarianism 101 — CJ Hopkins

    So, GloboCap has crossed the Rubicon. The final phase of its transformation of society into a pathologized-totalitarian dystopia, where mandatory genetic-therapy injections and digital compliance papers are commonplace, is now officially underway.

    On November 19, 2021, the government of New Normal Austria decreed that, as of February, experimental mRNA injections will be mandatory for the entire population. This decree comes in the midst of Austria’s official persecution of “the Unvaccinated,” i.e., political dissidents and other persons of conscience who refuse to convert to the new official ideology and submit to a series of mRNA injections, purportedly to combat a virus that causes mild-to-moderate flu-like symptoms (or no symptoms of any kind at all) in about 95% of the infected and the overall infection fatality rate of which is approximately 0.1% to 0.5%.

    Austria is just the tip of the New Normal spear. Prominent New-Normal fascists in Germany, like Der Führer of Bavaria, Markus Söder, and Minister of Propaganda Karl Lauterbach, are already calling for an allgemeine Impfpflicht (i.e., “compulsory vaccination requirement”), which should not come as a surprise to anyone. The Germans are not going sit idly by and let the Austrians publicly out-fascist them, are they? They have a reputation to uphold, after all! Italy will probably be next to join in, unless Lithuania or Australia beats them to the punch.

    But, seriously, this is just the beginning of the Winter Siege I wrote about recently. The plan seems to be to New-Normalize Europe first — generally speaking, Europeans are more docile, respectful of all authority, and not very well armed — and then use it as leverage to force the new pathologized totalitarianism on the USA, and the UK, and the rest of the world.

    I do not believe this plan will succeed. Despite the most intensive propaganda campaign in the history of propaganda campaigns, there remain enough of us who steadfastly refuse to accept the “New Normal” as our new reality.

    And a lot of us are angry, extremely angry … militantly, explosively angry.

    We are not “vaccine hesitant” or “anti-vax” or “Covid-denying conspiracy theorists.” We are millions of regular working-class people, people with principles, who value freedom, who are not prepared to go gently into the globalized, pathologized-totalitarian night. We no longer give the slightest [sh*t] whether our former friends and family members who have gone New Normal understand what this is. We do. We understand exactly what this is. It is a nascent form of totalitarianism, and we intend to kill it — or at least critically wound it — before it matures into a full-grown behemoth.

    continued at…

  5. Tucker Carlson is wrong about Ukraine. It’s the domino theory in Europe. If Ukraine is not helped, then all efforts for seven years will have been for nothing. Putin could use the territory of Ukraine to position weapons even closer to Western Europe. So Tucker is wrong about the US not having any interest in Ukraine. It is in our interest that Russia not get any closer to threatening England, Germany, and France, and Italy and Spain, too.

    1. It is in our interest that Russia not get any closer to threatening

      Is that the same as the Afgahnistan plan? or more like the Viet Nam plan? No? Close to the Korea plan?

      Because unless the United States is willing to kill civilians by the thousands, we have learned nothing and need to stay away. The only way the military works is to kill people and break things. Unwilling to do that? Stay out.

    2. “It’s the domino theory in Europe.”

      The slippery slope fallacy rears its ugly head, yet again.

      That fallacy has been used by every warmonger since Eisenhower.

      The fact is that human choices and actions are not like the mechanic causation of dominoes. There are always “choice points” down the road, where one can choose: A or B. In the context of using the military, that choice point (that “domino”) is if and when Russia declares war on the U.S. That is the purpose of America’s military — to protect us from foreign enemies who pose a *direct* threat to the country.

      GW was right: No foreign entanglements.

      If for no other reason than practical ones, do not send U.S. military to Ukraine. This administration cannot even manage a withdrawal. Can you imagine the debacles in an actual war conducted by the likes of Milley and Austin — all led by an addled President?!

  6. Oh, I don’t know…a monster who wants to save the lives of our soldiers by incinerating the enemy soldiers first, I suppose. The enemy who would mow down our soldiers with machine guns are the true monsters. I have no qualms about nuking enemy soldiers, if doing so saves the lives of our soldiers, just as nuking Hiroshima did.
    What kind of monster wants to see our soldiers mowed down with machine guns? What kind of monster doesn’t want to see that prevented?

    1. War is not a game. My father’s generation learned that after 1941, and mine after 1964,
      I recommend viewing film of the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to get an idea of what even a small atomic bomb leaves in its wake, then film of what conventional high-explosive and incendiary bombs did in Hamburg, Cologne, and Dresden. But only if you have a strong stomach. If you are under the impression that bombs are ‘cleaner’ than machine guns, rifles, and hand grenades, you could not be more mistaken.
      Ukraine is next to Russia, so putting NATO forces in the country would be the same as putting Chinese forces in Mexico or Canada. A missile launched from Ukraine would reach Moscow in a under ten minutes, just time enough for the Russians to activate their forces. The result would be the end of you, me, and mother and apple pie, and the world as we know it.
      We balked at a few missiles in Cuba. Are we ready to provoke Putin to react, because he most certainly will do so. He would have no choice because once NATO is in Ukraine, Russia would be hostage to Brussels.
      Talk of a preventive strike is even more reckless because it invites the Russians to mount one.
      The levity with which the media and our governments have approached war over the past three decades is depressing, but I am ot suprised. I doubt any news anchor has seen combat, and I am certain that the policy makers like Rice and Slaughter have not done so. Perhaps a tour in, rather than a tour of, Afghanistan would have disabused people like Nuland of their fondness for subverting counties (and yes, the regime we overthrew in Ukraine in 2013 was democratically elected, and the OSCE considered the elections ‘free and fair,’ unlike the elections since then).
      Libya is a disaster. Iraq is broken. Syria held together in spite of NATO and Turkey. Ukraine needs to be neutral, and be seen to be neutral. Alas, I do not expect ‘readers’ on TV or columnists in our newspapers, or spokesmen who have never done more than burnish their resumes, to understand diplomacy or strategy. They are playing at confrontation, but reality is not binary and should not be confused with computer games.
      So, yes, Tucker and Tulsi Gabbard are correct. We have no business being in Ukraine, but NATO has had no true purpose since 1989, so it has satisfied itself with expanding its reach and savaging small countries, and by doing so, making the world a more dangerous place.

      1. Off-topic, but interesting commentary that stimulates thought, which I like to see on this blog site.

      2. War is not a game. — An old guy

        True. But try telling that to the chickenhawks.

  7. Rural Michigan Struggles With Unvaccinated Patients

    As of last Monday, nine hospitals in Michigan were 100 percent full, and at least 20 others were at or above 90 percent capacity. Statewide, nearly one in four hospital patients has a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19. In the last few weeks, my hospital has been consistently at or near capacity and nearly every day the vast majority of those patients are sick with Covid-19. Nearly all have been unvaccinated.

    Edited from:

    I’m an E.R. Doctor in Michigan, Where Unvaccinated People Are Filling Hospital Beds.

    Today’s New York Times

    Dec. 8, 2021

    1. I suggest Michigan bring in some Doctors & Nurses with proven better results & then just maybe their patients stop dying.

      I literally told my doctor basically the same & gave him names of Doctors & Joe Rogan! lol

      If the sh*t you’re doing is failing day after day for 2 Ph’in years you might should try some new dope Dopes!

      Remember, 15 days to flatten the Curve! LOL;) Yeah Right! Get the heck away from my family.

    2. Michigan might ask Florida what it is doing…..seems they are not having the same results down there as you are up there.

      Of course….ya’ll are not having any breakthrough cases are you…..right?

      1. Breakthrough cases? No! Of course not! You trust the New York Times, right?

        Heart attacks, thrombosis, and strokes in otherwise perfectly healthy kids, young adults and athletes? That ain’t no reaction to the jabs. It’s just PPSD. Perfectly normal, happens all the time and always has…

        It’s the unvaccinated, stupid. Nothing to see here. Move along.

        The Mockingbirds are singing.

  8. As many of us have suspected. Biden is paying back Pfizer with $$$$.
    Pfizer CEO says Trump’s executive orders overhauling U.S. drug pricing will upend the industry

    President Donald Trump’s executive orders aimed at lowering U.S. prescription drug costs will cause “enormous destruction” as the pharmaceutical industry races to develop vaccines and treatments for the coronavirus, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told investors Tuesday.

    Trump on Friday signed four executive orders designed to bring U.S. drug prices at least on par with their costs overseas.

    “Overall, I’m disappointed with this executive order,” Bourla said during a conference call discussing the company’s second-quarter earnings. “They pose enormous destruction in a time when the industry needs to be completely focused on developing a potential Covid-19 vaccine or treatment.”

    Pfizer donated to Biden and DNC 3 times as much to Democrats as compared to Republicans.

    3 Top Recipients
    Cycle: 2020

    Recipient Total From Individuals From Organization Type
    Biden, Joe $381,930 $381,930 $0 Candidate (D-PRES)
    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte $195,184 $62,184 $133,000 Political Party
    DNC Services Corp $132,970 $102,970 $30,000 Political Party

  9. Is it just me, or are the Mockingbirds flocking? Their cackling — safe and effective — grows louder and more shrill daily.

  10. A “Workaround of Constitutional Limitations” is an admission of Treason! Where’s the calls for Impeachment, Prosecutions, Imprisonment & Executions!!!

    1. January 2022 when the Republicans take the House back….andn probably the Senate as well….then count on it then!

      The question will be….who shall be the President then….Chuckles the Clown?

  11. We should move on to bigger more pressing things than COVID-19, like securing the US Border, inflation and violent crime, all which has escalated under the current occupant of the White House.

    T cells are what prevent severity of COVID symptoms. No one in the Ron Klain admin/Liberal press ever discuss T cells, which shows how this is being manipulated for political purposes.

    T cells, specifically CD4, and to a lesser extent CD8, develop long term immunity after both infection with SARS-CoV2 and vaccination. Studies indicate some people who had mild or no symptoms were due to their having Coronavirus infection in a previous period of their life, i.e. the common cold.

    Antibodies are a red-herring. In fact, studies report that patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 who had a diagnosis of agammaglobulinemia (and hence could not develop antibodies) recovered from COVID-19 precisely because their T cells did their job. B cells neutralize viruses somewhat post-infection but extracellularly. Viruses do their damage intracellularly which is why T cells are important. T Cells kill viruses intracellular, antibodies do not.

    Ron Klain, and Biden’s handlers have turned America into an authoritarian state. Enough.


    Adaptive immunity to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19
    Alessandro Sette & Shane Crotty
    January 12, 2021
    Cell, VOLUME 184, ISSUE 4, P861-880, FEBRUARY 18, 2021

    1. Estovir, WHO in the Trump administration was discussing T-cells? And what tests measure them that employers can use?

      1. Why is Trump, to you, the standard by which anything should be measured? It is incredibly strange you, of all trolls, give him that standing. Everyone on here knows I loathe Trump and never voted for him, so I would be the last person to give 3 sheets what Trump did.

        1. Estovir,

          Of those like I that supported Trump, as there was no one else, Trump has a massive problem.

          One can jump in front of an already existing parade & pretend to lead it but they best be ready to jump out of the way when they turn on the existing Army.

        2. Estovir, the Trump White House is the only other administration to deal with this pandemic. So ‘who’ in that administration felt T-cells should be discussed?

          Employers have long-perfected the common nasal swab test. Are you saying there should be a T-cell test? Or do you feel obliged to post only for the sake of filling space on these comment threads?

          1. So ‘who’ in that administration felt T-cells should be discussed?

            Always failing to see the trees.

            Politicians are not virologists. At best few are MD’s that grasp the lexicon of virology

            The point being made, the politicians only focused on a narrative that allowed them the power to takeover government and bypass the Constitution. Fauci is nothing BUT a politician

            Protect the elderly and co-morditities, and covid is nothing but the flue.

            Vaccinating 5 year olds is not moving any needle. Ignoring he vulnerable feeds the hysteria.

            Guess what path is chosen? The path of power at the cost of liberty.

            1. At best few are MD’s that grasp the lexicon of virology

              👆🏽 👆🏽 👆🏽

              You don’t know the half of it. Few physicians also fail to grasp Immunology, which is understandable, given that Immunology is a very new scientific field.

              The sensationalism on both sides reveals how intellectually slothful both groups are. Few seek to learn, read, research and challenge their own biases


              “SARS-CoV-2 infects human adipose tissue and elicits an inflammatory response consistent with severe COVID-19”

              The above findings are consistent with our evolving understanding of tissue resident macrophages. Exciting stuff.

              Seek to understand.

            2. Iowan2,

              “ Politicians are not virologists.” But they are the ones sowing doubt and spreading misinformation through ignorance.

              “ Fauci is nothing BUT a politician”

              No, Fauci IS an a actual expert on viral diseases. Not a politician. He’s being attacked because he is telling everyone what they should be doing in regards to mitigating the virus.

              Think of it this way. Fauci is like a pilot on an airliner in trouble. He’s not the pilot flying, BUT he’s the most experienced. The pilots trying to bring the plane down safely are seeking his advice on how to do so. Those attacking Fauci are the equivalent of belligerent passengers thinking they know better because they saw a YouTube video or read it on Facebook despite not being experienced licensed pilots with thousands of hours.

              He’s being attacked because those people are freaked out or scared because his solutions are contrary to their own ignorant assumptions about what should be done. Essentially we have a nation of Karens losing their minds.

              1. “Think of it this way. Fauci is like a pilot on an airliner in trouble. He’s not the pilot flying, BUT he’s the most experienced. The pilots trying to bring the plane down safely are seeking his advice on how to do so. ”

                Your comment is laughable, Svelaz. Fauci has spent most of his time in the political domain and has distanced himself from clinical medicine along with hands-on research. There is only so much time to practice the medical arts and learn. His other necessities tremendously dilute Fauci’s knowledge.

                His formal training in medicine was in 1960’s medicine. I’m sure he progressed from there. But once he took the non-medical type of positions, his knowledge of medicine waned, for the hands-on practice disappeared. A person in that position has to learn not medicine but the arts of politics, finance, lobbying, and a multiplicity of other responsibilities. He has been the head of such entities so long he has lost a lot of what a pilot needs to land a plane under easy lost a lot of what a pilot needs to land a plane under easy conditions.

                1. Your comment is laughable, Svelaz.

                  Big time. Using the Svelez analogy, Fauci may be a highly respected pilot and an expert in aerodynamics, but he’s still flying a plane he’s never flown before. He is in part responsible for this plane getting airborne, but he’s taken every conceivable position in trying to figure out how to land it. The assumption for the passengers was that he would be the expert to land the plane with as little damage as possible. But now, the passengers no longer trust that he is in the cockpit looking out for their best interests. They have figured out that he is a trained political operative with a mission to keep this plane aloft for as long as possible, and turn his passengers into sheep. And those passengers are say:

                  Let’s Roll!

                  1. “Drug cocktails work.”

                    If you’re trying, by random association, to credit Fauci for ART therapies, you need to reread (or read) the history of their development. Start with the real heroes: The actuall scientists who worked for Pharma.

                    If anything, Fauci impeded the progress of those therapies, by sucking money away from genuine scientists.

                  2. Olly,

                    “ Big time. Using the Svelez analogy, Fauci may be a highly respected pilot and an expert in aerodynamics, but he’s still flying a plane he’s never flown before.”

                    The point is he is the one with the most experience and knowledge about aircraft to be able to land the plane as safely as possible. It’s still about the passengers believing THEY know better than an experienced pilot on how to land safely. The landing may not be as smooth as a plane load of Karens expect it to be, but as long as they get to walk away after landing is what matters. No landing is going satisfy the Karens of the world no matter how safely or survivable it is. It’s will only be satisfactory if it’s 100% smooth as butter.

                    It’s people pigeonholing him into what they assume he is because of ignorance.

                2. S. Meyer,

                  “ Fauci has spent most of his time in the political domain and has distanced himself from clinical medicine along with hands-on research.”

                  You can tell when you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Making arguments from ignorance is your bread and butter. Fauci continues to do research even during the pandemic. The only reason he is spending more time in the political domain is because he is the expert on viral diseases and in case you didn’t notice there’s a pandemic that has occurred. He is doing his job as an advisor to the president and congress.

                  “ He has been the head of such entities so long he has lost a lot of what a pilot needs to land a plane under easy lost a lot of what a pilot needs to land a plane under easy conditions.”

                  Here you demonstrate as usual the massive level of ineptitude and ignorance in trying to make an “intelligent” response.

                  Head of what entities? Being the head of any entity requires that you know what you’re doing and have the experience to earn that position.

                  Jesus dude, you really are the literal definition of ignorant.

                  Pilots are ALWAYS training. They never stop. An experienced pilot is always up to date on the latest rules, procedures, systems, and flying proficiency. Things that doctors do too. They keep up to date on the latest research and procedures.

                  1. “Fauci is like a pilot on an airliner in trouble.

                    He might be a pilot, but as CEO, he might not have flown a plane in 30 years. You obviously have no experience in anything useful that involves technical skills.

                    There are paths people take. An excellent engineer might be asked to go corporate or remain as an engineer. Some will go corporate hoping to be part of the upper echelon or even the CEO one day. Much of his ability as an engineer will be lost in a few years. That is the position Fauci was in.

                    You don’t have the requisite intellect to know these things, so that I will provide you with additional knowledge. That engineer who took the corporate path might become the CEO, but many like him or most will be replaced with time, based on age or becoming stale.

                    Fauci is well past his due date. Whether I like him or not, there is no way I would keep anyone in such a position for as long as Fauci. I might keep him on for historical perspective and whatever knowledge he has, but I try to avoid mold and stagnation from settling in.

                    1. S. Meyer,

                      “ He might be a pilot, but as CEO, he might not have flown a plane in 30 years. You obviously have no experience in anything useful that involves technical skills.”

                      Again, you keep showing your ignorance and stupidity. I’m a pilot myself (20 years corporate). I KNOW what they do. Even CEO’s who are pilots STILL fly. I’ve had the privilege of flying with a few. Just because you become a CEO doesn’t automatically mean they stop flying. There’s no hard and fast rule that prevents a CEO from continuing to fly.

                      “ You don’t have the requisite intellect to know these things, so that I will provide you with additional knowledge. That engineer who took the corporate path might become the CEO, but many like him or most will be replaced with time, based on age or becoming stale.”

                      Elon Musk disagrees with you.

                      “ Fauci is well past his due date. Whether I like him or not, there is no way I would keep anyone in such a position for as long as Fauci. I might keep him on for historical perspective and whatever knowledge he has, but I try to avoid mold and stagnation from settling in.”

                      Further proof of massive ignorance. Fauci is STILL engaged in research. Age is irrelevant in continuing a career or continuing to learn. That’s what makes one an expert. It’s people who don’t stop learning all they can about their field.

                      Holy Jesus man, you really are genuinely stupid. Do you deliberately walk into walks just to see if they are solid?

                    2. Svelaz, I find it difficult to believe you passed the written portion needed for a license to fly. Do you think with all that experience, you are the one to fly a jumbo jet with severe mechanical problems and land it safely? Probably not. The CEOs are in the same boat. You rely too much on your made-up anecdotes that are the equivalent of N=1. Then you assume you know everything, but as proven here, you know very little on this blog. You know less than one would expect.

                      “Elon Musk disagrees with you. ”

                      Go ahead and ask Elon Musk, who owns significant shares of his companies and is young. He will be forthright and tell you that you are as Stupid as they come.

                      Of course, Fauci is engaged in research. There are loads of people there that keep him informed on what they are doing. Research requires time and a brain. You seem to have a lot of the former and very little of the latter.

              2. “Fauci IS an a actual expert on viral diseases.”

                No he’s not.

                Scientists do science. They discover new knowledge and create new inventions (e.g., vaccines).

                Fauci is a power luster and media whore. Oh, and a megalomaniac who fancies himself the embodiment of “science.”

                1. Sam: Scientists do science. They discover new knowledge and create new inventions (e.g., vaccines).

                  Science researchers that investigate human diseases do their experiments on animals. Physician researchers apply science researchers ideas on people to see if they work in vivo. They rarely do. Nobody cares if rats or monkeys die from a few well designed experiments. All PhD research scientists I know would never step foot in a clinic to treat patients because that is one population they confess they have no expertise. Some are deathly afraid of human maladies.

                  Fauci did the right thing. He knows all too well what I have stated many times to the blog community: obesity/overweight Americans comprise 2/3 of the population, without factoring in the other major cormorbidities many Americans have. Had he not responded the way he did, more Americans would have likely died because those chronic diseases are a magnet for SARS-CoV2. Fact: Many Americans owe Fauci their lives. Trump was wrong with his cavalier attitude re: SARS-CoV-2.

                  Fauci should, in my judgment, at this juncture back off and let people choose their fate.

                  Olly: But now, the passengers no longer trust that he is in the cockpit looking out for their best interests.

                  Olly is right: Fauci has lost credibility. However, given our politicized culture, no matter who steps in Fauci shoes, that person will have less than 50% approval.

                  EB: Drug cocktails work. Granted they’re rough on the kidneys and liver long term, but there are conservative treatments that can mitigate those effects to the best degree possible.

                  Drug cocktails work. They are no longer injurious to renal or hepatic systems. There is no such thing as conservative treatments when dealing with a virus that has 100% mortality like HIV.

                  Sam: And the efficacious treatments that came out of that “research” were? (Hint: The answer is — None.)

                  HIV Meds have saved many peoples lives globally; the majority of AIDS/HIV patients reside in Africa.

                  1. “that “research” were?”

                    The context of my statement “that research” is *Fauci’s* HIV research — not research done elsewhere, by real scientists who developed ART and its predecessors.

                  2. Estovir,

                    The only reason why Fauci supposedly lost credibility is because he was constantly attacked by ignorant politicians and by the onslaught of misinformation spread by those who can best be described as Karens of society.

                    Fauci is the expert on viral disease and he obviously is the person who does have the knowledge to deal with the pandemic. In this country lately there is this aversion among conservatives and republicans against anyone considered an expert or a more knowledgeable person. It seems to be more about the fear of being viewed as stupid or uneducated because the inability to understand complicated situations or issues makes them feel like their views are not important. Being told what to do by those who are better informed and knowledgeable about a situation or subject seems to be seen as some sort of insult. So the advice or suggestions they pose are treated with derision and contempt. Politicians who know this deliberately play that fear for their own political gain. Dopes like S. Meyer, Karen+s, and a few others are being manipulated by them. They are taking advantage of their ignorance and fear of being deemed so. Fauci has to contend with all of that and the pandemic itself. It’s easy to say he has lost credibility. Not because he is doing a bad job, but because he has to deal with the level of ignorance that’s out there.

                    1. “The only reason why Fauci supposedly lost credibility is because he” constantly contradicted himself, and lied about countless issues, e.g., the origin of the virus, support for gain-of-function research in China, natural immunity, the “science” behind lockdowns, shutdowns, and school closings.

                      Fauci “does have the knowledge to deal with the pandemic.”


                      He’s an ignorant hack, and a bureaucratic pull-peddler. For an accurate account of his (and others’) ignorance of the science, read:

                      _A Plague Upon Our House: My Fight at the Trump White House to Stop COVID from Destroying America_, by Dr. Scott Atlas.

                    2. Fauci is the expert on viral disease and he obviously is the person who does have the knowledge to deal with the pandemic.

                      As I have stated many times on here on the topic of medical science paradigms, they are constantly evolving. Expertise is not a word used often in medicine today. No one ever claimed to be an expert on HIV/AIDS back in the 80s when the disease was first identified, including Fauci. No one in the medical sciences today claims to be an expert on COVID caused by SARS-CoV-2 and the many iterations therein. There are just too many unknowns in medicine. People want a fiat. Life rarely revolves around certainties. Science is no different. Science is always changing.

                      This much is known: Fauci has had more scientific papers published than most other global scientists, dating back to the 1960s, and even he, up until recently, conducted himself with extreme humility. His recent metamorphosis has been surprising and he likely is burnt out but refuses to remove himself from the stage. It would be better if he withdrew to his research lab, medical clinic, and continue contributing to the growing medical literature. His contributions to our understanding on both infectious disease and immunology can not be exaggerated. His benchtop lab research on HIV’s mechanism paved the way for drug discoveries. Alas, most of the early HIV drug therapies are not used today because better drugs have been brought to market. I would love to meet him.

                      In 2003, an Institute for Scientific Information study indicated that in the twenty year period from 1983 to 2002, Dr. Fauci was the 13th most-cited scientist among the 2.5 to 3 million authors in all disciplines throughout the world who published articles in scientific journals during that time frame. Dr. Fauci was the world’s 10th most-cited HIV/AIDS researcher in the period 1996-2006.


                      Over 1000 publications with his name on the authors field on PubMed which is not all encompassing.


                    3. “His recent metamorphosis has been surprising and he likely is burnt out but refuses to remove himself from the stage.”

                      I want to make it clear. None of my statements deal with the Fauci of prior years.

                      My statements regarding scientists, engineers and the like that take the path of corporate managers lose much of their expertise as they develop new skills that deal with management.

                      I also think that in bureaucracies such as our government’s massive ones, we constantly need new blood. Complacency sets in when everyone’s positions become too fixed.

                  3. Estovir: “Science researchers that investigate human diseases do their experiments on animals.”


                    Fauci is experimenting on people and it is not going well.

                    1. “Fauci is experimenting on people and it is not going well.”

                      But what’s a few million deaths here or there, when have a “noble” goal?

                      In fact, what’s the importance of rights, freedom, psychological health, economic success — when you have the “noble” goal of being a regular guest on CNN?

                    2. “Fauci is experimenting on people . . .”

                      See, Young, there’s your problem. You just don’t grasp that Fauci is a Great Man, a Prince, the Master — the one who is “beyond good and evil.” As such, He (channeling Machiavelli and Nietzsche) has a moral right to sacrifice us peons.

                      I see a reeducation camp in your future.

                    3. “His benchtop lab research on HIV’s mechanism paved the way for drug discoveries.”

                      Not according to IBSA (and other sources). Credit for that goes to two French scientists:

                      “Françoise Barré-Sinoussi won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine, together with Luc Montagnier, for the discovery of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the cause of AIDS. Her research has been instrumental in radically improving the therapies used to treat patients.”

                      “On February 4, 1983, Françoise and Montagnier observed the retrovirus that caused AIDS for the first time under an electronic microscope and on May 20 of the same year they published the article in the journal Science in which they announced that AIDS was caused by HIV.”


                      As a government bureaucrat, doling out millions of dollars, having your name (as one among many) on a journal article is meaningless. Actually, it does mean one thing: That as a condition of redistributing the public’s money, you get your name on a journal article.

                    4. “As a government bureaucrat, doling out millions of dollars, having your name (as one among many) on a journal article is meaningless. Actually, it does mean one thing: That as a condition of redistributing the public’s money, you get your name on a journal article.”

                      That is true. I spoke to one of my nieces interested in biomedical research. I advised her that if she intended to do research that involved humans, she should get an M.D. degree. I believe most of that research, if humans are involved, requires an M.D. degree. In that way, she wouldn’t be reliant on others and would have the ability to place her name on a lot more research because others without the M.D after their name might require her expertise.

                      By the way, you said that you wrote about CRT on this blog. I may have missed it, so I wouldn’t mind reading your take if you have it available. CRT is very difficult because one gets a different view of it when reading multiple opinions.

                      I occasionally follow Rufo, who reports on it.

                      Do not feel the need to send the information if that would be any inconvenience.

                    5. SM: “By the way, you said that you wrote about CRT on this blog. I may have missed it, so I wouldn’t mind reading your take if you have it available.”

                      Here’s one of the very brief summaries, in response to a comment. The linchpin of CRT is its view that an individual is defined by his race — that man is essentially a racial being. That is the basic premise of racism. Everything else in that theory — that some races are “oppressed” and others the “oppressors,” the hatred of capitalism, individualism, the demands for “reparations” — is based on that irrational premise.

                      CRT doesn’t promote superiority of one race over another.”

                      That is partly correct, though not in the way that you imagine.

                      CRT argues that Blacks are by nature weak, helpless, inferior (the perpetually “oppressed”). Whites, it argues, are by nature strong, able, superior (the perpetual “oppressors”). And *on that basis*, CRT concludes that Blacks deserve to be rewarded, e.g., with special considerations and favors (appointments, money, admissions, etc.) And that Whites deserve to be punished, e.g., by foregoing those appointments and admissions, and by coughing up that money.

                      No matter how you slice it, though, CRT is by its nature a racist ideology.

                    6. “CRT argues that Blacks are by nature weak, helpless, inferior (the perpetually “oppressed”). ”

                      Thanks, Sam. There is so much junk written and argued by the promoters of CRT that it is challenging to keep everything straight. I have read some of them, and it seems that sometimes CRT is what the author wants it to be. That leads to a lot of conflicting opinions. In the end, it is what you say, a racist ideology, oppressors v.the oppressed and a substitute for Marxian revolution that failed using class.

                      I am curious. Do you remember who made the point copied above? Reading opinions of CRT could easily give one that impression, but I wonder who is promoting that idea.

                    7. CRT argues that Blacks are by nature weak, helpless, inferior (the perpetually “oppressed”). Whites, it argues, are by nature strong, able, superior (the perpetual “oppressors”).

                      And here I thought they argued that blacks are created equal, but are then oppressed by systemic racism? Since this condition hasn’t inflicted every black, as evidenced by the many successes of black people, then this so called oppression has a different common cause: Democratic party governance.

                      The only question is whether Democrat’s failures in governance are motivated by systemic racism.

                    8. SM: “. . . sometimes CRT is what the author wants it to be.”

                      Yes, that is their view. You saw it with the crazy notion that, somehow, CRT is consistent with individualism and individual rights.

                      *That* is an important point — and one often overlooked by CRT’s detractors.

                      It speaks to the meaning of the “C” (“critical”) in CRT. By “critical,” they do not mean careful, logical analysis — as in “critical thinking” skills. What they mean is that each race is “free” to interpret everything — texts, laws, literature, history, et al. — in anyway they want, as long as they claim that their interpretation (read: fantasy) is through a racial lens.

                      “Critical,” for them, is an academic term of art. It comes out of deconstruction and postmodernism, and the absurd notion that an individual’s wishes determine the meaning of everything — facts, evidence, textual analysis, logic be damned.

                      In other words, for them, the meaning of something is deuces wild.

                      P.S. I don’t recall who made the original comment.

                    9. “”free” to interpret everything — texts, laws, literature, history, et al. ”

                      Sam, that logic has permitted the ignorant to take ignorance to a new level. Take note of some of the discussions involving Svelaz. He has no knowledge whatsoever but based on his ‘freedom to interpret events, and the law’, he pursues an intellectually challenged path without critical thinking skills. He doesn’t recognize how dumb it is.

                      If you get emails from the blog and there is no reply button on the blog, it might be better to use the reply button in the email.

                    10. “. . . in anyway they want, as long as they claim that their interpretation (read: fantasy) is through a racial lens.” (Me)

                      Incidentally, that is why CRT types feel free to interpret (i.e., rewrite) the Constitution as a “racist” document, and the essential history of America as “systemically racist.”

                      That theory has unleashed the lowest type of bigots into American culture.

                      P.S. I don’t receive email notifications.

                    11. “P.S. I don’t receive email notifications.”

                      I tried without emai notificationsl but it didn’t work because most often I am doing more than one thing at a time when on the blog.

    2. Estovir,

      You know by now I’m no expert or expert in the verbiage…… Gov’t/Big Phama’s Crap is destroy the human immune system. ….. White blood cells, T Cells, etc….

      btw, I don’t know what I have left tonight, I’ll see.

      I’ve seen nothing more on an update for the AHA report.

      So far as of today, as very, very, very limited as it is that was Forced by the courts is this:

      Court Orders FDA To Comply With FOIA and Release Information On Pfizer Vaccine – First Batch of Documents Shows Over 1,200 Vaccine Deaths WITHIN FIRST 90 DAYS
      By Julian Conradson
      Published December 2, 2021 at 7:00am

      1. There was a time, not too long ago, when the Left decried dark money being secretly exchanged between politicians and wealthy organizations like Big Pharma. Ditto for spy organizations, the feds and FBI. That was then, now its perfectly kosher for Pfizer to not launch their vaccine to the market until after the Nov 2020 election. so that Biden can payback Pfizer and throw taxpayer funds at them. Predictably, Biden continues to coo and babble about his good friend, the Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla. No wonder exists.

        Far more Americans have died and / or worsened in their medical conditions since 2020 due to lack of medical screenings, medical procedures and access to medical care, compared to COVID. No one should be surprised that Pfizer is pushing a 4th vaccine dose.

        “Pfizer CEO says fourth Covid vaccine doses may be needed sooner than expected due to omicron”

    3. The curtain needs to be pulled back on Pfizer and Biden….pronto.

      Dark money

      Pfizer, unions, others donated $61.8 mln for Biden’s inaugural

      “WASHINGTON, April 21 (Reuters) – U.S. President Joe Biden raised $61.8 million for his inauguration events, receiving large contributions from corporations, labor unions and wealthy individuals, according to a financial disclosure.

      The Democratic president’s inaugural committee took in $1 million in contributions each from about 10 big companies, including Pfizer Inc (PFE.N), the maker of one of the COVID-19 vaccines being deployed in the United States,”

    4. T cells need magnesium, too, as does vitamin D and a boatload of other things–nerve function, oxygen sensing, muscle relaxation, insulin regulation, etc etc. The dang virus appears to deplete people’s (likely already insufficient) magnesium stores.

      “Mg might play a role in the immune response being a cofactor for immunoglobulin synthesis and other processes strictly associated with the function of T and B cells. Mg is necessary for the biosynthesis, transport, and activation of vitamin D, another key factor in the pathogenesis of infectious diseases.”

      Dominguez, L.J.; Veronese, N.; Guerrero-Romero, F.; Barbagallo,M. “Magnesium in Infectious Diseases in Older People.” Nutrients 2021, 13,180.

  12. Russia In Throes Of Anti-Vaccine Nightmare

    When Covid was new, Russia went into complete denial mode. Conspiracy theories created huge resistance to vaccines. Consequently Russia is experiencing a Covid epidemic of 35,000 new cases per day.

    Russia is a cautionary tale of where Trumpism could take us. Russia’s Soviet past combined with widespread acceptance of conspiracy theories, has created a perfect storm zone for Covid.

    1. The fact you stated NY Times who also had Hitler as a front page idol.
      Used the childish term Trumpism when Trump is vax ed and is the one that rushed it to you! So you have been vaxed with Trump. Hahahaha
      What a feckless communist dolt.
      The fact is vaxes did not cure anything.
      Go do some real research.
      Vaxes made polio , mumps, on and on increase.
      Hygiene, food and natural immunity are what brought the cases down.

      Grow up.
      Trumpism what an over used, unimaginative term the brainwashed continue to use.

      1. Ciello, we’ve never seen your name before. Are you just another puppet??

        Nothing in your comment reveals any education. So your disdain for The New York Times is understandable.

        1. You hate facts. Prove me wrong with actual investigation.
          Not regurgitation of CNN, NYT Gates bought media.
          Did you get your Trump booster shot lolololol

        2. Scandalous

          Pfizer CEO—Biden’s ‘Good Friend’—Is Privately Working to Tank Drug Price Reforms

          Pfizer’s chief executive Albert Bourla is reportedly urging his employees to fight Democrats’ plan to let Medicare directly negotiate drug prices.

          Hours after President Joe Biden called Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla a “good friend,” Politico revealed that the pharmaceutical executive has been urging his employees to fight Democrats’ plan to let Medicare directly negotiate prescription drug prices—a popular proposal that Biden has endorsed.

          Politico obtained a copy of a three-minute video message in which Bourla echoes common—and misleading—pharmaceutical industry talking points against the Medicare negotiation plan, which top Democrats are working to include in a budget reconciliation package despite the objections of several Big Pharma-backed lawmakers.

          “When we asked the Pfizer colleagues to develop a Covid-19 vaccine in less than a year, you did,” Bourla says in the video. “When we asked you to rapidly expand manufacturing so we can produce 3, 4 billion doses per year, you did it. Now, we are asking you to do something equally important to educate yourself regarding policies that will help our breakthroughs get into the hands of those who need them, while protecting our sector’s ability to develop those breakthroughs in the first place.”

          Politico’s reporting Wednesday came shortly after Biden, during a speech at a White House-hosted coronavirus summit, praised Bourla and Pfizer for being “partners and a leader” in the fight against the global coronavirus pandemic.

          “I want to thank Pfizer and its CEO and chairman, Albert,” the president said. “Albert has been a good friend and has been helpful.”

          Pfizer and its vaccine partner BioNTech have sold most of their vaccine supply to the U.S. and other wealthy nations as billions of people in low-income countries remain without access to a single dose. An analysis released last week by the People’s Vaccine Alliance estimated that Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna have “sold more than 90% of their vaccines to rich countries, charging up to 24 times the potential cost of production.”

          “The Covid vaccine now accounts for more than a third of Pfizer’s overall revenue base,” the analysis found. “Pfizer has sold more than $11 billion in vaccines in the first half of this year. Pfizer is now projecting $33.5 billion in total vaccine sales for 2021, making the vaccine one of the top selling pharma products this year and potentially in the history of the pharmaceutical industry.”

          1. DARREN SMITH:

            I was told that we’re not allowed to post multiparagraph articles. Is Estovir an exception to that rule? Or are ‘you’ Estovir?

              1. Olly,

                If you see this tonight.

                I was posting a response to you earlier & a couple of issues came up I couldn’t ignore & yet I stopped for one.

                In the pasture next door “A Bald Eagle ” landed (1/4 mile) for a good while, that we’ve never ever had happened before so natural my wife pointed it out & handed me the binoculars & there it was. Much bigger then a wild turkey.

                Add to that the position of Venus relative to the position of the Moon.

                I don’t know but it seems a great omen to me I’m thinking.

                At least as odd as my family, wife & I saw a Black Cougar (The eye were not Green & That Don’t Exist, unless it’s there. lol)

                That was decades back.

                I’ve never said the location it as I didn’t with the White Buffalo to Cindy here on this site thinking some Idiot might get off driving up & k*lling it.

                Anyway, the Eagle today was cool.

            1. Anonymous:

              WordPress will prevent posting anything that contains more than 2 links. If you have 3 or more links, and click “post comment”, it will just disappear.

              Of COURSE you can post a comment with many paragraphs. Haven’t you seen my long winded meandering posts trying to find my point?

  13. Fith Circuit? Georgia court? Turley, you and I both know that the disciples don’t know the history of either of these Courts and why they hardly stand as paradigms of Constitutional law. The Fifith Circuit is the one that issued rulings from which many of the major civil rights cases made it to the SCOTUS. How does that dumb judge know that mandating vaccination will have a MAJOR impact on the industry? How many dumbass contractor employees are anti-vaxxers? As to reliance on Jackson and Turley’s comment about smallpox being more lethal, no one knows just how lethal COVID would become if it isn’t curtailed. Scientists predict that eventually there could be a COVID variant tha current vaccines don’t cover. So, that’s really not a valid argument, either, but the legal precedent is there: Jackson didn’t rely exclusively on the lethality of smallpox, but rather, the power of the government to require vaccination for the benefit of all of us. What more “compelling interest” could the government have than taking reasonable measures to keep us from getting seriously ill and dying?

    Yeah, Biden’s a real A-hole for wanting to get and keep COVID and its variants under control by requiring vaccination as a condition to being a federal contractor. More red meat for the disciples, Turley. As billions and billions more people get vaccinated, it’s becoming as clear as it can possibly be that the vaccines are safe. Also, because hospitalizations, especially those requiring ICU care, and deaths are overwhelmingly due to those who refuse vaccination, it has become as clear as possible that vaccines work to prevent serious illness and also that feeding into the anti-vaxxer mentality is not just scientifically wrong, it is morally wrong.

    1. Remember people, Run, Run, Run Natacha is near with her Hospital/Govt Protocol including Dr Fauci’s drug when aka Death is Near drug “Remdesivir”

      Natacha, I’m so glad you’ve not been banned. People need to know that there are people today far & away more Evil then Dr. Megele, Hitler, Stalin & Mao.

      I’m listening right now to the latest from Dr Ardis now with even more Damning interview right now. I’ll post it here later.

      There’s a reason Thousands of Lawyers & Doctors are coming after aholes for Nurmberg 2 Crimes against Humanity in public & criminal courts.


      Dr. Bryan Ardis,

      sites the FDA, 4 different study groups all showed around 2 Dead from Vaccines for every 1 person saved by their Gene Therapy Drugs.

      I believe it’s far far worst , 200/1 saved , & this is just the very early stage, what 8 months in.

      Every best pray they got the placebo instead of the drug.


      Dr. Ardis: The Medical Industry Is Responsible For ‘Covid’ Deaths, Not Virus



      Sep 20, 2021
      The Alex Jones Show
      The Alex Jones Show

      Dr. Bryan Ardis joins Owen Shroyer live in studio to break down how the medical industry in killing more people through toxic treatments and vaccines than the COVID virus itself.

    2. That is a lie. Look at the VAERs reports. Look at Italy having marches of the thousands dead.
      Israel and other high vaxed countries are off the charts with people getting sick and dying. Of course they call it Covid.
      Asian countries noticed that the vax is killing more than Covid ever did.
      Africa which has experienced Gates eugenics through vax first had, is 6% vax. Very low Covid rates and deaths.
      Any wonder they made up the African variant….
      Think for yourself instead allowing these murdering criminals tell you what to do.
      Fauci and Gates are murderers.
      Not saviors.

      1. Very nice what you’ve written as I see it. Thks, saved me the typing!

        I suggest, after the trials, the Scaffolds at the Fort Smith Arkansas Court House of the Court House Oak Tree at Lamar Mo..

        It likely will take more then a few days so book accommodations in advance.

    3. Natacha,

      Here is that 12/8/21 Dr Ardis interview I spoke of.

      It starts about 54:30 in & runs about 35 minutes:

      FULL SHOW: Governments Creation And Response To Covid Has Killed Millions Worldwide



      Dec 8, 2021
      War Room With Owen Shroyer
      War Room With Owen Shroyer

      Big guests on The War Room today, as Kristen Meghan and Tammy Clark join to discuss how to have victories against the medical tyranny being brought on by Biden and the Democrat party. Dr. Bryan Ardis joins to break down how the treatment for covid in hospitals is actually deadlier than covid itself! Lots of breaking news on the covid and vaccine front. Twitter bans coverage of the Maxwell Trial. More evidence that it’s the American left that is divisive and intolerant. Who would have thought, Jake Tapper has the powerful truth monologue of the day. Owen Shroyer rants against the idea of the government.

    4. “What more “compelling interest” could the government have than taking reasonable measures to keep us from getting seriously ill and dying?”

      Let’s take that premise seriously, for a moment:

      Wouldn’t it, then, be “reasonable” for the government to criminalize obesity? And anorexia? High cholesterol? (Let’s cap egg consumption.) Sloth? (State-compelled exercise.) Vegetables — people don’t eat enough of them. We need a Vegetable Czar. Then, of course, we need a government mandated cap on alcohol, chocolate, ice cream, cookies, cakes, french fries . . . All in the name of “taking reasonable measures to keep us from getting seriously ill and dying.”

      Tyrants do like to control people, don’t they.


    “I began by telling [America] that there was a cancer growing on [America] and that if the cancer was not removed [America] [itself] would be killed by it.”

    – John Dean, Nixon White House Counsel, 1973

    Congress has no power to forcibly impose vaccination mandates; the President has only the power to do what the Constitution and Congress order.

    Congress has the power to detain people with sufficient probable cause of a crime – something prohibitively difficult, if not impossible, in the realm of communicable disease and vaccinations.

    The sole “emergency power” provided by the Constitution is the power to suspend habeas corpus.

    “Implied” powers are false, fraudulent, illegal and phantom powers which do not exist.

    Excuse me, Judge Baker, but you can’t see the forest for the trees; one cannot regulate that which one has no power, authority or legal basis to regulate.

    Article 1, Section 8, enumerates NO power to regulate “public health” while it very deliberately and precisely limits and restricts regulation to the value of money, the “interchange” of commerce among the States
    merely to assure that one state is not favored over another, and land and naval Forces.

    Local governments cannot compel vaccination mandates related to private property; private property is not public property, which is an inviolable, comprehensive distinction.

    Americans have the right to private property which affords owners the “…dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in exclusion of every other individual.”

    Local government cannot deny Americans their constitutional rights to and freedoms of privacy and healthcare.

    Americans have the right of privacy and “…to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects….”

    Americans have the right and freedom of personal healthcare which is natural and God-given and provided by the 9th Amendment.

    That communists possess an overwhelming desire for personal and party power does not nullify and abrogate the severe limitations and restrictions on government in the U.S. Constitution.

    If masks work, why don’t masks work?

    If vaccinations work, why don’t vaccinations work?

    If communism is good, why isn’t communism good?

    If communists are smart, why aren’t communists smart?

    If “China Flu, 2019” is going to kill us all, why hasn’t “China Flu, 2019” killed us all?

    “Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy.”

    “Hell has open borders.”

    – Mac’s Fresh Market, Arkansas, Louisiana

    “The lunatics have taken charge of the asylum.”

    – Richard A. Rowland

    1. LOL;)

      I approve of this massage!

      “Heaven has a wall, a gate and a strict immigration policy.”

      “Hell has open borders.”

      – Mac’s Fresh Market, Arkansas, Louisiana

  15. Two thoughts.

    First, we should really be focusing on testing. The nature of SARS-CoV2 replication selects for variants that can circumvent immunity. This means that the vaccinated can get Covid, even though it’s often milder, and they can transmit Covid. Yet in many cases, only the unvaccinated are required to undergo regular testing. That does not make epidemiological sense.

    Second, we’ve already reached the point where most people who want the vaccine, have received the vaccine. Many people have also recovered from Covid itself, and acquired immunity. We should now shift our focus to testing and improving treatment protocols. There is still a wide range in treatment available to patients. Some hospitals are still more likely to put a Covid patient on a ventilator before exhausting other options, in spite of the high risk of ventilator induced lung injury. We should keep striving to improve the treatment of Covid. Our government should also secure our border, because right now it is a sieve to an astronomical number of illegal aliens, many of whom are ill with new Covid variants.

    1. Karen: you aren’t qualified to opine about scientific matters and you are a follower of alt-right media, so you don’t really know what makes “epidemological sense”. You also aren’t qualified to claim that hospitals are not “exhausting other options” before putting someone on a ventilator, or the nature of ventilator-induced lung injury, which are obviously some crap you heard on one of your alt-right sources. I do know, from my experience as a nurse, that doctors make the decision to ventilate a patient only when it is medically-necessary due to lung failure and only when there are no other options. Patients are in acute distress at the point when they need ventilation. It’s not a decision made lightly. Hospitals also have strict protocols for putting someone on a ventilator because they have to be kept sedated with narcotics and if they recover, they have to be stepped-down from the narcotics. Patients who are sick enough to require mechanical ventilation due to an acute lung infection already have lung damage. Any reasonable public health professional will tell you that prevention is vastly preferred to a cure.

      “Our government” is putting the “stay in Mexico” policy in place, so there won’t be an “astronomical number of illegal aliens” entering, but the main way to stop this is to punish the Republican-owned businesses that hire them, like hotels, restaurants, landscaping, non-union construction and housekeeping and nanny businesses, as examples. The punishment should be severe enough to serve as a deterrent. Without a job or any means of livelihood, they’ll stop coming here, but because they are good for the bottom line, Republicans in Congress will protect these businesses from accountability.

  16. It should concern every American that the Biden Administration openly admits trying to circumvent the Constitution in several of its policies, including mandating the Covid vaccine through OSHA. Biden knows some of his policies are unconstitutional, but he just shrugs his shoulders.

    1. Americans are more concerned about Trump allies openly defying the authority of Congress to investigate the Trump Insurrection. So you want to talk about violating the Constitution? Biden is requiring vaccination to save lives. The Trump allies are defying Congress to protect the most-unfit person ever to cheat his way into power,who can’t stop lying about losing an election, and who won’t just shut up and go away like others who lost elections have done.

      1. I would actually agree with you on several of your previous points. I have had both vaccines, am scheduled for the booster. My wife and I are presently recovering from break-through COVID-19. Our symptoms are such as a cold from hell but are making steady progress. There was a person half our age who was not vaccinated at the same exposure event and he is struggling. Our daughter is a hospitalist and spends 12-14 hour shifts managing COVID patients. The biggest majority of those who are hospitalized and those in the worst shape are ones who have not had a vaccine.

        Hospitals are overwhelmed. There are limited beds available. PCPs and Hospitalists are managing cases with a much high acuity than they should have to because pulmonology, ICU providers and beds are scarce. Good luck if you have a heart attack or get injured for something beside COVID.

        There is a case for natural immunity but the problem with it hinges on how do you prove it? What mechanisms are in place to recognize a certificate of recovery. It has merit but is not pragmatic.

        My advice to anyone with questions is to call your doctor or PCP provider and ask their guidance and recommendations. Information and disinformation is in abundance on the internet. Much of it is crap. I have had every vaccine known to man and a number of them several times due to the nature of my work and previous travel. Instead of this being a HUGE political hot mess this should be something where a leader with command presence would call all the thought leaders, close the doors and tell them they are not leaving until they hash this thing out so it can be a public health effort that is supported by all concerned.

        1. One piece of a file of a lot:

          COVID Early Treatment Pioneer Joins Infowars To Share Secret To His Patients’ Recoveries



          Sep 13, 2021
          The Alex Jones Show
          The Alex Jones Show

          Dr. Richard Bartlett joins Alex Jones live via Skype to share how and what people infected with COVID-19 can treat themselves with early on and have better results than ventilators and vaccines.

          Or you could take down what happened to Joe Rogan?

          Here’s another person that made it through:

        2. Congratulations on raising a successful daughter dedicated to healing and also for surviving COVID and also for advocating against misinformation. I was a public health nurse at one time, and sometimes administered as many as a hundred vaccinations daily (mostly at large school vaccination events). No one ever seriously questioned the validity of recommendations for vaccinations back then. Maybe there were enough older people around who remembered what life was like when people died from diphtheria, or were crippled by polio or had a baby die of pertussis (whooping cough). No one I was aware of ever attacked scientists nor was public health polticized then like it is now. I agree that it would be wonderful to get a consensus about vaccination, but it will never happen any time soon. The problem is Trump and the Republicans who know that the economy will not fully recover until COVID is brought under control and who want to keep the economy from fully recovering in order to this against Biden politically, so they pander to the anti-vaxxers instead of encouraging them to do the right thing. What amazes me is the willingness of some people to ignore the fact that most of those who are critically ill or who die are the ones who refused vaccination. Trump attacks Dr. Fauci because Dr. Fauci made him look like the moron he is and has pointed out the lies Trump told when intentionally downplaying the pandemic.

  17. Re re re editted: LOL, post is getting stopped for a reason:

    Re re editted:

    Re edited:

    One major legal issue I’ve yet to see ********8 address clearly here on *** blog regarding these mRNA Jabs, so called Vaxxes, is does the Gov’t have a Monopoly of Force.

    *********, to me, seems to skirt around it & went mostly for the Religious Exemption to avoid the De*th Jab/Clot *hots as attorney Robert Barnes did in filing all his suits against the govt.

    Barnes has brought up directly the Monopoly of Force”issues using both the recent Kyle Rittenhouse case & the Lubbock case.

    December 1, 2021
    “I’m Glad this is on Video, I’m Very Glad:” *******************************************************************************888


    My point that I’m interested in the current legal answer too is the use of force, *************************************?

    Some people have already decided & I will not blame them in the least.


    Dr Zelenko

    Dr. Vlademir Zelenco makes it quite clear how he feels about their “wellness” checks. More videos you might like to see:
    German Dr. Who Exposed Graphene ‘Nano-Razors’ inside Vaccines ****************** – Watch to the end

    Link was here.

  18. I wonder Professor could address a question I have. The mandates were not implemented until there was a vaccine approved, but the approval is strange. The FDA stills seems to control how the drug is used. Normally once a drug is approved, a doctor can use the drug any way they choose, this is called off label use ( I would think that if you could find a doctor that would give you a shot every week, they could do that – but that does seem to be the case. Why does the FDA retain so much control over the Pfizer vaccine use despite approval?

    1. A vaccine isn’t a drug. You would do well to read into the history of why we have an FDA in the first place, and it is to provide a means to prevent interstate commerce of dangerous drugs and devices. I recall from law school that there was a cough syrup produced in Tennessee but distributed nationwide that inadvertently got contaminated with some kind of deadly poison (I don’t remember what poison it was). Lots of people died, but there was no way to stop them from continuing to sell and distribute the cough syrup nationwide. Because of the connections of the drug maker in its home state, the state of Tennesse wouldn’t act, and court orders from other states didn’t have to be honored in Tennessee, so they didn’t have to test which batches were bad and to stop selling the product. That’s one reason why we have a national system that applies in all 50 states: to stop this from happening again and to vet, for safety and efficacy, drugs and devices before they can be sold.

  19. Everyday, 24/7 the injured & dead from the mRNA inoculations are piling up under Dr Fauci/NIAID/NIH/CDC etc….!


    Australian Football Player Diagnosed with Pericarditis After Receiving First Pfizer Shot – Team Director Quits and Slams Leagues “Forceful” Jab Policy (VIDEO)
    By Jim Hoft
    Published December 8, 2021 at 9:00am


    Funeral Director Describes “Alarming Rise” in Blood Clot Deaths Since Covid Vaccine Rollout
    by Adan Salazar
    December 8th 2021, 12:22 pm

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