Baldwin’s Trump Defense: How A Defamation Lawsuit May Be Baldwin’s Greatest Parody


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  1. I have never liked Baldwin as a person, though he’s been good in some movie rolls and on SNL. I lost any respect for him when he failed to keep his promise to leave the country if Bush were re-elected. He’s a hothead and an a-hole. I do have some measure of pity for him in this instance. It was really nice (and the article mistakenly referred to it as “modest”) that he gave significant money to the family of a fallen soldier. He should have donated through a charity perhaps. But then, his really kind and humane gesture went in the ditch when he acted as the person we all know and despise. That’s too bad. I wonder if he’ll ever have a moment of reflection and insight when he considers his own actions and how they contribute to him being such a crap magnet. Probably not.

  2. “… I reposted your photo. Good luck.”

    THAT is evidence of actual malice. He knew what he was doing and the threat his actions implied.

  3. I think the actual malice standard is met by the fact that Baldwin HATES all Trump supporters.

  4. What you should really be concerned about. In 2022, under federal law – Trump’s most extreme supporters are now in the very same legal class as supporters of Osama Bin Laden. Today, the vast majority of so-called “terror persons-of-interest” are domestic supporters of Trump.

    Democrats aren’t safe either, once you grant unconstitutional and extrajudicial powers to officials, that knife cuts both ways. What’s most dangerous is if you are a target, you likely won’t know it for years or even decades.

    Right now all voters should be asking Congress to amend these federal laws, including Title 18 US Code 3144 (federal Material Witness Statute). Under this statute, the Attorney General can have you fired from your job while slapping a gag order on your employer. This can happen for several decades destroying your income producing potential – without your knowledge.

    Congress and state legislatures have granted state-operated “Fusion Centers” nearly full exemption from Freedom of Information Act requests. You can’t even file a FOIA to find out if you have been illegally blacklisted. There are billions of dollars of post-9/11 Preemption & Prevention grants that incentivizes illegal blacklisting. The more persons-of-interest, the more money they make.

    While politicians are dividing us, both Republicans and Democrats can be targeted for no wrongdoing whatsoever. You can be destroyed for legal First Amendment activity. Officials aren’t educated on their own Oath of Office employment contract. Overturn these unconstitutional laws! Call your members of Congress and state legislatures and outlaw “covert blacklisting tactics like Cointelpro”.

  5. Turley makes a very weak argument about the woman becoming a public figure.
    He wrote:
    “At some point in this public squabble, Roice became a public figure. Indeed, in her public comments on her fallen brother, she might have crossed the line before Baldwin came into her life.”

    The argument Turley is making is wrong. What of Roice’s First Amendment rights? Suppose she makes a tweet where she has a handful of followers. But the tweet goes viral. Does that make her a public figure? What about ‘Joe the plumber’? In this example, he made some very public comments that went viral. He had his 15min of fame. Where is he today … over a decade later? Is he a public figure?

    The point is that exercising one’s 1st Amendment Rights, aka ‘Free speech’, alone doesn’t make us a public figure.

    If Turley is correct, then the nexus occurred when Baldwin stepped in to the mix. Not prior.

    And with respect to Baldwin claiming he can’t be held responsible for the actions of his followers… comparing him to Trump… that too may be a fallacy.
    First Trump did caution those at the speech to be peaceful in their protest. (Most were. In fact those that broke into the Capitol were not actually at Trump’s rally The time line proves this. Also Baldwin can’t claim ignorance. Someone w Baldwin’s number of followers is clearly an ‘influencer’ so he knows, or should have known that his tweets can cause his fans to react.

    Also harassing an individual is not a ‘peaceful protest’.

    While Turley is offering his opinion on a possible defence of Baldwin… he’s not making a strong case for Baldwin’s defense.


  6. Baldwin is a witless, soulless, swollen-headed little man which, of course, is de rigueur in Hollywood. That kinda mindless arrogance doesn’t play well in front of judges and juries. Especially in front of judges and juries hearing cases brought by Gold Star families. To quote another entertainer Billy Joel, about saying words out of line :

    Say a word out of line and you find
    That the friends you had are gone
    Forever, forever
    So many faces in and out of my life
    Some will last, some will just be now and then
    Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes
    I’m afraid it’s time for goodbye again
    Say goodbye to Hollywood
    Say goodbye my baby
    Say goodbye to Hollywood
    Say goodbye my baby

  7. To Everyone (Sam, STEVEN RISHER, et al) And To No One

    The United States, its Executive, President Biden, has “frozen” 9 Billion dollars (Federal Reserve Notes, Where? In New York City. Where? at the New York Federal Reserve, How? The F.R.N. is the reserve currency and more than 80% of all Transactions occur in “dollars” and all scarce and natural resources must be purchased in F.R.N.) … again, The United States, its Executive, President Biden, has “frozen” 9 Billion dollars of the Afghanistan Government’s legally and rightly possessed currency, again “dollars,” Federal Reserve Notes.
    The United States, and only the United States, decides who is the legal government of any country in the world.
    The United States, and only the United States, decides who may legally and rightfully possess their own currency, again “dollars,” Federal Reserve Notes.
    The American Empire decides who lives, who dies, who gets their own money, who gets food, who gets medicine … video:

    God Bless America!?
    dennis hanna

    1. “The United States, its Executive, President Biden, has “frozen” 9 Billion dollars of the Afghanistan Government’s legally and rightly possessed currency . . .”

      Bleeding dry a barbaric theocracy is always a good thing. Now, if only we can get back the some $80 billion in military equipment that Biden left behind for our “friends”, the Taliban.

      “legally and rightly possessed” (?!)

      There is no such thing in a dictatorship. Further, much of that $9 billion is foreign aid (not “their own money”) — which means that it is money looted from American taxpayers. Are you suggesting that Americans fund their own destroyers?

      Finally, you left out a salient fact about *why* that $9 billion was frozen from the *Taliban*. 9/11 victims (remember them?) received a default judgment for some $7 billion. That $7 billion is “legally and rightly” owed by the Taliban to those victims. Hopefully, out of that $9 billion, they will receive their $7 billion. (Give the other $2 billion to the victims of the lockdowns.)

  8. “…a protest that turned into a riot…”. Maybe for some, but other so-called “protesters” brought bear-spray, zip-ties and stockpiled weapons at the nearby hotel. A premeditated detailed plan to bring these things into the Washington DC area.

    I’ve never known any legal peaceful protesters, at any other event, to bring these things – including weapons – to exercise their First Amendment rights. Have there been any bear attacks in downtown DC?

    As far as Trump, his biggest problem maybe be his disloyalty to his own Oath of Office. Trump promised to uphold the U.S. Constitution to the best of his ability. Cheering at the TV set broadcasting rioters breaking into the Capitol building – doing nothing to stop it – seems extremely disloyal to his supreme loyalty oath under Article II of the U.S. Constitution. Most of the judges that ruled the election results were legitimate, were GOP appointed judges. Trump knew the election results were legitimate.

    1. “72nd Night of ‘Black Lies Malevolence’ Unrest”

      Are you out of your —-ing mind?

      The slaves said all they wanted was their freedom – what happened?

    2. my family voted for trump and if he runs again we will
      vote for him again the libs pro china want him out of the way
      its all about money from the chinese.

    3. Sorry AZ, , “Cheering at the TV set broadcasting rioters breaking into the Capitol building – doing nothing to stop it” is a lie and you are just spreading misinformation. There is absolutely NO proof in your accusation…For god sakes man, take with a grain of salt what you read in media and the internet.

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