WHO Head Tedros Supports Corporate Censorship to Combat the “Infodemic”

World Health Organization (WHO) head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus appears to be expanding the scope of his global effort from the pandemic to what he calls the “infodemic.” Tedros weighed into the conflict between musician Neil Young and podcaster Joe Rogan and streaming giant Spotify. Tedros supported Young’s demand that Rogan be censored by the company for his views on the virus and treatments. It was a particularly glaring position for Tedros after he and WHO have been repeatedly accused of supporting China in early efforts to scuttle investigations into the lab theory on the origin of this virus.

Joe Rogan — who hosts “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast — and has been criticized for questioning whether young healthy people should get the vaccine due to its low fatality rate for younger people. He was also criticized for praising ivermectin, a medicine used to kill parasites in animals and humans despite objections that it is ineffective against the virus.

As will come as no surprise to people on this blog, I have long opposed efforts to cancel Rogan or others for their dissenting views on the virus or its treatment. In the last few years, we have seen an increasing call for private censorship from Democratic politicians and liberal commentators. Faculty and editors are now actively supporting modern versions of book-burning with blacklists and bans for those with opposing political views. Columbia Journalism School Dean Steve Coll has denounced the “weaponization” of free speech, which appears to be the use of free speech by those on the right. So the dean of one of the premier journalism schools now supports censorship. Free speech advocates are facing a generational shift that is now being reflected in our law schools, where free speech principles were once a touchstone of the rule of law. As millions of students are taught that free speech is a threat and that “China is right” about censorship, these figures are shaping a new society in their own intolerant images.

What is most distressing is to see health officials calling for censorship. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has been sued by animal rights groups over actual government censorship.

In this case, Tedros backed Young and thanked him for “standing up against misinformation and inaccuracies” around Covid vaccinations before stressing “we all have a role to play to end this pandemic and infodemic.”

He added “@NeilYoungNYA, thanks for standing up against misinformation and inaccuracies around #COVID19 vaccination… Public and private sector, in particular #socialmedia platforms, media, individuals — we all have a role to play to end this pandemic and infodemic.”

The “role” being described by Tedros is corporate censorship.

We have seen various journalistic and scientific figures banned for expressing skepticism over pandemic claims from the origins of the virus to the efficacy of certain treatments. For example, when many people raised the possibility that the virus may have been released from the nearby Chinese virology lab (rather than the “wet market” theory), they were denounced as virtually a lunatic fringe. Even objections to the bias of authors of a report dismissing the lab theory were ridiculed. The New York Times reporter covering the area called it “racist” and implausible.  Now, even W.H.O. admits that the lab theory is possible and Biden officials are admitting that it is indeed plausible.

The same is true with the debate over the efficacy of masks. For over a year, some argued that the commonly used masks are ineffective to protect against the virus. Now, the CDC is warning that the masks do not appear to block these variants and even CNN’s experts are calling the cloth masks “little more than facial decorations.”

There is an alternative. It is called free speech. Tedros and others can use their own freedom to denounce Rogan or disprove his claims. Otherwise, Tedros’ inclusion of the “infodemic” with the pandemic suggests that the same extreme measures may be justified in controlling viewpoints as viruses.

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  1. What’s the worst that happens if people use Ivermectin? They either get over covid or they don’t get it at all, they take to much & crap a lil extra, or they end up hung like a horse like is now rumored about Joe Rogan & we’ll sound like Mr Ed : Willlll-Bur.

    All & all doesn’t sound to bad, makes me think I should invest in Oats & Curry Brush MFGs. 😉

    A Horse is a Horse of course & there’s still plenty of Jackazzes around.


    There has been a lot of overwrought outrage over the Tuskegee Study of syphilis in a poor black community. It was an observational study. Nothing was given to them.

    But what if instead of just monitoring their health the government injected those poor black people with a novel, experimental drug with side effects like heart disease and blood clots and strokes while always telling those people that it was perfectly safe but meanwhile shielding themselves from liability for damages caused by bad outcomes?

    What if the government and media conspired to censor anyone who tried to warn those people that maybe this experiment wasn’t safe?

    In other words, what if the government had done in Tuskegee what it is doing to everyone now?

    Would there be outrage?

      1. But Svelaz said such approval was given a lot earlier. Thank you for proving Svelaz wrong again. Take note, David, everyone can prove Svelaz wrong. It is easy because he is rarely correct.

    1. Quoting from the article: “More than a third of COVID-19 survivors by some estimates will develop such lingering problems.”

      Anyone reading this article should immediately know that those writing the article are attempting to hype their point of view and have little knowledge of the subject. “by some estimates “By some estimates tells you the research is poor. Some other estimates might be ‘very rarely’ will develop. Since they used a very high number, they are selective in the data they use and hyping their ultimate opinion.

      I didn’t bother to read further.

    1. Young, an effective attempt to damn Pfizer.

      …and Moderna? What about Johnson & Johnson?

      Now so far in the USA alone, about a million deaths attributed to COVID-19, the same for the Russian Federation, and so on. All the decision makers should know about the so-called Spanish influenza pandemic of 1918–1920 and would like to avoid a repeat, possibly even worse as the world is more crowded now. So indeed lower standards of proof have been rushed through. Possibly Pfizer is a mistake. Epidemiologists attempt to model what might have been if no vaccines were employed at all. What do they state? That is, despite damming Pfizer, possibly, indeed probably, the situation would be worse without their vaccine?

      1. The models have been startlingly off in their predictions, particularly that from the Imperial College and the other from the University of Washington.

        Berenson showed that the same day that models were predicting an overwhelming number of cases in NY hospitals the actual hospitals’ census for the same day showed nothing of the sort.

        Models are worth using when you don’t have actual information from the field, but it is reckless to base policy on models that fail to track real information when you do have that real information ready to hand.

        It is better to respond to reality than to pipe dreams.

        That has been one of the signal problems with government/bureaucrat responses to this disease…they act on over-thought models rather than what they can see and adjust to in the field. They lack flexibility. And sometimes they lack honesty.

        That inflexibility has also limited actual treatment options. Physicians in the field have been able to draw on information from around the world to adjust treatment of actual patients they were trying to save. But some major clinics and hospitals are bound to the government model because that is how they get reimbursed. It doesn’t work, but they get paid and, after all, it is a business.

        A report out of Tokyo has confirmed that Ivermectin is an effective treatment for Covid. That actually has been known for awhile.

        See this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8248252/

        When I tested positive for Covid I took Ivermectin immediately. The next day I actually felt better. I had no fever. My oxygen levels were high. I had no shortness of breath. I had a headache and muscle pain on the first day when I chose to take Ivermectin and they were gone by the next morning. By my vitals, it was impossible to tell that I was sick. They were all normal. For the next week I slept a lot and had no appetite. When I was awake I read or visited with neighbors in my yard, warning them to stay well back because I had Covid. None of them caught it. That doesn’t prove anything, but my cousin, a nurse in another state contracted it two weeks later and had the same result with Ivermectin. Four other people, one in the same house, close to me caught it and had the same rapid and painless recovery with Ivermectin. Prairie Rose who posts here had the same experience. That isn’t proof, but it is persuasive anecdotes and, as you know, many scientific discoveries began as anecdotes.

        It’s strange that the government is stomping down so hard on a drug that has been used by billions with little in the way of bad side effects but is perfectly comfortable with marijuana which, in fact, is not without its risks.

          1. David,

            You are welcome. Yes, it is a good article. There are quite a few others of the same professional nature, but try sending them via Facebook or Twitter and you risk getting banned.

            Suddenly censorship is acceptable. Thank goodness Professor Turley has been a strong, credible voice against it. Many more must step up and do the same.

            I had passed through quite a lot of information like this before I began reading Berenson. I don’t agree with everything he says, but as a reporter he has been very good at collating information and presenting it.

          1. David: “Young, I hope you survive it.”


            I already did. See my description above.

          2. Young, I hope you survive it.

            Such a drama queen. The IFR in America does not merit such drama

            Over- and under-estimation of COVID-19 deaths

            Ioannidis, J.P.A. Over- and under-estimation of COVID-19 deaths. Eur J Epidemiol 36, 581–588 (2021). doi.org/10.1007/s10654-021-00787-9

            Anything by Ioannidis is bullet proof. He is a big supporter of vaccines but not of Ivermecticin. Smart man
            Excellent academic lecture

            1. Estovir,

              I prefer actual experience, particularly my own, over ‘bullet-proof experts’.

              Experts, including Fauci, got us into this mess by messing with dangerous viruses.

            2. Google has disabled external hotlinks to the video, not surprisingly

              Search for it using:

              Prof. John P.A. Ioannidis talk on “COVID-19 epidemiology: risks, measures, and ending the pandemic”
              Streamed live on Jun 26, 2021

              Prof. Manuel Schabus
              1.74K subscribers
              Hosted by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Manuel Schabus, University of Salzburg

            3. Estovir, Ioannidis is another one I listened to early on. I could never spell his or Jay’s name. I bought them up at one time or another but alway had to get the spelling from the Internet.

    1. What is in the FDA paper, linked to, that is important?

      Don’t take Ivermectin that is meant for horses. Use Ivermectin that is made for human consumption.

      In other news:

      Ivermectin ‘Safe’ and ‘Effective’ for Treating Omicron: Japanese Company
      By Naveen Athrappully January 31, 2022 Updated: January 31, 2022 biggersmaller Print
      A Japanese conglomerate has found that the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin is effective and safe for the treatment of the coronavirus Omicron variant, according to a phase III clinical trial.


      Ivermectin Shows ‘Antiviral Effect’ Against COVID, Japanese Company Says
      By Reuters
      Jan. 31, 2022, at 3:25 a.m.


  3. In the Tuskegee Study nobody was injected with anything. They were simply monitored.

    What if those poor, uneducated black folks had been injected with an experimental new drug that sometimes caused heart problems and collapse and the drug companies and government refused to be liable for damages?

    Do you think there would be an ethical issue.

    1. What if someone tried to tell those Tuskegee subjects of the risks and the government called on the media to block and censor that information?

      Any legal or ethical issue?

    1. It remains that for personal protection vaccination is 50 times better than nonvaccination.

      1. For a little while. And then vaccinated people appear to have impairment to the immune system such that they become more vulnerable to infection. That is why in heavily vaxxed communities so many of the ill and dying are outpacing those not vaccinated, as in Israel.

        If treated early with an appropriate protocol using ivermectin, antibiotics, zinc, and steroids the infection is relatively mild to moderate and over in about a week or so.

        A major risk factor that nobody dares to address is obesity. Whoopie Goldberg criticized Bill Maher for being sick of Covid restrictions and yet she feels free to stuff her face to the point that she looks like an overinflated balloon who, by the way, is particularly in danger from Covid. She wants those around her to take extra precautions they don’t need so she can continue with her gluttony.

        1. Young, your understanding of statistics is completely deficient. Everybody dies so if nobody can die of COVID-19 then they die of something else.
          Better to leave this to the experts who actually have studied the relevant subjects. Avoid contracting LinusPaulingitis.

          1. If people with multiple vaccinations are infected and dying at a higher rate than the unvaccinated one doesn’t need much in the way of statistics to see that the vaccine is not working as advertised.

            There is likely a reason the makers are demanding total immunity from suits for damages.

            Think of it, employers and governments are demanding that you take a novel injection and that you also personally assume the risks for anything that might go wrong with it.

            When has that ever happened before?

            It is extreme.

            And it is far worse ethically than the Tuskegee Study.

            1. Young, my discussion with Svelaz on approval and then ATS, who tried to prove Svelaz right, started because I was concerned about the approval process, the FDA notices that weren’t straightforward and that BioNTech wasn’t approved while its sister Comirnaty was. I thought it had to do with legal liability or something more sinister, and it looked like two buddies (Pfizer and the government) dividing up the spoils. Whoever heard of the government coming down so hard on people that wanted to use alternative medicines like Ivermectin and HCQ? Could they affect the sales of anti-virals that are profitable? Lots of questions but too many roadblocks preventing the answers.

              The ethics involved are horrible. The vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission of the virus, yet the full weight of the government is pushing us to have it or else. These are fascists trying to pin a yellow star on everyone not taking the vaccine. These actions are a power grab.

              1. the FDA notices that weren’t straightforward and that BioNTech wasn’t approved while its sister Comirnaty was.

                There is no “sister” Comirnaty. BioNTech is the biotech company in Germany that invented the vaccine. The Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine for COVID is called Comirnaty, a brand name. Pfizer entered into an agreement with BioNTech to bring their drug to market. I discussed this 2 days ago.


                Whoever heard of the government coming down so hard on people that wanted to use alternative medicines like Ivermectin and HCQ? Could they affect the sales of anti-virals that are profitable? Lots of questions but too many roadblocks preventing the answers.

                Physicians have become targets by Democrats to manipulate at their bidding. When you live in an authoritarian state, every single institution must conform to the authoritarian leaders.

                The ethics involved are horrible. The vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission of the virus, yet the full weight of the government is pushing us to have it or else.

                The Pfizer CEO hated Trump and so endorsed Biden for the 2020 election. Now it’s payback for Pfizer, and Biden’s administration is administering their full weight on all US residents to do as they say, or else.

                NB: Vaccines prime the immune system to protect the body of bacteria and viruses via antibodies and memory T cells to ward off the effects of the pathogen. Vaccines have never been promoted as a magnetic force field, an invisible bubble, or an antiviral agent that neutralizes and disintegrates the pathogen within 6 feet or less of contact. Vaccines are not analogous to a flea collar for cats and dogs. e.g. the flu vaccine has never been promoted as 100% effective. The flu vaccine is 50% efficacious for the most part, depending on the year. For that matter, chemotherapy is not 100% effective, but we don’t see people refusing to take chemo when they have cancer.

                The whole thing is a circus show. Prairie Rose is convinced magnesium and zinc are the reason people get sick, Young holds a former NYT writer who holds a BA in History on the same level as a medical researcher, Oky1 rambles about banned videos, and the MSM characterize doubters of the vaccine efficacy as a plague to America. It would do the rest of good if ya’ll took your arguments outside, and just nuked each other. Just saying

                1. “Young holds a former NYT [*science*] writer . . .”

                  Now it’s accurate.

                  ” . . . just nuked each other.”

                  Just can’t help being vicious, can you?

                  1. Sam, That does seem to be one of his occasional characteristics. Never does strengthen his position.

                    Underlying it is the notion that nobody but doctors and experts are allowed to form an opinion on their own…sort of a twisted elitism. He should see what sometimes happens to these experts during cross examination at trial.

                    There are experts who question the safety of the vaccine, the inventor of the process for one, but they are being censored and muted by big tech, the media and the government.


                    1. “. . . sort of a twisted elitism.”

                      He is infected with a virulent strain of: Higher Authorities versus the unwashed masses. (Guess where he gets that from.)

                      When those masses get too uppity (as you and others are), then the only way of dealing with them is to browbeat and shame them into submission. (Or — well, see Galileo.)

                2. “There is no “sister” Comirnaty. BioNTech is the biotech company in Germany that invented the vaccine. The Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine for COVID is called Comirnaty, a brand name. Pfizer entered into an agreement with BioNTech to bring their drug to market. I discussed this 2 days ago.”

                  That is why I called it a sister drug. From what we know, they are the same, but they were not approved that way, nor do they carry the same legality. They are legally different. My questions involving BioNTech have to do with Pfizer as a whole and its relationship with our government, including the politicization of the disease and the lack of transparency.

                  “Physicians have become targets by Democrats to manipulate at their bidding. When you live in an authoritarian state, every single institution must conform to the authoritarian leaders. ”

                  I think I made it clear that we have a significant agreement in this area.

                  “The Pfizer CEO hated Trump and so endorsed Biden for the 2020 election. Now it’s payback for Pfizer, and Biden’s administration is administering their full weight on all US residents to do as they say, or else. ”

                  That is right, so today, our releases by the government regarding this entire situation are suspect for the politicization of the process.

                  “but we don’t see people refusing to take chemo when they have cancer.”

                  I hope you are not relating that refusal to the vaccine for such refusal is different. We do not force people to take chemo.

                  “The whole thing is a circus show. ”

                  It is. I think Young’s questions about what is happening are pretty important. You should be as suspicious as Young since you come from Cuba, but perhaps you are not. I have been suspicious since the beginning of Covid. Too much politics. The vaccine attempt was good, but it is foolish to force anyone to take it. This virus is respiratory, and science has told us that respiratory viruses that are highly transmissible cannot be controlled. The vaccine doesn’t prevent spread.

                  My first inclination, one that I mentioned on the net, was that the sick and elderly should self-isolate, and government should put its efforts to help that isolation be possible. The younger groups could take some precautions, but life and the economy must go on. In the gray area, some protections should have been made available. The vaccine changed things a bit, but now that we know it doesn’t prevent transmission, we cannot hide.

                  I don’t know what you feel about my thoughts and am not concerned. However, for my own reasons, I chose vaccination. I think it was the right decision at the time, but I doubt I will ever know for sure.

                  1. S. Meyer: “They are legally different…”


                    Exactly. Think of it as a couple of identical cars on the sales lot, one with a warranty and one without.

                    The government and media are insisting that we drive away from the lot without looking under the hood or checking the tires and without the warranty.


                  2. You may appreciate the following interview by a black gay actor, Clifton Duncan, of renowned medical scientist, Dr Jayanta Bhattacharya. I did not know Dr JB is a Christian. I really appreciated his candor as to how the medical sciences exist to explore, teach and then self-correct. In a word, humility. He contrasts this with Dr Anthony Fauci, whom I once admired prior to his self-immolation.

                    Skip around. It is a real treat.

                    1. Thank you so much, Estovir. Jay was one of the first people I listened to that didn’t seem to have an agenda and sounded as if he had a well-rounded idea of what was going on. He is responsible for formulating some of my earliest opinions.

                      You credit him with “how the medical sciences exist to explore, teach and then self-correct. In a word, humility.”. That mimics an earlier discussion I had on this blog. It had to do with Richard Feynman, one of the most exciting scientists I have listened to. In particular, he gave a lecture, What Is Science? Science is essentially questioning everything. That is what we as experts in our specific fields should do, using our specific knowledge to pry loose from convention and make things better.

                      I know that Young might frustrate you. He is an attorney. An attorney’s job is to take black and white and turn it into gray. We don’t need more ‘yes’ men. We need more Young’s and Estovir’s to question and do the science. We need to think out of the box, even if that makes us look ridiculous to others.

                      Someone recently brought up ulcers and H. Pylori. If I remember correctly, H. Pylori was discovered in the mid 19th century, forgotten, remembered, and forgotten again. Finally, someone linked it with certainty to the cause of ulcers. Initially, he (or was there two?) was laughed at and ridiculed by the consensus thinkers of the time (not that long ago). Now he is the consensus and one day might be ridiculing someone else who found something that changes the picture. That is science.

                      What we hear from some of the posters on the blog is the repetition of talking points, thinking they know a lot more than they do. They will never advance because they refuse to step back and think.

                3. Estovir–

                  Obviously I do not hold a journalist at the same level as a researcher as you claim, but some journalists are very good at putting esoteric ideas into concise and clear language. Berenson covered drug companies for the NYT for years. Another who is very good is Nicholas Wade.

                  However, I think Dr. Malone, who invented the mRNA process used to make the vaccine while he was at the Salk Institute, is qualified to comment on the vaccine.

                  He says it is potentially dangerous. Go fight with him.


                  For most people the vaccine is more risky than the disease.

                  1. “[S]ome journalists are very good at putting esoteric ideas into concise and clear language.”

                    And at seeing and presenting the big picture (as Berenson does). Reachers focus on their narrow specialities. (Not a criticism; just a fact of their profession.) This is why a mind like Berenson’s — who surveys and presents the *total* landscape — is actually at a *higher* level than is the researcher.

                  2. However, I think Dr. Malone, who invented the mRNA process used to make the vaccine while he was at the Salk Institute, is qualified to comment on the vaccine.

                    Malone did not invent it. He is one of several inventors. That is your first tell that he is not shooting straight. Malone was a graduate student while at Salk. This is similar to the other blowhard Cardiologist in Texas who has become a well deserved lightning rod for blowing smoke about his expertise on COVID. There are plenty of quacks joining the anti-vaccine crowd, e.g. Joe Mercola. But there are also plenty of quacks on the pro side, like Dr Rochelle Walensky of the CDC, Francis Collins formerly of NIH, and others. What makes these people quacks is the same thing I take issue with you.

                    As stated earlier, I really couldnt care less what people do once they have been given medical advice by their physicians. Patients have choices to make, and the job of physicians is merely to diagnose, treat and counsel. For 30+ years I have been telling patients to exercise, lose weight, quit smoking, etc. What they have done since then is really no skin off of my hide. Thats on them. Ditto for vaccines, sexual abstinence, abortion, etc.

                    However, your penchant for cherry picking sources has been really surprising. I gave you more credit. Years ago when I joined this blog, David B. Benson was often getting into online arguments with Darren Smith, who rarely comments anymore. Benson continually played the “published academic mathematician” to lecture all of us about everything. I used to laugh at him considering I am surrounded by people like that in my academic career. Benson was banned for a good while and only recently has rejoined us, though far more tame. Sam has now taken over the old Benson, and deservedly earns scorn. I stay in my lanes when it comes to the medical science and Marxism, having far more knowledge and first hand experience in both than most. I know nothing about the legal system. Not even I write unequivocally when it comes to medicine, as Allan / S Myers knows from our previous discussions on the topic of atherosclerosis. Understandably I am intolerant of Marxist sympathizers and hence present day MSM and DNC types. However when I see a learned, trained, professional like you cherry pick sources on a topic outside your lane, I will go after you. Prairie Rose is a mother of several children who homeschools. Oky1 has told us several times he is old, has memory lapses and leads an unhealthy life, which is to say a curmudgeon. Not an issue. But youre an attorney. You have gone through law school and know better than to look at issues through only one side of the prism, hence my beef with you. But so what? This is online for Christ’s sake. Lets not take any of this too seriously.

                    My comment about nuking was humor, e.g. “just saying” is a prefix / suffix to indicate humor

                    1. Estovir: [You] know better than to look at issues through only one side of the prism, ”


                      Back when the vaccines came out I thought they probably were good but I decided to wait and see what happened as more people took it. I posted here that I refused to recommend for or against the vaccine. I didn’t know. Each of us had to make our own decision knowing it could be a disaster. I have taken risks before so perhaps it was easier for me than those accustomed to near total safety. I chose to wait. S. Meyer chose to get it. Maybe both decisions were right. It is too soon to tell, but now I have natural immunity.

                      As more information on side effects has come out I changed my opinion and now lean strongly against it. Even more so as its effectiveness apparently doesn’t last very long. The last two friends who got Covid were fully vaccinated. Sometimes you just have to pay attention to what is happening around you.

                      The other thing happening around me is that I see that Ivermectin obviously works. I cannot ignore that evidence.

                    2. ” I chose to wait. S. Meyer chose to get it. Maybe both decisions were right.”

                      Both decisions were right.

                    3. “Oky1 has told us several times he is old, has memory lapses and leads an unhealthy life”

                      Listen to yourself.

                      I’m not the ole suicidal manic curmudgeon like yourselves that was foolish enough to get the Unhealthy/Killer mRNA shots. LOL;)
                      (The Law of Throwing Rocks)

                      When you & Fauci, etc. go into the office in the morning how do you crawl over all the dead & injuries from those mRNA Chem/Bio-weapons? ( World wide it’s easy to get to an over 100 million dead so far. Eco shut down, mRNA crap, etc.)

                      Among the other Quasi mRNA vax injuries I know of 1st hand I heard of another one today. You can save me some minutes if you would, what’s the name/# of that Killer T goes around our bodies killing cancer cells everyday? Is it T56, T26? At least a few reports are seeing the mNRA shots are killing those thus the out breaks of cancers & Vaxxed caused AIDS.

                      Check with your Doc or DR Yeadon, your mileage may vary depending on if you’re a lucky one that got the Placebo mRNA shot or not.

                      I do wish the Govt/their dope dealers pull that mRNA crap as I would like to get couple of med things checked.

                      BTW: We’re all still waiting for those pictures you promised of the prettiest Ahole in Richmond Va. LOL;)

                    4. “. . . to the other blowhard . . .”

                      According to the sources I’ve read, with respect to the mRNA process, Malone is anything but a “blowhard:”

                      “The abridged version is that when Malone was a graduate student in biology in the late 1980s at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, he injected genetic material—DNA and RNA—into the cells of mice in hopes of creating a new kind of vaccine. He was the first author on a 1989 paper demonstrating how RNA could be delivered into cells using lipids, which are basically tiny globules of fat, and a co-author on a 1990 Science paper showing that if you inject pure RNA or DNA into mouse muscle cells, it can lead to the transcription of new proteins.”

                      “[A]ccording to Rein Verbeke, a postdoctoral fellow at Ghent University, in Belgium, and the lead author of a 2019 history of mRNA-vaccine development. (Indeed, Malone’s studies are the first two references in Verbeke’s paper, out of 224 in total.) Verbeke told me he believes that Malone and his co-authors ‘sparked for the first time the hope that mRNA could have potential as a new drug class’ . . .”


                      “. . . nuking was humor . . .”

                      That tee-hee is the coward’s method of slinging insults.

                      “Sam . . . deservedly earns scorn.”

                      What deserves scorn is people like you who have a habit of degenerating into vicious insults, anytime they are incapable of responding with reason — and anytime their “authority” is challenged.

                      For one who claims to desire civilized debate, you are remarkably bad at it.

                    5. “Benson was banned for a good while and only recently has rejoined us, though far more tame. Sam has now taken over the old Benson, and deservedly earns scorn.”

                      A smear campaign to get me banned from the blog.

                      You’re a real charmer.

                4. Estorvir,

                  How about you do a simple test of your cognitive facilities.

                  Think of a basic bar graph chart in you mind going one year at a time back 20 years. Each year the CDC chart shows less then a 1000 vaccine caused deaths per year except 2021 when the CDC’s bar graph shot straight up to 21-22,000 Deaths.

                  Would you, if you were normal person think, like what happened last year that was different then all those 19 other years with there failed vaccine system?

                  Those mRNA Gene Therapies were being called Gere Therapies, not vaccines, by many that were developing them, like one of the head guys at Maderna.

                  And at this point there is no way anyone can call these mRNA shots a vaccine as they provide no protection from infection/replication, they greatly harm the natural immune system if not shut it down at least temporally if not permanently, nor do they stop the spread. Then there is the ongoing problems with mRNA/DNA mutations.

                  Do you think just maybe those Pharmakia dope dealers should 1st pull their crap off the market, stop hiding from the public the research they already have from their mRNA crap. Then go finish testing their crap to see if it’s safe & has an efficacy rate above 0.00005.

                5. Estovir,
                  I am rather perplexed by your response.
                  “It would do the rest of good if ya’ll took your arguments outside, and just nuked each other. Just saying”

                  The circus isn’t our creation; that lies elsewhere. Yes, it’s complicated and messy, which is why people are trying to sort out all the moving parts. Perhaps we each have a piece worth considering. Maybe there is merit to at least some (or more) of what we bring to the table.

                  “Prairie Rose is convinced magnesium and zinc are the reason people get sick”

                  Deficiencies of…

                  And, I’ve never said these deficiencies are the only reasons. Vitamin D plays a big role, as do other things. My focus lands on Zn, Mg, and D because those are particularly necessary for the organelles to respond effectively to viral invasion, and, the people getting the most sick are already deficient in these micronutrients, in particular.

                  I have included quite the list of supporting citations in many previous posts.

                  I don’t understand why our discussion seems to upset you. ????

              2. S. Meyer– “Whoever heard of the government coming down so hard on people that wanted to use alternative medicines like Ivermectin and HCQ?”


                Yes, that is very bizarre. They allow medical marijuana but freak over a harmless and effective drug that has been safely used by billions of people.

                That alone raises disturbing questions. And why the censorship?

                I don’t think they would care if it didn’t work, but in my experience it does and that negates any need for an emergency authorization of a rushed, ineffective and probably dangerous vaccine.

                1. Lots of the people going along with this mRNC/CV19 Chem-Bio-Weapon need to step away & at least demand it all be put of hold until the research/evidence is clear as a cowardly way out for them.

                  As I see things right now it’s just a matter of short time before the citizens in most parts of the world see them just as Nazi War Criminals were. And with a never ending track down off all of them.

                  All the continued lying will only make it worst. Insulting/ Lying/Smearing people like Dr Malone, Yeadon, McCullough , Barrett, Thompson, Fleming, etc., etc., etc. is not winning on a debate. Ignoring Science, Scientific Methods and all the dead & injured piled up, & the CDC/FDA/DOD changing Stats after they were posted to the public. Hell, even I find evidence of the changing the stats in my Emails last year to politicians detail to them the devastating trend lines off the mRNA Genocide Weapons.


                  Not Making Headlines: Japan’s Kowa Company Finds Ivermectin is Effective Against Omicron and Other COVID-19 Variants in Phase 3 Trial
                  By Jim Hoft
                  Published January 31, 2022 at 3:59pm


                  1. Good one, Oky1. Let’s all mark our calendars for 31 March 2022 (when the trial period ends and results are finalized) and see how much mainstream press coverage it gets….

                2. Young,
                  “That alone raises disturbing questions. And why the censorship?”

                  Steering, methinks. Away or towards, I am as yet undecided.

  4. Do employers who demand that employees get vaccinated incur liability for damages when those vaccines cause harm?

    How does that differ from an employer who is liable for having employees become ill from working with asbestos?

      1. Yes, they can quit, but that does not address the question: are employers liable for damages caused by vaccines the employer mandates?

        The folks injured working with asbestos could also have quit but they collected millions in damages when they fell ill.

  5. David Benson: “Here is a careful study which concludes that vaccination is 50 times better than no vaccination”


    You cite a CDC study that is interesting but likely flawed.

    Vaccines seem to provide short-term protection and then dent the immune system enough to make one more vulnerable to Covid and other diseases. The events in Israel are not encouraging. https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/israel-is-overrun-with-covid-the/comments

    With more people being vaccinated many more reports of serious injuries or loss of life are appearing.

    The risk/benefit ratio is upside down. A vaccine should not pose greater risks to the healthy than the disease itself.

        1. Young, yes, it is only 50 times more likely without vaccination. The vaccine isn’t perfect.
          So wear a mask and avoid going out as much as possible just now. Try comparing it to the so-called Spanish influenza of 1918–1920.

          1. Even the CDC admits that the masks everyone is using don’t work. That has been known since the big Danish study.

            In any event, I have natural immunity.

            Funny thing, in California almost all restaurants and stores have signs saying masks must be worn within, yet I don’t wear masks, in common with many others, and I have not been hassled. There is superficial compliance mixed with blatant non-compliance. Probably the same where you are.

            I think we have had just about enough of egotistical, irrational, petty dictators.

          2. ” . . . the so-called Spanish influenza of 1918–1920.”

            You mean the flu where some 50 years later, those infected still had natural immunity?

          1. Kirsch is a mathematician who is perfectly capable of dealing with massive amounts of numerical data that can reveal how effective lockdowns, masks and vaccines are.

              1. That Wikipedia article is clearly a hit piece of the type that has besmirched the reputation of the online source.

                One of his ‘failures’ was to make over $300 million inventing the optical mouse.

                1. Young, mouse making was certainly in the area of his expertise. Anything having to do with biology and medicine is not.

                  He is not the only one to foolishly think that success in one area made him an expert in other specialties. A recent one is the Berkeley physicist Muller and an older example is Linus Pauling with vitamin C.

                  1. He doesn’t so much argue from authority as Fauci and Biden do as that he presents publicly available information so that anyone can reach a conclusion about the subject. Done that way, he need not be an expert. I think we have come to the point where we have had quite enough of soi disant experts.

                    1. Young, yes. And as the Wikipedia page points out, “everybody” concluded he was full of it.

                    2. “Everybody” at Wikipedia thinks he is full of it?

                      And yet the drug companies don’t want to be liable and, with the FDA, insist on concealing approval documents for the next 55 years or so.

                      They are making billions selling a product with no warranty.

                      That doesn’t scream confidence in their product.

                      Would you buy an experimental car with no warranty?

          2. I am interested in hearing his perspectives more so than someone who is siloed and cannot see a wider perspectives. Maybe Kirsch sees something the immunologists ought to consider and wonder about. A little boy pointed out to adults that the Emperor had no clothes on.

            1. Prairie Rose, in this case the experts in the CDC are on top of it. Kirsch simply doesn’t comprehend virology or immunology.
              C’mon, this is like receiving a smallpox jab!

              1. David Benson,
                If they were on top of it, they would have recommended fresh air and exercise, vitamin D3, zinc, magnesium, thiamine and zinc ionophores. They would have advocated for repurposing HCQ and ivermectin.

                Live attenuated virus vaccines or deactivated virus vaccines are a heck of a lot different than mRNA injections. Coronaviruses also have a history of behaving badly when vaccines are attempted, not to mention the experimental nature of the mRNA injection on top of it.

                1. Prairie Rose, probably the medical doctors, virologists and immunologists know lots more about this than you do. I suggest you study the courses for advanced degrees in the later two areas before attempting an opinion on what-to-take and what-to-do. As it is, you are demonstrating a case of what I shall call LinusPaulingitis.

                  1. The things I noted are in the literature if doctors look. And, there are doctors out there recommending such things.

                    These things worked for me, my family, and some of my friends.

                    You are right, I do have a great deal more to learn, certainly, but so do doctors if they don’t know what organelles need to function optimally. Wanna build glutathione? Your body must have selenium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D (and probably a few other things, but those are biggies). Wanna build T-cells? Your body must have enough thiamine, magnesium, vitamin D, and zinc. Want to fold proteins with your endoplasmic reticula? Gotta have zinc for sure or into the UPR it goes. What if someone is already depleted in these things? What will they do if the demands necessary to respond to an infection are higher than they have in their body stores?

                    1. Prairie Rose, as the doctors in the ICU and rehab told me and my current physician agrees, drink Ensure. I use Ensure Original, which for just one ingredient, provides 30% of zinc. Etc. As a nutrition supplement, not replacement, for three squares per day.


                    2. Bleh. I think I’ll stick with what I already use. And continue eating beef, oysters, lamb, spinach, kale, cabbage, and other veggies.

            1. That isn’t what the thousands of people injured by this experiment are saying.

              If the vaccine is so good why do the drug companies demand legal immunity that doesn’t exist with ordinary drugs?

              Employers who demand vaccinations may learn that they do not enjoy the same immunity for legal damages that drug companies do. Workers comp lawyers are already getting worked up about it.

                1. The information was provided in testimony under oath. Can you provide a reason for believing they committed perjury?

                  1. Wasn’t provided in a congressional hearing under oath. Some senator’s press conference.

                    Might have originated in one of Putin’s disinformation bureaus.

                    1. “Might have originated in one of Putin’s disinformation bureaus.”

                      Or maybe Martians did it.

                2. I know of 3 people in the military who have had bad reactions after the injection (friends of a friend). Talking with friends, I know of like 10 people who have had more than just a sore arm or a fever–strokes, pulmonary embolisms, heart problems, lost the use of a limb for more than 6 weeks. Anecdotal you might say, but I do not know anyone with more than a sore arm following conventional vaccines.

                  1. Prairie Rose, yes, these are not the best of vaccines. But being jabbed improves one’s odds of surviving by 50 to 1. And that without long term health effects.

                    Get jabbed! Ok, ask your doctor. That’s what she’ll say.

                    1. My odds of survival are already awesome–like in the 98%+ range. I am under 45. I am a healthy weight and try to eat very healthfully and take appropriate supplements. I only have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, which is pretty well controlled. I could exercise more, though.

                      I have likely had Covid at least once and have certainly fought it off several times because we have had it in our house several times.

                      My sense of taste and smell are essentially back since I have continued with my supplements. So, no long-term effects to speak of.

                    2. Prairie–

                      That has been my experience as well. The interesting thing is that people usually feel a little better within 24 hours of taking the first dose of Ivermectin. That was my experience as well as yours and I heard it again from a physician this weekend as well as from at least 5 others.. The experimental jab likely would not be necessary except for the very vulnerable if the Ivermectin protocol were initiated at once.

  6. It’s probably foolish of me to pin all my hopes on Canadian truckers, but across history, it’s hard to tell at exactly what point people stand up and fight back. Maybe this is it. I’ve heard that truckers are amassing in other countries now. It’s the most hopeful sign I’ve seen. The D.C. march was a start, but it’s insufficient to have elites both organizing and being at the center of a protest. I take it as a positive sign when actual working people say they’ve had enough and then do something about it.

    1. Mary, it is reported that UK NHS is reversing its vaccine mandate for health workers because they will lose too many people if they go ahead with it. We will see.

    2. Nova Scotia is banning truck demonstrations. I hope they find out what it is like to have no trucks.

  7. One of the things the Canadians are protesting is the Mandatory Vaccine Passports & having them put on the phones.

    We also should all be protesting those US/Globalist Passports that will be used for stuff like Vaccines status & Social Credit Scores like Chinese Communist Govt is currently using.

    At most it should be the States that controls Citizens data with some Federal minimal standards for all States. But letting all those DC bureaucratic agencies each build new Data Bases is just insane.

    1. It is your civic duty to vaccinate.

      Like being drafter in a time of a different national need.

          1. Your article is full of brazen lies.

            The VAERS database, run by the CDC, with case reports verified by the CDC, and monitored by the FDA, currently shows:

            Heart Attacks after vaccine side effect incidents at 11,502 ‘reported’ cases

            .Myocarditis/Pericarditis “reported” side effect cases at 29,716 (

            And studies show only about 1% of side effect incidents are actually reported in VAERS–meaning there are many MORE cases not reported, ie, about 99% UNREPORTED!

            What this means is: these “vaccines” are not safe. Not by a long shot.

            How on earth can an experimental, and known-to-be-harmful, series of injections, that do not prevent the infection or spread of the disease, be mandated as one’s “civic duty”?

            Answer: it cannot.


      1. Why? And how so?

        Prove it. You know, using “science.”

        Because the “science” we can all see says there is NO public benefit to taking the risk of these experimental injections. NO public benefit. It does not STOP the disease from infecting vaccinated people or from vaccinated people spreading the disease.

        Prove what you say. Why should it be a civic duty? Prove it.

      2. We are not “mandated” to take the flu shot every year. Why should we be “mandated” to take this experimental series of injections with serious side effects that include death! and caridac damage?

        Hint: we shouldn’t!

        Newflash: we will not!

        Coming soon: Canadian Freedom Truckers Convoy will be driving straight to Washington, DC once they accomplish our mission in Ottawa. Look out Washington, DC!

      3. “It is your civic duty to . . .”

        Sacrifice for the “good” of the community — said every tyrant since forever.

      4. No. It is a cold virus. It is absurd to vaccinate the whole population in general. It maybe makes sense for the elderly, the obese, and people with a bunch of comorbities.

        It makes more sense to exercise, get sunshine and extra vitamin D3, eat healthfully, and probably supplement a bit with zinc, quercitin or EGCG, magnesium, and maybe thiamine.

        1. Prairie Rose, it is a novel coronavirus. That is, a variant of one of the common cold viruses. It is as virulent as the flu virus for which everybody is encouraged to receive a vaccination yearly against the latest variant.

          Anecdotally in my little county the single death from flu made the front page of the newspaper as did the single death from Omicron COVID-19 the following day. Of course both individuals were not vaccinated.

          Best to follow advice from CDC: fully vaccinate unless there are substantive medical reasons not to.

  8. I suggest that everyone study ESG and The Great Reset. If everything going on right now seems crazy, understanding what’s driving it will make everything clear.

    ESG in Practice
    Under the current disclosure regime applicable to public companies listed in the United States, there is no affirmative duty to provide disclosures on ESG matters. As a practical matter, however, it can be anticipated that important stakeholders, such as investors, insurance companies, lenders, regulators and others, will increasingly look to companies’ disclosures to allow them to evaluate whether those companies have embraced ESG agendas. And, even in the absence of an affirmative duty to disclose, the substance of the information that companies do elect to report regarding their actions to identify and manage ESG risks and opportunities will be subject to the securities laws.


    1. Olly,

      Thanks for posting that article. That’s a topic I’ve been watching for decades as most all govts take away all of our property.

      Notice just out of the blue they just move in & claim to be the “Stakeholders”! Screw Them, the Citizens are still the Stakeholders unless we fail to stop those damned Squatters!

      I noticed one thing Trump did I liked was to Pardon that welder way out of the middle of nowhere Wyoming that had the nerve to build a small pond on his property.

      As the Globalist Commie aholes like Klaus Schwab says: You (we) Vill own Nothing & You (we) Vill like it!

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