SUNY-Binghamton Rejects Professor’s “Progressive Stacking” to Give “Non-White Folks” Preferential Treatment in Class

State University of New York at Binghamton is again embroiled in a campus controversy. We previously discussed a major free speech ruling against the University for its pattern of discriminating against conservative speakers on campus. Recently, Professor Ana Maria Candela was called out on conservative sites like Campus Reform for her stated policy of “progressive stacking” where “non-white folks” would be given priority or preference in class discussions. The university declared the policy (used by other faculty members around the country) to be a violation of university rules.

Professor Candela teaches sociology at the school but a check this morning found her bio removed.

In her syllabus was the course “Social Change – Introduction to Sociology,” Candela tells students that she would be applying  “progressive stacking” during classroom discussions:

“This means that we try to give priority to non-white folks, to women, and to shy and quiet people who rarely raise their hands. “It also means that if you are white, male, or someone privileged by the racial and gender structures of our society to have your voice easily voiced and heard, we will often ask you to hold off on your questions or comments to give others priority and will come back to you a bit later or at another time.”

Candela also offered a curious authority on what she expected from classroom participation: Mao. She noted that Mao is “famous for having once said, ‘No investigation, no right to speak.’” He, of course, was also infamous for killing millions, purging intellectuals, and destroying core freedoms, including freedom of speech and association. Mao also said “To read too many books is harmful.”

Candela acknowledges that the quote may seem a “bit harsh” but “helps to convey the idea that speaking, during class discussions, should be based on having done your investigative work.”

This is not the first time that Mao has popped up as a paragon for learning.

White and male students raised objections that class participation is considered in their grades and the policy would interfere with their not only expressing their views but asking questions. Students also objected that Candela shows open bias against the United States in class and equates capitalism with slavery.

There is no need for such division of students by race and gender if the interest is to guarantee participation of all students. Most of us strive in class to allow different students to speak. Indeed, it is a common practice to exhaust all of the hands before returning to any given student.

Professor Candela’s effort to divide the class by race and gender for preferential treatment led the university to conduct a rare review of a syllabus. That always raises concerns over academic freedom. We recently discussed such a syllabus dispute at the University of Washington.

On this occasion, the university declared the policy to be in violation of the faculty manual. Notably, however, it did not expressly call this a policy that is discriminatory against white or male students:

“The Faculty Staff Handbook outlines principles of effective teaching, which include valuing and encouraging student feedback, encouraging appropriate faculty-student interaction, and respecting the diverse talents and learning styles of students. The syllabus statement you have brought to our attention clearly violates those principles. The faculty member has updated their syllabus, removing the section in question, and is now in compliance with the Faculty Staff Handbook.”


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  1. Rights, freedoms, privileges and immunities are provided by the Constitution to PEOPLE, without differentiation.

    PEOPLE attend SUNY without differentiation, under the Constitution.

    1. The American university has become a carcass of ignorance, arrogance and a threat to what a true education means. People should be treated as individuals with dignity and moral worth and should be respected as such. Identity politics corrodes our sense of common citizenship and relegates us into perpetually warring tribes that cannot find common ground on anything. The left has been systematically destroying the intellectual and moral integrity of the university for the past 50 years. Its is time for the academy to recover its true meaning and purpose which is to educate and endow our students with the inherited wisdom and accomplishments of the past and provide a conduit for transmitting and acquiring new knowledge in the present so that all students graduate with at least some knowledge that will be useful to them as citizens and in their professional lives.

  2. Jonathan: Speaking of “stacking” did you see how the GOP celebrated Presidents Day? In a tweet the GOP put together a stack of images of some former Republican presidents. Included was Richard Nixon, disgraced and forced to resign over Watergate; George W who lied us into a war in Iraq; and, of course, Donald Trump who was impeached twice. What a sorry lot of conspirators. When it comes to being mean spirited the GOP tweet also included an image of Pres. Biden right in the middle (masked) with the words “NOT YOU” in red caps. Strangely, the collage did not include the image of Gerald Ford who actually pardoned Nixon. There was a sharp reaction to the GOP tweet. “Every day, the @GOP does or says something to make me feel really good about my decision two years ago to leave the Republican Party. Every single day”. Others called the tweet “disgusting”, vulgar”, “stupid” and “juvenile”. My sentiments exactly. Bill Kristol said the GOP tweet “does not speak for the remains of a decent and patriotic Republican Party”. Sorry, Bill, what “remains” of the GOP is a Trump cult!

    1. Perhaps, just perhaps, the old guard republicans who hate Trump so vigorously should take an introspective look at just why so many traditional republican voters rejected Jeb in favor of Trump.
      That’s what this is all about – the fact that the good old boys were given notice by the folk that we were not satisfied with the job they were doing and in capitalist fashion, we opted for a different product.
      Get over it. Your brand has lost its cache and you need some product redevelopment – so to speak – to meet current customer demands.

  3. Good for them. Affirmative action (e.g. tutoring, counseling) for black… color… all people… persons falling behind, not discrimination. Diversity [dogma] (i.e. color judgment, class-based bigotry) breeds adversity.

  4. So the c Student gets an A and D Student a B etc? Old business it was that way in Berkely under the Comrades three or more decades ago.

    When they tried to explain the reasoning we took a look and warered it down to the following.

    Comment .We do it because they don’t know the background of the material

    You mean their previous 1-8, 9-12 etc training only ensured dumbed down stupidity and this imitation robotic copy cat just continued to ensure socialist votes??

  5. Jonathan: It was wrong for Prof. Candela to give preference to non-white students in classroom discussions. The Binghamton administration has taken corrective action so case closed? Guess not because you use this isolated case to conflate it into an attack on Candela… for quoting Mao. If Candela chooses to quote Mao isn’t that part of her “free speech” rights as an academic? Would you have required that Candela quote only Madison or Jefferson? But you go further in your bizarre twist on the case. You say: “Students also objected that Candela shows open bias against the United States in class and equates capitalism with slavery”. Which “students” you don’t say. But it is clear you are referring to only one student, Sean Harrigan, who filed a Title IX discrimination complaint. Do Harrigan’s views reflect the views of the majority of students in Candela’s class? You don’t say. Has Harrigan, perhaps, misinterpreted Candela’s views because of his own conservative bias? Is Candela really “against the United States”? That is apparently how Harrigan sees it and you have endorsed his views without question. We know next to nothing about Candela’s views or how they are expressed in class. So using Harrigan as authority on Candela’s views is jumping to unwarranted conclusions. But the Candela case serves the larger purpose of attacking the so-called “leftist agenda” in university classrooms by you and other conservatives.

    On the subject of equating “capitalism with slavery” there is not much dispute among most historians. The US could not have grown into a world power without slavery and protective tariffs. The enslavement of African slaves was the fundamental aspect of the development of capitalism here and in Europe. Karl Marx, a keen observer of the American experiment, said it best: “Without slavery you have no cotton; without cotton you have no modern industry. It is slavery that has given the colonies their value; it is the colonies that created world trade…Thus slavery is an economic category of the greatest importance”. If Candela expressed similar views she was just stating the obvious factual record. Not particularly controversial these days–except among conservatives who prefer the more sanitized version of US history. In many Southern states the GOP is trying to perpetuate this version by stamping out any detailed classroom discussion of racism or slavery. In one school district slavery can’t be discussed without presenting “opposing points of view”. That’s like saying the Holocaust should only be discussed when “opposing points of view” are discussed. Books are being banned from school libraries You have said nothing about these conservative trends of censorship and attacks on the free speech rights of teachers. This speaks volumes about your own bias and your lack of real commitment to “free speech”.

    1. As far as the history of slavery in the world, it has existed in all forms with or without capitalism in tail. Why modern progressives believe that they can connect slavery to only capitalism is their strongest desire, hoping that they have destroyed our education/media industries to such an extent that most younger people will not notice the great lies they spew.

      1. Alma Carman: Excuse me. To say slavery has always existed misses the point. We are not talking about slavery in Ancient Greece or Rome. What we are addressing here is how capitalism developed in Europe and in the colonies in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries that benefited from the exploitation of slave labor. Do you think the cotton industry in the South could have developed into a worldwide trading enterprise without slave labor? Do you think the US Capitol could have been built without slave labor? Slavery was an essential ingredient in the early development of capitalism in the US and why we became a world trading giant. The whole foundation of the US was built on the backs of slaves and later poor white immigrants. That’s a fact–not just the opinion of “modern progressives” like me. But I do appreciate the compliment. Many whites still cling to the myth of the US as a “noble experiment in Democracy”–the “shining house on the hill” as Ronald Reagan described it. It makes us feel better but has little to do with reality.

        1. If you wish to discuss slavery then you must lay it out as it is, not cherry pick the examples of its benefits to create a boogey man of the US and capitalism. So what if nations and men profited by slavery at any time in the past, it is just that THE PAST. I never hear any real ideas coming from the left that address residual racism that do not include guilt and reparations/affirmative actions that will only serve to cement the gap between blacks and white. The nature of mankind, and the living world in general, (if you want to harp on Darwin and evolution) thrives and progresses by a honing process of survival of the fittest. Socialism/idealism/equity denies that very concept so why would we want to be made to feel guilty for just doing what comes naturally – taking advantage of the weakest? You can’t have it both ways even though you try ardently and continually.

        2. “Slavery was an essential ingredient in the early development of capitalism in the US and why we became a world trading giant.”

          Your Marxist interpretation of American capitalism is delusional.

          America’s economic prowess was created primarily by the free, industrialized North. This country became the greatest economy in history primarily because of three ideas: individualism, free markets, and the virtue of productivity. Contrary to your Marxist economists, slavery is harmful to a country’s productivity. Free, independent individuals are always more productive and better at their jobs. That’s why your socialist utopias always fail economically.

          1. Very well said. Pushing back against the spread of Marxist inspired nonsense is essential to winning back out nation. our culture and our education/media industries.

            1. AC: Thanks.

              And to your point: “If you wish to discuss slavery . . .”

              If the Marxists and socialists were seriously concerned about slavery, then they would acknowledge that their statist countries enslave everyone.

    2. This is just another example of Turley’s Fox assignment to keep the disciples stirred up and as a diversion to the growing list of lawsuits Trump is losing over disclosure of his finances. As you say, the University took action, so why else write about it? Just more fodder for the Fox meme that the “Evil Left’ are indoctrinating students with lies and discriminating against white people.

    3. Dennis:

      Any fair reading of the Turley’s piece reveals that contrary to your assertions:

      1. Our Maoist Professor’s policy of bigotry against whites was not “an isolated incident,” but was, in fact, a class policy.
      2. Prof. Turley did not say that the Professor’s use of Mao was an abuse of her free speech but rather said that the administrative action against her free speech “raises concerns over academic freedom.” A direct contradiction of your assertion.
      3. Prof. Turley “never “endorsed” Harrigan’s views that our Mao disciple was “against the US,” he merely reported his comments.
      4. Yor premise that the US “could not have grown into a world power” withou slavery is patently ludicorous (as well as ahistorical) given the UK’s ascension without slavery and the US’s own rise to world power status after WW2 again wihtout slavery.

      There’s lots more of our stupid to slay but I tire of beating a supine horse endlessly. You need to not twist the words of others to fortify your own. It cements you as a lying leftist which I admit is a redundancy in terms.

  6. I find it interesting but not surprising that much of the CRT garbage in higher ed is in the soft alleged sciences and gender and ethnic studies areas plus those whose instructors belong to organizations such as the Modern Language Association. Sadly, it is also infiltrating into the professional schools such as law and medicine, too.

  7. I will be giving music lessons. All students will need to shut up while I teach.

    1. Gorgeous music! Now for a glass of Assyrtiko….and an Aegean sunset….it doesn’t get much better.

  8. “. . . will come back to you a bit later or at another time.”

    Or send you to a re-education camp.

  9. Consider the founding fathers of the United States. Then consider the founding fathers of the Soviet Union / Russian Federation, which is really just a continuation of the Soviet Union…or the Evil Empire, as Reagan so succinctly put it. The Russian Federation walks and quacks in just the same manner as the Soviet Union, having the same capital, the same Kremlin, the same nuclear weapons, etc, so they are pretty much one and the same. Putin has referenced Stalin and Lenin himself as role models. There is no moral equivalence. Anyone who tries to make one can be safely laughed out of the room.

  10. Liberals and the DNC have allowed viruses (progressives ideas and the C19) to creep into their lives and brains, destroying what little sense and human decency they may have had. Profs like her have been emboldened by the weakness of thought and action that followed the Liberals and DNCs viral overloads. They are very sick and no one knows if there’s a cure – and we’re not sure if we should provide one.

    1. You sound as if you are describing rabid dogs. There is only one solution when the brain has become infected.

  11. Mushroom clouds have been reported over Moscow. Good. Putin and Sir Gay Lapdog are villains who got what they deserved.

  12. Racist policy that people have fought to end for generations is being openly promoted by progressives. Shouldn’t they be called regressives?

  13. I would like to make a comment regarding something not germane to the issue at hand here.

    I would love some network media person to ask Colonel Vindman how he feels about the situation in Ukraine this morning. The “Colonel” was one of the thousand cuts that helped bring down Trump in order to get Biden elected and now the “Colonel’s” fave nation, Ukraine is under attack do to the fecklessness of Biden and the third Obama administration.

    Vindman’s much loved country was attacked when Biden was VP, was not attacked when his enemy, Trump, was president, and is now being attacked again when his choice for president is in office.

    If Trump was in office we would see “Colonel” Vindman everywhere.

    PS. I scare quote Colonel because MR. VINDMAN was quite adamant that SENATORS address him with that moniker while he was testifying.

    1. Vindman is joing Cheney and Kinzinger in the new Never Trump group that is going up against CPAC. A bunch of losers who voted for Joe Biden think conservatives will join with them whilst they join Progressives to take down America as we know it.

    2. As a point of clarification, Vindman is a retired Army officer and is entitled to be called colonel by custom. As a retired colonel I am frequently called colonel. That does not mean that I support Vindman’s actions.

      1. As a point of further clarification, Lt. Colonel is his retired rank. While the honorific “Colonel” is indeed applied to “Light” colonels, he was never promoted to the rank of bird colonel. He is now Lt. Col. Vindman, USA Ret.

      2. Army officer and is entitled to be called colonel by custom.

        He sure acts entitled. But a military man that ignores chain of command should be stripped of rank and court martialed.

    3. I sincerely don’t know how to un-indoctrinate someone like you, hullbobby. Trump wasn’t “brought down”–he was never the choice of the majority of the American people in the first place. He was able, with the help of his Russian pals, to cheat his way into office, but he never captured even a 50% approval rating in 4 years’ time. He has little understanding of how American government works–for instance, checks and balances. He actually thought that SCOTUS and other judges he nominated would automatically side with him. When he didn’t get his way in one case, he actually claimed that he “made” Kavanaugh, who had been a federal appeals court judge before being nominated to the SCOTUS. He has few to no negotiating skills–he’s always gotten his way by bullying and lying, but that doesn’t work in a democracy. If anyone “brought down” Trump, it was Trump, because most of us Americans see him for what he is: a flashy, braggadocious reality TV performer who was hungry for the attention, power and adulation that goes with the office of President. His “presidency” was an unmitigated disaster because he has no leadership skills: wouldn’t listen to public health experts, imposed tariffs that hurt the economy, nothing but floundering every time there was a crisis. Col. Vindman bravely testified to the truth, but he was hardly alone in proving Trump’s unfitnesss for office. Trump’s presence had nothing to do with the timing of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Puting has a history of pushing until he gets resistance, and the latest move was to try to stave off Ukraine from joining NATO. Of course, because Vindman’s testimony was adverse to Trump, he must be a bad guy. You really can’t see Trump for what he is, can you? How many hours a day do you spend watching Fox, OAN, Breitbart, News Max, Info Wars and the ReTrumplican blog sites?

      1. Still suffering from TDS after all this time abetted by a constant stream from our media/education industry? It would be so helpful if you could escape your box and, perhaps, enlighten yourself to some historical perspective. Trump is only a symptom of what the left has wrought upon this nation, he is not the boogie man. For that you must look back to Marx.

        1. If there is a “derangement syndrome” related to Trump, then people like you have a terminal case. Trump has never been anything good or substantial: the product of privilege, flashy, racist, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, cheater in business dealings, cheater in all 3 of his marriages (so far), serial bankrupter of businesses, guilty of defrauding “students” of “Trump University:”, draft-dodger, agreed to a consent decree in a housing discrimination lawsuit that he continues to lie about by claiming that he “won”…the list goes on and on, but what’s the point? You’re a disciple. You’ve been conditioned to disbelieve facts. One key element of your discipleship training is to dismiss any criticism of Trump as “TDS”, or “Russia, Russia, Russia”, “witch hunt”, “hoax” without even considering the facts. More elements of your training: you believe the Big Lie. You believe that despite every poll predicting his loss, and never getting even a 50% approval rating, that Trump pulled off a “landslide victory” that was “stolen”. You believe that Jan 6th was “legitimate political protesting”, even though 5 people died, a gallows was erected with chants of “hang Mike Pence”, the Capitol building was breached after police officers were beaten and bludgeoned, windows and doors were smashed, urine and feces were deposited in the Capitol, Congressional offices were breached, papers and a laptop were stolen, and John Lewis’s memorial was defaced. All of this was calculated to prevent Biden’s legitimate victory from being acknowledged, and after Trump couldn’t bully Pence into refusing to accept certified vote totals. Trump even got fake “electors” from 5 swing states to send in phony electoral votes awarding Electoral College votes to him, which will land these Trump disciples into legal trouble for creating fraudulent documents containing state seals. Trump was trying to use these fake documents to get Pence to pause counting the real election results, hoping to throw the election to state legislatures or Congress. Giuliani had his law license suspended for lying about nonexistent election fraud in court documents. You don’t have a problem with these things or the fact that your hero told his fans to “fight like hell or you’re not going to have a country any more”. This was a last-ditch effort to retain power he stole in the first place, and after losing dozens of lawsuits, failing in his efforts to bully election officials into “finding” him votes, recounts, re-recounts, forensic audits and “Stop the Steal” rallies. TRUMP WAS TRYING TO ONCE AGAN DEFEAT THE WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

          Everything I claim is FACTUAL, backed up by video, court records, eyewitness accounts, affidavits and other reliable sources, but you are immune to facts. instead, you accuse ME of being a disciple to “media”. Your version of TDS includes immunity to the truth. Trump is a knee-jerk reaction by white people like you who were deeply shaken by Barak Obama’s successful presidency, who feel threatened by educated women and minorities, and who have latched onto someone who praises White Supremacists, whose disciples include the 3 percenters, the Proud Boys, Neo Nazis and other extremists. Turley should truly be ashamed of associating his credentials with the Fox agenda of stoking “anti-Left” sentiment like that expressed in your post.

          1. Totally missing the point as all good mind shaped liberals do. Trump is the symptom, not the cause, of all the turmoil in this nation. We have been, as a culture, infested with ideas that are not compatible with what the founding fathers created for us. It is simply a matter of one side OR the other prevailng. There is no middle ground. I would suggest that those who find the most distress with this nation as it was created just simply opt for residency in an nation more closely associated with the socialism that they adore and leave this nation alone rather than attempting to take it down. Trump is not germane to the problem, he is just a diversion for the left to use to escape that big question of “why are you still living in America if you hate it so much?”

            1. YOU are the one who doesn’t get it. People who love America are repulsed by Trump, who is the antithesis of a patriot. He was a draft-dodger. He took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but incited an insurrection when he couldn’t litigate, cheat, lie, or bully his way to stay in the office he cheated to get in the first place. He insulted true war heroes, like John McCain, and called those who volunteered for military service “suckers”. He refused to attend a ceremony at a French WWII cemetery because it was drizzling and he thought that Aqua Net wouldn’t hold his pompadour in the rain. He publicly sided with Putin over his own intelligence agencies in Helsinki, something unheard of. Everything he did and still does is for the power, attention, glory and adulation, to feed his soul, sick with narcissism and pathological need for affirmation. Nothing he does has ever been motivated by altruism or patriotism. Anyone who really loves America and is a patriot finds Trump disgusting and revolting: a preening fop of a fool pretending to be a person of substance while paying off nude models, porn actresses and trying to pass off his former nude model wife as a “first lady”.

  14. I would like Candela to explain “someone privileged by the racial and gender structures” regarding education and ability to learn from her course? Every time I see “privileged” connected education and ability to learn by race it reminds me of Dr James D Watson’s theory.

  15. I wonder if this professor feels that her brother, father, sons or male cousins should also be discriminated against.

    I wonder how this professor would treat a female to male trans person?? The left always tells us that once a woman decides to be a male they must be treated as a male, e.g. Lea Thomas the swimmer. So lady professor, do you shun the trans guy in class?

  16. The more I read about modern universities, the happier I am that I left that track lo those many years ago

    1. Courses she has taught. Predictable.
      Will the real colonialist please stand up?


      Ana Candela

      Recent Courses

      SOC 255 – Gender & Chinese Society
      SOC 380N – Settler Colonialism
      HIST 280A – Black Lives Matter
      AFST 280B – Black Lives Matter
      SOC 280B – Black Lives Matter
      PPL 280C – Black Lives Matter
      AAAS 280G – Gender & Chinese Society
      LACS 280Z – Black Lives Matter
      WGSS 282D – Black Lives Matter
      WGSS 284A – Gender & Chinese Society
      SOC 690A – Nationalism

      1. Black Lives Matter is a class? Wonder if they discuss the disproportionately high number of black lives killed by abortion.

    2. Anyone who attended university prior to the 70’s knows fully just how destructive and infested our universities have become.

  17. Although I disagree with Candela’s methodology, I agree that white males tend to participate in classroom activities in a way that is often disproportionate to the value of their contribution. I have noticed this both in classes I have taught and in classes that I have participated in as a student.

      1. In the lower to mid-level science level courses, with enrollment size of >75 – 300 students, the only voice you hear in class is that of the instructor. The higher level science courses with an enrollment of less than 15 students have a bit more student participation. Those that interact are usually Asian descent. Whites are usually on their “smart” phones. The few blacks that do enroll, in my experience, are hungry for more learning and understanding. I encourage them often to speak in class because they have experience with medical populations that are truly sick and on the margins of society. White science students usually have a sterile, pristine background. Those that have any exposure to sick populations is because they want on a missionary trip outside of the country with their church.

    1. So many universities are already 60% female 40% male, this sort of thing could lead more men to say ‘why bother?’

        1. In the hard sciences, the women faculty are impressive, at least in my experience. It takes a special woman to enter the sciences knowing she will be facing a patriarchal, judgmental set of peers. The older males are burnt out but the younger males are men in name only. Their posture, body language, manner of expressing / public speaking, etc…worrisome.

          The future of America resides with immigrants, which of course is how America was founded and grew to great heights. Cultural identity and ethnic roots greatly influence the trajectory of people. See Amy Chua’s excellent book: “The Triple Package”.

    2. deboluccia, any comment on women outpacing men on campus? Any comment on women being the vast majority of all law schools etc?

      Maybe you were a little flower sitting in the corner afraid to raise your hand, but tell us of any other time you grade an entire group based on the activities of some members.

    3. Deboluccia- I Suppose value is in the eye of the beholder. Your contributions may be thought of little value by others. Being aggressive in classroom discussions furthers your ability to make or argue a point. If you say nothing, your point is lost. Being aggressive in classroom participation also has risk because you may be wrong and proved to be in public, sometimes a humiliating experience. But you learn and then come back with a better arguments. An old southern saying “Root Hog or Die”. Translation-Argue and push to the front otherwise you risk falling behind with nothing but the leftovers. When I taught, I loved challenging students, even very aggressive ones because they made me better and more thoughtful. I also enjoyed bursting a balloon now and then.

    4. In the classes I’ve taught I always felt responsible for facilitating the discussion so as to prevent dominance by anyone, any group or any particular opinion or theory. Unfortunately, at most of my continuing Ed or advanced seminars at universities take an opposite approach. Sadly, our universities are but a shell of learning and critical thinking they once were.

    1. Liberty2nd, I assume you are saying that “all white” juries, like commenters here, are bigoted and therefore should not be listened to or allowed to pass judgment. Now please explain how the WHITE woman cop that ACCIDENTLY reached for her taser and pulled out her gun ACCIDENTLY killing the FELON that WAS FLEEING IN A CAR while the BLACK Capitol Police Officer that shot an UN-ARMED Ashleigh Babitt wasn’t even investigated? Any comment there Liberty?

      1. The shooting of Trump disciple Ashleigh Babbitt WAS investigated. The officer was found to have used reasonable force to keep her from breaching the last barrier to the floor of the House. She and the other criminals attempting to break down the door and side lights were warned multiple times, but proceeded anyway. Her death is sad, but it’s her own fault. Trump bears much blame for stirring up the disciples with the Big Lie. He should compensate her family from his alleged enormous wealth. But, wait. It seems that he really doesn’t have the wealth he claims. Even his own accountants have backed away from his fake numbers.

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