Canadian Parliament Votes To Extend Trudeau’s Emergency Powers . . . After the Protest Has Ended

By a vote of 185 to 151, the Canadian Parliament voted to approve Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act. The vote is chilling given the fact that the protest has ended and the roads have been cleared. Nevertheless, the Trudeau government still wants to wield the excessive and unnecessary powers claimed under the Act. The vote shows how easily many drift into more and more draconian measures against their political opponents.

As we discussed earlier, Trudeau has never explained why he required such emergency powers to clear the roads and end the protest. Cities and provinces already have ample powers to clear roads and end unlawful protests. That raised concerns that Trudeau was using the protest as a pretext as he attacked those opposing his powers as supporting Nazis.

Since almost half of the House of Commons opposed his powers, it is absurd to demonize critics as those who “stand with people who wave swastikas, they can stand with people who wave the Confederate flag.” Canadian civil liberties groups have opposed Trudeau’s use of these powers. Yet, Trudeau has relied on a largely supportive media in using such powers despite the chilling implications for free speech and associational rights.

Trudeau wants to continue to be able to freeze the accounts of political opponents and give black lists to banks for those who will be tagged under his new powers. There are no meaningful limits on such powers. These same sweeping emergency powers could be used against some of our most celebrated figures and shutdown some of our most revered causes. Under this law, the only thing preventing Trudeau from shutting down movements — even historic movements like the Civil Rights marchers or protests of indigenous peoples — is his affinity for the cause as opposed to the underlying conduct.

Trudeau has pushed to retain these powers while denouncing Cuba for seeking to intimidate those who wish to protest in that country.

The Liberal Party, the NDP and other allies were able to muster 181 votes for this motion. It is an ignoble and troubling moment for civil liberties in Canada. They have embodied the warning of the great civil libertarian Justice Louis Brandeis, who once said that “the greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”

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  1. “No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?“

    George Orwell, Animal Farm

    1. Worse some people like who I saw on Cspan…..want to give human rights to animals and plants….even computers…..machines….what then of humanity? What happens to my kids when they are as disposable as an I phone?

  2. If Americans want to vacation and do business in Ukraine, it is in their interest to see Ukraine remain just as free as France and Germany, places where
    Americans also vacation and do business.

    1. “If Americans . . .”

      Nothing seems to be working. Try this one:

      If Americans like 26 letters in their alphabet, then they should get into a war with Russia. Because if Ukraine falls, the letter “U” will be wiped out of human existence.

  3. If Putin seems different, it is because Putin has recently bcome possessed by a demon. If you were a demon and wanted to possess someone, you might as well pick one of the most powerful men in the world, for maximum effect.

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      Better yet you should & your friends go get your latest mRNA Bio-Weapon Booster!


    Professor Turley Writes:

    By a vote of 185 to 151, the Canadian Parliament voted to approve Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motion to invoke the Emergencies Act. The vote is chilling–

    Professor Turley Also Writes:

    Yet, Trudeau has relied on a largely supportive media in using such powers despite the chilling–

    That vote, by the Canadian Parliament, represents majority sentiments by a 34 point margin. This is significant because many of those votes came from members not directly allied with Prime Minister Trudeau.

    And if the Canadian Media is okay with that vote, what is Turley’s objection? Why does he keep using the term ‘chilling’ to describe the situation??

    It is ‘chilling’ that Turley believes the government of Canada must bend to the forces of American rightwing media. As though Ottawa is not sovereign capitol independent of Fox News and its employees (Johnathan Turley).

    To hear Turley tell it, Trudeau’s government must allow the country to be hopelessly paralyzed by a rightwing occupation largely supported by meddling Americans.

    How ironic that Turley makes these assertions while in Eastern Europe Vladimir Putin puts similar demands on Ukraine. It’s the same basic logic: ‘We demand the right to impose our will on a neighboring country’.


      You have to be an idiot. Explain how Turley rejected Canadian sovereignty. You can’t because Turley didn’t.

    2. Maybe we miss the point. Sure shear democracy can vote in certain things….including an authoritative regime. But is that what humans long for? Canada’s path is a danger to us all….as it will be repeated here in the USA in a mere couple weeks. Our govt. Will try the same tech noose and freezing account such sanctions.
      For a similar freedom convoy getting underway.

      Indeed my bank just sent a change of terms letter….I’m responsible now for any costs of any “legal process” on my account….whatever the source….whether dubious or not.

      And Putin isn’t stupid. He’s going to wait until the USA turns on its own ppl …. Whilst it follows the globalist agenda. Then he’ll strike big league while Biden is fighting his own ppl. Us. Needless to say I’m taking my money out of “that” bank who s fixing on being a govt sto.o ge

    3. You clearly know sweet nothing about Canada’s parliamentary system or Canadian politics. For example, your comment “many of those votes came from members not directly allied with Prime Minister Trudeau” demonstrates that you know nothing about how it works. The NDP voted in favour of the Act because they are the party supporting the Liberal Party in a minority government. To say that they aren’t aligned with Trudeau only demonstrates the depth of your ignorance.
      Furthermore, the reason there were no defections in the Liberal ranks, despite more than a few of them publicly stating their concerns with the Act, is because this was a Non Confidence motion. Had the motion not been a NC motion, and whipped as well, the vote would have gone the other way with a considerable number of defections from the Liberal and NDP caucuses.
      I’m not going to explain that last to you. Educate yourself about the parliamentary structure and how it works before you spew your misinformation about a system you know nothing about.

    4. Your ability to blithely opine with no facts to back you up is exceeded only by your ability to get it entirely wrong. I suggest that you read the recent editorials in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail and National Post to educate yourself. Each of these and the TorStar in particular, are left of center publications and they have come out foursquare against the government on this issue. Your claim that “the Canadian Media is okay with that vote” is bullcrap.
      Furthermore, the protest was, as has been noted elsewhere, largely funded by Canadians. Sorry, but your vast right wing conspiracy to overturn Canada’s government has nothing to back it up…as per usual with your comments.

    5. @6:08Anaon: Your ability to completely ignore the facts and plain-text reading of Mr. Turley’s post is truly astounding. Your comments do not even have enough substance to be called “straw men,” rather they are barely even grass-clippings men. I would have been very confident that Natasha had lost her login information, as she has a similar ability to profusely spew idiocy from her keyboard. Your screed was not nearly long enough to be one of her wall-of-text claptraps, nor did you manage to somehow to implicate the Bad Orange Man ™ in Mr. Trudeau’s naked authoritarian shift that will be remembered as the beginning of the end of Canada’s basic personal freedoms.

      You should return to your troll school and demand a refund.

      1. A 10% majority vote, while statistically significant, does not a referendum make.
      2. You just read Mr. Turley’s objections, why are you asking for someone in the comments section to restate them…perhaps in smaller words?
      3. The Internet is replete with dictionaries. Please use them to look up “chilling.”
      4. Although one could argue that the country has been paralyzed by left wing totalitarianism for (at a bare minimum) the past two years, any constitutional government must strive to respect said constitution. Arresting political dissenters, seizing their assets, and threatening their pets is not part of the Canadian Constitutions/Charter (I’m not a scholar of their Constitution, but I’m pretty sure about that. Plus, I slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night, so…)
      5. How idiotic to try to connect expecting Canada to respect their own Constitution/Charter with Russian aggression. However, there is a direction connection between the governance of both Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Putin, but I don’t believe it’s a connection you’d like to explore.
      6. While looking up “chilling” in the dictionary(ies), please also look up “logic.” I realize it appears that it’s not a big word, your use of it demonstrates a supreme ignorance in it’s application.

    6. Right wing occupation? Perhaps you should stop reading government funded media. Since when are the working class “right wing”? Since when is wanting to be heard terrorism? Since when is a PEACEFUL protest worthy to be called a threat to Canadian sovereignty? Trudeau is a tyrant and you have been deceived.

  5. California is considering a bill to punish doctors for spreading Covid misinformation.

    “Some medical professionals are vowing to fight a possible new California law that attempts to threaten their medical licenses for spreading “COVID-19 misinformation”—calling the effort “unconstitutional” and “illegal.”

    But a lot of things that were deemed misinformation weeks and months ago have since proven to be true.

    Democrats love censorship.

    1. Young, we notice you’ve posted no links to ‘misinformation proven true’. And one suspects that any such links would be from obscure sources.

      1. Cute. Peter Shill is now speaking in the “Papal We” formula as if she were the Pope. How big is that tiara honey? Lots of jewels, precious metals and bling to match your Prada shoes?

        1. Oh look, the Blog Queen has posted another video.

          Old Chinese saying: ‘The man who keeps bringing up guys is gay’.

      2. Dr. ‘We’ ATS,

        See below for link to Sacramento Bee. Sacramento is the capital of California and the Sacramento Bee likes to keep up with legislation.

        Once again WE notice how you earned your nickname.

      3. There are no links to the ”misinformation” the Dr’s were spreading. Common leftists smear technique. Accuse without facts. Like Trudeau claiming the protestors were racist. No facts


      “Low’s bill would fight COVID misinformation from another angle. His measure, Assembly Bill 2098, would make it “unprofessional conduct” for doctors licensed under the Medical and Osteopathic boards of California to share false information about COVID, treatments for the virus and vaccines. The boards could then take disciplinary action against licensees based on a series of factors built into the law, including whether the medical provider’s guidance “resulted in an individual declining opportunities for COVID-19 prevention or treatment that was not justified by the individual’s medical history or condition.”

      1. “. . . for doctors licensed under the . . .”

        Yet another nightmare example of how the government’s power to license and to permit, is the power to control and to destroy.

    3. Here is a curiosity.

      An article in JAMA declares that “The study findings do not support the use of ivermectin for patients with COVID-19”

      YET: “Mechanical ventilation occurred in 4 patients (1.7%) in the ivermectin group vs 10 (4.0%) in the control group (RR, 0.41; 95% CI, 0.13 to 1.30; P = .17) and intensive care unit admission in 6 (2.5%) vs 8 (3.2%) (RR, 0.78; 95% CI, 0.27 to 2.20; P = .79). The 28-day in-hospital mortality rate was similar for the ivermectin and control groups (3 [1.2%] vs 10 [4.0%];”

      4 Ivermectin patients mechanical ventilation
      10 control patients mechanical ventilation

      6 Ivermectin to ICU
      8 control to ICU

      3 Ivermectin dead
      10 control dead

      I think that does support Ivermectin for patients but it is “misinformation” to say so.

      Which group would you rather be in, the one with 3 dead or the one with 10 dead?

      But could they have gotten published if they said Ivermectin worked? Maybe not these days.

      1. Young, if the de-worming drug was an appropriate treatment, why wouldn’t mainstream science approve it???

        Your answer will, no doubt, reference vast conspiracies you can’t substantiate. And that’s how these things work, ‘The answer is always a vast conspiracy no one can substantiate’.

        1. No ATS, there are many reasons but my primary reason is that when I got Covid I took it and felt better the next day, no fever, no dip in oxygen, no shortness of breath. In a week I was over it and except for the first day before I took Ivermectin I never felt uncomfortable. The ‘dewormer’ as you call it is used in people regularly for scabies and in Africa for river blindness. Its anti-viral qualities were noted, and published, with respect to corona virus long before Covid appeared. That’s why doctors reached for it, and also because it was noticed that Covid seemed to have little impact in areas where Ivermectin was already being used for other maladies.

          What would you say if the Tuskegee subjects were injected with a newly made, poorly tested experimental drug, with no fully informed consent and for which nobody would take responsibility if harm occurred?

          Ethical problems?

          Major compared to the actual Tuskegee study.

          But that is what is happening to the entire country.

          Oh yes, the Tuskegee folks were volunteers. The government wants to compel us to be subjects in this experiment.

          1. Young, it seems ‘Tuskegee’ is a handy fallback answer for anyone wanting to assert conspiracies. The idea seems to be that ‘because’ of Tuskegee, the medical establishment can never be trusted.

            Yet if a public school teacher attempted to teach a lesson on Tuskegee, Trumpers would howl with outrage because said teacher was veering off on Critical Race Theory!

            1. ATS- You seem to have borrowed Dennis’ Acme b.s. machine.

              I would like Tuskegee to be studied. It’s harmless compared to the current vaccine experiment.

        2. ATS,

          In the JAMA study which group would you rather have been in, the Ivermectin group with 3 deaths or the control group with 10 deaths?

          I don’t need a ‘vast conspiracy’ to make my point; only an honest answer from you will do.

      2. Young, I saw this in a news clip earlier. I didn’t read the study, but apparently, you did and provided some excellent questions lemmings won’t think about. The sample is small, and your numbers tell me that they must have used some criteria such as relative risks of the subjects. With the small sample, perhaps the differences became statistically insignificant, thus potentially permitting them to draw an unfounded conclusion.

        I’ll bet no one died from Ivermectin or became seriously ill. With so much double-dealing by our leaders today, can we trust politically sensitive studies?

        I think with the known safety data of Ivermectin, one should aim for a blind study involving a much larger number of high(er) risk patients, all given Ivermectin vs. control as soon as the preliminary diagnosis is made.

        1. More studies would be great, but the 2 doctors who developed the current protocol for Ivermectin treated 10,000 patients without a single death among those who followed the protocol. Others have had similar success.

          1. Yes, and there are more. That evidence is enough for a full blown study and the use of Ivermectin wherever the doctor and patient agree on its use.

            Never has the government stopped such off-label use of a drug where its adverse effects were so limited.

            1. I noticed no side effects apart from getting over Covid. I even kept a chronological record of the process out of curiosity.

        2. Nobody really wants to put a lot of money into a study of Ivermectin because it is safe, been around forever and not a big money maker.

          Besides if a safe treatment is revealed the legal basis for the emergency use of the vaccine dies.

          1. That is why I looked at the differences between Comirnaty and BioNTech. What were the financial reasons for the legal differentiation? People like Anonymous the Stupid looked at the pixels instead of the picture being produced. ATS always quotes long passages or links because he can’t draw the picture in words.

            Revenue for the FDA comes from big pharma.

            1. I was surprised to learn that apparently Fauci gets royalties for drugs he can help get approved. Sounds like a huge conflict of interest.

                1. David– It was a source I don’t have a lot of confidence in, Robert Kennedy’s book on The Real Dr. Fauci, et al. However he included a lot of citations on this issue but I haven’t followed up on them yet. It looked genuine however. Let me know if you find more.

              1. That’s right and Adam A. was let go as a commentator at Forbes for what he does with every government official, releases salary information.

        3. S. Meyer– “With so much double-dealing by our leaders today, can we trust politically sensitive studies?”



      3. I’d rather be in the group that lives! So to be in that group you best not have dnr. There is a new jersey or new Hampshire study…where like 85% of deaths were because do not res orders already in place before hospitalized. Alot of do not res orders are more encompassing than CPR…They are don’t hook me up. But ers and Md hook you up then present family to unhook you! So you get unhooked and die. But you still go down as a vent patient. Or died by covid as opposed to your own demand to no dnr……

    1. How about we in the US & the Canadians can have a real honest vote on who we want for our leaders!

      We haven’t had a mostly honest election in the US since electronic machine & mail in voting.

  6. It is not Ukraine’s fault that a conflict started by Russia is preventing Ukraine’s inclusion in NATO. This is not fair.

    1. What? You gest. This isn’t about Ukraine into NATO….NATO wasn’t letting them in bc it would piss. On Russia’s back yard. This is putin looking at the chess board our own stupid leaders set up. He’s been watching the western leaders implement more and more strife in their own countries. And he’s going to waltz in and take it…because he can.!! Because as soon as it looks like we take our eye off the ball China will take Taiwan. And then some … all because our govts wanted more ppl vaxed. And now have domestic distractions. But Albright gets her way….a counter super powers…..just it ain’t going to turn out good for humanity. Unless the putin is really a Christian. Big gamble.

  7. The war can be won with just 1,000 gallons of gasoline and some matches,
    Assuming there are 1000 tanks (1 gallon per tank):


    1. Have a gallon of gasoline and some matches, or a cigarette lighter.
    2. Sneak up on tank.
    3. Pour gallon of gasoline on tank.
    4. LIght a match and toss at tank.
    5. Watch tank burst into flames
    6. Repeat 999 times.

    This is how the Finns held back the Russians during the Winter War:

  8. We should bite the bullet.
    Nuke the crap out of Russia.
    The world will have 1,000 years of peace.
    It would be like pulling a painful tooth:
    sure, it will hurt a lot in the short term,
    but the long-term benefit is that you will never feel any pain from
    it ever again.
    For the sake of our posterity.

    1. Anon, if you fools are just itching to fight the Ruskies toe to toe you people just load your packs with some MREs. some extra c*ndoms & extra clips for your AR *7s & get your azzes over there.

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      Pro Tip, to get on the good side, take some extra Red Spike Heals, Black Panties & Bras for Austin & Millie in case they lose theirs.


      Breaking! MTG Responds To Biological Men Sleeping With Elementary School Girls At State Sponsored Camp



      Feb 21, 2022
      The Alex Jones Show
      The Alex Jones Show

      The State of California is defending this sickening and dangerous practice. This attack on Women’s spaces will only continue if you don’t stand up.

  9. Quote: They have embodied the warning of the great civil libertarian Justice Louis Brandeis, who once said that “the greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”

    I have to push back against use of this quote. There is no way that Justin Trudeau can be credited as “well-meaning”. Within the span of a few weeks, he has overtly violated virtually every principle he has previously espoused. Proving that the only “principal” that matters to him is his own self-aggrandizement.

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