“We Have a Great Story to Tell”: NBC’s Todd Interviews Clinton Without Asking About FEC Fine on Steele Dossier


The media recently has been rushing to admit that the Hunter Biden laptop story is legitimate before any indictment comes down in Delaware. With that amazing flip (after almost two years), some are admitting like Washington Post there is a “reckoning” for the media in the burying of the story before Biden’s election. That moment of reflection, however, has not stopped media from continuing to bury other stories. That was evident this Sunday on NBC when some of us noted that Chuck Todd interviewed Hillary Clinton but decided not to ask her about the Federal Election Commission (FEC)  recently fining her campaign for concealing the funding of the Steele Dossier.  Todd did not consider that relevant when asking Clinton about how the Democrats should approach the next election. Instead, Clinton was able to explain how Democrats “have a great story to tell” without telling the story of the last election (including the recent FEC fine).

We have previously discussed allegations that Marc Elias, the former general counsel for the Clinton Campaign and partner at the firm Perkins Coie, lied to conceal the campaign’s funding of the infamous Steele Dossier. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) recently fined the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for violating election rules in hiding that funding as legal costs.

The problem for Todd is that he and NBC relentlessly pushed the dossier and the Russian collusion claims that were later debunked. It is still clearly too early for a “reckoning” on the media’s role in pushing the dossier. It does not even matter that Clinton and her campaign have been accused of misleading or lying to the few journalists who had the integrity to ask about their role in the scandal.

It was Elias who made the key funding available to Fusion GPS, which in turn enlisted Steele to produce his now discredited dossier on Trump and his campaign.

During the campaign, a few reporters did ask about the possible connection to the campaign, but Clinton campaign officials denied any involvement. It was only weeks after the election that journalists discovered that the Clinton campaign hid payments for the Steele dossier as “legal fees” among the $5.6 million paid to Perkins Coie.

New York Times reporter Ken Vogel said at the time that Elias denied involvement in the anti-Trump dossier. When Vogel tried to report the story, he said, Elias “pushed back vigorously, saying ‘You (or your sources) are wrong.’” Times reporter Maggie Haberman declared, “Folks involved in funding this lied about it, and with sanctimony, for a year.”

“It was not just reporters who asked the Clinton campaign about its role in the Steele dossier. John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, was questioned by Congress and denied categorically any contractual agreement with Fusion GPS. Sitting beside him was Elias, who reportedly said nothing to correct the misleading information given to Congress.”

Now the campaign has been officially fined for hiding the funding, but it was crickets on NBC. It was reminiscent of Elias appearing on CNN with its media correspondent Brian Stelter, who also did not think it was relevant to ask Elias why leading journalists accuse him and the campaign of lying to them about their funding of the dossier. Instead, Stelter asked Elias “what should we be doing differently?”

(MSNBC/via YouTube)

Elias proceeded to chastise the media for not having enough of a “pro-democracy slant.” Just for the record, Elias has previously been sanctioned for his conduct in litigation, has unsuccessfully challenged Republican victories in elections, and recently lost an effort to gerrymander the Maryland voting districts.  In the recent Maryland decision, the map pushed by Elias was found to violate the state constitution’s equal protection, free speech and free elections clauses but “subverts the will of those governed.”

In the Todd interview, Clinton states “I’m not quite sure what the disconnect is” between President Biden’s accomplishments and his polling numbers. The same can be said about the interview itself. For many of us we are “not quite sure what the disconnect is” between an interview on how Clinton would handle the next election and how her campaign was just fined for her handling of the last election. This was not some trivial record-keeping violation. This was the concealing of the role of the Clinton campaign in funding and pushing a major scandal — and allegedly lying about that role to reporters.

As NBC proclaims “This is who we are,” it may want to consider who that is in light of the Todd interview.

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  1. Why is it that now the main stream news outlets are admitting that Hunter’s laptop is real? Is there new information that has risen to the surface. Why yes there is new information that has risen to the surface. The new information concerns Hunter’s and Joe’s association with Russian oligarchs and Chinese energy companies. https://justthenews.com/accountability/russia-and-ukraine-scandals/hunter-biden-sought-cash-oligarchs-during-first-russian When the mainstream media clawing and scratching finds it necessary to change their tune you know that the bubble in the cesspool has risen to the top. What is their new tune you might ask?

    They seen a bad moon risen
    They seen trouble on the way
    They seen earthquakes and lightnin’
    They seen bad times today

    Don’t go round tonight Joe
    Your bound to answer to the your maker
    They seen trouble on the way

    Don’t go out tonight Hunter
    Cause there’s a stinkin bubble risen
    There bound to put you away
    There bound to put you away

    My apologies to Creedence Clearwater Revival.

      1. It fits pretty good as written
        Biden was a senator most of his carreer

  2. What you wrote *was* true at one time: there was a time when “reporters” were paid to ferret out corruption in either party. Unfortunately the Mainstream Media is now totally in the tank for the Democrat party.


    Svelaz says:

    Be nice. You and I have not had our butt hole licked in decades and you never know who might be available to take care of our girl needs! Pucker up girlfriend.

    Readers might wonder why this gay-themed garbage keeps appearing on Johnathan Turley’s blog. It’s because the Blog Stooge has been certified by QAnon as a Pedephile-Communist hunter. And people in that capacity tend to be certified lunatics. You see, QAnon draws its talent from the same data base as those who certify lunatics.

    1. Anonymous:

      QAnon draws from that data base for the sake of efficiency. That way they don’t have to certify twice.

    2. You should have shaved for your White House appearance. It takes balls to not wear a mask during a pandemic. Maybe you were trying to seduce the Big Guy

    3. Anonymous, it seems a lot of trump followers who still can’t get in on Trump’s “platform” are still waiting to be let in. There’s a long waiting list and it’s incredibly boring.

      1. I got a profile on there and chatted with a lot of hot guys. True I used pictures that were not of me but of a well stacked woman who looked like a goddess. Still, it sure beats Grindr and being high on crystal meth at the bath houses of West Hollywood where guys avoid me like Im a troll or something.

  4. It seems to was not just the Clinton campaign and the DNC that the FEC should have fined. Trump did the same thing except on a much larger scale.

    “ When it came out last week that the Federal Election Commission fined Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee for misreporting political payments in 2016 that funded the explosive Steele dossier, the news attracted plenty of media attention. The penalties themselves, however, had nothing to do with the actual content, creation, or distribution of that infamous document.

    Instead, the FEC dinged the Democrats on a clerical issue. And the real loser might actually be Donald Trump.

    By coincidence, the same day the Clinton news broke, a watchdog group sued the FEC for taking no action on its complaint alleging that Trump’s 2020 campaign committed the exact same clerical violation. In both cases, the campaigns allegedly reported payments to a pass-through that actually went to another entity, concealing the money’s true recipient and purpose from the public.

    But there’s a big difference. The alleged Clinton and DNC shell payments totaled less than a million dollars, combined. The Trump campaign’s arrangement allegedly concealed nearly $800 million.”


  5. On Tucker Carlson tonight, he did a long opening monologue on the threat to the freedom of speech. I was expecting to see Turley because free speech is his forte’. But he was a no-show. Perhaps, Carlson’s past embrace of Putin is too toxic now for Turley who has diametrically opposed views about Putin. These days, it’s a bad look to be photographed side-by-side Carlson.

    Incidentally, not one mention by Tucker of the Russian war crimes in Ukraine. Talk about ignoring headline news….

    1. not one mention by Tucker of the Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

      The same for 3 weeks now. The media is silent

      Exactly what entity is going to come and get Putin, to have a trial. The UN is 100% corrupt. The world could strip Putin from all international organizations, But they wont. Those international organizations are also corrupt. President Trump was right, that the US should be leveraging the power of the US to start to clean them up, like WHO but Biden ignored the corruption and got back in the WHO. Trump was right about NATO, and conflicting messaging. Billion spent on NATO ot protect Europe against Russia, while Europe was aiding Russia by becoming dependent on Russia energy.
      Only professional politicians are blind to reality.

      1. Professional politicians are blind to reality, eh? I suppose we need to elect more “absurd reality television stars” to sort everything out.

        1. “I suppose we need to elect more “absurd reality television stars” to sort everything out.”

          In a way, we did. We elected Trump. The economy shot up, unemployment fell, warring was reduced, the southern border became more secure, a vaccine against Covid was produced, Middle East peace arose, we were leaving Afghanistan with honor and a potential ability to see a freer population in Afghanistan. There is lots more, but that tells us our professional politicians failed in their duties, and we need people whose life cycle extends outside of Washington.

      2. “Exactly what entity is going to come and get Putin, to have a trial. The UN is 100% corrupt. The world could strip Putin from all international organizations,”

        The world could do a lot of things. Biden caused oil prices to shoot up, and Russia’s cash crop is oil. That is how Putin finances his army that has been savaging Ukraine. Biden also permitted the Nord Stream 2 pipeline while shutting down the Keystone pipeline, the Mideast pipeline and other pipelines. It seems the only pipelines Biden likes are those that benefit Putin’s war-making abilities. Then there is Europe which is Russia’s biggest purchaser of oil. That funds Putin’s armies as well. Should we forget that the Ukraine pipeline is open while the Ukraine war is hot? The Ukrainians won’t shut it even though it funds Russian troops, and the Russians won’t shut it even though its payments to Ukraine fund Ukraine.

        Who are the people that are benefitting from this array of conflicting actions? We know who they are, but too many have their heads buried in the dirt while virtue signaling is the rage.

        1. Who are the people that are benefitting from this array of conflicting actions?

          Those pushing The fourth Industrial Revolution. Unlike the first three, this one is not evolving naturally. They call it The Great Reset and it is being forced into existence by compliance with DEI and environmental sustainability metrics. If these folks had been around at the beginning of the Second Industrial Revolution, they would have pushed to ban the existence of candles and the horse and buggy, because electricity and the automobile was the future.

          1. Great answer Olly. Globalism is a two edged sword. A lot of our leftists friends are committing Hari-cari by not recognizing where the problems lie.

      3. IOWAN:

        You’re making the ridiculous argument that only rank amateurs can be trusted to serve as President. Like the less knowledgeable the better. That was Trump indeed!

        1. “You’re making the ridiculous argument that only rank amateurs can be trusted to serve as President.”

          Hunter and Joe Biden corruption.

          Joe Biden was in politics for almost his entire adult life. Jeff
          Kent: corrupt activities recognized and monetary gain documented. Very detailed.

          A summary plus the documents. No need to read spin. Hunter was an addict and a drunk. Who was behind the scenes to guide the corruption?


          1. Alan, almost every president has had at least one loser relation. Trump had an alcoholic brother.

            Yet Trump himself is more dubious than any bad brother or son. Trump bet big on Atlantic City and almost lost his father’s fortune. Those losses then drove Trump to solicit Russian investors.

            Trump also bears the stigma of having 26 women complain of unwanted advances. Plus Trump had affairs with a Porn Star and Playboy Plamate.

            And finally Trump was caught on tape demanding that the Georgia Secretary of State find 11,000 votes. That’s the most incrinating tape since Watergate!

            So this idea that Biden is somehow unacceptable is just more phony outrage from bellowing Republicans.

            1. “[A]lmost every president has had at least one loser relation.”

              Except that this “loser relation” is the bagman for a kleptocratic family.

            2. You seem to lack the ability to differentiate annoying problems from critical problems. That tells us a discussion with you leads nowhere. That you do not understand the dangers created by Hunter and its impact on the world is disturbing. When I say that, I am assuming you are an adult.

              1. REGARDING ABOVE:

                Anonymous, you’re the Bog Stooge, and a lousy debater, who can’t argue anything.

            3. “…almost every legal bloghas had at least one loser troll

              In this case that would be Svelaz / Sammy / Seth Warner / Anonymous with the 8th grade writing vocabulary

              1. ANONYMOUS,

                I’m surprised you know this is a legal blog. It seemed like you thought it was a White Grievance Blog.

                1. Be nice. You and I have not had our butt hole licked in decades and you never know who might be available to take care of our girl needs! Pucker up girlfriend.

              2. STOOGE:

                We weren’t aware you knew this is a legal blog.

                It seemed like you mistook this for a White Grievance Blog.

    2. Since you are so interested in Ukraine, can you tell us why Biden initially permitted Nord Stream 2? That was just one of the devastating blows to Ukraine by Biden.

      Trump stopped it.

  6. The interview with Clinton was mostly about Ukraine and only at the end did Todd bring up what’s going on with Dem party factions and upcoming midterms. Once again, my suggestion is to listen to the whole interview if you want get a real understanding of Todd and Clinton and not rely on JT for a summary since he is advancing a narrative.

    1. The interview with Clinton was mostly about Ukraine and only at the end did Todd bring up what’s going on
      That is the thrust of the post. REPORTERS, playing the straight man for a Democrat, and letting them do an unchallenged monologue, instead of digging into the news of the day. Like large fines delivered by the FEC, an a campaigns lawyer and firm being exposed as liars in front of Congress.

      1. The news of the day is Ukraine so that is why Todd focused on that, especially when interviewing a former Secretary of State.

        1. The news of the day is what the reporter asks the interviewee.
          Her lawyer has been indicted. I would say that’s major news and bears reporting on.

    2. Typical lib playbook. Deflect and cloud the issue. Journalists are paid to get the truth on the pertinent issues , not play defense for the politician.
      Lying by omission is the rule of the day for NBC.

    3. Do you think Todd and Clinton aren’t advancing a narrative? For Clinton it’s to be expected as she’s a politician, but Todd is allegedly a journalist and is supposed to be going past the narrative and putting the politicians’ feet to the fire

  7. Anonymous says:

    “It should be interesting to see how long Professor Turley avoids any mention of Russian atrocities.”

    As everyone knows, I yield to no one in my exposing Turley’s hypocrisy in never criticizing his employer Fox News; however, your comment is a cheap shot. Turley is on the record stating emphatically that Putin is a potential war criminal:

    “I recently wrote a column on why I believe that the Russians are now committing flagrant war crimes. Ukraine is the victim of those crimes and the images from that country are truly sickening. Vladimir Putin and his government now stands as not just a pariah among nations but criminal actors who have shattered the most basic principles of international law and the Law of War.”


    I agree that there are too many Trumpists who are much less concerned about Ukraine’s border with Russia than America’s border with Mexico, most notably, Tucker Carlson:

    “Tucker Carlson Hoping We Can Just Forget About All the Times He Insisted Putin Was the Best”


    It is pathetic that Turley will not admonish his *Fox colleague* for his defense of Putin as well as his admiration for Victor Orban. There ARE Fox employees who have publicly and bravely objected to Carlson’s false narratives as a matter of principle:

    Mike Wallace- left Fox
    Stephen Hayes- left Fox
    Jonah Goldberg- left Fox
    Shep Smith- left Fox
    Bret Baier- stayed
    Jonathan Turley- crickets

    1. CUCK Todd is just another stenographer for the DNC. No balls to be a real reporter

    2. Tucker found the October 11 2004 video of Fauci assuring a C-Span caller that having had a case of flu already, she had the “best” immunity and there was no need to get vaccinated. This, after Fauci and his gang at the NIH and CDC first refused to even acknowledge the natural immunity issue and then would not speak in support of Covid survivors who questioned the vaccine mandates. Roaring Silence from the other corporate media and don’t look for this on the “fact check” sites either because it isn’t there. But then neither is the Heparin scandal where a “US” drug corporation killed hundred of Americans with poisoned meds made in China (but not labeled as such, since there is no country of origin requirement). They all canceled Dr.Malone who is afforded access to media Only On Fox now. (he had the Covid and got the vax and had a bad reaction too).

      Time and again Tucker has significant facts found nowhere else on the so-called “news” networks. Thus, the venom and demands for his removal. The only thing comparable to him allowed on TV is Sharyl Attkisson syndicated on Sinclair, and she was run off CBS because she pursued the astounding corruption of the “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal in Holder’s DOJ. Her show was the only place outside C-Span to interview the author of “China RX” where you may read the complete account of the Heparin affair (which is so bad the FDA could not determine exactly what happened, they had not inspected the plant in 6 years). The other networks are beholden to the drug companies due the gigantic ad revenues they produce and has a lot to do with their incompetent–and I would asser, corrupt–coverage of the vaccines and medications relevant to the Covid. So why DO those African countries have such low death rates compared to the “advanced” countries? Johns Hopkins published the evidence but don’t look for it on the “fact checks”.

      1. My “huh” was referring to your last statement regarding Seth Rich. What about it?

        1. What about the comments involving Fauci, China and Heparin. Do you know anything about those incidents?

    3. “. . . much less concerned about Ukraine’s border with Russia than America’s border with Mexico . . .”

      Perhaps because that border with Mexico borders America.

  8. Todd’s other job is to pick up what the elephants left after the parade.

  9. When the election commission is fines you for things that you and your party did during an election it’s a big deal. She bore false witness against her opponent and she, Joe and the MSM hid a story that would have effected the outcome of an election for The President of the United States. Even now they continue with the real Big big lie. Their in salvage mode to keep what little they have left of their reputations and that sure as hell ain’t much. Trump was right when he said “Lock her up.”

    1. TiT says:

      “Trump was right when he said “Lock her up.”

      I’d like to hear Turley’s opinion of this statement. What do you think? You think he would agree with your statement that Trump was right?

  10. One can be pretty certain (not 100% but close to it) that the Clinton handlers told Todd not to bring up the recent fines levied against her campaign and the DNC.
    Todd is bought and paid-for anyway, but likely her minders made sure that subject didn’t come up.

    1. Clinton handlers told Todd not to bring up the recent fines levied against her campaign and the DNC.
      It was the stated conditions that had to be met for the interview to happen.

  11. Upchuck todd….fake news before the horse even leaves the tainted gate. Of course this partisan hack soft balled and misled his tiny audience…… god forbid he scare them off with the truth.

  12. “We Have a Great Story to Tell” …after we clean it up for you.

  13. Hullbobby says:

    “Bret Baier has the best show on television right now, honest, fair”

    Like Mike Wallace, Baier objected to Carlson’s conspiracy laden false-flag “Patriot Purge.” Here is the report:

    “Bret Baier Asked About Tucker Carlson’s January 6 Docuseries ‘Patriot Purge’: “There Were Concerns About It, Definitely”

    “Kilmeade, on his radio, show, asked Baier whether he was “bothered” by the Carlson series.

    “Brian, I won’t go down this road. There were concerns about it, definitely, and I think the news division did what we do,” he said. “We covered the story, and I wanted to do that all internally. Steve and Jonah made their decision, and it is their decision.”

    “Baier was referring to Stephen Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, conservative commentators who have been with the network since 2009. They announced on Sunday that they were resigning, in part in protest over the documentary, calling it “a collection of incoherent conspiracy-mongering, riddled with factual inaccuracies, half-truths, deceptive imagery, and damning omissions.”

    “According to a report from NPR’s David Folkenflik, Baier and Fox News’ Chris Wallace shared their objections over the documentary series with Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and Jay Wallace, president of the news division.”

    “Baier told Kilmeade of the departure of Hayes and Goldberg, “I think it was a tough choice, but one that they have made on principle. And, you know, I am going to let them speak for themselves. It saddens me to see them go, and I am always for hearing all kinds of voices, left, right, Trump whoever, supporters. It is sad for Special Report, I think for the network, but they made their choice on principle, so I will let their statement stand.”


    Baier didn’t want to talk about it. Gee, I wonder why. Could it be the same reason that Turley too never mentioned it?

    Because it’s embarrassing that a reporter who he respects, Chris Wallace, abandoned Fox on principle. Notice that Baier did NOT take issue with Goldberg’s and Hayes’ condemnation of Carlson. Baier stated that “I will let their statement stand.” Boom!

    However, our outspoken Jonathan Turley did not even mention this newstory. He ignored it. Not a peep. Why? Could it be that had he brought it up, he would have to justify his not following Wallace and the 2 others out the door?

    1. ” I think for the network, but they made their choice on principle,”

      Principle, something unheard of in your neck of the woods.

      Again, why not send Turley an email instead of doing your thing behind his back.

      1. Turley can respond to my criticism anytime he wishes. He won’t because he can’t defend his ignoring these principled defections from Fox much less justifying his decision to remain.

        1. He won’t because you are what he considers one of several “trolls and juvenile posters” on here. You constantly pollute these blogs with your childish BS and add nothing constructive to the discussion.

    2. Tucker exposed the matter of “Fred Epps” who the Jan. 6 committee had to come up with an “interview” for only because he exposed this. There are people still in jail who did less than what Epps did on video. Then there is the matter of “scaffold man” with a bullhorn exhorting people to go after the Capitol. He’s unmasked, but the FBI can’t identify him? Nor have the hundreds of volunteer sleuths poring over every image the internet can produce? The feds only made a show of Mr. Rhodes–the “insurrectionist” after Tucker asked why a year had gone by and nobody cares about him, again after they crushed people who didn’t break anything and took a selfie. Are you familiar with Brandon Straka, who took video on the other side of the Capitol where nobody did anything but who was nonetheless arrested by the FBI and charged with crimes? There were many questions nobody else bothered to ask and it was totally legitimate for Tucker to look into them. BTW have any other “journalists” had a DC mob on their lawn and their front door broken? The matter of selective enforcement in DC (and the almost ineffable incompetence exhibited by the DC police over decades) never gets any coverage. Nice job on the Seth Rich case huh?

        1. Did you miss all the past comments about Fred Epps? You have made all sorts of comments, and now it seems you are unaware of Fred Epps.

            1. What does that mean “Could not care less”? Does that mean that everything you say has no meaning?

      1. On Tucker Carlson tonight, he did a long opening monologue on the threat to the freedom of speech. I was expecting to see Turley because free speech is his forte’. But he was a no-show. Perhaps, Carlson’s past embrace of Putin is too toxic now for Turley who has diametrically opposed views about Putin. These days, it’s a bad look to be photographed side-by-side Carlson.
        Incidentally, not one mention by Tucker of the Russian war crimes in Ukraine. Talk about ignoring headline news….

  14. Turley Accuses Chuck Todd Of Ignoring The Real Story. Yet Turley Ignores Today’s Real Story

    The biggest headlines throughout the western world today are the atrocities Russia committed in the suburbs of Kyiv. Numerous bodies have been found, lying in the streets, with hands bound and bullet holes through the head. What’s more, allegations of rape by Russian soldiers are being heard.

    Said atrocities are being discovered in the wake of Russia’s retreat following its failure to take Kyiv. President Biden has called for Vladimir Putin to be tried for war crimes. And many nations are demanding that Russia be removed from the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

    Yet Johnathan Turley has declined to comment on Russia’s atrocities out of deference to all the Pro-Putin sympathizers in the Republican Party. Here, on these comment threads, Pro-Putin comments by the Blog Stooge and Mespo were a daily thing until Russia’s military ineptitude became apparent.
    It should be interesting to see how long Professor Turley avoids any mention of Russian atrocities.

    1. Anonymous – JT usually picks his topics because of the classes he is teaching.

    2. The biggest headlines across the country are Democrats want to groom our children in grade school. Democrats are pederasts. However you, Svelaz / Sammy / sock puppet master probably like that term. One wonders how many children you have “taught” about gay sex. Pervert

    3. bs.. no proof the same media that lied to you about this and clinton are bs’ing you about the war… wake up More on 🙂 pictures are all made up… they’ve nothing on trump.. everything on biden and clinton and you are worried about a war that we have no business being in… aside from doing away with Nazi’s and biolabs!! now that’s fact!! You are avoiding the real questions… More on.


        Tom Fetch and the Anonymous above him are both The Blog Stooge, of course. And his message is QAnon friendly.

    4. Turley is a legal analyst opining on a most aggregous act of journalistic malpractice by Todd on the matter of the worst political scandal story in U S history, the Russian Hoax Coup Attempt. The geopolitical crisis and Biden’s contribution to the present slaughter is a completely different story with no bearing on the article above. Turley’s opinions on Biden’s latest international fiasco might be interesting but it’s not really in the wheelhouse of his formidable expertise with law. He may have an opinion on the collegiate b- ball title game too. I don’t expect to be reading much on that matter from him either. BTW, Todd should resign in disgrace.

    5. “Turley has declined to comment on Russia’s atrocities out of deference to all the Pro-Putin sympathizers . . .”

      So Turley has a view. But he’s afraid to express it publicly because doing so might upset some Republicans.

      That cowardly Turley exists only in your fevered imagination.

      1. He testified for Trump. That was not cowardly. The left is filled with hypocrites, at the same time they attack him for telling the truth, they attack him for being cowardly.

  15. “We’ve got a great story [lie] to tell.”

    – Hillary Clinton

    Chuck Todd perpetrates a fraud on America, and interviews Hillary without asking about [covers up] the FEC fine on the Steele dossier.

    The withholding of facts, truth and honesty by the MSM are the means justified by the end, the full abrogation of the Constitution, and completion of the communist revolution in and the conquest of America.

    “The end justifies the means.”

    – Sergey Nechayev,

    Nechayev was the author of the Catechism of a Revolutionary which was a program for the “merciless destruction” of society and the state. The main principle was “the ends justify the means”. This became Nechayev’s slogan throughout his revolutionary career.

    1. The best part of this is chucky’s ratings are lower than dirt. So there is that. His soft treatment of cankles McFraud is par for the course…mid terms slaughter here we come !.

  16. So, now, Turley, you’re trying to dictate what the contents of an interview should be on a mainstream media outlet, when you work for one of the most intellectually-dishonest media outlets? The ReTrumplicans have so much to answer for, and the relatively-small fine was issued against her campaign, not against her. You want to talk about dishonesty? Why not address the Big Lie, a far more important political story, and one that will go in the history books instead of the red-herring “Steele Dossier” that WASN’T the impetus for the Mueller investigation, another matter for the history books. It’s pathetic, Turley. Is that why you became an attorney: to be an errand-boy for an intellectually-dishonest media outlet that defends a fat, lying narcissist who cheated his way into office, and who fomented an insurrection after he couldn’t lie, bully or litigate his way back into power?

    1. Trump won. Biden is illegitimate. Trump is coming back for a second term in 2024. Suck it up and cope, babydoll.

      1. Trump won!

        The Deep Deep State stole.

        What Would George Washington Do?


        “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        – Declaration of Independence, 1776

      2. Trump lost. Twice. He’s always been a liar and cheater. Now, he’s siding with the mass murderer who helped him cheat his way past the will of the American people in 2016. Your hero praises this mass murderer as “smart, savvy, genius”. Every poll in 2016 and 2020 predicted your hero’s loss. There’s no proof of widespread fraud. You can’t disprove the results of all 50 states with any evidence, but you believe the lies of a malignant narcissist. It’s sad, truly sad.

        1. https://hereistheevidence.com/

          Mueller was asked specifically if he could cite any votes that were changed and he said “no”.

          So did you ever find the Russia Collusion? Do you know who Clinesmith is? Have you ever looked up “Tony Podesta’s art collection”?

          Your allies in the Media Mafia protected the Clintons (still are) with the same ferocity they tried to destroy Trump with. You could spend all day on the Arkancide site just reading stuff they made sure never saw the light of day. Did you know the FBI says they couldn’t find the bullet in the Vince Foster case? (Brett Kavanaugh was in on that). Or that they said McVeigh’s accomplice never even existed?

          People who think like you do cling to Howard Zinn and make him required reading in colleges and even high schools. There is not a single instance of the name “Bush” in his “history”. Noam Chomsky loves it. But then he says the Republicans are worse than the Nazis, because of fossil fuels.

          BTW I don’t particularly care for Trump either (I was for Rand Paul, I was a Perot organizer in 1992) but the Clintons sold this country out for personal gain and in her case a profoundly disturbing case of hysterical retribution against those who offend her emotional affectations.

          The doddering fool in the Whiite House lied again today about driving a truck. He proclaimed “secure the border” in the State of the Union and now he’s going to bust it wide open. Almost certain to cause a big new Covid Surge as the whole world is down there now. What would you call that?

    2. What is pathetic is you projecting more than an AMC collective on a Friday night! It’s amazing the stupidity, gaslighting and dishonesty you display but have zero conscience about it. Media is supposed to be truthful and forthcoming and unbiased not some arm of the party you lay up under. Of course there will be reactionary from the side shut from the echo chamber. Until you get your own side of the street cleaned up stfd

    3. Just to be clear, it was both Hillary’s campaign and the DNC that were fined. They both hid payments totaling more than a million dollars for the Steele Dossier as “legal fees” and of course lied about paying anything at all for the Dossier. The fines were $8k for the Clinton Campaign and $105.000 for the DNC. While the fines are not huge, they mislead Congress and the American public for years. We will have to wait to see what civil and/or criminal charges will be brought using the FEC evidence.

  17. Thank you Jon for discussing this. I did not see the entire interview so thought that perhaps the topic of the fines was covered earlier. However, the questions that I did hear seemed odd given the recent FEC fines. I was surprised to see her at all after being fined, but I guess that she is confident that no hard questions or discussion will arise since the media has been complicit in promoting her and others on the left.

    The other thing that is disturbing is how little attention has been paid to the FEC fines by all of the media. Perhaps it is because the fines are pocket change but they are still hugely significant. She published her book about What Really Happened in the 2016 election and toured the country to discuss it; I didn’t read it but assume that it omitted the facts on which the fines are based, or we would have heard a different narrative since the 2016 election. For more than 5 years she and others in her party persecuted Trump and tore the country apart. Some of the media has mentioned the fines once a few days ago, but even the Wall Street Journal has not covered them!

    I’m hopeful that Elon Musk’s recent purchase of more than 9% of Twitter will be the start of more free speech in the media.

  18. “[S]ome are admitting like Washington Post there is a “reckoning” for the media . . .” (JT)

    If WaPO had a conscience, this would be its “reckoning:”

    Step One: “Hi, my name is WaPo. I am not a journalist. I am a propagandist.”

    Step Two: “I am deeply sorry for perpetrating a fraud on our readers, and for staining the once-noble profession of journalism.”

    Step Three: “Effective immediately, I am closing down all operations — going ‘cold turkey.'”

    P.S. “Don’t worry about our individual futures. Academia’s already calling.”

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