Harvard Cancels British Romanticism Scholar Due to Her Views on Gender Issues

Harvard University is under fire this week after canceling a talk by philosopher Devin Buckley on British Romanticism.  That is usually not a protest-inspiring subject. The Lyrical Ballads of  William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge do not usually trigger riotous reactions. However, Harvard decided to cancel this talk not because of Dr. Buckley’s world-renowned expertise but because of her political views and associations. She is a member of the Women’s Liberation Front, a feminist organization that has opposed transgender policies as inimical to women’s rights. That was enough for Harvard, which shattered any pretense of free speech and viewpoint diversity on its campus. Wordsworth once wrote that “all good poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.” In this case, powerful feelings proved the end to good poetry.

Media reports quote Buckley as saying that she was cancelled after the objections from English department coordinator Erin Saladin. Even though her speech had nothing to do with gender or feminism issues, Saladin reportedly objected to her board membership on the organization.

The National Review published an email from Saladin that raised a “difficult note” after looking up Buckley and discovering her association with what Saladin called “a trans-exclusionary radical feminist organization.” She added “I also found at least one piece of her writing online that explicitly denies the possibility of trans identity. I can’t ask for funding to invite a speaker who takes the public stance that trans people are dangerous or deceptive.” She called out other faculty by name who might not want to sign off on funding when “it could look pretty bad for them and the department.”

Dr. Buckley noted that Saladin never even bothered to quote from her writings to show the hateful content.

There has been a global campaign against feminists who challenge transgender policies as undermining or even reversing the gains of the feminist movement. They are called trans-exclusionary radical feminists or Terfs by critics. Some have even been prosecuted in other countries like Australia for hate speech due to their political beliefs.

Terfs are being attacked in the media in articles that tend to include anyone who opposes transgender laws. The labeling creates a chilling effect for those who might want to speak out against aspects of these laws or policies. For some feminists, gender self-identification creates dangerous situations for women and negates core elements of feminist values. For others, this opposition is a denial of their identification and characterizes them as dangerous or potentially criminal.

In the end, none of that matters. How Buckley views gender or how others view her views on gender should not be a barrier to her speaking on British Romanticism. (Indeed, Harvard should welcome opposing views on gender identity.) Nevertheless, she has experienced the increasingly common “shunning” and cancellation of academics who hold dissenting views on campuses.

Dr. Buckley objected that “Harvard has let me know that I cannot be a scholar of British Romanticism because I do not believe there are male women. For my part, I’d rather be damned with the Romantics and Plato than go to woke heaven with Erin and the Harvard faculty.”

What is disturbing is not just the objections of staff like Saladin but the silence of faculty at Harvard in the face of such intolerance and orthodoxy. These faculty members and administrators have destroyed the guarantees of free thought and expression on our campuses. The lesson has not been lost on students. The Knight Foundation released a study showing that sixty-five (65) percent agreed that people on campus today are prevented from speaking freely. The poll is additional evidence of the failure of administrators and faculty to maintain campuses as forums for free thought and intellectual engagement.

What is most notable about these controversies is how only conservative, libertarian or minority viewpoints seem to result in cancellation or termination. When liberal faculty make racist or violent statements, they are rarely sanctioned.

As a free speech advocate, I have defended faculty who have made similarly disturbing comments “detonating white people,” denouncing policecalling for Republicans to suffer,  strangling police officerscelebrating the death of conservativescalling for the killing of Trump supporters, supporting the murder of conservative protesters and other outrageous statements. Indeed, University of Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis has defended the murder of a conservative protester and said that he saw “nothing wrong” with such acts of violence.

Even when faculty engage in such hateful acts on campus, however, there is a notable difference in how universities respond depending on the viewpoint. At the University of California campus, professors actually rallied around a professor who physically assaulted pro-life advocates and tore down their display.  Another previously case involved  Fresno State University Public Health Professor Dr. Gregory Thatcher who recruited students to destroy pro-life messages written on the sidewalks and wrongly told the pro-life students that they had no free speech rights in the matter. He was not sanctioned.

However, Dr. Buckley cannot be allowed to speak on British Romanticism at Harvard.

John Keats once wrote, “if Poetry comes not as naturally as the Leaves to a tree it had better not come at all.” Harvard decided it was best not to come at all.


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  1. My gender is not a state of mind.

    If women are going to be harassed, attacked, assaulted, or threatened with a riot if they have an opinion on what defines their own gender, then that is anathema to free speech, reason, and, I would argue, women themselves.

    The hard Left tells women to shut up and keep sweet. To clap on the sidelines as biological men wipe them out in their own sports divisions. Don’t voice a contrary opinion, that’s not nice.

    Girls, if you try hard, practice long hours, forego a lot of social time with your friends, you, too, might get second place, or lower, depending on how many biological boys you have to compete against.

    If you’re a black woman at Wi Spa, and object to management that there’s a biological man exposing his genitals to young girls in the women’s changing room, you will be harassed as transphobic. You will be told to shut up. You will spark protests and riots. Oops, that was a registered sex offender with a long rap sheet for exposing himself.

    Academics know the way the wind blows grants your way. If you try to publish about the harm sex reassignment therapy and surgery does to young boys, or the biological differences in sex, then you could fail to get tenure, fail to get published, be harassed on campus, get threatened, fail to get grants.

    Biologically, there is XX, XY, and intersex.

    Ironically, there seems to be a craze to supercharge stereotypes. We had reached the place where a girl could like frilly girl things and dolls, or she could like chemistry sets and other STEM toys, or work on cars. Womanhood did not require an ultra feminine demeanor. Now, if a girl wants to work on cars and cut her hair short, she’s pressured to change her sex to a boy. She’s told that if she doesn’t like ultra girly things, she’s probably transgender. She’ll get acceptance, attention, and love if she affirms she’s a boy trapped in a girl’s body. Normal feelings about the changes that occur during puberty are now twisted to mean that you must be transgender.

    History shows that castrating boys is considered horrific by future generations, whether it was the Castratti of Opera, or the gelding centers in Prague for European and African slaves captured by Muslims. This transgender craze of castrating boys is not going to be looked upon favorably. Take note of who pushes transgenderism, because they will likely rush to distance themselves or deny their position within 20 years or so.

    1. “The hard Left tells women to shut up and keep sweet.”

      There is a lot of misogyny on the hard left, racism, fascism, and everything else needed to prop up those who are weak and need virtue signaling to feel complete along with their brothers who cannot live happily without raw power.

  2. This column gave me a great idea: I am going to apply to Harvard with the addition to my bio that I identify as a Native American. It has been proven that they a) agree to take you at your word regarding self-identification, b) do not do any kind of checking regarding claims of being NA and 3) love to use inflated diversity numbers when dealing with the federal government. Finally, Hullbobby, Harvard freshman.

  3. In the article there is a hyperlink that apparently refers to censorship in Australia – however, if you follow it the cases are actually in the UK. Don’t mean to be pedantic, but hyperlinks need to be accurate. Many of us don’t always follow them to check. Australia is around 12,000 miles away from the UK.

  4. The first principle of philosophy is vigorous debate. When vigorous debate is no longer allowed we must defend against those who come to us as supposed philosophers by exclaiming that they are only charlatans. Once the first principal of philosophy is abandoned all that remains is a Totalitarian. Once the self proclaimed philosophic Totalitarian comes to power he kills all the other philosophers who say that his philosophy holds no merit. Multiple examples are found throughout history. Possibly the most prominent would be Socrates. https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/436105. One must then come to the realization that one must make a choosing between the wisdom of the true philosophers or the wisdom of Totalitarian philosopher. It seems more often now that the philosophers in higher education have chosen to go hand in hand with the Totalitarian philosopher. They do so presenting their bonafides. In the past Socrates lost his freedom to speak and his life. The vigilant realize that history does indeed repeat itself unless actions are taken to keep it from happening again. Soon there will be a time of choosing to make sure that a time for choosing will continue to be permitted. The time for duty quickly approaches.

    1. “Soon there will be a time of choosing to make sure that a time for choosing will continue to be permitted. The time for duty quickly approaches.”


      Echoes Ecclesiastes.

  5. More paid pandering to the disciples. As someone with an appointment to academia, Turley, you are well-aware that every institution of higher learning publishes official policies opposing things like racism, misogyny, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and transphobia, etc.. Opposing these things includes not using the University as a means to lend credence to those whose publicly-espoused views conflict with the school’s stated philosophies. By way of example, Harvard wouldn’t invite David Duke to speak about Southern barbecue cuisine, not because of the subject, but because of what he stands for. This same concept applies here. Standing against discrimination of transsexuals means standing against those who have taken a public stance against the rights of transsexuals. Of course, you know that the disciples know nothing about any of this since they didn’t attend college, don’t understand transsexualism, that it’s not some fad or personal choice, and who want transsexuals to feel ashamed of who they are, to be excluded from society and ostracized as weird or dangerous. Fox and other alt-right news love to feed this little aspect of the culture wars. As a member of academia, you should be ashamed to use your credentials to stir up the culture wars with this little potty piece being a prime example. Of course, your hidden agenda is an attack against Harvard where Laurence Tribe is a constitutional scholar, and whom you attack regularly, too.

    1. I wonder how Natacha would feel about a man claiming to be a women could take a woman’s job in a ladies only health spa.. Would Natacha enjoy being in the spa to witness the rise in the ladies gym shorts. Or perhaps when Natacha was in high school she would enjoy seeing a man who called himself a woman in the shower after practice. According to Natacha these scenarios would not only be allowed but would be praised. Natacha and Disney World are one and the same.

        1. Anonymous, Natacha has told us in the past that she is from Hollywood. You know, the place were the grooming of young women and young men is thought to be just another day on the movie set. They grind em up, spit em out, and get their pleasure before they deposit big checks in their bank account. Everyone in Holly including Natacha knew what Harvey Weinstein was doing and they turned a blind eye. Now we discover that they are doing the same thing that Harvey Weinstein did to young girls to young boys by other powerful men in Hollywood. The people of Hollywood turned a blind eye to Harvey Weinstein and they are turning a blind eye to what’s being done to young boys now. The question of why must be spoken. It’s because they believe such actions are not only permissible but that they are normal. I make this explanation so that you can more readily understand where Natacha is coming from.

          1. I appreciate Natacha giving me several opportunities to set the record straight in these comments. 😉

      1. I could write something very snarky here, but I won’t, other than to point out that you are clueless. Men do not pose as transsexuals to get access to women’s health spas or locker rooms. You have no idea how much suffering a transsexual goes through simply for being who they are. My auto mechanic, born “Robert”, was a transsexual, and he spoke to me about his situation, including his loneliness and rejection, even by his own family. He was one hell of a mechanic, though, and kept his job. He was made to feel unloved, unwanted, rejected and viewed as a threat to others because he dressed as a woman and took female hormones. He never got bottom surgery before deciding to commit suicide.

        1. Except the 100s or now 1000s of times they have. You have to have your head in the sand to avoid knowing about them. Just today a trans-identified man was convicted for raping a fellow inmate (he’s a male, she is female). Women in prisons are begging for the insanity to stop, stop putting males into their once-safe spaces. Two women are pregnant at a NJ prison after a trans-identified male was put into their prison. There are plenty of trans-identified males who have attacked and raped women in spaces that once used to be FOR WOMEN. I don’t even know how it’s possible to not only know this, but not know that giving children hormones, drugs, and lopping off their healthy body parts is a bad thing. I have to honestly wonder what is wrong with liberals? You’ve gone from champions of free speech to wanting to censor everyone who disagrees. You’ve gone from supporting women, lesbians and also the gay population to throwing them under the bus. YES there are millions of gay and lesbians NOT on board with the trans scourge. They are smart enough to see how it hurts them. Maybe some waking up is in order for you.

          1. Vidagalore, have you noticed that there is no answer by Natacha concerning your post saying that women are being raped by transgender men. Natacha’s disappearing act is so good she should perform it before Penn and Teller. Never mind that, they would figure out her trick in one minute.

            1. The only argument they have against the absolutely insane trans agenda is “but they’ll commit suicide!” And it’s not even true.

        2. Sad story. Robert obviously needed psychiatric care rather than “bottom surgery”.

          1. Robert received care, but it couldn’t displace the rejection he experienced, even from his own family, or his loneliness. Before he started taking female hormones, he used to spend time with his nephew, who would come to work with him to watch and learn auto mechanics. I recall them enjoying pitching and catching baseballs outside his shop. All that changed when he transitioned. He told me one day, shortly before he died, that “everyone wishes I would just go away.” No therapist can talk you out of the reality of a family that does not love you enough to accept you, especially when you don’t have a significant other.

        3. A man who claimed to be transgender entered the women’s locker room at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles, CA. He exposed his genitals to little girls inside. A black woman angrily complained to the management. People crowded around, and a man called her transphobic. She was told to shut up. Her complaint sparked protests, inspired articles.

          Turns out the guy had a long rap sheet of exposing himself and was later arrested for this incident.

          Then there’s all the transgender “women” housed in the NJ women’s prison. One of them impregnated 2 inmates. (https://www.womensliberationfront.org/news/two-nj-womens-prison-inmates-impregnated-by-male-criminal). One of the concerns is that men seek to be housed with women in order to avoid the more dangerous men’s prisons. The other is that if you house intact biological men with biological women, it will result in pregnancies, and possibly sexual assault.

          Then there was the woman in Canada who complained that she was housed with a biological man, bearded, in the battered women’s shelter. She was a survivor of sexual abuse. She was accused of transphobia.

          There certainly are people who sincerely suffer from gender dysphoria. It is a debilitating mental illness. There are also people who suffer Body Integrity Disorder, who think they are supposed to be amputees. There are those who feel like they were born the wrong race, such as Rachel Dolezal. They are not comfortable in their own bodies. Their internal reality does not match actual reality. They deserve compassion, and an individualized health plan, not automatic affirmation, no questions asked. For every person who happily transitions to another sex, there are those who bitterly regret the permanent damage done to their bodies.

          We can be compassionate towards people who suffer from gender dysphoria without giving biological men access to private women’s spaces, and sports divisions, for safety and fairness. We need to use common sense.

          1. These people were NOT really transgenders–they were criminals claiming to be transgender as a cover for their criminality and your effort to paint all transgenders as criminals or rapists in disguise is just another example of your ignorance and efforts to paint yourself as knowledgeable about things of which you know nothing, Karen.

            1. That’s one of the problems. No one can look inside the mind and tell if they suffer from gender dysphoria, or if they are a guy who wants to expose himself to little girls. Transgender chaining room policies generally give anyone who claims to be female access to private women’s spaces, regardless of what they look like. It would be an intrusion of privacy to check to see if they had surgery.

              Plus, gender dysphoria has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Someone can feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body, and still want to have sex with women. You have absolutely no idea if any o the people in these examples suffer from gender dysphoria. Only they know what they think.

              That man exposed himself to little girls because of a transgender bathroom policy. An intact biological male impregnated 2 female prisoners in a NY women only prison because of a transgender policy. That’s why there should be no penises in women’s showers, changing rooms, battered women’s shelters, or prisons. This would normally be considered common sense, but apparently there is no common sense in 2022.

              1. Karen: you are a prime example of what is wrong with this country and why so many people fall for the Big Lie–because they think they know everything when they really don’t know much of anything. When it comes to any topic you heard about on Fox, of which you know little to nothing, like COVID, vaccination, hydroxychloroquine, transsexualism, etc., you look for stories that confirm your biases, which proves the depth of your lack of understanding. You don’t understand transsexualism, and you don’t want to, because you think you already know it all. You’ve never known an actual transsexual, either, but try to pontificate about people’s sexual orientation and attractions.

                Weenie waggers exposed themselves to women and girls long before there were any transgender bathroom policies, and prison guards have raped and impregnated female prisoners long before there were transexual bathroom policies. People who posse as transsexuals in order to commit crimes are not transsexuals–they are criminals posing as transsexuals.

                You want to speak about “common sense”? This, coming from someone who fell for the Big Lie and defends it, even though every recount, re-recount, forensic analysis, certification by all 50 Secretaries of State, more than 60 lawsuits, Bill Barr and Chris Krebs all say Biden won fair and square. Then, there’s the Jan 6th insurrection that you downplay as a protest that got out of control, despite proof of a coordinated effort by alt-right groups, members of Congress and Trump and his administration to try to prevent Joe Biden’s victory from being certified, after Trump couldn’t bully, litigate or cheat his way back into power. This was after Trump lost the popular vote in 2016, never garnered even a 50% approval rating in 4 years’ time, left our economy and public health in shambles and started a trade war with China resulting in shortages of computer chips and consumer goods. Yet, you believe he won, anyway, that he had a “landslide victory” that was “stolen” by a “rigged election”, and you want to talk about “common sense”?

                1. You asked why it was anyone else’s business – and I agree ?

                  Why is it a teachers business to indoctrinate kids ?

                  Why is it YOUR business of governments business whether others mask ?
                  Particularly given that 13RCT’s since 2000 have all shown masks ineffective at thwarting respiratory viruses ?

                  Why is it your business or govenrments whether others take HCQ or Ivarmectin – either propholactically or for Covid ?

                  Why is it YOUR or governments business whether a teen thinks they are LGBTQ ?

                  Why is it Your business or governments whether others vaccinate ?

                  Over and over the conflicts most of us have with YOU is YOUR desire to use FORCE to get into other peoples business.

                2. Raffensburger is now admitting there was significant Fraud in the 2020 Election and the subsequent senate Runnoff.
                  He is investigating massive and coordinated ballot harvesting in GA.

                  There is a growing body of court cases across the country finding serious problems including Fraud in 2020.

                  All of the cases you cite did NOT actually inquire. They did NOT hold evidentiary hearings, they did NOT allow discovery.
                  They did not rule on the merits.

                  To a large extent we had the same courts that allowed a lawless election in the first place to subsequently decide not to hear the evidence that the election was likely fraudulent.

                  Further we have the SUPRESSION of the Biden family corruption story. There is little doubt that flipped the election. In fact the impact was likely large enough to give trump a LARGE popular vote win. 16% of democrats polled indicated they would not have voted for Biden had they known about the Laptop – that is 12M lost votes for Biden – and that is if those voters just refused to vote. It would be a 24M shift if they voted for Trump.

                  Trump lost the election by 42,000 votes. You really beeleive that had the Hunter Biden story managed to get to even a small nmber of additional voters Biden would have been elected ?

                  We can debate whether the supression of the Biden story was legal – it probably was – but there is no debate at all that it was immoral and unethical.

                  There is also no debate that we can not trust those who supressed that story. People who will do one unethical and immoral thing will do others.

                3. If you think that those who marched to the capital on J6 were not justified because of Ballot fraud
                  Were they justified because the press, big tech, social media, the democratic party, the intelligence community and Candidate Biden LIED to them about Hunter Biden ?

                  An 18 month investigation into the 2020 election has PROVEN a massive coordinated and illegal ballot harvesting operation focused on the “swing states”. I would note that the Time article by democrats bragging about how they won the election very nearly admits this.
                  “Ballot harvesting” is illegal in most of the country. A republican in NC lost in 2018 – over allegations of small scale Ballot harvesting.
                  The 2020 Democratic operation involved hundreds of thousands of ballots, was coordinated, and aparently was a paid scheme.
                  Harvestors were PAID to get democratic votes.

                  Did the courts get Dredd Scott correct ? Plessey V Furgesson ?

                  Grow up – Our institutions have FAILED and are not trustworthy.

                  That is THEIR failure – at YOUR hands.

                  Fox did not make them Fail.

                  We are seeing massive failures by government pretty much accross the board. CIA, FBI, DOJ, CBP, DHS, DoD.
                  We are seeing massive failures by the press – specifically the left wing Press.

                  Fox did not get the Collusion Delusion story wrong, Fox did not get the Biden Corruption story wrong.
                  It is the left press that blew that story – and did so deliberately and unethically.

                  It is not Alex Jones that supressed and censroed that Story – and myriads of other true stories over the past several years.
                  It is Big Tech and Social media.

                  I do not want this idiotic ministry of Truth Obama, Biden, … are pushing.
                  But if it existed, had teeth and actually dealt with misinformation – it is NOT Fox that would be “cancelled” – it is the very institutions that you tout.

                    1. The trust of the public in the integrity of our institutions is in the toilet.

                      Republicans did not do that – those institutions – controled increasingly by democrats did that to themselves.

                      Mr. Benson you can insult me however you wish. There is no reason for anyone to believe you.

                      You destroyed your own credibility – I did not.

                      You can lie and lie and lie – and you can get away with it for a while.
                      But ultimately you can not fool all the people all the time.

                      You are not trusted – and that is your own fault.

                4. If J6 was an inssurection – Trump would be president.

                  You just keep up this idiotically stupid argument.

                  An insurrection is an attempt to overthrow govenrment by force.
                  Had an insurrection been intended – you would have had 150,000, people with AR-15’s.

                  Unlike the BLM riots – the J6 protestors did not come with Bricks, or molotov cocktails.

                  They did not try to burn the capital down – like BLM protestors burned down police stations – or Protestors in portland tried to burn down the federal courthouse.

                  They broke into THE single most important public venure for free speech, free assembly, and petitioning government that exists in the US.

                  One that has never been locked while government was in session before.

                  There was a Coup attempt – by Pelosi.

                  It is not Trump that locked down the capital, it is Not Trump that called Miley to secure the support of the military. You do understand that congress critters have no constitutional authority to give direction to the military ?

                  We now know Trump wanted the national guard there BEFORE the protests – probably so Pelosi had no excuse to shut down the capital.

                  Nutacha when you and your speak – they nearly always LIE.

                5. You address the certification – and can not grasp your OBVIOUS logical error.

                  You do not seem to grasp that Certification of the election was a CHOICE congress was given by the constitution.

                  Being able to vote YES, means being allowed to vote NO.

                  Which means that even if this conspiracy you claim existed – it would be LEGAL.

                  You can not illegally conspire to do something you are legally allowed to do.

                  You are trying to make politicalk opposition illegal.

                  If you do not wish to be compared to 1984 -do not act like it.

                6. Trump is currently leading Biden by 6pts in the RCP average. He purportedly lost by 4pts – that is a 10pt swing, that all occured with Biden as president.
                  We have negative 1.42% growth the 1st qtr of 2022 with 5+% inflation – we have not seen anything that bad since the 70’s.
                  There are now more than double the Covid deaths under Biden as Trump.

                  There was no vaccine under Trump – Biden started with a vaccine BECAUSE of Trump and has still failed abysmally.

                  We listend to the left rant about testing during the entire trump administration – Biden has dropped testing – everyone knows that the US is in the midst of an Omicron BA2 wave right now – but there are no testing numbers to show it.

                  Reduced severity has given Biden the benefit of lower hospitalization and death.

                  Masks never worked – but most of us know they are absolutely useless against omicron.

                  The evidence is that there is no difference between red states and blue states overall in terms of Covid and health – but there is an enormous difference in everything else. The current drug problems, the current suicide problems, the current crime problems, the current jobs problems, the current growth problems are ALL in blue states.

                  It is not Trump that failed.

                  It is democratic governors, congressmen and now Biden that have inarguably failed BADLY
                  On the evonomy on Covid, on everything.

                  BTW Trump’s for year economic average – including 2020 which had the worst single qtr economic decline in US history, still was better than Obama’s 8 year average (or either term)

                7. The computer Chip shortage is with Taiwan not china.

                  Taiwan makes 40% of the semiconductors int he world.
                  China only makes about 8%.

                  Further tarrifs do not create shortages, they create higher prices.

                8. Yes, lets talk about “common sense”

                  When people show you who they are believe them; the first time.
                  Maya Angelou

                  Those who LIED about the Collusion delusion – all those leakers/liars in government, the MSM, Big Tech, democrats should not be trusted again.

                  Those who told us over and over that Trump LIED and were found wrong – should not be beleived again.

                  Those who told us John Solomon’s and later Gulliani’s reporting and evidence obtained through FOIA requests was a Republican conspiracy theory – should not be beleived again.

                  Those who told us the hunter Biden laptop was “russian disinformation”, who reported that who supressed the story – should not be beleived again.

                  These are the people who tell us that a lawless election conducted using means no other country in the world would dare use because it is so prone to fraud, was perfect – why are they to beleived ?

                  If there was no evidence to contradict them – they still should not be beleived.

                  But there is plenty of evidence that the election was conducted lawlessly.

                9. Since you beleive the 2020 election was “perfect” –
                  how about if in 2024 Musk who you are terrified of does as Zuckerberg did in 2020 – and bribes local election officials to provide paid GOP operatives with real time information on who has not yet voted – so that they can knock on doors of undecideds or people who did not want to vote and twist their arm to vote for Trump ?

                  How about if the Musk funds the same groups to engage in massive lawfare to get Election officials to change election laws by executive fiat, or to do so through GOP friendly courts ?

                  How about if Musk funds a massive GOP ballot harvesting operation ?

                  I doubt Musk would do that – he is not a republican and he is not unethical.

                  But you seem to beleive he is both a republican and evil, so you should be very worried.

    2. “. . . not using the University as a means to lend credence to those whose publicly-espoused views conflict with the school’s stated philosophies.”

      Thank you for stating openly the obvious — that academia is no longer the “life of the mind.” That it is no longer the place for vigorous, scholarly debate over opposing ideas. That its purpose is not to educate students, but to propagandize them. That it is no longer an institution of higher learning, but a church — with a monolithic ideology enforced by its Higher Authorities.

      It’s always nice when fascists in spirit say the quiet part out loud.

  6. These people are beyond demented. This obsession with transgenderism cannot be explained other a desire to undermine the foundations of western civilization. The NIH in a 2010 study found that 0.3 percent of the population suffer from sexual dysphoria. The majority of prepubescent children who experience these “feelings” resolve it on by the time they reach adulthood. The obsession with indoctrinating kindergarteners with this pseudo science will lead to thousands of ruined lives. And it is fake science. When 99.7 percent of the population identifies with the gender established by their genetic makeup, binary gender definition is not a social construct. But if one contradicts the leftist orthodoxy one will be condemned in the harshest of terms. We live in a decadent and declining society. The Putin’s and Mullahs, not to mention the CCP are just baiting their time to watch the west self destruct

    1. I’ll bet that NIH “study” during the years of barry-o in charge vastly overstated the ## of folks who think they are a sex other than the one they are and have been since birth!

    2. The grim reality is that transgenderism is the path to sterilization and castration. Any action that leads to more children identifying as transgender than ever before, increases the risk they will become sterilized, as well as the risk of suicide, which seems like an obvious result of castration.

      Sex reassignment, bottom surgery, transgender affirmation…it’s all euphemisms for castration. Children like to play pretend, and getting attention is positive reinforcement. Children have an instinctive need for affirmation, acceptance, and attention. The transgender craze often showers children with praise when they claim they are transgender. These kids are not intellectually mature enough to grasp that the end result is castration, or what that means. There are many people who bitterly regret transgender drugs and surgery. The promise of a female reproductive tract is a false one. The surgery uses skin that was never designed to be in an internal cavity. The surgery creates a permanent wound, that frequently gets infected and when it does, it smells. That wound will require specialized daily care forever. If any of them survive to old age, they will require specialized nursing to take care of this artificial body cavity.

      Transgenderism isn’t affirming who they really are; it’s rejecting who they really are.

      Gender dysphoria, body integrity disorder (where someone thinks they are suppose to be an amputee), racial imposter syndrome (Rachel Dolezal), clinical lycanthropy (a belief they turn into a wolf or other animal), delusions of grandeur, erotomania (the belief that a celebrity or famous person loves you), people who believe they are the reincarnation of a famous historical figure (never a milkmaid or servant). There are many mental health issues which lead the sufferer to feel disconnected to the reality of their body or life. They deserve compassion. Punishing anyone who does not agree with their delusions is not appropriate.

      1. More of Karen’s BS. People don’t “encourage” children to identify as transsexual: children know who they are from an early age and no one can tell them differently. There’s no “transgender craze”: this is just one of the hooks used by Fox and other alt-right media to stir up the disciples: the evil “Left” and “Democrats” are forcing transsexualism on children, castrating them against their will. All lies. All calculated to cover the totalitarianism Republicans are trying to put in place to force their way into power by pontificating about a wedge issue that appeals to uneducated people like you, Karen, who think they are sophisticated and knowledgeable.

        NO ONE “castrates” children or “praises” them when they say they are in the wrong body. Coming out as transsexual more often than not leads to rejection and emotional abuse, if not at home, then at school where there are lots of “Karens” to “protect” little girls. No reputable physician would perform bottom surgery on a child for lots of reasons, among them being that a child is not competent to consent to major surgery, that it takes years of counseling to be certain that the decision is in the child’s best interests, that the urinary and reproductive tissues aren’t mature enough, among other reasons. So, again, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and you are just repeating something you believe that was handed to you on Fox as a diversion against the real political stores that make Republicans look bad, line Kevin McCarthy’s lying that were exposed on audio tape.

        And, how in the hell do you know anything about the complications of female reassignment surgery? This is some garbage you bought that was fed to you to get you riled up against “the Left” and “Democrats”. It probably never occurs to you that, in the end, it’s really none of your business.

        1. No Nutacha children do not “know” from an early age.

          Of course there is a “transgender craze” – throughout history and even most of the world today – there is a small but stable portion of the population that has gender dysphoria – Except in the US and UK where this nonsense has exploded – it is especially prevalent in women.

          Left wing nut teachers are pushing kids of all ages to identify as TG – if they feel they do not fit in – and nearly all kids feel they do not fit in.

          Further the left has created a culture where any status requires identifying as a victim – look at Jusse Smollet – it was not enough to be black and gay – he had to go out and fake being attacked by Trump supporters.

          Do you think that actual straight white Teens who are being TAUGHT that they are irredeemable, that there is nothing they can do about that,
          That they can not acheive any kind of recognition by excelling – at sports or math or science, or anything. But that if they identify as TG they are a high status victim ?

          My nephew is a straight white male. He is also a pre-doc student at Stanford in philosophy.

          I do not even know what it is that he identifies as – except that it is not a straight white male. Despite his choices to identify as some alphabet soup thing – there is no evidence in his real world behavior that he is anything but a straight white male.

          But he could not possibly be a pre-doc at Stanford in philosophy as a straight white male.

        2. Nutacha – you should not call ANYONE “uneducated” – if you actually have a degree – you should sue whoever gave it to you for fraud.

        3. Actually no it does not take all the things you say – the left has taken over the medical and psychiatric professions are best practices have been obliterated. Many people – particularly women go from expressing that they do not fit in to regretting surgery in less than 2 years.

          In many places Dr’s are pushed to move to puberty blockers at the drop of a hat. These are portrayed as harmless and reversable – they are not. There are always long term even permanent effects of playing with any hormone. That is not to say that some hormone treatments are not valueable for some people, but it is still dangerous. These are worse during actual puberty – genetics and biology determines the optimal times for a wide assortment of development in the human body – messing with that timing has permanent effects.

          Nutacha – you do not live in the real world.

          It is however correct that in significant portions of red america – it is still difficult to rush these processes – that it does take years and much counseling. That is how it should be. But what you claim is false in a significant portion of the country – the part people like YOU control.

        4. How do we know this is all going badly – because there is lots of data that it is.

          Even before transitioning was made trivial, the majority of those who did still had all the problems that led them to transistion in the first place afterwords. And a portion of those go back – albeit physically damaged.

          For all the miracles of modern medicine we can not do well what genetics does easily.

        5. Homo Sapiens first appeared about 150,000 years ago. It took 98% of that time – along with very high birth rates – families with 8+ children to reach a global population if 1M people.

          In a very short period we went from millions to billions.
          And birth rates have dropped precipitously.
          Today we have negative population growth in much of the world – and the few places that are growing are slowing down.

          Soon enough the population of the world will decline.

          Do you really think that homosexuality and transgender will survive that ?

          Countries are paying women to have children.

          China’s one child policy proves that those and the left are willing to subject reproduction to draconian control by the state.
          I would suggest watching One Child Nation on Amazon. In the US the right is up in arms over a tiny number of freely chosen abortions.
          In china under One Child there were 350M abortions – most forced. Many infants were killed after birth.

          You should be very affraid when you expand the power of governments – what they encourage today they can prohibit tomorow.

          It is not going to be the right passing laws that once again criminalize homosexuality or transgender.
          It is not the right that fixates on social good rather than individual rights.

          I fight for ACTUAL individual freedom for adults.
          If you are over 18 do as you wish – so long as you do not demand anything – including respect from others and you do not harm anyone but yourself.

          I fully expect to be fighting you for the rights of Gay and transgender a few decades in the future – when population decline creates massive problems and you slowly move towards forcing reproduction on people.

          The core of leftism is ill thought opinions about “the greater good”.

          The nazi’s exterminated jews – for the greater good. There are myriads of examples of mostly left totalitarian regimes murdering people for the greater good.

          When the problems of population decline bite you in the ass -you will re-educate yourself, and we will find you reversing positions on nearly everything.

          Your ideology is not about various minorities – it is about weilding power.

        6. ” It probably never occurs to you that, in the end, it’s really none of your business.”

          Correct – it is none of my business. It is not the business of government, it is not the business of teachers.
          It is the business of PARENTS.

          You seem to think that your nonsense is popular – if so then why the massive conflict ?

          If this is only an issue for a tiny fraction on the extreme right – then why are YOU involved ?

          If some tiny fraction of toddlers are being thwarted in coming out as the opposite sex, but their nut job right wing nut parents – why are you up in arms ?

          Is Alex Jones successfully indoctrinating Moms in NYC or Loudin County VA ? Really ? You expect us to buy that ?

          We keep getting this nonsense from you that all conflict is driven by extreme right wing loons.

          This is like the Russia tipped the election claim – purported a tiny number of really stupid Russian adds that ran after the election in 2016 tipped the election ?

          Somehow Alex Jones is persuading minority mothers accross the state that their toddlers are being forced into sexual perversion and CRT ?

          Really ?

  7. Colleges and Universities which maintain a negative stance towards free speech and welcoming diverse thought will be their own undoing.
    What has Harvard now become but a ‘safe space’ for students, and for only 100 grand a year –

  8. I just figured out how I can get accepted into Harvard. I’ll become a transgendered person and try to get accepted into their divinity school. How inclusive is that.

    1. You only need to self-identify as such .. and you will be accepted. Even better, identify as a “person of color.”

  9. Harvard’s 1646 Rules and Precepts read: 2. Let every Student be plainly instructed, and earnestly pressed to consider well, the maine end of his life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life (John 17:3) and therefore to lay Christ in the bottome, as the only foundation of all sound knowledge and Learning. And seeing the Lord only giveth wisedome, Let every one seriously set himself by prayer in secret to seeke it of him (Proverbs 2:3).”

  10. 1st amendment to the Constitution of the United States:
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
    Clearly the amendment states that CONGRESS can not make any law infringing upon the right of people to say or write what they want.
    Harvard University is not Congress, it is a “private” entity, as such they can make any policy pertaining to the entity that they desire. Like any private entity, if you don’t like their policies, don’t associate with the entity. As a parent, if Harvard’s policies are in opposition to yours, don’t pay them for your dependents attendance to the university.
    Every person has the right of free speech, including members of all political parties, even the President. We may not agree with what others say, but we must allow them to express themselves.
    We must resist any infringement on free speech, and the other Constitutional rights, as defined within the existing Constitution if or when any Congressional bill is proposed that infringes upon these rights.
    Only Congress has the Constitutional power to make laws.

    1. Oh, good. So we can also cut off all federal dollars to universities that practice political discrimination and thereby promote diversity of viewpoint, right? And maybe take a hard look at the tax free endowments at universities (Harvard, alone, has about $35 billion).

  11. Not a graduate of Harvard, but attended many of their CME courses over 30 years (almost yearly) and always were fantastic and rigorous. Of course that was the medical school. Hard to believe such nonsense is being tolerated at that institution. Being private immunizes them to a certain degree but I suspect they get a lot of federal money and contracts and that may come up for review by future administrations in DC.
    Many medical schools are going the equity and trans lifestyle route with basically no hard data. Not as rare an event in medicine as you would think. My advice to states is to extend their statute of limitations on medical malpractice cases involving trans treatments because 2 years in some states is far too short. I suspect that there may be an explosion of malpractice cases in the years ahead as these children and some adults come to realize what has been done to them and understand the lifelong effects of needed drugs and hormones and surgery. It will likely bring a new meaning to “informed consent”.

  12. Every time I see an article this my blood boils and thank you for keeping the campaign for FREE SPEECH an ongoing issue.

  13. The Left forgets history and often attempts to re-write it to fill the void (1619 Project comes to mind). Here, we are seeing a repetition of the French Revolution and China’s Cultural Revolution, with the revolutionaries turning on each other in pursuit of the ideal, oblivious to the fact that they are chasing a deadly chimera.

  14. Sadly, 30 years ago some of us noted that the Left/Democrats had begun an infiltration of our civil society and institutions that was going to result in chaos. We are now here. The Left and Democrats think it’s okay to administer life changing drugs to children, cut off their genitals, and lie to them calling them a different sex than they are. As a former tomboy, who is very happy as a mom of four and very much a woman, I can confidantly say (though I’m not a biologist just an educated individual) that people with XY chromosomes are not women and people with XX chromosomes are not men. Meanwhile, girls are hiding Motrin at school during their period because you need a permission slip and to go to the nurse to take it. If your kid thinks they are a mermaid, don’t sew their legs together to make them a tail. DOn’t be an idiot like the Democrats and these other child abusers. Women don’t need to be men to be amazing. The US doesn’t need the Left as they are ruining America.

    1. This is well said. Propagating to children the idea that a girl can become a boy and vice versa is wrong as a matter of biology and will lead to horrible outcomes. There is a virtual conveyor belt from “social” transition (pronoun/name changes at school, sometimes hidden from parents) to puberty blockers to opposite sex hormones and occasionally to surgical mutilation. Just a few years ago, gender dysphoria was almost entirely a very rare condition that struck toddler-age boys. Now it principally appears in pre-adolescent and adolescent girls, often in friend groups. This appears to be a social rather than a medical phenomenon. Yet the solution recommended by “affirmative care” is medical. Behind it all there is likely a pharmaceutical interest, working with psychologically disturbed doctors gripped by a false ideology.

      1. ” This appears to be a social rather than a medical phenomenon. “


      2. No one is “propagating to children” anything about transexualism, other than everyone has the right to be treated with respect. There is no “virtual conveyor belt”–that’s just a lie, and parents of transsexual children know that their child has this condition because children who are transsexual make this known even in toddlerhood. You don’t know what you’re talking about when you say that transsexualism is an “social rather than medical phenomenon”. Cite some study or admit this is just some crap you heard on Hannity.

        1. You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s happening all over the country. Kids forced to march in “Pride parades” down the hallway, teachers having them pledge to the trans flag, Drag Queen fetish story hour, trans literature used in every type of learning, whether math, reading, or any other subject. One would have to live in a bubble to miss all of that.

        2. Read Abigail Shrier’s book. And look at the data from various legal cases in the UK. Nearly all children who start on puberty blockers move on to sex hormones. Many from there go on to surgery, now advocated by the US health authorities. “Affirmative care” is an absurdity unknown to any other area of medicine and will do untold harm, in violation of the Hippocratic oath. And the schools are not teaching merely tolerance and understanding of those who are ill; they are actively encouraging children to believe they can change their sex if they wish.

    2. No, sorry, your “Us vs. The Left” demagoguery won’t work here. That is a technique used by the alt-right media as part of the indoctrination to convince you that you Trumpsters represent the majority of Americans. There’s no ‘infiltration” of “civil society” by radicals, either. “Life-changing drugs” are not administered to children, other than puberty-delaying drugs that are only used under a doctor’s guidance, and with parental consent after consultation with a psychiatrist who confirms that the benefits outweigh the risks. AND, puberty-delaying drugs are completely reversible, so you don’t know what you’re talking about. No genital surgery is ever done on someone under the age of 18, and even then, it is not a snap decision–it involves psychiatrists and other experts, along with years of extensive counseling to be certain that it’s the right thing to do for the mental and physical health of the individual. Transsexualism IS NOT A POLITICAL ISSUE, despite the efforts of Fox and other alt-right media to make it a political issue because it’s an easy hook: gullible people like you don’t understand that transsexuals are not weirdos or dangerous, and are vulnerable for the hateful rhetoric against people who didn’t choose their situation. So saying that “the Left and Democrats” support administration of drugs or mutilation of children is a flat-out lie. Refusing to ostracize, discriminate against or deny someone’s civil rights based on transsexualsim IS a political issue. Democrats are against discriminating against transsexuals.

      And, you are absolutely NOT a “highly educated” person: you are just another disciple. Educated people know better.

      1. It seems apparent that you haven’t taken basic biology. So, it’s a tad obnoxious for you to be calling out others on their education level, don’t you think?

      2. You appear not to know what you are talking about. Nearly all who start on puberty blockers move on to testosterone or estrogen, which is often not reversible. A number of these move on to surgery. It can begin with “social” transition, abetted by schools who can and do keep it secret from parents, and sometimes even disregard parents’ requests to stop engaging with the child on this because the child is in the care of a physician. See the complaint filed against the public school district in Ludlow MA.

        The change within the last decade in the number and demographics of those affected from very few toddler boys to much larger numbers of pre-adolescent and adolescent girls strongly suggests that this is a social not a medical phenomenon. It coincides with the rise of social media and the capture by transgender ideologies of the medical and educational establishments. It is also now a major source of business for Planned Parenthood. Behind it all I suspect lie the pharmaceutical companies, who benefit from a lifetime of drug supply whenever a “transition” occurs.

        Most issues of gender dysphoria resolve themselves over time. There is no solid evidence that transition reduces the incidence of suicide or confers other benefits that outweigh the harms. If children are in distress because they think they are in the wrong kinds of bodies the way to help them is to try and change the deluded minds not the sound bodies.

        1. More ignorant rhetoric from a disciple who believes whatever Hannity, Carlson or Ingraham tell him. Really, at the end of the day, it’s none of your business whether people are transgender and how, whether, when and what treatment they receive, but transgenderism is part of the culture wars calculated by the alt-right to stir up the disciples against Democrats. To people who are not well educated, penis means male and vagina means female, no exceptions, and anyone who doesn’t fall in line is weird and dangerous. Puberty blockers are only given to those for whom going through puberty as a gender with which they don’t identify would be emotionally traumatizing. Imagine if you identify as female going through the process of growing a beard and chest hair and not having breasts like your contemporaries have. I know you’ve never seen the series “I Am Jazz”, which is about a young woman going through such a transition. The series showed interviews with her psychologist who explained the risk vs. benefit of puberty-blocking drugs and the extensive counseling and evaluations that are done to be certain that the decision is a sound one. “Jazz” knew who she was: she was her class valedictorian and won a scholarship to Harvard. Her family was very supportive.

          Do you have some valid, peer-reviewed study that transgenderism “is a social not a medical phenomenon”. and “most issues of gender dysphoria resolve themselves over time”. If you can’t produce such a study, then admit what you’re saying and willing to believe without scientific proof is just rhetoric–someone’s opinion. This is very similar to the fully-discredited, but still promoted notion that homosexuality can be reversed by punishment and psychological pressure in “treatment facilities” supported by some radical right-wing religious nut cases. Transgender children know who and what they are without anyone telling them.

      3. This writer apparently believes in the usual leftist strategy that if you don’t have the facts, just lie about it and attack a strawman (“Trumpists” and Fox, as usual). Gender blocking can be and often is life-changing. People sexual dysphoria shouldn’t be political but when you and your cohort insist on introducing your mental disease into school rooms (as “just normal”, of course), you make it political. And I am highly educated with degrees that are actually useful and allowed me to pay my student loans on my own and without whining.

        1. For the record, because my widowed mother couldn’t afford it, I put myself through college, grad school (free ride via the fellowship I earned with my high grades and tutoring in statistics) and law school. It’s not a “leftist” strategy to point out that it is Fox and other alt-right media who are pandering to the disciples and stirring the culture wars by pounding on transsexuals as weird and dangerous, all as a diversion to the lying by Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene who suddenly got a case of amnesia and Kevin McCarthy who got caught lying on tape and then tried to lie about lying. Yes, gender reassignment surgery is life-changing because this is what the person wants: to have the body that aligns with their sexual identity forever. But your solution is to discriminate against them: ostracize them, force someone who identifies as female to use a male bathroom, and to encourage fellow students to shun them because they are different. At the end of the day, why is it any of your business?

          1. For the record, my divorced mother couldn’t afford my college so I took out $5,000 in student loans and worked at night as a cashier in a small grocery store; I put myself through undergrad and through law school. And paid back my student loan.
            So what? Your similar experience is commendable and just as irrelevant as mine.
            Kindergarten and, frankly, anything below 8th grade is not the place for trying to “teach” about gender dysphoria. Really, what percentage of people are in the “wrong” body? One tenth of one percent? They are a minute minority with loud voices that the Left insists we a) listen to and b) obey. By simple definition of their numbers to the number of people who are not gender dysphoric, the trans are deviant from the norm. That’s not a judgment, that’s just simple math. And there is no need to teach our kids that being trans is “normal”. Because it isn’t.

          2. nuthatcha – your story is impossible to beleive.

            No sane person should ever have allowed you to tutor statistics or any subject that requires clear or critical thinking.

            Frankly – but for the poor quality of a college education today – I would find it dubious that you went to college given your remarks.

            Regardless, if you have a degree – demand your money back – you were ripped off – you are worse than uneducated – you are badly educated. If you have an advanced degree, that is all the worse.

            If you have a law degree – that shows what is wrong with law and government today.

            My wife graduated from UofP law Cum Laude in the 90’s.
            I would note that her story is near exactly like the one you tell – except hers is real.
            She put herself through college – her parents could not afford to, and would not have paid for the education of a girl anyway.

            We got married, she worked as the organist for a local church that she was not a member of, and one Sunday less than a year after we were married she was abducted off the street on the way to church, held for 4 hours during which she was violently assaulted repeatedly.

            It took several years for both of us to put our lives back together. When she did, she decided to go to law school.
            I convinced her to apply to UofP. After getting accepted and before starting she was diagnosed with Cervical cancer. She started anyway and had surgery in the middle of fall break. The very first day of law school, and her very first class, The professor, started with a case of third party liability where a woman sued a property owner for failure to secure an abandoned property resulting in the oportunity for a crime.
            My wife was that woman. Regardless, she and I together put her through law school, I helped her study – because she lived more than an hour from UofP by train and was not always able to study with classmates.

            I can go on, and on, that is just the start of her story. Today she is one of the best criminal appellate lawyers in the state.

            She is very well educated and intelligent – You are self evidently not.

          3. Transexuals are “weird” – they make up about 0.2% of the population – that is pretty close to the definition of Weird.

            I have not heard Fox or anyone else arguing that transexuals are dangerous – only that the stupid laws regarding transexuals that the left seeks to pass are dangerous – and they are.

            I noted my wife was a appelate criminal lawyer – a significant portion of her clients are sexual preditors, many preying on children.
            These people are very dangerous. They are also usually weak and pathetic- which is why they prey on children. Many of them are stupid – they think alot like you. But some are not so stupid.

            They are perfectly capable of grasping that pretending to be transsexual is a good way to gain access to children.

            Each of us – regardless of immutable factors about us – or even most of our choices is entitled to the same rights. Including LGBTQ….
            There is no right for a person with a penis to use a girls restroom merely because they are wearing womens cloths.
            We can resolve most of the issues that arise because of transgenderism, and we can do it without increasing the oportunities for predators, or depriving women of rights they fought for for centuries

            But the left seeks to solve difficult problems by blunt force – with little thought.

            Regardless, Fox is not the root of your problems – disconection from reality and logic are.

          4. “But your solution is to discriminate against them: ostracize them, force someone who identifies as female to use a male bathroom, and to encourage fellow students to shun them because they are different. At the end of the day, why is it any of your business?”

            Nope. This is an example of your disconnect from reality and logic.

            And exactly why people like you can never be given the power to censor – because YOU are the font of disinformation.

            What most of us seek is to prevent humans with penis’s from entering restrooms with children and girls (and even women).
            Not because trans people are dangerous – but because sexual predators are dangerous – and will take advantage of any legal opportunity you create for them to get close to potential victims.

            How are you planning to tell the differences between a man who identifies as a woman and a sexual preditor dressing like a woman to gain access to prey ?

  15. “Tribalism” has been around since the beginning of time and unfortunately is part of human nature. Most of us are only concerned about our own social circle and make an effort to empathize (not sympathize) with those outside it.

    In the 1700’s, the U.S. Constitution was largely based on the previous 2000 years of history dating back to Biblical times. How to prevent nations and empires from failing. The Framers of the Constitution are still the world’s experts on the evils of tribalism and bad parts of human nature.

    The entire premise and goal of our “constitutional rule of law” system (if we follow it) is a fair set of rules that apply equally to everyone. When sometimes the current majority group bullies the minority groups, the court system was designed to overturn those laws and practices that violate anyone’s rights.

    Although the First Amendment might not legally apply in this case (private university) it’s quite unAmerican and tribal to deny a speaker a different point of view we may not agree with. It’s equally as wrong when a private religious college does the same thing.

    Maybe colleges need to mandate “Civics Education” on how America’s constitutional democratic republic was designed to operate? This system was created by highly flawed men (some were even slaveholders) but the system was adopted by great leaders like Christian minister Martin Luther King, Jr to advance the rights of African-Americans and former Solicitor General Ted Olson to advance LGBT rights. These rights started in the court system, not Congress. Harvard should get on board teaching American Civics Education that was designed to counter the evils tribalism.

  16. “What is disturbing is not just the objections of staff like Saladin but the silence of faculty at Harvard in the face of such intolerance and orthodoxy.”

    This monster they (faculty) created has taken over and placed them in fear and unable to control.

    1. They saw what the wokeness did to Evergreen College and instead of learning from it, they repeated it – so unbelievably stupid.

  17. JT is so funny. He reports on every liberal instance of “censorship” and wails about free speech. But a Republican does it and JT is silent.

    1. Hmm, I wonder why? Perhaps because it doesn’t happen nearly so often on the right. Only a moron would fail to notice this.

    2. You’re so funny. You guys are so uptight about “content moderation” (translation: anything challenging something we say or believe in where we’re not smart enough to refute it, a.k.a. censorship), you even applaud Twitter for banning “Libs of TikTok” when all that was being posted was TikTok videos of YOU stating YOUR ludicrous beliefs in YOUR own words. Thank you, Elon!

  18. This was a fine piece of writing coupled with snark

    “Harvard has let me know that I cannot be a scholar of British Romanticism because I do not believe there are male women. For my part, I’d rather be damned with the Romantics and Plato than go to woke heaven with Erin and the Harvard faculty.”’

  19. Remember when feminists were radical?

    Now they are being attacked as the revolution eats its young.

    Lefties on this blog need to plot their posts carefully.

    Bay louder and shrill in support of ever crazier policies, or risk sitting in the tumbril.

    1. That Saladin? Saladin, Arabic in full Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb (“Righteousness of the Faith, Joseph, Son of Job”), also called al-Malik al-Nāṣir Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf I, (born 1137/38, Tikrīt, Mesopotamia [now in Iraq]—died March 4, 1193, Damascus [now in Syria]), Muslim sultan of Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine, founder of the Ayyūbid dynasty, and the
      most famous of Muslim heroes. In wars against the Christian Crusaders, he achieved great success with the capture of Jerusalem (from Brittanica)

    2. That Saladin? Saladin, Arabic in full Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb (“Righteousness of the Faith, Joseph, Son of Job”), also called al-Malik al-Nāṣir Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn Yūsuf I, (born 1137/38, Tikrīt, Mesopotamia [now in Iraq]—died March 4, 1193, Damascus [now in Syria]), Muslim sultan of Egypt, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine, founder of the Ayyūbid dynasty, and the most famous of Muslim heroes. In wars against the Christian Crusaders, he achieved great success with the capture of Jerusalem (from Brittanica)

      1. Fascinating. Saddam Hussein was also from Tikrit, which I visited many years ago. Thanks for posting.

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