Flagging Free Speech: A Coach Runs Afoul of the NFL with a Different View of Jan. 6

Below is my column on the recent fining and apology of Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio for expressing a dissenting view of the Jan. 6th riot. There has been little support for the exercise of free speech by Del Rio, even from those who support the free speech of athletes protesting during actual games. Instead, there was the useful demands for him to be fired for uttering an opposing view of what occurred on January 6th.

Here is the column:

Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio trains his players to be ready for “audibles,” a play changed right before a snap at the scrimmage line. Last week, there was one audible he clearly did not see coming.

Del Rio found himself the center of controversy after he called out the media for focusing on the Jan. 6 riot but ignoring the damage caused in protests in cities like Portland and Seattle. The team quickly forced Del Rio to retract his words, and the head coach issued a statement refuting his claim.

Del Rio is now in football purgatory after drawing a flag for exercising free speech.

Before last week, Del Rio was laboring under the naive assumption that he could express his own views in public. After all, his players can kneel in protest during games, and football helmets and end zones now bear statements on social justice.

Del Rio’s statement indicated he believes there is a double standard regarding violent protests by the right or the left: “A simple question. Why are we not looking into (the protests), if we’re going to talk about (the Capitol attack)? Why are we not looking into those things? People’s livelihoods are being destroyed, businesses are being burned down, no problem. And then we have a dust-up at the Capitol, nothing burned down, and we’re going to make that a major deal. I just think it’s kind of two standards.”

Del Rio had barely uttered those words when, as if to prove his point about an official truth regarding Jan. 6, a flash mob formed on social media to seek his destruction.

The NAACP called for Del Rio’s firing for calling “an insurrection — an attempted coup …  a ‘dust-up.’” Virginia Senate Majority Leader Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) cited the comment as one reason why the state shelved a proposal for a new stadium for the team.

Commanders head coach Ron Rivera quickly imposed a $100,000 fine on Del Rio, who profusely apologized and deleted his own Twitter account.

It is not clear if Rivera actually has the authority to hand out massive fines to a subordinate. A typical contract simply says that coaches are expected to act in a way “both publicly and privately, which promotes the best interests of the Club, the NFL and professional football, in general.” Rivera effectively declared that Del Rio expressing a dissenting view of Jan. 6 was not in the team’s best interests.

However, Rivera knows Del Rio is not going to complain or litigate if he wants to continue in the NFL. He will dutifully mutter the official insurrection line like some punch-drunk lineman trying to remember a Fire Zone blitz.

What is most concerning is that the Commanders objected not to Del Rio commenting on a public controversy, or doing so at a press conference, but to offering the wrong opinion. In his statement, Rivera focused solely on Del Rio not supporting the narrative that Jan. 6 was an attempted coup by conservatives.

Rivera acknowledged that Del Rio “does have the right to voice his opinion as a citizen of the United States.” However, he said that “I want to make it clear that our organization will not tolerate any equivalency between those who demanded justice in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the actions of those on January 6 who sought to topple our government.”

If Del Rio had called the riot an insurrection, he might have been celebrated, not fined. That seems obvious from Rivera’s own declaration that “what happened on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, was an act of domestic terrorism.”

Rivera is not alone in that characterization. FBI Director Christopher Wray declared the riot to be domestic terrorism, a legal position I criticized last week in testimony before a Senate Judiciary hearing.

There are ample reasons to object to Rivera’s characterization, including how such a designation could undermine free speech and associational rights. Of the more than 800 people arrested after Jan. 6, most have been charged with the relatively minor offenses of trespass or unlawful entry. Fewer than ten have been charged with seditious conspiracy — an offense that includes not just the effort to overthrow a government but the use of force to hinder or delay any legal proceeding or even to “possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority.” Indeed, some in the media have chided the Justice Department for “pulling back” on such characterizations in court.

The coverage of Del Rio reaffirmed that there is an official truth on Jan. 6. The Associated Press effectively declared Del Rio to be a Jan. 6 denier by describing his statement as “downplaying the deadly insurrection.” It did not entertain the possibility that the violence was not an effort to overthrow the nation but, instead, a riot. Despite the unrelenting media narrative, many citizens share that view and do not consider the violence as an insurrectionone poll showed that 76 percent believe this was a protest that went too far.

This controversy arises at an interesting time. The same week that Del Rio was being threatened with termination for expressing his political views, the Biden administration was in court unsuccessfully fighting for the right of workers to be able to express political views at work. Despite support by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), a court ruled against Home Depot workers who claimed a right to wear Black Lives Matter symbols at work. A similar case was brought against Whole Foods workers.

As I have previously written, workers do not have a legal right to protest or display political symbols in the workplace. Yet, the NLRB maintains that workers have the right “to speak up about these important issues.” So, how about a defensive coach who wants to express his views about Jan. 6?

In the end, the team is a private company that is not subject to First Amendment limitations. Nevertheless, the NFL should not be in the business of fining employees because they take the wrong side of a public controversy.

Del Rio now faces the ultimate “bull rush” where the media, politicians, and companies line up to overwhelm anyone with a dissenting view on Jan. 6. There is a narrow range of permitted characterizations, running from an “insurrection” to “domestic terrorism” to a “coup.” If you want to play football, apparently, you will stick with those three approved options. In the NFL, free speech seems to be the right to express only views that a team will tolerate.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.


104 thoughts on “Flagging Free Speech: A Coach Runs Afoul of the NFL with a Different View of Jan. 6”

  1. What most people still miss is that the Democratic agenda may on the surface be about DEI, but the subtext is conformity. This is the basis for all totalitarian agendas. They demanded it in Nazi Germany and in fascist Italy (Moravia wrote a novel about it). Conformity of thought, speech and action. That’s where the Democrats are steering us.

  2. Isn’t it Turley’s network leading the charge to ban speech on race and LGBTQ issues? Has the “left” taken over school boards and banned books? The planks in your eyes must be hard to carry around.

    1. If your post wasn’t so ignorant it would be annoying. Giving you the benefit of doubt, let me try to enlighten you.
      Removing books from an approved list or agitating for a particular curriculum for CHILDREN is nothing like an assault on free speech.
      We are currently re-examining the liability parents incur for the acts of their children in shootings and you want to deny parents their rights to determine the values imparted to their children?
      I’d say nice try at whataboutism but it wasn’t

        1. I’m pretty sure the right is not the one banning Dr. Seuss and every other “woke/social justice” hurt feelings book.

          1. If you want to criticize “the left” for censorship, that’s fine, but don’t pretend “the right” is innocent when they do it just as much.

            1. Both the right and left have advocated censorship, but in the present time-frame it is the left that is doing most of the censoring. That is why so many on the left are ignorant about present events. BLM did its censoring using intimidation along with ANTIFA. The Black Nationalist movement also censors through intimidation. The Jessie Jackson’s of the world censor through intimidation. Black gangs censor through intimidation by killing others. On and on it goes.

              We are full of censorship from the left and elsewhere. It’s wrong, no matter who does it, but you should clean up your mess something you have always avoided.

              1. No, it’s not the same, not even close in my opinion but you are entitled to yours. Watch any of the opinion shows on Fox News and it’s blatant. Then all the politicians and some follow suit. Turley may not be guilty of censorship himself but he constantly points out one side while ignoring the other. That’s being a hypocrite. Give me a specific example of BLM censoring anything?

                1. Is an opinion show censorship? How about when they ask to debate parties on the left that refuse? Is that censorship? I don’t understand what you are calling blatant censorship. Please explain.

                  Turley is pointing out where speech and civil rights are infringed upon. The left of today is doing most of it, so it is expected that his comments will show that. If anything Turley is biased against the right, but tries to maintain objectivity in his comments.

                  BLM uses intimidation.

                2. (Some) black lives matter (sometimes) “censors” anyone who does not believe in rioting, looting, arson, etc. – pushing them out of the way, burning their buildings, attacking them, etc.

                  1. Your definition of censorship is lacking as is your example. Not to mention almost all of the rioting you attribute to BLM was conducted by white people and I’m not aware of any BLM members arrested for rioting unlike say the Proud Boys, Boohgaloo Bois, etc.

                    1. Were the alleged Black Lives Matter protesters actual members of Black Lives Matter. Any of them. Is this Allan (who also goes by Someone when he’s not Anonymous or S. Meyer, yes or no?

                    2. The link referred to mostly false claims and does not indicate a single arrest of a Black Lives Matter member. Maybe you should have read it first.

                    3. Because someone calls them “BLM Activitists” doesn’t make them members of Black Lives Matter though they may or may not support the cause. You’ll note the people in the video you provided are white people. Don’t worry, their support is generally fleeting and they’ll go back to ignoring the shooting, choking, suffocating of unarmed Black people.

                    4. Kamala Harris praises BLM, says ongoing protests are ‘essential’ for change in US
                      Harris praised the ‘brilliance’ and ‘impact’ of Black Lives Matter

                      Sam DormanSeptember 25, 2020 7:37pm EDT
                      Louisville police declare ‘unlawful assembly’ after protesters smashed windows

                      BLM’s ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Riots Cost 1000x More in Damage Than Jan. 6 Capitol Unrest

                      By Taylor Penley
                      June 4, 2021 at 1:12pm
                      We’re well aware of the “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter riots that took 140 major American cities by storm last year, sparking the establishment media’s outrage against police brutality and racial injustice, and begging that all Americans stand in solidarity with the movement.

                    5. You keep staring at the tube and see nothing. You ask, where are the black faces? You wish to make believe that black faces are not involved. But they are. There are videos of those who, in the name of BLM, intimidate people and combine with Antifa to riot. Your claim is, how do we know the black faces arrested are from BLM? We can’t always know with precision, but we can see how BLM is involved in the rioting. Supposedly BLM is there to help black people, which is a positive thought. But, what do we see as the result of that aid? Loads of black people, among other things, looting and destroying communities, especially where many black people live. That is not a good thing. When you complain of higher insurance and interest rates in certain areas, that is one of the causes of the higher rates.

                      What do we see of its leaders? You will both deny and agree with who the leadership is. We see corruption from them and nepotistic transfers of money.

                      If you are intent on seeing black faces, look in the black communities and think, why here? This comment is not racist as there are black communities that are wonderful. I look in this fashion because I wish to help people rather than close my eyes and blame everyone else.

                    6. If I took the same video and claimed they were Proud Boys, (even though they look more like Proud Boys) you’d get the point. Yoiu condemn BLM and yet have produced no evidence of their involvement. This is unlike the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers where actual leaders are being arrested and have been charged with violence and sedition, etc. I can make the case that actual members of those organization participated while you condemn through inference even though they don’t resemble the actual members.

                    7. “If I took the same video and claimed they were Proud Boys, (even though they look more like Proud Boys) you’d get the point.”

                      If the Proud Boys are involved, I generally know pretty quickly. You are openly denying BLM involvement despite their advocacy and the money raised. You want to blame someone else for the corruption and financial nepotism. We have all seen the riots by BLM and their friends ANTIFA. You wish to give them a pass, despite ruining black lives and communities. I don’t. I wish to preserve the jobs and the communities where blacks live. If you want to think they are always a peaceful presence, that is fine with me.

                      You are looking to shift the blame to the Proud Boys. Blame them for what they do, but learn to blame BLM for what they do. Take a lesson from the Asians, who have a much lower crime and murder problem. Asians are willing to surpess their own criminals before talking about others. Perhaps you should learn that type of lesson. Then, instead of complaining about the Proud Boys, you can provide a positive effect on your community.

                    8. This Allan must be a very intelligent individual. He made you into a loon who can’t stop thinking about him. I was talking about Asians having a low crime rate. What does Allan have to do with that? Is he Asian?

                    9. Allan is a troll who responds unintelligibly to everything I write, interrupts every conversation of mine with everyone else and uses multiple anonymous names including the one you go by, You were changing the subject just like him. I must treat you the same way (assuming you’re not him) and ignore you. If you want to have a real conversation, use your real name.

                    10. “loon” It took you a long time for you to figure that out. I think I know who you are but, another anonymous was writing to him also, was that someone else? Sometimes I sign anonymous and then when asked reply with my name or initials. Occasionally I get disgusted because he is insulting, but as we all know the number of anonymous posters has increased so it is more confusing now than ever.

                      Enigma, Anonymous brought up a good point. You should look at the Asian population which is more peaceful and are discriminated against. Every way the deck is stacked you lose and it is how you handle things that are mostly at fault.

                    11. “Martin Luther King was criticized for inciting “hatred and violence”

                      Today good conservatives are criticized for inciting “hatred and violence.”

                      Who were those people dressed in white criticizing black rights? Democrats. Who is inciting hatred and violence? Democrats.

                      Black lives matter. White lives matter. Brown lives matter. Asian lives matter. Blue Lives Matter. All lives matter.


  3. Turley must have missed how Trump banned anybody bring up J6 on his “Truth Social”

    1. Mixing apples and mangoes chum. The prohibition on criticizing the management made me not even bother looking at Truth Social but at least they don’t pretend to be an open forum.

  4. He will dutifully mutter the official insurrection line like some punch-drunk lineman trying to remember a Fire Zone blitz.

    Very nice. (insert polite golf applause here)

  5. I don’t deny Del Rio’s right to free speech but contracts can be such sticky things. Saying something that the owner of your organization deems hurtful to your organization is often used as a means to relieve someone of their duties. It is a private entity and has that right. Even though I disagree with that organization’s point of view. Del Rio’s other option would have been to do no retraction and get fired. Some of us can do that and move on but difficult to do otherwise for most people. Irrespective as to whether 1/6 was due to a lie or a disagreement, he is legitimate in his criticism as to what passes for a riot or insurrection is now dependent on your point of view. George Floyd was killed by a policeman and Ashli Bobbit was killed by a policeman. I don’t contest either of those actions. Stop right there and debate the issue and use the same criteria for deadly force and then tell me your conclusions.

    1. I don’t deny Del Rio’s right to free speech but contracts can be such sticky things. Saying something that the owner of your organization deems hurtful to your organization is often used as a means to relieve someone of their duties. It is a private entity and has that right.

      So I can fire that gay guy that delivers the mail, if I can find something I find offensive in his social media?

      1. Please don’t read the following as a criticism – it’s an attempt at sarcastic humor which zipped through my brain when I read the words ‘gay guy.’ In a country in which our newest Supreme Court Justice is unable to define the word ‘woman,’ I’m no longer sure what a gay guy is anymore.

  6. For the last decade, the Democrats and the Left have followed the same playbook of free speech suppression, propagandization, and re-education, as Mao, Hitler, Chavez, Castro , etc. Just listen to the nonsense coming from their leaders (and not just bumbling Joe). The non-sensical statements from the WH’s new Squealer, Karine, to Pelosi, AOC, Shumer, Nadler, Schiff, Bennie T., and the rest are a scary sign that the insane are running the asylum.

    They have accumulated power and wealth from politics and they worship politics like a religion. It is only to benefit themselves.

    How do we know? 3 MM illegals crossing the border to serve them, gun toting security surrounding them, private jets and gas guzzling limos to transport them, their sons, daughters, sisters, and brothers to enriching themselves off political art sales and foreign graft (and it’s not just slime-ball Hunter), and rich that their 8+% inflation doesn’t affect them while it kills the middle class – and they could care less. They are literally Orwell’s pigs.

  7. “There has been little support for the exercise of free speech by Del Rio, even from those who support the free speech of athletes protesting during actual games.”

    I wouldn’t bet that Coach Del Rio has little support. Maybe the cowards in the NFL aren’t supporting him, maybe because they can’t get off their knee’s? I would say he has a great deal of support from the heart and soul of the nation, the dreaded “working class”. I was quite inspired by the Mayra Flores interview I have a number of X-Democrat voters I know who feel the same way. Things may change if the integrity of the coming election holds. The Democrats seem to be getting a bit nervous the Hispanic vote isn’t looking to good, God knows what commission they’ll contrive next.

  8. The Official Truth, according to woke leftist Democrats:

    “Yes, America is burning. But that’s how forests grow.”

    – Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healy, speaking on the occasion of the BLM riots.

  9. This is what the immoral actions of social brainwashing with politically correct social justice propaganda has wrought.

    Totalitarianism has reached its evil tentacles into every aspect of public lives, you either conform to the hive mind or you will be destroyed. You will be assimilated, resistance is futile.

    Our culture is doomed to the dark abyss of Orwellian styled totalitarianism they just haven’t buried it and erected the headstone to declare the experiment in freedom and Liberty to be officially dead.

    Will The USA Survive The 21st Century Cultural Shift?

    There are sheep, wolves and sheep dogs in our society, which are you?

    I know where I stand, do you?

    Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio tried to be an honest sheep dog exercising one of the cores of Liberty, publicly expressing his opinion on a controversial topic, but the immoral horde of snarling totalitarian wolves encircled him to destroy his life until he cowered like a sheep. Will you cower like a sheep when the totalitarian wolves come for you, because I guarantee as these immoral totalitarian wolves gain more power they will turn on you if there is even a mere suspicion of opposition and you will be deemed guilty in a court of public opinion with absolutely no chance to offer a defense. In the end truth, Liberty, logic, critical thinking and common sense will be damned as quaint anecdotes of an archaic history that need to be scrubbed from existence!

    You’re next.

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Martin Niemöller

  10. Anyone who has actually watched the 1/6 hearing knows that the election was not stolen. They know that the people calling it stolen were told by well informed people they appointed that it was not stolen.

    So the entire “protest” was based on a complete lie and fabrication. The protests after George Floyd’s death were based on truth. It is exhausting to hear Turley trying to constantly draw false equivalences between left wing truths and right wing lies. His position is that left wing truths and right wing lies should be treated equally, and people have an equal right to be upset about such things.

    1. Anyone whom sat through and watched these hearings is brain dead. The obvious political kangaroo court and it’s singing jesters therein are so bad , so biased . This whole Ringling brothers circus presentation is patently fake , biased , rigged , and of the lowest form of entertainment available to the apparatchik class it’s tailored for.

      1. With Lizzie C as the lickspittle in chief. (I wonder if she knows she is being “used” by so many Ds??)

    2. When the New York Post newspaper revelations, in October of 2020 just weeks before the November election between Joe and Donald, were shut out of mainstream media, as well as most of the prevailing social media, and when 50 intelligence professionals lined up to state that the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents was almost certainly Russian Disinformation when most if not all 50 knew or should have known that it was not,
      a significant enough percentage of voters voted for Biden who now say they likely would not have voted for Biden had they known the truth. And it has been mathematically shown that Trump could have or would have won the election but for that extreme suppression of the truth less than a month before the election. So…..was the election ‘stolen?’ I think the jury is still out on that allegation that the election was manipulated –

    3. Me-thinks you mean “riots” and such after the guy passing a counterfeit bill died?

  11. “The shoe on the other foot” is a common sense approach that is time tested by parents and teachers alike. A business of any form would be insane to take a political stand as doing so would alienate a significant percentage of customers.

    Is any form of personal opinion prohibited by employees and the consequences fairly applied?

    A well known business in my side of town closed shop not many months past the election. The owner took to social media, openly expressing his political views, not in a kind and respectful manner. Customers voted with their wallets.

  12. What are the odds that Turley is gonna comment on Michael Luttig and Greg Jacob testifying about Eastman? Especially Eastman *admitting* that a lawsuit based upon his theory of Pence’s Constitutional powers would be rejected by the Supreme Court 9-0?

    Or will Turley give us an update on the latest news on the Hunter Biden scandal?

    I know you lying Trumpists would rather talk about Hunter than Eastman.

      1. Msmie,

        Is that Turley Derangement Syndrome of Trump Derangement Syndrome? I’ve been accused of both. Please be more specific. I am taking a poll. As of now,

        12 lying Trumpists have said Turley Derangement Syndrome

        20 lying Trumpists have said Trump Derangement Syndrome

        And you?

        1. Apparently you are afflicted with both…No cure however . You could go see a shrink and or change your party affiliation and start being a patriotic american.

        2. Not being a psychologist, I’ll just say that you’re an idiot.
          Go work out your other issues in therapy

          1. It’s terribly expensive. I’m going to have an edibles bake sale to raise money.

      1. In a word- everything. Don’t take my word on it. Let the Ethics board of his Bar Association determine whether he violated his attorney ethics. Allow the DOJ to examine his conduct for criminality. I’ll accept their respective judgment one way or the way.

        But you WON’t.

  13. Go Woke….Go Broke!

    I was a Redskins Fan for over 50 years….that came to a screeching halt when they went Woke and changed their name for absolutely stupid reasons.

    FTC! (…..and the Horse they rode in on!).

  14. Rivera’s a lying snake and his team is a gaggle of perennial losers run by a dysfunctional organization. Del Rio deserves better for speaking the truth. Where do I donate to offset that “fine”?

  15. The only thing I object to in this essay are the references to the “Commodores”. if I were king of the grammar police, I’d demand the team forever be referred to as “the team formerly known as the Redskins.”

  16. Turley says:

    “The coverage of Del Rio reaffirmed that there is an official truth on Jan. 6. The Associated Press effectively declared Del Rio to be a Jan. 6 denier by describing his statement as “downplaying the deadly insurrection.”

    Not unlike the official lie of Trumpism— “the election was stolen by massive voter fraud.”

    Liz Cheney was accused of hating Trump, her position in the Republican Minority cancelled, and Trumpists continue to vilify her as a RINO- all because she dared to speak her mind freely.

    Did Turley come to her defense? Not at all. All we heard were-


    1. Was she fined by her employer for her speech? If not, you missed the point of the article.

      1. She stands to lose her political career for refusing to self-censor her criticism of Trump’s attempt to illegitimately remain in power.

        1. She lost her leadership position because she wouldn’t follow policy. I doubt your Pelosi would tolerate such acts. As for her election chances, that’s for the voters to decide. I mean, democracy, right?

        2. She has lost her voter base/career as she chose to align with the dark side. Same with that inconsequential crybaby Kinzinger. They jerrymandered him out of office with that knife in his back he still carries their water. Some ‘people’ were simply born to carry the water of those controlling them…and there they are.

        3. Imagine that, a politician stands to lose her political career for pushing an opposing position to the group she represents. JS, that is what is supposed to happen. Are you some sort of flake that can’t understand these things?

          1. I understand Conservative cancel culture- you disagree with Trump’s lies, you are cancelled.

            1. Lots of people disagree withTrump and aren’t cancelled, but what are the lies?

    2. Don’t worry your pretty little head over Liz Cheney—she has her neocon psychopath father with his birding shotgun to take good care of her.

    3. Good. I’m glad he didn’t. And that piece of scum, that Democrat whore that stays on her knees sucking every Democrat dick she can get in her mouth, Liz Whore Cheney is going to lose, and lose like you have never seen. Lose in a leviathan size way!!! here In Wyoming I assure she is hated just as much as everyone that voted for that brain dead 💀 piece of lying scum Biden is!! Notice that she cannot hold “public-rallies-public venues”? She can’t.

      She can’t even leave her house here anymore. Why? Not because of us men here in Wyoming. We don’t believe in hitting women. But, our hard-working blue-collar cowgirl shit kicking “Wyoming Women” would do everything from knocking her down to putting the👢”BOOTS 🥾 to her ass.

      They would. They would, screw! Her!! Up!! President Trump is “Revered, Venerated” here sport! and if you honestly believe that Joe Biden got 81 million, “Legitimate-Votes”, If you really really believe this, Then you are also part of the problem. Got it, sport?

      You, are part of the problem. And from the way you comment you voted for Biden. And with all that being said, if everyone that is sitting in that “Anti-American-Town”, Washington DC Gulag, was released all at once, and was ordered to go to Wyoming and never leave, we would throw them all a ticker tape parade
      that would be so thick, it would look like it was snowing a, 🌨 🌨 🌨 🌨 “🌨BLIZZARD!! 🌨” 🌨 🌨 🌨 🌨 🌨 🌨

      1. Remington,

        Another member of Turley’s “blog family” that he must be as proud as he can be that you are part of the family!

        I’m sure Turley must be delighted to read your rage out loud to his friends and family.

        1. This was my first time reading a Remington the 3rd comment and he pulled me right in with that first sentence. I said to myself, oh my what have we here? What I been missing, hoo boy, gonna be sure to check his comments out. Keep ’em coming GR3!

          1. If only Turley were made to give his opinion of Remington’s views!

    4. Cheney was an elected leader. She lost all respect of those she was elected to lead. She got voted out of leadership.

      Why to you find democracy so abhorrent?

      1. She was a victim of Conservative cancel culture. Any Republican who speaks truth about Trump is banned.

        1. Conservative cancel culture: If a leader is voted out, they are no longer a leader.
          Democrat cancel culture: In or out of the group you are cancelled if you don’t toe the line. Sie werden tun, was Ihnen gesagt wird! Ja Führer

  17. So now you can get fined for thinking. The left is out of control. How are THEY going to like it when it is turned around on THEM, and they can get fired for not thinking like a Conservative?? We live in an upside down world and the left is making people want to jump off.

  18. The attempted coup needs to be remember and not minimized. We can very close to losing our democracy. Good on the NFL for not tolerating BS.

    1. You are losing your democracy now, thanks to the Biden regime or whoever is controlling him.

    1. BMan:
      Beta males, people who fall asleep during the preceding infomercial, Leftists, and Losers (excuse redundancy). Real men watch the SEC but not on ESPN.

    2. I stopped watching it years ago when the league stopped passing out fines and correcting the black piece of scum players from doing all their shit for brain back-flips in other idiotic monkey dances that was never allowed before. So another words I haven’t watch the game in almost 30 years and I don’t miss it. Furthermore, I don’t watch any, Any sports of any kind. Not even any part of the Olympics.

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