Presidential Protection or Abduction: Why Secret Service Wrong for all the Right Reasons on Jan. 6

Below is my column in the Hill on the surprising claim this week that the Secret Service ignored direct and repeated demands of former President Donald Trump to go to Capitol Hill on January 6th. It is an allegation that raises some interesting questions. On one hand, the Secret Service is trained to take immediate action to protect a president. On the other hand, it cannot effectively control the presidency by controlling a president like a modern Praetorian Guard. In the end, if this account is true, the security team was likely wrong in refusing the order of the President to be taken to Capitol Hill.

Here is the column:

The sixth hearing of the House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 riot finally fulfilled the media’s billing as “must-see TV.” Indeed, at points, the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top aide to then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, sounded like a cable-series episode of “When Presidents Attack.” She alleged that an enraged Donald Trump threw his lunch against a White House wall, an allegation Trump denies.

But the hearing’s grabber came when Hutchinson testified that she was told that Trump became physical with his Secret Service security team, trying to force them to drive him to Capitol Hill as the riot unfolded.

Hutchinson’s testimony offers an explanation for a long-standing mystery: Why did Trump repeatedly say he would go to Capitol Hill with his supporters but then decided to return to the White House? Hutchinson’s surprising answer: He didn’t decide.

According to her second-hand account from people in the presidential limo, known as “The Beast,” Trump intended to do exactly what he promised and ordered the Secret Service to take him to the Capitol. But Tony Ornato, White House deputy chief of staff for operations, and Bobby Engel, who headed Trump’s security detail, reportedly refused.

Hutchinson said Ornato asked her, “Did you f-ing hear what happened in The Beast?’” She then repeated Ornato’s account:

“So once the president had gotten into the vehicle with Bobby, he thought that they were going up to the Capitol, and when Bobby had relayed to him, ‘We’re not, you don’t have the assets to do it, it’s not secure, we’re going back to the West Wing,’ the president had a very strong, very angry response to that … [Trump] said something to the effect of, ‘I’m the f-ing president, take me up to the Capitol now.’ To which Bobby responded, ‘Sir, we have to go back to the West Wing.’ The president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. Mr. Engel grabbed his arm and said ‘Sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel, we’re going back to the West Wing. We’re not going to the Capitol.’ … [Trump] then used his free hand to lunge towards Bobby Engel, and when Mr. Ornato had recounted this story to me, he had motioned toward his clavicles.”

Stunning though the allegation was, several media reports cite “a source close to the Secret Service” as denying the claim of a physical altercation and offering to have Engel or another official testify to that under oath.

Even if true, that still leaves the main allegation — that the Secret Service effectively made the President of the United States a captive and refused his repeated, direct orders on where to take him.

If true, the security team’s motivation certainly was commendable. It probably prevented Jan. 6 from getting much, much worse. Though the riot had not yet started when Trump allegedly issued his demand, both he and Vice President Mike Pence could have been in the midst of the uncontrolled violence, with uncertain communications and security.

The episode is likely to bedevil scholars for years, like much else in Trump’s presidency. For starters, what was the authority of the security team to refuse a direct order from a sitting president to go to Congress?

The Secret Service has always been a unique organization, but it remains, first and foremost, a law enforcement agency. During the Clinton impeachment, I represented former attorneys general in opposing a “Secret Service privilege” that would have recognized enhanced powers and privilege for agents.

The Secret Service has always assumed discretion in seizing a president to protect him from immediate harm. Its agents are trained to take control of a president or other protected persons in a moment of peril. They do not ask permission; they grab a president and, if necessary, carry him to safety.

This was not a case of an imminent threat, however. It was based, presumably, on a decision that the Capitol was not adequately secured. It was not unlike a president demanding to get out of The Beast to work a rope line or to make an unscheduled stop at a building. Theoretically, he has the authority to do that, not only as the head of the Executive Branch but as a citizen.

After 9/11, then-Vice President Dick Cheney recounted how involuntary these moments can become: “My agent all of a sudden materialized right beside me and said, ‘Sir, we have to leave now.’ He grabbed me and propelled me out of my office, down the hall, and into the underground shelter in the White House.” That was in the midst of a terrorist attack, of course, and Cheney perhaps could have countermanded the order.

Presidents are known to drive agents crazy with impromptu stops to shake hands with onlookers. Then-Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev sent Russian and American security scrambling with a sudden stop to greet citizens in the middle of Connecticut Avenue and L Street NW during a 1987 state visit.

So Trump reportedly decided he wanted to lead the protests to the Capitol and didn’t care about the security uncertainties — and he actually had a right to do so. Presidents can elect to put themselves in harm’s way. For example, Jimmy Carter pledged to stay at his desk to be incinerated in any nuclear war.

What if Trump got out and called a taxi or, even worse, a police officer? The Secret Service has no authority to put a president into effective custody against his will. In criminal procedure, a person is in custody when a reasonable person would have concluded that they are not free to go. In Trump’s case, he reportedly said he did not want to go back to the White House but was taken there anyway.

Was Trump effectively under arrest or in a custodial hold? Probably not, but it certainly is intriguing. The president could have gotten out of the limo; there is no report that Ornato locked the doors or turned a presidential protective mission into a presidential kidnapping.

It is unclear, though, what the Secret Service would have done if the president got out and tried to join his supporters in marching to the Capitol. The agents absolutely were correct that by doing so he would have put himself in danger — but the Secret Service cannot control the presidency by limiting the movement of a president. Otherwise, it can look like a modern Roman Praetorian Guard accused of dictating outcomes or events.

This act of disobedience may have saved the country from an even greater crisis, one in which the president and vice president stood on opposing sides of a protest line or, worse yet, in the middle of a full-fledged riot. The fact that Trump knew some of his followers were armed, according to Hutchinson’s testimony, only makes that prospect more nightmarish.

As usual, the Secret Service did not ask permission (as opposed to later forgiveness) in taking action in a president’s best interests. As a result, we did have a type of captive president, if only briefly. And it is worth contemplating the implications of that. After all, Trump was correct, if crude: He was “the f-ing president.”

In the end, the security team was correct on the merits but probably wrong on the law. This was not an unlawful order, and a president must be able to control his own travel. In other words, the agents were wrong for all the right reasons.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

342 thoughts on “Presidential Protection or Abduction: Why Secret Service Wrong for all the Right Reasons on Jan. 6”

  1. “She alleged that an enraged Donald Trump threw his lunch against a White House wall, an allegation Trump denies.”

    Hitchinson was under oath. Trump was on “truth” social. Let’s put trump, his 5th proclaiming sycophants, and the SS under oath and see what they say

    1. Hutchinson proved to be wrong and an exaggerator. Her oath didn’t prevent her statement of mistruths from happening. Add that to her third-hand knowledge, and everything she said or observed is meaningless.

      “Donald Trump threw his lunch against a White House wall”

      Assuming that is absolutely true (it is doubtful), it is not criminal.

      What you have done with this statement is to show everyone that you know little about the law and less about human behavior.

      1. It’s possible that she was wrong, but she certainly hasn’t been “proved to be wrong.”

        Some unnamed person claims she was wrong. That person was not under oath. Ornato and Engel have not said publicly that she was wrong, much less said so under oath.

        And in the meantime, other reporters are saying that they’d previously heard confirmation of part of what she said. An example:
        Hunter Walker: “Back in April, a law enforcement source told me that they heard DC Metropolitan Police officers affiliated with the presidential motorcade share a story of Trump demanding to be drive[n] to the Capitol and getting into an altercation with Secret Service on January 6. I heard this story months before Cassidy Hutchinson went public with these allegations. I believed the story to be credible at the time because of the source. I am withholding their name due to their position. …
        “When I initially heard the story of the January 6 motorcade fight, it was off record. I also felt I needed more corroboration. Now, Hutchinson seems to have corroborated it. My source was OK with me sharing this publicly because her account is being disputed. I am very interested in hearing the accounts of DC MPD officers who were part of Trump’s motorcade that day. I hope we will all hear from them soon.”

        “Then-President Donald Trump angrily demanded to go to the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, and berated his protective detail when he didn’t get his way, according to two Secret Service sources who say they heard about the incident from multiple agents, including the driver of the presidential SUV where it occurred. The sources tell CNN that stories circulated about the incident – including details that are similar to how former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson described it to the House select committee investigating January 6 – in the months immediately afterward the US Capitol attack and before she testified this week.
        “While the details from those who heard the accounts differ, the Secret Service sources say they were told an angry confrontation did occur. And their accounts align with significant parts of Hutchinson’s testimony, which has been attacked as hearsay by Trump and his allies who also have tried to discredit her overall testimony. Like Hutchinson, one source, a longtime Secret Service employee, told CNN that the agents relaying the story described Trump as “demanding” and that the former President said something similar to: “I’m the f**king President of the United States, you can’t tell me what to do.” The source said he originally heard that kind of language was used shortly after the incident. …”

        Ornato and Engel already testified, and they can be recalled if need be. But no one is disputing that Trump was angry about Secret Service refusing to drive him to the Capitol after his rally speech.

        As for your claim “Add that to her third-hand knowledge,” MOST of her testimony was FIRST-hand knowledge. You simply don’t like what she said, and you’re looking for a reason to reject it.

        1. what part of this story applies to the “legislative purpose” of the committee. They aren’t inpanelled to find crimes. Any crime info that the forward to DOJ will be thrown out as fruit from the poisoned tree.

          1. “Any crime info that the forward to DOJ will be thrown out as fruit from the poisoned tree.”

            Nonsense. They’re not doing anything illegal.

            There are a variety of relevant laws and potential laws, including whether there’s federal law that makes it a crime for a Secret Service agent to disobey a direct order from the President (is it a crime? or is it simply grounds for the person to be fired?).

        2. “It’s possible that she was wrong, but she certainly hasn’t been “proved to be wrong.”

          Her testimony was not consequential. Additionally, it was hearsay, third-hand, exaggerated, etc. No one has to prove her wrong. She did that by herself. Nothing she said has significant value. Those that are uneducated about the law can feel otherwise and look foolish.

          Hearsay doesn’t corroborate hearsay except to an ignorant mind.

          Lots of words and contortions, but what we see is Garbage in; Garbage out.

          1. Garbage in; Garbage out.

            … says Meyer the Troll Liar, describing his own thought process.

            1. Her testimony was not consequential. Additionally, it was hearsay, third-hand, exaggerated, etc. No one has to prove her wrong. She did that by herself. Nothing she said has significant value. Those that are uneducated about the law can feel otherwise and look foolish.

              Hearsay doesn’t corroborate hearsay except to an ignorant mind.

  2. I have asked this question before and I ask it again. Why hasn’t the Jan 6 committee issued subpoenaed the Secret Service members who were actually on the scene to verify what Ms. Hutchinson said? All of the doubt could be erased if the committee would do so. Maybe the just can’t handle the truth.

    1. You asked before, and it was answered before:
      * Ornato and Engel already testified before the committee.
      * If the Committee wants them to testify further, they do not need to be subpoenaed. The Secret Service already stated that “The United States Secret Service has been cooperating with the Select Committee since its inception in spring 2021, and will continue to do so, including by responding on the record to the Committee regarding the new allegations surfaced in today’s testimony.” Secret Service spokesman Anthony Gugliemi also told NBC News that the Secret Service has communicated to the Department of Homeland Security that any and all personnel requested by the Jan. 6 committee are available to testify under oath, responding to Tuesday’s allegations.

      Why do you keep demanding unnecessary subpoenas?

      1. Anomaly,

        TiT’s underlying question is why the J6 committee did not recall the SS agents to corroborate Hutchinson’s testimony about the Limo/SUV. In fact, why did they not simply skip Hutchinson’s hearsay testimony and just present the SS agents firsthand testimony?

        Your attempt to deflect from these questions by focusing on the question of whether a subpoenas is required for their testimony is weak sauce but this is par for the course with you. Simple mind, simple deflections.

        One thing is clear. If it is true that Ornato and Engel already testified before the committee then why did we not hear about this from them??

        Common sense would dictate that the J6 committee would be *very* interested in this question and would demand additional testimony from the SS to clarify the question of what happened in the Limo/SUV after the speech on the Eclipse. And, of course, common sense would dictate that the committee would want to televise this testimony to alleviate any doubt created by Hutchinson’s hearsay testimony.

        I suspect that this will not happen because the story is false.

        1. ROFL that you think I was deflecting from questions he didn’t ask.

          I addressed the single question he did ask. The answer to the question he did ask is known.

  3. If this were a serious investigation with serious and fair minded people who were after a non-biased truth, the committee would have an equal number of members on each side, equal opportunity and time allowances to dissent and a neutral arbitrator.

    The bizarre event reminds me of the trial scene in the movie Idiocracy.

      1. Anomaly,

        The committee rules state that the Speaker **shall** appoint 13 members to the committee. Pelosi failed to do so, effectively rendering the committee illegitimate.

        1. The only reason that it’s a House Select Committee and not a bicameral National Commission is because the Senate Republicans filibustered the legislation to create a bicameral National Commission.

  4. The Secret Service was also protecting Vice President Pence and Vice President-elect Harris that day, who were both at the Capitol and had both been apparently targeted – Harris by a pipe bomb from one of the insurrectionists at the DNC and Pence by the mob. The Secret Service has a responsibility to remove threats to these people as well. Certainly, if the President says he is going to kill his Veep or the President-elect the Secret Service with a responsibility to protect those other people as well are within their duty to stop him.

    1. Start getting the facts straight. Your argument might then flow better with the needed revisions.

      1. This story has been debunked. For starters, Trump wasn’t riding in the Beast. He was in a SUV. Then another thought, how does one grab a steering wheel while sitting in the back seat of a SUV? One doesn’t. At the point Trump supposedly told the secret service to take him to capital hill, they would have. He had been president for four years at that time. Use some fricken common sense. The babe testifying crouched everything in little legalize, never coming out with any of it. And what was the hug with Liz after the hearing? Some of you make me F-ing sick. I hope the guns come out sooner rather than later.

        1. The fortified presidential SUV is also known as the Beast.

          No one said he actually grabbed the steering wheel. It’s possible to lunge at things without succeeding in getting hold of them.

          “At the point Trump supposedly told the secret service to take him to capital hill, they would have.”

          No, the rioting had already started by the time Trump finished his rally speech.

          Who are you hoping “the guns come out” for? Sounds like a violent threat.

          1. This is Anonymous the stupid always playing around with words and making specious arguments.

  5. I think President Trump should have been free to walk to the Capitol, after he signs a waiver with the Secret Service that it is his decision and over their objections and they will not be going with him. And that the Capitol Police are instructed to shoot anyone entering the Capitol unauthorized, including him.

    1. someone needs to find a wife, have children, raise a family, have a career

  6. We should, before we go into the ‘if’ scenario, ask for any real proof or evidence that he indeed intended to do exactly that.
    Until now everything said is based upon hearsay.

    1. Most of her testimony was first person testimony, not hearsay.

      Strange that everyone wants to focus on the little bit that she was told, while ignoring everything that she was a first person witness to.

      1. Strange that Pelosi refused to use the witnesses available, instead using a young naive grunt to read from a prepared script.

        1. She’s an available first-person witness for many things. She wasn’t reading from a script.

          For the small amount where she repeated what Ornato told her, the Committee already heard from Ornato and Engel themselves, but it’s fine with me for them to be recalled.

          Also, Pelosi isn’t the one making decisions. Thompson and Cheney are.

          1. Also, Pelosi isn’t the one making decisions. Thompson and Cheney are.


          2. “She’s an available first-person witness for many things.”

            You say that, but are unable to back up what you say with credible proof.

            You fail again.
            “For the small amount where she repeated what Ornato told her, the Committee already heard from Ornato and Engel themselves, but it’s fine with me for them to be recalled.”

            It seems you lack understanding of proof. If the first-hand information is available, one doesn’t get their information second or third-hand. That would be stupid.

            You failed again

            “Also, Pelosi isn’t the one making decisions. Thompson and Cheney are.”

            How do you know? You have not content, only your personal thoughts of what you wish to find.

            Find another line of play.

          3. There’s reason to believe in the credibility of the statement that neither Thompson nor Cheney, nor Pelosi, are making decisions — they are taking their orders from unidentified person(s) who hold the power, allegedly of course.

      2. When a person lies under oath or provides testimony that isn’t true, that person cannot be trusted. Her hearsay testimony was wild and demonstrates that she has an extreme imagination. Her in-person testimony where she is listening in to conversations on the phone is not much more than hearsay for she could only hear half the discussion and that half can become jumbled and incredulous just like her hearsay testimony. Snippets of prior testimony likewise aren’t good testimony nor are the narrow comments she provided in between the snippets.

        The committee chose to focus on a lot of hearsay. That means the rest of the testimony wasn’t worthwhile.

        Redo your statement. This one failed to pass.

  7. Little Liz Chenney has gotten trapped in another lie

    “Every Trump White House senior staff member knows that Cipollone was not at the White House that morning so that conversation could not have taken place,” one source who spoke on the condition of anonymity told The Federalist. “In Cipollone’s absence, Pat Philbin was filling in for Pat [Cipollone] that morning.”

    1. Cipollone has been subpoenaed, and he can say for himself where he was instead of relying on someone else.

      It’s funny that you object to hearsay that was stated under oath, but you are happy to repeat hearsay that’s not under oath.

      1. I agree with you Anonymous. Let Cipollone testify to his whereabouts at the time in question. For arguments sake, let’s assume that he testifies that he was not at the Whitehouse. If he does so will you return to this blog with an apology? You have never apologized for saying that RussiaGate was true or that Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation so why should we expect that you will apologize if it comes to light that Mr. Cipollone was not at the white house at the time in question? Being a confirmed leftist means that you never have to say your sorry regardless of how much you hurt the people of the nation.

        1. “let’s assume that he testifies that he was not at the Whitehouse. If he does so will you return to this blog with an apology?”

          Please quote what you believe I said that I would need to apologize for. (I won’t hold my breath waiting.)

    1. In today’s cancel-culture society, even subtly alluding to a role played by Kevin Spacey, could be taken as an affront, a micro or macro-aggression, by the snowflake generation. Of course you could be referring to the line near the end of ‘Casablanca,’ a wonderful award-winning flick from 1942 — in which case you reference is spot-on!

  8. Just curious, when does this farce of a commission come to an end? After the election of 2024! It appears that this dog and pony show will go on and on and on. I don’t care what anybody says, the left fears Donald Trump.

    1. LIZ thinks she is going to be president with this 3rd impeachment comedy show. She is just deceitful trash.

    2. Trump tried to carry out an autogolpe. Everyone who cares about our democracy should fear anyone who attempts that kind of harm to it.

      1. There is crazy and then there is real crazy. This guy has entered that dimension.

      2. Trump vowed to take down the ‘dark’ forces — Trump had substantial reason to believe ‘they’ did everything they could to preserve their powers — After 4 years of holding the position of POTUS, is it any wonder his belief systems were skewed, and those who hold the opinion his best defense is to say he truly believed the dark forces, the swamp, had beaten him in November of 2020?

    3. It will end in January 2023 when the new Congress convenes.

  9. Puppets Rage As Blog Stooge Demonstrates His ‘Power’

    In the column above Professor Turley recognizes the ‘nightmare’ that would have unfolded had Trump really shown up at the Capitol. A nightmare indeed! The world would have witnessed an armed coup, in the United States, playing-out as a live TV event. Such a spectacle would have destroyed our image as a beacon of democracy.

    Yet the Blog Stooge, a dead-ender of a Trumper, is mortally offended that Turley recognizes the nightmare that might have been. This is, after all, the Blog Stooge’s blog, or so he imagines. Therefore the Stooge has staged his own January 6th right here on these comment threads. By marshalling a mob of outraged puppets to protest Turley’s analysis!

    Said puppet mob includes:

    Eugene Burch Downman
    Irregular Poster
    J.G. Gordon
    Josh Stern
    Randy Perkins
    Robert B.
    Scott Sharer

    These puppets are supplementing the Stooge’s regular puppets: Thinkthrough, James, Estovir, and Upscalesuburbanwoman.

    All these puppets are parroting the same, lame talking point that Cassidy Hutchinson can’t be trusted. And this demonstration illustrates how the Blog Stooge continually distorts discussions on these threads. One, creepy nerd is absolutely determined to control the debate.

  10. FLASH !!!

    Breaking News:

    Elon Musk offers
    to purchase the FBI
    for $100 Billion

    No word yet
    if the Clinton’s are
    willing to sell.

      1. Olly, in the midst of us joking around, you hit the nail on the head.

        1. Speaking of that, White House economic adviser Brian Deese suggested the pain at the pump was a price Americans had to pay for the “future of the liberal world order,” in a CNN interview on Thursday.


          1. We need to pass a law outlawing private planes and large boats that are privately used. Let’s see how long that attitude lasts.

    1. Alan, our current SCOTUS was bought by the Koch Network of Donors.

    2. This is pretty damned funny! I am almost truly laughing out loud —

  11. Everyone here is focusing on the SUV incident. While it May be an issue of interest in demonstrating Trump’s state of mind. It’s really a distraction over the more important testimony that nobody, even the secret service does not deny or has not challenged. Trump KNEW there were armed men out there. He WANTED them allowed into the arena and to march to the capitol as he lead them to stop the electoral certification of the election.

    Cassidy Hutchinson heard Giuliani talking about the proud boys and the oath keepers and it’s certain he had contact with them throughout the planning of the event up to the 6th. Trump supporters are trampling over themselves trying to “defend” the indensible fact that Trump was intent on allowing armed milita members to force their way in the capitol while lawmakers were certifying the election. That’s an insurrection.

    Mark Meadows and Eastman were enabling Trump and they KNEW that what they were doing was not only illegal, but it was criminal as well. That is why they sought pardons from Trump. Asking for a pardon and ACCEPTING it is an admission of guilt. Just as Michael Flynn often stated that invoking the 5th is an admission of guilt which he invoked profusely in his interview with the committee.

    1. “ Everyone here is focusing on the SUV incident.”

      The Red SUV incident was indeed a huge crime, yet Democrats ignore all of the people killed by that driver because it goes against their narrative

      Trump needs to be installed as President to finish what he started that Obama, Biden, Hillary and the Deep State thwarted: purge America of Commies

      Trump now and forever

    2. Anomaly,

      You raise an interesting point. It is natural for people to focus on Hutchinson’s heresay testimony about the SUV because it is not only highly implausible, it is also completely uncorroborated. In addition, the persons who could corroborate her testimony as first-hand witnesses have already testified before the committee but they apparently did not testify to the same events having taken place. How unfortunate!

      Your point though, whether you intended to make it or not, is well taken. Hutchinson’s first-person testimony is also completely uncorroborated. Why did the J6 committee present a “he said/she said” testimony from a low level aide instead of simply presenting first hand evidence?

      There is no apparent value for the committee to have presented a low level aide who provided uncorroborated testimony unless this is all they have. As far as “Hail Mary” plays go, this was a complete failure.

  12. This is a great article. Emphasis mine.

    Let us review a partial list of the cascading crises of the Biden administration: COVID pandemic, vaccine mandates and ultimatums, business shutdowns, 40-year high inflation, labor shortages, supply chain crisis, record illegal immigration and drug smuggling, the collapse of border security, record high fuel prices, return to foreign energy dependance, Ukraine, Afghanistan, FBI and Justice Department targeting parents, record homicide rates across 16 major US cities, Fentanyl as the number one killer of Americans aged 18-45, renegotiating the Iran nuclear “deal” with Russia at the table, radical promotion of pro-transgender agenda at the expense of women’s rights and protections for women in sports, hysterical ‘insurrection’ claims of the January 6th Commission, baby formula shortages, the complete collapse of the Democrat’s sweeping climate and social spending agenda, Monkeypox, Biden’s multiple verbal gaffes and apparent diminished mental acuity. This list is not exhaustive. It goes on and on.

  13. On this July 4th weekend, it pays to recognize inspiring Americans who take the high road, love their lives, love their work, love the people they serve and love their country. God bless them all

    ¡Feliz 4 de Julio!


    After over six decades on the job, this woman is still not ready to leave the hospital

    … 16, she got a job at the hospital. “I did trays, I worked in the cafeteria, cooked, helped the cook and did everything.” When she began her job in 1961, John F. Kennedy was president. Segregation still existed, but Annie saw things differently. “I never got upset over stuff like that because I said, people is people and all of us came from that blood of Jesus Christ,” Macklin said. “If you was nice to me, then I was nice to you. If I couldn’t get along with you, then I just go on about my business, you know?” Her philosophy on life has served her well.

  14. “Hutchinson said Ornato asked her, “Did you f-ing hear what happened in The Beast?’” She then repeated Ornato’s account:”
    Praetorian Canard

    1. Darren,

      It’s not lost on me that people are being arrested & held under false charges because political beliefs & speaking out online.

      It’s just that some continue to think it’s better to speak out now while they still can before this nation goes complete Chinese Maoist or Marxist.

      I never meet Ret SSgt Joe Biggs, Honorable Discharged, at least Dbl Purple Heart, showed up Peacefully on J6, as far as I know, & yet he’s being held No Bail in a known rigged court!

      I know him from his reporter work at Infowars & the Murder of his friend Michael Hastings.

      And he’s not the only one, many more sitting it out under Illegal Torture in a US’s Cooler.

      Independence Day isn’t Free. So I honor those who gave it to us, I know you do to.


      You’ve been doing some very nice photo shoots.

      I’ve seen a few old Industrial Workings , what’s left off them, around here.

      Like a most complete Oil Field Pumping House with the intact straight 6 International motor, turntable & 8 or 12 sucker rod runs into the field to different wells.

      I can still hear the pump jacks squeaking at night. 😉

      Another site was an old sawmill.

      You likely have a bunch of these type sites, boating, lumber biz, mining airports? I remember one you did some boats

      This video below shows an ole Steam Engine fueling/maintenance site. And I love the song.


      Silver Ghost Merle Haggard with Lyrics

        1. Jeez Christ!! It’s the middle of the night & I’m trying to recover a system failure.

          Here you go. It’s called Due Process, sh*t like Reasonable Bail.

          And what the hell is the Jury Pool & Judges in DC, Like Nothing?

          It’s a mess but, that’s their reason for an ” Advertised Peaceful 1st Amd Rally J6 Event.”

          There’s plenty of exculpatory evidence but I bet most of their councils do not understand what’s going on or where to get the info or how to present it.. Like Who in the Hell were the 1000 plus govt Intel agents that were their & which ones were causing trouble. Most of them likely did their Jobs/W no trouble making. The public can see some of them & their names of the ones causing trouble.

          Point is the J6’ers deserve at least their Basic USCon Rights!

          The below link you can follow it back just as I’ve done.


          1. Again, what’s your evidence that the CHARGES against Biggs are “false charges”? To provide evidence, you’d have to start by quoting a charge that you believe to be false (I already gave you the indictment for Biggs, so all you have to do is copy and paste the “false charge”), and then provide evidence that the actual charge is false.

            Don’t deflect, and don’t move the goalposts from Biggs to Fischer.

            1. BTW:

              Make Public all the Gov’ts Exculpatory Evidence, Security Videos, Pelosi’s/ other’s Encrypted Military Communications Equips that was said to been in use around that 2018/2022+ time frame. All related Material. And what were the military groups involved in Pelosi’s/Biden’s Obama Crew’s Coup?

              What’s up with the Senate’s SgtAA of J6 dying 6/30/2022 last Monday & all the security heads likely having been Arkancided???

              What about the 5 Trumps killed?

              How can anyone judge without the info?

                1. Okay, I don’t know of a fifth in the vicinity of the Capital Building.

                  1) Ashli Babbitt murdered by Byrd
                  2) Roseanne Boyland killed: beaten by capital police even when down, tear gassed, crushed as capital police pushed the crowds while people were trying to save her life.
                  3) Male may have been hit by a percussion bomb while some distance from the building
                  4) Male possible death from percussion bomb.

                  Who is the fifth?



                  1. I think the 5th one was the one Cap Police push over the edge at the up level were the steps lead to outside.

            2. Dateline California two days ago: Two drug smugglers caught with 150,000 fentanyl pills arrested, then nearly immediately released with no bail — because it was believed both drug smugglers would definitely show up for their first court hearing and that they could be trusted to do so. The news speculates that this amount of fentanyl could kill up to 12 million human beings — and so when we here a J6 trespasser/rioter/ has been held without bail for months, one wonders about the fair and equal administration of justice —

        2. I was once a DOJ prosecutor. The first thing I learned is that you can indict a ham sandwich if you feel like it. And once we did, mistakenly, indict a fishing boat.

          1. None of which shows that any of the charges against Biggs are false. I gather that you don’t have any evidence of that.

            1. On the other hand, you haven’t shown that any significant charges against Biggs are true.

              You fail again.

              1. People only have a burden of proof for things they’ve actually claimed.

                1. You haven’t yet learned that when you directly or indirectly impugn the integrity of another, you need proof.

            2. Since the Jury pool across the US has been completely contaminated by the J6 committee all those charges have to be thrown out! There’s no venue to seek a fair trial.

              Samething because with the old media that’s being Paid/Funded & run by the US Govt for the Govt’s Propaganda Narrative.

              But I would remind people, in the Land of the free, 1st Amd we can no long pretend we can say things like, IE: Jimmy, tell Bob to get a hold of Billy & tell him to call the guys & tell them to being sh*t loads of Beer & Brats over to my place & we’ll watch” International Women’s Nude Mud Wrestling ” tonight , & we’ll kill the Ph’k out of those 30 packs & crush them.

              The DOJ runs the commits by hollyweird writers & now it reads that a bunch beer drinkers are a secretive International Ring of Islamic Nut Jobs out to rape lil illegal underage Mexican girls coming across the border, headed to Uncle Joe Bidens, Hunter, Hillary’s, Obama’s Hot Tub & Hot Dog Party.

              And that’d just be Crazy talk to the Gen Pop after hearing ABC,CBS, NBC, Wapo, NYT, NPR repeats since J6.

              Yep, Prolly DOJ/FBI/CIA/+plus 40 or 50 intel groups , they prolly outta just help Barr/Durham/Garland track down all those client’s names in Jeffery Epsteins lil Black Book

              And aside from that how the Phk are we going to drive anywhere with Biden/ETC Shutting Down the Oil/Energy Biz, Killing the Beef & Meat Industry & Killing Everyone with the Govt mRNA fake Vaxxes! And how are we going to make any booze with all the Govt’s/Bill Gates Geo-Engineering Atmosphere Controll Kill all the Crops? Barley, Hops, Corn…..

              We might better spend our time on those other issues instead of some fools that helped Pelosi/Feds/CIA Fk an otherwise successful Million plus Person Peaceful Rally.

              What is the Truth anymore? LOL;) Maybe we can’t handle it.

            3. Innocent until proven guilty used to be the American way in our unique court system — the accused traditionally are not required to prove the charges filed against them are false — the prosecutors must prove the charges are true beyond any reasonable doubt — that’s what trials are for, yes?

              1. In a trial!

                But Oky1 wasn’t talking about the trial. If he had been, he’d only have said: the prosecution hasn’t proved its case yet, since the trial hasn’t started yet.

                Instead, he insisted that the charges were “false charges.” And HE has a burden to prove HIS claim.

        3. I don’t know what your game is, but here, it’s a Blog. Now Crooked Anti-American Aholes we know get away with some Evil Sh!t in front of Crooked DC Federal Judges!!!!!!!!!

          As many of us have know for going on 2 years Peaceful Trump Supporters showed up on Jan 6/2021 to Peacefully push the US Congress for a 10 day Investigation, Instead I guess 800 Hundred were thrown into a Phk’in DC Gulag & denied by Courts “Due Process”, “Reasonable Bail” , “Show Cause Hearings?”, Etc..

          Finally after all this time “Exculpatory Evidence” that shoud have been released a 1 1/2 ago, continues to Dip Out Daily.

          Today we get further conformation about 300 people out of 800 where Invited in by Capital Police!!!!!!!!!!!

          I’ve wrote enough for now……… You Evil AZZHOLES, what a pack of Losers!

          Turn Your Phk’in Hostages Loose.


          Senator Ron Johnson’s Staff is Looking thru 14,000 Hours of Jan 6th Video Footage – 38% of 800 Protesters Were Waved in West Terrace Door by Capitol Police (VIDEO)
          By Jim Hoft
          Published June 13, 2021 at 10:12pm
          Gab Share
          Gettr Gettr

          Senator Ron Johnson joined Mark Levin on Sunday night on Life, Liberty and Levin on FOX News.

          Senator Johnson was invited on to discuss the unconstitutional imprisonment of Jan. 6 protesters in Washington DC.

          Senator Johnson says one-third of the protesters who entered the US Capitol at the West Terrace doorway were waved in by Capitol Police.

          Senator Ron Johnson: We counted up to 309 individuals entering that door. Five police officers met them. There was no violence that we could tell. That is how about 38% of the 800 people entered the Capitol.

          TRENDING: “2000 Mules” Investigator Gregg Phillips Announces Investigative Team Has Identified Unique Devices from Inside the TCF Center During Late Night 2020 Election Ballot Dump

          On Thursday Ron Johnson sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland on the ongoing investigation of the hundreds of Americans rounded up by the FBI and DOJ.

          Johnson then went on to attack those who banned hydroxychloroquine and were responsible for killing tens of thousands of Americans.

          Ron Johnson is a hero. Where the hell are the rest of the Republicans?

          More…………./plus Video

  15. Nope, sorry: everything this administration says is an absurdity, and it gets more absurd by the day.

    The desperation could be bottled and sold it seeps out of their pores to such a degree. They double, triple, quadruple, centuple down to create this ‘liberal world order’ (their words, not mine) that almost literally no one asked for or wants. How is this any different from billionaires pushing oxycontin as the ‘end to pain’? I mean it. Sorry, people have free will and want to live peaceful lives. It isn’t going to stand, one way or another. Really. Impossible to take seriously. Enough, already. It is disturbing to me that even privileged people seem to think that wacko billionaires are somehow intrinsically ‘better’ than them. Priorities? Exactly backward, and a course correction is coming. There will be a great, great deal of overreaction to this fact.

    Though I love him and am grateful for this blog, somehow, Professor Turley is still a dem apologist, and that is not going to work going forward. The 60s are over, and the heirs of those times learned not a God****** thing. This *will* bear itself out. What on earth does it take to shake a lifelong liberal from the stupor the seem to live in? Does someone literally have to take the Turley’s home through violence? Does it really have to come to that when the writing is glowing absolutely neon on the wall?

    1. Good post James.

      What on earth does it take to shake a lifelong liberal from the stupor the seem to live in? Does someone literally have to take the Turley’s home through violence? Does it really have to come to that when the writing is glowing absolutely neon on the wall?

      If you look up what Yuri Bezmenov said regarding the demoralized, yes, the only thing that will convince them is a boot to their fat backsides.

  16. So, the big story here, according to Turley, is that poor widdle Trumpy Bear has once more been victimized–this time by the Secret Service that effectively kidnapped him. That’s the big takeaway from Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony? Never mind her testimony that Trump knew his disciples were armed, that he demanded that the magnetometers be taken away, that he was upset that there wasn’t a bigger crowd, or that he threw a tantrum when Bill Barr refused to lie for him. No, what’s important is that Trump was, once again, victimized by the “Deep State”.

    Deboluccia; No Secret Service agent has come forward to “immediately and categorically” deny anything, and they likely won’t. Hutchinson made it clear that she did not witness the attempted grab at the steering wheel, but it’s not very far-fetched to believe that he would have done so, after promising the faithful he’d be with them. Hutchinson was under oath. The un-named people who allegedly deny what she said are NOT under oath, or even named (but the disciples believe them anyway, because they’re just so much smarter than the rest of us). But, in the final analysis, what was there to “protest”? That he lost the election, that he lost 60+ lawsuits, that he couldn’t bully state election officials to cheat by awarding him votes he didn’t get? Trump KNEW he lost. His lies were the root cause of the insurrection and loss of life and property that day. THAT, Turley, is the take-away from the Jan 6th Committee.

    1. Natacha,

      You can’t help yourself telling one Lie after the next lie can you!

      You Lost, accept it Loser!

      1. She gets paid by the keystroke. The longer her canards, the more she earns.


          1. Moralizing is strictly a religious thing. Guilt trips a Catholic thing. Being a pompous arse, a David Benson thing.

            God loves you David. Someone has to carry that burden


            filling in for Paul Schulte

        1. Maybe she could use a lil time in the back of a Semi Truck’s Trailer with some Human Beings trying to get across the Mex/Tex Border @ $2750 a head for what Biden’s/Dims/Rinos/Mex/Tex Cartails call “Animals”.

          But I think Natacha is just fine with this Biden’s modern form of Slavery.

          ( Thought I’d try to say some nice words for the slaughtered. WBAP Dallas/Ft Worth Radio had a few reports earlier this week. )

    2. Natacha, Jeff,

      Prof Turley left us all with some words today you should remember:

      ( John’s Kid were threatened John’s fate might be their own if they didn’t shut up. Same Games, Different decades of evil aholes. Fear Not the Reaper.)

      The Beatles

      You say you want a revolution
      Well you know
      We all want to change the world
      You tell me that it’s evolution
      Well you know
      We all want to change the world
      But when you talk about destruction
      Don’t you know that you can count me out
      Don’t you know it’s going to be Alright
      Alright Alright

      You say you got a real solution
      Well you know
      We’d love to see the plan
      You ask me for a contribution
      Well you know
      We are doing what we can
      But if you want money for people with minds that hate
      All I can tell you is brother you have to wait
      Don’t you know it’s going to be Alright
      Alright Alright

      You say you’ll change the constitution
      Well you know
      We all want to change your head
      You tell me it’s the institution
      Well you know
      You better free your mind instead
      But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
      You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow
      Don’t you know it’s going to be Alright
      Alright Alright

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