Harvard Poll: 72 Percent Oppose Abortion Beyond 15-Week

I previously wrote about how most Americans are not aligned by the most extreme views of both parties on abortion. Many Democratic leaders have been speaking of absolute abortion rights, as reflected in states like Colorado which recognize the right to abortion until the moment of birth at nine months. Many Republican leaders have been speaking of absolute or near absolute bans on abortion, as reflected in states like Arkansas with only limited exceptions for the life of the mother. Now a Harvard poll reaffirms earlier polling that shows most Americans embrace views closer to Mississippi than Michigan on abortion. Indeed, while Democratic leaders denounced the Mississippi law setting a 15-week limit on abortion, 72 percent of those polled opposed abortion generally after that limit.

A poll conducted after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade found that 72 percent of Americans would allow abortion only until the 15th week of pregnancy or a more restrictive law. That transcends party affiliation. Even 60 percent of Democrats believe abortion should be prohibited after the 15th week or a more restrictive law.

That is also consistent with most other countries. Internationally, only seven countries allow abortion after the 20th week.

Notably, 75 percent of women support the 15-week cut-off or a more restrictive law while 69 percent of men also agree with that timeline.

The poll also shows that 44 percent of voters believe that state legislatures should have the power to determine abortion standards while 25 percent believe Supreme Court justices should decide the issue. Another 31 percent believe that Congress should pass national abortion laws.

This and other polling shows that, while most Americans support a federal right to abortion, they do not support the more liberal position of abortion rights extending beyond 15 weeks. In other words, they hold a position closer to where the concurrence of Chief Justice John Roberts would have left the matter: to uphold Mississippi’s law while preserving Roe v. Wade. That is significantly at odds with the position of the dissenting justices and most of the Democratic leaders, including candidates like Tim Ryan in Ohio in close races.  That may suggest that there is a more nuanced position of voters going into the upcoming midterm elections.

Indeed, the poll may reflect even greater opposition to the sweeping abortion language of Democratic leaders and many pundits. The poll does not show that level of support for the 15-week limit as opposed to a shorter period or more restrictive laws. Indeed, many appear to oppose such an allowance:

 “Do you think your state should allow abortion…?”

Up to 9 months: 10%
Up to 23 weeks: 18%
Up to 15 weeks: 23%
Up to six weeks: 12%
Only in cases of rape and incest: 37%

Those saying that they would allow abortion up to six weeks clearly do not support abortion up to 15 weeks. Likewise, those who would allow abortion only in cases of rape and incest are not endorsing a period of allowable abortion (without such justification) up to 15 weeks. (Conversely, those who would allow abortion for rape or incest may or may not support such a right beyond the 15th week).

The point remains the same. While the media has been overwhelmingly portraying voters as pro-abortion based on the question of whether they would overturn Roe v. Wade, the specific question reflects far greater opposition to abortion, particularly beyond the 15th week.

What is clear is that only 28 percent support abortion for either the full months (10 percent) or up to 23 weeks (18 percent). That is notable because is suggests that Democratic leaders (and states like Colorado) pushing absolute definitions of abortion actually have a small percentage of support for such position.

NB: This blog was edited to reflect more accurately the poll results.

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  1. “and a bit later in their conversation, Klein says:

    I want to spend some time in the liberal legal and constitutional culture that has emerged since the Warren court maybe has been at its apotheosis in recent years. I’m going to lay my cards on the table a little bit. Anybody who’s followed me for a long time knows I find the court functionally a bundle of myths dressed up in robes. And liberal legal thinking has struck me for some time now as somewhere between very defensive and very lame that it often appears to me to be animated much more by a defense of institutions, of courts, of procedures, of processes, of mystique, than any particular vision of the Constitution…. ”

    This is interesting Pod cast of Ezra Klein, talking to Larry Krammer.

    Krammer points out, the dissent in Dobbs offer zero Constitutional arguments in favor of Federal interference in Abortion. The Dissent is nothing but a Stare decis claim.

    “Stare decisis is this flabby doctrine. You can go either way on it. It’s really hard to get a huge grip on that either way. So no engagement on the merits on the left and no effort to really explain why this right would make sense today from a popular constitutional perspective….”

  2. Just so we don’t lose focus OT

    Ten killed, 62 wounded in July Fourth weekend shootings in Chicago

    Gas prices up, strategic stockpile being deleted, our best unrefined oil going abroad, some to the enemy, China.

    US government probably was using Twitter to abet its censorship

    Homeland Security makes it easier for illegal immigrants to become citizens following deportation

  3. I do not read WaPo, but Andrew Sullivan does. check out the readers “most liked” comments in their following article. Sullivan is right. Liberals are fed up. No wonder Biden and Dems are hated by Americans. This in spite of the Legacy Media giving them cover

    Andrew Sullivan
    The WokePo gives us some unfiltered propaganda. No attempt to present the other side fairly. But check out the comments. Almost all are absolutely sick of this bias.

    Bette Midler and Macy Gray upset trans advocates. Here’s why.

  4. George W writes: The United States must come to a conclusion in Law, when is a fetus a human creature in being.

    “if it is not a human, is it a kitten?” (Prairie Rose)

    pro-tip: stick to the sciences.

    Life is the point, not whether it has 1 cell, 8 cells, is 15 weeks or 35 weeks, viable or otherwise.

    A sperm has 23 chromosomes, and it fertilizes an egg that also has 23 chromosomes. Upon fertilization, the result is life with 46 homologous chromosomes, cellular nuclei and cytoplasmic organelles characteristic of human life, conducts biochemical life sustaining processes like glycolysis, krebs cycle, electron transport chain, etc, cell division, genetic DNA replication, RNA transcription, RNA translation and a host of physiological processes that define life. Life is life, all creatures great and small.

    When a person is placed on life support, they are not viable but we keep them alive anyways. Why? because they are a life, just like a fertilized egg.

    Protecting all life is the crux of the matter.

    1. “Upon fertilization, the result is life with 46 homologous chromosomes …”


      Other times there are genetic abnormalities in one or both gametes, and the total is either less than 46 or greater than 46.

      “… conducts biochemical life sustaining processes like glycolysis, krebs cycle, electron transport chain, etc, cell division, genetic DNA replication, RNA transcription, RNA translation and a host of physiological processes that define life.”

      Sometimes. Other times there are genetic abnormalities that prevent these processes from being carried out.

      And the latter are pretty common, which is a key reason that so many human embryos die before even implanting.

      “When a person is placed on life support, they are not viable”

      They’re viable with support. Otherwise, they’re dead even with support.

      “Protecting all life is the crux of the matter.”

      Nature doesn’t agree with you. For example, nature is totally fine with lots of embryos dying prior to implantation.

      And “pro-life” people generally don’t want to protect all life. Many only want to protect some life. They’re totally fine with a non-American child dying of malnutrition, for example. They may be fine with IVF embryos being discarded. Our laws consider those IVF embryos to be property, not life, and I don’t see “pro-life” people trying to change those laws. They’re more interested in regulating women’s bodies than in the embryos themselves.

  5. Jonathan: Moving on from the polls let’s discuss what we know about Robert E. Crimo, the shooter at the Highland Park, Ill, mass carnage.. We still don’t know Crimo’s motives but we might have an inkling. Martin Blumenthal, a volunteer security director at the city’s Chabad synagogue, a few blocks from the scene of the shooting, says Crimp paid a suspicious visit there sometime before his shooting spree. Blumenthal indicates Crimo looked suspicious because he was dressed in all black with black gloves. Blumenthal says Crimo “was definitely sizing up the synagogue” so he patted down Crimo but found no weapons. The synagogue rabbi says Crimo paid another visit during Passover. Highland Park has a significant Jewish population and is the home to several other synagogues and other Jewish institutions. Three of the 7 murdered at the July 4th parade were Jewish. After Crimo was arrested he admitted he had other things planned after the July 4th parade massacre. Might that have included the synagogue?

    Marjorie Taylor Greene, the premier conspiracy theorist, has a different take on Crimo’s shooting spree. She suggests it was a false flag op–“designed to persuade Republicans to go along with more gun control”. Marjorie is a big “false flag” proponent. She said similar things about the Jan. 6 insurrection. She claimed federal agents “encouraged people to go in” the Capitol. So far, what we know about young Crimo is he is a big Trump supporter. Might he also be an anti-semite? Stay tuned for further developments.

    1. WOW. So much misinformation, you should be banned by Scary Poppins. Stop watching CNN and STOP high jacking the thread with Propaganda from the left.

    2. Dennis, you did not reply to my ‘”Next non sensical reply” on July 6 6:31 AM but here goes. I live in Highland Park. I was at the parade. Half a block away from the shooter’s perch.
      I know a few of Highland Park’s finest. Have had a few beers with them at Norton’s. Usually take some veggie and fruit plates to HQ once a week.
      There is absolutely no evidence of Anti – Semitism by the shooter. Or racial animus. The words of the police department, not mine. Officially and off the record. But nice try.
      He did NOT say he had other things planned, He drove to Madison Wi. He told investigators that he heard of a celebration there but did ” not sufficiently plan” for an attack.
      He was caught on U.S 41 driving back from Wisconsin.

      1. Paul: Wow! You live in Highland Park and were at the parade? Do you know anyone who was killed or injured? Do you realize how close you came to disaster? I have some Qs for you. Are you familiar with the Chabad synagogue? If so, how far is it from the scene of the shooting? Is there a significant Jewish presence in the City? Do you know whether Crimo is Jewish? If he is not what was he doing at the Chabad synagogue? I have not seen anything further in the news today about whether Crimo had any further plans. The initial press reports indicate that when he was stopped and arrested he confessed to police and said he had other plans. I see Crimo now has an attorney so I would imagine he has been told not to make any further public statements. But if you turn up additional info from local sources let me know.

        1. Dennis,
          I do know the grandmother of a child who was injured. She lives next door to us. Child is expected to recover. Obviously, some are not so lucky.
          I am grateful that neither my wife nor myself were harmed. As stated before in High School I came much closer to personal tragedy. Classmate got shot and killed at a party. He was standing next to me.
          I am familiar with the synagogue. It is on the 800 block of Central. I pass it every time I drive into Chicago. Which is quite often. The shooter’s perch was a store called Gearhead. That is on the 600 block of Central. I live on Central. Just East of both locations. About a 5 minute walk from Gearhead.
          Yes, there is a significant Jewish population in Highland Park.
          Unfortunately, Crimo shares a common heritage with me. He is of Italian descent. I found out yesterday that a friend who preceded me to Highland Park knew the mother and father when she was pregnant with this monster. Small world huh?
          I have no idea what he was doing at the synagogue. I do know that at all services they have protection. What I heard was that when he went there during Passover he was stopped, searched and not found to have any weapons but was denied entry.
          If I hear anything else significant, I will let you know.
          Stay safe!

  6. The answer of course is Hillary

    Hillary Clinton Is Best Bet for Democrats in 2024, Political Analyst Says

    Schoen also added the recent Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade could prove to increase the case for Clinton’s candidacy due to her dedication to women’s rights. “Regardless of one’s own political affiliation or opinion of Clinton, the country knows her as an experienced politician and a champion of women’s rights,” he said.

    except for women sexually assaulted by her husband, aka that “unusually good liar”, as Democrat Senator Bob Kerrey described him

    Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.
    James Carville, January 1996 reference to Paula Jones and her charge that President Clinton had sexually assaulted her

    Bill Clinton is an Unusually Good Liar but Hillary is No Slouch


  7. Jonathan: There are polls and then there are other polls. A Gallop poll shows 58% of Americans support Roe. It splits along party lines–the same number of Republicans supported overturning Roe while only 15% did so. A CNN poll conducted just after the Dobbs decision shows 66% did not want Roe overturned. Since Roe was decided the polls have remained consistent. A majority of Americans support a women’s right to choose. But it really doesn’t matter what the polls show does it? Now states, where the GOP dominates, are free to ban abortion regardless of what women/men think in any particular state. Did Alito and his conservative brethren consult the polls when they decided to overturn Roe? Polls are now irrelevant!

    Internationally, leaders in Europe, and elsewhere have condemned the US SC for its decision. Boris Johnson. before he resigned, said the decision is a “big step backwards”. The PMs of Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Scotland and our neighbors to the south and north have said virtually the same thing. In France, the parliament is proposing a constitutional amendment to enshrine abortion rights. In Germany, where abortion is technically illegal after 12 weeks, the Bundestag just abolished a Nazi-era law forbidding doctors from providing abortion information. All of the above in direct response to the SC’s decision. I hate to say this again–but your column is a another complete distraction.

    1. If you want to compare – the vase majority of the world has regulated abortion at or around 15 weeks. So their comments about “big steps back” mean very little in consideration of their OWN laws. The Left could have had 15 weeks and agreed to exceptions for rape and incest, etc. but they wanted to push for a non-existent Constitutional right to have an abortion up to the moment of birth (and beyond, based on some comments). So they have nobody to blame but themselves. But they can go make whatever laws they can get passed in various states…and the pendulum will probably swing back towards 15-weeks if they just stop acting like extremists.

    2. “A Gallop poll shows 58% of Americans support Roe.”

      Saw that poll. It was cleverly worded – it really was asking if people agreed with any legalized abortion. Details matter, and omitting details is still lying.

      1. “the people are nothing but a great beast…

        I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value.”

        – Alexander Hamilton

      2. determining meaning from polls can be difficult.

        That should be obvious from often highly inconsistent polling results.

        We can get a majority saying Roe should not be overturned – while a majority also want abortion restrictions that Roe would not allow.

        Further polls do not typically measure the intensity of a view.

        If we polled what flavor ice cream do you like – the results would not have the weight sufficient to make laws – because regardless of their position on ice cream flavors most people do not hold an opinion strong enough to seek to impose their will on others by force.

        Democrats get this wrong all the time.

        Law is not about giving everyone their preference.

    3. Think you missed the essence of the article. We thankfully live in a nation founded on the rule of law. SCOTUS is the last word on the law of the Constitution. This latest decision on abortion correctly recognized that the states or the people themselves have jurisdiction. So, be happy with your poll numbers. Your state should honestly debate the issue and hold a legislative vote or better yet a referendum. BTW, European nations almost all limit abortions less so than US states have. Roe had a limit too which several states over stepped. If I’m correct, the left wing forced this particular case that altered the landscape. They were warned by the few smart leftists who foresaw the obvious ruling the court would make. Turns out the court knows how to read the words of the Constitution and protect said document as their primary,if not, sole responsibility.

    4. There are polls and then there are other polls. A Gallop poll shows 58% of Americans support Roe.

      I know you’re a troll. But your slight of hand is a great illustration of the slight of hand used in the so called polls. One large point. What is asked?

      If you ask a group the generic, Roe yes, Roe no. You will get a radically different response than. What should be the limit on elective abortions.

      Someone here can correct me. How many nations allow elective abortions up to the moment of delivery? Because liberals celebrate the power to kill a baby up to, and in some cases, after birth.

    5. there is no “a womans right to choose” – this is the kind of deceptive crap that gets those of you on the left in trouble all the time.

      The QUESTION is whether there is a right to have an abortion.

      Not to choose satin pillowcases.

      When you are deliberately deceptive in your what you say that undermines any reason to trust you.

      We can discuss whether there is a right to abort a fetus, but this is not about choice.

      Women have the right to choose what clothes they wear, or what jobs offers they take.
      They do not have the right to choose to rob liquor stores.

      All choices are not rights.

    6. Constitutionality is not determined by polls.

      If Abortion is as popular as you claim – those states that most severely limit abortion will pay a political price and the laws will be changed.

      Europe has more draconian abortion laws than the US did.
      Which your own post noted.

      I am not sure why anyone should care that european leaders who restricted abortion more than most of the US does even now are virtue signaling ?

      SCOTUS got this wrong.
      But they also got Roe and Casey wrong.

      It is pretty self evident that outside of a few on the left who are wigged out and violent and a few on the right who are ecstatic.
      that for most of the country this is “ho hum”.

      But if I am wrong – the upcoming election will give people the opportunity to correct that.

      The supreme court did NOT make abortion illegal everywhere in the US.

      It decided that the people of each state can decide for themselves to what extent abortion should be legal.

      If you do not like your states laws – work to change them.

      That is how the rule of law works.

  8. This woman is pure evil.

    Here in Massachusetts, these so-called crisis pregnancy centers outnumber genuine abortion clinics by 3 to 1,” Warren said, WCVP-TV reported. “They are giving it over to people who wish them harm. And that has to stop. We need to put a stop to that in Massachusetts right now.

    This bill directs the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to issue rules to prohibit deceptive or misleading advertising related to the provision of abortion services,” Warren explained in a press release. “The bill also authorizes the FTC to enforce these rules and collect penalties from organizations in violation.

    Rumor has it, to ensure they don’t get snared by the FTC, Planned Parenthood will be changing their name to Abortions are Us.

      1. You really are the one and only Paint Chips.

        You object to regulations prohibiting deceptive or misleading advertising?

        Only if the bill is itself rooted in a deceptive or misleading purpose.

        1. I’m not Peter Hill / Seth Warner, I’ve never eaten paint chips, and I’d wager that my IQ is higher than yours.

          Personally, I think truth in business advertising laws are a net good.

      2. What is deceptive?

        Or are talking about Planned Parenthood? That actually plans to prevent parenthood? Because it is really deceptive.

      1. Responding to Mespo727272 question

        It all depends on what the meaning of IS is?

        You must first define which element of murder you’re speaking about, Felony Murder, Second Degree, Premeditated or First degree. The LAW.com dictionary and Black’s Law Dictionary define Murder: “The crime committed where a person of sound mind and discretion…kills any human creature in being “(excluding quick but unborn children)”…”

        The above parenthesized exclusion for unborn children could be considered a moral murder.

        The United States must come to a conclusion in Law, when is a fetus a human creature in being. That is a Constitutional Amendment that should be brought to the Public for a Vote.

        1. George:

          Well, it can’t be legal murder because that requires a death of a person and the fetus isn’t there yet. I believe it is human life so we can still discuss it in moral terms.

    1. Different people believe in different gods. Different gods have different views about abortion. Some people practice non-theistic religions or no religion.

      You can practice your religion, but you cannot force it on others.

      1. The religious practices of some of the tribes in South America believe in the sacrifice of human lives. Maybe for a religious feast they should use you as the sacrifice. Then we can follow your logic and not force our religion on them.

    2. That may be, but they will have to wait for God’s judgement. Most Americans support some window of legal abortion.

  9. Dave Chappelle said, “If they can kill em why can’t we abandon em? My money my choice.”

  10. Nature abhors a vacuum.

    The massive illegal “immigration” invasion, beginning in 1863 and continuing across the southern U.S. border to this day, constitutes the filling of the vacuum created by the rejection of their natural roles as mothers by American women.

    American women strive to become strong men, the population goes wanting.

    The American economy and wealth have been expatriated, denying American men the ability to support families.

    The American fertility rate is in a “death spiral” as more Americans die than are born.

    The percentage of Americans in America is down to 61.1%.

    Extrapolate that.

    1. Nature abhors a vacuum……vacuum created by the rejection of their natural roles as mothers by American women……American women strive to become strong men, the population goes wanting.

      BECAUSE –

      Men quit being MEN. By design. And here we are.


    2. Male promiscuity and spouse abandonment fueled feminism in the previous century. Your gender had motherhood and family and you threw it away. Women and men bear equal responsibility for the ills you lay out.

      1. Actually, the feminists wanted abortion based on the argument that they should have the same “freedom from consequences” of their sexual activity that men have – that is where the rhetoric of controlling their bodies, etc. came from. As always, we are still working out the insanity and chaos of the 60s and 70s.

  11. A zygote exists after the 24-hour period of fertilization.

    A zygote is a very young human being, which, if not aborted (i.e. murdered), will develop from the prenatal period through infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood for an average human lifespan of 77 years.

    That process is life.

    An act to terminate that process before death from natural causes is homicide.

    Abortion is homicide.

    1. What Mr Turley is outlining here is in line with most polls going back quite a few years. The majority of Americans feel abortion within the first trimester is okay….afterwards it gets a little dicey. 15 weeks seems to be where the majority of people are. Exceptions always include health of the mother and the usual rape and incest clauses. Also severe retardation.

      This is a limited federal representative democracy. Therefore each state can make its own rules according to the will of its people. End of story.

      1. The American Founders established the power of States to set criteria to entitle voters. Entitled voters were to elect a legislature which passes laws. Good and capable voters, were to elect good and capable legislatures which were to pass good and capable laws. The “dictatorship of the proletariat” is not good or capable. Never did the Founders intend one man, one vote democrazy. Democracy has been of the restricted-vote variety since inception in Greece. Turnout in 1788 was 11.6% by design.

        “the people are nothing but a great beast…

        I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value.”

        – Alexander Hamilton

        “The true reason (says Blackstone) of requiring any qualification, with regard to property in voters, is to exclude such persons, as are in so mean a situation, that they are esteemed to have no will of their own.”

        “If it were probable that every man would give his vote freely, and without influence of any kind, then, upon the true theory and genuine principles of liberty, every member of the community, however poor, should have a vote… But since that can hardly be expected, in persons of indigent fortunes, or such as are under the immediate dominion of others, all popular states have been obliged to establish certain qualifications, whereby, some who are suspected to have no will of their own, are excluded from voting; in order to set other individuals, whose wills may be supposed independent, more thoroughly upon a level with each other.”

        – Alexander Hamilton, The Farmer Refuted, 1775

        “[We gave you] a [restricted-vote] republic, if you can keep it.”

        – Ben Franklin, 1787

        If you can’t keep it…

        “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        – Declaration of Independence, 1776

    2. George:

      “An act to terminate that process before death from natural causes is homicide.

      Abortion is homicide.”

      That doesn’t answer the spontaneous abortion (10%-20% of all abortions are naturally caused) question. Is God a murderer in a moral sense?

      1. Perhaps there are some permutations that humans cannot calculate.

        My guess: God committed murder or the fetus committed suicide.

        Shhhhhh! It happens!


      2. question. Is God a murderer in a moral sense?

        Since God is real. I know that my life is NOT ended by my earth bound existence.

        1. iowan2:

          True enough but God recognizes the crime of murder on this earthly realm.

          “Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous.”
          ~1 John 3:12

          1. The world, galaxy, universe, around me. That’s the undeniable evidence.

            My physical being is but the faintest of breeze inside a hurricane. My soul is eternity. The lesson is I dont take myself to serious. Be of service to others and peace and prosperity swallow you whole.

            1. The universe is not evidence of any gods, much less is it evidence of gods that devote any attention to humans, or of the specific god you believe in.

              You have faith in a god and in the existence of an eternal soul. Faith is not knowledge.

              1. “Faith is not knowledge.”

                Good line — that gets to the fundamental issue. Faith is the antithesis of evidence and reason. It is pure fantasy.

              2. False knowledge is worse than faith. The left knowingly preaches false knowledge and hate. Faith appropriately utilized is useful as a learning tool. Look at Alan Dershowitz, a religious and practicing Jew. His knowledge of the Talmud is instrumental to his being one of the great lawyers.

              3. The Big Bang. Right.

                A randomness that does not exist, is exactly where we came from. You sir have faith. In nothing. That says a lot.

                1. I don’t need religious faith. I have no trouble accepting that we don’t know many things. I don’t have to assume that I know things I don’t know.

                2. “The Big Bang. Right.”

                  Created ex nihilo — a child-like fantasy.

                  Incidentally, those two are a false alternative.

    3. Most zygotes die of natural causes and have zero biological capacity to develop into persons.

      If you studied more biology, you might not post BS like “A zygote is a very young human being, which, if not aborted … will develop from the prenatal period through infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood for an average human lifespan of 77 years.” Most zygotes die before even implanting.

      1. There are 8 billion human beings on the planet who were all initially zygotes, which result from fertilization.

        Oxford Dictionary



        noun: zygote; plural noun: zygotes

        a diploid cell resulting from the fusion of two haploid gametes; a fertilized ovum.

        “If you [don’t kill] it, he will come.”

        – Ethereal Voice, “Field of Dreams”

        1. Idiot George: that some zygotes survive to birth in the absence of elective abortions does not imply that all zygotes “if not aborted … will develop from the prenatal period through infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood”

          Idiot George: take a human developmental biology class.

  12. Keep women affordable, available, and taxable? Six weeks to viability, baby meets granny, in state, if not in process. Civilized society has a compelling cause to discourage murder (e.g. elective homicides committed in darkness, under a privacy veil), including performance of human rites for social, redistributive, clinical, and fair weather causes. That said, there is no mystery in sex and conception, a woman has four choices: sex or abstention, contraception in depth, adoption (i.e. shared/shifted responsibility), compassion (i.e. shared/personal responsibility), and an equal right to self-defense through reconciliation. The wicked solution is neither a good nor exclusive choice.

  13. To borrow from the philosophical genius of General Milley, Roe v Wade was tactical success, but a strategic failure. It helped create a culture of irresponsibility. The progressive left live in the myopic world of tactical success without any strategic concern for the unintended consequences. The Dobbs decision will appear to be a tactical failure precisely because our culture is not enlightened enough to understand the strategic success it is for the states and the people.

    1. Should the state be able to require you to donate bone marrow to save someone’s life?

      If not, why should the state be able to require a pregnant woman or girl to donate the use of her body to save the life of an embryo?

      1. To try to make your comparison somewhat logical, the woman or girl would first have to have no choice in becoming pregnant. Then, the answer would be no, they should not. But of course they aren’t analogous. We’re not China and our citizens are not Uyghurs being forced to “donate” their organs or bone marrow. In the case of pregnancy, there’s willful or irresponsible choices made resulting in pregnancy and then there are pregnancies that are the result of woman’s rights being violated, or her physical health is at risk. My opinion is in the latter circumstances, a female should have the choice to restore her rights before they were violated or to save her own life.

        1. “To try to make your comparison somewhat logical, the woman or girl would first have to have no choice in becoming pregnant”

          That’s BS. I could choose to donate bone marrow and then change my mind, and as soon as I changed my mind, the process would stop. Just like I choose to donate blood or platelets to save someone’s life, and I can tell them in the middle of the donation that I want to stop (I have, in fact, done this a couple of times in the midst of a platelet donation, because the stuff they add to your blood to keep it from coagulating while they extract the platelets and feed the rest of the blood back into your body was making me vomit, a fairly common side-effect).

          Consent to sex is not consent to bringing a pregnancy to term. And of course, lots of women and girls are raped and didn’t consent to sex.

          “My opinion is in the latter circumstances, a female should have the choice to restore her rights before they were violated”

          How does a raped woman “restore her rights”? She cannot undo the rape.

          1. Consent to sex is not consent to bringing a pregnancy to term

            Of course it is. A conscience choice. The female might become pregnant.

      2. What about the university Pitt medical school UPMC havesting body parts from abortions and using them for expirements .

      3. The same repetitive garbage. Do you not know the difference between saving a life and killing a child that is alive?

  14. From Planned Parenthood. “There’s a very slight chance that the cut ends of your vas deferens can grow back together after a vasectomy, which means you could cause a pregnancy. But this is super rare.”

  15. The WNBA’s Brittney Griner just pled guilty to drug smuggling charges in a Russian court. Kinda knocks the Hell out of unjust charges and detention, eh? Now any break she gets is … drum roll … just privilege. Wonder what kinda? enigma, Moscow calling!

    1. Mespo– I know Brittney Griner to be a very decent person. While at Baylor, she devoted a lot of her spare time to helping kids in the poorer neighborhoods around Baylor. She is a religious person. If the press reports are to be believed then her arrest was based on possession of a vape that had marijuana in it. If that is all that there is, and I stress the word “if”, then her treatment so far has been harsh, compared to what it would have been here. Of course, having lived in a foreign country for more than two years, I know that any visitor must accept the fact that the laws of that country prevail regardless of how things would have been done here. Very bad judgment, yes. The act of a criminal, no. I hope the guilty plea is part of a plea deal which will allow her to return to the states.

      1. HLM:

        I’m sure she’s nice. My problem with her is that she asked .. no demanded that the anthem not be played at her games. So despite all the good ones does, a singular public act of anti-patriotism kinda does it for me. She can rot for all I care about her. “Midnight Express” wasn’t just a movie – it was a warning that she didn’t heed.


        1. Mespo– I was unaware. I talked to a mutual friend who knows her well and he already knew about the flag controversy. He said that has made him kind of 50/50 on her. It is ironic that now she is calling on our government to help her out. Very sad.

    2. Yeah, and it could be that a deal has already been reached in which Griner pleads guilty in exchange for releasing some Rushkie we’re holding. You don’t know, so stop being so sanctimonious and overtly racist about it. Putin is mad at us for helping Ukraine.

      1. Natacha:

        “You don’t know, so stop being so sanctimonious and overtly racist about it. Putin is mad at us for helping Ukraine.”

        Putin isn’t mad at us. He’s laughing at us. Our “sanctions” have made him richer beyond his wildest dreams and the ruble is soaring against the dollar while the stupid Euros and the currency by the same name tanks as in plunges not rolls. Oh and Putin sells all the oil he produces. He ought to send Biden a greeting card.

        Oh and you’re an anti-Italian American bigot. See it’s fun to cast unwarranted insults! Makes you look lefty cool, right? Brittney can rot a little longer before her black, queer, female or whatever privilege kicks in and Biden brings her home in time for the midterms.

        1. If Putin isn’t upset about the US and others helping Ukraine, then why does he threaten us, including an implied threat to nuke us? Didn’t Tucker cover that? I don’t know where you’re getting your insider take on Russia’s economy, but everything I’ve heard is that the sanctions are working and Russia is in trouble financially. This pro-Putin garbage sounds like it came from Fox.

          And, I did see a news piece about the Rushkie who probably will end up being exchanged for Brittany Griner. I don’t remember his name, but he was found guilty of espionage, arms dealing or something. For the sake of his tender ego and to save face, Putin would probably require a guilty plea from Brittany. And, doesn’t it strike you at all ironic that you accuse me of being a bigot in the same breath as insulting Brittany for being gay?

          1. “If Putin isn’t upset about the US and others helping Ukraine, then why does he threaten us, including an implied threat to nuke us? Didn’t Tucker cover that? “I don’t know where you’re getting your insider take on Russia’s economy, but everything I’ve heard is that the sanctions are working and Russia is in trouble financially. This pro-Putin garbage sounds like it came from Fox.”
            It’s called poker and bluffing a buffoon into doing exactly what you want them to do all the while letting them believe it’s their idea.

            As for the oil info, I have a friend who is a respected oil analysts who say exactly the same thing because India and China are buying all that Russi can produce at a discount. The ruble has dropped some today but at the end of June it was at a seven year high against the dollar. here’s my source, not a Fox to be seen:


            1. Russia is making more revenue off oil than they did last year. A strong ruble purchases more goods on a global market than a weak one. Commodities are taking off. Russia has plenty of them; known gold reserves in the ground to the tune of 75 trillion. European will consists of elbow nudging Uncle Sam about their lastest terrible jam. Trouble is our strategic oil reserve is being sold off to Europe, India and China, China!!! The democrats and RINOS were all for what will be endless war. Trouble is look at the track record for democrats hanging tough once a republican president can be conveniently hamstrung politically for what they fomented.

              1. Trump’s weakness due to his massive ego made him vulnerable to being used by Putin so he could “win” in 2016. Trump’s massive ego and refusal to admit that he lost in 2020 is also weakening America from within–dividing us against one another based on the Big Lie. His radical-right wing choices for the SCOTUS have people taking to the streets in protest, all due to his huge ego. Russian hackers used information provided by his campaign to lie about HIllary Clinton on social media platforms, so as to tilt the Electoral College vote, so he could “win” in 2016 even though he lost the popular vote. That has been proven, not just by the Mueller Report, but Dan Coats, head of US intelligence agencies, plus an investigation by a Republican Senate Committee. So, Trump paid Putin back by publicly siding with him and against U.S. Intelligence at Helsinki. He tried to get Russia back into the G-7, which didn’t work. Trump also trashed the EU, supporting Brexit. It is an unwritten rule of diplomacy not to comment upon or get involved in contested political matters in other countries. Well, it was the rule until your hero got into office. We wouldn’t take kindly to leaders of other countries expressing their opinion on our internal affairs, which is why our President doesn’t do this. The Queen is never going to express an opinion on Roe v. Wade being reversed by Dobbs. Trump also trashed NATO and promised to withdraw the US from NATO if he got the chance. He didn’t, and thank God for that. Putin invaded Ukraine because his reading of Trump’s trash-talk was that NATO and our EU allies were so offended, not just by criticizing NATO, but implying that certain members were, essentially deadbeats that he was going to force to “pay up”, that he thought we couldn’t pull together a unified opposition. Such matters are best handled diplomatically, but your loudmouth braggadocious hero just couldn’t do that. Biden mended fences with our allies, something Trump could never do, and Finland and Sweden have petitioned to join NATO too. NATO is stronger than ever for which Biden deserves credit. The “Democrats” didn’t “foment” anything–Biden fixed yet another problem resulting from Trump’s massive ego. The war in Ukraine is directly the result of Trump’s ego and incompetence. And, no one ever “hamstrung” your hero, either. Most Americans voted against him both in 2016 and 2020, which has been repeatedly proven, but which your hero, due to his emotional weakness, refuses to accept.

          2. Natacha, here is something about the Russian economy that you should be aware of. From Reuters. The International Energy Agency said in May that Russia’s oil revenue was up 50% since the beginning of the year to $20 billion a month, with the EU taking the biggest share of its exports. Maybe a little research on your part before you make a comment would be appropriate. I’ve asked this question before but I’ll ask it again. Why do you never offer any supporting evidence of your claims other than far left sources. I am on the right but I often present links from CNN, The Washington Post and The New York Times. What say you?

            1. You are very good at trying to lecture me about how I am wrong all of the time. You have falsely accused me of so many things that I can’t keep count, and you never admit that you are wrong–you just move on to the next criticism. I don’t see any reference to the International Energy Agency, but I have seen commentary by several economists that say sanction are hurting Russia. What does the International Energy Agency rely on, anyway? Putin’s word? What are “far left sources”, are you referring to? NBC, CBS, PBS, M\SNBC, CNN, ABC?

            2. TWICE I posted a piece published in “the Hill”, and TWICE someone took it down. Turley writes for “The Hill”, which is hardly a far-right source. The title of the piece was “Five Ways Sanctions Are Hurting Russia”, and it was published last March. Here’s the gist: Russia’s economy, like ours, is based on a lot more than just oil, and includes all sorts of things like banking, manufacturing, supply chain, intellectual property, international relationships and partnerships and many other things. Russia’s GDP is shrinking because of sanctions. Russia can’t produce cars or other consumer goods because they import key components from the USA and other countries that are sanctioning it and US companies hold the intellectual property rights to these parts. US-based companies, like McDonald’s and others, are pulling out. They can’t get Netflix. One of the biggest ways Russia is being hurt is with international banking: we’ve encumbered their funds, and they can’t trade outside Russia without the international banking system from which they’ve been banned. Banks outside Russia that are holding funds of Russian oligarchs have frozen their accounts, and without the international banking system, there’s nothing they can do about it.

              I know the alt-right news you rely on just can’t give Biden credit for anything, but sanctions ARE hurting Russia’s economy, and the hurt will get much worse as time goes on. And, BTW: last night, on Russian TV, there was a commentator who said that Russia was going to help “reinstall” Trump as President. One other thing I left off of the list of the ways Trump is paying Putin back for his help in 2016: when Putin invaded Ukraine, your hero called it “genius” and “savvy”.

              1. Natacha, You do realize the Russia Collusion was debunked, right? Ignoring facts to make your point is counter productive.

                1. Really? Where’s the court-admissible proof, like the proof Mueller had, which consisted of sworn testimony, certified documents, confessions and guilty pleas and convictions of guilt. Then, there’s the REPUBLICAN Senate committee that agreed with the Mueller Report. And, we have Dan Coats, lifetime Republican, former member of Congress, appointed by Trump to head up US Intelligence Agencies. Coats said Russia helped Trump cheat. What do you have? I want to see it. You say I am “ignoring facts”. I say you believe lies fed to you by alt-right media. At least I’m willing to listen, so bring it on.

                  1. Natacha, I’m a long-time reader but recent poster to this blog. I broke my own rule (made for myself) of responding to nonsensical dialogue or exchanges when I took the bate of responding to your ill informed statement. I realize Robbie Mook’s admission Hillary knew about the fake Steele Dossier and the fine imposed on the DNC, to name two left wing admissions, will do nothing to sway your entrenched mindset, so I won’t waste my time enumerating the news of the last several months. Dialogue with you is a waste of time. Lesson learned. There are a multitude of individuals who post on here who bring smart, well informed back-and-forth as opposed to the circular nonsense you espouse. Please, keep posting as each one proves me right. Peace.

                    1. Tootsie: the “Steele Dossier’ was NOT what triggered the investigation into Russia helping Trump cheat. It was instigated by a Russian who was bragging to an Australian diplomat at a bar in England, I believe, the contents of which got reported to the State Department. That triggered the investigation. If you watched something other than alt-right news, or if you even read the Mueller Report instead of relying on Tucker and Hannity, you’d know this. You couldn’t “waste your time enumerating the news of the last several months” as an effort to try to disprove the results of the Republican Senate Committee, Dan Coats and the Mueler Report, because what you claim is “news” just isn’t “news”: it’s more of the false narrative you’ve come to believe because you are a disciple. There’s nothing “nonsensical” about the hard evidence Mueller developed, including sworn testimony, certified copies of documents and dozens of guilty pleas and/or guilty verdicts. For the record, Trump and his minions did NOT cooperate with Mueller or even with the J6 investigation, unlike Hillary, who testified for 11 hours on the Benghazi investigation, all of which led to nothing because she didn’t do anything wrong. You’ve been indoctrinated into disbelieving proof that was developed without Trump’s cooperation. Your post proves you have nothing to offer to rebut this first-hand evidence but your faith in alt-right news. The people who claim that Trump didn’t cheat and that Russia didn’t help him are NOT smart or well-informed–they’re just repeating the garbage you’ve come to believe in. Logical analysis would lead any reasonable person to question what happened in 2016: every poll predicted Trump would lose. Trump hired savvy pollsters who figured out a way to get enough voters in enough districts in certain key states where support for Hillary was soft enough that they could be swayed. So, Russian hackers spread lies about her on social media. The plot worked: enough voters were turned, which is how Trump lost the popular vote but “won” the election in 2016. On Russian state television, a commentator on Thursday said that Russia would work, once again, to “reinstall” Trump as POTUS if he runs again. They want the US out of NATO so they can take over Ukraine and move on to Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. I know Hannity didn’t cover that one. Another item: all of the embarrassing deference by Trump to Putin: siding with him and against US intelligence in Helsinki, trying to get Russia back into the G-7, trash-talking the EU and NATO, essentially calling our allies “deadbeats”, promising to withdraw the US from NATO, and calling the invasion of Ukraine “genius” and “savvy”. No US President has ever been deferential to a murderous dictator of a country that is an enemy of the US or ever praised a dictator for invading a peaceful country because he wants to take it over. Why would Trump do these things? What does Putin have on him? Facts are facts, and you should learn the facts before lecturing people about being entrenched. You are the one who has an “entrenched mindset”.

                    2. You really are clueless.

                      That “Russian” was George Papadoulis. The Austrailian diplomat was Andrew Downer. When finally interviewed neither Downer nor Papadoulis said that the conversation had anything to do with Russian interferance in the election.

                      By the the End of July 2016, the FBI had already determined this was a nothing burger.
                      There are other complications to this story – including Entrapment, spying and honey traps – all by the US government, but the bottom line was that nothing lead to Russia.

                      If you doubt this – read the Horowitz report. A short lived FBI investigation of the Trump campaign was dead BEFORE the Steele Dossier appeared.

                      Mueller ILLEGALLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY re-investigated the Papadoulis matter over a year later, and Bullied Papdoulis into pleading to lying to the FBI for getting the date of some emails wrong during more than 70hrs of FBI/SC interviews.
                      Regardless, Papadoulis had know first hand knowledge of anything, no ties to Russians.

                      Even Mueller found NO connections between the Trump campaign and Russians.

                    3. Mueller did not get Dozens of guilty pleas – I am not sure he even got half a dozen.
                      Not one of which had anything to do with Russian.
                      Mueller got Guilty verdicts from Biased DC courts and Biased DC judges for crimes that even the Mueller report itself says did not happen.

                      Mueller is a lawless disaster.

                      Rosenstein illegally and unconstitutionally appointed him Rosenstein KNEW or was REQUIRED to KNOW at the time of the appointment that The pappadoulis nonsense, the Steele Hoax and the Alpha Bank Hoax had all been debunked MONTHS before.

                      Neither you nor he seem to understand that you MUST have a credible allegation of a crime to start an investigation.

                      Muller himself engaged in criminall and unconstitutional abuse of power when he continued the investigation AFTER discovering it was all based on frauds and hoaxes, and that must have occured in days after being appointed.

                    4. The constitution fully allows those being targeted by government to refuse to cooperate in their own investigation.

                      Contra the Left the fifth amendment is not about guilt or innocence, it is purely about not being required to assist prosecutors in trying to convict you.

                      Miranda rests on the fifth amendment – when you are being questioned by law enforcement you have “the right to remain silent”.

                    5. Nutacha – Wow Hillary testified for 11 hours.

                      Papadoulis was questioned for over 80 hours.

                      In fact nearly everyone who purportedly “did not cooperate” with Mueller was questioned for Weeks – many without lawyers – because do you know what 80 hours of 400+/hour legal fees costs ? Most of those Mueller screwed over did not have the millions of dollars earned on the public grift Like Hillary.

                    6. With respect to Benghazi:

                      First the conduct of the executive branch before and during the event was abysmally poor.
                      The state department failed to do what was necessary to protect its people, both leading up to this and during.
                      The State Department and the intelligence communities assessment of risks was poor.

                      These are all typical failures of govenrment and part of the normal oversight responsibility of congress.

                      Similar hearings occured after the marine baracks bombing in Beruit.

                      There was ONE huge difference. Shortly after Beruit Reagan publicly took responsibility, and as a result the hearings were entirely about how to do better in the future – though several people did lose their jobs.

                      While the Benghazi attacks were ongiong Clinton admitted to foreign leaders that this was a terrorist attack by an Al Qeda group.
                      But Publicly She and the administration Lied, blaming it on an internet video.

                      No lie from Clinton – that shortly became the administrations official response, and BenGhazi oversite would have ended quickly.

                      Of Course Obama likely would have lost re-election. Sounds like the Hunter Biden laptop – Lie now, win the election and take the heat later.

                      Further, but for Clinton’s lie it is unlikely we ever would have found out how massively Hillary violated the espionage act.

                    7. Trump did hire savy pollsters, and Clinton blew her own campaign – seeking to drive popular vote numbers up in CA which she would win easily instead of campaigning in swing states.
                      Even Bill Clinton warned her she was making a mistake.

                      No, Russian hackers did no spread lies about her on social media.

                      Someone – likely a democratic insider, provided Wikileaks with DNC emails – not “lies” that exposed the corruption of the DNC and how they were tipping their own primary to Clinton.

                      Regardless, none of it was Lies, Trump had no involvement beyond gloating. Clinton imploded on her own.

                      And I thought left wingnuts loved damaging leaks – oh, only if they damage republicans.

                      Yes, enough voters were turned – approximately 2.5M blue collar normally democrats. Further these voters remain “turned”.
                      This was not some fluke or the consequence of some deception. PA, OH, WI, MI were shifting red, and that trend continues today.
                      Democrats are hemorrhaging working class and minority votes.

                      This was not “russian influence” it was a trend that Trump identified before anyone else.

                    8. And yet, once the dust settles it turns out that the actual IC assessment was that Putin wanted Clinton not Trump.

                      Just as he certainly wanted Biden not Trump.

                      Putin invaded Crimea – under Obama/Clinton.
                      He invaded Ukraine under Biden.

                      These are not accidents. They are because numerous policies of democrats empower Putin and Russia.

                      Anyone prior to the 2016 election who claimed Putin favored Trump was an obvious MORON – even if they were in the CIA.
                      Fortunately the Actual CIA assessment was that Putin wanted Clinton.
                      Trump was stupid enough to make fawning statements regarding Putin during the election – but that did not alter the fact that all of Trump’s policies were to Russias dissadvantage and Clinton’s to his advantage.

                    9. The US is not leaving NATO – though its role should continue to diminish and would have But for the incompetence of Biden policies that resulted in Russia invading Ukraine.

                      There are several news reports – even in left wing media. That Trump had threatened Putin with using US bombers if Putin invaded Ukraine.

                      But far more important at detering Putin was US energy policy.

                      You left wing nuts do not grasp that energy policy is national security policy – even GLOBAL security policy.
                      More energy means LESS power to Russia and the mideast.

                      Further it should be obvious right now that Putin can not attack NATO conventionally.
                      Poland alone is FAR stronger than Ukraine. Not only can all of NATO without the US take on Russia in a conventional war,
                      But almost any two large countries in NATO would decimate Russia ALONE.

                      That is a GOOD thing. We should WANT NATO to be a successful deterant to Russia WITHOUT the US.

                      We should also want peace in the mideast. Which we had under Trump.

                      Both of these free US military resources to deploy were the real threat is right now – CHINA.

                      Geopolitics is not all that complex.

                      Democrats have a problem with it – because ideological goals interfere.

                      You have two mutually exlousive choices – fight the non-existant climate problem – and concurrently end up fighting beligerant nations that you have enabled through bad energy policy.

                      Or get energy policy right and have world peace and prosperity.

                    10. So Trump dissed the same US intelligence forces that”
                      Missed the collapse of the USSR.
                      Missed the rise of China.
                      Botched the mideast – including Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, ….
                      Did not know how to handle Russia (diminish the value of there #1 export – energy).

                      You say Trump fawned over Putin ? Would that by freeing up US energy production such that the entire worlds dependence on Russia and the mideast was diminished ?

                      If that is your idea of Fawning – “Please sir, can I have more ?”

                      All Biden had to do was keep in place Trump’s energy policies and The mideast would be peaceful and Russia would not be in the Donbas.

                      While Trump was purportedly pissing on EU leaders – he GUARANTEED their energy supplies – as THAT is what they needed to stand up to Putin.

                      Even Biden has been forced to send some of the SPR to Europe to prevent them from freezing to death as a consequence of the war he caused.

                      The NG reserves in PA alone are capable of sustaining Europe for 2 centuries. Except that left wing nuts will be damned if any US energy gets to market much less gets exported.

                    11. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was “savy” – Biden botched policy and Putin exploited it.

                      Only moron’s on the left treat their adversaries as Stupid.

                      We need a president that Understands that Putin is NOT a moron, that he is capable of brilliant moves.

                      We need that to thwart him. and we need that to bring Russia ffrom an adversary to an allie.

                      You rant about Russia. You want the US to face off against the only country in the world with more Nukes than we have.

                      Wouldn’t it be wiser to figure out how to bring Russia into the fold.

                      I would note that Putin has been clear – he does not want Ukraine. He wants security for Russia.
                      You may not like the way he chooses to get that. But Putin is actually predictable.

                      Prof. Meerscheimer warned us Before 2014 that if we kept up trying to incorporate Georgia’s and Ukraine into NATO that Putin would wreak havoc on those countries – which he has.

                      He warned AGAIN when more recently Biden and NATO started talking about adding Ukraine that would result in Putin invading Ukraine.

                      Ir is amazing how much STUPID democrats have been on Ukraine – whether that is Obama, or Hillary or Biden – or Hunter Biden.

                      Democrats seem to think that Ukraine is their plaything.

                      Ukraine is in Putin’s backyard – not ours.

                      I strongly suspect that in the long run – the invasion of Ukraine will prove a huge mistake for Putin, and a victory for the US.
                      Paid for with hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians lives.

                      Biden will fight Russia to the very last Ukrainian.

                      Democrats OWN that – and have for a decade.

      2. Natacha,

        If the Ruskies have any sense they will follow the example set by the Taliban when they demanded that Obama release 12 high profile terrorists from GTMO in exchange for the deserter and Taliban sympathizer Bowe Bergdahl. Obama, being a Muslim sympathizer, complied and this broke historic precedent; the US government had never before negotiated with pirates, hijackers, terrorists, or the like.

        Maybe Biden will trade the dozen of so Russian troll farm workers that Mueller nabbed in exchange for Griner. You know, the ones who you complain stole the election for Trump by using “super-secret” polling data provided by Manafort to affect swing state voters.

        Oh wait…Mueller did not convict any Russian troll farm workers because the case was dismissed before even going to trial based on a complete and absolute lack of evidence from the Mueller team.

        This claim, like just about everything else that you vomit onto the blog on a daily basis, is completely false.

        Troll on Natacha…

    3. If the world could grasp and accept the freedom provided by the American Founders in their Constitution and Bill of Rights, this person would have never been detained.

      Understanding the appropriate nature of laws prohibiting property damage and bodily injury, the right to and freedom of ingestion is natural, God-given and universal.

      The Constitution provides for privacy and choice regarding one’s own body.

      The 4th Amendment provides the right “…to be secure in their persons, houses,…against unreasonable searches and seizures…” which, in turn, provides the privacy of private, personal, individual ingestion.

      While abortion is homicide by one human being (i.e. a fetus’s mother) against another, ingestion is a private act and the choice of an individual, and it involves no others.

      No law shall be written to deny the natural and God-given right and freedom of ingestion, per the 9th Amendment.

      That is the nature of freedom, in stark contrast to dictatorship, despotism and tyranny.

      Congress attempted autocracy by the 18th Amendment; Congress overturned and fully abrogated its own egregious failure and high crime by the 21st.

      9th Amendment

      The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

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