“A Dangerous Escalation”: Fifty-Six Percent of Voters Believe President Biden Sought to “Incite Conflict”

Many of us (including some Democrats) have criticized President Joe Biden for his inflammatory speech in Philadelphia that cast Republicans as “threats to the foundations of our republic.” I also objected to the use of Marines at the political speech like nutcracker props flanking the President as he accused millions of their fellow Americans of being enemies of the state. Now, a Trafalgar poll shows that a majority of Americans believe that Biden tried to “incite conflict” with his speech.

The poll asked respondents, “What is your opinion of President Biden’s recent primetime address to the nation in which he accused his political opponents of representing ‘an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic’?”

Fifty-six percent of the voters said that the speech “represents a dangerous escalation in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amounts Americans.”

For many, the speech was the final refutation of Biden’s pledge to be a unifier as president after two years of highly partisan and divisive actions. It was also a failure if intended to rally independents and others to his side. Yet, the speech may have had more modest objectives.  The same 35 percent of hardcore supporters liked the speech and Biden may have decided, again, to play to that base.

Whatever the reason, the speech added to the rage of our politics.  For his part, Donald Trump quickly bulldozed any moral high ground after the speech by denouncing Biden as an “enemy of the state” and calling the FBI “vicious monsters.”

With the leaders of both parties engaging in such rhetoric, it is little surprise that a majority of the public now believes that there will be an increase in political violence.

We are experiencing a near total failure of leadership in our country. Politicians on both sides are fueling rage for personal and political advantage. It is a dangerous and craven form of demagogueryJames Freeman Clarke once said that “a politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation.” We have far too many politicians today and far too few statesmen at an increasingly perilous time for our country.

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  1. “We have far too many politicians today…”
    That phrase alone is the root cause for most of what ails our species.

    1. Looks like the politicians are getting close the collapse they planned on. And they say the citizens just need to give ours Rights & then they’ll save us. Yeah right!


      ( very short video )

      Washington Secrets
      Group highlights crime and Left’s ‘love affair’ with crooks in preelection push
      by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist
      September 06, 2022 03:04 PM


    2. Simplicity was intended for the government sector.

      Complexity was reserved for the competitive free markets of the private sector.

      1. “Simplicity was intended for the government sector.”

        George, as you know that is a reason behind federalism. The federal government was never meant to be this powerful. Political pressure by the people was supposed to be used at the state and local level.

        1. By that interpretation it was okay to make blacks a lesser human and to deny women any right to autonomy. That excluded, I will say that all these unjust wars to either funnel taxpayer dollars to Wall Street, or to create an empire (see the book “America’s Challenge In A One Superpower World” by Richard Nixon.) Of course the Bible prophesies the last empire or kingdom to be a collective of ten kings who never received a kingdom. NATO??? It falls because of reports from the north (Russia?) and the kings from the sunrising (the East). Whether those reports are true or not, it causes the ten kings to go off in a fury to annihilate and devote many to destruction but it comes all the way to its finish.

          1. My goodness how you ramble, kidrambler! You have strung together weird quotes from history and a meaningless book to prove what? Honestly, I ‘m still not sure. If licenses were given to be able to comment, yours would surely be revoked.

          2. “By that interpretation it was okay to make blacks a lesser human and to”

            We can blame Democrats for that. Republicans freed the slaves. Today, Democrats are getting rid of MLK’s I have a dream speech. Democrats are promoting exclusion instead of inclusion.

            ” deny women any right to autonomy.”

            Now Democrats are denying women their dressing rooms and having biological men compete with them in sports. Way to go Kid. You make soo… much sense. (sarcasm off)

            “That excluded, I will say that all these unjust wars to either funnel taxpayer dollars to Wall Street,”

            Ukraine war 1. Obama-Biden
            Ukraine war 2 Biden-Harris

            Trump brought peace to many regions of the world.

            Wall Street and most of the corporations support the Democrats and the war machine

            Every point you make points to Democrat failure. I am not a supporter of either party and look for policy over party. I don’t know one major thing Democrats are pushing that is good for middle-class families. There is only craziness and hate.

    3. No, I believe that we have a very uniformed culture. Thus, not enough knowledge to know and fact check, who and why they should vote for so & so. Therefore, they are more likely to ‘not’ hold their choice for office accountable. As long as the free money and benefits keep flowing and get more abundant one way or the other.

  2. Dems have been doing this for decades. Especially trying to gin up Blacks. The have just ratched it up. Joe say they are going to put you all back in chains. Even Michele. They had their gestapo the FBI ginning up Michigan with the phony kidnapping. 2/3 of Mi was hoping ti was true. Then they were directing traffic on 1/6 at the capital. Then dealing like thugs on the folks who were innocdent on 1/6 and really treating the bad ones like they planned a armed insurrection. Can you imagine Russia Chin and Iran watching this crap and saying. They are destroying themselves within. Their own govt is ginning up a civil war.

  3. “IMHO, this is accurate. Turley attracts the fringe.”

    ATS by the number of postings represents most of the fringe.

    1. Instead of doing a drive by smear on a life long Democrat. maybe point out factually where he is wrong

  4. Prayers for Jonathan Turley After His Definitive Takedown of Hillary’s Latest ‘but My Emails’ Defense

    By Sister Toldjah | Sep 08, 2022 1:00 PM ET


    “….Hillary Clinton’s suggestion of a “Clinton Standard” caught the attention of law professor Jonathan Turley, who wrote perhaps what is the definitive takedown of her latest “but my emails” defense and pointed out that there is indeed a “Clinton Standard,” but that it’s not the one she wants people to think it is:

    A 2018 Department of Justice inspector general report revealed “81 email chains containing approximately 193 individual emails” were “classified from the CONFIDENTIAL to TOP SECRET levels at the time.” Clinton is echoing her allies’ recent spin that there were only three documents with classification markings among 33,000 emails. It is utter nonsense.


    Nevertheless, the emails had classified information, including top-secret information tied to “Special Access Programs.” Yet some allies emphasize the inspector general also noted that in some cases there was “conscious effort to avoid sending classified information, by writing around the most sensitive material.” It failed. The emails still contained classified information.

    That’s why she was reckless to use her own server: Such mistakes on private servers are more vulnerable to capture by foreign intelligence services. Indeed, according to the FBI, “hostile actors gained access” to some of the information through the emails of Clinton’s associates and aides.

    As to her claims about Comey “admitting” he was wrong:

    It’s not clear what Hillary is referencing here. But Comey never said there was no classified information in her emails — he said the opposite. He condemned her handling of the classified material while saying it didn’t warrant prosecution.

    Comey did backtrack later, but not on this point. He said his “mistake” was in how he described her conduct: “I should’ve worked harder to find a way to convey that it’s more than just the ordinary mistake, but it’s not criminal behavior, and find different words to describe that.”

    And on the “Clinton Standard” – it’s a double standard, as we all know, and which Turley emphasized in his write-up.

    “Clinton has repeatedly avoided criminal charges even as close associates were charged,” Turley reminded readers as he brought up her cattle futures scandal, the long-running Whitewater scandal – where the Clintons obstructed and avoided justice on multiple occasions, and again the email scandal, for starters. Though many around her suffered legal consequences from those scandals, in the end it was always “no charge” for Hillary Clinton, who proclaims to be a proponent of powerful officials being held accountable for their actions except when it comes to her and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

    Perhaps as equally disturbing have been all the passes granted to the Clintons by the media on all of the above and then some, which is precisely why Clinton and most other Democrats believe they can go before the cameras and lie to the American people with impunity:

    Jonathan Turley
    …Hillary’s denial that there was any classified information on her server exposes something far more serious than a false claim. It reflects the sense of license for many in the establishment that they can literally rewrite history with little fear of contradiction by the media
    7:10 AM · Sep 8, 2022

    “As for Turley, say a quick prayer for his safety because, well, I don’t think I have to explain why such things are necessary when it comes to criticisms of – and the wrongdoings of – the Clintons.”

  5. There are those commenting here who define fascism incorrectly. Nietzsche explained the basic principle of fascism perfectly. It is the natural order of things that the strong should rule over the weak. Both Stalin and Hitler had Nietzsche’s book in their libraries. Mao justified his killing of millions based on this same principle. All three of these regimes said that the were doing it for the good of the volk. All three of these regimes believed in central government control. Which party in The United States believes the most in centralized control of the nation? Which party wants to eliminate states rights and which party wants to continue the existence of a republic? It’s not difficult to come to a conclusion about which party meets Nietzsche’s definition. It is no wonder that they hate the phrase, the first shall be last and the last shall be first because it’s in direct contradiction to their view of who should have the power. There was Rome and then came Paul.

    1. There’s also soft or silent fascism. How many around the world has the US killed, either by war or by disaster capitalism or thru sanctions? How many Americans die from lack of healthcare? How many Americans died from Covid because our PPE supplies had been depleted? How many hospitals went out of business or lost their trauma centers, despite terrorism shamelessly touted as our biggest threat and yet we aren’t prepared for it? How many persons died because of pollution or corrupt politicians poisoning our water in various ways, but never pay for their crimes against humanity? Fascism has many faces.

      1. “Fascism has many faces.”

        Luckily for Fascism, its face is far prettier than your fake Gravatar profile. just putting the truth out there for a fraudulent troll identity

        1. Anonymous, nope. That’s me. It was taken on my first visit to Colorado about six years ago. Perhaps I should update it. But you have the silly troll symbol. Funny how you just play devil’s advocate here. Your lack of real convictions is easily recognizable. But you do you.






    These are sick people.

    The communists (liberals, progressives, socialists, democrats, RINOs) in America were greedy, irrational and compulsive, sufficient to steal the election.

    The Bolsheviks in Russia were greedy, irrational and compulsive, sufficient to heinously slaughter the Romanovs.

    “On the night of July 16, 1918, the family was ordered to dress and go down to the cellar of the Ipatiev House where they were lined up as if posing for a family photograph. Then, the entire Romanov family was executed by firing squad and bayoneted to death by Bolshevik troops.

    “The remains of the family were discovered in a mass grave in the Ural Mountains in 1991. Subsequent DNA testing confirmed the identities of the Nicholas, Alexandra and three of their daughters.

    “The remains of Alexei and one of his sisters remained a mystery until 2007 when a second grave was discovered near the larger mass grave. The grave contained the remains of two partially burned skeletons, which subsequent DNA testing showed to belong to Alexei, and one of his sisters, likely Anastasia or Maria.”

    – History.com


  7. From Reuters, Fifty-nine percent of respondents said Biden’s speech will further divide the country, This is an interesting poll. It found that 57% of those polled said they believe Maga Republicans to be a danger but in the next breath they say that Biden is a danger to the nation by purposely dividing it. Typical News Speak of the day. How does this poll stack up with the fact that Biden is approved by only 40% of the nation. Here’s another bit of News Speak from News Week. Things are looking up because Biden’s approval has risen from 38% to 40%. Well shiver me timbers happy days are here again by golly.

      1. TallyWhacker, why do you bring up Orwell. He wrote a book that those on the left refuse to read and understand. How dare you bring up a man and his work that goes so directly against their grain. Soon they will be demanding that Turley remove your post due to your obvious spreading of disinformation.

    1. The 59% “Biden will divide us” and 57% “MAGA is dangerous” is likely a sign that many of us have grown weary of the hyperbolic political speeches and yearn for the days when political speeches were non-prescribed sleep aids.

      1. nav2002, as I’m reading some of these postings I have YouTube on. Most of the time I cannot watch the news.

    2. @Thinkitthrough…

      I’m more surprised that its only 57%.

      If you were to flip the speech and replace GOP w DNC and said it was given by Trump, you can bet most Dems would be outraged.
      (You know that Orange Man is bad…)

      But seriously… anyone who read the text of the speech and was honest… regardless of which side of the aisle… the speech clearly alienates 1/2 the population.
      So yeah its divisive.


  8. What are Republicans supposed to do? Pledge to not fight back? To just smile and remain silent while Democrats lie about them and call them racist Fascists? Being polite never stops a bully, but makes you more of a target.

    Conservatives need to be more effective against Democrat propaganda. If you don’t defend yourself, Democrats keep spreading the message that you’re evil to your kids, while they’re in the Democrat-controlled public education system.

    Simple back and forth name calling is ineffective. Now, Margaret Thatcher excelled at cutting and witty repartee. She was far more effective than Trump’s usual replies of “loser, loser, major loser, ugly loser, such a loser you wouldn’t believe…” I don’t blame Trump for engaging, as rolling over has only hurt the Republican Party, but I did not find his method of argument effective. He accomplished much in his presidency, but oral or Twitter arguments were not among them. If you’re going to fight, win the argument or at least wound the opponent. Blunt insults allowed Democrats to focus on incivility while ignoring their own.

    1. I’m sure you are not looking for advice from me but perhaps conservatives should bring back Reagan’s “there you go again” line that was quite effective against Carter and Democrats generally.

    2. Karen S.,

      Trump and his voters are the bullies. I appreciate that Biden decided to do in that speech exactly what you said needs to be done. But you don’t respect that because you’re a partisan hack, as is Prof. Turley.

      1. “Neither Party deserves our votes. Third Party or bust.”

        The Democrats aren’t far enough left for you?

        1. Anonymous, the Democratic Party is not Left at all. It claims to be moderate but that is just a talking point. When GOP moves farther right, Dems move a little more to the right and claim to be moderate or centrist. The center changes each time the right gets more wacko, and Dems want us to thank them for being less conservative than the GOP. Dem leaders are not lefttists, they are neoliberal rightwing centrists.

          1. Damn, you’re in deep.

            There is only one measure of concern and that is what policies best secure our natural right to life, liberty and property.

            If you cannot articulate who has proven to be committed to that, then you’re simply trolling this blog.

            1. “There is only one measure of concern and that is what policies best secure our natural right to life, liberty and property.”

              That is spot on! Everything else is noise.

              What we need are statesmen who understand and apply that bedrock principle.

              1. What we need are statesmen who understand and apply that bedrock principle.

                That would be ideal. The key however is we can survive a non-statesman applying it far better than a statesman that doesn’t.

            2. “There is only one measure of concern and that is what policies best secure our natural right to life, liberty and property.”

              This might be worth printing out and posting on the wall.

                1. “If people made that their first concern, then candidates would have to as well.”

                  That is true. And it illustrates the importance of education, and the failure of today’s educators — especially those in academia.

                  Most people today have no knowledge of the proper relationship between the individual and the state. They have no grasp of political philosophy or of political *principles*. Their half-formed view amounts to: If something bothers me, the government ought to fix it.

                  A political revolution begins with an educational one.

                  1. A political revolution begins with an educational one.

                    Sounds a lot like Lincoln: The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation is the philosophy of government in the next.

                    Progressives understood this quite well. They however weren’t focused on educating on a particular philosophy. There’s was always about indoctrination.

          2. Let’s see, Kid, what do you want?

            You are looking for higher gas prices for those that barely have enough money to feed their family. Now, whatever disposable cash they had on hand goes to increased fuel prices.

            Of course, Biden kept those prices down a little by selling strategic reserve oil so that it is not there when needed, just like the supplies for the pandemic weren’t available because Obama used them and didn’t replace them.

            In winter, our families (much worse outside the US) can freeze for all you care because fuel oil prices have risen. That is unnecessary because the US has plenty of fuel, but Biden doesn’t want it brought from the earth.

            You love that because it raises oil prices worldwide and benefits Russia so it can keep the war going in Ukraine. Wars, and more wars, that is what you must want because we see the Ukraine war started under Obama and Biden. There was no war, only expanded peace under Trump. War in Ukraine resumed with Biden and Harris.

            You have no concerns that a rising economy, with a temporary reversal under Trump due to the pandemic, is being destroyed. Families are seeing costs rise with Biden inflation, and we are gradually seeing an economy going in the wrong direction. You want America to be a third word nation. Perhaps that makes you feel rich.

            I guess you are happy with the drug deaths spiraling. Fentanyl is coming across the border along with illegals. Perhaps you think we are too populated, so you are satisfied with the deaths of our young when they over-dose. What about the murderers and terrorists that come over the border? Have you noticed an increase in crime and murder rates? That is all due to leftist and Democrat policies.

            I can go on and on, but it is hopeless because you can’t separate fact from fiction as you ramble down the road to destroy the American dream.

      2. Effective 3rd parties are not possible unless we change our system of plurality voting, which is responsible for our two party duopoly, to a better one. On this score take a look at my Twitter site under John Howard Wilhelm, Ph.D., Economics.

          1. Nope.

            Ranked choice voting as typically implimented disproportionately empowers those who voted for the most extreme candidates.

            Runnoffs work far better. Further they allow voters to chose based on actual circumstances not hypotheticals.

            But I will agree removing the courts from the process is positive.

            Requirements that a candidate win 51% of the vote to be declared the winner are a significant anti-fraud measure.
            They require winning by atleast 2% of the vote. The greater the margin of victory must be, the larger fraud must be to be beneficial and the more likely it is to be detected.

            Ranked choice voting is NOT an anti-fraud measure as the same ballots are counted each iteration through.

            While runoffs are an antifraud measure. As to win you must repeat the fraud to an ever larger scale.

            Optimally we want snap runoffs – a runnoff conducted nearly immediately so there is no time for fraudsters to organize.
            All we want is for voters to make clear their choice in a two person election.

            This i also a reason to eliminate early voting, most absentee voting and mailin voting as you can not set those up for an immediate runnoff. Regardless, they are all a bad idea anyway, and they all complicate elections and introduct more means for fraud.

            The oportunities for Fraud in inperson elections are much smaller than most any other forms.

            The counting can be processed quicker. Mailin absentee and early voting done properly counting ballost last in first out, and rejecting all ballots from the same person – except the last.
            Multiple means of voting requires scupulous records of who voted. We know from the AZ audit that almost 50K ballots were counted that shouldnot have been because there were multiple votes from the same person.

            1. “Ranked choice voting as typically implimented disproportionately empowers those who voted for the most extreme candidates.”

              It doesn’t.

              1. Like a kid on the street. A comment is made and the reply is, “it doesn’t.” The he said, she said debate by anonymous.

              2. Naked asserions are no proof.

                The typical ranked choice voting system knocks out the candidate with the lowest vote total and reallocates their votes based on those voters 2nd choices.

                That is by definition empowering the most extreme.

                There are many ways to do ranked choice voting – but the above is the most common, it is the easiest to impliment and disproportionately increases the importance of the most extreme candidates and their voters, by re-allocating those first.

        1. Plenty of nations with voting systems similar to ours have multiple parties.

          Further in the US parties have formed an died.
          There was no Republican party until just before the Civil War.

          Finally, the US parties have transformed themselves over time – we appear to be in the midst of such a transformation.

          In the 19th century the Democratic party was the party of slavery and republicans were progressive.

          In the 20th century the GOP was the party of big business and the Democrats the party of labor.

          In the 20th century democrats were the party of minorities and republicans the party of white elites.

          we are in the midst of one of the many transformations of the identities of both of the parties.

          That is how the US system responds.

        2. The most fundimental changes needed for the US to have more third parties would be to regarding voter registration and primaries.

          Eliminate voter registration entirely – it only serves political parties.

          Remove primaries from government. It is not the business of govenrment how political parties choose their candidates.

          Robust voter ID eliminates the need for voter registration.

  9. 99% of political violence has been perpetrated by the Left – BLM, Antifa most notably. It’s also been normalized by Democrats.

    Whenever we conservatives try to debate policy, we’re false accused of being a racist, fascist, xenophobe, homophobe, transphobe, Islamaphobe, bigot who hates the poor. We’ve been wrongfully maligned for so many years that Democrats are conditioned to believe it. It now amounts to brainwashing, in which they vehemently and angrily reject evidence that they’re wrong. Take, for example, the demonstrably false accusation that Trump applauded white supremacists. I’ve sent the video, in which he could be clearly heard saying, “and I’m not talking about the white supremacists, who should be condemned totally”, to various Democrat friends who were adamant that he supported racism in that speech. They just ignored it, and kept repeating a proven lie. I could never get through. There were relatives who claimed that Trump was a Nazi, who wanted Jews to die, because he forwarded that meme saying Hillary Clinton, a Christian, deserved to be in jail. I presented facts, such as her religion, his Jewish family, his Jewish friends, his friendship with Netanyahu, and that he was the most staunch supporter of Israel of any president. Nothing. They just didn’t want to hear it, because it undermined their fantasy. Worse, they continued to call Republican relatives Nazis based on totally false propaganda. It’s mental conditioning that I never did learn how to break through.

    Now, to be fair, I have become rather polarized and adamantly opposed to the direction of the Democrat Party. I used to be able to find some common ground in all parties. No matter how I ultimately voted, if I looked hard enough, I could find policies that I agreed with on the other side of the aisle, and I thought Democrats really loved the US, too. That link is gone, now. I’ve been called too many names while trying to discuss policy. Castrating kids, persecuting people for using biologically and grammatically correct pronouns, massive wide-spread violence in the name of BLM and antics, terrorizing Supreme Court Justices, the double standard where the law does not seem to apply to many Democrats while it’s applied very harshly to conservatives, calling all white people racist, pretending that only whites can be racist, discriminating against Asians, making jobs harder to come by while jacking up the cost of living, excusing criminal behavior, elevating criminals over law-abiding, letting criminals out of jail early so they can rape and murder again, increasing the felony theft threshold to $950 in CA so theft is basically legalized, driving employers away, taxing us to the nose and then wasting the money, making us less safe on a global scale, falsely claiming the US was created to preserve slavery when in fact it was a global institution at the time and still exists in Africa, sending the message that drugs are cool and abstaining is nerdy, and abusing their access to children in schools in order to condition them to become future Democrat voters, while promoting promiscuity and gender confusion, and their politicization of the education system at the steep expense of education outcome…I have become adamantly opposed to the Democrat Party as an existential threat to the safety and prosperity of the United States. In addition, the party has incorporated racism…racism against black conservatives, racism against Asians, and racism against whites. If you’re successful because you followed statistically proven steps such as waiting to have kids until you’re married, staying in school, and studying hard, the behavior is condemned as “whiteness” instead of held up as an example. People who promote such self destructive behavior should not be indoctrinating our kids with their personal beliefs as they work as teachers, curriculum producers, or administrators in the public education system.

    Democrats have controlled the public education system for generations. More than half of US students can’t read at grade level, and we’re far behind other developed nations in science and reading.

    CA has had a Democrat supermajority for generations, and it’s a cesspool. We have the highest taxes, highest gas prices, highest homeless population, highest income disparity between rich and poor, poor education outcomes, increasing crime, and employers flee the state. We are taxed up to our eyeballs, yet the state keeps finding more ways to waste our money rather than buy a Super Scooper to put out the ubiquitous fires. We have all these environmental regulations, and CARB stopped allowing us to register medium and heavy duty vehicles older than 2010, yet our air is choked with smoke every year. Homeless encampments in dry brush and riverbeds constantly start fires. We have a hard time getting a drinking straw, but homeless camps flush tons of plastic garbage and infectious waste into our beaches as it washes down ephemeral waterways the 10 days a year that it rains. It’s already so expensive to run a business, but CA keeps trying to increase the cost of labor, and Democrats keep trying to repeal Prop 13. Prior to Prop 13, property taxes were assessed regularly based on the market value of the property. This treated the property as if it produced income when you just lived on it. An elderly couple was easily taxed right out of their home. When they sold, capital gains were gobbled up by more taxes. This pressured rent to go up, as well as the cost of all goods and services as businesses struggled to keep up with property taxes. Prop 13 capped the amount that property taxes could go up, every year, based on the purchase price. If Democrats ever succeed in getting rid of Prop 13 for businesses, it will rapidly become impossible to be a business owner in the state of CA. Already, Democrats are calling Prop 13 white supremacist, because more whites are homeowners than blacks. They don’t dare call it Asian supremacist, though Asians are statistically more successful than whites.

    Watch out, America. CA is being held up as a model for the rest of the country. Come on out here and tour our major cities. Be sure to get the human feces and dirty needle app when visiting San Francisco. Don’t walk on any beach that connects to a riverbed. There might be needles. Always watch over your shoulder, because robbery and car jacking are way up.

    1. Boom! Excellent. We have so many examples of where this sort of situation we are now in led. The path on which we are walking is a path to destruction if we can’t find an off ramp soon.

    2. Wait. So Americans may be free, but Americans may not hold opinions on every subject, including race?

      Freedom of speech allows any and all speech no matter whom it offends.

      Freedom of thought allows any and all thought no matter whom it offends.

      Something is back asswards here.

    3. Karen S. You’re not all those things. You merely vote for those who are one or more of those things. So welcome to politics.

  10. Jonathan: Boy, you have dredged the bottom of the barrel to find a poll to support your false claim that Biden’s Philadelphia speech was “inflammatory”. A close look at the Trafalgar Group (TG) poll indicates those polled were overwhelmingly white (71.2) and were asked to respond to the statement: “It [Biden’s speech] represents a dangerous escalation in rhetoric and is designed to incite conflict amongst Americans”–with 56.8 % agreeing. I can’t think of a more biased or loaded Q using terms like “dangerous escalation” and “incite conflict”. I doubt you would see such a Q in any other legitimate poll. TG is not just a polling organization. It has a political agenda in support of Trump.

    TG was founded in 2016 by Robert Cahaly who previous worked as a GOP political consultant. TG got a lot of attention when it predicted Trump would win the 2016 election–contrary to conventional wisdom. In 2020 Cahaly went on Fox and predicted Trump would win Pennsylvania–but if he didn’t it would be due to election fraud. Sound familiar?

    TG is also closely allied with an organization called “Convention of State Action (COS)”. The COS logo is prominently displaced on TG’s website. What is COS? COS is a right-wing group that wants to go around an Article IV convention with a radical aim to “go around the Washington political establishment and rein in the out-of-control federal government PERMANENTLY”. COS is funded by right-wing groups like ALEC, the Koch Bros., and the Mercer Foundation. Mark Mechler, one of COS’s founders, has written in response to Black Lives Matter protests: “I’m sick and tired of these things and these hooligans, whatever you want to call them, criminals, radical elements in society, Marxists—running wild in our society…”. In 2020 COS coordinated protests against Covid-19 restrictions. COS boasts endorsements from such right-wing luminaries as Mark Levin, Sean Hannity. Gov. Greg Abbott, Rand Paul and Sarah Palin.

    The Hill, where you are a contributor, has a different poll. It’s lead article yesterday was headed: “New Poll Shows Biden With a Six-point Lead on Trump”. It cites a new Yahoo News-You gov poll that shows 48% of registered voters favor Biden over Trump with 42%. Biden held only a 3 point lead before his Philadelphia speech.

    If Americans fear future political violence it’s because they see Trump and his MAGA supporters as the primary threat. Trump continues his incendiary and violent rhetoric saying Biden is an “enemy of the state” and the FBI/DOJ as “vicious monsters”. He demands to be immediately reinstated as president. That is the kind of rhetoric that will encourage future violence by his supporters–not anything Biden said in his speech!

    1. It was a highly inflammatory hate speech from a demented Leftist hater. Historically, it will be known as “Biden’s Hate Speech”. The only thing missing from the Satanic, fiery back-dropped podium was the mustache. Heil Bidler! P.S. Indeed, the FBI/DOJ are incompetent, corrupt, vicious political monsters and millions upon millions of Americans know that to be true..

    2. Anonymous: Someone who posts our comments goofed. He/she attributed my comment to you. Not that you probably have pretty much said the same. Just for the record I want credit for my comment!

  11. One of the features of our current political realignment is the retrenchment of the so-called “elite” class into an intractable monolith: The people who sit atop our political, cultural, corporate media, and educational institutions all share the same exact values. They almost uniformly vote Democrat, they engage in ritualistic and performative displays of wokeness, they believe words are violence, and that there is no bigger threat to Our Democracy™ than Donald Trump voters.

    When viewed through this lens, Biden’s speech takes on a much more pointed aim: a not-so-subtle directive to the oligarchy and the Democratic courtier class that “MAGA Republicans” are not just the embarrassing, demented, idiot rubes they are forced to share a country with. They are now officially the out-group — a rogue, extremist danger to themselves and others — and should be treated as such.

    In tagging the 78 million people who voted for Trump as akin to domestic terrorists, Biden’s speech serves two codominant roles: to label half the country as a threat and to use this designation as a bat signal to the institutional arbiters of social, cultural, and corporate America to disassociate, shun, shame, and reprimand. And, critically, do it all with the formal imprimatur of the White House.

    After all, Biden’s address wasn’t a campaign speech. Incredibly, it was pitched — and covered by corporate media unquestioningly — as a policy address.

    1. Perfect example of inflammatory rhetoric, inciting all who voted for Trump to believe Biden was talking about all of them. Biden made a clear distinction he was speaking about those candidates who seek to overthrow our democracy. If you haven’t seen or heard of those fascists, you’re either a blind follower or one of them.

      1. kidrambler:

        “… those candidates who seek to overthrow our democracy. If you haven’t seen or heard of those fascists, you’re either a blind follower or one of them.”
        Name names! I missed the canpaign flyer from “candidates” saying they wanted to “overthrow our democracy.”

        Oh and false dichotomies never help your argument. One can be unaware of these mysterious candidates because, of course, they are not really there. So add one more option to your multiple choice question or even two: “All of the above.” Maybe three “None of the above.”

        1. Michael Flynn, though technically not a candidate, he was whispering in the ear of the most powerful man in the world (at the time).
          “Looking at Myanmar, he said “It should happen here.”
          He said that right after the military took control of Myanmar which is advocating overthrow of a democracy.

          1. its rich that a black man decries the allegedly whispering in the ear of violence political advice given the hourly news reports of violence by blacks in America. it takes a special level of ignorance to call the pot black when the kettle is setting the kitchen and the hood on fire

          2. “[We gave you] a [restricted-vote] republic, if you can keep it.”

            – Ben Franklin

            It can be very difficult for hyphenates to comprehend America, its Constitution and its Bill of Rights, sans illicit, illegitimate appendages.

            A republic entitles citizens to vote, or not, as the Constitution confers that power on States.

            Never was America intended to be a one man, one vote democrazy.

            That “Crazy Abe” Lincoln stole the country and nullified the Constitution does not bear – it’s a cold case.

            Compassionate repatriation was the law on January 1, 1863.

            A society of laws must strictly adhere to those laws.



            1 b(1) : a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law

      2. Biden made a clear distinction he was speaking about those candidates who seek to overthrow our democracy.

        Well kidrambler, if Biden was only speaking about the candidates being a threat, then how many candidates was he talking about? 1, 5, 10…how many? Not much of a threat…unless you factor in the 70+ million people that believe in their America First agenda. So yeah, Biden had every one of us in his crosshairs.

        Now if Biden and the Democratic party stay true to form, then his speech described exactly what they are planning to do to upend our democratic process, the peaceful transition of power and ultimately to destroy this constitutional republic.

        Go gaslight somewhere else, it doesn’t fly here.

        1. I didn’t realize there were 70 million candidates running in November. That’s a pretty crowded field.

      3. ‘Our Democracy’

        Ok so @kid,
        Lets put this in perspective.

        ‘You aint black if you don’t vote for me’.
        Joe Biden believes in the single party.

        If you’re not part of his party, you’re attempting to overthrow the government.

        1. Blackness isn’t a political party. It was a bad attempt at ridicule. I’m sure Biden might have lost some votes when he said that, deservedly so.

    2. This is a very good article. It begs a question: how did the current form of progressivism come to capture the commanding heights in the political, cultural, educational, media, corporate and financial worlds? The ideology is so manifestly false, and so disruptive of economy and society, that it is hard to understand how it has risen to such predominance.

      1. how did the current form of progressivism come to capture the commanding heights in the political, cultural, educational, media, corporate and financial worlds?

        Daniel, I believe the “current form” is the product of a very long process of demoralization that Yuri Bezmenov called “Active Measures.” It took the 60’s Marxists time to get into influential positions in those “worlds, especially the education world. We now have generations of demoralized citizens that are essentially intellectual zombies controlled by those institutions. Tragically, if what Bezmenov said is correct, those zombies will not possibly break free until they get the boots placed on their necks. In other words, we’re stuck with them. And unless we get those American Marxists out of their positions of influence, it will only get worse.

      2. 🤣🤣🤣 The world’s a stage and corporations own it. America would fare better to condemn them like Andrew Jackson did. He was like a prophet who foretold at the beginning what the end of it would become. And we are there.

  12. We, the present authors, are worried that putatively upright countries today are in danger of descending into tyranny. A tyranny—once capacities for control and despotism are constructed, in some cases including expansive government employment, dependency, and largesse—can be nearly impossible to reform. The key to the descent into tyranny, and the stability of tyranny once it is achieved, is this: Tyrants use tyranny to fortify their keep and to protect themselves against the sanctions due them for their crimes.

    Calling tyranny “stable” may seem paradoxical. Tyrannies suffer from chaotic upheavals and violent paroxysms. But the state of tyranny itself is stable, like a capsized canoe. Ordered liberty is better for everyone—aside, perhaps, from the despotic faction and their affiliates. It is difficult to restore the rule of law once it is debased. Rectification would call for changes in personnel, operations, and attitudes. The relative power and privilege of the despots would disappear with rectifications. Tyrants use the tools of tyranny to protect themselves against the sanctions due them.

  13. …” But while a right-wing legal luminary is trashing the order, Jonathan Turley is so addicted to his carefully cultivated audience of Q-Curious MAGAheads that he can’t bear to let them down. So he’s back with a new piece scolding all the meanies out there who cruelly demand that federal judges… have a passable grasp of American law.”

    That sums it up nicely.

  14. Totalitarianism and a free people cannot live side by side. The Biden Administration has continuously acted outside of the Constitution, leading America toward totalitarian government. We see this everywhere. We can listen to Biden’s speeches and read his unconstitutional executive orders. We can feel it in the Biden Administration’s coercive activities against social media companies while they violate the First Amendment. Here is one example.

    “A federal judge ordered White House COVID adviser Anthony Fauci and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to respond to document requests in a First Amendment lawsuit alleging the feds coerced social media companies to stamp out dissenting COVID claims, some of which the feds now acknowledge have merit.”


      1. You might not be able to understand, but there is a violation of the First Amendment when social media companies are coerced by the federal government to suppress of free speech.

        Those with a fascist mindset think everything revolves around the state, so they believe such actions are necessary. Those that believe in individual freedom value individual speech.

        1. How do you prove coercion? That still leaves social media companies not violating the 1st amendment. They couldn’t violate it if they wanted to.

          1. “They couldn’t violate it if they wanted to.”
            They could help. Think the Government Agent Theory, then S. Meyer is quite correct. The federales cannot do indirectly that which it is prohibited from them doing directly.

            1. Thank you, Mark. I discussed this before Hamburger wrote his article in the WSJ and then posted his article. Anonymous hasn’t learned since then. He keeps denying because he is totalitarian, and the state is always primary to the individual. His thoughts are like those of the Borg, and he acts the same, revising what he believes each time he returns from his capsule.

              From JTN

              A federal judge ordered White House COVID adviser Anthony Fauci and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to respond to document requests in a First Amendment lawsuit alleging the feds coerced social media companies to stamp out dissenting COVID claims, some of which the feds now acknowledge have merit.

              Because of an untimely sick dog, the Justice Department is behind the eight ball in resisting a “special grand jury” to investigate federal officials for decisions that “significantly compromise[d] the accuracy and integrity of COVID-related data.”

              Anonymous wants data and proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Then he will call another a liar. Here are some past headlines from JTN.

              “Judge orders Fauci, White House press secretary to testify in social media censorship lawsuit”

              “Lawmakers seek federal grand jury investigation for COVID-19 statistical manipulation”

          2. Your statement tells everyone you don’t know what you are talking about. People will listen to your lies for a while, but after some time, they recognize you as a fruit cake, or become one themselves.

              1. JT, please clarify your position on this first amendment issue. Thanks and thanks to the other commenters for the exchange and providing information.

      2. “Social media’s companies can’t violate the 1st amendment.”

        That is false — if, like good little fascists, they are acting at the behest of the government. And they were, in the cases cited.

        Just as in Nazi Germany and Italy, fascists coerce private industry to execute their government controls.

  15. Biden was trying to incite violence with his speech just as government actors tried to invite violence on 1/6.

    They want a Reichstag Fire as a pretext for totalitarian repression.

    Notice how the entire chorus of stooges and talking heads and former intelligence people are singing the same anthem that half the country is on the verge of insurrection?

    They want trouble and if they don’t get it they may stage it.

  16. ” For his part, Donald Trump quickly bulldozed any moral high ground after the speech….”

    Come again??! Are you kidding me?! With all due respect, Professor, defending oneself against tyranny is NOT bulldozing the moral high ground…….Did the Founding Fathers bulldoze moral high ground when they revolted against George lll ??!

    1. Cindy:
      “Come again??! Are you kidding me?! With all due respect, Professor, defending oneself against tyranny is NOT bulldozing the moral high ground…….Did the Founding Fathers bulldoze moral high ground when they revolted against George lll ??!”
      Yeah they did — just like that Doolittle character squandered our moral high ground with that Tokoyo raid after the “mostly peaceful” air show in Hawaii on 12/7/1941.

      1. Trump certainly had a higher moral ground than a president who degrades anyone who doesn’t agree with his radical leftist agenda.

    2. I agree totally Cindy. I know it is “en vogue” to say “both sides do it”.. but frankly that is a lazy cop out for those who are disinclined to make fact-based distinctions. You are exactly correct; there is a difference between responding to tyranny and actually practicing it. In the same way, with all due respect to Professor Turley, what happened on Jan 6 pales in comparison to what we saw all around this country over the previous summer at left-led protests. Where were the weapons, fires and physical assaults on Jan 6th? Absent. And as for the election that prompted the protest, has Turley even seen 2000 Mules? What would his recommendation be in terms of how a people should respond if even a portion of what was presented in that documentary were true?

    1. How was intimidating? It was a call to vote against fascists to protect our democracy. Like what he said or not, he threaten anyone. Unlike some GOP candidates saying things like it’s open season on Rhinos and the left. Republicans have been escalating hateful rhetoric for decades. The problem is once you start that the only way to increase fear in voters is to rev up that kind of discourse to keep their hooks into you so you keep voting for them. During the Trump presidency I witnessed so much hate in society and from Republican extremists that I became a gun owner for the first time in my life because of their threats just because my values are different than theirs. Democrats inaction in serving all Americans are just as guilty for adding wood to this fire. The people are hurting and democratic incrementalism is no longer enough to keep their base appeased. And Biden is mistaken if he thinks this anger and resentment is going to go away if only democrats win. To believe that is to have one’s head buried in the ground. Pretending evil will just go away if you ignore it is living in denial of why the people are so angry. I think leaders on both sides know quite well why there’s anger, but neither is willing to care enough about us.

        1. I won’t stop using it. Tyrants = fascists. Both sides are tyrannical, democrats simply pull your hair as they bend you over while whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

          1. kidrambleon:

            “Tyrants = facists”
            Tyrants are not always fascists. For example, Mao was a tyrannical communist but not a fascist. He believed in a “people’s war” and not a nationalistic paradigm for control as facsists do. All authoritarian regimes may look alike to you but their ideological basis can differ. You could argue Mao was a feudal-fascist but that’s a stretch given his socialist tendencies (though at times they did appear superficial and mere adornment for authoritarianism that Maoism evolved into). Nonetheless socialism was the underpinning ideology. History is replete was tyrants who never heard of facism (Sulla, Attila, Queen Mary, Caesar and on and on) and facists who detested communists (Hitler), so no they are not the same.

            So you’ve shown that you don’t know the difference between tyrants, communists and fascists but no matter, we love a good leftist foray into reason. They’re so rare as to be interesting.

            Now more from you about those horrid threats from “Republican extremists” during the Trump Admnistration that forced you into the Second Amendment camp. We’re all ears about the particulars!

            1. RE:”It is never pretty when a person wallows in her own ignorance.” Much like the word ‘racist’, political expediency seizes on the a new watchword ‘fascist’ and all sociopolitical and economic theory and history are tossed into the crapper and flushed, if it had ever been learned in the first place.. The contempt for intellect of the electorate is dumbfounding, but why should one be surprised.

        2. “Define ‘fascists’ or stop using the word.”

          If only. If people were on that premise, as a conviction, the culture would be far more rational and civilized.

      1. kidrambleon:
        “During the Trump presidency I witnessed so much hate in society and from Republican extremists that I became a gun owner for the first time in my life because of their threats just because my values are different than theirs.”
        Please cite the threats against your person compelling the gun purchase and state by whom so we can evaluate their authenticity and alert the authorities to an obvious crime.

        1. Mespo, here is where kidrambleon is coming from. Here are a few excerpts from what she previously said.

          “Antifa has all the appearance of a psy-ops creation by intelligence agencies to thwart a left-wing uprising and to protect the fascistic oligarchy which has destroyed our American government and the opportunism it once offered to workers of any class to move upward. “

          “Calling it Antifa was a mistake on their part because true patriots on the Left are against fascism. “

          1. kidrambler:

            “You don’t need to wait until you’re a victim to see the rising threat.”
            True but you do need to articulate who, what, where and when lest you be relegated to those doddering ol’ souls wandering around the park at noon in aluminium foil hats warning us the “End is Near” and that the Moon Landing was staged for space aliens who are even now threatening your safety.

            1. It began when I saw militia groups welcomed and working with police in Minnesota. Then I watch fanatics pulling masks off other persons, and a woman berating a mother as a terrible mother as she was walking her child to school and her child was wearing a mask. In my city a non masker was asked to leave a store unless he put on a mask. He assaulted the store manager. And Maga calls us intolerant. 🙄 If you don’t want an abortion don’t get one. If you don’t like lgbtqia, don’t be one. If you want to pray in school do it the way Jesus instructed us, in private. No one forces it on them. No one is taking anything away from them. It is conservatives, largely religious zealots, who are intolerant and who want CEASAR to punish whom they despise just like the Jews delivered their Lord up to Pontius Pilate to be killed. They want state to force religious ideology on those who don’t their beliefs because they can’t convince their own children to abide by their rules. Rather than blame themselves, they seek to blame the world. They are blind to the fact that their false preachers leading them in this crusade are doing it for wealth & power. It is they who are intolerant. I digress. Homelessness has increased drastically because both parties serve Wall Street over and above we the people, and increase the desperations of many. The more desperate people become, crime increases. Every night and early morning, I now see homeless persons walking to or from their homeless camp in my neighborhood. My Christian conservative, Trump voter friend who also obtained her first gun asked me, a follower of Christ’s teachings, about the Bible stating honoring the superior authorities. I told her I didn’t get a gun to fight the government, I got it to defend myself from the likes of the proud boys (whom she defended). Another conservative friend told me, after seeing our household is now armed, if blm protesters are outside my house we can show them what for. I told him the same as I told my other friend. Btw, he also voted for Trump. Just last week he told us that if Biden runs again he’s going vote for Biden. I was shocked. This guy had once bought me a book as a joke (tongue in cheek) titled Why You Should Vote For A Democrat. It’s pages were blank. Good people eventually come around to the truth. We need patience. But I’m concerned times awasting. So now, I am armed and I train regularly.

              1. kidrambler:

                Still waiting for that threat to the person in lieu of the snowflake paranoia you’ve cataloged in this word salad of innuendo, non-sequiturs and plain ol’ dumb reasoning.

                Let me give you an example: Proud Boy Sam comes to my house, tears down my Mao poster and threatens to shoot me. I buy a gun to protect myself and my comrades who gather down at the Che! rally in the CHAZ every Thursday.

      2. The true fascists ARE the hateful, rioting, violent Left and the cowardly Republicrat swamp. And the acronym is “RINOs”, dolt. Rhinos are African mammals.

  17. RE:” “a politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation.” So it has become with those who run the corporate world. The needs of the corporation do not exist beyond that of their own tenure and their ‘golden parachute’. Same for their employees. A lifetime career with the same company is a thing of the past.

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