“Giddy” as All Get Out? The Winners and Losers in a Shift in Control of Congress

Below is my column in the New York Post on why the self-described “giddy” White House might want to consider the impact of a loss of one or both houses of Congress. While many are still debating who will prevail in contested districts or states, the shift in power could produce its own “winners and losers.” Indeed, the President may find himself as giddy as all get out if he loses control of the House and possibly the Senate.

Here is the column:

The midterm elections proved captivating as one followed races district by district throughout the night. The true winners and losers, however, go beyond the individual officeholders.

Legally, there are both individuals and institutions that could see significant changes with the new division of power in Washington. While the White House was reportedly “giddy and gleeful” with the results, Democrats likely lost the House and could still lose the Senate.

Despite the rivaling predictions of red waves and blue walls, the night showed what was always abundantly clear: We are still a deeply divided country. Congress will reflect that division in terms of power distribution — and that may be a good thing.


Constitutionalism: The last two years have seen frontal assaults on constitutional values ranging from separation of powers to free speech. Democrats applauded, for example, as President Joe Biden unilaterally waived roughly $500 billion in loans owed to the American people. While courts repeatedly found Biden to have violated the Constitution, Congress remained conspicuously silent even as it joined the president in declaring Republicans threats to the Constitution.

In an August New York Times column, “The Constitution Is Broken and Should Not Be Reclaimed,” law professors Ryan D. Doerfler of Harvard and Samuel Moyn of Yale called for our founding charter to be “radically altered” to “reclaim America from constitutionalism.” It’s safe to say voters effectively reclaimed constitutionalism from such extremist voices.

Once again, voters preferred divided government with a Congress willing and able to challenge a president rather than remain a pure pedestrian in the exercise of governance. There’s now a moving part in Congress that’s been dormant for two years. As those institutional gears engage, checks and balances will again force greater accountability and exposure in the constitutional system.

The Supreme Court: For two years, the left has targeted the nation’s highest court with calls for packing it. Polls have long showed this movement was contained almost entirely within the far left. Yet attacking the court and its justices was an article of faith for many Democrats, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who called for raw court packing. While the attacks are likely to continue, the shift in Congress will put an end to such radical proposals.


The media: Outlets, in framing the election, consistently echoed Democrats’ narratives — yet failed to deliver them victory. The media now face the prospect of inquiries that could further erode voter trust. Congressional investigations will likely drill down on the Hunter Biden influence-peddling scandal. The media played an active role in burying that scandal and will face questions of how they could turn a blind eye to globe-spanning corruption that involved millions of dollars from foreign political and intelligence figures. They may also see an investigation into backchannels political and government officials used to enlist surrogates in the media and social media for censorship.

The Bidens: The election’s biggest loser could be the Biden family. After successfully avoiding any media or congressional scrutiny of their alleged influence peddling, time is up for the Bidens. Despite Attorney General Merrick Garland’s refusal to appoint a special counsel, they will face investigations launched with the full authority of the Oversight Committee. Garland will also confront demands to show the same aggressive prosecution of contempt of Congress when Biden associates are the subject of such referrals.

All this will add to whatever emerges from Delaware in the long-standing investigation of tax and other allegations against Hunter Biden. With the midterms over, the Justice Department will no longer be bound to avoid filings that might influence the election. Hunter could easily find himself under indictment as Congress ramps up a broad investigation into his foreign dealings.

There is one group that could be included on lists of both winners and losers: moderates. President Donald Trump pushed candidates that struggled or failed with voters who viewed them as too extreme. For moderates in the Democratic Party, the flipping of long-blue districts and other close races are evidence of a shift in independents and groups like Hispanics away from far-left policies.

The problem is that so few true moderates remain in Congress. The result is that while the country remains moderate, Congress will again not reflect that broad center.

The next two years will be anything but predictable. James Madison believed that if you want good government, “ambition must be made to counteract ambition.” If that’s true, the good news is there will be no shortage of ambition in the days ahead. But before the White House gets too “giddy” after losing one or both houses of Congress, it should contemplate the prospect of a house of Congress with very different ambitions from those of the president.

Jonathan Turley is an attorney and professor at George Washington University Law School.

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  1. “Countless people have called in the last few days to ask me if Kari Lake or Blake Masters or Adam Laxalt or Lauren Boebert— and all the rest of the midterm candidates in “stalled” races— will ultimately prevail.

    My answer is always the same: no. No, I don’t think they’re going to prevail. They’re going to lose. In fact, they’re being cheated out of their victories right now.

    My rule of thumb is simple: if you’re a Trump-aligned Republican and your election results were not released within 24 hours of Election Day, then you’re toast.

    The entire point of “slow-rolling” vote-counting is that it gives the cheaters the necessary time to count how many ballots they need to beat the Republican candidate and then to manufacture those ballots — or to disappear the necessary number of GOP ballots by “abjudication.”

    Didn’t the GOP learn any of these lessons from the 2020 election? Of course not….”

    “…Why do you think Fox News has called the race for Mark Kelly over Blake Masters even though only 85% of the vote has been counted? What’s with the rush now? There’s 400,000 votes left to be counted after all — right?

    Meanwhile, why do you think that nobody has called the race for Lauren Boebert in Colorado — even though 99% of the vote has been counted? That same thing happened a few days ago with Ron Johnson in Wisconsin — he was ahead by 30,000 votes with 99% of the votes already counted and no corporate media outlet would call the race for Johnson.

    It’s almost like you don’t understand how elections work in America now.”

    -excerpt from Emerald Robinson substack

    (she is 100% spot on in her analysis)

  2. Dems deserve nothing — no patience, no benefit of the doubt with their slow-walked ballot counting delays and their election laws that allow such nonsense. Republicans who choose not to raise hell are committing political malpractice. Unacceptable. Keep raising holy hell. Democrats do not deserve anything but scorn, contempt and distrust. The assumption is fraud unless they prove otherwise.

  3. According to the Cook Political Report, as of Thursday morning, Republicans took 52.3 percent of the House popular vote in the 2022 midterms, compared to the Democrats’ 46.2 percent. So there was a Red Wave, it just wasn’t reflected in the results. This might be because courts struck down about half a dozen GOP gerrymander plans but (IIRC) only struck down the Democrat one in NY, where the GOP picked up a lot of seats.

    1. curri: Well, there’s a statistic we won’t see or hear reported on NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, or NPR. Thanks for the info.

    2. As of this morning, the GOP has 51.8% of the popular vote that’s been counted so far (and counting continues). You may think that’s a “red wave.” I don’t.

      1. Per Wikipedia: GOP got 51.8% of House vote in 2010 and gained 63 seats. In 1994, GOP got 51.5% of House vote and gained 54 seats.

      2. Per Wikipedia, GOP House vote was 51,5% in 1994 and they gained 54 seats. In 2010 the GOP House vote was 51.7% and they gained 63 seats.

        1. In 1994, they started with 176 seats, and in 2010, they started with 179 seats, nowhere near the 213 they started with this time.

          1. But they easily won the House both in 1994 and 2010. They were declared the winner the same night, this year it looks like it will take weeks before a winner is declared.

  4. The Supreme Court will be a winner after the new Congress impeaches it for negligence and dereliction.

    The Supreme Court recently acted 50 years retroactively to strike down irrefutably unconstitutional Roe v. Wade.

    The Supreme Court must now act up to 150 years retroactively to strike down the entire, irrefutably unconstitutional, American welfare state.

  5. Lt Gov Winsome Sears tells Trump to pack it up and make room for new leaders

    The voters have spoken, and they’ve said that they want a different leader. And a true leader understands when they have become a liability.
    – Winsome Sears

    Donald Trump will display yet another peter principle moment on his social media app (of 100 people?) where he will declare, in all caps, that he knows all sorts of embarrassing things about her, things from her past that only he knows, and if she doesn’t fall in line, he’ll tell the world, etc…he’ll come up with some childish nickname, call her a loser, say she’s a nobody, a lightweight, etc….

    it’s coming.

    Being that Mrs. Winsome Sears is Jamaican, and a Marine, she will know how to handle the blowhard.

    1. Estovir: Agree. Trump’s Achilles Heel was not his policies (which I wanted), but rather, his immature personality.
      (which, OT. suddenly reminded me of an old but very good 1990s movie, “My Left Foot,” with Daniel Day Lewis–did you ever see it or were a baby then?

      1. I dont see the connection between Trump’s behavior and the beautiful story of Christy Brown. Christy had cerebral palsy but Trump….? I think Trump may have Axis II / Cluster B traits just like Hillary Clinton. I never liked Trump. I would have thought Carly Fiorina or Marco Rubio would have garnered the support of American voters vs Hillary. Instead the RNC tragically chose another Hillary but in a suit and tie. I read Trump’s “Art of the Deal” right after college in the 80s, and it inspired me to achieve great things. Yet when Trump took the candidacy as a Republican and went on a tear of Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Megyn Kelly….even till this day attacking, alienating, burning bridges with everyone, I knew this guy had no business in the White House. Like Hillary, he is crass, insecure and gets a rise out of attacking others. Just. Like. Hillary. I have nothing good to say about him. His policies were not his. He was surrounded by wise and learned men and women, who guided his administration, all of whom he alienated: Jeff Sessions, Betsy DeVos, Mike Pence, Elaine Chao, Bill Barr, General HR McMaster, and others. He does not know the first thing about loyalty. Mike Pence has an excerpt from his upcoming book on the WSJ pages. It is hard to imagine such an honorable man like Pence working for such a dishonorable man like Trump

        I learned a long time ago that you can measure a person by the number and stability of his or her intimate, personal and work relationships, particularly marriages. If they have no intimate relationships, unstable relationships or have multiple divorces, they likely have traits consistent with a personality disorder. Trump fits the bill.

        re: “My Left Foot”, the movie and story recount to me the power of love within a family. Family is the unit of a civilization. It is the reason why our country has fallen apart. Christy’s mother was the model of strength and grit, traits I admire. I have had CP patients and once you get to know them, they are inspiring people. Im a sucker for real life stories of people overcoming odds, e.g. “A Beautiful Mind” with Russel Crowe.


        1. Estovir: There IS no connection with Christy Brown.
          My goofy mind simply moved rapidly from Trump- to Achilles’ heel- to putting one’s foot in his mouth–to the movie “My Left Foot.” I know from your posts that you are well-versed in the arts and literature as well as medicine, so I simply asked if you were familiar with the movie. Clearly, “A Beautiful Mind” was another one, and a third movie for me was “Shine,” (-NOT “The Shining”) –the 1990s biographical depiction of classical Rachmaninoff pianist David Helfgott, institutionalized for mental illness. That movie actually moved me (normally fairly reticent) to well up. If you have not seen it, I hope that you will.

        2. ” His policies were not his. “

          Estovir, I wonder why you say that when since his youngest years, Trump has been interviewed and said many of the same things he did during his presidency.

          Like most people, Trump has some bad personality traits amplified by the media. Trump lacks a filter, If one doesn’t understand that, it can be hard to accept. Other politicians have the needed filters and more. They know how to hide their real selves so that you find them accommodating. Many are a lot worse than Trump, but we won’t be able to see that.

          GWB is a decent man who I like, and has shown a lot of positive traits, but did he accomplish the things Trump accomplished? Did Trump make the mistakes GWB made?

          I’m looking for a leader that can move this nation in the right direction. Trump could do that, and he did. It was a job well done.

  6. As is the case with “late” ballots, machinery on both sides probably are ginning up their ballot and hiding their opponent’s.
    I can’t believe we can run a 2 billion dollar lottery without it getting ripped off, yet we can’t run a believable election.

  7. Not good for Trump when he loses the Babylon Bee.

    Donald Trump has appeared unphased by his young rival’s selfish stockpiling of precious red wave, an act that purportedly made the 45th president’s handpicked MAGA candidates look like incompetent morons, costing the party vital seats in the House and Senate. To demonstrate how unfettered he was by DeSantis, Trump went to TRUTH Social and Truthed, “Little Ronnie DeSelfish won’t know what hit him when I very soon will reveal a redder, wavier wave, bigger than any wave that’s ever waved. Huge wave. Huge, red wave!”

  8. The first thing Congress should do is pass a ton of conservative legislation. Republican voters know it won’t pass Biden’s desk, and they can’t override a veto, but it will show that they’re something more than judicial review. Send all of the talking heads out to the networks to trumpet the successes of Congress, and what legislation the president and the Senate are blocking. When they’re done with that, and they should spend an inordinate amount of time attending to citizen concerns, regardless the outcome, they can then fulfill their duties to investigate.

  9. Biden has been gloating as he recklessly accuses Republicans of being “threats to our democracy.” Yet here we are again, election results still pending, inexplicably still being counted. Dems are attempting to “normalize” this nonsense because it benefits them. We know full well that if the Democrat was leading in any one of these races ‘still being counted,’ there would be no slow-walking. The delay is happening for one and only one reason: they are stealing the elections…again.

    No one should trust the Democrat party, or Joe Biden’s “word as a Biden.” Not one word of what they say can be trusted. They flatout lie and intentionally deceive voters in service to their own power. They are undermining trust in our elections. They are the threats to our democracy. They are the fascists.

    A quote comes to mind, doesn’t it? It speaks to the intentional destabilization of our democracy by Joe Biden’s Democrat party: “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”

    1. Not only is it NOT “inexplicable” that votes are still being counted, it’s entirely normal. It happens every election.

      If you’ve never volunteered as an election judge who helps your local BoE with mail-in ballots, do it, and learn why it takes a while.

        1. Glad to know that you can’t be bothered to volunteer as an election judge who helps your local BoE with mail-in ballots.

          Glad to know that you are so against mail-in voting that you’ll even exclude our armed forces serving overseas.

          1. I am FOR saving our democracy by not undermining faith and trust in the integrity of our elections.

            Mail-in ballots are not Absentee ballots.

            1. Absentee ballots are a subset of mail-in ballots. You called for ending mail-in ballots, which includes absentee ballots.

          1. Nevada election livestream cameras went dark for over 8 hours overnight. Huh. Not to worry, we are assured they investigated what happened and will work to prevent it happening again.

            Someone suggested they must have the same type of security cameras used in Epstein’s jail cell and Pelosi’s San Francisco mansion.

          2. Name a single election where Democrat fraud did not occur.

            Also this re AZ….How in the hell can 1/5 of vote tabulating machines in the biggest county in the state stop working on Election Day?

              1. The amount of BS this guy throws is amazing. He should have been a pitcher for the underground .turds. Fraud exists around us, but Democrats have perfected it to an extreme. Comparitively there is little fraud from anyone but leftists.

      1. Democrat cheating is normal to you, weird. Well, I guess that makes sense for someone who hates this country.

        1. Left wing nuts do not understand that it does not matter whether they actually cheat.
          All that matters is that it appears that they Can cheat.

          While AZ is a mess, SOME of the reasons AZ is a mess is they are actually trying to avoid the oportunity for fraud.

          Every different method of voting you introduce Exponentially increases the complexity of counting votes – if you wish to do so without fraud.

          PA did not bother with most checks against Fraud – they completed the count relatively quickly.

          But it is likely permanently impossible to tell whether and to what extent there was fraud.

          I would further note that every single mistake that those running an election make increases the probability of fraud, the oportunity for fraud, and the beleif there was fraud.

          Elections MUST be conducted not merely so there probably was no fraud.
          Not even so it is certain there IS no fraud.
          But so that EVERYONE beleifs that Fraud is not possible.

          If you can not do that – no one trusts the results.

      2. Actually it is inexplicable.

        In my county all ballots were counted by about 2am election day.
        And they have been for my entire lifetime.

        Look arround the country –
        just as every place our schools are schiff is a democratic enclave.
        Every place we have spiking murder and violence is a democratic enclave.
        Every place we have massive homeless problems is a democratic enclave.
        Every place we have large increases in drug adiction and drug overdoses is a democratice enclave.

        And every where we have allegations of voter fraud, election incompetence and
        inexplicable” delays is a democratic enclave.

        FL counted its votes within 5hrs of the polls closing.
        France manages in about 12hrs – almost entirely with paper ballots counted by hand.

        There is absolutely no reason we can not do better.

        We do not – because this is what democrats and the left WANT
        Chaos, anxiety, fraud.

        Those of you on the left constantly insist that you not only know better than anyone else,
        but that you are entitled to force on everyone else whatever YOU want.

        1. “Those of you on the left constantly insist that you not only know better than anyone else,
          but that you are entitled to force on everyone else whatever YOU want.”

          100%. That ‘force’ is fascism. You cannot be a fascist and call for ‘removing power’ from government. Those on the left calling right wing Trump people ‘fascists’ don’t know what fascism is — including Biden who stood there and called half the country “semi-fascists.” It is Biden and the left that seek to “make” people do something. To force people to wear masks. Force by mandate. Silence dissent by teaming up with Big Tech. Forcing people to agree with you or cancel them. Fascism is regimentation, it is government compulsion. It is exactly how Dems and the left operate – by force. They apply force to make people do what *they* want. They ARE the fascists. President Biden gave his Mussolini speeches yet HE is the “semi-fascist.” Do not let them get away with their lies.

          1. You cannot ‘comply’ your way out of tyranny – medical or otherwise. We are one nation under God, not “government.” Once we give up a piece of our liberty we will never get it back. Those ‘rights’ will never be returned to us. We still remove our shoes at the airport — 20 years after a shoe bomber. NOW is the time to stand up, speak up, and fight for our freedom as one nation under God. No kidding. That time is now. The time to fight is here, it is right now.

      3. When ballot counting is slow. There are two reasons. Failure of the apparatus or leftist cheating. Both can occur at the same time, but one thing notable is that when we see these delay in close election Democrats prevail to frequently. That is a good indicator of cheating.

        Almost all want our military the ability to vote, except leftists, but aside from them and a few others in the employment positions vital to America there is no major need for any votes not cast at the precinct on a singular day.

      4. “Not only is it NOT “inexplicable” that votes are still being counted, it’s entirely normal.”

        Florida counted some 7.5 million votes in about 5 hours. Yet Arizona (especially Maricopa County) takes eons to count some 600,000 votes.

        Incompetence? Did they run out of fingers and toes?

        Show up on *the* election day. Prove who you are. Go home. Get results that night.

        When your voting process is a Rube Goldberg device, you get Rube Goldberg “efficiency.”

    2. I would further note that the “threat to democracy” is miraculously over.
      Republicans will take the house. While the size of that victory may be smaller than hoped for, the impact on the Biden admin is unchanged.

      Control of the senate is still up for grabs.
      Yet the “end of democracy” rhetoric is ended.

      The president is breathing a sigh of releif – not because democracy has been preserved.
      He actually LOST this election. Republicans control the house. Biden is a lame duck. There is very little that he can do, that he would not also have been able to do had Republicans taken 60 house seats and 54 in the Senate.

      The end of the world rhetoric was all hystrionics from the start.

      The only “Threat to democracy” that EVER existed is THIS white house. And that unfortunately remains.

  10. We don’t know yet who will control the House and Senate. Turley admits this but then pretends otherwise. His column is premature.

    1. Counting, we are told, will go into next week. It’s not a republic. We couldn’t keep it. Just as the Dems intended.

    2. There are 19 outstanding house races – Republicans are highly likely to win ATLEAST 7 of those.
      But even if Democrats magically won every single outstanding race – many of which Republicans lead in red districts.
      they would control the house by one or two votes – and one of the democrats elected is dead – so he is not voting anytime soon.

  11. I was noticing, during televised election results, the incredible graphic depicting red vs. blue states. The OVERWHELMING majority of states in the entire nation are RED (with heavily-populated blue states controlling both coasts). GEOGRAPHICALLY-speaking, red states dominate about 80+ percent of our country’s real estate (I’m guessing). Visually, it is stunning.
    I don’t think our founding fathers (who allocated two senators per state, irrespective of population- but representatives by population) could have anticipated how one party/ideology could seductively and beguilingly garner such control.
    We need those red states to make more babies–more champagne, more cigars, more cozy nights for the holidays!

    1. Lin – what’s needed is election DAY not election week or month, one vote, one American citizen, no mail in and photo ID Just like (of all people) the French.

        1. People who have legitimate reason to be unable to vote at the polls do not vote “by mail” – they vote absentee.

          They either go to their county election office request an absentee ballot and vote in the county election office much as they do at the polls.
          Seal their ballot and the election office opens it and counts the ballot on election day.

          If they are overseas – they request an absentee ballot in advance from a US consulate, embassy, or from the military base elections office.
          When that ballot arrives – they go to the embassy consulate, … and they cast their vote – much as they would for absentee voting in the county elections office. Then the Embassy. … delivers that ballot to the election office in which they are entitled to vote.

          We have been voting like this accross the country for over 100 years – since we ended the 19th century madness of public ballots that resulted in massive election fraud.

          We can return to it. As Past US history, as they current evidence of those states not sucked into this stupidity demonstrate – as current election conduct – even in banana republics demonstrate – we can easily do so today, and we can count the vote in a few hours – not days, weeks.

          Further allowing mailing voting creates an unbeleiveable mess trying to prevent the massive opportunities for fraud it creates.

          AZ is taking an enormous amount of time – because it is actually being very careful about the order in which it counts ballots.
          That is an absolutely critical antifraud measure. But done properly it is massively time consuming.

          It is also completely unnecessary if we eliminate mailin voting.

          I would note that Az, NV, and PA as an example have exactly the same problems trying to thwart large and small scale election fraud introduced by mailin voting. AZ has a complex LIFO process that takes a long time, creates anxiety, and just bey the delays and complexities creates oportunities for Fraud.

          NV has almost none of these antifraud meaures – and still it is taking a week to count the ballots.

          PA pretty much ignores the problem of mailin voting fraud – and manages to count the ballots – atleast in 2022 in a few days.
          In 2020 – when PA needed to manufacture a couple of hundred thousand the process took much longer.

          I think it is time for the US supreme court to step in and say “the constitution says that congress sets the DAY of federal elections, not the DAYS of federal elections. Without an amendment to the constitution, only those votes cast on election day are constitutionally valid.”

      1. I read this today:

        France, with a population of 67+ million, much bigger than any state in the American republic, votes via paper ballots tucked in paper envelopes. No absentee voting. No early voting. Election workers hand count the votes in a matter of hours and report out results.

        We’re still waiting for results from small states like Arizona, where, for example, the candidate seeking the governorship is the person in charge of the election, apparently to be trusted with votes tallied with machines that won’t read ballots printed with exhausted toner cartridges.

        We’re a third world country, folks. (Austin A. on Facebook)

        And yes, there would still be mail-in voting available for servicemembers deployed outside of CONUS.

        1. The AP article that “Austin A.” is quoting from also notes “People who can’t go to the polls for various reasons can authorize someone else to vote for them,” and “Local authorities can organize vans or buses to pick up older people from nursing homes to bring them to voting stations, and prisons set up voting stations inside their facilities.” Of course, “Austin” chose not to quote these parts.

      2. It is really sad when nearly all the rest of the world does something absolutely fundimental far better than the US.

        How is the “convenience” of democrat couch potatoes that their pantry can not get to vote unless they hand deliver a ballot directly to their couch and then collect it from them – while meanwhile botching and complicating everything else for everyone else good for democracy ?

        If Democrats can not get able voters to come to the polls to vote F#$K them.

        Unfortunately this is not ending soon.

      3. Margot Ballhere: TRue, but that would not address congressional House representation by population, which was my point. Secondly, I believe there is judicial precedent justifying alternative measures/times for casting votes, albeit “show me the man and I’ll find you the crime,” morphs further into “show me the law/restriction and I’ll find you the way around it.” In addition to true validation of mail-ins, I seem to recall one local case where a postal worker was caught hand-stamping/backdating mail-ins, but it was years ago and I had no reason to remember it.
        So your suggestion certainly purports to produce the truest results.

      4. Margot….The French, for the most part, are practical people who don’t give a flying fig what others think of them. That’s why they went back to paper ballots.

    2. Lin,
      Also of note, all those “fly over states,” is where the ponderousness of the food is grown or raised.
      Even in my state, with the exception of a few counties with major cities, the rest is red. Where the food is grown or raised.

      In some cases, that is also where the major power plants are too.

      1. “Over a third of the country’s vegetables and three-quarters of the country’s fruits and nuts are grown in California.” “In the U.S., California is the largest producer of food despite having less than 4% of the farms in the country.”

        1. Not for much longer.
          JPL scientists have found that the US West, historically was a desert. The 20th century was a abnormally “wet” period of time. It is now going back to its arid climate. In order to grow food, you need water.
          The drought in the West is so bad, some hydro-electric plants have gone off line due to a lack of water to turn the turbines. Farmers that have been using drilled wells, have depleted the aquifers so much, the ground is sinking in some places.

    3. Lin,

      You might find this interesting.

      “The reality is nobody could have helped the Michigan and Pennsylvania republican candidates win. The ballots to assure Democrat victories were gathered before election day in both those states.

      There is a big difference between “votes” and “ballots.” The Republicans focused on winning votes; the Democrats focused on gathering ballots. The ballots won.”

      “In those states like PA, Mich and Wisc, Republicans need to switch from electioneering to win votes, to electioneering to gather ballots. Everything needs to change QUICKLY, and the RNC needs a fully organized, technologically assisted, geospatial digital outreach collection and assembly organization team in place by Easter 2023.”

      From this:

      1. What a stupid argument. Votes are marked on ballots. You count votes by reading them off ballots, either electronically or by hand.

      2. Jim22: Thanks for that reference. I looked it up, the most interesting paragraph to me is the second:
        “There were key ‘target races,’ not defined for political outcomes per se’ but rather …. they were identified for official media targeting; for script writing and narrative engineering; under the guise of being identified as ‘key races’ to sense, gauge and create a storyline for election by corporate media.'”

  12. The constitution remains alive and functioning. I would suggest a closer following of it’s tenets. The constitution does work and has worked for any party that puts in the leg work to utilize it. The rules are there so utilize them. Those that complain about the constitution are usually too lazy to really learn it and use it. I would say both sides need to periodically relearn that truth. And usually the thing that holds the unsatisfied back is not a constitutional question but the lack of general support for their point of view. Although I am a moderate conservative republican, I will vote at times for democrats who do a good job. I also realize that no party has all the answers and never did.
    We had a civil war once but it was not about the constitution, it was about slavery. We needed the union and the constitution intact in order to rid the country of slavery and it serves us well as we continue to build on that.
    I agree with several of your losers but I would add another and that is Trump. I would not weep a single tear if he left hand in hand with the Bidens. He held back the Republicans in many ways, took money out of the system for his 2024 campaign, and made too much of it about him. Desantis will ascend and Trump needs to get out of the way. Desantis sold competence more than anything.
    Geriatric leadership is another loser. Trump, Pelosi, Biden, Mitch McConnell, Hoyer all need to exit. They add nothing anymore except power clutching and they need to leave and let the younger crowd fight it out. They are the future.
    The media also magnifies the radicals and bestows power on them that they really do not have.
    Should be interesting but I’m not sure how much fun there will be.

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