Professor Luna Teaches Animal Liability at George Washington University

Professor Luna with her evening class

Yesterday, I co-taught my torts class with leading authority Luna Turley, Professor of Animal Welfare (PAW). Professor Luna has spent her life working on animal liability questions and taught both my day and evening classes on the common law rules governing dogs and other animals.

Luna (a Goldendoodle) worked through such concepts as animus revertendi (“habit of return”) and other distinctions used to distinguish domesticated and wild animals. She also offered an erudite defense of the “one-free-bite rule” in the application of strict liability to dogs.

As in past years, Professor Luna’s lecture was met with glowing reviews — leaving her co-teacher growling with jealousy.

17 thoughts on “Professor Luna Teaches Animal Liability at George Washington University”

  1. Ahhhh……humor: defined in part as a retreat from ordinary seriousness, a kind of ‘5 minute break’ for the mind and the body. A great article Professor — we all need this more often than we get it.
    Does Luna have a middle name. If not, I might suggest ‘tic’—–
    From the Billy Joel tune ”you may be right; I may be crazy; but it just might be a lunatic you’re lookin for —“

  2. When I was in high school in Houston (Go Redskins!) in the early 1960’s, there was a nerdy, funny science teacher who began every new semester with the same little speech:
    “We will be learning about rabies in this class….and if, during the semester, any of you happen to become exposed to it, please let me know because I have a list of people I’d like for you to bite”.

    That KILLED in third period! LOL

  3. Dear Professor – since you brought up the topic, I wish you could give your readers a few examples of your most noteworthy animal/owner cases – problems & penalties. Far too many people ignore the liabilities, and the trauma, hence your responses will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Absolutely agree. I understand why Turley often dives into politics. It’s an animal of its own demanding attention. But I would also like to read a column or two about real animals and the law.

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