Zero Tolerance: Survey Finds 33 of 65 Academic Departments Lack a Single Republican Professor

We have been discussing the virtual elimination of Republican and conservative scholars from many faculties despite the fact that roughly half of the country regularly votes for Republicans or conservative causes. Now a new survey by The College Fix of 65 departments in various states found that 33 do not have a single registered Republican. For these departments, the systemic elimination of Republican faculty has finally reached zero, but there is still little recognition of the crushing bias reflected in these numbers. Others, as discussed below, have defended the elimination of conservative or Republican faculty as entirely justified and commendable. Overall, registered Democrats outnumbered registered Republicans by a margin of over 10-1.

The survey found 61 Republican professors across 65 departments at seven universities while it also found 667 professors identified as Democrats based on their political party registration or voting history.

The survey covered The Ohio State University, University of Nebraska-Omaha, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Georgia, Cornell University, University of Oklahoma and the University of Alaska-Anchorage.

While there may be a couple professors missed on either side of this ideological divide, most faculty will privately admit that it is rare to find self-identified Republicans or conservatives on many faculties. Most faculties are overwhelmingly Democratic and liberal. Diversity generally runs from the left to the far left.

Another survey found that only nine percent of law professors identified as conservative.

The virtual absence of Republican or conservative members on many faculties are just shrugged off by many academics.   It is the subject of my recent publication in the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. The article entitled “Harm and Hegemony: The Decline of Free Speech in the United States.

Notably, a 2017 study found 15 percent of faculties were conservative. This is the result of years of faculty replicating their own ideological preferences and eradicating the diversity that once existed on faculties. When I began teaching in the 1980s, faculties were undeniably liberal but contained a significant number of conservative and libertarian professors. It made for a healthy and balanced intellectual environment. Today such voices are relatively rare and faculties have become political echo chambers, leaving conservatives and Republican students increasingly afraid to speak openly in class.

The trend is the result of hiring systems where conservative or libertarian scholars are often rejected as simply “insufficiently intellectually rigorous” or “not interesting” in their scholarship. This can clearly be true with individual candidates but the wholesale reduction of such scholars shows a more systemic problem. Faculty insist that there is no bias against conservatives, but the obviously falling number of conservative faculty speaks for itself.

The editors of the legal site Above the Law have repeatedly swatted down objections to the loss of free speech and viewpoint diversity in the media and academia. In a recent column, they mocked those of us who objected to the virtual absence of conservative or libertarian faculty members at law schools.

Senior editor Joe Patrice defended “predominantly liberal faculties” based on the fact that liberal views reflect real law as opposed to junk law.  (Patrice regularly calls those with opposing views “racists,” including Chief Justice John Roberts because of his objection to race-based criteria in admissions as racial discrimination). He explained that hiring a conservative academic was akin to allowing a believer in geocentrism (or that the sun orbits the earth) to teach at a university.

It is that easy. You simply declare that conservative views shared by a majority of the Supreme Court and roughly half of the population are not acceptable to be taught.

I frankly do not understand why professors want to maintain this one-sided environment in hiring. I was drawn to academia by the diversity of viewpoints and intellectual challenges on campuses. School publications and conferences today often run from the left to the far left. We have discussed a long line of incidents on this blog of conservative faculties being targeted by cancel campaigns with tepid support from their colleagues or administrations. We have become the face of intellectual orthodoxy and it is reflected in these numbers.

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  1. For decades, the left preached free speech and tolerance. Now that they think they are ascendent, they want speech codes with criminal penalties. They want people fired, banned, shunned and sued for expressing an opinion. They want to make themselves the absolute moral arbiters of basically everything.

    Rush Limbaugh used to warn about how liberals hate freedom, and I thought at the time he was being over the top. Rush was right. The whole minority rights blah blah blah was always just a charade to shield themselves when Reagan was cleaning their clocks, politically. At most, only 10% of liberal intellectuals were ever really committed to freedom of speech or tolerance.

    If you scratch a “liberal” you can smell the stink of Communism. It depresses me that supposedly-thinking people can be so dangerous, even to themselves.

  2. Somewhere in this blizzard of comments there is an assertion to the effect that Big Bang origin of the universe is creationism. Nope. Big Bang is a hypothesis. There are others by cosmologists such as Big Bounce.

    Creationism is the belief in the (self-contradictory) two account of creation in the Bible.

  3. Harmony, stability, and domestic tranquility requires a balance. There’s no Ying without the Yang, there’s no reaping without 1st sowing, you get the drift. The tension between Right and Left is vital for the health of a government based on the consent of the governed. The progressive wing of the Democrats are so far left, and incapable of compromising with the reasonable Right, that they risk destroying what took over 240 years to build. They forgot hubris, tolerance, country over party, they share this country with 100+ other Americans, and they do no own compassion, nor the truth.

    1. “[Tolerance], to god-damned hell with [tolerance]! We have no [tolerance]. In fact, we don’t need [tolerance]. I don’t have to show you any stinking [tolerance], you god-damned cabrón and chinga tu madre!”

      – “Gold Hat,” The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 1948

      We don’t need no stinking tolerance.

      We don’t want their love, we don’t want their respect – we want their fear.

      We want their fear of the rule of law – fundamental law.

      The Constitution severely limits and restricts government.

      The Constitution provides the greatest conceivable and the greatest possible measure of freedom to individuals.

      The people are the new Sovereign; government is the new Subject of the Sovereign.

      Your “left” is the direct and mortal enemy of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Americans and America.

      It’s time for Manifest Destiny Redux – Exponential Manifest Destiny 2.0.

      Get the foreign invaders, illegal aliens (inclusive), leeches, parasites and dependents out of the way, and Make America Great Again.

      Where’s General George Armstrong Custer when you need him?

  4. I think I’ve finally figured out why JT is so pro twitter and their free speech ideas. Not that they are actually promoting free speech, but anyway, I think this is JTs plan. Let all the Repos die along with their children due to misinformation on Twitter (and anywhere else it can be spread).

    I mean really, In the name of free speech, tell people to drink bleach to get rid of Covid, don’t give your kids (or yourself) a vaccine that prevents deadly disease, just get the disease and die. And please, in the name of free speech tell everyone the vaccine will kill you, not the disease. Come on, mumps and measles has been around for a very long time, about time you let your kids get the disease and see if they live or die.

    JT is really a far left person that hates Repos, why else would he want you to get misinformation and die?

    1. You communists have been cheating on elections since you left an illegal, unconstitutional, foreign, standing, 3-million-man-army-cum-voters on U.S. soil, while pushing for the vote for illegal aliens who must have been compassionately repatriated per 1863 immigration law. LBJ unconstitutionally spent money to buy their votes and “Have those ——s voting democrat for 200 years,” as he initiated the 50-year invasion of America by Mexican illegal aliens who unconstitutionally, irrationally and counterintuitively vote in America now. The Constitution requires voters to present at a polling PLACE to be identified and certified on a DAY, one 24-hour period, and have the election concluded. Vote-by-mail is cheating by mail in violation of all the constitutional requirements. How’s that in KARIZONA. The Sec. of State conducts the election in KARIZONA and the Sec. of State, who refused to debate and entered the race both as candidate and manager, wins. That is explicit election corruption and vote tampering. Turnout in 1788 was 11.6%, by design, under the Founders and the restrictive vote criteria were male, European, 21 with 50 lbs. Sterling/50 acres. Ben Franklin gave Americans “…a [restricted-vote] republic, if you can keep it.” You communists stole it. How long will Americans allow that. The communists are rebelling in China as we speak.

    2. While you are off in never never land regarding JT.

      I am perfectly comfortable with Twitter and everywhere else allowing free speech.
      If that results in some people winning Darwin awards – I am fine with that.

      But I would bet lots of money that the Darwin winners will be from the left not the right.

  5. The local communist party political officer observes and assures that the communist party doctrine is imposed and conducted in every public school and on every college campus.

    The local communist party political officer is ubiquitous, existing in unions, corporations, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, on the railroad, in the “woke” military, etc.

    One of his finest achievements is forcing TV and movie producers, directors and casting agencies to “product place” at least one member of 12% of the population in 100% of their scenes.

    The local communist party political officer is in charge of assuring that the rights, freedoms, privileges and immunities provided to citizens are denied, while the party is pursuing the complete and definitive abrogation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, or whatever discernible vestiges remain.

    The local communist party political officer and the communist party hierarchical apparatus are all for democratic elections and voting because they know, full well, they can “fix” them, especially since the elimination of the rational, coherent and constitutionally required vote criteria, to be set by States.

    The local communist party political officer and the communist party have but one goal which is the aforementioned total abrogation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    The frog was slowly boiled, having not been provided an opportunity to feel the water at its boiling point and immediately jump out.

    The Silence of the Lambs is Deafening…

    to Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Franklin, Adams, Jay, Hancock, Mason et al….

    while “Crazy Abe” Lincoln and his BFF, Karl Marx, are ecstatic!

    Ain’t nothin’ like Stalinesque genocides, Lincoln’s “March to the Sea,” savagery, brutality, barbarity, oppression, subjugation, despotism and tyranny, boys.

    Let’s hear it for the dutiful, imperative and commendable communist party political officers.

    Hip Hip Hurrah, Hip Hip Hurrah, Hip Hip Hurrah!!!

  6. Partisanship by Universities: I’m totally surprised. Today we have charlatans teaching the Constitution, Science, Medicine and so much more. These morons haven’t the foggiest notion of, truth, capability of logical thought, or any historical knowledge of other nation’s calamities when the political division line sway’s too far in one direction.

  7. Ivy League schools deny admission to Asian students because they are not honest enough. Perhaps they refuse to hire Republicans because they make slurping sounds when eating soup.

      1. Rumor has it that among Pacific Islanders, wives being overweight is a status symbol and a sign of great success.

        I would see it as time for a trade-in and a newer model.

        Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder, right?

        1. George,
          To add, at one point in time, if you were either white or light colored, you were not tan. I.e. you were of the elite class that did not work in the fields. You were of a higher caste.
          I have been accused of being of the elite class of some Mid-Eastern or Mediterranean countries, despite not being from either.

          1. The Turley blog should trade you in for a model who possesses at least a scintilla of the courage of her convictions, and doesn’t eschew a nom de plume as a dastardly scheme to elude ethical and dutiful responsibility and obligation.

    1. There is no such thing as Asian beggars; they demand no affirmative action, quotas, welfare, food stamps, forced busing, public housing, utility subsidies, WIC, SNAP, HAMP, HARP, HUD, HHS, MaoCare, or anything else.

      Merit and self-reliance are innate and sufficient.

      Just get the —- out of their way.

      Wait. That’s precisely what the American Founders and Framers said.

      “That dudn’t make any sense.”

      – George W. Bush

  8. Alternative opinions are valuable. Alternative facts are dangerous to everyone involved.

    It doesn’t really matter, since Republicans don’t believe in education anyway.

    1. I am a Independent.
      I believe in education.
      I believe I can define what a woman is, and I am not a biologist.
      I know, there are two sexes. That is science.
      I believe 2+2=4.
      And math is not racist.
      That would be the stance of any one with a degree of logic, education, and common sense.

      What party cannot define what a woman is?
      That there are 97 sexes?
      Who’s latest Disney’s “child’s” film featuring a gay teen relationship is projected to lose $147 million?

      Based off recent studies of the increased interest in charter schools, private schools, and home schooling while public schools have seen declines, I would say anyone with a degree of logic, education and common sense are leaving Leftist indoctrination centers for real education.
      Your children will be well versed in virtue signaling, use of pronouns, and how to have a meltdown when someone does not use their preferred pronouns, running for their safe spaces.
      They will fail in life. They will be living in your basement well into their mid to latter 30s, working at a Starbucks, even with their degree in under water basket weaving, DIE, or gender something studies.

      Mean while, those of us who value real education, meritocracy, who strive to better ourselves, will be sought out by companies, paid well and succeed.
      I know this. My one child is doing exactly that at the ripe old age of 25. Making nearly 6 figures in a low COL region, has a home, a nice car, and nearly no debt.

      I look forward to this entire generation who will expect, no, demand, that they get paid for . . . nothing.

      1. My one child is doing exactly that at the ripe old age of 25. Making nearly 6 figures in a low COL region, has a home, a nice car, and nearly no debt.

        But what are their pronouns?

        Remember Sam Briton, the celebrated “Non-Binary” male who parades in women’s clothing, makeup, shaved head and mustache? He is now charged with theft of an expensive luggage bag at an airport, and if found guilty Sammy could face five years in jail, a $10,000 fine, or both. He is a top Biden Dept of Energy official now on leave.

        Nonbinary Biden official Sam Brinton charged after stealing luggage at airport, using it for a month

        Sam is no idiot, though, just a very broken person:

        “Sam holds dual graduate degrees in nuclear science and engineering as well as the Technology Policy Program from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and undergraduate degrees in mechanical engineering with a nuclear engineering focus and vocal music performance from Kansas State University”

        No comment from the LGBTQIA-eieio police, who will likely blame MAGA for violence with words against shim/sherm/WTF

        1. Estovir,
          She can define what a woman is.
          She knows there are two sexes.
          She knows if someone wants to identify as a cat, feel free. But she will not indulge in their insanity.
          She excels at meritocracy. Strives to be the best. That is why she is only 25 and making nearly 6 figures. Finished third in her class.
          Meanwhile some of her college peers who took up DIE, CRT or underwater basket weaving serve her lattes as baristas at the local Starbucks.

          Yeah, I saw that report about ol Sam Briton. Seems he is trying to pull a Jesse Somolete BS scam.
          And people will buy it.

          1. Your daughter is obviously taking after her father who can hurl 50 pounds stacks of hay without breaking a sweat. I have long believed that the best response to those who mock us minorities is to be successful. Clearly your daughter is that. Bravo, Papi!

            1. Estovir,
              Ah! I find your post most respectful for both your and my work ethic.
              My daughter is righter there. She knows what it is like to muck out the barn, bring in the livestock in cold weather conditions.
              Thank you kind sir!

        1. “I know, there are two sexes. That is science.”
          What sex is an intersex person?”

          ATS, an intersex person is an intersex person. Sometimes things do not fit exactly into a classification. As a true leftist, you stretch your points so that a Supreme Court Justice cannot answer the question of what a woman is. You make things complex where they are simple. Complexity hides your ignorance.

    2. SkippingDog, your right I don’t believe in education. The education that students are receiving in Detroit schools. The kind of education that children are receiving in Baltimore. Maybe if you believed in education you would know what’s going on in schools in cities run by Democratic mayors. Maybe you would take the time to educate yourself. That is if you believed in education but you don’t. If you believed in education you would take the time to ask why is this happening but you don’t.

    3. Your Factual error harms YOU. It is dangerous only to YOU – until you use government aka FORCE to impose your “facts”.
      That is when they are dangerous to “everyone”.

      If you beleive Republicans are wrong about facts, allow them to succeed or fail on their own.

      Lets get rid of the public education system as it is – private schools, charters, and cyber charters do much better and cheaper.
      The swedish government – and many other parts of europe pay a fixed amount per child for education. Parents can send their kids to the schools they choose. Public and private schools have improved as a result.

      You can send your child to the school that teaches that math is racist, and there are 97 genders, that capitalism is evil and exploitation, and I can send mine to a school that teaches 2 + 2 = 4, that individual freedom – including individual economic freedom makes all of us better off, that life is precious, and that you should not be chasing sexual pleasure until you are capable of adult responsibilities.

      And we shall see whose children have a better future.

      You are the one who is dangerous – because you seek to FORCE your “alternate facts” on everyone.

      In a free society – disputes over opinions – and facts resolve themselves, our individual success and failure is determined by the extent to which we accurately perceive the world – facts.

  9. From bondage bears to blow jobs by teenage boys the pattern becomes more and more apparent. They aren’t teaching teenage boys to just give blow jobs to other teenage boys but to prepare them to give blow jobs to older men like the older men who recommended this reading for Jr. high school boys. They’re not just presenting bondage bears so that young children will play with bondage bears but to prepare the children to play with bondage bears with older men. Gotta get em while they’re young. No grooming going on here. What party supports this activity? It’s an easy quiz. It’s the party of the pride boys.

      1. UpstateFarmer, Eeewww is the perfect sentiment. Don’t forget they are serious as hell. Hell being the place were these things come from.

  10. “I frankly do not understand why professors want to maintain this one-sided environment in hiring.”

    C’mon man, surely you do understand. The totalitarian mind does not countenance dissent on any level. Simple as that.

    1. It’s the group that has been promoting diversity and inclusion that cannot countenance the diversity of thought concept. Oops! I forgot “equity”.

    2. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
      Remember the Biden family has made over $100 Million…selling our government

      Democrats only allow good lemmings….they hate a FREE America! That requires merit for achievement!

  11. Our leftist bloggers hate monopolies run by the dreaded billionaires, but they have no such hatred of the American schools being run by the teachers union monopoly. They like billionaires like Zuckerberg who gave 350 million dollars to the Democratic party. If our fellow bloggers had an ounce of integrity they would call for the Democratic party to give back the billions of dollars that it has received from the billionaires they like. Alas, they fall silent.

  12. Balenciaga and Academia
    Balenciaga: One man’s perversion is another man’s ad campaign.

    And from where did Balenciaga get that relativistic mindset? Academia.

    When you support mainstream academia, that perversion is what you are endorsing.

  13. Could you all please, pretty please now pause, and think about what you are sending your kids to/spending your money on? As with so many things in the 21st century, your alma mater is not the place that YOU went to school, and you are going to have to accept that on some level, stop imagining your kids will have your experience and come out of it like you did. They won’t. Stop giving them your dollars, because THIS is what you are supporting. That is putting aside the fact that kids are now arriving on college campuses without basic reading, grammar, and math skills, the kind of which we used to have in the eighth grade. They sure are up on their pronouns, though, and how our country is an affront to decency by merely existing. 🙄 Remember Patty Hearst, and realize we are now dealing with an entire generation of her, but worse.

  14. Diversity of race, sex, sexual orientation is mandated to the point of outright discrimination in some cases however diversity of thought is not at all welcome.

  15. For decades now a black ball system against conservative professors has kept them out of having any influence whatsoever.
    The fruits of the 60s neo communist insurgency are fully ripe now.

      1. SkippingDog you are correct that we Republicans are reactionary. We react to people who say they are concerned for our children when they provide for our children’s education like this I do indeed wear this reactionary badge with pride. You support high school level young adults with elementary level reading skills and my reactionary response is I don’t. You support dooming the children to a life of mediocrity and poverty but I in my reactionary way I do not accept that this is the way it has to be. You do.

      2. Then you would be able to point out the policies of the right that are “reactionary nonsense”.

        The FACT is that on the whole the republican party and conservatism are moving more libertarian – towards the center.

        The religious right in the US no longer dominates the GOP. Neo-cons are leaving the GOP and joining democrats.

        Republicans are somewhat correctly alleged to be a more populist party today – appealing to the values of voters rather than ideology.
        That is inherently more centrist not reactionary.

        Regardless, if you beleive that republicans are selling “reactionary nonsense” – then you should be able to list what those nonsensical reactionary policies are.

  16. Diversity [dogma] (i.e. color judgment, class-based bigotry), Inequity, and Exclusion (DIE) doctrine of the Pro-Choice ethical religion.

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