Six Degrees from James Baker: A Familiar Figure Reemerges With the Release of the Twitter Files

Below is my column in the New York Post on the reemergence of James Baker, the former FBI general counsel, at the center of the Twitter suppression scandal.

Here is the column:

As thousands of Twitter documents are released on the company’s infamous censorship program, much has been confirmed about the use of back channels by Biden and Democratic officials to silence critics on the social media platform. However, one familiar name immediately popped out in the first batch of documents released through journalist Matt Taibbi: James Baker. For many, James Baker is fast becoming the Kevin Bacon of the Russian collusion scandals.

Baker has been featured repeatedly in the Russian investigations launched by the Justice Department, including the hoax involving the Russian Alfa Bank. When Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann wanted to plant the bizarre false claim of a secret communications channel between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin, Baker was his go-to, speed-dial contact. (Baker would later testify at Sussmann’s trial). Baker’s name also appeared prominently in controversies related to the other Russian-related FBI allegations against Trump. He was effectively forced out due to his role and reportedly found himself under criminal investigation. He became a defender of the Russian investigations despite findings of biased and even criminal conduct. He was also a frequent target of Donald Trump on social media, including Twitter. Baker responded with public criticism of Trump for his “false narratives.”

After leaving the FBI, Twitter seemed eager to hire Baker as deputy general counsel. Ironically, Baker soon became involved in another alleged back channel with a presidential campaign. This time it was Twitter that maintained the non-public channels with the Biden campaign (and later the White House). Baker soon weighed in with the same signature bias that characterized the Russian investigations.

Weeks before the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post ran an explosive story about a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden that contained emails and records detailing a multimillion dollar influence peddling operation by the Biden family. Not only was Joe Biden’s son Hunter and brother James involved in deals with an array of dubious foreign figures, but Joe Biden was referenced as the possible recipient of funds from these deals.

The Bidens had long been accused of influence peddling, nepotism, and other forms of corruption. Moreover, the campaign was not denying that the laptop was Hunter Biden’s and key emails could be confirmed from the other parties involved. However, at the request of the “Biden team” and Democratic operatives, Twitter moved to block the story. It even suspended those who tried to share the allegations with others, including the White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who was suspended for linking to the scandal.

Even inside Twitter, the move raised serious concerns over the company serving as a censor for the Biden campaign. Global Comms Brandon Borrman who asked if  the company could “truthfully claim that this is part of the policy” for barring posts and suspending users.

Baker quickly jumped in to support the censorship and said that “it’s reasonable for us to assume that they may have been [hacked] and that caution is warranted.”

Keep in mind that there was never any evidence that this material was hacked. Moreover, there was no evidence of Russian involvement in the laptop. Indeed, U.S. intelligence quickly rejected the Russian disinformation claim.

However, Baker insisted that there was a “reasonable” assumption that Russians were behind another major scandal. Faced with a major scandal implicating a Joe Biden in the corrupt selling of access to foreign figures (including some with foreign intelligence associations), Baker’s natural default was to kill the story and stop others from sharing the allegations.

The released documents may show why Twitter was so eager to hire Baker despite his role in the Russian collusion controversies. What likely would have been a liability for most companies seemed an actual draw for Twitter. For censors and political operatives in Twitter, Baker likely seemed like a “made man” for a company committed to systemic censorship. He would be working with the chief legal officer at the company, Vijaya Gadde, who functioned as the company’s chief censor.  Gadde was widely reviled by free speech advocates for her dismissal of free speech principles and open political bias.

Not unexpectedly, Gadde and Baker would play prominent roles in the suppression of the Hunter Biden scandal. There was hardly a need to round up “the usual suspects” in the suppression scandal when Musk took over the company. Both lawyers swatted down internal misgivings to bury a story that could well have made the difference in the close 2020 election.

It is striking how many of the figures and institutions involved in Russian collusion claims are within six degrees of James Baker. Not only did Baker work closely with fired FBI director James Comey and other key figures at the Justice Department, but he was an acquaintance of key Clinton figures like Sussmann who pushed the false collusion allegations. He was also hired by Brookings Institution, which also has a curious Bacon-like role in the origins and development of the false Russian collusion allegations.

None of these means that Baker was the driving force of the scandals. To the contrary, Baker earned his bones in Washington as a facilitator, a reliable ally when it came to the business of the Beltway. It is hardly a surprise that Baker found a home at Twitter where “caution” was always “warranted” in dealing with potentially damaging stories for Democratic interests.

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  1. I haven’t seen anyone mention the fact Baker could have picked up the phone and called his pals at the FBI to ask what they knew about the laptop

    I also do not believe anyone in the Twitter files was concerned about censoring the story. The questions being asked were more along the lines of “are we sure this storyline (hacking policy) will fly with the public”

      1. Barr is guilty of mistakes, not crimes.

        What is most disturbing is that he grasped that the widespread conduct that lead to the collusion dellusion was wrong and dangerous.
        But did not grasp that the same people were engaged in the 2020 election.

        People who are willing to act immorally, do not stop acting immorally if there are no consequences.

        1. The high criminal William “Mr. Deep Deep State” Barr is guilty of the crime of conspiracy to defraud and to conduct a coup d’etat in America as hors d’oeuvres.

          The Deep Deep State coup d’etat in America and theft of the election was finally successful after the pre-election release of China Flu, 2020, when Real President Donald J. Trump ostensibly “lost.”

    1. FLASHBACK: 16% of Biden voters would have voted differently if Hunter Biden laptop story was not suppressed by media, big tech For Twitter this was MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

      1. The dirty little secret that everyone continues to dance around, a steaming mountain of odorous feces in the middle of everything, is the fact that the United States government was subverted and overthrown on November 3rd, 2020. This was a full out assault on the people of the United States by various treasonous actors both within the Federal government and corporate America with the assistance of foreign entities i.e. CCP, UK’s MI6 and most likely, others. The information is out there for anyone willing to look..
        Until this addressed, nothing is going change.

        1. JB I agree 100% and anyone who says there was no criminal activity is covering for the democrats. There was so much criminal activity that it is absolutely overwhelming.

          It’s called sedition:conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch and subversion: the undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution.
          “the ruthless subversion of democracy”, and TREASON: Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and …

          Three key elements are necessary for an offense to constitute treason: an obligation of allegiance to the legal order, and intent and action to violate that obligation. Treason is a breach of allegiance and of the faithful support a citizen owes to the sovereignty within which he lives.

          Also, Compounding treason, dropping a prosecution for treason in exchange for money or money’s worth; and Misprision of treason, a crime consisting of the concealment of treason; and Sedition, inciting civil unrest or insurrection, or undermining the government.

          Sedition is a lesser crime than “treason,” which requires actual betrayal of the government, or “espionage.” Espionage involves spying on the government, trading state secrets (particularly military) to another country (even a friendly nation), or sabotaging governmental facilities, equipment or suppliers of the …

          The Congress shall have the power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attained [9]. Even in the 21st century, treason remains the highest crime, punishable by the highest penalty.

          Who has authority over treason?
          The Congress
          Article III, Section 3, Clause 2: The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

          Can the President of the United States be charged with treason?
          Article II, Section 4: The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. U.S. Const.

          How much more needs to be said?????

          Selling America out to her enemies is treason. Accepting a bribe, even if it’s for your life, is treason because it betrays your country in NOT upholding our laws and it gives aid and comfort to our enemies.

          May God help us.

  2. James Baker is somewhat of an enigma. When testifying before Congress, he was asked about Dir. Comey’s statement during his notorious press briefing on 5 July 2016, that “…no reasonable prosecutor would take the case,” against Hillary Clinton. He replied by saying he would have taken the case against her. Now, would it have been a real prosecution or another phony FBI operation? Who knows?

  3. More nonsense distractions from the very real Trump scandals and conflicts of interest. Glad to see that the GOP is finally moving away from that walking disaster.

    1. “…the very real Trump scandals and conflicts of interest.”

      – Aninny

      The “fake,” “witch-hunt,” corrupt and malicious prosecutions against Real President Donald J. Trump have all ended up in the dumpster; that’s how “real” (i.e. political/ideological) they are.

      By contrast, the evidence against the Biden crime family is there for all to see, the only problem in prosecuting it is the U.S. Department of Gestapo, led by the high criminals in extremis and comrades, Garland and Wray.

      The perpetrators are having a very difficult time arresting the metastasizing cancer on the presidency.

      “I think, I think that, uh, there’s no doubt about the seriousness of the problem we’re, we’ve got. We have a cancer–within, close to the Presidency, that’s growing. It’s growing daily. It’s compounding, it grows geometrically now because it compounds itself.”

      – John Dean, 1973

      1. You’re free to keep making the wrong decision. And the majority of American voters will continue to reject Trumpism as they did in the last 3 elections.

        1. I seem to recall that in 2022 there were 5M more republican voters than democrats.
          Make up your mind how you are going to count election.

          Regardless, in 2016 Hillary cheated with the Stelle Dossier Hoax.
          In 2020 Buden Cheated with the Laptop is disinformation hoax.
          In 2022 we are STILL hiding the ball on the Biden family corruption
          And we have chinese bots on TikTok running anti-republican adds and pro-democrats adds.
          I thought that foreign interferance was election fraud ?
          And given the Biden ties to china – including chinese spy cheifs, why isn’t there a special counsel looking into chinese interferance in the 2022 election ?

          And we compound it with multiple other hoaxs.

          Lets see democrats win an election with a news media that actually reports the FACTS,
          With social media that does not suppress Republican voices and republicans stories.

          And BTW if you are willing to violate the constitution and supress free speach – why should anyone beleive you are not engaging in election fraud ?

          You owe the J6 protestors an Appology – this may not be the election fraud Republicans were looking for – but it is fraud none the less.
          How do we know ? Because YOU said so.

          I woul

          1. Oh were you not paying attention when all the Trump backed election-denying loonies lost in November? Voting Republican != voting for Trump.

            1. When ballots are false, and the media is in cahoots, one realizes the vote wasn’t a reflection of American desires.I wonder when all these organizations will be investigated for not reporting their campaign donations?

              80% of military ballots are thought to be missing. I wonder what happened to them?

            2. What is wrong with voting for Trump?

              I know, you prefer war.
              You prefer killing babies.
              You prefer a poor economy.
              You prefer elites telling everyone else what to do.
              You prefer racism.
              You prefer crime.
              You prefer burning cities down and killing people.

              Overall you are a bad dude. That is why you vote the way you do.

            3. Those alleged Trump backed loonies came within a tiny fraction of the margin of error of sweeping the board.
              Absolutely they fell short.

              They fell short – to the same party that beyond any doubt engaged in massive suppression of the truth in 2020 to STEAL THE ELECTION.

              So those trump backed loonies came within the skin of their teeth of defeating people for whom the ends justifies the means, who will lie,
              not just lie, but use power to suppress the truth, who do not trust voters with the truth, who will do anything for power.

              Do you really want to be on the record celebrating people who not only lie, not only use power to supress the truth, but to bar those who tried to speak the truth from speaking again.

              When someone shows you who they are – believe them the first time.

            4. Lets be clear how significant the Twitter revelations are.

              They are not merely about lying. Politicians do that all the time. No one expected that Biden would admit to the corruption that NY Post exposed.

              It is not merely about using power to supress the truth – which is significantly worse. The Biden’s knew the laptops had been left at the Delaware computer shop. And the DNC, democrats, Twitter, FB, SM, and the rest of the media could have known. The purported 51 intelligence experts could have found out the truth before selling false speculation to supress the truth.

              It is not merely about permanently silencing those who tried to spread the truth.

              It is about betraying the principles that you claim to believe. It is about betraying the country and the voters.

              And it is about the fact that You are OK about that.

        2. America was designed to be a restricted-vote republic with citizens being entitled to vote by States. Communists began corrupting the vote by failing to compassionately repatriate 3 million illegal aliens in 1863. “Crazy Abe” Lincoln illegally and unconstitutionally nullified and ignored fundamental law, the U.S. Constitution, in conducting his unconstitutional “Reign of Terror” at the behest of Karl Marx.

          Letter, Marx to Lincoln –

          Communists perpetuated corruption of the vote by ostensibly (i.e. improper ratification of 19th) allowing wives to vote. 63% of actual Americans (i.e. European males) voted conservative in 2022. The American vote was finally totally corrupted by communist illegal immigration since “Operation Wetback.”

    2. “More nonsense distractions from the very real Trump scandals and conflicts of interest. ”
      What Scandals and conflicts of interest ?

      What is increasingly clear is that almost the entire Democratic party is corrupt and immoral.

      Aparently the only congressional democrats to speak out the democrat driven massive censorship in ALL of social media and most of the MSM
      during the 2020 election was Roh Kanhana.

      I am sure I greatly disagre on many issues. But kudo’s to Rep. Kohana, for actually valuing the first amendment.

      Anonymous – no sane person wants to hear from you right now.

      We can debate the merits of Trump’s claims of election fraud in 2020 – though it is pretty obvious that the reason you are completely unaware of consequential allegations is that they were censored, by democrats controlling social media and much of the MSM.

      Regardless, there is no longer any doubt that you STOLE THE ELECTION.
      You violated people free speech massively. You not only blocked a story but you banned every person who tried to share a TRUE story.

      It is now being reported that in 2022, Chinese bots on TikTok were interfering with the 2022 Election – they were spreading lots of fake add defamine republicans and praising democrats.

      I though that foreign interferance in elections was grounds for a special prosecutor ?

      And what politicans are getting money and favors from China ?

      Shouldn’t we be investigating Collusion between the PRESIDENT and the chinese to rig the 2022 Election ?

    3. No moral person in the world wants to hear from you anymore.

      You are a sock puppet for a corrupt political party.

      Please do not ever talk about democracy again.
      It is not democracy when a few people in one party denies most of the voters access to the TRUTH about their corrupt candidate.
      And then that candidate – who KNOWS the Truth at the debate tells the american people that the TRUTH is lies.

      And YOU not just voted for this. You have actively participated.
      You keep trying to sell democracy.
      Democracy only exists when voters have the right to the truth.

      When you control what information voters can get – you burn down democracy.

      At this moment you should not be uttering Trump anything.
      Once again – Trump was right – You Stole the election.
      YOU should be demanding that as the last act of 2022 House Democrats they impeach Biden.

  4. “…at the request of the “Biden team” and Democratic operatives, Twitter moved to block the story.” Where is the evidence of this? I didn’t see it in the threads in the release of emails. There is definitely proof the White House successfully press Twitter to terminate Alex Berenson.

  5. Thank you for informative article.

    See all his online bio’s. Why no birthplace or birthdate info published for James A. Baker (Foreign born??)

    Also note that his Bio’s omit any reference to home working at Twitter (including Wikipedia and Conservapedia).

    It does, however, state that he worked at Verizon in their national security group – maybe in same role as later with Twitter??

    Interesting how BiG Tech gobbles up these political operatives.

    UK Deputy Prime Minister for David Cameron works as VP Executive at Facebook.

    1. Sir Nick Clegg was Camerons Deputy PM and now president for global affairs at Meta Platforms since 2022. Clegg was a nothing, leader of the Liberal Democrats, who will never win a General Election in the UK unless they formed an alliance, like they did with the Tories under Cameron. A bunch of Lefties.

  6. So Baker did a stint at at Brookings, interesting who else was there like impeachment take a public stab at Trump Fiona Hill and her protégée dossier source Igor Danchenko who was paid by the FBI and directly and indirectly though Steele, Pekins Coi , and Clinton paid Fusion GPS gave info to the FBI for the FICA warrants to spy on Trump’s campaign. What a coincidence, all at Brookings.


    – Anders Hagstrom

    Wait! That’s precisely what “Crazy Abe” Lincoln did.

    “Crazy Abe” terminated the “parts” of the Constitution he didn’t like. He denied fully constitutional secession, commenced an unconstitutional war, seized power, suspended habeas corpus, declared martial law, confiscated private property, issued an unconstitutional “proclamation,” failed to enforce immigration/naturalization law, and destroyed American freedom after only 71 years.

    “White House responds to Trump demanding to terminate parts of the Constitution after ‘Twitter files’ release”

    The ‘Twitter Files’ detailed how and why Twitter censored Hunter Biden’s laptop

    President Biden’s White House says former President Donald Trump deserves to be “universally condemned” for arguing that parts of the U.S. Constitution should be terminated last week. Trump made the statement in response to the release of the “Twitter Files” on Friday, a trove of documents detailing Twitter’s communications on censorship. Trump argued the files showed evidence of “fraud and deception” in the 2020 election and went on to argue parts of the Constitution should be terminated to address it.

    “So, with the revelation of MASSIVE & WIDESPREAD FRAUD & DECEPTION in working closely with Big Tech Companies, the DNC, & the Democrat Party, do you throw the Presidential Election Results of 2020 OUT and declare the RIGHTFUL WINNER, or do you have a NEW ELECTION?” Trump posted on social media.

    “A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution,” he continued. “Our great ‘Founders’ did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

    – Anders Hagstrom

    1. He wanted to while The Biden administration throws out the constitution daily. Unconstitutional border policies, unconstitutional student loan forgiveness, NSA warantless spying. I could go one by why bother when you are living in whataboutism reality.

    2. BIG-time LOL at comparing Lincoln to literally any part of Trump.

      Never mind the fact that the 16th *clearly* knew how to restrain himself — and thus the excess powers he employed in saving the Republic rather than himself — much of what you wrote required Congressional approval, which he was granted.

      1. And congressional approval was illicitly, illegally and unconstitutionally granted for the false, “phantom,” constitutional right to abortion by the corrupt, high criminal Supreme Court of 1973, which was recently overturned, per the “manifest tenor” of the U.S. Constitution.

        You, like Lincoln, propose to obey ONLY the laws you like, while you disobey and egregiously violate the laws you don’t like.

        Lincoln was irrefutably a high criminal who must have been impeached for denying the absolute constitutional right to secession – secession which the very Founders availed themselves of – and later impeached for unconstitutionally declaring marital law, issuing an unconstitutional proclamation and unconstitutionally suspending habeas corpus, not to mention his Hitlerian war crimes and “crimes against humanity.”

        Lincoln was finished at his point of commencement.

        Lincoln proceeded as a criminal.

        Slavery must have been abrogated by other, legal and constitutional means.

        Lincoln’s corrupt successors rammed through and improperly ratified the “Reconstruction Amendments” under the duress of brutal military occupation and oppression, which we don’t find in the Constitution as part of the letter or spirit of the amendment process.

        You see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear.

        The truth mysteriously evades you.

        One irrefutable example, Chief Justice Roger B. Taney:

        “The clause in the Constitution which authorizes the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus is in the ninth section of the first article. This article is devoted to the Legislative Department of the United States, and has not the slightest reference to the Executive Department.”

        “I can see no ground whatever for supposing that the President in any emergency or in any state of things can authorize the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, or arrest a citizen except in aid of the judicial power.”

        “I have exercised all the power which the Constitution and laws confer on me, but that power has been resisted by a force too strong for me to overcome.”

        – Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, May 28, 1861

        1. This was hysterical to read, George.

          1) “Lincoln’s corrupt successors”… Chastising Lincoln by way of his successors, LOL.

          2) “Lincoln was finished at his point of commencement.” This doesn’t even make sense.

          3) “Hitlerian war crimes”… This might be the most brain-dead line of all, given Hitler wouldn’t come to power for another, what, 65 years?

          4) ““phantom,” constitutional right to abortion by the corrupt, high criminal Supreme Court of 1973″… Sheesh! The cognitive dissonance it requires to make this statement. Talk about seeing what you want and hearing what you want, sheesh!

          5) Re: that “irrefutable” response from Chief Justice Taney… You mean the same justice who authored the Dred Scott decision? The same justice who believed that the federal government had no right to limit slavery? Who mistakenly thought he could “save” the Union when he ruled that the Framers believed slaves were so inferior that they possessed *no* legal rights? Who also held the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional, claiming that as property, slaves were protected under Article V? Yeah… a REAL stand-up, definitely-not-inconsistent guy right there! Lololol!

          1. For the egoists sans intellect: Lincoln’s point of commencement for his unconstitutional “Reign of Terror” was the unconstitutional denial of fully constitutional secession. Everything “Crazy Abe” did, illicitly taking the law into his own hands, after his actionable and unconstitutional denial of secession was equally actionable and unconstitutional.

            By law, Southern States were allowed to secede which would have been reversed by reunification for the benefit of all States after advocacy, boycotts, divestiture, etc., and the failure of that venture – even the countries in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were allowed to secede, as were West Virginia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Scotland, East Timor, etc.

            The Constitution does not prohibit secession. The previous statement is irrefutable. You cite no Section prohibiting secession in the Constitution because you cannot.

            Rather than analyze the law on Taney, you conveniently change the subject – Lincoln had NO authority to suspend habeas corpus – or deny secession etc., for that matter – again, please cite the Constitution.

            The Constitution was not and is not a document of morality, it is fundamental law of the United States, including the establishment of private property with receipts, bills of sale and property titles (it happened to white indentured servants and white slaves too).

            The African tribal leaders who sold their countrymen, Arab slave traders and British marketers facilitated legal purchases by planters in the British colonies – it’s far out of context today but it was legal then – that would certainly change in today’s context, which makes your “fake” position easy to maintain now, right?

            You simply can’t get over yourself in order to obey the law.

            That’s where America is today, which Musk’s Twitter document dump is revealing.

            You communists will lie, cheat and steal because of your treason against America and your own phantom superiority.

            1. Whew, George… Perhaps you should read up a bit on U.S. history. Otherwise, you risk sounding like… an idiot.

              Here’s a good place to start:–lincoln-s-construction-of-the-executive-power?rgn=main;view=fulltext

              Because the Constitution, “in express terms, neither conferred or prohibited the right of a state to secede from the Union.”

              Furthermore, “The South’s decision to exercise the right of secession by military means altered the political and legal situation. It gave Lincoln warrant to exercise the executive power with the energy, force, and discretionary judgment required to meet the necessities of the situation. Lincoln laid his construction of the Constitution before Congress in his special message of July 4, 1861. Reviewing the course of events, he said the point was reached where ‘no choice was left but to call out the war power of the Government; and so to resist force, employed for its destruction, by force, for its preservation.’ As an interpretation of the constitutional text, Lincoln’s appeal to the ‘war power’ drew upon the tradition of emergency government in continental political science and the prerogative in English constitutional history.

              ^ I absolutely f*cking LOVE that you think Trump would have been capable of ANY of that.

              Here’s another:

              Because I simply can’t get over the fact that you — singlehandedly, as if you’re a justice on the Supreme Court, haha! –declare Lincoln’s actions unconstitutional, when the Court itself wouldn’t rule on this very issue until *four years later* in Texas v. White in 1869 — ONLY THEN declaring it such.

              “You communists will lie, cheat and steal because of your treason against America and your own phantom superiority.” LOL! Says the dude making painfully obtuse attempts at sounding elegant and informed — but conveying only ignorance, pomp, and CLEAR partisan hackery. Classic stuff right here.

    3. Trump is not under constitutional oath at this time. A sitting president would violate his Constitutional oath by disparaging the constitution (like Obama did many times). Hopefully the Scotus Brunson ruling will put teeth into the constitutional oath and remove government employees immunity.

    4. The portion of the Constitution that deals with American citizenship being given to foreign parents who come here SPECIFICALLY to give birth on American soil so that their children automatically have American citizenship. That needs to stop. We could one day, in the not so distant future, end up with a President who lived a significant portion of his/her life in communist China being groomed and schooled for just that purpose.

      1. Indeed. That was the point I wanted to make when I actually got thru to El Rushbo during his last summer, but Snerdly thought I was trying to get Rush caught up in the Heels Up citizenship question and hung up on me!

      2. It does not work as you described.

        In the US and very few other countries if you are born on US soil you are a citizen. There are exceptions for foreign diplomats and foreigners here on diplomatic service. That is in the constitution.

        By law – not constitution. People who are here legally – whether citizens or not, can apply to get their family members permission to come her.
        None of this involves citizenship – except that it is easier to get once you are here.
        Regardless if you are in the US legally, it takes a long long long time to become a citizen. Few foreign born immigrants ever do.

        Also in the constitution is a requirement that the president and vice president not merely be us citizens, but they must have been born in the US.

        Unless you were born here you can not become president.

        This was discussed with Obama and McCain. McCain was born either at a US consulate or on a US military base in Panama.
        Both of those are native born american.
        Obama purportedly has a father and family in Kenya, and in one of his books claimed to be born in Kenya.
        But all the evidence is that he was Born in Hawaii. There are questions surrounding his birth – but no where he was born.
        Further Obama was not nefariously ploting his way to the presidency from his mother womb.

        Musk can not be the president of the United states – he was born in South Africa.

        Birth right citizenship may have side effects you do not like. But Europe does not grant citizenship to the children of foreigners.
        And as a result they have lots of 3rd generation children of immigrants who have no rights and have been taught to NOT think of themselves as european. This produces toxic results. It drivers terrorism in Europe.

  8. Since James Baker had previously worked for the FBI, was he aware in October-November of 2020 that the FBI possessed Hunter Biden’s laptop? If so, did he know how they came to possess it? Did he know that it was not “hacked”? Did the FBI inform others in the US Intelligence Community that the FBI possessed the laptop? And that it was not a “Russian information” scam? And by the way, didn’t Hunter Biden “lose” other laptops? If so, who has them now? And what is on them?

  9. Correction: My previous comment was about an earlier James Baker. Funny that they should share things in common.

  10. Vladimir Bukovsky wrote a fascinating book on the USSR and the West, (in English:) Judgment in Moscow, Soviet Crimes and Western Complicity, available in paperback. He had absolute disdain for James Baker—see Pages 584-592 in particular—whom he viewed as pompous and ignorant. While Soviet Communist rule was falling apart, George Bush I and Baker did their best to prop up the prop up the Soviet regime, mistaking the wily Gorbachev for a reformer. On Page 586, Bukovsky proposed a new unit to measure political brainlessness, the “baker”. He speculated that the average man on the street would be in the millibaker range. In light of all this, it’s not impossible that Baker could have had a good working relationship with Putin.

  11. Vladimir Bukovsky wrote a fascinating book on the USSR and the West, (in English:) Judgment in Moscow, Soviet Crimes and Western Complicity, available in paperback. He had absolute disdain for James Baker—see Pages 584-592 in particular—whom he viewed as pompous and ignorant. While Soviet Communist rule was falling apart, George Bush I and Baker did their best to prop up the Soviet regime, mistaking the wily Gorbachev for a reformer. On Page 586, Bukovsky proposed a new unit to measure political brainlessness, the “baker”. He speculated that the average man on the street would be in the millibaker range. In light of all this, it’s not impossible that Baker could have had a good working relationship with Putin.

  12. Funny how the Cult 45 crowd will cherry-pick something out of thin air, but have no problem when their Dear Leader said to “terminate the constitution”. Law and order…Right?

      1. ICYMI

        In English, FishWings means Ignore Me – Fly Over Country.

        And that’s what all sentient beings do.

    1. Democrats have shown the world how they successfully prevent actual news from reaching half of America. FishWings here is exhibit A of what a Democrat-created-dumbed down-uninformed citizenry actually sounds like.

    2. Seems like you are the one cherry picking…..any good journalist would ask Trump what he meant by his statement since it’s context has to do with a corrupt election process. If there is one State with corrupt elections, they disenfranchise the whole country if they are not dealt with.

    3. What if this happened to Biden? What do you think he should do about it? We don’t want another “insurrection” do we? The laptop contains forensic evidence of corruption and horrendous crimes linked to the big guy. You can read the report delivered to Congress yourself online. It’s hiding in plain sight. Unspeakable crimes are on it. I’ll take a sinner over Satan any day.

    4. Atleast Trump asked. Biden has already done so.

      What First amendment ? Not only was The Biden campaign and the DNC working to supress TRUE speech, but to permanently silence anyone who mentioned it.

      Not interested lectures about Trump while a true fascist is in the White House.

  13. If treating Twitter as an extension of the federal government and making an end-run around the Constitution to suppress free speech and alter the outcome of a presidential election does not merit prison time, then this is a sorry excuse for a nation.


    “[We gave you] a [restricted-vote] republic, if you can keep it.”

    – Ben Franklin

    Ben Franklin et al. gave Americans a restricted-vote republic and “Crazy Abe” Lincoln demolished it by tyrannically violating every fundamental law in the Constitution.

    To wit this example,

    “The clause in the Constitution which authorizes the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus is in the ninth section of the first article. This article is devoted to the Legislative Department of the United States, and has not the slightest reference to the Executive Department.”

    “I can see no ground whatever for supposing that the President in any emergency or in any state of things can authorize the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, or arrest a citizen except in aid of the judicial power.”

    “I have exercised all the power which the Constitution and laws confer on me, but that power has been resisted by a force too strong for me to overcome.”

    – Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, May 28, 1861

    This country is SICK!

    See if you can find the name James Baker here:

    “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    – Barack Obama

    “We will stop him.”

    – Peter Strzok to FBI paramour Lisa Page

    “[Obama] wants to know everything we’re doing.”

    – Lisa Page to FBI paramour Peter Strzok

    “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way he gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before 40.”

    – Peter Strzok to FBI parmour Lisa Page

    “People on the 7th floor to include Director are fired up about this [Trump] server.” 

    – Bill Priestap

    The Obama Coup D’etat in America is the most egregious abuse of power and the most prodigious crime in American political history. The co-conspirators are:

    Kevin Clinesmith, Bill Taylor, Eric Ciaramella, Rosenstein, Mueller/Team, Andrew Weissmann,

    James Comey, Christopher Wray, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Laycock, Kadzic, Sally Yates,

    James Baker, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Priestap, Kortan, Campbell, Sir Richard Dearlove,

    Christopher Steele, Simpson, Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, Stefan “The Walrus” Halper,

    Azra Turk, Kerry, Hillary, Huma, Mills, Brennan, Gina Haspel, Clapper, Lerner, Farkas, Power,

    Lynch, Rice, Jarrett, Holder, Brazile, Sessions (patsy), Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Obama,

    Joe Biden, James E. Boasberg, Emmet Sullivan, Gen. Milley, George Soros, John McCain,

    Marc Elias, Igor Danchenko, Fiona Hill, Charles H. Dolan, Jake Sullivan, Strobe Talbot,

    Cody Shear, Victoria Nuland, Ray “Red Hat” Epps, Don Berlin, Kathy Ruemmler, Rodney Joffe,

    Paul Vixie, L. Jean Camp, Andrew Whitney et al.

    1. Remember when Michelle Obama was caught saying that she was proud of her country for the first time in her adult life after her husband was elected?

      I can honestly say that for the first time in my adult life, after Obama got thru with his 8 years, and now with puppet Biden installed into power, I am afraid of my own government. I am afraid of the United States government and the power it now has over me. From the mandatory Covid injections against our will, to the IRS targeting conservatives, to social media censorship, to blatanly corrupt elections, to the corrupt administrative state, to the DOJ department of injustice…..all of it should frighten average Americans.

      The good thing? Americans are waking up in massive numbers.

      1. J6 defendants being held for going on TWO YEARS in jail waiting for a speedy trial of their ‘peers’ in Washington DC? It is gross injustice that puts 3rd world banana republic dictatorships to shame, going on right here in our nation’s capital. And none of the Republican “leadership” says a damn thing about it. Tells us all we need to know.

        Every American should be very afraid of the US government apparatus. Be very afraid.

        1. If the FBI ever comes knocking on your door? Do not cooperate, do not say one word other than: lawyer. They are NOT TO BE TRUSTED. Not under ANY circumstance should any US citizen trust the Biden/Garland DOJ/FBI that is now operating as the American Stasi. The FBI is American Gestapo.

        2. Did the “Minority On a Pedestal” and Welfare, Forced Busing, Affirmative Action, Etc., Beneficiary, Brotha Michael Byrd, get as much time in prison, for the brutal murder of and American woman, as Derek Chauvin was given for simply applying the law and procedures as he was trained, with reference to the disgusting cretin, violent criminal and public enemy, Brotha George Floyd?

          1. Pressure is not same thing as ‘mandated in order to keep your job.’ And yes, Congress exempted themselves and their staffs from being forced into taking the experimental death jabs.

      2. Agree re fear of our own government. Re Americans waking up (or not), I was hoping same, Anonymous, but the midterm results torpedoed that hope. We’re done, I fear. Rather amusing how the liberals’ heads exploded when Giorgia Meloni was elected Italian PM and they called her a fascist when the current administration’s behavior is akin to Mussolini use of the press in the mid-1930s to stir up antisemitism.

      3. Michelle Obama’s presumptive ancestors must have been compassionately repatriated under the Naturalization Act of 1802, which was in full force and effect in 1863, requiring immigrants to be “…free white person(s).” The singular desire of abductees, even if they were sold into captivity by their own leaders and countrymen, who are freed is to go home. The Israelite slaves were out of Egypt before the ink was dry on their release papers – but then, they had the capacity, acumen and gumption sufficient to the task. Michelle Obama et al. are, by extension, illegal aliens who must have been and must be compassionately repatriated to their loci of origin. The “Lincoln Aberration,” engendered by “Crazy Abe’s” wholly unconstitutional “Reign of Terror,” persists in criminality awaiting resolution.

      4. Emerging evidence that the vax is promoting mutations and making everything worse. Yes, exactly the opposite of what was promised.
        See Dr. McCullough’s review at the Children’s Defense Fund site
        “Thus, a key step in ending the pandemic will be termination of mass vaccination. The virus doesn’t stop until mankind stops.”
        the full tech paper is downloadable there if you want it. It won’t be on the “news”.

  15. If Republicans in Congress do not get at least one ‘scalp’ – with actual prison time – from all these ongoing scandals, then we will know with certainty just how deeply corrupt the Uniparty of Washington DC is. Do not believe anything coming out of these people’s mouths. They all lie under oath. The media lies. The “news” is fake. It’s a game. It’s theater of the absurd.

    Just look at how many decades Biden has gotten away with his corruption and lies. The Biden family is for sale and as corrupt as they come and everyone in the world knows it. Yet here Biden is, now sitting at the top of the trash heap that is the DC Swamp — installed as their puppet, just as they planned. Oh but don’t you dare question the integrity of our elections! Don’t YOU dare. Your approved opinions will be assigned TO you by the propaganda media. YOU will not question our dear leaders. What a joke.

    1. The even bigger joke is that low level “administrative state” employees have to pass an FBI background check in order to work in the US government bureaucracy. Not one of these political so-called “leaders” could pass a security clearance check for an entry-level gubment job. Biden? Fail. Obama? Fail. Clinton? Fail.

      Tear it all down. Start with the FBI.

      1. “Tear it all down. Start with the FBI.”

        – Aninny


        Take it back to the Constitution and Bill of Rights,

        refined over millennia,

        the definitive, one and only set of rules for self-governance,

        supported by a steadfast, impartial and allegiant Supreme Court, vigorously and faithfully exercising the power of Judicial Review.

    2. Right now the Gop is limited in what they can do in regards to prosecution by the House because the House’s role is investigations and funding, not prosecutorial. They must defund the DOJ because they will never prosecute for the crimes committed. The DOJ and IC must be restructured before resuming any funding.

  16. It is well documented that there exists extremely vocal and sadistic Left wing “activists” within the Democrat Party. They enjoy sexualizing children as in grooming little boys/girls, castrating boys, double mastectomies for girls, doing irreparable harm to their endocrine system that can never be reversed, and of course preying on them like Joe Biden

    A lawsuit was brought against Twitter precisely because Twitter, under Twitter was allegedly monetizing child pornography on its system. The Leftist media gave them a pass, considering Democrats have a fetish in sexualizing children ala “trans care”. They likely are now terrified that Elon Musk will expose how Democrats protected the sexualizing of children given that, as others have stated, Musk did not buy a company but a crime scene

    Here is the legal complaint against Twitter filed in U.S. Federal Court, Northern California, April 2021 which states in part:

    The dissemination of child sexual abuse material (“CSAM”) has become a global scourge since the explosion of the internet, which allows those that seek to trade in this material to equally operate under cover of the law through online platforms. 3. This lawsuit seeks to shine a light on how Twitter has enabled and profited from CSAM on its platform, choosing profits over people, money over the safety of children, and wealth at the expense of human freedom and human dignity.

    Elon Musk is now purging Twitter of child sexual abuse material that Jack Dorsey said was impossible to do, with his armies of employees, many of whom Musk has fired for good reasons:

    Elon Musk’s Twitter is working on removing child sexual abuse material at scale with “no mercy” for abusers

    Thus with every Democrat saying there is nothing new with Matt Taibbi’s “Twitter files”, except “dick pics”, what they fail to disclose is those pics belong to children who were victims of child sexual abuse material

    what did Joe Biden know?

  17. Abolish the FBI. Begin with that pit of corruption and filth, then keep going, toppling these agencies like dominoes, one by one. Defund the administrative state!

    How dare the United States presume to lecture another country about corruption. The US government
    is as corrupt as they come. Tear it all down.

  18. Baker was just a facilitator. In other words he was just a lieutenant for the Don. These revelations by Twitter are a testament to the fact that the Democrats really want to create The Government Department of Misinformation. They blatantly said that creating this new department is what they want to do. The plan includes that the first branch of the new Department of Misinformation will be the Twitter branch. Construction is already underway.

  19. There’s an expression in journalism that I’m surprised Matt Taibbi didn’t pay attention to. This story has no legs Conservatives and libertarians need to face facts and stop beating this dead horse
    1. Yes, 99% of corporate media and social media is totally in the tank for the left; stop complaining about it (and righty politicians should stop even talking to corporate media outlets like Good Morning Mickey Mouse with George Stephanopolus, etc. on any topic)
    2. If there is a scandal in this situation, stop talking about the old Twitter and Facebook and give us the bankbook numbers and the amounts Joe took in bribes with receipts. Release it on the new Twitter; anything without such substance is meaningless. All the innuendo from the NY Post mixed up with unrelated Richard photos (I’m assuming the Professor has some standards on his blog) of Hunter and such are just as bad as all the innuendo from the left about the Steele Dossier and the Alfa Server
    3. Durham should just release his report as is through the new Twitter even if Garland won’t let him (what does he care; he must be ready to retire anyways) and then never talk again about that story (or the Mar Lago raid or the 2020 election)
    4. Once in control of the Congress release all the J6 evidence through the new Twitter on day one without comment… every last videotape and email. Never mention the subject or Lynn Cheney again
    5. Don’t do any Congressional oversight on any of this past stuff (incl the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco); do oversight on
    — the infrastructure bill and the IRA (not saying there is anything wrong with either but they need to be watched the way Truman watched WWII spending) and
    — the Democratic Party freeze on U.S. fossil fuel mining/downstream operations and
    — the Covid vaccine/etc. fiasco by both parties (in the context of overall future pandemic preparedness and public health policy) and
    — all the waste in Original Democratic Party Medicare, which is the real time bomb for deficits (as documented yearly in the HHS AFS) and
    — all the taxpayer money being wasted on the Russian Civil War and
    — anything that has any relation to the Chicoms and
    — other things that affect real people outside the swamp
    Release the results via the new Twitter, not the corporate media

    Remember that 50% of we voters are neither right nor left and only care about item 5

    1. Dennis thinks we should be ok with the fact that 50% of Americans aren’t aware at-all of the complete corruption that has been fleecing American’s to a third world status, and selecting and inserting government officials instead of allowing us to elect them. Taking the time to understand that our Representative Republic has been replaced by a tyrannical uni-Party oligarchy would take away from game-time and Netflix. So he wants us to just fix this little thing and that, and stop giving me so much content to read. Dennis, you deserve the sinking ship you are sitting on. The rest of us are going to work like hell to get other Americans to see the rot that is destroying their well being and cancelling any hope of preserving the Bill of Rights for our children. This is OUR country, and the tyranny stops when we all stand together to stop it. America First is happening. The Democrat/Republican uniparty theatre is being exposed. Join us, or sit there on your arse being annoyed.

      1. You are purposely misquoting me. What I said was real people (the 50% of us that are neither right nor left) do not care about all the inside the beltway stuff that seems to consume Professor Turley and most of his readers (including but not limited to millions of words like yours about “the press is unfair to us”).

        We the real people are concerned with all the stuff in my item number 5, which deserves vigorous Congressional oversight. Unless the new House concentrates just on that stuff (which is a lot), you’re looking at Speaker Hakim in two years

      2. Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s time to take our country back. After all it was designed to be: by the people for the people. Not for the politicians to become rich. We need to scream it from the mountaintops. Half of the people won’t even know this story exists. If NY times or MSNBC don’t mention it they will never know it even happened. Those are the ones who need to be told. Hopefully they will believe it.

    2. Dennis Byron, exposing censorship facilitated by the federal government is not beating a dead horse. The Hunter Biden deposit records are coming soon. Even the Democrats are saying that Hunter could be subject to money laundering charges. Just because all the details of the story have not risen to the surface it doesn’t mean that the horse is not alive and well. I believe that people do not just care about their pocketbooks as you claim but they also care about their freedoms. You may only care about your pocketbook but assessing that I only care about my pocketbook is a very mistaken conclusion. You do not speak for me or the millions of people who are concerned with the integrity of the nations leadership.

      1. You’re both making good points. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Let’s just started somewhere and get the dang ball rolling!!!

    3. Well put together list, but the Republicans are going to have to grow a pair first. Fingers crossed.

    4. The question which needs to be asked is: was James Baker sent by the FBI to control the narrative and infiltrate Twitter?

    5. They will continue with the criminal activity until there are prosecutions. There will be no prosecutions as long as the DOJ is compromised regardless of any receipts, i.e. the Laptop. Defunding the DOJ and the IC is paramount until the Gop can restructure those agencies and establish integrity again. Lawsuits in Arizona for coercion regarding certification of the election against the will of the counties and for the disenfranchisement of thousands on election day.

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