Turley Speaks in Florida on Supreme Court

I am speaking today in Florida on the Supreme Court. The speech to general counsels and legal counsels at corporations is being held on Amelia Island. In addition to a timely escape from the winter blues, this island offers long pristine beaches filled with sea shells and breathtaking views.

I will be speaking in the evening on current cases and controversies facing the United States Supreme Court from affirmative action to free speech to election laws.

Here are a few other pictures from my dawn hike this morning:

9 thoughts on “Turley Speaks in Florida on Supreme Court”

    1. This is quite the case SCOTUS has on the docket, and no one is reporting it.
      It has merit, evidently, and a comment from Mr Turley about this pro se case getting this far along, as well as the substance of the suit, would be extremely interesting.

  1. Beautiful pictures, Professor!

    Hike doesn’t seem to be the right word for a peaceful, languid seashore, though. Too rugged or purposeful-sounding. Stroll? Saunter?

    A lovely place to clear one’s mind in any case.

  2. I wish I could hear (have heard you), Jonathan. Amelia Island is our home. You’re likely either here at the Omni within the Amelia Island Plantation where we live the better part of the year or up the road/shore at the Ritz. Hope you had a chance to get outside. It’s a treat to hear and read your commentary on the issues of the day, especially free speech or the lack thereof. Keep up your good work. I hope you persuaded the general counsels to discourage their companies from doing what too many of them are.

  3. Assuming you’re staying at the Amelia Island Ritz Carlton, you can not go wrong at their top notch Salt Restaurant. When I stayed there years ago for a medical conference, their seafood was exquisite, especially the shell fish. Lucky for you, Florida has reciprocity with Virginia for concealed weapon permits. Just saying!

    Amelia Island is where Henry Flagler (founder of Standard Oil in Ohio) vacationed with his sick wife to get away from the cold winters. He found the area charming but was disappointed in the hotels, hence the plush hotels he built in Amelia, later St Augustine, all throughout Florida, eventually using his railroad to found Palm Beach and Miami. You’re staying where it all began. Enjoy! A “bad” day on the Florida east coast is far better than a “good” day in NoVA

  4. Beautiful. You can’t beat mother nature — you’re a lucky man Prof. Turley.

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