The Importance of Being Biden: How Hunter Reached a New Low in Seeking to Bar Daughter From Using His Name

In Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” the main character’s search for his true name comes to a head when he finally demands “would you kindly inform me who I am?” In an astonishing filing this week, Hunter Biden answered that question for his four-year-old daughter Navy Joan and effectively declared “you are no Biden.”

Hunter Biden’s disgraceful treatment of his daughter has long been on display in Arkansas where he long denied being her father, fought paternity, and was threatened with contempt of court over his failure to supply needed documents. After DNA testing was forced by a court, Hunter was found to be the father but he continued to resist efforts to force him to pay child support and supply financial records.

Recently, Lunden Roberts sought to have a surname change for her daughter to Biden. Even after his long and abusive treatment of his daughter in court, Hunter Biden’s opposition is breathtaking.  He opposes his daughter using his name and says that, if she does, she will never have a “peaceful existence.” 

Of course, Biden did not feel that way with his other four children. They are all true Bidens and living peaceful existences. It is only Navy Joan who he does not want to bear the family name.

Hunter’s concern for Navy Joan’s peaceful existence is a bit odd since he has reportedly never even seen his daughter after fighting for years to deny his paternal status and child support.

While living in a luxurious mansion in Malibu, Hunter continued to fight his obligations under child support and requested in September 2022 to have the payments lowered, bemoaning how his “financial circumstances” were difficult for him.  The public pays more for his security in his mansion than he does in monthly support for his daughter.

Hunter is asking Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer to deny Navy Joan the ability to use her father’s surname and claiming that it is in her best interest. The filing is so self-serving and transparently dishonest that it does what was once thought impossible: reach a new low for Hunter. All of his reported selfies having sex and doing drugs with prostitutes were shocking. His attacks on his former sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, widow of the deceased brother (with whom Hunter later had a romantic relationship), were appalling. However, the craven effort to deny this child his name reaches a level of cad that stands unrivaled.

The position of Hunter in court has been disgraceful, but the media has largely ignored the matter. It has also ignored the utter lack of support from President Joe Biden and the First Lady, who tellingly omitted a stocking for Navy Joan as one of their grandchildren. (The dog and cat did receive stockings). There is no record that Joe or Jill Biden have ever sought to meet, let alone embrace, their grandchild. The President has, however, sought to deny the child security protection (despite his son’s concern for her “peaceful existence”).

Joe Biden has long campaigned against “deadbeat Dads” but when a Fox reporter asked about Hunter’s refusal to pay child support, President Biden snapped at him and refused to answer the question on the “personal matter.” (The media also ignored Hunter’s deadbeat dad record in fawning interviews about this “bravery” in writing a book on his life).

The obvious effort of the Biden family in this filing is to preserve distance from this child. The legal standard for a name change in Arkansas has been based on the “best interests of the child,” not the political interest of the father and his family. Indeed, historically, Arkansas courts followed a presumption in favor of a child have the surname of its father.

More recently, the Arkansas Supreme Court in Huffman v. Fisher laid out various factors to balance including (1) the child’s preference; (2) the effect on the child’s relationship with each parent; (3) the length of time that the child has borne the prior surname; (4) the community respect for the rivaling surnames; (5) the social difficulties that could arise from the adoption of the new surname; and (6) the presence of any parental misconduct or neglect.

The petition is based on the best interest of the child.  Roberts’ lawyer claims that the Biden name is “now synonymous with being well educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful.” The “financially acute” part did jump out for many of us who have followed Hunter Biden’s scandals for years.  The Bidens have certainly made themselves wealthy during Joe Biden’s time in office. However, they are synonymous not with financial acuity but influence peddling. While influence peddling has long been the leading industry in Washington, the Bidens have long taken it to levels unimagined by other powerful families with millions in windfall payments from foreign sources, including some connected to foreign intelligence operations.

Nevertheless, the child is clearly better off with the Biden surname, particularly in establishing the very connection that Hunter, Joe, and Jill Biden seem committed to conceal or ignore.  Navy Joan is the grandchild of the 46th President of the United States. That alone makes the change beneficial. Navy Joan will be able to benefit from the cache of that connection in applying to college, seeking employment, and other pursuits. It also establishes (despite the efforts of the Bidens) that she is part of the family’s legacy.

Joe Biden often talks about his Irish roots and his family tree. The familial legacy also includes Navy Joan. Those are her relatives even if they refuse to recognize or embrace her.

There is no real doubt about the best interests of his child in his filing.  For their part, the Bidens have made it clear what is in their best interest. It is not this child. The court should make fast work of this petition and change Navy Joan’s surname to Biden. That will not make the family more loving or supportive or accepting. She will have to eventually deal emotionally with this latest effort to conceal her true identity.

Yet, she is a Biden and could easily prove the best of the lot.

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  1. I believe that there is a typographical error in the column, citing Joe Biden as the 47th President when he is actually the 46th President. I can understand how the perception of time could lead to the impression that Joe has been around for much longer than he actually has.

  2. Has anybody noticed how the dims are bringing out the knives to The Big Guy. They don’t want him running in 2024.

  3. Hunter didn’t want to pay child support because his financial situation had changed. Was that after he got a million bucks from Burisma or after he got three million from China. Maybe he could have payed his child support out of the ten percent he gave to the big guy. When the guy who came up with the phrase hearts of stone he must have been thinking about Hunter and Joe.

  4. Don’t you remember. Joe Biden is all about saving the children from Venezuela but he denies the existence of a child of his own flesh and blood. Do you feel the bile rising from your stomach. Biden I spit you out.

  5. I would think that a suitable Volunteer would Step up to be Navy Joan’s Guardian Ad Litem
    (The Honorable Justice Amy Coney Barrett comes to mind as an excellent choice)

      1. This child would be better off not having to live with the Biden last name, as long as she gets the child support she deserves.

  6. Navy Joan, here is a great big hug from me, and everyone else who thinks you deserve all good things, love, protection, and the best chance at life.

  7. My heart goes out to little 4-year-old Navy Joan. Her father, Hunter Biden, is on record not wanting anything to do with her. Her Grandparents, President Joe and First Lady Jill Biden, want nothing to do with her.

    She’s their blood. It doesn’t matter if they like, or dislike, her mother. Navy Joan is family.

    This innocent little girl is going to grow up in a world where all her friends will know her father and his family didn’t want her. Imagine the cruel things that will grow from the seeds planted by the Biden’s behavior. No one in the Biden family would do right by her unless forced in a court of law, kicking and screaming every inch of the way.

    It takes such low character, in all of them, to do this.

    There are grandparents every single day who take over raising their grandchildren because their own children are irresponsible, do drugs or alcohol, or otherwise can’t care for them. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden went in the opposite direction. The Biden are elitists of low character, who made millions by influence peddling.

    This is wrong.

    On the other hand, as a mother myself, I wouldn’t want Hunter Biden anywhere near my child. Navy’s mother may succeed in forcing Hunter to acknowledge and support Navy Jean. That may lead to him changing his mind, and getting either visitation or partial custody. That meth addict could cause harm or death to little Navy Jean, as way too many drug addict parents do every year. Her mother is doing the right thing by going after every cent and shred of support that Navy is owed; however, she needs to simultaneously lay the groundwork for Hunter Biden to be deemed unfit to spend 5 seconds with the child unsupervised.

    At present, Hunter Biden is acting like a total dirtbag. I believe everyone has a chance at redemption, and hopefully Hunter will have his come to Jesus moment. That’s not going to happen without his own effort, however.

    1. So, Karen S., now an expert on what constitutes human character, wants to talk about ‘low character”. I’m still waiting for her defense of the 187 minutes Trump watched the insurrection he caused unfold on television while ignoring pleas from Ivanka and others to call a stop to the violence. And, when he finally did, he told them they were “special” and that he “loved” them. Now, he says they’re “patriots” that he’s going to fully pardon if he gets the chance. Karen S. refuses to acknowledge that all of the harping about Hunter Biden is just a deflection by alt-right media against the outrages committed by Trump. She buys into whatever slop Fox puts out because she’s a disciple.

      1. Gigi, you have to stop. It’s consuming you. Check yourself in to rehab. Those around you will be grateful.

  8. It is hard to imagine anyone treating their own child this way. The only explanation is that HB, as an addict, is incapable of responsible behavior.

  9. Navy Joan, deny thy father and refuse thy name. For he is but a cad among men. Some such as you are born great, others achieve greatness.

  10. I am just waiting for some s@@tlib to explain why Hunter’s actions are OK and even commendable. Probably because Hunter thinks the mom and kid are white trash. That’s reason enough, right?


    1. Antonio – it could happen. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton used the “white trash” (a/k/a “trailer park”) moniker for another inconvenient Arkansas woman, Paula Jones. Even the feminist organizations were on board with that, which is a bit odd since Bubba is male whereas Jones is female . . . but I digress, so yes the Bidens may take a page out of the Clinton playbook.

      1. @oldmanfromkansas

        Maybe the woman and kid are all part of a Russian disinformation campaign, just like the Hunter laptop.

        And if Hunter hasn’t been so magnanimous, he would have sued the NY Post for libel!!! What did he have to fear from discovery since it was all Russian disinformation?

        Maybe one of our more intelligent and morally superior s@@tlibs can shed some light on this. I am just an ignorant deplorable, what do I know?


  11. She’s a fine young lady and at 4 yrs. old deserves all the best intentions the future of this World has to offer. At sometime in that future She may get Married and take another Last Name. Maiden (as in Maiden Name), is just the beginning. May she have all the Luck and Fortune available to Her and her Generation.

    Adult Children of Alcoholics (a.k.a. ACOA’s) have a whole Host of problems bestowed upon then through the ‘Accident of Their Birth’. Hunter himself and other ‘Adult Children of Politicians’ (ACOP’s) suffer this curse which rightfully as a Child was not fair to inherit.

    In the past decades We have seen the Clinton’s (Hillary) and Trumps (Donald) going at it and not knowing when to Stop, like an Alcoholic at the Bottle. And We as the Children (WE The People) have suffered the abuses of their’ Dysfunctional Behavior, the Dysfunctional Household (The various Departments: FBI, CIA, FED) of which they ultimately ran.

    So you know it first hand, it’s no picnic being the Child of these Adults.

    She’s a fine young Lady of her Own and it’s her choice if she wants to use the Biden name or not..
    America has Her back as We stand behind our future Generations, WE all wish her well.

    1. There was absolutely no reason to bring Trumps name into this biden mess. He has never turned his back on any of his children, all conceived in lawful marriage.


    Now you know why the American Founders established a severely-restricted-vote republic, with maximal freedom and similarly restricted taxation and regulation.

    They gave you a restricted-vote republic; you couldn’t keep it.

    The utterly base, pernicious and detrimental Biden Crime Family, by some inscrutable, incorporeal rationale, presides for the Deep Deep State “Swamp” over the tattered remnants of once-free America.

    “People Are Crazy”
    by Billy Currington

    God is great,
    beer is good
    And people are crazy

    – Troy Jones and Bobby Braddock

    “the people are nothing but a great beast…

    I have learned to hold popular opinion of no value.”

    – Alexander Hamilton

  13. Hunter Biden is a drug-addict, occasional sperm donor and denier of all that is good and right.

    1. Fishwings, if you are referring to Ivanka Trump’s intellectual property, they are trademarks NOT patents. There’s a big difference between the two. However, China is required under WTO TRIPS agreement to protect them.

  14. Turley, tell me the story how Hunter used his connections to secure 41 patents from China. Tell me how Hunter got a 2 billion dollar deal from Mohammad Bin Bone Saw. How did Hunter get a security clearance when he was rejected by the CIA. Oh sorry, that was Jared and Ivanka. Nevermind……….

      1. Anonymous: FishWings’ point is that Turley HARPS about Hunter Biden, but ignores all of the scandals involving Jared and Ivanka, both of whom worked in the White House. The scandals involving Jared and Ivanka have national security implications. Hunter Biden’s scandals do not (to the extent there are any scandals). That’s only all the difference in the world. Just more evidence that Turley is nothing but a paid hack and ignores important political stories to reinforce the daily Fox narrative.

        1. There are no scandals involving Jared or Ivanka. There are multiple scandals involving Hunter, the most important being that he was collecting bribes FOR HIS FATHER.

    1. Fishwings, suppose a foreign power:
      (1) Told you that some of your strongest-held beliefs will be criminalized
      (2) Told you that you have no right speak even the truth unless they agree with it
      (3) Told you that you have no right to protect yourself because they will protect you, but…
      (4) Also told you that criminals are the real victims and…
      (5) You are the greatest perp in history
      (6) Recolonized your country with people they hope will hate and marginalize you
      (7) Claimed absolute authority over your children, but..
      (8) You still have to pay for them and everybody else’s children.

      Is that something Russia, China, or Iran would do to us? Sounds like it, but I’m really talking about you.

      There are reasons Bill Maher, J.K Rowling, Bret Weinstein, Heather Heying, Glen Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Alan Dershowitz, and Professor Turley are increasingly alarmed with people like you. If you guys continue to accrue power, this country will be in a major civil conflict within the next ten years. You’ll pretty much insist.

      BTW, Trump never threatened you with anything like this. Your fever dreams never justify your actions.

      1. Diogenes – well said sir. As reflected on this web site, liberal trolls always try to distract from the issue at hand by defaulting to: Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump’s kids, Trump’s kids, Trump’s kids. They show their weakness by always falling back on a distraction strategy.

    2. Yeah we know that in FishWings world of make believe fake news, Joe Biden is a decent, law abiding, honest man, and devout Catholic. HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah no. In reality, Joe Biden is not even a ‘decent’ man. He’s a scumbag, a liar, and a criminal. Always was.

    3. 1. Trademarks, not patents. Either way, though, she did not use her connections to get them. She was legally entitled to them, and would have got them even if her name was Smith.

      2. Kushner got that contract on the basis of his own talents, and will earn every penny he gets from it. You can say that it was only through his connections that he was in a position to negotiate the contract in the first place. That is true, but there’s nothing wrong with that. In the course of his official business MBZ got to know him, and therefore offered him this completely unrelated deal. That’s how things are supposed to work. The case is very different with Hunter, who has no talents, and gave Burisma and all the others nothing at all in return for the money they gave him. He did no work for them, gave them no benefit of his expertise since he has none. The money was clearly not intended for him at all, but for his father, as a bribe, and he was merely the bag man.

      3. The president of the time found Kushner to be a trustworthy person. If the CIA disagreed, so much the worse for them. Their judgment is no more trustworthy than Trump’s, and in any case their only role is to advise the president, not to dictate to him. If Biden were to give Hunter a security clearance that would be a scandal, not because of anything the CIA might have to say about it, but because Hunter is so clearly unfit.

  15. For once, I agree with Hunter, not because denying the child the surname is the right thing to do, but when all is known about Joe Biden and the whole family, I think the surname will be a liability.

      1. But is that an advantage or a disadvantage? Maybe she’d be better off being rejected from college, at least from any college that would give a preference for the Biden name.

  16. A new low?? Must have been the Marina’s Trench, then.He’s already reached the level of whale poop and that falls to the bottom of the ocean.

    1. Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were the last honorable US Presidents it seems. It has been downhill since then.

      Yet, the children of Ronald and Nancy (Ron and Patti Davis) were a disaster, with Maureen (daughter of Jane Wyman and Ronald) not too far behind with 3 marriages. It appears that a life of adversity is the best predictor of character, for those who can overcome it. Hunter came from privilege and never overcame his demons, arrogant pri** that he is. Then there is Donald Trump Jr, another frack up.

      God has decided not to send us anymore plagues, locusts, droughts, etc, and let man do as he wishes. This will not end well.

  17. In fact, Hunter doesn’t have an ironclad objection to his daughter using the Biden name.

    But she will need to pay.

    Everyone who wants to make use of the Biden name pays.

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