“That’s Now in the Hands of the FBI”: Newly Obtained Texts by Hunter Shed Light on Gun Controversy

The Washington Examiner recently gained access to texts on Hunter Biden’s laptop with the help of a computer expert.  One of the newly acquired texts addressed the scandal over his lost gun. In prior interviews, Hunter insisted that he was never aware of federal law enforcement getting involved in the case and did not believe that it was true. However, in the text, he attacked his sister-in-law Hallie for throwing out the gun. He laments that her tossing the gun to protect him meant that the matter was now “in the hands of the FBI.”

We previously discussed the gun controversy and whether the President’s son violated gun laws by falsely completing a required ATF Form.

Hunter Biden acquired a .38 caliber handgun despite his long-standing drug and alcohol abuse as well as a history of depression. In 2018, the gun was tossed into a trash bin in Wilmington by Hallie Biden, widow of the deceased brother. After the death of his brother Beau, Hunter began a sexual relationship with Hallie and she apparently became concerned about what he might do with the gun. That is precisely the concern for Red Flag laws.  In many ways, her action reflected the need for such laws. In desperation, she threw the gun away but unfortunately chose a garbage bin not far from a school.

According to the Washington Examiner, Hunter was irate with Hallie throwing out the gun to protect him and making him look like an “abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies.” In the long exchanges on Oct. 23, 2018, Hunter asked Hallie if “you want me dead” ​and said “I won’t ever recover from this.”

He then made comparisons to the rest of his family, including her dead husband: “There are 5 guns in dads house. There are f​—ing more weapons in your sons room then in an armory. What’s my f— up? Owning a gun?…Beau owned a handgun issued by the state and i[t] was in the front glove compartment of his car. So f​— you.”

Hallie tried to explain that she was afraid that he would “use” the gun.

In response, Hunter said “They think you’re scared I would shoot you” and called her a “f—ing a–hole.” He then added “You now have me as an abusive pedophile with homicidal tendencies. And that’s now in the hands of the FBI.”

Secret service agents reportedly appeared in the case and asked for the paperwork for the gun from the store where it was purchased. It is still not clear why. It has never been explained and most media have shown little interest.

Years later, Hunter went on a media tour over his new book, “Beautiful Things.” The interviews were largely fawning and avoided past scandals or follow up questions. However, in one interview, CBS News’ Anthony Mason on “CBS This Morning asked Hunter about the gun incident and why Hallie thew the gun away. Hunter responded “I think she … yes. Yeah, I think she was just concerned about me” and went on to say that “my life was difficult. … Hallie’s intent was to, to make certain that I didn’t do anything to hurt myself.” He added:


“W​e knew that the​ gun​ was los​t,​ that Hallie had thrown into a trash can​. A​nd I told her ​you can’t do that when I realized that it was gone. And so she went back​ again and then they, the police​,​ came to help retrieve the gun, which was retrieved, someone had gone to the trash and picked it up and they found it within hours, I believe. And so that was the end of the story.”

Mason then asked if the Secret Service got involved and Hunter responded “I have no idea. I don’t know whether the Secret Service were, or why they would be. I don’t think that that’s true, to my knowledge.”

As the New York Post reported at the time, there was already a known text message from January 2019 sent by Hunter months after the incident in which he admitted that the Secret Service did get involved:

​“She stole the gun out of my trunk lock box and threw it in a garbage can full to the top at Jansens [sic]. Then told me it was my problem to deal with. Then when the police the FBI the secret service came on the scene she said she took it from me because she was scared I would harm myself due to my drug and alcohol problem and our volatile relationship and that she was afraid for the kids​.”

To get the revolver back, Biden answered “no” on the firearms transaction record that asked whether he was an “unlawful user of, or addicted to” a narcotic drug or any other controlled substance. Lying on that federal form can lead to prosecution under several provisions. The United States code makes it a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison to “make any false or fictitious oral or written statement” to obtain firearms. Although prosecutions are rare, this should be a major story or at least warrant media scrutiny. After all, the son of the president may have committed a federal felony and his father has been calling for greater expansion and enforcement of gun permitting laws.  Now, the issue of unstable gun owners is one of the core areas of President Biden’s proposed reforms.

The result is a mess of conflicting statements from Hunter. However, with the exception of a few media outfits, the media has little interest in pursuing such questions.

100 thoughts on ““That’s Now in the Hands of the FBI”: Newly Obtained Texts by Hunter Shed Light on Gun Controversy”

  1. The whole Biden klan is immersed in family tragedies and corruption. Everybody in that family is in on the take via joey tossing out the taxpayer and donor funded filthy lucre and demanding 10% for his graciousness. Likely more now considering adjustment for the inflation he has caused.
    The shame and deceit of the biden family is epic…. he married a woman whom baby sat his children. His history if self aggrandizing lies , plagiarism are also epic and retold often because he forgot he was caught lying on them before. The tragic demise of Beau , and then the drug addicted little brother sleeping with his unstable as well sister in law. Showering with his daughter likely causing her decades of mental anguish to this day. Brothers and sisters all in on the filthy lucre business gravy train. 50 years as a politico on the taxpayer dime and this is what we see…sad and pathetic. 74 million voters for trump , allegedly 81 million for joey , but there are only 139 million registered voters in America….. the math is so far off nationally and in a certain group of 5 states…. in no way was that an election. The outcome was already set in place in the dark shadows of our government. We should be scared.

  2. The Secret Service was trying to illegally clean up Hunter’s mess knowing that paperwork must stay with the gun dealer and his records . Now it will go to the FBI ‘s abyss where it will disappearnever to be brought by the FBI or the media . And the same was done for President Clinton furnishing arms to the Contra’s except they sent the BATF .

  3. Oh! The fbi is “looking into it” eh?
    The fbi/doj is where swamprat crimes go to dissappear.
    The bidens (or any other swamprats for that matter) will never be prosecuted by the crooked coverup artists at the fbi.

  4. Old Joe had a big “gun” while showering with his 11 year old daughter, Ashley. It’s in her diary. Poor thing is a mental case because of it. I wonder if old Joe would like to give some more “gun” lessons to little kids?

  5. Instead of posing for photo-ops, should Western leaders order their bombers to bomb the Russians in eastern Ukraine? Would this REALLY demonstrate how much they stand with Ukraine?

    1. Looks like Putin couldn’t read the real President Donald J. Trump; the dastardly Putin was too fainthearted to test him.

      Joke Biden, not so much.

    2. Yeah…send the bombers to bomb Russia! We all need a NUCLEAR WAR. Would that make you feel better?



    “The lunatics have taken over the asylum.”

    – Richard A. Rowland

    And in other news…

    John “Ketchup” Kerry, King of the World, says Americans shall not drive ICE (internal combustion engine) cars any longer; they must purchase electric vehicles.

    I missed his coronation in the Constitution; someone help me with that citation.

    Kings Kerry and Biden, in fact, have absolutely no power to engage in compulsory “Central Planning” of the Communist Manifesto variety, or otherwise direct commercial choices and purchases.

    Free people make their own decisions freely without compulsion by any elected or appointed official.

    Either people are free, or government dictates their actions.

    It is also more likely than not that government officials may not apply political criteria to the leasing of federal lands for oil drilling.

    It’s not executive “overreach,” it’s the crime of high office, and judicial “underreach.”

    Where the —- are the judicial branch and Supreme Court, both of which should have struck down executive orders and taxation (i.e. rebates for solar panels) designed to influence private property private enterprises, commercial activity, oil prices (forcing consumers into electric cars) etc., or to favor a particular individual free enterprise or industry over another.

    The legislative and executive branches have no power to participate in the operations of free enterprise, industries or free markets, while the “flow” of commerce among the States is regulated by Congress to simply assure there is no bias or favor toward one state over another, and that the “flow” of commerce is free and open.

    The Supreme Court’s primary duty is to enforce the severe and extensive limitations and restrictions on government in the Constitution, in order to facilitate the maximal freedom that is to be enjoyed by individuals.

    Justices of the Supreme Court swear an oath to “support” the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the literal, verbatim, “manifest tenor” of the English language of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in [free America] anymore.”

    – Dorothy Gale

    1. I would like very much to agree with you. However, you would first have to explain the difference between electric cars and obamacare. How is it they force you buy one and not the other?

  7. So daddy Biden has five guns in his house but he wants to take your guns away. It makes me wonder if all of Joes guns are single shot handguns. What do you think would be the possibility of at least one of his guns are of the semi-automatic variety. A great political statement would be if Joe Biden turned over his own weapons. Just sayin.

    1. He probably has a Thompson .45 with multiple 50rd sticks and 100rd drum magazines. A double barrel shotgun to shoot off the deck, probably a lever action and his very own George Custer Colt 45’s.

  8. One might suggest that a fitting punishment for Hunter Biden is to lock him in a room with a large flat-screen TV and force him to watch ‘2000 mules’ over and over again.

  9. I recall that at least one of the mainstream media cable stations (MSNBC or CNN most likely) told the audience with regularily of the aggregate number of ‘lies’ told by Donald Trump – It would be interesting if some enterprising person would seek to count the number of lies told by Hunter Biden. I wonder who would ‘win’ –

  10. In the past I’ve had my doubts about the FBI. I am now a bit more optimistic. If the laptop is in the custody of the FBI how can it be that this new information is coming out? The only explanation that seems plausible is that the contents of the laptop are being leaked to the media by the FBI. Hurry hurry, someone on this forum should be quick to blame Rudy Guliani just like they did before. They said Rudy was unreliable and now they say The Washington Examiner is unreliable. The Washington Post has admitted that the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden. Do our leftist posters now believe that The Washington Post is unreliable. Oh well, their just enjoying the sound of their lips flapping.

    1. It has been reported that there are several copies of the HDD in various persons’ hands.

  11. What was the first thing that happened on this forum when the Hunter laptop was revealed? Our fellow posters declared that the laptop was not Hunter’s lap top. Now the same Hunter apologists are trying to tell us that this new information about Hunter’s gun is not real. There best argument is that it come from the Washington Examiner so we should not believe it. It must have been emotionally devastating when The Washington Post admitted that the laptop did indeed belong to Hunter Biden. It should be understood that their opinions are sourced from their emotions rather than their rationality. From a more nefarious viewpoint, one might think that they know that they are lying. Perhaps empathy should applied by understand that they are only lying to protect the sect. Incantations to follow.

  12. Poor Hunter Biden. This poor soul is the result of living in a home with very little positive parental guidance. We should all take a lesson from this.

    1. Poor Hunter my ass he did this to himself and he needs to be held accountable

      1. Anonymous, I’m just messing with you. The Biden family are nothing but a bunch of sleazy grifters. They should all be in jail, including “Dr. Jill”. She’s an accomplice, you know, like the driver of a getaway car.

  13. Turley is using emails written by very disturbed, drug addictive personality, who has had a significant brain injury to deal with since a childhood auto accident….as factual occurrences! Likely these emails by Hunter Biden are as distorted and unreliable as Hunter Biden can be. But Turley broadcasts such as truths.

    1. Please just stop giving Hunter or his dad any benefit of any lack of scrutiny or criticism. He doesn’t deserve it. His long overdue indictment is coming which is why his ex wife is out making the rounds distancing herself from any of the family finances or knowledge about literally anything about the sick Biden family’s dirty dealings.

    2. Likely these emails by Hunter Biden are as distorted and unreliable as Hunter Biden can be. But Turley broadcasts such as truths.

      The email are truths. You seem to want to excuse the words and actions of a free man. Are you claiming Hunter should be institutionalized? Unless you want that, he must be held accountable, as all of us are held accountable.

    3. How about treating “he had a significant brain injury to deal with” as a blatant excuse for his irresponsible, utterly screwed up, corrupt dealings and reckless life choices — like f’ing his dead brothers widow? Can you even imagine how screwed up all the Biden grandchildren already are?

    4. And, he quotes pro-Trump Washington Examiner, which has NO credibility. But, today’s post is just another diversionary tactic away from today’s REAL political news from the Jan 6th Committee, which is focusing on Trump’s failed efforts to bully Pence into breaking the law.

      1. J6 is a Stalinist show trial that most of the country is disgusted by.

        1. Your belief that “most of the country” believes Fox’s spin on things is just another lie they’ve fed you. Every time I hear the “us vs. them” rhetoric that implies that most Americans are pro-Trump, I know where it came from. Pro Trumpsters are, at best, 30% of the population, and most of us voted against Trump in 2016 AND 2020. Most Americans are “disgusted by” Trump and his efforts to try to cheat to stay in office, even going so far as to incite a riot that resulted in mutliple deaths. “Most of the country” believes in democracy, not in a bloated narcissist hungry for power, attention and adulation, and who refuses to accept the will of the American people, even when all of his advisors, except one drunkard, tell him that he really did lose and there’s no evidence of widespread fraud. “Most of the country” believe in the peaceful transfer of power, and expect their chief executive to also honor this time-honored tradition and to at least: 1. concede gracefully when the votes are counted and it’s clear who won; 2. attend the election winner’s inauguration as a show of respect for the office of the presidency and the choice of American voters; 3. respect the tradition of congratulating the election winner by hosting a luncheon at the White House right after the oath of office was administered, welcoming the new POTUS and his family; 4. Quietly fading into the background politically so that the successor can enjoy a successful term in office as a means to show respect for the will of the American electorate who chose the successor. These things have been our American tradition since George Washington and is even memoralized in a painting in the Capitol Rotunda because they are so essential as a symbol to the world of our democratic principles and respect for our Constitution. These things are part of what makes America unique and is proof of our core value of democracy. This country was founded on on the principle that America is not ruled by a king: we have a tripartite system of three branches of government with built-in checks and balances. The American people choose their representatives to Congress and the Chief Executive; federal judges are nominated by the POTUS and approved by Congress. The VP does not choose our President, and anyone who has studied US History knows that our founding fathers would never have given the power to one man to reject the certified results of a free and fair election. Trump knows this, too, because he was told so, but he didn’t care. That ego was all that mattered.

          What did we get with Trump? Lying about a “rigged election” even before Election Day because all polls predicted he would lose. Taking a victory lap long before most of the votes were counted, and despite being told by his advisors that there was no proof of fraud. Going on “stop the steal” tours to rile up fans into believing that their votes were stolen, despite knowing this wasn’t true. Filing over 60 frivolous lawsuits. Tried to bully the VP into violating his oath to the Constitution by refusing valid certified vote results, then turning his fans against the VP for refusing to “do the right thing”, despite knowing that the VP had no such power. Tried to bully state election officials into “finding” nonexistent votes. Refused to attend Biden’s inauguration and had to be threatened with eviction before he would leave the White House. No post-oath luncheon or welcome to the incoming family. After more than a year, still won’t shut up or go away, continues to try to wield power, continues to lie about his “landslide victory” being stolen by fraud, which has been disproven. Attacks anyone who disagrees with him, even patriotic Republicans like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger. Bullies the Republican Party to go along with the Big Lie, which continues to divide Americans. The worst of all was the plotting with the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers to invade the Capitol to try to prevent the official acceptance of Biden’s victory. Alt-right media began, even before the first hearing, claiming that the process wasn’t fair because there weren’t any Republicans on the Committe–failing to mention, of course, that of the 5 potential members submitted by McCarthy, two of them were directly involved in the insurrection: Banks and Jordan, so when they were rejected, McCarthy withdrew the other 3, so Republicans could claim the Committe is biased. What I find stunning is tha any sensible person can’t see this for what it is. Equally stunning is the effect this person has had on the Republican Party that used to stand for law and order, respect for the rule of law and personal integrity. They now worship a chronic liar who incited a riot to try to stay in power.

          1. Natacha, You deserve a prize from Professor Turley for the length of you postings.

          2. I said most of the country is disgusted by the politicized Stalinist show trial — a show trial that is in no way ‘seeking to tell the truth’ of what happened on that day.

            I did not say most of the country is pro-Trump.

          3. You are obviously a Democrat who believes the bs you are being fed by the fake media. In November you are going to see the result of your indoctrination.

      2. The REAL political news that is being IGNORED by nearly all mainstream media is that the J6 show trial is UN-AMERICAN.

        The REAL political news being ignored by the corrupt media is that right now, is that here in America’s capitol…

        Free speech is being denied.
        Civil liberties are being denied.
        Due process is being denied.

        Selective prosecutions by a corrupt DOJ are happening,
        Some being selectively prosecuted were met with violent, door-breaking, weapons drawn FBI raids meant to terrorize nonviolent protestors.
        Some J6 defendants have been held in prison for nearly 18 months pretrial, being denied their rights.
        Inequitable treatment based upon political preference is regularly occuring under a corrupt and lawless DOJ.

        The government has not disclosed how many FBI agents and assets were in the J6 crowd.
        The J6 committee and the media continue to lie about “5 officers being killed” on J6.
        The J6 committee is running a one-sided Stalinist show trial that is an affront to our system of justice.

        Our Constitutional rights are being infringed, trampled and eroded.
        The Constitution is crumbling before us.
        Government tyranny is growing.

        The people of this country need to wake up and fight for the very freedoms, rights and liberties we have all been taking for granted. Our very Constitution is under direct threat at this very moment.

        1. This is all malarky fed to you by your alt-right media. Some basics: 1. the decision whether to hold a suspect in jail belongs to the trial judge, not the DOJ; 2. the reasons why bail is denied are many, but a few of them are: a. already has an outstanding warrant; b. out on parole or probation, which getting arrested would void, leading to automatic incarceration pending trial; c. poor flight risk, based on past criminal history; d. seriousness of pending charges, including degree of violence alleged; 3. There is NO RIGHT to bail; 4. Breaking in to serve an arrest warrant is legal, and necessary in some instances where people are known to possess firearms, 5. There is no proof of any FBI agents or assets in the “crowd”; ANTIFA wasn’t there, either, but the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and other alt right groups were; 6. The J6 committee says that 5 people died “as a result” of the insurrection; 7. A select committee is not required to be bipartisan (just like the Benghazi select committee was all Republican), and doesn’t bring criminal charges on its own, but there are 2 Republicans on this one. Alt-right media says they don’t count because they are not biased pro-Trump.Five were nominated, but McCarthy pulled all of them when Banks and Jordan were rejected because of their direct involvement in the insurrection;

          The J6 committee is the one fighting for the collective freedoms of all Americans against a would-be autocrat who tried to subvert our system of government.

          1. This was ‘fed to’ me by families of actual political prinsoners and individuals who were arrested (SWAT’d, front doors broken, guns drawn) to be selectively and aggressively prosecuted along with hundreds of other non-violent citizens for ‘being present’ at the Capitol on J6 — while the government has refrained from arresting or prosecuting certain highly visible individuals seen on videotape who instigated and waived people into the building.

            The government has aggressively withheld 14,000 hours of closed-circuit security footage and only shown selectively edited violent clips of footage. Pelosi and the committe have been utterly and intentionally dishonest.

            Reminder that the DOJ dropped charges against the hundreds of violent rioters arrested in DC after Trump’s inauguration. The DOJ also dropped charges against protesters who were actually disrupting Congress from inside the Congressional gallery while Congress was in session. The DOJ dropped charges against hundreds of violent BLM protestors after the summer of Floyd riots.

            But with the January 6th arrests, the government has not only failed to drop any charges against nonviolent persons in public spaces, it has instead aggressively violated defendants’ civil rights and due process at nearly every turn.

            Selective prosecution is a defining feature of corrupted governments.

            The people are not as stupid as Pelosi thinks.

          2. In America, pretrial confinement is never to be used for punishment and intimidation, yet that is exactly what is happening to J6 defendants in the DC jail system. Their rights are being systematically destroyed. The silence, condoning it, from political leaders should frighten every American.

      3. Washington Examiner, which has NO credibility.

        You believe the Washington Post? That explains how you are so ill informed.

    5. Lol, it can’t possibly get more ridiculous than your comment.
      Turley: His emails show that he’s unreliable, untruthful, and mentally ill, but still got a gun b/c he lied on a form.
      You: You can’t trust his emails! He’s a mentally ill liar!
      Everyone: That’s exactly the point, dips-!T. Glad you agree with us.

      1. And yet, Hunter Biden receives lucrative contracts from Ukraine, China, etc. to sit on the boards of companies with no background or understanding of the actual business they are engaged in… Gee, I wonder how he does it…must be his boyish good looks or something.

    6. Hard to believe you would conjur up such an excuse to dismiss reality…aka truth. Your partisan bent wont allow you to see your Fuehrer for the lowly political reptile he has always been. Biden has done his family like he has done politics…a trainwreck. And because he was the convenient puppet on hand for the deep state to put in the potus chair ALL Americans of all walks of life suffer , as well as the image and finances of the USA on the international stage. Joe biden did that.

  14. Question for everyone…..it is not difficult to understand….and the answer should be very easy to determine.

    Biden says he has two Shotguns in his home…..Hunter says Daddy has five guns.

    The question being begged is….exactly how many guns does Daddy own….what kind are they….and how did he come to have them?

    1. If we actually had a free press that did its job, these very questions would be asked of President Biden. But alas, we have only fake news and leftwing politcal activists posing as “journalists.” l

  15. I am not a supporter of the Heller decision since I think it is bad law. Nonetheless I do not see why any Republicans are supporting new Federal gun legislation while existing laws are not enforced. Just recently two cops were killed in LA by a repeat criminal while on probation for being a felon in unlawful possession of a gun; instead of being given probation he should have been serving the three years in prison called for by California law.

  16. Jonathan: For you and the Washington Examiner Hunter Biden is the gift that keeps on giving. Basing your post on what the Examiner regurgitates is a dubious endeavor. And who owns the Examiner? Philip Auschutz, one of the richest men in America, who started the tabloid in 2005 to push his right-wing views. He also owns the Weekly Standard that does the same thing. The Examiner has pushed Trump’s false claims of “massive voter fraud” in the 2020 election. The Examiner takes news from other sources and then re-writes it, adding a right-wing “spin”–similar to what happens over at Fox where you work as a “legal analyst”, The Examiner is a propaganda tabloid designed to sway or reinforce the opinions of it’s readers. You often complain about the liberal “bias” of other major media. What about the right-wing “bias” of the Examiner?

    For some time in many posts you have provided an echo chamber for allegations by the Examiner, Fox and the NY Post, owned by Rupert Murdock, that Hunter Biden and his father were involved in a huge “corruption scandal”. So far Hunter has not been charged with any crime in connection with his business activities. The worst you can say about him is that he traded on the family name to seek lucrative business deals. If this is the standard for “corruption” half of Congress could be similarly charged–and Trump would now be in jail. Trump’s “corruption” makes Hunter look like an amateur!

    The whole purpose of your post is to try to revive the Hunter story to try to tarnish the President and divert attention away from the real “scandal”–that the Jan. 6 Committee will be revealing in today’s episode No. 3 in “How Trump tried to steal the election from the American people”. Nice try but you get no cigar!

    1. Dennis, a while back, Turley went off also everyday about Hillary and how this committee or that hearing would be the one that takes her down. Of course after 11 and a half hours under questioning, not once claiming the 5th, and nothing left but Trey Gowdy’s flop sweat, Turley posted pictures of his Alaskan vacation. You can bet, he will do the same for Hunter.

      1. FishWings, please help us to remember how many times Hillary Clinton said “I do not recall.” I understand, this is something that you do not recall.

    2. You say the ‘real scandal’ is the revelation by the Jan. 6 committee — perhaps that is quite the scandal du jour but there are so many important events that rise to the level of scandalous each and every week in this country that the J6 committee hearings are just one of a multitude — 74 million Trump voters are unimpressed with the J6 committee’s work and certainly a good fraction of Biden’s ‘I have no idea what the real count of his voters was–81 million allegedly’ are likewise unimpressed —- we’re all dealing with scandalous inflation in our day to day lives while those limousine liberals are untouched by it and are getting scandalous compensation and perks to sit in judgment instead of doing the genuine work expected of members of the House—The Mueller investigation cost north of 40 million dollars all tolled —results where next to nothing. In November of 2022, in all likelihood the results of this committee’s 10’s of millions of taxpayer dollars of ‘investigations’ will be rendered next to meaningless — Even Hillary Clinton when testifying before Congress years ago about the Benghazi raid that killed our Ambassador and several American defenders of our Consulate outpost in that town that the attack could simply have been a bunch of guys out for a walk and decided to shoot up the consulate on a spur of the moment decision, not an orchestrated attack on the anniversary of 9/11 by Islamic extremists — talk about ‘real scandals’ — that may have been one good reason she lost in 2016 — the lies never ended, dating back to when she was an attorney for the prosecution in the Watergate hearings in 1973-74 —- By the way, I don’t recall if Turley smokes cigars but I’ll take your word for it.

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