“I Water You, You Water Me”: High School Assistant Principal Under Fire for Raising Money to Pay Off Coyote



50 thoughts on ““I Water You, You Water Me”: High School Assistant Principal Under Fire for Raising Money to Pay Off Coyote”

  1. She should demand to see it in writing, that she is guaranteed to actually GET a fair trial!! The legal system is all rigged up, a total farce and a scam, therefore, we have NO obligation to participate in it in any way! If we DO have an obligation to let the legal system use and abuse us, then how did we incur it??

  2. They have an immature child there as vice principal. She needs to be fired and arrested. Then she needs to grow up.

  3. I work at that school, I hate to tell you this story is a small part of the lefty madness that exist there.

  4. Doesn’t mayter.all that mattered is immunity. Which makes a mockery of democracy…..so long as the govt doesn’t violate constitutional rights …they can do know wrong even if the people say otherwise…by state law . It’s a sick system. Not worthy of anyone signing up to die for.

  5. They kick you off fundraising sites if you’re raising funds for a conservative cause. But not for outright encouraging criminality, what gives?

  6. So explain to me the bus loads and plane loads of illegals happily being transported and dumped around the country, particularly out of places such as Briggs air Force Base??

  7. black, female, queer means there will be no consequence at all for this law breaking ignoramus in the land where all are equal and justice is meted out fairly and equally.

    1. plugs is violating all immigration laws on a scale of millions of personnel. Why would merrick even look twice at this fine citizen?

    2. . . . I read her bio and thought . . . oh boy, here we go . . . who cares who she/he/cis does . . . ? EXCEPT in today’s schools parents need to know who is “influencing” ( grooming ? ) their children

  8. The cartels are more organized than any Mafia to date. The difference is that if they don’t get their trafficking money, things don’t go well for the families left behind in those Sh*thole countries. Meanwhile, they’re destroying a generation of Americans with the poison our government has made so easy for them to export.

    1. In our highly corrupt 3rd world “justice” system she will get a pass from law enforcement. Mr. Turley pretends to not notice the absolute joke our justice system has become.

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