“I Was Screaming Before You Interrupted Me”: Rep. Bowman Raves in Capitol on Gun Control

I have often discussed in columns what I call our “age of rage.” There may be no more defining moment of that age than what unfolded today in the Capitol as Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., screamed about gun control. Various Democratic members, including former House Majority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md, tried to calm Bowman. However, after Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky, asked him to stop yelling, Bowman shouted “I was screaming before you interrupted me,” which could now go down as the epitaph for our age.

As members filed out of the House floor, Bowman was yelling about Republicans killing children and not caring about the carnage in our schools: “What are they doing about it? Nothing. They don’t have the courage. They’re cowards,” Bowman can be heard shouting as the video begins. “Three 9-year-olds. Are they going to those funerals? No!”

Massie stopped to address the attacks and noted “You know there’s never been a shooting at a school that allows teachers to carry?”

Bowman responded “More guns? More guns leads to more death” and continued to scream: “Republicans won’t do S— when it comes to gun violence.” He then continued on Twitter.

Massie responded:

“He wanted to discuss solutions to school shootings, but when I offered a solution he began shouting. When he asked for data, I gave him data, but then he just shouted more. Bring facts. There’s never been a school shooting in the hundreds of schools that allow staff to carry.”

The point is not the merits. This is an important national debate and the underlying facts continue to be debated, including statements from President Joe Biden that some of us have challenged.

However, this scene captured how rage has replaced reason in our public discourse.

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  1. The Heritage Oversight Project served Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) with an ethics complaint for breaking House rules by intentionally defaming @LibsofTikTok. She…did not take it well. Confronting AOC with Libs of TikTok Over Big Lie (CRAZY ENDING). This is the nasty rhetoric of the radical, violent transgender movement.

      1. Her violence isn’t overt, it is the underlying obfuscations and misrepresentations that befuddle the question that is a violence to the sensibilities of sentient humans (her membership within that group of which is still pending). Her unbalanced rhetoric and unhinged rants cause far more damage to our society than just a smack up side the head – which she sorely needs, by the way.

        1. NO ONE needs to be hit. Your advocacy of physical violence is sick.

          I don’t agree with the rest of it either.

          1. I think the question involves AOC’s uncivil behavior and her actions as a legislator that lead to so many deaths. Why don’t you justify those actions instead of acting like a clown?

          2. Of course you claim that. Insideous lying is, and has always been, the cause of most wars and dissension between humans. And the prog/left are masters of deceit. When trust is betrayed then chaos ensues. Your virtue signalling consistently betrays your true lack of understanding and you substitute pre-packaged platitudes and arrogant but unenlightened flippancy for wisdom.

          1. You can usually notice an unwarranted lump or bump and/or shoulders far exceeding anything Balenciaga would ever have tailored.

  2. Democrats believe in gun laws, but they provide no protection against entry into this country by criminals of all varieties.

      1. A tiny fraction of the millions entering, at the Democrat Party’s gilt-edged invitation. The border has been erased, and that is entirely the Democrats’ doing.

  3. “I was screaming before you interrupted me,” which could now go down as the epitaph for our age.” I have said it before and I will always say it – affirmative action kills.

  4. Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y acts so high and mighty, why then doesn’t He run for President in 2024?
    He obviously thinks His word is the right-word and the last-word to obey.

    You don’t condone violence with violence, Screaming and Yelling in that manner is violence.

    He’s weak, and not providing anything of redeeming value through his advocacy.

    Rep. Jamaal Bowman has;
    nothing to offer,
    nothing to gain,
    and can not be trusted [.]

  5. I appreciate the performance and the supporting roles by his aides in recording it for social media.

  6. So professor Turley here’s a question for you: you have used the word “desecrate” to describe Trump supporters walking through the Capitol after being ushered in by cops. Btw Jake Lang has now been in prison 800 days with no trial. To desecrate means to corrupt something sacred. Maybe you can explain to me how what the j6ers did was worse than today’s clown show.

  7. Laws are in place to prevent her from being able to purchase firearms, per being under a mental health doctor’s care and having deep mental issues beyond the gender dysphoria re background form she filled out at least 7 times and must have lied on and background check she passed at least 7 times.

    + others had knowledge of her impending actions and took no action.

    She specifically chose her former school because no armed security = presence of armed security and her knowledge of this very likely would have prevent this heinous, senseless violent act on children and school employees from happening.

    Per the reps rantings, blacks are the shock troops of the marxist dem party (every marxist movement has a paramilitary wing) and are encouraged to act out this way by their white leadership / puppet masters. The ends justify the means to every good marxist.

  8. Things have gone well past the point that there is any chance of discussion and cooperation. All hell is coming because talking has gone to shouting. Everywhere. We may well spin apart.

  9. Facts are pesky. They get in the way but rarely convince true believers. They will repeat the lie on another occasion hoping for a gullible audience.

  10. Too many DAs do not enforce existing guns laws and not nearly enough people who have mental demons are seeking help. So I ask again, “Which law is missing today that if it existed prior to the tragedy would have prevented the tragedy?” Even Leftists know laws do not stop criminals from ignoring them, they only impose further restrictions on the law-abiding.

    1. So according to you, why have any criminal laws at all, since “laws do not stop criminals”?

        1. I agree. I also think that they discourage some people from becoming criminals. But the question is: does JAFO agree? S/he says that laws “only impose further restrictions on the law-abiding.”

          1. What stops criminals is their incarceration. Studies demonstrate that only a very small percentage of people will be violent. As we arrest that small percentage, and put them in jail, crime numbers fall.

            ATS takes whatever position destroys the fiber of the nation. Leftist-run cities are letting violent people out to be violent and kill again. Leftists called for defunding the police.

            How much more cr-p must we listen to from Anonymous the Stupid?

            1. Another ATS self-deletion: “S Meyer is having one of his little meltdowns. Sad.”

              You have no imagination and confirm it each time you copy what someone else said. Meltdown, that is what is happening to you. That is why there is an enormous increase in posts and self-deletions.

              You keep proving yourself to be a fool.

            2. Rand Paul had an aide stabbed in downtown DC.
              The assailant had just been released from jail the previous day for another crime. Has a long rap sheet too.

      1. We don’t ban stealing in order to stop it. Criminals ignore laws, so anyone who wants to steal will steal anyway. We ban it so that when people do steal we can punish them and lock them up. That stops stealing. Banning stealing doesn’t harm decent people, because decent people by definition don’t steal.

        That’s why the parallel you’re trying to draw to guns is fallacious. Guns are not evil, they’re good, and many decent people want and have guns. Banning them would deprive all those decent people of the guns they want, and thus it would harm them enormously. Meanwhile it would not deprive evil people, criminals, of their guns, since they would ignore the laws against guns just as they ignore the laws against stealing.

        1. Millhouse – it’s hilarious when Leftists are unable to see beyond their own noses. They’re unwilling, or incapable, to see how their own ‘rules’, if you will, will be used against them one day. Maybe not tomorrow, or next week. But it will happen and the thought will never cross their minds that it’s because of their own actions.

      2. “. . . since “laws do not stop criminals”?”

        Nice to see you haven’t lost your capacity for deception. You intentionally misrepresented his argument, by dropping the context of his quote.

        1. Quite true, Sam. It’s why I don’t engage with any ‘anonymous’ posters or those who engage in open-ended fallacies – they’re not worth the cost of inconveniencing so many electrons.

  11. According to the ATF 700 million guns in circulation. NO ONE IS TAKING OUR GUNS! Billions of rounds of ammo in the hands of citizens

    The 2nd Amendment is the remedy for tyranny.

    Gun confiscation is a Marxist utopian dream.

    Using the logic of the National Socialist Democrat WOKE Party we should confiscate cars because of drunk drivers. We should sue the auto industry out of existence.

    My Rights don’t come from government and they are non negotiable!

    Say When

  12. Um, Jamaal: Democrats have had control of the majority of government for years, and there’s this little thing in our Constitution called the 2nd Amendment. I am getting pretty tired of the temper tantrums. Our Democratic party is the only side exhibiting this rage, I didn’t hear anyone else screaming, shouting, ‘Spartacus!’, or ripping a speech in half on camera. Accept it Professor and others: this is 100% a ‘liberal’ thing. This hate and the histrionics are entirely exclusive to the left in America.

    1. Senate REPUBLICANS filibustered the gun control legislation passed by the House. Don’t blame the Democrats for that.

      1. if gun legislation had passed, the TRANS Network members would not be able to have vengeance against non-TRANS people. You obviously dont want that to happen do you? Its not like having vengeance on a few breeders here and there would kill you?

              1. It seems that ATS wants to deny a lot of his comments. That is why he hides under and anonymous name and icon.

                1. ATS writes but knows the comment will be deleted: “Blah, blah, blah. Stop lying, S. Meyer.”

                  Yep, he wants to hide himself from scrutiny. You posted a lot of nonsense today ATS. If anyone is counting they should add the deleted ones as well.

          1. What you and the trans people believe is pretty irrelevant to reality. Violence exists, whether you believe in it or not and it is coming from the left, massively disproportionate.

            Again, if you lefties stopped shooting people, gun violence would plummet in the US.

            1. It’s not disproportionately from the left. If you righties stopped shooting people, gun violence would ALSO plummet in the US. FFS, can’t you condemn it on both sides? I do.

              1. Get off it ATS. Who is letting in killers from the south? Joe Biden. With the killers we get drugs killing over 100,000 people a year but you don’t care. Instead you fling BS.

      2. Don’t blame the Democrats for which, proposing asinine legislation or wasting the taxpayer’s time and money?

        If democrats stopped shooting people, gun homicides would plummet. Why don’t you all start there and get back to the grown-ups when you can manage that much.

      3. Ted Cruz
        Last year, I filed legislation to substantially enhance the physical security of schools & to double the number of police officers in schools.

        Dems blocked it with ZERO justification.

        I cannot tell you how angry I am about this! Senate Dems weren’t willing to do what it takes.
        12:23 PM · Mar 30, 2023

      4. Republicans did the right thing. The left wants to get rid of the Second Amendment. They are not concerned about the nation or its people. Neither is ATS.

        They use every death as an excuse to riot and kill. Then they want the rioters and violent people released from jail. Our VP even assisted.

        Today “Tennessee state troopers stop Capitol breach by gun control protestors” Will ATS say they should be jailed and placed in solitary confinement without access to attorneys as happened with J6? Of course not. His desire to restrict guns is purely political. His ideology is Stalinistic.

  13. “However, this scene captured how rage has replaced reason in our public discourse.”

    Not sure it’s really “rage” or “public discourse” as much as it’s scripted drama and a showboating clown who knows where the CAMERA is outside of the chamber, doing a little play-acting in the hallway near the exit where there are no rules, or at least no rules enforced.
    What’s missing from this soap opera are the credits telling viewers WHO the director, writer, and camera operator were.

  14. Bowman is right. “What are [Republicans] doing about it? Nothing. They don’t have the courage. They’re cowards.” “Republicans won’t do s— when it comes to gun violence.”

    Tennessee Republican Rep. Tim Burchett admitted this:
    “We’re not gonna fix it. Criminals are gonna be criminals.”
    https://twitter.com/krassenstein/status/1640889254833160192 — video of him saying it

    Republicans pass laws about things they’re concerned about. They’re not concerned about gun violence.

    All they have are thoughts and prayers. What kind of god do they pray to that they believe will take care of something they themselves refuse to work on? Senate Chaplain Barry C. Black: “When babies die at a church school, it is time for us to move beyond thoughts and prayers. Remind our lawmakers of the words of the British statesman Edmund Burke: ‘All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.’ Lord, deliver our senators from the paralysis of analysis that waits for the miraculous.”

    Shootings are now the #1 cause of death for children, surpassing accidents. We should all be enraged about that.

    1. The information below is from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

      Accidents (unintentional injuries) are, by far, the leading cause of death among children and teens.


      0 to 1 year:

      Developmental and genetic conditions that were present at birth
      Conditions due to premature birth (short gestation)
      Accidents (unintentional injuries)
      1 to 4 years:

      Accidents (unintentional injuries)
      Developmental and genetic conditions that were present at birth
      5 to 9 years:

      Accidents (unintentional injuries)
      Developmental and genetic conditions that were present at birth
      10 to 14 years

      Accidents (unintentional injuries)
      Suicide (intentional self-harm)

        1. “And guns make it much more likely that suicide attempts are fatal.”

          and youre complaining because ……?

          global warming, overpopulation, food insecurity, yada yada yada

            1. Are you saying Darwin was wrong? So now you have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and want everyone to subscribe to your morality? Do tell!

        2. Not sure how suicides are part of the discussion. As for accidents among children, slicing and diciing accident stats does not seem to have much to do with preventing school homicides. I’d be interested in a facts that had bearing on the issue or some solution based on the possible.

          1. What bizarro world do you live in where you believe that suicide “restores honor”?

            If you’re advocating suicide, you’re sick.

    2. Your statistics include children shot OUTSIDE of a school environment. Most of the deaths happen at home or in the streets by people who acquire firearms illegally, not by people who legally purchased them. Most people who buy guns illegally cannot purchase them because they are, what are also known as, CRIMINALS.
      Guns only stop law abiding citizens from purchasing guns, not criminals.
      Can you see the common thread here?

      1. All murders matter, no matter where they occur, and the guns in the Tennessee shooting were all purchased legally.

        Are you arguing that there should be no laws, because laws only stop law abiding citizens?!?

          1. If you think the only ones who enforce laws are Republicans and Independents, you’re lying to yourself.

            1. How is he lying ATS? You are the one who doesn’t explain himself. When I bring up much greater causes of death to children, you ignore the facts and write stupid comments intended to be deleted.

              What do you have to say about the deaths of children in Chicago?
              What about the drug overdoses due to a porous southern border?
              What about the terrorists let in our southern border?

              Where are so many questions, but ATS has no answers. He is a trickster and a liar.

        1. Like I said there are laws, we just have to start enforcing them. You know, like lying on the federal gun application form. Like that guy, I can’t remember his name, but I believe his father is a big deal politician in Washington.

          1. I agree that we have to enforce the existing laws. But I don’t agree that they’re sufficient.

    3. Republicans believe in law and order. Mostly they demonstrate self-control, something Bowman appears unable to do.

      It is the leftists who permit M13 and other gangs to enter our country. It is the left that permits women and children to be raped entering our country. Bodies litter the desert but people like ATS do not care. It is those like ATS that have helped the cartels transport drugs across the border to kill over 100,000 Americans a year.

      How is crime handled in leftist communities. They let out killers to kill again.

      ATS talks about the youth but will he talk about the dead black children in Chicago? No. He will use them, but his ideology is one of the reasons they are dying.

    4. 1. 18- and 19-year-olds are not children
      2. The vast majority of those deaths by firearm in the 1-19 age range are of older people who brought their deaths upon themselves, either by suicide or by their own criminal activity.

      Criminals being offed by their rivals is not something that should concern us. And suicide is not really what concerns anyone either. People are outraged at innocent children minding their own business and being murdered. And that is not what the stat you cited represents.

  15. Rep. Bowman didn’t yowl in public when the Dems had both houses and the presidency.

    I think his histrionics are a public display of virtue rather than genuine outrage.

    Drama queen.

    1. Yeah, who on earth could be outraged about people being mass murdered by guns? Only a drama queen, right? Apparently your imagination is so weak that you cannot imagine anyone truly caring about this. I feel sorry for you that you can’t even imagine this.

      And you know — or SHOULD know — that when the Dems had the majority in both chambers and the presidency, the House PASSED a gun control bill and Senate Republicans FILIBUSTERED it, so it never got to Biden. Don’t blame the Democrats for that. A simple majority is not enough to pass gun control as long as the filibuster exists. F— the Republicans who refuse gun control measures.

      1. CNN June, 22 2022

        Fifteen Republican senators on Thursday joined Democrats in voting to pass a bill to address gun violence, advancing the first major federal gun safety legislation in decades.

        The measure will next go to the House of Representatives – where Speaker Nancy Pelosi has promised to bring the legislation forward “first thing” – before it can go to President Joe Biden’s desk for his signature.

        The Republicans who voted in support of the measure are the same ones who had voted to break a filibuster earlier Thursday. Those GOP senators are:

        Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Senate minority leader
        Roy Blunt of Missouri
        Richard Burr of North Carolina
        Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia
        Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
        Susan Collins of Maine
        John Cornyn of Texas
        Joni Ernst of Iowa
        Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
        Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
        Rob Portman of Ohio
        Mitt Romney of Utah
        Thom Tillis of North Carolina
        Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania
        Todd Young of Indiana

          1. Good, because such a ban would not only be unconstitutional, which means all the congressmen who voted for it violated their oaths, but it would also do nothing significant to save lives. Very very few murders are committed with such weapons. More murders are committed each year with bare hands and feet than with such weapons. So they are not a significant problem. But they are a very common and useful means of home defense, so banning them would endanger people and increase crime.

      2. Now do the millions babies killed by proabortionists esp black babies more than any other demographic

        Over 63 million abortions have occurred in the US since Roe v. Wade decision in 1973
        Abortion in America has contributed to the greatest decline in black population since the first black slaves arrived in the Americas in the 1600s. According to U.S. census data, there were 18,871,831 black American citizens in 1960. Since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973, abortion has killed an estimated 20 million black babies — more than the entire black population of 1960.

        How does this benefit the black community?

      3. “Yeah, who on earth could be outraged about people being mass murdered by guns? “

        ATS doesn’t like guns even though they save lives. He talks about MASS MURDER but his favorite weapon is a vacuum aspirator.

        1. I noted another deletion by ATS. Maybe he didn’t know what a vacuum aspirator was. That is what is frequently used in the mass murder of black babies and others.

          I hope ATS now knows what a vacuum aspirator is.

          1. Your self-deleted response was “Grow up.”.

            It’s funny how you answered my post with those words. Many children will not “Grow up” because your favorite weapon is the vacuum aspirator. How many hundreds of thousands of lives were taken by your favorite weapon?

      4. People who are “outraged” at murder by guns are drama queens, because a murder is no worse for being committed by a gun instead of some other weapon. A normal person wants to stop as many murders as can be stopped without infringing on our basic human rights; but doesn’t care how those murders are done, and wouldn’t count it as an achievement to cause a murderer to use a knife instead of a gun. Murderers are going to murder regardless. Meanwhile banning guns increases the murder rate, because it leaves the victims defenseless. If we could get rid of all guns it would be a disaster because crime would boom.

      5. Gun control legislation – just more left wing nut virtue signalling.

        Alcohol is involved in the vast majority of all murders as well as accidental deaths and domestic violence.

        Should be ban alcohol ?

        Oops. Tried that, made things much worse.

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