“I Was Screaming Before You Interrupted Me”: Rep. Bowman Raves in Capitol on Gun Control

I have often discussed in columns what I call our “age of rage.” There may be no more defining moment of that age than what unfolded today in the Capitol as Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., screamed about gun control. Various Democratic members, including former House Majority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md, tried to calm Bowman. However, after Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky, asked him to stop yelling, Bowman shouted “I was screaming before you interrupted me,” which could now go down as the epitaph for our age.

As members filed out of the House floor, Bowman was yelling about Republicans killing children and not caring about the carnage in our schools: “What are they doing about it? Nothing. They don’t have the courage. They’re cowards,” Bowman can be heard shouting as the video begins. “Three 9-year-olds. Are they going to those funerals? No!”

Massie stopped to address the attacks and noted “You know there’s never been a shooting at a school that allows teachers to carry?”

Bowman responded “More guns? More guns leads to more death” and continued to scream: “Republicans won’t do S— when it comes to gun violence.” He then continued on Twitter.

Massie responded:

“He wanted to discuss solutions to school shootings, but when I offered a solution he began shouting. When he asked for data, I gave him data, but then he just shouted more. Bring facts. There’s never been a school shooting in the hundreds of schools that allow staff to carry.”

The point is not the merits. This is an important national debate and the underlying facts continue to be debated, including statements from President Joe Biden that some of us have challenged.

However, this scene captured how rage has replaced reason in our public discourse.

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  1. Illegal alien indicts Real President Donald J. Trump.

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    – Declaration of Independence, 1776

    1. All Satanist AzzRapers of 1st/2nd graders/lil kids & the rest of the assorted Dims/Rinos American Hating Trash all agree Trump has got to go as he’s getting in their way of their Child Raping & Treason of selling out our Nation. IE: SB868 & the rest!

      Aside from that Trump needs to get his Crap together fast & hiring better personal then he has, as currently I’m backing Rand Paul again.

    1. You don’t demonstrate that “no one is above the law” by targeting and prosecuting your political opponents on flimsy charges

    2. The Bidens are not above the law.
      This means we will see multiple Biden Crime Family members will be prosecuted to the FULL extent of the law and sent to federal prison.
      Trump will be vindicated.

      1. Alan Dershowitz said Trump gets convicted but will vindicsted in an appeals court. This process should carry on into next years political cycle. It’s going to be very intrresting.

      2. Repubnlican prosecutors have a moral obligation to seek criminal charges, no matter what the Constitution, law, or ethics say, no matter how creative their legal arguments must be, no matter the cost.

        Any who refuse should resign in abject remorse and shame.

    3. I know, huh? Unreal, right?

      They didn’t indict the worst, ——-, most corrupt criminal in American political history, Hillary Clinton, oh, and her accomplice, Buttrack “Mr. Ineligible” Obongo.

      “We will stop him.”

      – Peter Strzok

      “Obama wants to know everything we’re doing.”

      – Lisa Page

  2. Democrats blame: Republicans; NRA; guns; words.

    Have Democrats EVER blamed the actual shooter for a mass shooting event?

  3. OT but delicious

    A male powerlifting coach self-identified as a woman and broke a women’s benchpress record in protest of gender self-identification in sport. Avi Silverberg performed the defiant act while the current record holder, a transgender male, watched.


    The Male to Female “trans” whined that he was beat by a man who identified as a woman except he has a huge set of nuts

    This guy Ari Silverberg is LEGEND!!!!!



    Anti-American, communist, “fake” DA, Alvin “And the Chipmunks” (Mespo) Bragg, elected by Feminazis, Mexicans and Africans in America, indicts Real President Donald J. Trump.

    “Fake” un-president Susan “Oh, Suzy Q” Rice carries out her orders.

    Tinhorn dictator and immutably ineligible un-president Obama (Xi says thanks for the South China Sea, Barack) attacks political opponent with government apparatus in his banana republic.

    One man, one vote democrazy IS the “dictatorship of the proletariat” extant in the American restricted-vote republic comprised of “…free white person(s)…” by law – how you ask.

    How big is the check to Obama from his communist benefactor, “With Two You Get Egg Roll,” Jinping-pong Xi.

    Little Roman Ronnie “Made Man” DeSanctimonious applauds.

    Film at 11:00.

    “[We gave you] a [restricted-vote] republic, if you can keep it.”

    – Ben Franklin

    You couldn’t.

    Oh, if only Ben were here now!

    1. Is there a republican county anywhere in America that can charge Obama and pack a jury like New York County?

      It should charge Obama for multiple felonies et al. the last time he passed through.

      1. Well, sure there are Republican counties in America that will charge any black man with any crime they can think of and pack a jury. It has always been that way.

    1. We are very close to be living in a banana republic. Alvin rag is just trying to bring the country together.

        1. 1789 – 1860.

          Are you ——- kidding me?

          “Crazy Abe” threw the baby out with the bathwater; he threw the Constitution out with reprehensible slavery.

          The Naturalization Act of 1802 required that freed slaves be compassionately repatriated on January 1, 1863.

          “Crazy Abe” Lincoln engaged in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” through unconstitutional dictatorship with a gun to America’s head.

          I don’t find brutal military force in the Constitution describing the amendment process.

          Secession was and always will be constitutional; Lincoln must have been struck down, impeached and convicted.

    2. Bragg still has to win in court, which is by no means certain.

      This may be your favorite masturbatory fantasy, but don’t expect the rest of us to feel the same.

      1. The indictment has been confirmed:

        Alvin Bragg spokesperson: “This evening we contacted Mr. Trump’s attorney to coordinate his surrender to the Manhattan D.A.’s Office for arraignment on a Supreme Court indictment, which remains under seal. Guidance will be provided when the arraignment date is selected.”

        I’m very curious to see the indictment.

        1. CNN’s John Miller says Trump has been indicted on 34 counts related to falsifying business records.

    3. Yusef Abdus Salaam (one of the Central Park Five — Trump had taken out a full-page ad calling for the death penalty for all of them, and they were later exonerated):
      “For those asking about my statement on the indictment of Donald Trump – who never said sorry for calling for my execution – here it is: Karma”

      1. No one believes in the corrupt courts, and no one believed they didn’t do it.
        We all are fully aware everything is now political, since the OJ trial, at least.
        This is how much credit a trial and outcome or turnover has:

        1. Do you think ATS has proof of anything? He’s a headline chaser. The NY Times had a headline saying that but in the article, not on the front page, in parentheses, they admitted he didn’t name them in the advertisement.

          Expect everything ATS says to be twisted or deceptive. On occasion ATS is correct, but so is a broken clock.

    4. No, we need retaliatory indictments by Republican prosecutors.

      This is not the first time there was a bullshit indictment for political purposes where the alleged conduct was not a crime. (neither the New York Times nor CNN claim the underlying crime was some sort of Madoff-type fraud, or something related to Epstein Island)

      Remember Rick Perry?

      Now, I qill quote from another forum about his indictment.


      You’ve asserted that public officials must be held to a higher moral standard than the rest of humanity. First, I’d like to know why that is the case.

      She did uphold the law. She was arrested, went to court, pled guilty to the charges (i.e. she accepted responsibility for her actions), and was punished accordingly. She could have pulled a Perry and attempted to use her position to get out of the DUI charge, but instead she had enough integrity to accept responsility for her actions.

      See, when we elect a district attorney, we trust them to do one thing: prosecute crimes. So long as they prosecute crimes, and do that properly and well, they’re doing what we asked them to. They are doing the bare minimum of what we expect from them- correctly using the powers of their office to perform the assigned duty. Driving drunk may reflect poorly on the DA’s character and mean they should not have been elected… but it doesn’t mean they have failed to do the actual job the public trusted them to do. We didn’t elect this DA to be sober, we elected them to prosecute cases.

      Seriously, she made a bad decision and followed it up by doing the right thing. What’s blowing my fucking mind is apparently we have shitheads on this board that are attempting to justify Rick “The Dick” Perry making a blatant attempt to shove a shill appointee into one of the few effective anti-corruption enforcement agencies in the state of Texas.

      Plus, if you actually read my arguments (which I doubt), you would have to notice that IT DOES NOT MATTER whether Lehmberg has lots of integrity or no integrity. Perry is not being charged with “thinking Lehmberg has no integrity.” He is being charged with misusing the power of his office and threatening to misuse taxpayer money, in order to coerce an elected official into acting in a certain way.

      It DOES NOT MATTER that you think Perry was justified in doing so because this particular elected official was dishonorable and inferior. It is not Perry’s place to hire or fire Lehmberg, and it is not his place to threaten to defund a law enforcement operation in an attempt to blackmail her into resigning against her will.

      Your appeals to “common sense” do not impress me. Give me a good reason why a moral failing, which incidentally has nothing to do with investigating corruption, should automatically disqualify a person from holding office. You assert without cause that this is the case. Please provide evidence that Lehmberg’s DUI has harmed the PIU’s integrity in any way. If you can’t do this without repeating some version of your “DUIs are rly bad guys” silliness, then maybe you should just go away.

      Of course! And the people on the Travis Commissioner’s Court would have tossed Lehmberg out on her ass a long time ago. They’re not doing it because there are, frankly, more important things at stake. In a state like Texas where the GOP has historically run roughshod over the Dems, they cannot afford to lose powerful positions like this. Considering the number of cases coming out of the PIU, including, incidentally, a Perry-allied ex-official who channeled millions of dollars to some of his big contributors, the Travis DA’s office has more influence than just about any Democrat in the state. If Perry didn’t have the right to appoint her replacement, and he almost assuredly would have appointed a fairly right-wing replacement, I’m sure the Travis County Dems would like to tell Lehmberg to take a short walk off a long pier. Unhappily, there are more important considerations at hand.

      And here is the money quote

      And as for The Hammer, that’s true. He did get his conviction overturned by the Texas Supreme Court, an elected body that consists almost entirely of conservative Republicans. They didn’t think DeLay actually did all that stuff, and Texas doesn’t really have much in the way of campaign finance laws anyway. It makes no matter, though. He was still a cancerous growth on Congress’ asscheek, begging for a public fall from grace. And when he got convicted the first time around, we as a nation are better off for it. Ronnie Earle did humanity a favor when he realized that DeLay broke campaign finance laws, and he did us an even greater one when he got DeLay convicted. Whether or not “justice” was actually served against him isn’t so important. The fact that he no longer holds office though? That’s very important.

      Feel free to click on the link, so you can feel suitably ashamed.

      The beliefsof the forum posters I quoted are the rules now. I wish this were not the case, but it is.

      Republicans either have to play by the new rules, or march meekly into the gas chambers. There is no third option.
      Sadly, Magneto was right.

      Because there is no land of tolerance. There is no peace. Not here, nor anywhere else.

      We could have avoided this, but we were dragged across the Rubicon.

    5. So far the only violence has been by those on the Left. Including CBS Camera men.

      I would note that increasingly most of those ACTUALLY engaged in misconduct at J6 are turning out to be federal agents, DC Police.

      It is pretty trivial to note that with few exceptions those actually engaging in incitement to riot – have NOT been identified or arrested, and in many cases appear to be in police gear.

      The Violence in TN was from the left – first a TG person murders school children. Then idiotic left wing nuts stormed the TN capitol and tried to stop a legislative session – with actual assistance from Democratic law makers.

      Those of you on the left still want thousands of peopel jailed for J6 and sought to toss Republican lawmakers merely for communicating with Trump. Or for holding views you do not like.

      Here you are ranting about violence by Trump supporters – when all the violence we see is from the left.

      I would note this is also taking your J6 narative DOWN.

      Prior to and post J6 there has not been a single instance of violence by those on the right at Trump rallies – numerous people on the left have been arrested.

      Trump related protests have gone off without a hitch throughout the country.

      Some HAVE resulted in Violence – BY THE LEFT.

      Left wing nuts in Atlanta and elsewhere continue their acts of terrorism.

      We have numerous firebombings of prolife clinics.
      While prolifers are arrested for praying at abortion clinics.
      And victimized by SWAT teams.

      We have seen numerous instances of the Government acting like the Gestapo SWATTING those ont he Right.

      Yesterday Riley Gaines was assaulted after speaking at a university – and then trapped by violent protestors for 3hrs before SF City police arrived – because Campus police were too scared of protesters

      I do expect more and more violence – From the Left.

      I would further note that democrats are being advised not to Comment about the Trump indictment.

      And several who are – even anti-Trumpers are highly critical of the indictment as it makes democrats look bad., .

    1. To quote Don Jr.’s comment in another context, “If it’s what you say, I love it.”

    1. “The GOP’s gun obsession goes deeper than campaign donations …
      “The GOP has not been corrupted by capitalism. It would be more accurate to say it’s been corrupted by fascism. Guns are part of white Christofascist identity politics. The GOP supports guns as part of a principled commitment to a death cult, not because they need NRA money to win elections. Focusing on NRA money obscures the real danger from the GOP. It also can lead gun control proponents to pursue confused and ineffective tactics. We need to understand why the GOP embraces guns if we’re ever going to have a hope of opposing them. …
      “Guns are a symbol of virility and righteous Christian white resistance to oppression. They’re like MAGA hats or, in an earlier fascist movement, swastika armbands. It’s an identity marker which shows you’re with the program, and also serves as a threat to out groups. The righteous rush of identity, victimhood, superiority, and violence is more important to the GOP than money. In fact, it’s more important to them than the lives of their children.”

      1. Boy, you make it sound a lot like the 1930s and you starting the muslim brotherhood. Exactly the same line of BS. Create a strawman and rally the morons to fight the new common enemy.

        Go fly your rainbow flag of anti-virility and place your ‘I believe in science’ placard in your yard like a good clown

        1. it gets far worse than anti-virility. Matt Taibbi eviscerated Aaron Rupar. Poor fat dude melted with the sheer number of views of Taibbi’s tweet. It was glorious 3.3 M views


          Matt Taibbi
          Aaron, have you ever done any original reporting in your life? Like even once? Used the phone for anything beyond Uber Eats? I’ll answer criticism from a peer. You repost videos.

          Aaron Rupar
          Feb 26
          I’m sure the Twitter Files people are on this one!

    2. Fantasies? Is Detroit a fantasy? Baltimore, Memphis, StL,…

      You morons want to Detroitize the entire nation, there will be no Oakland County (or is it Lapeer, now?) to escape to, so there will have to be a fight to take out you morons and return the place to a civil society.

      Why do you imagine you people want to take the guns…to save white christian kids, lolol.

      Look, here’s how it’s gonna go.

      You aholes are going to keep provoking until you get the response (and then the media-hyped martyr – hopefully someone better than the ones you sacrificed during obamma) you need to lock it all down, take all the guns and become the totalitarian f’wads you cream your jeans about.

      That’s the plan, it’s pretty obvious.

      I hope you make a lot of money or get a lot of followers on twitter or whatever it is you think you’re gonna get being an apparatchik. Unfortunately, history doesn’t show that being the result for people like you. Oh well.

      1. Neal – fortunately it is not necessary to escape to Lapeer County, Oakland County is still quite safe. Detroit is not safe, but the gun laws in Wayne County and Oakland County are the same. Thank you for thinking of my safety.

    3. Anonymous – you link to an article that says:
      “In the wake of the San Bernardino shootings yesterday, I saw tweets expressing the belief that the Holocaust wouldn’t have transpired if only the Jews were armed with handguns; this sentiment is in response to the suggestion that stricter gun control laws might possibly reduce the proliferation of mass shootings.”
      I met someone who had been in Czechoslovakia when it was invaded by Germany in 1938, He told me that the first action the occupiers took was to confiscate all guns. The Germans were not afraid of fantasies.

      1. No one is trying to “confiscate all guns” in the US. We just want commonsense, widely-supported laws, like reenacting the assault weapons ban, and background checks for all buyers.

        1. Anonymous @5:49 pm. It is easy to commit gun crimes with non-assault weapons. A pistol can hold a clip of six bullets, and be easily reloaded. It is unserious in this debate to concentrate on weapons (although I am not opposed to banning certain automatic rifles, which are essentially machine guns). But it is certainly more efficacious to concentrate on the buyer. Teenagers and mentally-ill persons (including trans-people) must be prevented from buying guns of any type. I’m glad to see that you believe in background checks, but we need to know what we are checking for. And if someone, like Hunter Biden, is caught lying on this application, he must be prosecuted. I have not heard any Democrat say that Hunter should be prosecuted.

          1. Again: approximately 1 in 4 adults in the US has a mental illness. These vary a great deal (anxiety disorder, major depression, bipolar, PTSD, eating disorders, etc.). Make an argument for why all adults with mental illness should not be able to buy a gun, dealing honestly with the full range of mental illnesses.

            I’m a Democrat. If HB lied on his application, he should be prosecuted. But I’ll note that a lot of times the wealthy and powerful get away with breaking the law, when the poor and powerless would be prosecuted. For ex., Trump broke FL law when he made a false statement on his voter registration form. He wasn’t prosecuted either.

            1. It is simply a matter of legislative investigation to determine what persons are “mentally ill” enough to be dangerous. I don’t hink anyone with an eating disorder is likely to be found to be dangerous. If we can’t make this kind of judgment, then ending mass shootings is going to be impossible. You don’t seem to acknowledge that Hunter lied on his gun license application. I thought that was accepted by now. What Trump has to do with this is a mystery, since we were talking about mass shootings.

              1. If your concern is that someone is dangerous, why on earth limit it to people who’ve been diagnosed with mental illness?!? Surely you don’t believe that only people with mental illnesses are dangerous. From what I’ve read, those with mental illnesses are more likely to be victims than perpetrators. And just who is going to assess millions of people with mental illnesses to determine if they’re dangerous? Healthcare providers already have a duty to warn if they’re convinced that someone poses a serious danger to others, but you must have something else in mind that you haven’t described the details of.

                “You don’t seem to acknowledge that Hunter lied on his gun license application.”

                I’ve never read his gun license application, and I don’t know whether he lied on it. Just like I expect you didn’t read Trump’s voter registration form and don’t know if he lied on it.

                “What Trump has to do with this is a mystery”

                No mystery at all. I made the link clear, when I pointed out: a lot of times the wealthy and powerful get away with breaking the law, when the poor and powerless would be prosecuted. That applies to both HB and DJT.

      1. George – you have made a good point. 43k are killed on our highways each year, many of them are children. About 2-3k of those deaths are preventable if CAFE standards are removed. Yet no Democrat proposes such a removal.

          1. It has been established in Congressional testimony that requirng automakers to make lighter cars (“to save energy”) causes additional deaths. It has been estimated to be between 2-3k. This has been known for many years. No one comments on it.

      2. Owning and driving a car is a privilege and not a Constitutional right, vis-à-vis the 2nd Amendment and Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008) held the following: “(1) The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm….”

        1. “Owning and driving a car is a privilege . . .”

          Granted by who?

          More broadly: Where’d you get the idea that the Constitution is a comprehensive list of rights?

    4. If you want to live in a country with no public gun ownership, move to North Korea. They say it’s nice this time of year.

    5. How many die from drug overdoses? Over 100,000 per year and rising quickly because of Democrat policies. Most of them are young or children.

      Have you compared the number of children dying from drugs to those shot with guns whether they are legal or not? Of course not because you are a loudmouth that doesn’t care about our children.

  5. will the gun Control law be followed like the murder laws?

    Young Black Men are 3% of society but commit over 50% of all murders…mostly of their own! Democrats WANT crime…raises jobs and pay for public workers

  6. How trite Jonathan. “Age of Rage”, makes you want to go on a carnival ride.

    3 kids are dead this week because someone took an assault style weapon into a school and killed them. Blew their bodies into piles of unrecognizable bloody pulp. How trite. Get a fu–king life. 3 KIDS ARE DEAD.

    How many kids have to die before anyone on the right gives a sh–?

    And it looks like your hopes and prayers worked this time. It happened in a christian school. Notice it is not a Christian school. Jesus told Peter to put down the sward, not use it. Christian? my ass.

    1. by someone…you mean a TransTerrorist
      How about we END giving drugs and medical resources to CRAZY PEOPLE who think they can CHANGE their Sex. You can’t….DNA determines your SEX no matter the drugs, surgery, hair, clothes, makeup, affected voice, etc

    2. Again to Massie’s comments; this has not happened in a school that has armed security. This puts the lie to the assertion by Brown. You can ban ‘assault weapons’ (whatever that means) all you like, but here’s the thing: criminals don’t care about the law and another one on the books won’t change that; it is that very thing that makes them criminals and differentiates them from normal civilians. Since you cannot change criminal behavior with laws, what you CAN do that prevents these criminals from having free reign AND protects children, is to allow school administrators and teachers to arm themselves or have security on site.

      1. If you think armed security is necessary, how do you explain the much lower # of school shootings in other countries? They don’t have armed security. They just have fewer guns in the general population.

        1. actually most schools abroad do have armed security, they also have gun laws in place for offenders. No one who uses a gun gets a free get out of jail. ALL their institutions are protected, especially their kids. Belgium, Germany, France and on and on also guard their religios schools and institutions.

          1. What’s the source of your claim “most schools abroad do have armed security. … ALL their institutions are protected”?

        2. Apparenlty, knife attacks on school children in China are common. So said the commentators on ADV China last year. But such attacks are not publicized. Actually, the solution to the problem of gun attacks on school children is really rather simple: 1) raise the age for buying a gun to 25 years of age; and 2) withholding sales to peolple who are mentally ill or have a criminal history. I don’t hear Democrats pushing either of these ideas.

          1. I’m pretty sure that most states already outlaw gun possession by felons (or at least those convicted of violent felonies). Why do you assume they don’t?

            Approximately 1 in 4 adults in the US has a mental illness. These vary a great deal (anxiety disorders, major depression, bipolar, PTSD, eating disorders, etc.). Make an argument for why none of these adults should be able to buy a gun.

        3. International comparisons fail because countries are different. It has nothing to do with the gun laws. Their demographics are different, and therefore their violence rates are different, and changing the laws wouldn’t change that. The US murder rate without firearms is greater than the total murder rate in many other countries! Which means even if you could magically get rid of all guns in America, and further magically prevent any of the murders currently being done with guns from being done some other way, the US murder rate would still be higher.

    3. Bob – youi say “3 kids are dead this week because someone took an assault style weapon into a school and killed them.” It wasn’t just “someone”; it was a young woman who apparently had mental health issues, including the belief that she was a male. Given the ease with which guns can be hidden or modified, it might be a good idea if we concentrated on WHO gets licenses to buy guns, not the guns themselves. This troubled young woman apparently legally b ought her guns. I don’t hear Democrats proposing limits on who can acquire guns.

    4. How may children have to die before the Left actually starts to care?? (That’s sarcasm. For the Left, the more dead children, the better.)

      The Left will never agree to armed teachers. The idea that citizens can protect themselves flies in the face of their view that we are all helpless beggars who must be saved by tyrants.

      1. Yep, teachers can’t be trusted to choose books for their classrooms but should be armed.

        1. What a weasel you are. Perhaps leftists teachers shouldn’t be trusted with guns because too many act on behalf of the groomers. Maybe they shouldn’t be teachers.

    5. 3 kids are dead this week because someone took an assault style weapon into a school and killed them.
      More kids drown, than get shot.
      You care enough about kids to ban private swimming pools? It’s a lot easier, because their is no enumerated right to own a swimming pool.

      When you want to have a real discusion instead of trying to inflame emotions you can come back and try again.

    6. LOL I’m laughing at you. You’ve got like 5 layers of make up on.
      A lot more than 3 kids are dead this week, BTW.
      Please post more raging for the 12,000 KIDS MURDERED IN THE WOMB THIS WEEK. (caps copy I’m “relating” to you)
      Also rage for the 175 KIDS DEAD THIS WEEK.
      Please do so in a Christian way, leading by example.

    7. “. . . because someone . . .”

      A thoughtful person would want to know something about the “someone,” about the causes of their actions. An emotion-driven person stares blindly at the tool.

    8. Someone with mental illness went to a soft target (Nashville PD is reporting she had two other potential targets in mind, but picked that school as it was the softer target), shot through the door glass and then unopposed, proceeded to shot and kill 6.
      One must be mentally ill to take such actions.

      However, there are millions of lawful gun owners, who have one to several guns in their possession, and never commit a crime let alone have a mental illness.
      The gun did not choose to commit this crime.
      The mentally ill person did.

    9. 3 kids are dead this week because someone took an assault style weapon into a school and killed them. Blew their bodies into piles of unrecognizable bloody pulp. How trite. Get a fu–king life. 3 KIDS ARE DEAD.

      The cops killed the person who did that.

  7. It is hard to imagine in this great Congressional hall where Rush Limbaugh was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by former President Trump that someone would not emulate these two serious elder statesmen who never once let rage replace reason in public discourse.

    1. At least half – if you believe that Rush Limbaugh “let rage replace reason in public discourse”, you must never have listened to him.

  8. The surest solution to preventing violence against masses of people is for Bowman and others to vent that kind of rage on doing something about antisocial, sociopathic, and psychopathic personality disorders. Disabling mentally healthy and law abiding persons from protecting themselves with legal weaponry will not change the reality of sociopaths and psychopaths getting such weaponry. It is regrettable to say, but in America today there are too many emotionally disturbed persons with a disregard for right and wrong and too little, if any, concern for the rights and feelings of others. If government is to do anything meaningful about mass violence perpetrated among the citizenry, it is to focus full and undivided attention and resources upon the unabated spread of mental illness.

    1. Are you talking about trump? “…doing something about antisocial, sociopathic, and psychopathic personality disorders”

      Are you talking about anti maskers? “…little, if any, concern for the rights and feelings of others.” Refusing to wear a mask to protect immune compromised people?

      1. I made my annual trek to the family physician this morning for my yearly Medicare wellness check. While waiting, I noticed a number of clinic personnel wearing the typical mask we all were made to put on whenever we were out and about during the pandemic. You remember. The bothersome and ugly paper/cloth one we have since learned was and still is worthless.

        Looking at the staff persons wearing it made me realize how much more attractive, presentable and safe they could be if they wore something much more fashionable and comfortable and yet provides greater protection against a host of airborne contaminates. And during those times the protection may not be needed it still looks good on the wearer simply left draped around the neck. What a deal: Fashion and safety at the same time.


      2. “Are you talking about anti maskers?”

        The real danger is the rabid pro-maskers.

        With that degree of paranoid delusions, who knows what they’re capable of.

    2. @Ron

      I completely agree. In fact, I think that is out number one problem, for so very many reasons. We have had a perfect storm for this to be the case over the past 20 or so years, IMO.

    3. I doubt that the rate of mental illness is any higher in the US than in all the countries that have many fewer shootings.

      1. It certainly is. So is the rate of criminality.

        Now when you start comparing demographic by demographic, things change dramatically.

  9. BULLETIN – Tennessee’s state governement was almost overthrown today when trans-protestors stormed the capitol building, It appears that a Shaman was among the insurrectionists. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11921273/Gun-control-activists-storm-Tennessee-State-Capitol-fears-left-wing-uprising-loom.html.
    NEW BULLETIN – Jacob Chansley, the real Shaman, was let out of prison today, into a half-way house. Kudos to Tucker Carlson and Fox News.
    https://www. cbsnews.com/news/qanon-shaman-jacob-chansley-released-early-federal-prison-halfway-house-jan-6/

  10. What we know about gun control is this.

    The same side that defamed the police of habitually hunting down and gunning down unarmed Black men, rthe same side that accuses the criminal justice system of being systemically raciast…

    …is the same side that is pushing for stricter gun control laws which will be enforced by thwese very same police in this very same system.

  11. We are supposed to believe that gun laws deter shootings, but gun laws have no effect if not enforced. Do any Democrats insist that existing gun licensing laws be enforced against Hunter Biden?

  12. 43,000 DEAD – BAN ASSAULT CARS

    43,000 traffic deaths from motor vehicle crashes in 2021.

    – Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    Go “scream” out on the freeway you dishonest, disingenuous, caterwauling, communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO, AINO) propagandist.

    Go to the resulting 43,000 funerals.

    Democrats won’t do —- about highway deaths.


    609,360 deaths from cancer in 2021.

    – America Cancer Society

    1. ENOUGH!

      Protect the target.

      When hijackers threatened passenger planes, airports were hardened.

      Schools must implement invulnerable security measures.

      Start with 2 security guards at every potential point of vulnerability and progress to tech security.

      You’ll do that when you really believe school shootings are serious.

      No parent should allow their child into a school that is not fully secure and invulnerable.

    2. 120,000 dead from Drugs…and Democrats are PUSHING THOSE…along with providing open borders

  13. “You know there’s never been a shooting at a school that allows teachers to carry?”

    Reminds me of Ted’s logic from HIMYM:

    Lily: Oh no, not the driving gloves.
    Ted: In 99.9% of highway accidents, the driver was not wearing gloves.
    Lily: Because they’re stupid, they don’t help you drive better, that’s why no one wears them.
    Ted: Then why is it called.. the glove compartment?

    1. Gloves don’t help you drive better. Allowing people to be armed does make a place safer. Over two million times a year someone prevents a crime by being armed. That’s more crimes than are committed with arms. And mass shootings almost NEVER take place in places where people are allowed to be armed. Most would-be shooters don’t even try them in such places; they go somewhere safer. Those few who try it in such a place are usually stopped before it can be come a mass shooting. That is a fact. “Data”, as this ill-mannered moron calls it.

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