Antony Blinken and the ‘Made Men’ of the Biden Administration

Below is my column in The Hill on the recent disclosure that the organizer of the infamous “Russian Disinformation” letter on the Hunter Biden laptop was prompted by then Biden campaign adviser Antony Blinken. He is, of course, now our Secretary of State and he follows a pattern of the “made men” of the Biden Administration.

Here is the column:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken would really, really prefer to talk about grain in Ukraine this week. But many people are less interested in what Blinken is doing as secretary of state than in what he did to become secretary of state.

This week, Blinken was implicated in a political coverup that could well have made the difference in the 2020 election. According to the sworn testimony of former acting CIA Director Michael Morrell, Blinken – then a high-ranking Biden campaign official – was “the impetus” of the false claim that the Hunter Biden laptop story was really Russian disinformation. Morrell then organized dozens of ex-national security officials to sign the letter claiming that the Hunter laptop story had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

Morrell further admitted that the Biden campaign “helped to strategize about the public release of the statement.”

Finally, he admitted that one of his goals was not just to warn about Russian influence but “to help then-Vice President Biden in the debate and to assist him in winning the election.”

Help it did. Biden claimed in a presidential debate that the laptop story was “garbage” and part of a “Russian plan.” Biden used the letter to say “nobody believes” that the laptop is real.

In reality, the letter was part of a political plan with the direct involvement of his campaign, but Biden never revealed their involvement. Indeed, over years of controversy surrounding this debunked letter, no one in the Biden campaign or White House (including Blinken) revealed their involvement.

Of course, the letter was all the media needed. Discussion of the laptop was blocked on social media, and virtually every major media outlet dismissed the story before the election.

That was also all Biden needed to win a close election. The allegations that the Biden family had cashed in millions through influence peddling could have made the difference. It never happened, in part because of Blinken’s work.

Once in power, Blinken was given one of the top Cabinet positions. He was now one of the “made” men of the administration.

He was not alone. The 2016 election was marred by false allegations of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Unlike the influence peddling allegations made against Biden, the media ran with those stories for years. It later turned out that the funding and distribution of the infamous Steele dossier originated with the Clinton campaign. The campaign, however, reportedly lied in denying any such funding until after the election. It was later sanctioned for hiding the funding as legal expenses.

Those involved in spreading this false story were rewarded handsomely. For example, the second collusion story planted in the media by the campaign concerned the Russian Alfa Bank. The campaign used key Clinton aide Jake Sullivan, who went public with the entirely false claim of a secret back channel between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

Sullivan was also a “made” man who was later made Biden’s national security adviser. Others who were implicated in either the Steele dossier or Alfa Bank hoaxes also later found jobs in the administration. The Brookings Institution proved a virtual turnstile for these political operatives.

Many signatories on the Russian disinformation letter continue to flourish. MSNBC analyst Jeremy Bash signed the letter and was put on the president’s Intelligence Advisory Board. As with Sullivan, it did not seem to matter that Bash had gotten one of the most important intelligence stories of the election wrong.

Former CIA head James Clapper was referenced by Biden on the letter and was also a spreader of the Russian collusion claims. Despite those scandals and a claim of perjury, CNN gave him a media contract.

They are all “made” men in the Beltway, but they could not have succeeded without a “made” media.

These false stories planted by the Clinton and Biden campaigns succeeded only because the media played an active and eager role. In any other country, this pattern would fit the model of a state media and propaganda effort. However, there was no need for a central ministry when the media quickly reinforced these narratives. This is a state media by consent rather than coercion. The Biden campaign knew that reporters would have little interest or curiosity in how the letter came about or the involvement of campaign operatives.

If Republicans did not control the House of Representatives, the Morrell admission would never have occurred. The Democrats repeatedly blocked efforts to investigate this story and the influence peddling allegations. Even this week, some Democrats called it a “tabloid story.”

Given the career paths of figures such as Blinken and Sullivan, there is a concern that other officials may see the value in “earning their bones” as “made” men and women. There is now a senior IRS career official who is seeking to disclose what he claims was special treatment given to Hunter Biden in the criminal investigation.

While the 51 former intelligence figures were eager to raise Russian disinformation claims before the election, most have become silent. After all, the letter served its purpose, as Morrell indicated, “to assist [Biden] in winning the election.” After the false stories planted before the 2016 and 2020 elections, the question is what is in store for 2024?

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on Twitter @JonathanTurley.

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  1. “Carlson, whose contract was renewed in 2021, will be paid out for the rest of his contract, people familiar with the matter said. Carlson is paid about $20 million a year, one of the people said.”

    How bad must the situation be if “pay off the employee at $20 million a year” seems like the best way out?

    1. “Tucker was the cable host who most:

      * Opposed US proxy war in Ukraine;

      * Denounced CIA, FBI and DHS for its systemic lies and corruption;

      * Devoted himself to a pardon for Julian Assange;

      * Objected to regime change efforts in Cuba;

      * Criticized Trump Admin’s militarism.”

      From 8pm to 9pm on Fox, there was extreme, even fundamental, disagreements between Tucker and Hannity on those key issues – the kind of internal debate unthinkable on any other network:”

      Glenn Greenwald

  2. Well, Jonathan, being the impetus is just fine, provided you phrase yourself correctly. For example, when W. tersely replied to the initial intelligence report on Iraq: “Is that all you got?” The briefers understood perfectly well that they were doing unacceptable work as far as W. was concerned.

    So he got the intelligence report he wanted. He was the impetus for the phony report. Unlike Blinken’s impetus gambit, W’s involved, oh, 100,000 thousand lives or so.

    Fortunately, there was a Secretary of State in Georgia with some backbone when impetus by Trump was directed his way. “I just want 11,780 votes.” So the impetus gambit did not come to fruition in that case.

    With Blinken, it did work — sort of, in that a letter was produced. But I don’t think the electorate bought into that letter. They didn’t respect the people who signed it. They didn’t believe Biden when he used it in the debate. And if anything, more people were aware of the laptop because people tried to ban the story. That doesn’t work these days with the Internet.

    Blinken may think he pulled a fast one. He probably thinks he has some credibility with the electorate. Wrong on both counts.

    1. I question whether SteveJ knows that much about group psychology when two groups are pitted against each other in an unrefereed competition….like a Presidential race. Critical thinking skills go out the window, and it’s more a battle of tribal loyalty, each side with their tribal beliefs and taboos. That psychology is a playground for the skilled infowarrior — truth takes a back seat to wild exaggeration and demonization of the other side’s wicked intentions (e.g. “they want to destroy the country”, or “they want to put black people back in chains”). The infowarrior crafts a false narrative that can be predicted to be what the target audience will WANT to believe, combining an understanding of their deep desires and frustrations, and building the narrative up from slight plausibility. The 51 IC officers received training at Langley and Quantico in PsyOps, which is advanced infowarfare theory. Do you imagine they had to sign an Oath never to use this training to defraud the American voters? I don’t.

  3. “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power. … We know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

    Trust your instincts, America. You deserve better than this. We all do.

  4. OT:

    “Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis on Monday said she would announce this summer whether former President Donald Trump and his allies would be charged with crimes related to alleged interference in Georgia’s 2020 election. Willis revealed the timetable in a letter to local law enforcement in which she asked them to be ready for “heightened security and preparedness”because she predicted her announcement “may provoke a significant public reaction.” In the letters, Willis said she will announce possible criminal indictments between July 11 and Sept. 1, sending one of the strongest signals yet that she’s on the verge of trying to obtain an indictment against Trump and his supporters.”

    1. ” . . . she’s on the verge of trying to obtain an indictment against Trump and his supporters.” Of course she is. That is how Democrats practice politics.

  5. They dropped that Tucker Carlson/Don Lemon news to distract y’all from the real truth, Bed Bath & Beyond coupons expire Wednesday. Stay woke my friend.

    1. I noticed, also, that pictures were also released of UFOs just in time to take out minds off of that hunter biden/biden crime family mess about to hit the fan.

  6. Jonathan: It was the lead story in the right-wing press–in the tabloids–the Washington Examiner and the NY Post–and then 4 days ago when Jim Jordan, GOP Chair of the House Judiciary Committee proudly claimed in a press release: “New Testimony Reveals Secretary Blinken and Biden Campaign Behind the Infamous Public Statement on the Hunter Biden Laptop”. Jordan claimed that in an interview former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morrel said “US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, then senior advisor to the Biden campaign, was the impetus of the public statement signed in October 2020 that falsely implied the New York Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden was the product of Russian information”. A simple fact check shows Jordan mischaracterized Morrel’s testimony.

    Last Friday the House Dems released part of Morrel’s testimony with the Judiciary Committee. When asked specifically whether Blinken had directed or suggested the 10/19/20 letter by 51 former intelligence officials Morrel stated: “My memory is that he [Blinken] did not”. In other words, Morrel did not say Blinken suggested the Biden could use some help in the campaign nor did he orchestrate the 10/19/20 letter. All of this Jordan left out of his press release.

    It’s pretty clear the story about Hunter’s laptop was not a big issue in the 2020 election. And it’s unlikely to affect the outcome of the 2024 election–despite all your efforts to keep it front and center. Now if Hunter gets charged with tax crimes that will get widespread media coverage. Will that alone affect the Biden presidential adversely? Who knows. But the ginned up controversy over Hunter’s laptop will not.

    The only “made” men here are those, like you, who continue to peddle the false claim that the Hunter’s laptop story involves an attempt by the press to suppress the story–with the collusion of the Biden campaign. It looks like that dog is not going to hunt!

    1. But there is that matter of all those bank records and money from China. There would have been no need for 50+ people to sign a letter about something that never happened. Lots of luck holding on to your theory, though.

      1. @whimsicalmama

        Noticed that too. They really do think we are stupid, and no one had better try to convince me at this stage that we are not dealing with a fascist regime on the left the West hasn’t seen the likes of in 80 years. Anyone avowing allegiance to the left is now officially either supremely privileged/ignorant, openly communist, or openly fascist. And I am saying this as a lifelong Independent voter who has voted for plenty of dems over the years.

        If their are shenanigans in 2024, I’m beginning to think open conflict is unavoidable. The worst part is, I think that is precisely what the dems want, and they will spin it into oblivion. We could very realistically end up in another Western war, and soon, if we do not put a STOP to this madness.

    2. “It’s pretty clear the story about Hunter’s laptop was not a big issue in the 2020 election.” Of course not, it was buried. That’s the point. The Tara Reade story received similar treatment, saving a lot of embarrassment for Democratic feminists.

    3. “Mike Morrel [sic] said ‘US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, then senior advisor to the Biden campaign, was the *impetus* of the public statement . . .’ “A simple fact check shows Jordan mischaracterized Morrel’s testimony.” (Emphasis added.)

      Someone doesn’t know the meaning of the word “impetus.” And can’t add 2+2.

      P.S. Morell was an important member of the Biden campaign.

  7. This is why Tucker Carlson was fired,

    “Carlson wrote to a colleague in a message a day after Fox, like other media outlets, called the election for Joe Biden. In another message, he referred to management with an expletive: “Those f—–s are destroying our credibility.” He later wrote: “A combination of incompetent liberals and top leadership with too much pride to back down is what’s happening.”

    He was badmouthing management. Dominion’s publishing of his texts which Fox News was unaware did him in. Ouch.

    1. Svelaz – I heard a big-time cable news dude was fired today for misogynistic statements on air, like saying women in their 50s are “past their prime” or some such thing. Was that Tucker too?

    2. “Those f—–s are destroying our credibility.” He later wrote: “A combination of incompetent liberals and top leadership with too much pride to back down is what’s happening.”
      He was badmouthing management”

      This should inform everyone that Carlson was a straight shooter and would say what he believed, not what others told him to say. Criticize his facts, but you can’t.

      Fox lost a lot of conservative viewers and there have been a number of comments from people on the blog that should have told you that the right had significant dissatisfaction with Fox. I have made such comments myself.

      1. Tucker is one of the most interesting political and cultural critics today. I hope he makes a statement giving his perspective on what happened.

        1. Daniel, I think he will make more than a statement. I think we will be seeing him soon elsewhere. Fox wanted to increase that time span so he was fired at the last minute without being permitted to say goodbye to his listeners.

          He is bright and articulate.

          Murdoch is about 92 years old.

          I think television news media is becoming insignificant. This will force conservatives off of TV and onto Internet shows. We were seeing this for a number of years. Where Tucker goes many will follow.

      2. How can you possibly conclude that Tucker “would say what he believed” when his private thoughts were so radically different from his on air persona? To draw that conclusion is mind-boggling.

        There is nothing “straight shooter” about him. On the contrary, his insubordination just showed his view that he was too big for Fox to fire him. Like many of his other opinions, this one proved incorrect.

        1. Tucker has a job and part of the job is to provide various news perspectives. He did so in his interviews. His private thoughts don’t belong. He showed his displeasure at some. He interviewed people on the left and acted the same with them.

          You are a hypocrite so you don’t understand how people are supposed to act. You can put on a Tuxedo and go to the Opera looking the part but inside you might as well be fishing in a sewer.

  8. Tomorrow, the trial in E. Jean Carroll’s civil suit against Trump for rape and defamation starts. Trump tried again to get the judge to reject the testimony from Natasha Stoynoff, and failed again. An earlier statement from Stoynoff about being assaulted by Trump:

    1. This is looking like the dark horse trial that will be far more damaging to Trump than the last one. And he’s still got two other cases against him pending.

    2. Anonymous: Trump is really nervous about the E. Jean Carroll case that starts tomorrow. Trump just hired W. Perry Brandt, a Kansas City, MO attorney to joint the defense team. Trump’s current attorneys in the case, led by Joe Tacopina, have lost every pre-trial motion before Judge Kaplan. Brandt doesn’t have the time to get up to speed to actually participate in the trial. So what might be his role? There is speculation in the legal community that Brandt will be the “closer”–the adult in the room who, at some point, will make a settlement offer to Carroll’s attorney. Brandt has never tried a high profile rape case–let alone in New York. Why else would Brandt be joining the defense team at this late date?

      1. I don’t know. I’m curious to see how this trial plays out. Curious whether Trump will even show up (he hasn’t committed to doing so). I suspect that Carroll wants a jury decision, not a settlement; I don’t have the impression that this is primarily about money for her, though I could be wrong. Time will tell.

  9. The Hunter laptop coverup ,by government agents and the on gong coverup of the Biden’s shady business affairs’ in and of itself tells you the next election is cooked. We are at present a corporate oligarchy. Citizens United vs. FEC solidified that making essentially massive financial contributions to candidates bribes masquerading as a virtue. The military industrial complex ,Big Pharma total control of their media puppets such as MSNBC have destroyed the Republic.

  10. It’s long, long past time, Men.

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    – Declaration of Independence, 1776

  11. Where in the world is President Susan “Barack Obama” Rice going?

    Who is the new puppet for Obama’s puppeteer?

  12. Matt Taibi on the news blackout:

    Excerpt: By any marker, this is an enormous news story. If we go by the usual measuring stick of American scandal, the Watergate story, this potentially meets or exceeds that, on almost every level. Does it reach into the current White House? Check. Was it a craven attempt to subvert the electoral process? Check again. Did a presidential candidate engineer a massive public deception? Yes, resoundingly. Did it involve intelligence agencies? Yes, and these weren’t amateurs like Nixon’s plumbers. These were 50 of the most powerful people in the intelligence world — including five former heads or acting heads of the Agency in Morell, John Brennan, Leon Panetta, Michael Hayden, and John McLaughlin — conspiring to meddle in domestic politics on a grand scale.

      1. From Taibbi’s link:

        An all-time media blackout is in effect. We’re experiencing real-time Sovietization.

        Finally someone has said it. It was about time.

        My last visit to see family in Cuba was mind-blowing. By my last day there I was in tears. When I returned to Miami I was distraught for days. I took wads of cash because American bank cards can not be used in Cuba. I first visited the western most province, Pinar del Rio, to visit family on my mother’s side, than La Habana for my father’s side. The former was pleasant but sorrowful, the latter put me on edge. I stayed in what once was the most prestigious hotel in the Caribbean, where US Presidents stayed prior to Fidel Castro, Hotel Nacional. I stayed there to keep the peace with relatives. They each wanted me to stay with them so I stayed with none of them. Alas, they were not allowed to enter the hotel lobby nor restaurant. I called the manager and demanded my family be allowed to dine with me, or else I would leave the hotel and find another one. Cash, esp. the US dollar, speaks loudly in Cuba. They obliged. But my relatives were terrified at the restaurant in the hotel. None of us were happy. I was furious and they knew it. So I asked one of my cousins to take us for a drive in his beat up car where I would pay for fuel. We all piled inside, 6 of us, and no one said a word about what had just happened. So I broke the ice, and my aunts and uncles said a few words, but my eldest aunt told me I was doing something very dangerous by initiating a conversation. I asked, “¿Porqué dices eso?” (why do you say that?). The car windows were closed, we were traveling about 30 mph along the Malecón (famous historic boardwalk) on the Bay of Habana, and no one was near our car, in spite of it moving. My aunt replied with a deadly serious tone, more serious than anything she had ever said during my stay, in a low voice, Están escuchando (They are listening). My heart sunk. They had been brain washed. The fear was in their blood. They cowered to the mighty arm of Fidel. I was sickened.

        I have been experiencing déjà vu these last few years. I feel like I am in Cuba, where los líderes saben todo (the leaders know everything).

        I am relieved Matt Taibbi, a well known, left of center, investigative journalist with 20+ years experience, has called it for what it is. I have experienced Communism, including having relatives killed (Arkansided) for “unknown” reasons, though we knew it was for speaking against the Revolución. It is happening here. AG Merrick Garland called parents of school children “terrorists”. Senator Chuck Schumer threatened Catholic SCOTUS Justices. Senator Diane Feinstein declared about SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett, “the dogma lives strongly in you”. Biden has declared SCOTUS illegitimate, as have several members of his party’s politburo. Yes, the DNC is a politburo. Merrick Garland failed to defend Catholic SCOTUS Justices where Justice Kavanaugh was almost assassinated. Catholic churches and Pro-Life centers are firebombed and Catholics praying the rosary at an abortion center have their homes raided by the FBI. And on and on and on.

        I did not vote for Trump, never watch TV news, have always had contempt for FOX News (CNN and MSNBC more so), but take it from political refugees who saw America as a chance to be free and pursue our dreams. People like me fear for the United States of America because literally the Marxists have penetrated our government at the highest levels including the news media. I wish I were wrong but talk to any immigrant who fled a totalitarian government. They will say the same thing. Matt Tabbi confirms our worse fears.

        1. Estovir, thanks for providing this. It jives with what my wife says about living on the wrong side of the iron curtain. Multiple arrests and Jail X2. Party members stealing food, etc. The end of misery followed her crossing a minefield.

          A chance for freedom is worth the lottery of jail and death. When injured abroad and stretcher-bound, immediately on landing, she had the attendants lower the stretcher so she could touch and kiss the ground. Only then would she permit her transfer to an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

          1. What does she say about America today? It is a very unsettling topic so perhaps she prefers to say nothing for fear of blowing a gasket.

            A friend who is a surgeon has a mother who is from Hungary. Like your wife, she left Hungary in the stealth of night risking all, having no guarantees, during Communist rule (1945-1989). She told her son, my friend, that when she was a young girl, she and her friends would walk to school in groups out of fear. Dead bodies could be seen hanging from the tress as a reminder. My friend understands the current situation in America all too well


            1. “What does she say about America today? ”

              She faced discrimination in this country, along with job discrimination. She still loves those people who prevented her from getting a job (they didn’t kill or incarcerate her) she was the most qualified for, but she hates those on the left that wish to destroy America.

              One can thrive despite discrimination, but cannot if one is silenced and lacks freedom.

              I am lucky to have been born at a blessed time with freedom and the ability to work for what I want, but from an early age, I recognized how great this country is. Though I didn’t suffer, much of the family I never knew suffered or were killed.

              My wife and I love America and its people, absent those who wish to destroy others for their power and purse.

    1. And yet, Like the Hunter Biden Laptop story – the Left, Democrats, the MSM are trying as hard as possible to bury it.

      Nixon resigned because Republicans would have voted to impeach and remove him for LESS malfeasance than this.

      Nixon Tried to use the IRS for political purposes – that was one of the counts in the articles of impeachment.
      Nixon Tried to use the CIA for political purposes – also a count in Nixon’s articles of impeachment.

      Biden has SUCCEEDED in both.

      So Where are democrats ? Still covering.

  13. Perhaps Blinken can get the “former 51” to write him a letter – without winken.

    1. Upstate, your comments regarding the deletions put a smile on my face. The guy and all his deflated basketballs is being put in the trash. He has been piling up the numbers today and I wish to thank him and let him know that the 70,000,000 number is growing faster. Thanks in part to him. But a much greater reason for the growth is people are looking for the truth, not seen in the MSM. The Bug’s deletions keep the blog cleaner. We don’t have any use for his non-stop four letter words.

      1. .A deleted post says: “And I’m not “Bug”

        Your comment was deleted. That is some evidence that the field of possible posters is narrowed. Of course, you could be ATS because of some of the words used. ATS likes to use an address he knows will likely be deleted. It doesn’t matter, Bug or ATS leads to the same cr-p and the same stupidity.

        Darren is helping to keep four-letter words off the blog and a few other things. That is what Professor Turley desires. Political comments are not censored, dirty language is. This blog you utilize while marring it is free. Civilized people recognize that benefit, You do not.

  14. Liberal democracy describes a governing system in which citizens are afforded knowledge about the activities of their government by elected representatives who conduct governmental affairs openly under the requirements of a constitution. Its opposite illiberal democracy describes a governing system in which citizens are denied knowledge about the activities of their government by those who exercise the real power; thus it does not constitute an open society. If we need another term to define all that has gone wrong with liberal democracy being replaced with illiberal democracy, “The 51” is one worthy of consideration. We didn’t know of it then, but we know of it now as one that can be used to describe where a government’s actual power resides.

  15. Over a period of eight years, a cabal of leftist leaders in government, journalism, business, science, and education have created the most tyrannical power structure in American history. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to due process, and equal protection under the laws have all been swept aside. Fortunately, we are in the final days of this despicable era, which will be brought to an end as peaceful, law-abiding, everyday Americans, Republican and Democrat, rise up and take back their country.

  16. Just for fun, and in response to the comments which have mentioned the 2020 elections, a few observation regarding the extent to which there might have been fraud, allegations which were never properly investigated, making it impossible to know how many of the 158,383,403 votes cast were legitimate and how many fraudulent (of course, since it was the freest and most secure election in US history, I am sure that every single vote was cast properly and every single mail-in vote harvested and cured properly).
    Biden indeed won by 7,052,770 votes; he received; 81,268,924 votes (51.31 percent of those cast) and Trump a mere 74,216,159 (46.86 percent of those cast). The difference was that most of Biden’s votes were not cast on election day; just 17 percent of those who voted for Joe did so on November 3. Another 24 percent voted in person before that date, and 58 percent by mail. But 37 percent of Trump voters showed up on election day, 30 percent voted in person prior to that date, and only 32 percent voted by mail. Biden got 65 percent of the mail-ion vote, Trump got 65 percent of the November 3 vote and 52 percent of the early in-person vote. In other words, had there not been a tremendous increase in mail-in voting, Trump would have won. Given that no country in Europe, or pretty much anywhere else, allows ‘mass’ mail-in voting because it is so susceptible to fraud (at least that is the experience of the British and French), it seems reasonable to ask where Biden’s margin of victory lay.
    The answer if New York, California, and Illinois, which gave Joe 8,115,036 votes more than they gave Trump. The District of Columbia registered 317,323 votes for Biden, and just 18,596 for Trump, a difference of 298,737, which is pretty remarkable. Indeed, California and New York put Biden over the top for the popular vote, with 7,090,008 more for Joe than the Donald. Illinois gave Biden 1,025,028 votes more than Trump. Just two states account for the difference in the popular vote, and that, of course, is why the electoral college exists, unless everybody is cool with two states determining the outcome of an election in the other forty-eight.
    Of course, Joe also won those swing states, but, again due to mail-in voting, not to in-person voting, either on election day or prior to it. Drop-boxes, votes harvested from nursing homes, and cured ballots were the winning margin. No need to bad-mouth Dominion. In Arizona, Joe’s margin of victory was 10,457 out of 3,333,829, or 0.3 percent; in Wisconsin, 20,682 out of 3,241,050, o 0.6 percent; in Georgia, 11,979 out of 4,935,487, or 0.2 percent . . . only in Pennsylvania did Joe defeat Donald by a big margin, 80,575 of 6,835,903 votes, or 2.0 percent . . . very impressive!
    Stats are from and

    1. 1. Trump lost by 232-306 electorial votes.
      2. To flip the election, he had to carry GA (16), AZ (11) and PA (20) or MI (16; – 154K votes), all states he won ’16.
      3. In the 1st place # 45 lost, because GOP electorate who prefer the policies of globalists like Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) either did not or voted for Biden (“Lincoln Project”).
      4. Regardless of whether the Republicans will use “ballot harvesting” in ’24, no GOP Presidential candidate will succeed because there are two units: MAGA grassroots & RINO backers: A decisive number of voters prefer a DEM win to one from the other unit [1]
      5. On a seperate note: Konnech droped lawsuit against True the Vote. The voluntary dismissal came a day after Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips launched the Open.Ink website, which houses important evidence related to the case.


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