Newsom Sends a Card: California Governor Suggests that Reparations is More Than Just Money

For months, we have been discussing how Democratic politicians would deal with massive reparation demands after campaigning for years on such payments being a moral imperative. As proposals rose to as much as $5 million a person, Newsom went silent. Now, California’s Reparations Task Force has issued recommendations for reparation payments as well as a slew of other benefits for black citizens. Newsom has finally responded by what sounded like the common birthday card that reads “I couldn’t afford a present so I gave you this card instead.” With California billions in the red, Newsom appears to be sending up a trial balloon on offering heartfelt apologies, promises of reform, and no cash.

In addition to the cash payments, the Task Force called for eligible residents to receive $13,619 for each year of residency due to racism in health care; $148,099 or $3,366 for each year between 1933 and 1977 for housing discrimination; and $2,352 during the 49-year period between 1971 and 2020 for mass incarceration and racist policing.

Newsom told Fox News Digital that reparation”is about much more than cash payments.” Instead, he stressed:

“we’ve already been hard at work addressing: breaking down barriers to vote, bolstering resources to address hate, enacting sweeping law enforcement and justice reforms to build trust and safety, strengthening economic mobility — all while investing billions to root out disparities and improve equity in housing, education, healthcare, and well beyond. This work must continue.”

Good luck with that.

Citing “reforms” already in place makes the Task Force look like the ultimate bait-and-switch. It makes black voters look like chumps given recent polling showing a massive shift in the Black community on the question: 77 percent of Black Americans now support reparations.

For years, Newsom and other Democratic politicians have campaigned on reparations and that bill has now come due. A card and an apology is not going to cut it.

Just last week, speakers demanded cash in large amounts. Rep. Barbara Lee (D., Cal.) declared that “Reparations are not a luxury, but a human right long overdue for millions of Americans. We are demanding that the government pay their tax.”

She was not talking about a heartfelt apology.

Nor were others at the hearing.

In prior hearings, speakers have been asking “where’s the money.” Some warned the Democratic task force that they would not vote for the party unless they received money before the 2024 elections.

San Francisco’s board of supervisors is also facing the same expectations after a recommendation of its African American Reparations Advisory Committee to give $5 million to each eligible Black resident as reparations.

Some balked at even that figure. Reverend Tony Pierce asked “Where’s the money? Where’s the cash? Where’s the check?” “$5 million, San Francisco’s already made a move. $5 million is nothing.”

Some congressional Democrats have pushed for similar federal reparations and passed a bill out of the House Judiciary Committee in 2021 that failed to receive a floor vote. BET founder Robert Johnson has called for $14 trillion in federal reparations.

Even Disney has gotten into the act with a controversial children’s episode in which cartoon children demand reparations.

The years of calls for reparations have created a greater expectation, even an urgency. One well-known California activist declared: “It’s a debt that’s owed, we worked for free. We’re not asking; we’re telling you.”

As I wrote earlier, this bill has come due for Newsom and he now appears to be making the long-awaited pivot away from payments. As expected, it is a bit late for the pivot after politicking on the issue for years to gain votes.

As one minister declared at the hearing last week, “Tell Governor Newsom we’re coming. He knows me.”

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    1. Newsom played with fire, now we’ll have to see whether he has caused California to get burned to the ground.

  1. Dear Prof Turley,

    A card is nice, but many of your California readers must wondering how/if they might qualify for the reparations.

    Briefly, “You ain’t black if you vote for Trump”. ~ candidate Biden

    *hope that helps

  2. If Reparations ever do go through, then the same people we have seen looting, committing arson, committing a disproportionate amount of crime, and helping drive businesses under, will get a huge financial settlement, most of which will come from the very people they’ve preyed upon.

    One of the foundational principles of the modern Democrat Party is that black people cannot be expected to follow the law, not do drugs, get married before having kids, or take care of themselves. It is the racism of low expectations. These low expectations are not applied to any other demographic, regardless of the deprivation and danger of their backstory.

    Why do we not hold up the Middle and Upper class black Americans as representatives of black culture? Why are the lowest achievers projected as black culture? Black rappers glorifying treating women like hookers, doing drugs, using the N word which is de facto prohibited for any other race to say, committing crimes, and killing each other are not role models. The only common positive role models in black communities appear to be black basketball and football players. Why aren’t successful black people held up as black culture? Misty Copeland, Ebony Williams, Ben Carson, George Washington Carver, Mae Carol Jemison, Katherine Johnson, Gladys West, Kizzmekia Corbet, and violinist Randall Goosby?

    You don’t see Barrack Obama looting, nor Michelle Obama having kids with various absentee fathers.

    We need to stop glorifying failure. When we think of black culture, we need to think of the middle and upper class black families, living productive, conservative lives, and contributing mightily to the world.

    1. 40 plus years ago, barely 6 months after we were married, my wife was abducted off the street walking to church and violently sexually assaulted.

      A few hours changed our entire lives.

      One of the most important lessons that we learned was that no matter who was at fault – and there was lots of blame to spread arround,
      no one else in the world was going to put our lives together.

      There were people who were helpful. There were people who were harmful.

      But in the end the hard work of rebuilding our lives was ours mostly alone.
      The people whose malice or negligence had harmed us were not going to fix our lives – and they could not even if they wanted to.

      If there is something wrong with your life – the only person who can fix it is you.

      Reparations is more likely to do harm than good.

  3. The monster now unleashed on citizens of the state who have no excuses for not having appreciated the shortsightedness of a political leadership that governs on a spur-of-the-moment basis.

  4. Of course black voters support Reparations. Who wouldn’t want $1.2 million?

    Slavery was ubiquitous since the dawn of man. It’s the inevitable result of the rule of the club. Slavery existed in all civilizations that I am aware of, including pre-Columbian Native Americans.

    It was Western Civilization that ended slavery, as the concept of individual liberty evolved as incompatible with enslavement. Great Britain, Mexico, and the US were at the forefront of abolishing that evil institution, and yet it appears that the US must forever be unforgiven for the sin of slavery. Why do those who freed slaves forever be labeled guilty? When does the child bear responsibility for the sins of those who lived in the same country as his great-great-great-grandfather? Only a tiny fraction of Americans owned slaves at any time in US and colonial history. People who had never owned a slave fought to free them, many giving up their lives or getting maimed, their families destitute as a result. Western Civilization is owed a debt of gratitude for ending slavery, not this unending resentment.

    Slavery still exists in Africa. The electric vehicles California governor Gavin Newsom seeks to mandate all use batteries that rely on components, such as cobalt, that are mined with black slave labor in The Congo. Men, women, and children labor in brutal conditions to produce the materials needed so Liberals can congratulate themselves on their environmental virtue while driving their electric cars. Slavery still exists in Asia, as well. Some of the items in your home might have been produced by enslaved Uighur in China.

    It is neither slavery nor racism that holds back black Americans. Black people immigrate to the US with nothing, and within a decade, far outperform black Americans. They have the same skin color, operate under the same alleged systemic racism, and start without any generational wealth. People immigrate here from Asia, with no money, and they, too, far outperform American-born blacks. Even though they arrive in grinding poverty, their kids study hard, don’t do drugs, don’t break the law, go to college, and become successful professionals.

    At what point will black Americans be responsible for their own choices? Black Americans commit a shockingly large proportion of crime in America, compared with their percentage of the population.

    Black activists resist every effort to make the black community and black majority schools safer. They defunded police, which led to skyrocketing rates of black-on-black crime, including murder. Black small businesses closed forever due to BLM riots and resulting crime surge after police were defunded, and yet activists blame the food and pharmacy deserts, and total lack of jobs, on white supremacy. Perhaps it might have something to do with the constant looting.

    Black activists declare that racial disparities of outcome must be the result of racism. When black students get suspended, or disciplined, more often in schools, filled with black administrators, and black teachers, it inexplicably must be because of racism. Instead of addressing why black students get in more trouble, they simply demand that black students not get punished. They resist cops in schools to deal with the violence and drugs. They declare that every proven step of success, studying hard, staying in school, not doing drugs including pot, not breaking the law, and above all, waiting to have kids until marriage, are all components of white supremacy. They actually lift up self-destruction as laudable. The result is that kids with no fathers, born into poverty in crime-ridden neighborhoods, turn their local public schools into Lord of the Flies. Bright, sweet children enter those schools, and have to become hardened and brutal to survive. It’s like gangland. Those schools should be packed with male volunteers to stand as father figures, and cops to tamp down the crime, so that at least school is a safe place for these precious kids, but activists ride in to ruin the day and prevent these measures.

    There aren’t any white people in those schools or, often, in the communities. Are we to believe it’s white people’s fault that black teenagers mock black students who raise their hands in class? It’s white people’s fault that black people do drugs, or have kids out of wedlock, or that black fathers are totally absent in too many black kids’ lives? These children grow up having never known a stable nuclear family, and then they can’t teach the next generation what they don’t know.

    The design of the Welfare program decimated the black nuclear family. It used to be illegal for black slaves to choose whom they marry, or to remain with their family against an owner’s wishes. When slavery ended, you couldn’t separate a black man from his wife and kids with a crowbar, a herd of mustangs, and the Marines. Black women used to have lower rates of single motherhood than white women. Democrats created a Welfare system that financially penalized the nuclear family. A mother received more income if she did not even put her baby’s father’s name on the birth certificate, and did not live with the father. It put a bounty on broken homes.

    The calculus is the same for single mothers of any race. A single mother is statistically more likely to have kids born in poverty and high crime neighborhoods, who do poorly in school, either fail to graduate or do so with poor literacy and math skills, commit crimes, do drugs, join a gang, go to prison, and/or are murdered. This is true of single mothers of any race, except for those who are wealthy and can hire staff, such as famous actresses.

    Children achieve more success when raised in a stable nuclear family. When parents divorce, children do better when both parents are a regular, active presence in their lives.

    1. Karen S.
      Another great comment.
      I would only add that having a good support network for single mothers is important too.
      We have a friend who got out of a bad relationship and we do what we can to help and support her. Sometimes it is something as simple as just playing with her child so she can breath for 5 minutes.

    2. Karen S.– thank you for the excellent comment. I wish I had written it. As I’m sure you recall, when Johnson was President, Moynihan warned of the destructive effect Great Society programs would have on black families but his concerns were dismissed. He truly was a voice crying in the wilderness. We should have listened.

      1. Actually helping people is incredibly different. One of the problems the left fails to grasp is that throwing money at problems often makes them worse.

        It is not helping people to with all good intentions make their lives worse. It is immoral.

        In all of human history one thing by many orders of magnitude has raised more people out of poverty than anything else.
        Free markets and greater individual freedom.
        Nothing is close.

        Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, … have done thousands of times more good than Mother Theresa.

        Over my lifetime the population for the world has doubled, During the same time – the stanard of living of the poorest people of the world – has more than doubled.
        until the recent spat of global inflation and war, starvation has been essentially eliminated.
        In fact absent strife and war and conflict there is not a nation in the world that is not capable of feeding itself.
        The average calorie per day intake globally has doubled since 1965.

        The standard of living in China has gone from an average of $300/yr/familiy to 11,000
        India has improved similar. The entire world has doubled its standard of living.

        We produce atleast 4 times as much food – using half the land we did in 1965.

        None of this was done by government.
        None of this was done by Charity.

        Adam Smith noted 250 years ago that it is not charity but the self interest of others, that improves OUR lives.

        The data is massively overwhelming.

        The proof of the intellectual incompetence of the left is that they actively seek to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

        Govenrment is important – but it is a tiny portion of what is necescary to improve peoples lives.

        What progressives today seek will assure that progress is abysmally slow – if it is forward at all.

        It begs the question of whether their goal is not the actual creation of chaos and conflict.

  5. So, now we know what deflection story Turley would write instead of commenting on the E. Jean Carroll victory against Trump.

    1. A joke of a case—she doesn’t even know the year. How can he remotely defend himself. Laugh all you want–until something like this happens to someone you love.

      1. SPO: He DID defend himself: said he didn’t even know her, then he mis-identified her as his 2nd wife, Marla, in a photo that included him, Ivana and Jean’s husband. He also said she wasn’t his “type”, but, again mis-identifying her as Marla, whom he married after she gave birth to Tiffany, proves this is a lie, too. He denies assaulting women, but then said to Billy Barr on the “Access Hollywood” tape, that he can grab women by the crotch and they “let you do it if you’re famous”. He included himself as someone “famous”. If Trump had a deserved reputation as someone who is honorable and well-respected, that would be different, but he doesn’t. He is known as a narcissist, liar and sociopath. He is NO victim here. The money judgment iis nice, but it doesn’t take away what he did.

    2. Note to all blacks in California: the above commenter would happily pay you said reparations. Good luck finding xis/xer/its real name and address, other than a troll farm

    3. EJean’s case just proves what is more obvious by the day: They are out to Get Trump by burying him in nonsense lawsuits …
      and at the same time they (DOJ, FBI, CIA, Fake News, et al) are working overtime to bury the actual evidence of Biden’s corruption and criminality. Gotta wonder why, right?

  6. What’s astonishing is the verve coming from the White Liberal Leftist, the utter lack of common sense by all parties, and the greed often found in people when offered compensation, but these morons are reaching far beyond the stars.

    Why does anyone believe they are entitled to anything, when linage has had six to eight generations since the adoption of the Thirteenth Amendment? Did ancestors not pull up their bootstraps?

  7. Jonathan: It appears only California’s Governor Newsom and the Dems are serious about reparations for the descendants of slaves. You and the GOP are opposed because “where’s the money” to pay that overdue bill? Reparations might cost as much as $14 trillion.

    During the last 25 years the GOP controlled Congress slashed taxes on the wealthy and profitable corporations. Trump’s tax cuts in 2017, from which he personally benefited, added trillions to the national debt. All these tax cuts amount to $10 trillion. So, like Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal”, let’s take from the rich and help with paying our debt to Black Americans who are descendants of the slaves who built this country. Rescind all the tax cuts for Donald Trump and his wealthy brethren and put that money to a better use. Now, I know my proposal will appeal to a lot of your loyal followers on the blog. Right?

    1. “where’s the money” to pay

      The Bidens and Dems get it from the Chinese

      Hey Yo, Uncle Joe, how bout sending Me some of that Chinese Money – I could use that cash-money now.

    2. Dennis. Since the War on Poverty act US has paid out approx., $26 Trillion in Benefits. Be like Cassius Clay AKA Muhammed Ali, when he first visited Nigeria. He said; “Thank God my G-G Grandfather got on that boat. Slaves built this country? Where in Africa has that brilliant thought process mutated and proven your theory?.

    3. Leftists like Dennis never seem to be able to differentiate between letting people keep more of THEIR OWN MONEY and taking money away from people in order to give it to others. So in their pea brains there is no difference between a tax cut and an actual give away of other people’s money. They see both as a government “expenditure”.

    4. “You and the GOP are opposed because” blood guilt is evil, exacerbates racism, and causes ethnic wars.

  8. All “we” owe to people is an open-opportunity society brimming with on-ramps to self-development. And, rewards for responsibility-taking.

    The slavery to be concerned about today in CA is sexual slavery and indentured servitude, both violations of law.
    It should be a serious felony to take a foreigner’s passport away and hold it as “security”. 20 years in prison.

    There is always going to be unearned misfortune — health problems, traffic accident injuries, career crises, crime victimization, etc. The WORST way to deal with misfortune is through a filter of racial identity.

    The best way is to nurture a thriving, innovative human development economy (privately-owned HumDevs run by social entrepreneurs), which offers on-ramps to healing, learning, career-building, family-formation, prison-release,
    addiction rehab, pre-parenting education and pregnancy support services, financial planning, leadership development. These services should be constructed as post-racial.

    The mistake in the reparations proposals is their shallow concept of wealth — as a pile of money, or the balance in your bank account. Wrong. Wealth is earning power — which is coupled with savings for long-term financial security.

    Earning power is obtained through learning the skills, discipline and habits of responsibility-taking. It is obtained by undertaking relationships of trust. None of these things appear instantly by giving someone a lump sum of cash.
    As we’ve seen with many children inheriting big sums of money, it is often squandered on drugs, vicarious consumption, expensive vacations, restaurants, flashy cars…and is spent down to zero.

    Reparations payments would unleash a bonanza for con artists taking advantage of those with little money-managing sophistication. Remember what happened in Russia in 1993-94? Every Russian got equal certificate shares of ownership in the state-industries. Within a year, oligarchs bought up majority shares by trading a bottles of vodka for certificates. This demonstrates that wealth cannot be transferred by fiat, but rather can only be acquired gradually through effort, skill-building, financial education and a long-term planning.

    We need policies that are about building the future we want, and which turn away from ugly parts of the past no longer relevant. And we need policies that encourage wealth accumulation through human development, not
    fiat transfers of cash sums. We need to understand the true nature of wealth as earning power, and then apply that to improving an open-opportunity society based on initiative and self-development.

  9. While reparations is currently argued over the issue of slavery, it could very quickly become the rallying cry for any number of laws that have and continue to harm American citizens. Jim Crow laws are obvious. Less obvious but equally harmful involve the Eugenics movement. Abortion (Planned Parenthood) and forced sterilization are still practiced and supported by law. The pool of potential victims would grow exponentially. With any call for reparations, there should be an investigation into the organizations that lobbied the government for laws that infringed the rights of our citizens and then the government actors responsible for passing the legislation.

    It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind.

  10. The best was when Angela Davis found out on ‘Finding Your Roots’ that her ancestors came over on the Mayflower and were slave owners. It’s just delicious to think that Davis, a black Marxist professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz and longtime member of the Communist Party USA would have to PAY reparations. Kamala Harris’ family also owned slaves and plantations. Tell us again Democrats, exactly who pays who what?

    1. I had descendants on the Mayflower also. Wow, maybe me and Angela are cousins. I should get in touch with her. We could be pen pals.

  11. If anyone to the right of Comrade Stalin were to back down on their previous statements concerning this issue s@2tlibs would have a field day.

    Hate to break to you lefties but I am Hispanic and owe Blacks NOTHING (today’s Whites do not either). And the soon to come Asian-Hispanic run society of 2060 will not tolerate their shenanigans.

    Only some so-called Hispanic leaders, AOC and Al Sharpton types fantasize about some imaginary “black brown alliance”.


  12. If 80% of white are against reparations, who’s going to pay? What politician or party will get elected promising to give trillions of The Peoples’ money to individuals who were never slaves? Further, with all levels of government stretched to the limit to provide essential public services, infrastructure, education, healthcare and more, where will the money be taken from? Education? Healthcare? The military? Police?

    Reparations are a formula for social conflict, riots, killing and chaos. Irresponsible politicians like Gavin Newsom who unleashed it on a deeply divided nation deserve to incinerated by the trouble they confected.

  13. Not to mention, our highest law protects individuals from sins of the father.
    Carter gave tribes reparations even though the Indians started and continued the war.
    Also all of the harm claimed was not perpetrated by government.
    Confiscate all of the democrat funding mechanism and give it to the black community.

  14. Wait a minute, didn’t Trump say he did more for blacks than anybody? He said so himself, he’s better than Lincoln. If that’s true, reparations isn’t necessary. But ya gotta give Turley credit, for masterfully distracting and diverting about Trump’s legal problems. Then again, he does have the practice perfected.

    1. This is why you are a brainwashed, dis and mis-informed dupe:

      Not a single tweet about bombshell Biden family bribery schemes laid out in lengthy presser by @GOPoversight

      Washington Post (2 on Santos)
      NYT (3 on Santos)
      Politico (2 on Santos)
      CNN (1 on Santos)
      MSNBC (2 on Santos)
      ABC News (3 on Santos)
      CBS News (2 on Santos)

      Trump called them the Fake News, and again, Trump was correct.

      1. Don’t hold your breath waiting on the “Biden family Bribery” investigations’ your brain needs all the oxygen it can get. Of course you’re still holding your breath about Obama’s birth certificate and Hillary’s e-mails, and the Durham investigations, which is why you exhibit brain damage now.

        1. House probe unveils fresh evidence contradicting Joe Biden claims about family’s foreign deals

          House Committee on Oversight and Accountability
          “Multiple Biden family members received money from the Chinese after it passed through an associate’s account. Additionally, Hunter Biden received money directly into his company’s account from a Chinese-controlled entity.”

            1. I really do enjoy when you make such juvenile comments.
              Only reinforces for all to see what an uncivil, ugly mind you leftists have.
              Thank you! 🙂

            2. BIDEN: “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings”

              Hahahaha. Riiiight, keep on lying thru those fake teeth, Joey.

        2. Five words for you, Fishy: All roads lead to Joe.

          Over *170 Suspicious Financial Activity Reports*….banking records, transactions….etc. Hard evidence the DOJ/FBI/CIA have been burying.

          House Oversight reveals the nine Biden family members that received wire transfers from foreign nationals via shell companies.

          1. Hunter Biden
          2. James Biden
          3. Sara Biden
          4. Hallie Biden
          5. Kathleen Biden
          6. Melissa Biden
          7. Niece/nephew
          8. Niece/nephew
          9. Grandchild

          Attention! Fish brains exploding! Cleanup on aisle 5.

        3. Please explain why a VP would create a bunch of LLCs whose only purpose appears to be receiving payments.

          1. It is difficult to imagine an individual NOT forming an LLC to own/manage commercial activity. More to the point, however: what is the business purpose of the LLC; has the LLC filed all federal, state and local tax returns; in what state(s) are the LLC’s formed; did every LLC member file and pay income taxes on LLC profits; were the members required to file federal forms to do business offshore; did the LLC have ownership in the foreign entities from which the payments were received; etc., etc., Utilization of LLC’s is but the tip of the iceberg, if not a whole herd of bergs.

          1. The litmus test:
            Lets see how Norah O’Donnell CBS Evening News and David Muir ABC World News Tonight cover this Story this evening
            Will they Pass or will they Fail – The reporting will be telling about Their respective News Corps.

            1. Not So Much as a Peep ! The Media is So Corrupt…
              If it was Trump & Family it would be Everywhere.
              This kind of S_ _ T has been going on forever and on Both sides of the Isle (Bush Bin-Laden Carlisle Grp),
              And the News Corps are Cover it Up. To many News Companies & Agency’s are involved in concert to “Cover Up”
              the fleecing of the The People and Powers-to-Be filling Their Pockets.

              What Tucker Carlson is saying about Our so called “News Coverage” is so right.

              We are going to WAR with the Russians, Very Soon. The Pied Pipers are going to rob Us blind and make a Windfall as the music plays on.

              Outrageous !

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