Blinken Contest: House Committee Prepares to Hold Secretary of State in Contempt

The House of Representatives and the Biden Administration appear in a staring contest waiting for any sign of Blinken.

Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) warned Secretary of State Antony Blinken that the House Foreign Affairs Committee is moving to hold him in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with subpoena requests related to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

There is no question that the Committee has a legitimate oversight interest in the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan at a huge loss of life, abandonment of thousands of allies, and seven billion dollars in military equipment. The committee specifically wants to review a full copy of a dissent cable that had been signed by nearly two dozen State Department officials warning Blinken of a Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan a month before the terrorist group’s takeover occurred.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the cable undermines the claims of the Biden Administration that it had no forewarning of the chaos that would unfold in the country.

The State Department has stonewalled the Committee, offering oral testimony and a summary while refusing to turn over the document. In his letter, McCaul warned that “the Department is now in violation of its legal obligation to produce these documents and must do so immediately.”

McCaul added that “It strains credulity to believe that the official responsible for preparing the cable summary and briefing Congress on it would be unable to provide this information.”

This has not been a great month for Blinken. He was earlier identified as the Biden campaign associate who “triggered” the infamous letter of 51 former intelligence officials claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop was likely “Russian disinformation.”

He was then named as a contact of Hunter Biden in the Obama Administration as part of an alleged influence peddling operation. (Blinken previously denied such contacts and was accused of lying under oath).

Even among those who wanted to end the war, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was condemned by Democrats and Republicans alike. Given the loss of lives and equipment (as well as the impact on U.S. standing), there could not be more obvious subject matter for congressional inquiry.

The question is whether Blinken and the Administration really want to test this in court. Attorney General Merrick Garland would likely decline to prosecute Blinken for contempt (despite his green lighting such prosecutions against former Trump officials), but the Congress could go to court to compel production.

The Biden Administration has racked up an impressive line of losses in court. It has already succeeded in looking like it wants to hide the document. If it is classified, it can be handled in a classified setting, but it should be produced rather than trigger a new fight over the separation of powers.

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  1. Big deal, he’s found in contempt. So what? No teeth in any of this saber-rattling. I’ll believe it when someone gets locked up. Start with Wray for not delivering the document the committee demanded. NO MORE TALK, lock them up.

    1. And really look at their ears…..they all for antennas in their ears! Cut to length! I am certain an autopsy of blinked will reveal antenneas! But by this invasion he’ll be over too… no one will look at his hidden in his ears frequency of radio! What a shame and sham! Because his ears are obvious!

  2. .

    Pages and pages of corrupt activity by Joe Biden, including bank receipts, banks, companies, etc. It is too much to digest in one reading, much less one day. It has to be at least scanned by all because this even shocks me.

    Solomon discusses it here:

    “The money stops flowing from the Romanian national soon after Joe Biden leaves the vice presidency,” Comer said during a news conference Wednesday. “This is a pattern of influence peddling.”

    Even this summary, where the above is a tiny sample, is impossible to digest in one day, much less one hour.

    Yes, we have a corrupt president. The left will try and claim coincidence, but if one throws the dice one hundred times and it lands on snake eyes every one of those times, one can recognize it is not coincidence but corruption.

    1. Congressman George Santos Charged with Fraud, Money Laundering, Theft of Public Funds, and False Statements

      Joseph “the Big Guy” Biden:

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      And this bird you cannot change
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  3. Jonathan: You should be concerned by the open anti-semitism appearing on your blog. We see it more frequently these days on Elon Musk’s Twitter. And now we see it here in the comments to this column involving Blinken, a Jew. “Rob” says the banks, the Fed and other government institutions are “owned and controlled by a Zionist Global Cabal…the US is a slave state of the Zionist Global Cabal…”. (5/10/23 @ 8:07 am). Shakdi Dagalimal echoed Rob’s anti-semitic tropes. (5/10/23 @1:09 am). “Eckbach” says Trump could not get a fair trial in NYC because the trial was “overseen by a ‘Kaplan’ no less,…” (5/10/23@ 12:34am). A not so subtle reference to Kaplan’s Jewish heritage. Maybe Dagalimal and Eckbach think that if they spew out their antisemitism in the middle of the night no one will notice.

    Under your “Civility” rule you say “We will delete personal threats and openly racist comments”. I would put virulent anti-semitism in the same category as “racist comments”. Is Darren Smith aware of the anti-semitic hate speech on your blog?

    1. Dennis – why is it acceptable on the Left to express anti-white or anti-Christian sentiments.

    2. Not true. How could anyone be accused of anti semetism when the Zionist Globalist Cabal members have no Hebrew DNA. They were originally from Khazaria (now Ukraine) and are Jews by religion only. They are NOT Semites. Face facts.

      1. Preston James is a phony like bob. from his bio: “Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University.” Take note, even on his own pages this phony says he has a doctorate from a major midst big ten university but can’t name the university. Phony as can be.

          1. He and his crowd are Looney Tunes. They are the creators and dispensers of this garbage. Should you have words of your own that are defensible, state them. Hiding behind links from crazy people is plain lunacy and shows you to be as crazy as them.

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