“I Don’t Want to Do Any of This”: IRS Whistleblower Defies the Biden Administration and the Media

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Below is my column in the New York Post on the most recent whistleblower coming forward to publicly accuse the Biden Administration of “slow walking” the investigation of Hunter Biden. The source of the interference with the IRS investigation, according to Gary Shapley, was the Department of Justice. It is the latest chapter in the story of “The Incredibly Shrinking Merrick Garland.

Here is the column:

“I don’t want to do any of this.”

Those words from 14-year IRS veteran Gary Shapley may be the most important line in his CBS News interview this week.

After weeks of Democrats dismissing whistleblowers alleging the president’s administration interfered with investigations of Hunter Biden, Shapley had enough.

Putting his career and much of his life at risk, Shapley came forward to say he and others believe Hunter is being protected and identified the Justice Department as the source of the protection.

Shapley has every reason not to want to do any of this.

After all, as President Joe Biden stated last year, “No one f–ks with a Biden.”

For years, a Democrat-controlled Congress refused to investigate Biden family influence-peddling, and the press dismissed people raising Hunter’s laptop as spreading “Russian disinformation.”

The media have worked hard to minimize the blowback after acknowledging the laptop’s authenticity and the growing evidence of millions in influence-peddling.

Part of this effort at “scandal implosion” has been to dismiss any criminal charges as relatively minor tax violations unconnected to the president.

Indeed, when the president recently agreed to a rare sit-down interview, the White House chose MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle.

Before asking about his son Hunter’s scandal, Ruhle emphasized it was “something personal” with “no ties to you.”

Many of us guffawed at the claim given multiple references on the laptop to President Biden, including possibly sharing in the proceeds from influence-peddling with foreign governments.

The problem is Shapley suggests some uncomfortable questions on how Biden’s administration may have worked to minimize charges against his son and, according to Shapley, “slow-walked” the investigation.

His interview explains why the Justice Department can indict figures like Rep. George Santos (R-NY) on a variety of fraud and money-laundering charges in a few months while spending years investigating Hunter Biden with no conclusion.

Shapley made clear he had never seen this level of interference in his long service at the IRS and said it was done “at the direction of the Department of Justice.”

And he said the interference began as soon as he “took control of this particular investigation”: “I immediately saw deviations from the normal process. It was way outside the norm of what I’ve experienced in the past.”

Shapley did not rush forward or leak to the media.

Rather, after watching decision after decision made to benefit Biden, Shapley reached a breaking point in what he called his “red-line meeting” when he and his team were removed from investigating the president’s son.

The interference came from a familiar source.

The Justice Department under Attorney General Merrick Garland has been criticized for his refusal to appoint a special counsel to investigate the expanding allegations of Biden family influence-peddling — which include possible criminal charges from bribery to tax violations to money-laundering.

The laptop included references to Joe Biden getting a 10% cut of one Chinese deal.

Biden associates are warned not to use Joe Biden’s name but to employ code names like “the Big Guy.”

At the same time, the president and first lady are said to have benefited from public office and received payments from Hunter.

The emails also contradict the president’s repeated public declaration that he had no knowledge of his son’s foreign dealings — including by photos with his business associates and an actual audio tape referring to the deals.

Garland refuses to appoint a special counsel who would then have the ability to write a report on the alleged massive influence-peddling operations the Bidens run.

It is all part of the “incredible shrinking Merrick Garland,” who promised to prevent any political influence over his department.

We now have multiple whistleblowers alleging interference from the Justice Department to slow-walk investigations or shield the president’s son.

We also have questions raised by IRS agents’ visit to the home of Matt Taibbi, who helped expose the government-Twitter censorship program.

They appeared on the very day Taibbi appeared before Congress and was attacked by Democratic members as a “so-called journalist.”

(The subcommittee’s ranking Democrat, Delaware Stacey Plaskett, later called for Taibbi’s possible arrest.)

The IRS opened its probe of him on a Saturday — Christmas Eve last year, just weeks after his exposé.

With the GOP controlling the House, there will now be congressional investigation and oversight into these allegations.

But Shapley and other whistleblowers will soon learn that when it comes to many in the media and Congress, they also “don’t want to do any of this.”

Jonathan Turley is an attorney and a professor at George Washington University Law School.

208 thoughts on ““I Don’t Want to Do Any of This”: IRS Whistleblower Defies the Biden Administration and the Media”

  1. “The Department of Justice and FBI have lost their way. They’ve been weaponized against Americans who think like me and you……Republican presidents have accepted the canard that the DOJ and FBI are ‘Independent.’ They are not independent agencies, they are part of the executive branch. They answer to the elected president of the United States.

    Ron DeSantis

    One should not have to be a graduate of Yale, Harvard Law, served 15 years as a US Naval Judge Advocate General with a tour of duty in Iraq, and appointed by the U.S. Department of Justice to serve as a Special Assistant U.S. attorney at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Middle District of Florida, to state unequivocally what DeSantis stated. Eric Holder unapologetically declared he was Obama’s “wingman”, one who did far more damage (Obama) to the DOJ than anyone prior.

    There are 3 branches of government, and every single govt agency falls under the governance of one of the 3 branches. This isnt that difficult. DOJ is under Biden’s thumb, and Biden is a compromised president who is being handled by nefarious agents. Calling parents terrorists, Richmond FBI placing agents within Richmond Catholic churches, IRS investigating Matt Taibbi, allowing ANTIFA BLM terrorize America from coast to coast since 2020, CDC shutting down our country over a respiratory virus that is endemic, FDA approving vaccines without requiring the gold standard test of Randomized Clinical Trials, having open US borders, the list is exhausting as to abuses by Democrats and the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch (e.g. January 6 rioters).

    No one should be surprised that the Democrats are calling SCOTUS illegitimate. Marxists did that in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China, USSR, etc. Once the Dems have control of SCOTUS, it will be a question of time as to when Americans will be dressing alike in Mao suits, and undergo starvation and / or genocide like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong did to > 80 million of people, while the New York Times / Walter Duranty covered for Stalin. Time Magazine declared Stalin “Man of the Year” twice.

    Americans had best take note and realize they may be the next USSR, CCP, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc if they continue to depend on their political parties. The Republicans and Democrats allowed our country to get to where it is today. They want nothing more to have us feeding measured grains of rice from their blood soaked hands as they live luxurious, free lives like Fidel Castro.

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    1. You rock, Estovir! The question that I ask every day is: How do we wake up America before it’s too late?

    2. Excellent. In this video by Neil Oliver, he says:

      the hiding of the truth, the obscuring of the facts is being pushed as our new normal. Sad to say that even when the truth is revealed, and more and more truth is revealed everyday, too many find it too hard to look at. It’s like a house infested with rats, but with the inhabitants finding the rats too hard to deal with. And preferring to ignore the evidence all around, they keep their eyes closed instead; “I see no rats, so their are no rats.” The lying is all around us, all the time, living with lying, accepting lying, is another part that is offered up as The New Normal.

      The power the media have over the survivability of this charade is enormous. We got a glimpse of that with this CBS interview. There are likely many, many more whistleblowers ready to come forward, but their courage will have to be matched by the courage of the media to start exposing the truth.

  2. unable to extricate yourself from writing ‘Hunter’ push pieces without ever even attempting to address the fact that his so called crime wasn’t actually a crime.

    Hard to get evidence when the FBI is corrupt and refuses to submit to congressional oversight.

    Congress has subpoenaed a specific non- classified document from the FBI and Wray refuses to provide it, and Garland refuses to order Wray to do so.

  3. “the president’s administration interfered with investigations of Hunter Biden” and his supporters chant, nothing to see, nothing to see. Three blind mice with their eyes closed. They risk getting what they want but risk the loss of a tail and the head as well.


  4. Like this is a surprise??? NOT!!!
    Most corrupt administration in the history of the USA with his Department of Injustice right up there with Organized Crime…

  5. It occurs to me that the Bidens ARE the end result of modern leftist insanity from the last time their ilk ruled the roost and all that they imposed. And the time before that. Bidens are beyond good and evil because they abdicated the position of even a shred of morality generations ago.

    They are the dinosaurs; ‘progressive’ is a misnomer of hilarity beyond imagining. We have to accept that we are essentially dealing with an aristocracy that had been marginalized for awhile, but never really went away.

    We did it before, and we can do it again.

  6. my question is why the Republicans don’t just leave the debt ceiling…and force cuts with pay as you go government?

    1. Guyventer,

      “my question is why the Republicans don’t just leave the debt ceiling…and force cuts with pay as you go government?”

      Because it would hurt YOU and everyone else. it would make things worse for YOU. You have no idea why it’s a really bad idea to default. It’s not good for anyone.

      1. Svelaz, their is still revenue comming in every day.
        We have already identified, non essential personel. Fire them.

        The US still has revenue, all we have to do prioritize spending

        1. Iowan2 says, “Svelaz, their is still revenue comming in every day.”

          Shows how ignorant you are about how government budgets work. They can’t legally spend that money. There’s is zero authorization to spend anything after the deadline. Revenue coming in is irrelevant if you can’t spend it. Meaning every government agency will shut down. SS security checks will stop. Congressmen will not get paid. Banks will not be able to lend money to the government and foreign governments can won’t be buying treasury bills. Meaning we will owe them money.
          Defense contracts will not be paid meaning no jobs at defense contractors and those who rely on people those people to buy their services.

          It will start a bad chain reaction that will be very hard to recover from and you WILL be whining about it before it gets much worse.

            1. “SS security checks will stop”
              How is that possible when we payed for it?”

              Let’s see if you can follow the logic.

              You pay for it, correct. Who distributes the checks? GASP! Government employees. Who processes the accounts? GASP!! Government employees.

              How do government employees get paid? GASP!! Thru government funds AUTHORIZED BY CONGRESS. A default means congress failed to authorize the expenditure of THEIR paychecks. Meaning they aren’t going to come in and work for free. Right? Right? Would you work for free? I don’t think so. You expect people to work for free so you can get your SS check? BWAHAHAHA!!!!!!

              1. As is typical you are full of schiff.

                This talk of Default is NONSENSE.
                The only way the US can actually default is if Biden Chooses not to make debt payments.

                Absolutely a failure to reach a deal will cause a great deal of pain.
                as you correctly note – a large portion of the nearly 4M government employees will be out of work and without a paycheck for sometime.

                Btu a failure to raise the debt ceiling is much like a LITE version of a govenrment budget shutdown.

                The US government is taking in just under $500B/MONTH. That is more than the cost of US debt payments for the entire year.
                US debt payments are about $50B/MONTH.

                That leaves about 450B for other things.

                The Big problem is that while the Federal govenrment receives $500B/month it spends about $600B/month.

                So A failure to raise the Debt ceiling means that Government must tighten its belt by less than 20% – until this is resolved.

                Failure to raise the debt limit is like the abrupt imposition of a Balanced budget amendment.

                It is NOT nearly as draconian as a shutdown because a budget was not passed.

                Further unlike a Shutdown it REQUIRES the executive to properly manage its funds.

                During the Obama shutdown – Obama closed the national parks – this was despite the fact that the parks took in more money in fees than they spent.
                Obama closed the parks because Republicans are the primary users of federal parks.

                Without raising the debt limit – Biden must curate his spending.

                The constitutionl obligates him to make Debt payments. Biden can not “invoke the 14th amendment” that was idiotic nonsense from left wing nuts.

                The 14th amendment ALWAYS requires the President to make Debt payments PERIOD. If the federal government only takes in ten cents – it MUST constitutionally pay the debt with that.

                There is far more than enough revenue to pay the debt.
                There is far more than enough to pay SS and medicare.
                There is far more than enough to pay for everything the federal government has already bought.
                There is far more than enough to pay the government employees necessary to make all those payments.

                The immediate impact of not raising the debt limit – would be that about 20% of the federal govenrment would shutdown.
                That is FAR LESS than during a shutdow that occurs because there is no budget.

                The government could operate for MONTHS – possibly years without raising the debt limit.
                Significant portions of the federal govenrment would be “layed off”. Many government projects would NOT go forward.

                But most of the operations of the government would continue as normal.

                1. “The only way the US can actually default is if Biden Chooses not to make debt payments.”

                  Nit-picky point of order…Congress is responsible for making payments, but it’s true that Biden could veto the legislation that authorizes those payments.

                  1. JAFO, I never thought about this. Aren’t the checks (etc.) issued by agencies under the control of the executive branch?

                    1. My understanding is that all spending, both ‘continuing’ and new, originates in the House. That was the basis for my comment. I can’t be sure once the money is allocated by legislation to executive agencies for specific use, the House can’t redirect those funds that haven’t yet been spent. But it seems wrong if the President to has a power to refuse to spend allocated monies as it was legislated. For example, if budgets, CRs, and other bills pass with interest payments to National debt in specific amounts are to be applied, does the Executive branch the have power to divert that money to a different agency and other use? I’d be very surprised if the law says, Executive, here’s some cash for paying these items but feel free to change the parameters and spend it however you wish. I could be wrong though.

                  2. nit pick – congress is responsible for authorizing payments – and it has done so.
                    Though arguably the 14th amendment allows the president to make debt payments without constitutional authorization.

                    But it does NOT authorize the president to borrow more money.

                    1. Agreed. I wrote that hurriedly…meant to say Congress authorizes, not ‘makes’ payments.

                      I was distracted realizing that Mark is the “Sheldon Cooper”-equivalent in his field at that same moment. ‘All theoretical, no practical.’

                    2. Comments are not computer programs or mathematical proofs.
                      We are not required to get every detail precisely correct.

                      Imprecise language is perfectly acceptable – even necesscary – so long as it does not distort important facts.

                      Calling what may or may not occur in a few days “default” – is lying – and everyone, even republicans are doing it.

                      using making rather than authorizing for the houses power of the purse is inconsequential.

              2. I do not expect anyone to work for free.
                I expect that if no deal is reached, that until one is reached Biden will:

                Halt all future expenditures that are not mandatory.
                Lay off all government employees in non-essential positions.
                Cease all non-essential government operations.

                Basically Biden will do about 1/3 of what he would have to do if there was a shutdown caused by a failure to agree to a budget.

                A failure to extend the debt ceiling is not a default and does not require a default.

                The only way that the US will default is if Biden Fails to do his constitutional duty. and pay the about $50B in debt payments he must make each month with the $50B in revenue he collects.

                A failure to extend the debt limit will result in a PARTIAL govenrment shutdown – not even a full one.

                The great danger for the left is that people might no notice.

          1. Svelaz: thank you. All of this is bad, but long-term-wise, it’s the damage to America’s reputation for honoring its obligations that will forever tarnish our AAA rating for T Bills. That fallout can’t be fixed, because it could no longer be said that America always honors its obligations in a timely fashion. All sorts of fiduciaries, especially those responsible for funds to benefit handicapped people and children, consider purchasing T Bills as a prudent and safe investment. If McCarthy and the Republicans allow us to default without raising the debt ceiling, that good reputation will no longer be considered reliable.

          2. “Shows how ignorant you are about how government budgets work. They can’t legally spend that money. There’s is zero authorization to spend anything after the deadline.”
            False. The only thing hitting the debt limit does is it prevents Treasury from further borrowing.
            That is ALL.

            ” Revenue coming in is irrelevant if you can’t spend it.”
            That is correct, but it is also not true that they can not spend it.

            ” Meaning every government agency will shut down.”
            False. Government will be about 17% short on revenue.
            Most of government will continue as normal.
            A few agencies will be completely shutdown.

            “SS security checks will stop.”
            Nope. They are mandated by law as well as the 14th amendment.

            “Congressmen will not get paid.”

            “Banks will not be able to lend money to the government and foreign governments can won’t be buying treasury bills.”
            The only thing you have said that is with certainty correct.
            Government will not be able to borrow. Treasury bonds are a form of borrowing.

            “Meaning we will owe them money.”
            You do not owe people money merely because you are unable to borrow.
            You owe money because you PREVIOUSLY borrowed.

            There is 10 times the revenue needed to make loans payments.
            The US will not default – those Talking about “default” are recklessly engaged in hystrionics.

            “Defense contracts will not be paid meaning no jobs at defense contractors and those who rely on people those people to buy their services.”
            Contracts for services already rendered will and must be paid. Whether defense and otherwise.

            Some spending will have to be cut – again about 17% of all govenrment spending. Because things like the debt payments and SS are mandatory.
            Cuts in discretionary spending will have to be larger. Possibly as many as 50% of governement employees will have to be laid off.
            Some government contracts will have to be paused.

            “It will start a bad chain reaction that will be very hard to recover from and you WILL be whining about it before it gets much worse.”
            It is likely it will start a recession. But that is merely a question of timing. We are going to have a recession NO MATTER WHAT.
            It is the only way to clear inflation.

            As to the rest – if our country rests on Government spending – we are already in serious economic trouble.

        2. Iowan2, I agree with your comment but the problem with “prioritizing spending” is that the Dems will do everything in their power to make the cuts hurt to the maximum degree to try to gain political points.

          I’m already making plans on how to pay the rent given that both my Social Security and veteran’s disability payments will most likely be delayed.

        3. Hitting the debt limit means that the Federal govenrment will fall 17% short on revenue.

          It should not be that difficult to find 17% of federal spending that can be delayed or skipped entirely.

          This is a fake crisis.

          Anyone using the word default is LYING.

          Tearing up your childs credit card – means they can not borrow further.
          It does not mean they die.

      2. Of course it would hurt.

        All of us would be better off with limitless credit and no need to repay.

        But at some point you must pay the piper.

        Now is better than later.

        Nearly always “doing the right thing” hurts – otherwise everyone would do it all the time.

        Doing the wrong thing is usually easy. And painless – until later.

      3. a 17% shortfall between revenue and expenses is NOT a default.

        The only way the US defaults is if Biden refuses to follow the constitution and pay the debt service FIRST.

        The Federal Government could pay off our entire debt in 5 years with current revenue. If it spent nothing else.
        It could pay it all off in 20 years – if it just sopped borrowing.

  7. This is particularly interesting which Turley supposedly missed.

    “Shapley told CBS News that he was concerned about how federal prosecutors handled “a high profile, controversial” investigation. Multiple sources previously confirmed to CNN the person at the center of that investigation is Hunter Biden.

    In a letter to a federal watchdog agency this month, attorneys for Shapley said he first raised concerns about “irregularities” in how the Justice Department was handling the case in the summer of 2020 during the Trump administration. Shapley said he continued to air his concerns about the case in the following years under the Biden administration.”

    So, the “irregularities” started during the Trump administration under Trump’s DOJ? We know how obsessed Trump was with Hunter Biden and how he wanted to use him to smear President Biden. Remember, he tried to blackmail a foreign leader into “digging dirt” on Hunter Biden by holding up military aid which ended up getting him impeached.

    It’s weird the whistleblower is granting a public interview BEFORE the hearing in congress.

    Republicans have claimed multiple whistleblowers and whatnot without providing any evidence that they exist with the exception of this one. Some have mysteriously disappeared or never may have existed in the first place.

    We know Republicans are desperate to find anything to back up their allegations. They tried for years and still have nothing to show for it. It’s a years long witch-hunt. That’s all it is.

    1. You are talking about Russian collusion right???
      Anyone who does not see the abject abuse our legal system through the Biden crime family had to be the model for that movie…
      Dumb and Dumber…

      Just saying…

    2. Republicans have claimed multiple whistleblowers and whatnot without providing any evidence

      First, you are just wrong.

      Second, you have yet to call out Schiff, Swallwell, Pelosi, Clapper, etal, that stated clearly the had in possession of Trump colluding with Russia.

      Republican are holding the receipts. Unlike Democrat lies.

      1. Iowan2,

        “Republicans have claimed multiple whistleblowers and whatnot without providing any evidence

        First, you are just wrong”

        You can’t articulate why I’m wrong. That lack of proof is the problem. Republicans cant’ even find these whistleblowers they keep talking about. They can’t even provide copies of their testimony to the committee democrats who are demanding copies of their claims. Republicans just provide hearsay as evidence. How convenient.

        1. You can say this with a straight face as 3 whistleblowers testify publicly before congress – even more privately, and the IRS whistleblower appears on CBS ?

          We aited months for Eric Ciaremllo to show his face. Even today – it is just speculation that he was the Trump whistleblower.

          He “disappeared” never showed his face.
          Or was it someone else ?
          Or given that it was shifty schiff – maybe there was no whistleblower.

          Maybe it is just a lie.

          You seem to think people have forgotten the conduct of democrats.

        2. That lack of proof is the problem.
          Proof is adjudicated. The proper word is evidence. Evidence is accumulated to lead to proof

          every post highlights you abysmal use of the language, and sorry lack of vocabulary.

    3. The “irregularities” started under AG Barr and Trump’s watch. It would seem that the whistleblower noticed attempts to make things look worse than they are or was being prevented from following a narrative established under the Trump administration. That’s just an assumption of course, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

      The investigation of Hunter Biden spanning years just seems to be an old obsession of Trump. He is after all, the one who kept insisting on investigating Hunter Biden because he wanted smear Joe Biden before the election.

      We know have reports that Trump deliberately moved boxes of documents before the FBI and the DOJ came to Mar-a -Lago to investigate for NARA. It has been shown Trump rehearsed the moving of boxes in case the DOJ came to look. Clearly that is intent to keep documents that were not his, Trump proved he indeed commit theft. Yikes.

      1. The WB says the prsecution is being “slow walked” by DOJ.

        That is NOT trying to make things worse than they are.

        Do you feel the slightest need to conform your claims to any of the actual facts ?

        You have a prosecution that is taking half a decade to move forward.

        You have a WB that is saying the investigation is being “slow walked” by DOJ -= which agrees with known facts.

        And your response is to try to blame Barr who has not been AG for more than 2 years ?

        Further we all know – and Durham concluded that the DOJ was politically biased even under Trump – against republicans and in favor of democrats.

        One of Durhams’s conclusions is that like the Hunter investigation – the Clinton investigation was politically tilted to avoid prosecuting Clinton.

        While Garland and Biden are a FACTOR. the Fundimental issues is that DOJ itself – under Trump under Biden is politically corrupt.

    4. Republicans have PLENTY to show.

      Myriads of emails. All kinds of actual influence pedaling.
      Gobbs of money. Shell companies, structuring, slush funds, diamonds. shady foreign businessmen.
      lots of druggs and prostitutes. sworn falshoods on government documents, millions in unpaid taxes.

      If you had 1/100th of this on Trump he would be in jail.

  8. I wonder if the action of President Trump relating to Ukraine was related to the Biden family.

    I know that’s beyond the scope of the article, but there seems to be a protectorate within Washington of keeping President Biden from being held to account for any alleged wrong-doing throughout his entire career.

  9. Thank you Jonathan. Several years ago, JP Morgan was severely fined under the Federal Corrupt Practices Act for hiring Chinese princelings – sons of top Party officials . I think it is worthwhile understanding that if the FCPA applied to bribery of US officials, Chinese, Ukrainians and others would be guilty of criminal offenses in paying Hunter Biden. We are hypocrites in the US on this issue of bribery of officials.

  10. Bug, maybe influence peddling isn’t technically a crime, but money laundering and tax evasion related to the proceeds are crimes. So is the obstruction of justice suggested by Mr. Shapley.

    Joe has been implicated in the scheme with testimony from a former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, and the House has revealed suspicious foreign payments to the Biden clan. I could go on and on about the mounting evidence against the Bidens, including Joe.

    This isn’t going away. If this was Trump, the troll section would be singing a different tune–and Trump would already be in jail.

    I doubt Biden will run, again. I think he’s just head faking to avoid becoming a lame duck as long as possible. He’ll cut a deal for a blanket pardon from the Democrats, and he doesn’t have to worry about Delaware. That’s his machine.

    1. Bug writes, “The head fake that would be truly sensational would be to switch places with Kamala Harris on the ticket.”

      Honestly, I think the main reason for Biden to not run is to keep Kamala out of the Oval office. If he perishes in office, it goes straight to her, and she would be a flop. That can best be prevented by him departing as soon as possible. His legal liabilities–which are substantial–are only the second-best reason for him to leave office.

      I don’t think that’s just Diogenes talking, either. I strongly suspect the East Coast machine has zero confidence in her. The only reason she was picked was to pay off the West Coast oligarchs so they would fund Biden’s campaign after he ran out of money. The oligarchs wanted their bag woman to be in line for the Oval Office, and that quid pro quo never sat well with East Coast machine. They don’t want her giving their jobs to hippies from Humboldt County. There’s a lot of self-interest wrapped up in this.

      Of course, my musings could be described as mere conspiracy theories, but as they say, the only difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is about six months.

      1. Bug writes, “Certainly wouldn’t stop the vast right wing conspiracy from turning on her in earnest the minute she took the top spot, we only have to look at history to see that.”

        LOL! I resemble that remark!

  11. Turley is spot on. The most important sentence in this article is the last one – “But Shapley and other whistleblowers will soon learn that when it comes to many in the media and Congress, they also “don’t want to do any of this.”” —

    Most folks still don’t get it. A handful are waking up, but most don’t get it, even as they see it unfold.

    The obvious and already exposed crimes hiding in plain sight as they are now from the Biden family are evident and no longer hidden. But nothing will come of it. Why? Because the republicans in congress won’t do anything.

    Oh sure they’ll hold hearings, and investigations, and they’ll show and repeatedly express “outrage”. They’ll make speeches, get their base all fired up, they may even feign impeachment hearings. But the republicans in the Senate, … will not ratify it. Most will vote for it, but somehow magically “a few” republicans, just enough to let it fail will either abstain or vote no. He won’t be impeached.

    Because in the end, they’re ALL corrupt, they’re all in on it together and its a fools errand to think otherwise.

    But our countries full of cheerleaders. Millions of them on both sides, happy to cheer their “side” on, never realizing their side doesn’t actually exist. Most folks still don’t understand that there aren’t “two sides” when it comes to our govt.

    There’s just one side. Their side. Its all their side. And until folks wake up and put down their partisan pom poms, nothings going to change.

    1. Why should they when their credit cards still work, drugs of all kinds flow like water, and Facebook is still live? Most people have foresight that extends about the length of their noses and they want as little to do with participating as possible (actually the great irony of our spoiled brat victim class, but I digress). And that’s all assuming they even understand civics well enough to follow along in the first place.

      If you’ve ever seen Idiocracy, it’s the equivalent of Frito saying, ‘Go away, batin’!’. 🙄

    2. And for those party cheerleaders out there who think I’m wrong, …where is your outrage over Dick Cheney and “Rummy”? They start a war in Iraq based on lies they sold to the American Public then turn around and hand Dick Cheney’s company Haliburton the ENTIRE deal to run the operations for the war. A trillion dollar contract handed over in public to THE VICE PRESIDENTS BUSINESS…. and the population cheered it on.

      When some watchdog groups pointed out that he was raking in billions from a war he launched, the right wing and half the left wing shrugged it off.

      What short memories folks have. Or like how Building 4 collapsed that morning, containing ALL the DOJ’s records (we had paper records back then) of their investigation into DICK CHENEY’s INFLUENCE PEDDALING AND CORRUPTION… but magically Building 4″imploded on itself” that morning…..

      No other buildings fell, but somehow blocks away from the towers this lone little building IN BETWEEN OTHER BUILDINGS, imploded and burned up destroying ALL the DOJ’s records on Vice President Cheney.

      Then he goes on to leverage public support to start a bogus war in Iraq, taking out the very strongman HE and Donald Rumsfeld stood up a few decades earlier and “walla”. He retires with 400 BILLION dollars in blood money he earned from launching a bogus war on millions of innocent people in Iraq, and NO ONE SAYS SQUAT.

      These are crimes hiding in plain sight people. They’re happening in front of your noses, while you’re busy off waving your pom poms for “your party” and never bothering to see the corruption out of their own “side”.

      This is happening because of US, not them. Oh sure they’re perpetuating it. But they couldn’t do it without OUR support.

      Wake up people. Put down your pom poms and wake up.

    3. “Most folks still don’t get it. A handful are waking up, but most don’t get it, even as they see it unfold.”

      You mean they are going……woke on the Hunter Biden “scandal”?

      1. No, something on the order of 70% polled think the Biden’s are corrupt.

        Put simply – people see through you.

        1. John B. Say,

          Polls? 70%? I’m sure that’s just among republicans. We all know how reliable polls are, especially those we don’t name.

          1. These are polls like Harris and Pew and CNN.
            Nor are they republican polls. The same poll that has 70% of people not wanting Biden to run again or saying that Biden getting elected in 2024 would be a total disaster also have 60% not wanting Trump.

            But there is a huge difference between Trump and Biden’s numbers – Trump is unpopular because of relentless bad press and relentless weaponization of government. And I also noted Biden loses to Republicans on 19 of 20 of the top issues of Americans.
            Republican policies and particularly TRUMP’s policies are popular. Trump’s high negatives are driven entirely by attacks and propaganda.

            Conversely Biden has had a very favorable press, and government has been weaponized to protect him. And DESPITE massive propaganda efforts to bolster him – he is doing significantly worse that Trump.

            There is a very very detailed Harris poll out that covers hundreds of factors and issues. While it is not universally bad for democrats – it is quite close to universally bad.

            Trump’s recent CNN townhall was horrible for democrats. Asodfe from the fact that he successfully appealed to many people on policy issues. Trump came off as a competent, articulate leader at the top of his game. Biden is in Japan meeting the G7 and he is coming accross as an alzheimers patient.

            It is not just that he is making lots of mistakes, and stumbling – we have had capable presidents stumble before or forget the names of the world leader of the host country before. These are common periodic embarrassments for those who spend 24×7 in the public eye. Biden’s problem is that he almost NEVER comes accross as not a geriatiric alzheimers patient. I have seen one occasion int he past year were he did not come accross as a lost old foggey – and even that – the top of his current game is NOT a match for Trump – not by an order of magnitude. Not a match for desantis, not RFKjr, not any of the minor contenders on the left or the right.

            Steve Forbes is predicting and I agree that Biden will NOT be the Democratic nominee for President. Biden has been in decline for years. Since years before 2020.
            But his decline is slow. Republicans have exaggerated his decline – but at the same time – they are not lying, and it is slowly worsening.

            There is not enough propoganda and political trickery, or lawless electioneering to overcome the problems of the Biden administration.

            I mostly focused above on a head to head comparision between Biden and Trump – or even between Biden and any candidate that can Fog glass, on issues of competence.

            But even if we skip past the Biden is not competent issue – the Biden administration policies have been an absolute disaster. Even WaPo is rating most of Biden’s talking points – which Gigi likes to repeat as complete garbage. The 2023 Economy is in a slow downward glidepath. This was predictable and inevitable when We spent $7T mostly on Covid, but also on other left wing nut Garbage. Trump bears SOME responsibility for that – but the dameage from this spending increases exponentially with the amount of spending. Paul Krugman and the MMT squad are getting a lesson in basic economics. No nation anywhere ever has been able to massively print money without devastating consequences. Regardless it is likely that by Dec 2023 AT BEST the economy of 2023 will have been as bad or worse than that of 2020. Except for 2 HUGE differences. First there is no “pandemic” economic excuse for 2023. And second from the economic pandemic shock of March 2020 the Trump 2020 economy was headed towards recovery. By Jan 2021, inflation was 1.4% and growth was 6%. Last 2023 Growth figure I heard was 1.1% and DROPPING, and inflation is stubornly stuck at 6% and NOT DROPPING. Ordinary people may not understand the economics that caused this. But they DO understand whose fault it is. Not only does Biden OWN this – but democrats OWN it too. Democrats controlled the house, the senate and the WH that caused this mess. This is a large part of why even democrats are likely to abandon Biden at some point. There is a significant risk of a democratic bloodbath in 2024.

            Absolutely no doubt – with a fawning press, with a few months of semi-competent Biden. With an overhyped abortion narative, With massive couch potato vote, Basically with almost everything in their favor democrats survived 2022. While the tactics were dishonest and disreputable. and we MUST do something to restore integrity to our elections. Buy hook or Crook democrats did better than expected in 2022.

            Repeating that is going to be hard. Even Ruy Tiexierra – the Democrats “demographics is destiny” guy is warning Democrats that increasingly THEY have the problems that Republicans had a decade ago. Increasingly Democrats are the establishment party, the party of WHITE elites. The party of big business,
            Democrats are slowly losing the minority vote – a few pts more with each election cycle. They are losing the working class vote,
            And the gains in couch potato’s they gained from mailin voting – are NOT a trend, While the GOP has demographic TRENDS towards it.
            The couch potato vote dropped 20pts between 2020 and 2022. But for abortion as an issue in 2022 – and MOSTLY the pros and cons cancelled – EXCEPT Single young white women.

            I have wasted too much time on election analysis and speculation – that is looking into crystal balls and oujija boards. And frankly Democrats miraculously pulled a rabbit out of the hat in 2022 – and even that was just they did not lose as bad as expected. Regardless, every negative for democrats of 2022 is likely to be WORSE in 2024. How many more rabbits do you think are in that hat ?

            II would note – that even the things YOU call victories are ultimately losses. You got a huge settlement from Fox – 3/4 of a Billion and Tuckers Scalp.
            And Anheiser Bush has lost 15.7B in about 90 days. As Bad as Fox is doing Murdock is thanking god he did not agree to feature Mulvaney.

            You have won a fair number of lawsuits. Ordinary people MIGHT trust the jury on SOME of those. But you win Bat$hit crazy lawsuits and all that does is cause people to distrust ALL democratic wins. You are constantly harping on the Election lawsuit wins and your J6 copmmittee wins and your DOJ J6 wins, and ….
            But all you are doing is undermining peoples trust in the courts, in DOJ in FBI in government, in democrats.

            I think House republicans are doing a bang up job. They are tossing out enough red meat, by removing schiff and Swalwell from committees and now moving to expell Schiff – I do not think they will move forward with that, but the news story about it is good for republicans. Overall House Republicans are finding the right mix of Revenge and restoring the rule of law to the house. They are NOT behaving like J6 democrats did. They are making their case relentlessly and slowly.

            I would further note that the Biden admin is playing right into their hands. The smartest thing that Joe Biden could have done was to have appointed a Special Counsel long ago, that would have allowed DOJ/FBI to much more effectively stonewall house republicans – refusingt to provide information because of ongoing investigations. That was the tactic used to shore up the criminal conduct of the DOJ/FBI regarding the Steele Dossier and the Trump presidency.
            And it mostly worked – it took half of forver to find out that Obama, Biden, lost of Top Obama brass and a score of alphabet agencies conspired to attempt a coup against the sitting president. By the time enough people grasped the scope of the misconduct it was old.
            What you FAIL to grasp is that STILL damaged democrats, Biden, the alphabet agencies, etc.

            House republicans do not need to cite FBI Directory Wray for contempt – though they may. They do not have to get the 1023’s that Wray is protecting – apparently that are MANY just for the month of June 2020. They do not need to impeach Wray or Garland or Mayorkis, or Biden – though thereis some possibility that might become politically beneficial at some point.

            There is not likely to be any actual accounting for any of these people – except politicaly and reputationally.

            Is there anyone on the planet that thinks Hunter Biden or any of the Biden clan are going to jail ?
            The democrats game is to bury this, to keep it out of the news. The republicans want it to be in the news constantly – except when stories of other government failures or bad economic news replaces it. The efforts to Thwart house republicans are themselves good stories for Republicans. Better than any whistleblower is retaliation against whistleblowers. The 1023 that Comer is after – and now we know there are many of them – is likely to be salacious – but it is also hearsay – that is what ALL 1023’s are – and I can already hear you ranting hearsay, hearsay, hearsay. But the harder the FBI fights to hide it, the higher the stakes get, the more damning the 1023 is – even if it never sees the light of day.

            BTW the Abortion clinic Protestor that Garland SWATTED – the jury acquitted him in 60 minutes. Outside of baiased democrat bastions – people still get a fair trial.
            I beleive Trump is suing WaPo for 3.7B in Florida. If what is happening to Bud Light is a measure – WaPo should be terrified. But you reap what you se\ow. I warned you with the conduct of Democrats in the house, with the court cases that you are so sure are consequential, that the worse outcome for the left might be winning.
            Even when you win against Trump – you are STILL losing.

          2. Harris has Trump +7 over Biden for 2024. ABC has Trump +6. That is consistent with 70% of people terrified that Biden will win and 60% terrified that Trump will win.

            I would suggest getting out of the left wing bubble. You do not have to watch Fox to get an honest picture. We are in the twilight of the big corporate media.
            There are myriads of independent outlets that you can watch or read. Enjeti and Ball on the rising are to the left of center. But they are solidly derisive of Biden and democrats. Even if they do not like Trump – they KNOW corruption when they see it.

          3. Here is the Rising reporting on Democratic problems with Biden.

            Their poll numbers are different from other sources those i cited, the numbers are different – but NOT so much as to be meaningful.


          4. You can lead a horse to water – but you can not force them to drink.

            Polls have many problems. They are not good at gauging what people want in terms of complex policies.
            They are conversely very good at assessing the mood of the county and assessing binary issues.

            I would further note that for more than a decade polls have had an inconsistent 3-5 pt bias against conservatives.

            By that I means that while the polls are NOT always wrong – the predictions of a red wave in 2022 were based on the near universal assumption that the polls were off the same 3-5pts that they had been for the 3 previous cycles. Turned out they were almost dead on. And Republicans eeked out a narrow victory.

            But what has been UNIVERALLY true for more than a decade is that polls NEVER overestimate conservative positions.
            Polls are always somewhere between accurate and left skewed.

          5. The AHB boycott is not fading – each new sales report is slightly worse than the last.

            AHB has lost $16B in Market cap in two months. Target has lost $9B in less than 1month.

            Fox is in trouble – but not because of DVS – that was a blip in their stock value. But the firing of Carlson has resulted in 50% declines in viewership.
            But these people are NOT going to MSNBC, CNN, …. They are going to NewsMax or DailyWire or myriads of other independent news sources.
            Or apparently Twitter.

            The Left is losing. Even where it appears to win – such as Fox – it is just teaching those on the right how to become more resilient.

            Look arround you – everything fight that you manage to win – makes you WEAKER.

            Increasingly people do not trust the courts, the government the media, the left,. Biden, Democrats, elections.
            That is as often because you have “won” some conflict. Because you won by manipulating the system. the institutions, not winning peoples hearts and minds.

  12. “His interview explains why the Justice Department can indict figures like Rep. George Santos (R-NY) on a variety of fraud and money-laundering charges in a few months while spending years investigating Hunter Biden with no conclusion.”

    Is Turley being dense? Perhaps. But there are clear distinctions between the two issues. George Santos has clear and convincing evidence against him AND he’s been exposed as a compulsive liar. Even Republicans acknowledge the evidence against him is pretty clear.

    Hunter Biden’s investigation has been dragging on for years with no conclusion for two reasons. One, they have don’t have enough evidence to prosecute alleged crimes that occurred years ago. The most they could get out of the charges that they keep announcing they are coming, but never do is a bunch of misdemeanors and likely a probation. Two, there is no conclusion because they want to keep the fishing expedition going not to implicate Hunter Biden, but to implicate the president which is the goal. It’s literally a witch-hunt.

    Even Fox News is wondering where is all the evidence Republicans keep claiming they have that President Biden committed crimes. It’s the same thing they kept asking Trump’s lawyers when they claimed they had evidence of massive voter fraud schemes and all they got was a defamation suit that cost them $787 million. Apparently they don’t seem aware of the deja vu they are currently experiencing with this whole Hunter Biden “scandal”.

    1. “Hunter Biden’s investigation has been dragging on for years with no conclusion for [three] reasons.”

      1) His last name is Biden.

      2) You “don’t f*** with a Biden.”

      3) A Biden is “beyond good and evil.”

      1. The “Hunter Biden Investigation” has been dragging on for years with no conclusion BECAUSE: Republicans and their alt-right collaborators can get more mileage out of claiming there is a “Biden Crime Family” than they can get with actually charging and trying Hunter BECAUSE they know they can’t get a conviction. They know there’s no evidence of any serious crimes. Just like Durham’s two flops when he tried two cases. It’s the political mileage they want–not justice. They know there’s nothing there, but they keep refreshing the “Hunter Biden Scandal” lie because the disciples eat it up. Every single time I demand proof or evidence of Hunter’s crimes, all I get in a response (if I get any response at all) is vague allegations of “money laundering” and “influence peddling”, with no specifics because there are NO specifics.

    2. I love how, when the allegation is that the investigation is being slow-walked, interfered with, or dismissed because of corruption (and clear and abundant evidence points to that corruption, but the investigating body refuses to engage with that evidence), the lefties keep on beating the drum of “See? They can’t find anything. He’s pure as the driven snow!”

      Whereas when Trump or another (at least nominal) Republican is under investigation, the simple fact that an investigation is occurring is their “evidence” of his guilt.

      “Witch-hunt,” indeed.

    3. George Santos has clear and convincing evidence against him

      What evidence, of what crime?

      Your handlers again, have you spitting out nonsense that cant even get to a concise accusation.

      Stupid is as stupid does

      1. Iowan2, I’m sure you’re a smart man/woman. Meaning you have the capability to look it up yourself. Right?

        Hint; it’s been all over the news. Even…in the internet. Crazy, but it’s true. You should try it.

        1. I have no idea of the merits of charges against Santos – though they sound must less serious that credible allegations made against AOC, Watters, or BLM yet none of those are charged.

          Which is the point – the DOJ is politically weaponized. Rollins lied under oath. She criminally interfered in an election as a federal employee.
          The case against her was a slam dunk.

          No charges.

          Yet, you want to carp of some petty issues with Santos ?

          You beclown yourself.

        2. Meaning you have the capability to look it up yourself. Right?

          I don’ t know what to look up, because you are allergic reaction to facts.

    4. “Hunter Biden’s investigation has been dragging on for years with no conclusion for two reasons”

      Once again stupidity rules Svelaz’s comments. He needs to read what Turley is writing about. It is well known to all except the the three blind mice. This particular mouse has already been lobotomized.

      “Putting his career and much of his life at risk, Shapley came forward to say he and others believe Hunter is being protected and identified the Justice Department as the source of the protection.”

        1. “Hunter Biden’s investigation has been dragging on for years with no conclusion for two reasons”

          Once again stupidity rules Svelaz’s comments. He needs to read what Turley is writing about. It is well known to all except the the three blind mice. This particular mouse has already been lobotomized.

          “Putting his career and much of his life at risk, Shapley came forward to say he and others believe Hunter is being protected and identified the Justice Department as the source of the protection.”

    5. Santos is a compulsive liar.
      That is not a crime.
      It is not even evidence of a crime.

      The actual evidence regarding Santos is NOT clear and convincing – it is far weaker than that against the Biden’s.

      Nor is Santos conduct unusal among congressmen.

      AOC;s fiscal conduct is worse than Santo’s, as is Maxine Waters and many many others.

      BLM is going bankrupt from massive self dealing.

      Rollins lied under oath AND engaged in election interferance while a US attorney.

      None of that is being prosecuted – yet Santos is ?

      Whatever the law is – it must apply equally to all.

        1. Charges are not evidence. All these charges and more are possible against water, AOC, and other democrats.

          I do not give a schiff about Santos. But pretending that he is somehow more corrupt that numerous prominent democrats is laughable

          If all you have is double standards – you have no standards at all.

          The Bidens have far more evidence against them than you know.
          Hopefully even you are prepared to admit that the Bidens received money from foriegn sources, and then funneled it through 20 differetnt shell companies to atleast 9 members of the Biden family.
          Just this is actually a crime. It is known as structuring.
          While I personally think this slaw is unconstitutional.

          I can assure yo0u that people are prosecuted successfully, and convicted.

          Several years ago my wife lost an appeal for an amishman who removed all his money from the banks prior to Y2K.
          He kept about 150K in coffee cans in his home. Several years later he decided it was safe to return the money to the bank.
          But his bank told him that deposits of 10,000 and over would be reported. So he deposited it all in several 9,000 deposits.

          The federal government then confiscated all his money, Fined him another 300,000 and sent him to jail for 5 years for structuring.
          This guy was not a drug dealer.
          The source of the money is well documented. There was no criminal activity involved.
          He just made deposits deliberately to avoid their being reported to the government.

          Today that is a crime. Inarguably – ALL of the Bidens are guilty of it.

          If you do not like the law as it is – Change it.

          A recent CNN poll found that 66% of Americans think that Biden getting reelected would be a disaster.

  13. The head of the IRS Investigative Team comes forth with these revelations…..a Man on the inside….a Man who was there and directly involved…who puts his entire future on the line….and the Media, Democrats in Congress casually disregard….nay…challenge his assertions?

    He can lay out exactly why he sees it as he does…..and is willing to do so.

    He should and Congress should verify everything he offers and throw out for the public to consider.

    While doing so they should be screaming at the roof tops for a Special Counsel….to investigate Joe Biden and everyone implicated in criminal misconduct including Merrick Garland.

    That Special Prosecutor’s scope should be unlimited and be instructed to follow the evidence where ever it leads.

    170 plus SARS, Whistleblowers, the Laptop Income Tax Returns, Bank records, phone calls photos, …..this is not rumor and innuendo…..this is probable cause for a very needed criminal investigation.

    Clearly the FBI, IRS, and DOJ are all incapable of performing a credible effort so far and there is no indication that situation is ever going to change.

    The outcomes of the Mueller and Durham Investigations does not yield much hope that even a Special Counsel will do a bang up job either.

    Congressional investigations are political and do not result in criminal charges or imprisonment for criminal acts but they do influence elections.

    We have seen Obama, the Clintons, and now Biden evade proper investigation of very serious allegations of criminal misconduct by a DOJ that is either blind to reality or completely corrupt in its conduct.

    Unlike Professor Turley….despite Obama, Clinton, and Biden…..they are not my “Leaders” as I learned from my time in the Military what Leadership is all about and none of that bunch have an ounce of leadership in their bodies much less in their Character, Ethics, or Honor.

  14. It entertains me to see how delusional you are thinking that the good professor’s reputation is being demolished.
    His blog is quite popular.
    He writes for several news outlets, to include The Hill, USA Today and The Messenger. Not just Fox.
    He gets invited to speak at various venues and has testified before Congress on more than a few occasions.
    The only place his reputation is being demolished is in your little mind.
    I look forward to my comment getting deleted.

    1. A critique from Slate!?
      We know the major media outlets are nothing but Democrat stenographers. Then you are forced to crawl all the way down the sewer of the internet to find a Slate propaganda piece. Slate only provides content to validate the views of the leftists trolls.

      1. This was….brutal.

        “But now the “What the heck happened?” trope needs an update. In the last few years, starting during the heat of Donald Trump’s first impeachment saga in 2019, the Turley phenomenon has gone from odd to puzzling to disturbing. The tonal pretense is still that he is the rare Burkean honest man, horrified that politics have become too contentious and law too political. But his earlier interest in showing up on Fox News and in chastising Democrats and liberals has become, well, compulsive and obsessive. Not just in his Fox News appearances but also in his prolific tweets and blog posts, we see Republican sycophancy rendered in a sober scholarly tone with pearl-clutching sanctimonious nostalgia for some pre-political era of American law. There is the unintentionally comical self-referential stuff (roughly translated: “As readers of my earlier columns will recall,” or “When I was honored to be asked to testify before Congress,” or “The court has now agreed with the position I earlier expressed”). But a newer reader of Turley might conclude that he now actually despises Democrats in a venomous way.”

        Turley essentially speaks of himself in the third person when he mentions “us” or “we”. When in fact he is referring to himself. Weird.

        1. Turley showed up as a legal expert primarly on left leaning shows for years – decades.

          He no longer appears on left leaning shows – because they do not want to hear what he has to say.

          He does not appear on Fox because he is republican or conservative. But because Fox actually allows people who do not always agree on.

          Turley is not Burkean – do you even know what that means ?

      2. “Turley gleefully reports court decisions that go against Biden or other Democrats—and almost never or barely mentions any that the GOP loses. While his supposed added value is legal expertise, he takes time to chortle at random Biden gaffes. But what about the Marjorie Taylor Greenes of the world? Well, he has mentioned her, but it was to argue that the calls to disqualify her from Congress were unsound. He virtually second-chairs the Trump lawyers fighting searches and subpoenas, or the defense of Jan. 6 figures facing indictment. Oh, he does the occasional feint the other way, reminding us, say, that he once said that there were some crimes at the Capitol.”

        Pretty good for a critique. He’s not wrong.

        1. “almost never or barely mentions any that the GOP loses.”
          Which would those be ?

          I would further note that GOP loses are frequently covered – mostly portrated as the unconstitutional and corrupt examples of political bias that they are.

          “he takes time to chortle at random Biden gaffes.”
          When has Turley made fun of Biden ?

          Turley RARELY even addresses the issue of Biden’s incompetence.

          While others here and in the press do – this is a legal blog and with rare excetpions Biden’s latest Gaffe is NOT a legal issue
          Even if it is a serious issue.

          “But what about the Marjorie Taylor Greenes of the world?”
          What about MTG ? She is not the lawless idiot that all of the Squad is.

          I noted recently that she was one of the Representatives given the speakers Gavel while MaCarthy was out negotiating with Biden.
          Adn she did fine. She has also been questioning witnesses very effectively in house hearings.

          In short absent the political censureship of house democrats – she is doing fine.

          I do not agree with her on everything – but that does not make her the slightest unusual.

          I do not agree with AOC either.

          “Well, he has mentioned her, but it was to argue that the calls to disqualify her from Congress were unsound.”
          Correct – because they were.

          ” He virtually second-chairs the Trump lawyers fighting searches and subpoenas, or the defense of Jan. 6 figures facing indictment.”
          Of course he does – because those are lawless actions by our federal govenrment.

          I do not expect that Truely is going to argue FOR lawless governemtn – do you ?

          “Oh, he does the occasional feint the other way,”
          Correct – he periodically makes vague allusions to the posibility of political parity on corruption.
          If there were many examples of significant republican corruption – he would not need vague allusions.
          Further I will be happy to join him in going after republican corruption.

          George Santos is facing charges. I do not know the merits of those cases – but I am fine – presuming we are not dealing with more political nonsense.

          But DOJ/IRS were able to move forward on Santos in months. Bunter Has been under investigation for half a decade.

          I would further note that from what I understand of the charges against Santos – those would apply as well or better against AOC – or Watters. So why haven’t they been charged.

          BLM is on the verge of bankruptcy – there is massive evidence of criminal corruption and self dealing. Why aren’t those being prosecuted ?

          You ranted about the Domminion/Fox case for years. Trump has a 3.7B case he has filed – are you going to argue that he should win that ?
          He was OBVIOUSLY defamed, and Obviously with malice. There is another large defamation claim filed by Republicans in TX.

          Both Parties can weaponize venue and defamation law for policial gains.

          Budweisers sales are down $15.7B in just a few months. No court case involved. Even Target has lost almost 5B in sales over a boycott over LGBTQ+ issues that I am not even aware of.

          Biden is on the wrong side of 19 of the top 20 issues for american voters today. And by “wrong side” I meant the minority.

          60% of people – even 42% of democrats do not want a debt ceiling deal that does not significantly cut spending.

        2. I expect Turley to give each issue the time it deserves.

          And he does.

          That is not Equal time.

          Are all views equal ?

          Should turley devote half his columns to a defense of child sacrifice because some advocate for it ?

  15. Merrick Garland will stop at nothing to keep all investigations of the Biden Administration in check. He’ll use the FBI, IRS, or any other federal agency to get the job done. Defy Congressional subpoenas ? No problem. Send IRS Agents to a whistleblower’s home and open up a criminal on Christmas Eve ? No sweat. We have officially witnessed the politicization of the FBI and the IRS in the United States thanks to Scranton Joe and the Woke Left. We’re no better than Honduras now. Thank you, Jonathan, for an excellent article.

  16. The real costs come from the increasing contempt that most of us feel for our leaders.

    Garland was touted as SCOTUS material.

    Now we see that he is really just a party hack.

    And the Dems are OK with that as long as he is their hack.

  17. garland is political hack, which explains why obama picked him. He is not shrinking, you just started noticing how pathetically small he is.

    1. Anonymous (this one particular Anonymous), you are right, this guy was always a hack, he just had good PR. Garland should be impeached for the damage he is doing to the country and he should be shamed for the damage he is doing to himself.

      The only possible reason for Garland’s actions, other than him just being a corrupt politician, is that the crooked Bidens have something on him. Or the Chinese have something on him.

      PS. Hey Anonymous, please create a name for youself in order to allow us to know when it is you, a cogent, reasonable commenter, and not the lunatic “Anonymous” that always agrees with Svelaz and who we always try to ignore. All Anonymous commenters, create a damn name, you will still be UNKNOWN but you will have your own identity.

  18. 𝐇𝐮𝐫𝐫𝐚𝐲! Thank You Jonathan – Kudos!

    In part it stems from Government Bueuacrats dire fear of bad press and the praise of saying:

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