Harvard Poll: 55 Percent of the Public View the Trump Indictment as “Politically Motivated”

A Harvard/Harris poll is bad news for Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Justice Department. The poll shows that 55% of Americans believe Trump’s indictment is politically motivated and 56%  believe that it constitutes election interference.  The poll captures the level of distrust for the Justice Department and further demonstrates what I described yesterday as the failure of Merrick Garland at the midpoint of his tenure as Attorney General.

The view of the case appears to be worsening. Now there is less than a majority viewing the indictment as well-founded and justified. The poll shows that 83% of Republicans and 55% of Independents view the indictment as a political exercise. Not only do 56 percent view it as election interference but only 44 percent see it as “the fair application of the law”: 

The poll is also bad news for Biden. Some 65 percent believe Biden “mishandled” classified material while 72 percent take that view with Clinton’s email scandal.

The Justice Department and the media appear to have “lost the room” with the American people. They are primarily appealing to Democrats who (at 80%) support the indictment.

The FBI and the Justice Department made this perception worse through continual leaks to the media and allegedly staging the photo above after the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

By his own measure, Garland has failed to restore the credibility and trust in the Justice Department. It now appears worse than when his predecessor, Bill Barr, was in office.

It is also an indictment of the media. After years of “advocacy journalism” and biased reporting, the public now tunes out the media. This is a strong indictment with troubling allegations and evidence. Yet, it does not matter because the media long ago lost much of the country with one-sided, unrelenting coverage.

It also means that this case could conceivably never see a jury unless Special Counsel Jack Smith succeeds in pushing for a speedy trial before the election. A majority of the public now supports a pardon for Trump if he is convicted.  With these polls, the pressure of other Republican candidates to pledge a pardon is likely to increase. Indeed, as suggested in another column, Biden may want to consider a pledge to commute any sentence to try to defang this building election issue.


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  1. It doesn’t matter if it’s Barr or Garland. The DOJ, FBI and every other three letter agency is pro-Dem. The left is much better than the right at insinuating itself into every organization it touches. Plus the permanent government has become what FDR warned of when he spoke out against unionizing the federal government (and FDR was very pro-union). Just as the AFL-CIO is pro-Dem, so is the unionized federal government behemoth.

    1. The democrat/nazis corrupt, beyond repair, everything they touch. Most of the government needs to be fired and only half replaced.

      1. I am happy to see someone use the word Nazi with it’s true meaning, Nazi is literally short for National Socialist Party in German, Nationalsozialist. The Democrats are Self Proclaimed Socialists even though they are closer to International Socialism than National Socialism Nazi IS certainly more applicable to Democrats than Republicans. The assertion that Nazis were Right Wing Racist/Fascists is purposely taught to mislead and change history. History proves that Socialists are and always have been authoritarian (in fact totalitarian) racist, genocidal thieves who designate a target group of their choice to label as an “enemy of the people” so they can be eliminated and their property redistributed. Left and Right wing definitions are misleading, in truth Fascism, Socialism, and Communism are Totalitarian Left Wing forms of Dictatorial Government with no room for private property ownership and Republicanism and Libertarianism on the Right are for less Government interference and more individual freedom and the private property ownership inspired by Capitalism.

    2. That is the way of the marxist. Do not trust democracy or people with morals, use the rules to embed ideologues in the system and move the agenda forward: control and power..

  2. I got it from an FBI insider, in May of 2016, that the biggest headache at the top of the FBI was “the black eye they’d get when Hillary wasn’t charged”. She hadn’t yet sat for her unsworn, softball, interview yet.

  3. Time is not the friend of the DOJ and its indictment of Trump. Every day, the American people see more clearly that it was politically motivated. Any politically motivated indictment should be thrown out of court before it even gets to trial.

    1. Crooked, blackmailed, threatened, and activist judges have instructions to GET Trump, and they are doing their unlawful best. Most federal and appellate judges should be impeached and disbarred. Only keep the honest lawful judges – all appointed by Trump.

  4. The DOJ routinely prosecutes some people for alleged crimes, while it chooses to not prosecute other people for alleged crimes. Although there could be absolutely nothing wrong with what the DOJ is doing, it ought to be able to state, in writing, what factors it considers when making these decisions. More specifically, the DOJ ought to be able to state, in writing, how it went about deciding to prosecute Trump but not Hillary and not Joe. The DOJ also ought to be able to state, in writing, what factors it considers when deciding how much time and how much money to spend on an investigation.

  5. Is the equivocating prevaricator-in-chief, Dennis, trustworthy?


    Did NUTCHACHACHA’s co-conspiring comrade, Dennis the Meanass, just lie, believing the readers here would buy it, when he wrote, “Trump left without paying the bill?”

    Is Dennis now understood to be a liar?

    “Just the facts, ma’am.”

    – Sgt. Joe Friday (Dan Aykroyd)

    “Fact Check: Did Trump Offer to Buy Food in Miami But Leave Without Paying?”

    “However, it appears that the claim he “stiffed” the restaurant was based on a misinterpretation of a story written by a Miami-based journalist.”

    “In any case, there is no evidence that Trump left the restaurant without paying for orders, but it has not been verified by the restaurant.”

    – Newsweek, 6/16/23 at 3:53 PM EDT (excerpted)

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