“Ongoing Need for Specific Deterrence”: Michael Cohen Denied Early Release by Federal Court

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Below is my column in the New York Post on the denial of the early release requested by Michael Cohen in New York. What was most notable was the use of Cohen’s cable appearances on CNN and MSNBC to show that he is continuing a pattern of lying about his past criminal conduct.

Here is the column:

Michael Cohen was long known as the “fixer” for former President Trump — a legal thug who threatened students, journalists, and others on behalf of his former client.

While his loyalties have shifted with his fortunes, the one constant element in his career has been an utter disregard for the truth and a remarkable moral flexibility. The media now gushes over Cohen, a lawyer it once (rightfully despised) because he has become a Trump critic.

The one person, however, not falling for Cohen’s shtick is US District Judge Jesse M. Furman. Cohen came before Furman to ask for early release from his probation late last week and Furman refused.  Prosecutors suggested that Cohen should try to stop lying before coming before the Court. Furman agreed and ruled that it would be better for everyone to keep Cohen under the supervision of the criminal justice system.

I have previously written about Cohen’s different hustles to attract money and advantage from the higher bidders. Furman was clearly not impressed and not buying.

In 2018, Cohen pleaded guilty to various charges, including tax evasion, campaign finance violations, lying to Congress and several banks to obtain campaign financing and was sentenced to three years in prison. However, if you watched his media appearance or read his book, you would think that Cohen is a victim of terrible injustice. Cohen has written not one but two memoirs: “Disloyal” in 2020 and “Revenge” in 2022.

He unsuccessfully sued Trump on the basis of a verbal contract on the basis of his own dubious veracity. The result was predictable.

As noted in the proceedings in Manhattan, Cohen has continued to misrepresent his criminal background and, after assuring the court that it was remorseful for his crimes, was regularly going on the air to deny that he committed tax fraud and suggesting that he was railroaded by prosecutors.

Prosecutors cited his numerous media appearances as containing false accounts of himself and his case: “while Cohen is free to write and say what he wants, he cannot simultaneously distance himself from his conduct on cable news, while cloaking himself in claims of acceptance of responsibility in court filings.”

Now that he is reliably anti-Trump, the media has rehabilitated Cohen as a reliable source and quotes his sage predictions (which usually involve Trump being found guilty on a variety of different crimes).

There is little interest in addressing the disbarred attorney’s history of lies and threats. Just weeks earlier portraying Cohen as virtual pond scum, media quickly declared him a hero who could “save America.”

His abusive antics are forgotten in favor of an image of the playful influencer on social media. He is now described as a TikTok star and fans post gushing reviews like “I want to hate you but you’ve turned into a hero.” Indeed, he is now an inspiration to many on the left: “Luv your excitement it makes me hopeful for justice.”

That feeling however does not extend to Justice itself. US attorney Damian Williams told the court that “Cohen’s recent efforts to back away from his prior acceptance of responsibility is evidence of the ongoing need for specific deterrence.”

I became a critic of Cohen long before he broke with the President. He was a disgrace to the bar for years and Trump bears equal blame for retaining such a person as his legal representative.

What Cohen lacked in legal skill, he made up for in a lack of ethical and professional standards.

In 2015, students on The Harvard Lampoon played a harmless prank on Trump by having him sit in the stolen “president’s chair” from the Harvard Crimson for a photo. Cohen threatened the students with absolute ruination. He was quoted by a student on the Lampoon staff as saying: “I’m gonna come up to Harvard. You’re all gonna get expelled. If this photo gets out, you’ll be outta that school faster than you know it. I can be up there tomorrow.”

On another occasion, after a journalist pursued a story he did not like, Cohen told the reporter that he should “tread very f—ing lightly because what I’m going to do to you is going to be f—ing disgusting. Do you understand me?”

Cohen remained Trump’s loyal attack dog until he was arrested and Trump refused to pardon him, That is when Cohen proved that when you scratch a lawyer, you can find a foe.

Cohen has been gaming the system his entire career. He claimed urgent medical needs for release from prison. Of course, he previously claimed health problems in failing to appear to testify only to be spotted out on the town for a fancy dinner. Cohen previously (and implausibly) reinvented himself as a redemptive sinner and received financial support from Trump critics.  He continued that pattern after his conviction.

Notably, Cohen loves to discuss how he helped the Justice Department pursue Trump. However, the Justice Department informed the court that Cohen is about as reformed and serious as a Pirate of Penzance.

This is one hustle that Michael Cohen will not be able to land. It is hardly a major loss. He can always write a third memoir after “Disloyal” and “Revenge.” Perhaps “Shameless.”

Jonathan Turley is an attorney and professor at George Washington University Law School.

138 thoughts on ““Ongoing Need for Specific Deterrence”: Michael Cohen Denied Early Release by Federal Court”

  1. Dear Prof Turley,

    Breaking. What’s the specific deterrence in Hunter Biden’s plea deal with the DoJ?

    *ty in advance.

  2. “What the critics don’t want to acknowledge is found in Jack Smith’s . . .”

    What the Left (and its media lackeys) don’t want the public to know: That Jack Smith engineered the IRS persecution of conservatives.

    He was and still is a junkyard dog.

  3. Communist (liberal, progressive, socialist, democrat, RINO, AINO) America is more corrupt, rotten and rancid than Stalin’s Soviet Union.

  4. “[Y]ou ticketed the getaway driver after a bank robbery.”

    – Professor Turley to the dogged prosecutor Merrick Garland

  5. Jonathan: A lot of MAGA supporters and many on this blog claim Jack Smith’s indictment of Trump is a political witch hunt, a “political prosecution” by the Biden administration and the Dem-led DOJ to prevent Trump from getting the GOP nomination. What the critics don’t want to acknowledge is found in Jack Smith’s indictment. Read it carefully.

    Almost all the witnesses who testified before the grand jury and will testify against Trump at the trial are all Republicans–former members of the Trump administration–like former AG Bill Barr, former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, former national security advisor John Bolton and former Trump attorneys.. If you look at the indictment itself it refers to “Trump Attorney 1”, “Trump Attorney 2” and “Trump Attorney 3”. There are also references to “Trump Employee” 1, 2 and 3. Also references to “Trump Staffers”. All former supporters of Trump.

    And more tantalizing is what is found on page 23 of the indictment. There it refers to an email exchange between a “Trump family member” and Walt Nauta, Trump’s personal aide, regarding whether the “boxes” would be put on the “plane”. The email exchange indicates the “family member” was a female. Who could that be? Possibly Ivanka Trump? Could it be that she will be called to testify against her own father?

    The indictment makes clear that almost all the witnesses Jack Smith will call to testify are either Republicans, close associates of Trump or maybe even a “family member”. Not a Democrat in the lot!. It will be Republicans, not the Dems, who will sink Trump at his trial!

  6. More of the irrational Group Think, brainwashing involving the transgender movement. Note the language threatening to expel the kids, put them in an asylum, or an education camp, the general trend of the totalitarian Leftist movement, which relies on weak individual rights. Before reading the following, recorded interaction between two UK 8th grade students, and their teacher, recall my post from yesterday that the idea that gender is mutable originated in sexual predator Dr Money’s debunked research on a single set of identical twins, whom he abused, and that there are many dysphoria, including species, race, and Body Integrity Disorder wherein the patient believes they should not have all their limbs, and tarnsablesim, where the person thinks they should be handicapped. Out of all the many dysphoria, gender dysphoria/transgenderism was selected as being real. It’s the only dysphoria that the entire Western World is required to affirm, and claim that a biological male can actually become female. It would be like punishing someone for saying a person with human chromosomes cannot become a cat.

    Parents, rise up. Protect your children from brainwashing, and threats from teachers and administrators. Up until around 6 years ago, dictionaries listed sex and gender as synonyms. The real bad science is basing a totalitarian movement upon the debunked research of a sexual predator, who used one single person in a set of twins in his study.

    A U.K. teacher got into a heated argument with two eighth grade students for their views about gender ideology, according to a secret audio recording of the incident.

    “How dare you, you just really upset someone, saying things like that [you] should be in an asylum,” said a teacher at Rye College, a coeducational secondary school in East Sussex, according to a Sunday report from the Telegraph.

    The student responded, “I didn’t say that. I said if they want to identify like a cat or something then they’re like genuinely unwell.”

    During the heated interaction, the teacher argued the students’ views on gender ideology were not consistent with “equity and inclusion,” and were therefore not an acceptable opinion. She added a threat that the students would be reported to the administration, should go to a different school and would benefit from a re-education.

    “If you don’t like [these ideas], you need to go to different school, and I am reporting you to [the assistant headteacher]. You need to have a proper educational conversation about equality, diversity and inclusion.”

    “I am not having that expressed in my lesson when I’m teaching you about you can be who you want to be and how you identify is up to you.”

    The teacher had originally critiqued the students for “questioning [a classmate’s] identity.”

    “Where did you get the idea that there are only two genders?”

    The student attempted to explain it was their opinion. “If I respect their opinion, why can’t they respect mine?”

    “It is not an opinion that’s okay,” the teacher replied. “Gender is not linked to the past that you were born with. Gender is about how you identify. Which is what I said in the very beginning… [T]here are lots of genders.”

    The teacher added that some people do not have any gender.

    “Well, I just don’t agree with that,” the student said.

    “Yeah, but you can’t have that,” another student added.

    “What do you mean you can’t have that, it’s not a law? You’re talking about the fact that cisgender (identifying with biological sex) is being normal, that you identify with the sex organ that you were born with… which is really despicable,” the teacher said.

  7. “Now that he is reliably anti-Trump”

    Lawyers can put a client in a hole with bad advice. Trump always runs that risk if he gets too close to the edge. However, now that Cohen wants to get Trump, he is the media’s darling. I always wondered if Trump might have accidentally stepped over the line with Cohen but based on Cohen’s attempts to ‘Get Trump’, it becomes clear that Trump’s doings involving Cohen as his advisor and lawyer were above board.

    1. I’m afraid many of Trump’s lawyer friends are really Merrick Garland’s lawyer friends.

    2. “Close to the edge???”


      Was the Romanov Family “close to the edge” before their heinous, wholesale slaughter?

  8. Michael Cohen is a real-life Saul Goodman. Life imitates art. It all seems like a huge joke.

    Michael should take up baking cinnamon buns and leave the fiction to his Democrat friends.

  9. “Michael Cohen was Donald Trump’s “fixer”, “legal thug” and all around Mafia Don consigliere.”

    The Left, like its “president,” has a severe case of selective amnesia.

    Can you say Marc Elias?

      1. Anonymous, Democrats don’t get charged. If they do they get the Hunter Biden probation slap on the wrist.

  10. Jonathan: One thing upon which we again agree. Michael Cohen was Donald Trump’s “fixer”, “legal thug” and all around Mafia Don consigliere. His lack of “ethical and professional standards” were a disgrace to the bar. But Trump liked Cohen when the latter was making secret hush payments to Stormy Daniels. Cohen even lied to Congress to protect the Don. That’s loyalty and what got Cohen in so much legal trouble.

    In many ways Cohen was a mirror image of his boss. As you say, “gaming the system his entire career”. Cohen was in Trump’s inner circle because he did exactly what Trump wanted–lie and lie to protect the Don. Trump is now facing similar problems because he continues to lie about his unlawful hoarding of top secret and other national defense information. Trump was interviewed yesterday by Fox host Brett Bair. During the interview Trump lied over and over again. When asked by Bair why he had all the top secret national security defense docs Trump replied:

    “So like every other president, I take things out, and in my case I took out pretty much in a hurry but people
    packed it up and we left. I had clothing in there. I had all sorts of personal items, and they are much, much stuff”

    None of which Trump claimed in the interview is true. Trump spent a lot of time selecting the items he want to take back to Mar-a-Lago. It was not haphazard or done in a “hurry”. Trump knew what he was taking–including top secret and other national defense material. And Trump was personally involved in packing the material. And not every other president engaged in the intentional unlawful retention of docs that belonged to the government and should have been turned over before Trump left office. Lies on top of lies!

    No doubt Jack Smith’s team is playing close attention and recording all of Trump’s public statements since his indictment last week. Trump knew what he was taking was unlawful and Jack Smith will use Trump’s continued lies and present them to the jury that tries Trump. Trump will continue to inculpate himself between now and the trial! And you can take that to the bank!

    1. “One thing upon which we again agree. Michael Cohen was Donald Trump’s “fixer”, “legal thug” and all around Mafia Don consigliere.”

      False. Absoluytely Cohen is a crook. As to the rest. I honestly could care less if it was true – but it is not.
      Cohen was convicted because he tried to illegally game NYC Taxi medalions. A Scheme Trump had nothing to do with.

      Was Cohen Trump’s consiligliere ? If so then Trump did nothing illegal – cause Cohen turned and was still able to give Mueller nothing.
      Either there were no bodies to be dug up – or Cohen did not know about them. Either way your claims are false.
      But those of you do not think about the meaning of what you say.

      Was Cohen a “legal Thug” – how so ? None of the NDA’s he negotiated was involuntary.
      All those involved were free to hire the best attorneys they could to negotiate their deal.
      Or they could take no money at all and tell their story. Or sell it to the MSM.
      No one was “beaten up” legaly or otherwise.

      Cohen testified before congress AFTER he was convicted. He was hostile to Trump describing him in dark terms.
      But he repeatedly refused to “flip” on Trump – because as insulting as he was to Trump he refused to lie to congress.
      He told Congress repeatedly he wished he could say certain things were True – but they were not.

      Regardless, in the End Cohen was flipped – he became YOUR witness, not Trump’s. Your Thug not Trump’s, You consigliere not Trump’s.

      And still that got you nowhere.

      “His lack of “ethical and professional standards” were a disgrace to the bar.”
      Correct, and exactly the same can be said in spades of Mueller and he crew of angy democrats and now of Smith.
      We are barely in the court room and atleasrt 4 lead smith attorneys have outstanding ethics violations.
      Why are these people still working with DOJ ?

      If you want to Get Trump – cant you atleast find an ethical attorney to do so ?

      If you want to go on an ethics rant about Cohen – shouldn’t you atleast make sure that the attorneys and Judges YOU are using are not as ethically challenged as Cohen ?

      If Trump’s choice of Cohen reflects on him – doesn’t Garlands choice of Smith ? Or Smith’s choice of his staff reflect on them ?
      Doesnt the ethics violations of the Judge in the Bragg case reflect on You ?

      “But Trump liked Cohen when the latter was making secret hush payments to Stormy Daniels.”
      Its called an NDA and it is done all the time, it is perfectly legal.
      I have signed dozen’s of NDA’s in my life.

      If you did not want Daniels and others to take “hush money” from Trump – you should have offered them more for their Story.

      Daniels today is working her ass off – litterally – because her violations of her NDA and her actual crook lawyer – your hero, now in jail Micheal Avanatti stole from her. So Daniels owes Trump nearly $1m.

      “Cohen even lied to Congress to protect the Don.”

      “That’s loyalty and what got Cohen in so much legal trouble.”

      The problem is that Trump never had the relationship with Cohen you claim.
      Long before the Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense hit its fevered pitch – Trump quit taking Cohen’s calls.
      Cohen tried to leaverage his limited relationship with Trump into personal profits – trying to engage in the same kind of Pay for Play as the Biden’s and Clinton’s and
      Trump shut it down immediately.

      Not your best evidence for the corruption of Trump.

      “In many ways Cohen was a mirror image of his boss.”
      In many ways Cohen is a mirror of the left.
      What’s in it for me, without any concern for the law, ethics, decency.

      “Cohen was in Trump’s inner circle because he did exactly what Trump wanted–lie and lie to protect the Don.”
      Again – either that claim is false or Trump did not wrong – Because Cohen flipped and he had nothing to offer.
      Either Cohen was not in Trump’s inner circle, or There was no criminal conduct that the inner circle was privy to.

      Logic is not your forte.

      “Trump is now facing similar problems”
      Yes, corrupt prosecuters failing to follow the law.

      Navy V. Eagan – the President has absolute power over the classification and declassification of documents without congressional or judicial restriction PERIOD.
      JW. V NARA – WH Docs that the president choses to keep are his personal property to do with as he pleases PERIOD, regardless of Classification.
      Neither NARA, nor the courts, not the federal govenrment have the power to alter that or to claim differently.

      I would note that YOUR examples, Of Trump purportedly violating the espionage act are themselves PROOF why President’s need to retain such Documents.

      Gen. Miley – the Chairman of the JCS Publicly LIED about his own role and Trump’s role in avoiding War with Iran.

      I would note that if Miley had been telling the Truth – it Would be Miley violating the espionage act.

      It is increasingly clear WHY Trump retained the documents he did. He did so to protect himself from LIARS like Gen. Miley.

      A president taking classified documents from the WH at the end of his term wiotgh the intention of subsequently disclosing them when others LIED about events of his presidents constitutites sufficient clear intent to DECLASSIFY.

      Your Own Argument backfires on you.

      “because he continues to lie about his unlawful hoarding of top secret and other national defense information.”
      No, he is lawfully keeping and where needed disclosing the work product of his administration to combat those who LIE about his administration.

      YOUR argument litterally is that Presidents are NOT permitted to protect themselves from the FALSE claims of others after they leave the WH.

      “So like every other president, I take things out, and in my case I took out pretty much in a hurry but people
      packed it up and we left. I had clothing in there. I had all sorts of personal items, and they are much, much stuff”
      None of which Trump claimed in the interview is true.
      Actually all of that is completely True.


      The Current president remains president right up until Jan 20, at 12pm. For every day and every minute until that moment they remain president.
      They continue to act as president until 12 noon.

      Though some prep work takes place previously The WEH Staff and the GSA move in on inauguration day and not only pack up nearly everything from the prior administartion and move it all out.
      But the bring in everything from the new president during the same few hours.

      Your hatred of Trump is so great that you completely rewrite a reality that has been true for 200+ years.

      Your argument is also flies in the face of the Defense you are claiming for Biden and Pence.

      Apparently in DM world – VP’s are rushed out of the Naval Observtory. But Presidents move leaisurely with great through.

      “Trump spent a lot of time selecting the items he want to take back to Mar-a-Lago.”
      It is highly likely that on somethings he did.

      It is also certain that on others he did not.

      Whether we are talking Biden or Pence or Trump are dealing with massive amounts of documents.

      As I recall Obama ordered GSA to take some 30M documents to an abandoned Grocery store in Chicago where Obama boldy promised that nearly all of it would be scanned placed online and available to the public in a year to 18months. That never happened, the documents were poorly and insecurely stored and eventually Obama contracted with NARA to take custody of the documents.

      Again – Obama can not contract with NARA unless obama posesses RIGHTS that he can negotiate in a contract.

      I have little doubt that many documents Trump took were chosen deliberately. My “guess” is that Trump as President kept a trove of documents specifically for the purpose of countering false claims – such as they of Gen Miley. And that Trump UINTENTIONALLY transfered those to MAL with the expectation that he might make them public. THAT BTW constitutes declassification. Oops.

      I am also sure that many many other documents ended up at MAL as part of a Chaotic move.
      And we actually know that is the case from the SC’s indictment. Trump spent the next 2 years slowly going through these boxes determining what was relevant to him and what was not. That self evidently demonstrates he did not know all of what he had.

      Regardless, your claim that Trump was organized requires the same assumption regarding Biden and Pence.

      But there is a difference. There is no legitimate circumstance in which Biden and Pence can possess not just classivied documents – but pretty much any government documents. Vice presidents do NOT have the power to make choices over what is personal and what is not – Only presidents do.
      And that has been true for the entire 250 years of US history.

      Biden and Pence are claiming inadvertance in the chaos of the move – because they have no other choice.

      Presidents have ALWAYS been able to take with them whatever they wish – even keeping classified information in their sock drawer.

      Regardless, if you are smart you do not WANT to argue Trump took the docs intentionally.

      Doing so means they are declassified.

      “It was not haphazard or done in a “hurry”.”
      Of course it was – this is just a stupid claim – the transfer of power in the WH is ALWAYS chaotic.

      “Trump knew what he was taking–including top secret and other national defense material.”
      Also likely true.
      Intentionally removing classified material as president declassifies it.

      “And Trump was personally involved in packing the material.”
      Some of it, but not nearly all of it.

      “And not every other president engaged in the intentional unlawful retention of docs that belonged to the government and should have been turned over before Trump left office.”
      That is correct. Every other president LAWFULLY and intentionally retained documents that belong to them BECAUSE they are president and chose to take them.
      As Did Trump.

      “No doubt Jack Smith’s team is playing close attention and recording all of Trump’s public statements since his indictment last week.”
      Jack smith should focus more on the constitution and the law and his own ethical problems.

      “Trump knew what he was taking was unlawful and Jack Smith will use Trump’s continued lies and present them to the jury that tries Trump.”

      DM your argument is ludicrously stupid – If as you claim Trump reoved classified Documents intentionally – they are declassified.
      Just exactly as if Trump handed them to a Russian ambassador on the way out the door.

      To ACTUALLY get to a crime, you need Trump to have UNINTENTIONALLY taken those documents – preferably to have had NOTHING to do with the removal of these documents.

      If Trump acted INTENTIONALLY – the documents are HIS, and they are declassified.

      Now it is near certain that in SOME cases Trump acted intentionally, and that in MOST cases Trump did not act intentionally – OTHERS acted.

      And your BEST case scenarion is that others acted ABSENT direction by Trump.

      That is the ONLY way you get Docs to MAL that remain classified and remain government property.

      In THAT case and ONLY that case you now have ALMOST the same Scenario as Biden and Pence.
      In ONLY that case do you have documents that are NOT Trump’s property and remain classified AND where Trump has a duty to return them.

      EXACTLY like Biden and Pence.

      If Trump retained documets intentionally – Classified or not – YOUR case is DOA – they are not classified, they are trump’s property and he is free to do with them as he pleases.

      Including making them public to prove that JCS Gen. Miley is LYING.

      The Miley incident – instead of strengthening your case – WEAKENS it dramatically.
      While Trump is allowed to have any reason, many reasons, for taking docs with him. All of which are sufficient.
      He can take Classified docs to MAL for the purpose of using them as placemats.

      But the Miley relted Doc’s that Smith is fixated on are damning – not to Trump but to you and Smith.

      It is clear to ALL why Trump took those documents – because he had good reason to Expect that those in government would LIE about him – which Miley did.

      As noted before we KNOW Miley is lying – because if he were telling the truth he would have violated the espionage act.
      Conversely a president taking documents with the expectation that he may have to use them to disprove the lies of those like Miley means they are DECLASSIFIED.

      YOU have PROVEN that Trump took them while president with the express intention of making them public.
      That is intentionally declassifiying them.

      “Trump will continue to inculpate himself between now and the trial! And you can take that to the bank!”
      I have zero doubt that Trump will constantly say things that piss you off.
      Trump’s breathing pisses you off.

      But this is a loser case.

      If your claim that the United States was harmed by a Former president reveling the TRUTH about evnts during his tenure when Others LIE about them – your nuts.

      You are litterally arguing that the espionage act requires expresident to be silent when others lie about them or their administration.

      I would further note that you have ALSO proven why the PRA read as YOU chose to read it MUST be unconstitutional.

    2. None of which Trump claimed in the interview is true. Trump spent a lot of time selecting the items he want to take back to Mar-a-Lago.

      Look at this Dennis has free run of the White House and knows exactly all the action of the President.

    1. “. . . plead guilty to two minor tax crimes and admit to the facts of a gun charge . . .”

      A jaywalking ticket for the bagman in a bribery scheme — all to spread the toxic smokescreen that the DOJ/FBI are not politicized.

      1. If Republicans actually had evidence of bribery, they’d have already started impeachment proceedings.

        1. Perhaps they are trying to build a case. Maybe that is why the Dems failed twice to impeach Trump. They just couldn’t wait long enough to build a case.

          1. The Democrats succeeded in impeaching Trump twice. They failed to remove him. Learn the difference between impeachment and removal.

    2. For the most part I do not care about Hunter.

      But there are some Hunter specific issues.

      Hunter’s conduct is MORE egregious than Paul Manafort’s

      Manafort has no gun charges.

      Contra the press – being a crack addict is an AGGRAVATING factor not a mitigating one.
      Crack addicts who engage in criminal conduct are MORE dangerous than non-addicts who engage in the same conduct.

      This article ignores the Money laundering and FARA violations that Hunter was part of.

      Manafort was found guilty of Money laundering specifically for transfering money he made outside the US into the US and not paying taxes on it timely.

      This is exactly the same as Hunter – it is is money laundering for Manafort it is money laundering form Hunter.

      Manafort was also found guilty of FARA violations.
      Manafort was paid by foreign companies and politicians and government to organize lobbying effort sin the US.
      Manafort did not do so directly instead hiring Podesta to do the direct lobbying for him.
      But Manafort was convicted of FARA violations and Podesta was not.

      Conversely Hunter Biden was paid byu foreign companies, personas and governments to lobby the US government – which he unarguably did personally.
      Without registering for FARA.

      I have no axe to grind with Hunter. He is a garden variety political profiteer and crack head who happens to be the son of the president.

      But he is not above the law either. He should be convicted of the same things Manafort was – because his conduct was the same or worse.
      He should be sentenced to more time, and I expect that Biden will then pardon him, just as Trump pardoned Manafort.

      What we should not have is more evidence that DOJ is politically corrupted – as Durhm found and as we all knew beforehand.

      The charges against Hunter, his prosecution and conviction are NOT about Joe Biden.
      But they are a reflection on the bias in the DOJ.

      And this is evidence that DOJ has failed.

      No one expected Hunter to serve a second of Jail time. But that is no excuse for DOJ to show blantant political favoritism.

      The president may pardon whoever they please. The AG, the SC, the FBI may not.

      They are expected to enforce the law the same – republican or democrat.

  11. What Hunter Biden lacked in any skill, he made up for by lacking a conscience.

    That’s why Joe Biden used him as the kleptocratic family’s bagman.

    In case anybody needs reminding: Bribery is named in the Constitution as an impeachable offense.

  12. “What Cohen lacked in legal skill, he made up for in a lack of ethical and professional standards.”

    That’s why Trump employed him.

  13. Actually Fellows, we revolted against a tyrannical Parliament. Most of the acts that were intolerable were from Parliament. Many American colonists appealed to the King to intercede with Parliament. When that never happened then we saw that we would get no help from Parliament or the King. Remember at that time the King had moral persuasion but little other power. (see the English Civil War. Etc.)
    Cohen is and was a sleaze and definitely one of Trump’s worst associates and I hold that choice against Trump as well as several other associates and appointees. Cohen is the caricature of the sleazy attorney with no ethics. Obviously, he was not even a good attorney. Otherwise I see most attorneys in a good light. Everyone gets a right to counsel, remember. Even the devil.

  14. Politico and the magazine by the same name both get it wrong. In this case it was the. post. here that got it all wrong.

    The Founding Fathers did not “get rid” of an unelected Monarch as did the Russian Bolshevik Revolutionaries…..they (the Founding Fathers) formed a nation from the original colonies….and that Monarchy lives on till today but fortunately we as a nation are free of that monarchy.

    Shooting and bayoneting was done on the Battlefield fighting the King’s Army and Mercenaries…..not murdering the Royal Family.

    Just once I wish the Left would get its facts and history correct.

  15. Interesting, continued deterrence? Considering Adam Schiff, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Brennan…….. I missed their deterrence from lying about their criminal past.

  16. Trump ” equally bad.” Trump wished he could have had the most vile lawyer we know — Roy Cohn. Cohn was Joe McCarthy’s legal hit man.

      1. Good to know that your ethics are so lacking that you’d choose a lawyer who was ultimately disbarred.

        1. The first clue John Say’s comment was hyperbolic was when he said he’d want Attila the Hun – a warlord of a Germanic tribe known more for his violent, pillaging, and marauding skills than for his legal acumen – representing him. Pretty sure Attila would not pass the bar or an ethics probe into his conduct.

          You’re a pyromaniac in a field of straw men.

          Hint: Don’t cry. It’s just a figure of speech. I have no way of knowing if you are a pyromaniac or not.

          1. Really, this is your idea of an argument ?

            Pretty Sure Attila was not disbarred.

            I am a pyromaniac in a field of Straw men – YOUR straw men, and they are burned to ash.

            Hint: A figure of speech is just a figure of speech. You should expect to be jeered laughed at when you try to take it literally.

            Do you think at all before you post ?
            Are you the slightest self aware ?

            Regardless I am not defending Cohen. MErely pointing out that there is plenty to attack without making things up.

            And as Turley notes Cohen has become a hero of the left – not the right.

    1. Cohn famously said: “Don’t tell me what the LAW is. Tell me who the JUDGE is.”

      1. Bill, what is amiss with that statement. To me it sounds like 1L teaching material. Any lawyer involved with judicial rulings, does their best to “pick” a judge.

    2. Joe McCarthy ended up being proven correct yet we still haven’t learned our lesson. His attorney was smart, but was he more vile than the opposition he was facing? No. The opposition did a lot of what the left is doing today.

  17. On July, 1918, under orders from Lenin, the Russian Imperial Romanov family and their five children were shot and bayoneted to death by his Bolshevik revolutionaries. Nothing about the left has changed since then. They are ruthless and will do anything to stay in power.

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