Was Garland Lying? New York Times Confirms Weiss was Blocked from Bringing Additional Charges

I recently wrote a column entitled “Who is Lying? Merrick Garland or the Whistleblowers?” after the allegations of IRS whistleblowers and the categorical denial of Attorney General Merrick Garland on the Hunter Biden investigation. I noted that it would not be a difficult question to answer given the highly specific account of the whistleblowers of meetings, including witnesses. Now the New York Times has confirmed one of the key allegations. While the newspaper buried the major fact in the 21st paragraph of the story, it confirmed that U.S. Attorney David Weiss did attempt to bring additional charges in California and D.C. but was blocked.

Many have observed that the placement of the disclosure in the Times is a classic example of “burying the lede.” If this were Bill Barr, the confirmation of the story would have been a banner headline. Instead, the confirmation is found in with the baggage 21 cars down the train. That is where you will find this bombshell:

“But in mid-2022, Mr. Weiss reached out to the top federal prosecutor in Washington, Matthew Graves, to ask his office to pursue charges and was rebuffed, according to Mr. Shapley’s testimony. A similar request to prosecutors in the Central District of California, which includes Los Angeles, was also rejected, Mr. Shapley testified. A second former I.R.S. official, who has not been identified, told House Republicans the same story. That episode was confirmed independently to The New York Times by a person with knowledge of the situation.”

If the New York Times is confirming that the “episode” was the repeated blocking of Weiss, Garland stands contradicted in statements that he has made for months, including just days ago. Garland appeared irate at the suggestion that Weiss was denied any opportunity to bring charges anywhere:

He stated

“As I said at the outset, Mr. Weiss, who was appointed by President Trump as the U.S Attorney in Delaware and assigned this matter during the previous administration, would be permitted to continue his investigation and to make a decision to prosecute any way in which he wanted to and in any district in which he wanted to… I don’t know how it would be possible for anybody to block him from bringing a prosecution, given that he has this authority.

He also denied the allegation that Weiss asked for special counsel status.

I am not sure what is worse: that Garland was clueless or duplicitous. Despite my support for his nomination, Garland has not been a success at Justice. Indeed, from the start, he seemed to shrink from view.

There is also a danger of willful blindness on the part of Garland in avoiding such knowledge as underlings undermined Weiss. We simply do not know, but we need to know.

In speaking with people at Justice, Garland does not appear to be a hands-on manager in the model of Bill Barr. While he cannot be called a figurehead, he is certainly not someone who conveys operational or active control of the department.

If Weiss was refused the ability to charge in two other jurisdictions, the key question is whether he did in fact ask for special counsel status. If so, Garland could be facing serious consequences, even an impeachment effort.

The coverage by the New York Times suggests that the media may be forced to cover this story albeit reluctantly. For Democratic members, it is now becoming even more embarrassing. Democrats unanimously opposed the release of the recent evidence and have opposed efforts to investigate the Biden corruption scandal.

What is clear is that Congress now has ample basis to pursue these answers fully and aggressively. With both potential criminal and impeachable questions, the authority of Congress is at its apex in using subpoenas to get to the bottom of this scandal.

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  1. “Was Garland Lying? New York Times Confirms Weiss was Blocked from Bringing Additional Charges”

    – Professor Turley


  2. Is it a case of Weiss deferring to other prosecutors when he didn’t have to? That could be the explanation. There is also a tax division at the Justice Department, and it is possible prosecutors would check with that division for guidance — mandatory or not.

    “If this were Bill Barr, the confirmation of the story would have been a banner headline.”

    This is correct, but it would have been poor journalism because such a banner headline would be premature. The New York Times reputation is shot and they’re not going to get it back for a long, long, time — assuming anyone there even recognizes it and is even going to attempt a fix.

  3. If Garland had really intended for Weiss to be permitted to continue his investigation and “to make a decision to prosecute any way in which he wanted to in any district in which he wanted to” and also for no one to “block him from bringing a prosecution”, he would have made Weiss special counsel from the get-go. I surmise Garland, as the wing man for Biden, thought it best for Biden to have the investigation continue under the Trump appointed U.S. Attorney whose investigation when completed, albeit having been controlled and even blocked when necessary, would give the world to understand that even a Trump appointed U.S. Attorney has found Biden sufficiently innocent of any wrongdoing.

    At this juncture for Garland to salvage anything that is left of his reputation it is necessary he appoint an impartial special counsel to complete the investigation. It is equally essential for the integrity of NYT to accept the reality of the matter and demand it as well. It is gratifying NYT has come this far. It now needs to continue its work and finish the job.

  4. Prof. Turley says, “In speaking with people at Justice, Garland does not appear to be a hands-on manager in the model of Bill Barr.”

    By a “hands-on manager” and a “model,” does Prof. Turley mean Barr’s failure to provide security over Jeffrey Epstein so that he could be murdered and the crime then covered up with no consequences? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Feldman, Barr did make some mistakes and I disagree with him on a few issues, but to say he didn’t protect a prisoner in a NY jail compares to the malfeasance of the current DOJ is whataboutism without a brain.

      1. And Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, John A. McCone, Maxwell Taylor, the FBI, CIA, CJCS, NSA et al. weren’t fully informed about the 1963 plan to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

        1. Excuse me George, did you say fully informed? Is that like being half pregnant?

          1. I stand corrected. Thank you so much. My SARC mode is errant and off.

            “Complicit” was their status, not half complicit, but fully and criminally complicit.


    2. Woff, Woff: oh darn the wrong tree. You’ve taken that issue to the extreme of stupid, federal prison officials were responsible, do you really have any clue about management duties or structure?

  5. To make my point about the arrogance of Biden team due to the support they have from the media I will point out that Team Biden’s latest propaganda attempt is having the spokeditz and even the president today going around bragging about something called “BIDENOMICS”. 60% of Americans think the economy is in the trash, that it is hurting the middle and lower classes and that Biden’s policies are at fault and so what does team Biden (remember that the media is on that team) they try to tell us that the economy is great and that Biden should get credit for it.

    So rather than try to fix the economy, by opening up energy production, ceasing spending, closing the border etc etc, they just demand that you believe the economy is good and that it is BIDENOMICS that desreves the credit.

    Don’t forget that these are the same people that tell you that men can play in woman’s sports because they have no advantage, that men can change in front of women, that spas can’t stop naked men from prancing around in front of them.

    1. HullBobby,
      I recall Clinton recently saying that Biden is not getting enough credit for the economy.
      What she and many fail to recall it was not Biden’s policies that brought the economy out of the COVID lockdowns.
      It was Red States that reopened their economies. Blue States like CA and NY were dead last.
      Bidenflation was the result of Biden policies and out of control spending.
      The Home Household survey, a more accurate measurement of employment, shows record numbers of American having to work two jobs to make ends meet.
      More Americans have to use credit cards to make ends meet. This includes some households that make $100,000.
      According to AAA, the prices of gas is going back up. I know it has where I live.
      Fed chairman Powell said to expect more rate hikes.
      And inflation is still high.

      1. Upstate, the only thing I will agree with Hilary on is that yes, Biden should get the “credit” for this economy.

  6. How convenient:

    When asked why the White House logs omit Hunter Biden’s visits, a spokesperson pointed Fox News Digital to a policy released at the start of the Biden administration.

    “The White House will not release access records related to purely personal guests of the First and Second Families (i.e., visits that do not involve any official or political business).”


    1. “It’s not personal, it’s business” ~ The Godfather (aka the big guy.)

      *PRESIDENT BIDEN: No I wasn’t, and I don’t…

      REPORTER: Were you involved? Were you…


  7. Dear Prof Turley,

    I hesitate to describe Congress at the Apex of its powers to get to the bottom of this scandal. Recent polling puts congress’ approval rating just a tad above subterranean cave-dwellers.

    The NYT is a piece of work. I suppose ‘burying the Lede’ in the Cross word puzzle is better than nothing, but they will never print the denial. It’s all there, somewhere, eventually. I call it Mass Media Organizational Schizophrenia – MMOS.

    *a rolling stone gathers no MMOS

  8. Jonathan: You are so fixated over Hunter Biden you missed an important decision just released by the Supreme Court. As a close SC watcher you would think you would want want to discuss it. I guess not because providing fodder for MAGA House members to impeach AG Garland and Pres. Biden is job one for you. So I will provide a brief summary of Moore v. Harper.

    In a stunning 6-3 ruling, written by Chief Justice Roberts, the Court ruled against an attempt by South Carolina GOP legislators to implement the “Independent State Legislature Theory” (ISLT). The Harper case arose out of a dispute when the GOP controlled legislature in South Carolina illegally gerrymandered the state’s congressional map to favor GOP candidates. The state’s Supreme Court ruled the GOP redrawn congressional map was unlawful under the state Constitution. The legislators appealed to the SC claiming that under the ISLT they had the unfettered right to make changes to the state’s congressional map with interference of state courts.

    For some time conservatives have been pushing the ISLT as a way to get around the popular vote in federal elections. John Eastman, one of Trump’s attorneys and a big proponent of ISLT, convinced Trump that VP Pence could stop the Electoral College vote and alternative Trump electors could be appointed to overcome the popular vote in favor of Biden. Eastman is now under investigation by the California bar for his illegal activity in trying to overturn the 2020 election. Jack Smith is also, as part of his investigation of Jan. 6, looking into Eastman’s role and fake GOP electors have testified before Smith’s grand jury.

    In his decision Roberts held that the US Constitution’s Election Clause “does not insulate state legislatures from the ordinary exercise of state judicial review”. So the ISLT has gone down in flames. State legislatures can’t ignore their own state constitutions. They can’t gerrymander or ignore the popular vote by putting forward fake electors–like John Eastman wanted to do in the 2020 election. This was an important decision upholding voting rights and our Democracy. What was frightening about the Court’s decision was that 3 Justices dissented in Harper. The usual suspects were Clarence Thomas and Sam Alito–joined by Neil Gorsuch. Why would those three want to suspend the Constitution to protect the GOP controlled legislature in S. Carolina? Maybe you can can explain that one to us?

    1. The stolen states the demoncrats pilfered should have proper electors installed.
      Since we all saw the outrageous theft of the 2020 election in dozens of ways, and the overturning of the 5 swing states by it by far, and other states, of course the vote should be corrected by the Republicans, and the electors properly assigned.
      Gerrymandering has been going on for decades mabye since founding, so blabbering you can’t gerrymander as if R’s in SC are the only one’s who tried it is the usual demonrat fog and ignorance. A sentence or two delineating the specific case might be helpful, but expecting that from a raging partisan is like wishing the Clintons and Bidens would stop selling out the USA with quid pro quo and bribery to foreigners and foreign nations. Won’t happen.

      1. “We” saw nothing. When are you mavens of alt-right media going to understand that they do not speak for most Americans? NO states were “pilfered”–if anyone tried to “pilfer” the 2020 election, it was Trump–all polls predicted his loss. He never got even a 50% approval rating in 4 years’ time–which is a record in the history of modern presidential polling.. Our public health, economy, and relations with EU and NATO were in shambles, schools, restaurants and businesses were forced to closed due to mishandling of COVID, unemployment was 10%, and our national debt had reached a new record. And, you think that the majority of Americans, who didn’t vote for him in 2016–it is a fact that he lost the popular vote then–were going to vote for him in 2020, after this diasasterous record?

    2. Your post has little to do with the subject of Turley’s article. I guess you sneak in the snark any way you can.

  9. The problem is that this arrogant and corrupt administration will not care if Garland is caught perjuring himself. What will happen if it is proven that Garland lied? Who will prosecute him? Will the Senate Dems impeach him? Will the DOJ investigate him? Will any DAs convene a grand jury? No, no, no, and no.

    Remember that this is the same group that brought Biden and Garland to a State Dinner the day after the DOJ swept any prison time under the rug. This is the same Biden team that brings the 53 YEAR OLD LOSER on state trips.

    What happened to Lois Lehner? What happened to all the liars regarding Benghazi and the supposed video that “caused” it? What happened to Hilary when she obstructed justice? What is happening with “THE BIG GUY” right now?

    If the Republicans don’t take the House, Senate and WH, and they won’t with Trump as the nominee, then we will never see justice for Democrats. Cripes (I would have used a different enhancer but I am being polite), the Dems, like Amy Klobachar just this Sunday, won’t even admit that Biden is losing it mentally despite the fact that we can all see it.

    1. I will modify one thing.
      If the Republicans do take the House, Senate and WH we will still never see justice for Democrats.
      There’s reality for you.
      If the republicans take the FBI, DOJ, CIA,NSA, the Contractors, and two dozen other related Homeland Security and the like agencies, and the upper bureaucracies and the near then thousand SES Senior Executive Service Obama installed, then we will see justice delivered to the corrupt demoncrats. All that is NEVER going to happen. If the R’s get one of those it will be a miracle.

    2. hullbobby: who are the “we” and what did “we” see that proves President Biden is “losing it mentally”? Biden has accomplished more in the first 2 years of his presidency than most presidents– restoring or economy, our public health, our relations with our EU and NATO allies, and getting passed a number of bills that will help all Americans, including the the Infrastructure bill, Inflation Reduction Act and Debt Ceiling bill. Inflation is coming down, the economy is growing, unemployment is at a 50 year low, COVID is under control, businesses, restaurants and schools are open, and leisure travel is at an all-time high. And, you’re trying to claim that these accomplishments are the work of someone who has “lost it” mentally? Oh, I forgot–according to alt-right media, America is in chaos right now.

      If anyone is losing it mentally, it’s your orange hero. He was confronted with the tape of him bragging about having highly classified documents showing plans on how to invade Iraq and discussing the contents with persons without security clearances. He admitted the documents were classified and that he didn’t have the power to de-classify. This destroys some of his previous “defenses” about a “standing order” that anything he took automatically became declassified, and his bogus claim that he could declassify documents mentally, so your hero came up with a new theory–that he was just engaging in “bravado”–in other words, he claims he was lying on the tape. Ironically, Trump is now trying to defend himself by lying about lying. How outrageous is that?

      And, today’s Turley piece does not prove Garland was lying–Weiss produced a letter stating that he had the authority to prosecute if he chose to do so. According to Turley’s post, Weiss asked other prosecutors to bring charges–but they didn’t. How does this prove they were “blocked” and/or that Garland was lying? As the walls continue to close in on Trump, Republicans are getting increasingly desperate, and Turley’s posts become increasingly far-fetched

      1. Gigi, if Biden is doing such a great job then please explain why he is doing so badly in the polls INSPITE OF HAVING THE MEDIA ON HIS SIDE.

        To say that Biden is cogent is a lie and you either know it or you are as demented as he is. Just a few hours ago he said, and I quote, “Putin is losing his war in IRAQ”. That is your cogent leader. Fool.

        1. HullBobby,
          Watched the video.
          He said it, and did not even attempt to correct himself. Just kept on yammering.

          1. Biden misspoke–something Trump is infamous for:

            What’s in a name?

            Whether he is calling Tim Cook “Tim Apple” (and later pretending he meant to do so), mixing up Kevin McCarthy with Steve Scalise, misidentifying staffers, or simply forgetting Justice Anthony Kennedy’s last name altogether, the president has a markedly uneven success rate with the whole “people’s names” thing.

            This must not be the place

            Trump is not particularly good with places either. He has bellowed a hardy “Hello, St. Louis!” to a crowd in Kansas City, and more embarrassingly, he addressed the residents of the fire-ravaged town ironically called Paradise as though they lived in a sexy village called “Pleasure.”

            Song lyrics are not his strong suit either

            A porn star president who miraculously still enjoys the full support of the evangelical vote and is constantly hugging flags, should probably have the lyrics to “God Bless America” down pat. But alas.

            He also can’t seem to get the numbers right

            Trump is a serial exaggerator when it comes to numbers. According to him there’s always way more of [Good Thing] than there actually is, or incidents of [Bad Thing] are way down because of Trump. The numbers may be off in those moments, but at least Trump is saying what he intends to say. Such was not the case when, at a 2016 campaign event, he mistakenly referred to the tragedy of 9/11 as “7-Eleven.”

            A heavy Twitter-thumb

            Admittedly, this is more an issue of getting thumb-tied rather than tongue-tied, but Trump has tweeted some real humdinger typos throughout his presidency–covfefe, hamberders, and smocking gun, to name a few–and then later pretended they were intentional.

            Slurring his speech

            Every now and then, Trump just straight-up slurs his words, most prominently during the final excruciating minute of a 2017 speech about Jerusalem.

            Some words are trickier than others

            Whom among us has never needed several attempts to correctly pronounce the word “anonymous”?

            Going off on incoherent tangents

            If you can understand what Trump meant by the below sentence, tweet @FastCompany for a complimentary thumbs-up: “We like the — we like the — it’s just a flowing. They do comma. They don’t do — they do a comma.”

            Of course, the only time Trump ever admitted to making a verbal flub was a time when he probably meant exactly what he said.

            Biden admits it when his mis-speaks–Trump doesn’t. Have a cup of coveve.

      2. Biden had nothing to do with the economic recovery.
        It was the Red States that reopened their economies that started the recovery. Blue States like CA and NY were dead last in their recoveries.
        Biden did not create any new jobs. Nor would of Trump had he been elected. These were jobs not created, but refilled as businesses reopened.
        The lockdowns did tremendous damage to public health. The CDC just released a study finding more Americas depressed then before. Other studies have shown young children and teens are very anxious and depressed. Obesity rates continue to go up. Deaths from drug overdoes is at record highs due to the massive amounts of drugs coming across the southern border.
        Due to Biden’s proxy war with Russia, the Doomsday Clock is 90 seconds to Midnight. The closest it has ever been. Nothing says good times like nuclear annihilation.
        According to the CBO, the Inflation Reduction Act will actually fuel inflation till 2024 or 2026. Fed Chairman Powell has said there will be more rate hikes, not ruling out back to back ones. Inflation is still high, and under the Biden admin has been the highest in 40 years. The Household survey, a better measurement of unemployment, shows more Americans are working two and in some cases three jobs to make ends meet.
        COVID? Really? There was nothing to control. The Great Barrington Declaration had it right.
        Yes, America is in chaos right now. People are struggling to make ends meet, pay bills, afford food and gas. We have record crime rates in mostly Blue cities. We have people trying to get pornography in elementary libraries. We have people trying to sexualize 6 year olds. We have people trying to mutilate young teens and get them puberty blockers or hormones and call it “health care.” We have a two tired justice system. We have a woke military that undermines unit readiness. We are watching de-dollarization happening right in front of our eyes and it is accelerating. Why? Our enemies, our friendememines and even our allies all see weakness in the Biden admin and are taking advantage of that weakness.

        Biden: “[Putin] is clearly losing the war in Iraq” pic.twitter.com/dKt6yWWGFx
        He may not be losing it, but he certainly does not have it either.

        1. Literally nothing you say is true. As to jobs, look at the Labor Department’s reports of “created” jobs. If America is in chaos right now, why is inflation going down, unemployment at a 50 year low, and why are the GDP, the stock market and leisure travel surging? NO ONE is “trying to get pornography in elementary libraries” or “trying to sexualize 6 year olds”. Young teens who are prescribed puberty blockers are only given this treatment after extensive psychiatric evaluation, and with the consent of their parents.But, why is this any of your business, anyway? COVID didn’t need to last as long as it did or be as severe as it was–Trump’s lying and pushing of fake “cures” made it much worse. And, which is better–being depressed or being dead or having a loved one die from COVID? We do not have a “two-tiered” justice system, either–but Trump is pushing for one, in which he gets a free pass for stealing classified documents, showing them off to people without security clearances, lying about returning them, starting an insurrection by lying about losing a free and fair election, and trying to get the GA SOS to rig the vote.

  10. Jonathan: Allegations by so-called IRS “whistleblowers” are not proof AG Garland has lied about the DOJ investigation of Hunter Biden. In a June 7 letter to Jim Jordan, David Weiss clearly stated the DOJ had given him “ultimate authority” over the Hunter investigation “including responsibility for deciding where, when, and whether to file charges”. That should have settled the issue. But Jordan was not satisfied. He is now demanding that Weiss provide the names of the individuals who helped prepare the June 7 letter and who asked Weiss to send the letter. Jordan thinks Weiss was told what to say. Perhaps, the best answer to to have Weiss testify before Congress to answer all relevant Qs about the Hunter investigation. Will that satisfy Jordan and the MAGA supporters in the House? Probably not because because the GOP is out to find all the “crimes” of the Biden family and how allegedly AG Garland is covering up the “scandal”.

    So where is this whole fishing expedition going? Speaker McCarthy wants to merge the House investigations with an attempt to impeach AG Garland. Which brings us to the purpose of your column. Your job is to provide fodder for that effort by House Republicans so you allege Garland is “clueless or duplicitous”, a “willful blindness…and Garland “does not appear to be a hand on manager in the model of Bill Barr”.

    You never miss an opportunity to defend your good friend. But one thing is clear. Garland is certainly not in the “model” of Barr. Throughout his tenure as AG Barr weaponized the DOJ to serve the political interests of Donald Trump. Garland has not done that. He has reestablished the reputation of the DOJ as an independent agency–that Barr sullied. There is absolutely no evidence Biden tried to influence the investigation of his son.

    I suppose you won’t be happy until the House impeaches both Garland and Joe Biden. I don’t think any of these efforts will go any where. But you will try, try and try again.

    1. “including responsibility for deciding where, when, and whether to file charges”

      He decided where, when, and whether to file charges in DC and CA – but he did not have the authority to file charges or the cooperation necessary to file charges in DC and CA.

      See how that works.

      1. I like how he and the other blanks here state “Xxxxxxx said xxxx” (Weiss) so it’s the final truth 100%.
        Then the blanks say, every time, “there is absolutely no evidence Xxxxx did xxxx.” They consider that demigods word, they are the god of course.
        It’s amazing how they (don’t) have the entire investigation and all the evidence at their fingertips. I guess it’s the demigod SuperDemoncrat thing. Marvel should call them for the next political series. Supermarxist , our new democracy decider , saves the world with total justice and mostly peaceful answers. “Our superhero grew up a poor minority in a neglected district not sure of his gender born in an unclear foreign nation our orphan rose up against police and Republican injustice, crushing the white patriarchy with his mental abilities to reveal the truth about the government’s political controversies, in our latest series SuperMarxist has decided Weiss is telling truth and so is Garland, as are all demoncrats on this matter. Watch him save democracy !”

        Yes, it is that ridiculous. Xxxxx said so. Dennis has SuperMarxist spoken.

    2. Significant disclosures and documents indicate criminal activity from Joe Biden and his family. Congress is investigating because of these revelations and the withholding of information by the DOJ and IRS while punishing whistleblowers.

      Dennis is uncomfortable with such investigations, but he was more than happy when Clinton created misinformation, and the FBI, knowing the information was false, nonetheless investigated Trump based on such lies.

      Dennis you are a hypocrite.

    3. Is this the first Turley column you’ve ever read? I have to assume so, since you seem to think he’s a Republican. To the point of the article: Garland is one of the worst AGs in my lifetime, and is clearly lying about this. We should be thanking Mitch McConnell until the end of time for keeping him off SCOTUS.

    4. Garland may have given Weiss “ultimate authority” but then either subsequently denied it or done nothing when his underlings took it away.

    5. Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps Weiss is covering for Garland? It’s easy enough for the House to subpoena US Attorney Weiss, AG Garland & the attendees of the meeting in which Special Agent Shapley references contradictory statements by Weiss to determine the truth of the matter.

      1. Burry, that can be done.

        But we already have contemporaneous emails, by all the principles. While not sworn testimony, to deny those emails would admit to a plot to deceive.

  11. Leftist justices have already proven that yes, they will be happy to lie their a**es off in formal proceedings, I don’t see why this would be any different. More division, more obfuscation, no results – it’s all we will get. Hope I and others are wrong about this.

    In my small home town we used to think the Old Boys Club was bad when I was growing up; the leftist regime takes the cake of all cakes, even the gay ones. This is Mao with 21st century funding, technology, and influence, and it is very, very ugly.

  12. This is the same person who marshaled FBI and other federal assets to assess and target parents who were upset by school boards and school policies that superseded the the rights of a parent to raise their children as they see fit. To intimidate them into silence. Even if there was the possibility of some isolated threats of violence these are to be handled by local law enforcement. His directive pointed federal assets to spy on American citizens, tagged them as a threat and labeled the parents “terrorists.” When asked about it by Congress he led them to believe he had done no such thing.

    There is a very fine line between providing law enforcement with detailed intelligence on potential threats and using these powers to spy on citizens (parents who have the right to express their concern), harass them with a show of excessive force, intimidate, and in some cases ruin their lives.


  13. If Justice Brown can look at a Senate panel and, with a straight face, say that she is not a biologist and cannot define what a woman is, then a similar Supreme Court nominee from the prog/left stable can certainly lie about any and all things required to maintain the prog/left facade and keep his master safe. It isn’t even a question worth asking.

  14. It’s not cluelessness or willful blindness. It’s corruption. I can just imagine the conversation between Biden and Garland before his appointment: “Hey Merrick, I’ve got this dream job of AG open and I’m looking for someone who can lie, obfuscate and cover-up evidence to protect the Democratic party and the Biden family. I just thought you’d hate the Republicans so much for blocking your SC nomination that you’d be the best guy for the job. How about it?” “Thank you Mr. President. I serve at the will of the chief.”

  15. This article demonstrates only one thing: ANY disputed fact, by the time the NY Times confirms (NOT speculates upon) it, must be blatantly obvious.
    And is it any wonder why the NYT engages in ““burying the lede.”? Heck, no! Such an approach simultaneously gives the NYT cover (as in acknowledging the situation) and suggests to the impressionable and uninformed reader that the topic has been reviewed and mentioned by the NYT previously.
    For a very long time, the NYT has been nothing more than the go to source for sycophantic bumpkins attempting to underpin their pseudo-intellectual credentials. The reality is that they reveal themselves by either stating that they read the NYT or reference it.

  16. Garland is a despicable, vindictive, and dishonest, public official. At the very least he needs to be impeached, at best he should be prosecuted.

    1. “Garland is a despicable, vindictive, and dishonest, public official” – I think this is the first criteria for being a prog/left operative.

  17. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT, the Circle is Complete.

    The California Cartel* (Cal Dems – Pelosi – Schiff et.al.) > tells the D.C. Syndicate (DOJ) > that the Admin is vulnerable (Biden corruption scandal) > The DNC (Hillary Clinton i.e. The God Father) hands down the Order to ‘cancel it’ > to the DOJ > and California Prosecutors in the Central District stop the Pursuit of Charges. -Cycle Complete- Reset for the next Cover-up Cycle > …

    At all cost we can not let the DNC (Hillary) get ‘Busted’ for Russian-gate, The Party for raising the Ukrainian-Russo War, and The Administration for bring the Country to ruins.

    Merrick Garland:
    “… In speaking with people at Justice, Garland does not appear to be a hands-on manager in the model of Bill Barr. While he cannot be called a figurehead, he is certainly not someone who conveys operational or active control of the department. …”

    Jonathan – You mean too say He’s a ‘Tool’, maxing-out his FERs Benefits.

    What is Garland going to receive ($) if he retires Today? He 70 years old.

    Bet he doesn’t give a Sḩìt any-which-way the Democrats want it – He’s Maxed-Out(%) and Outta There!

  18. The good professor is always careful in his wording. In this case, Garland was also. He carefully stated, “Mr. Weiss never made that request to me.”
    But wait. There’s more! Garland also covers his federal prosecutors in other offices: as Professor Turley notes, “There is also a danger of willful blindness on the part of Garland in avoiding such knowledge as underlings undermined Weiss.
    That’s why I call him Merrick Guardland.

    1. The NYT also confirmed that Weiss asked the top career professional at DOJ HQ to be made a special counsel. They spin this by saying that he did not approach Garland or his top deputies. The NYT is silent on whether the top career professional asked Garland or any of us top deputies. Hard to imagine that he or she did not. But that is the next question.

      1. Daniel: Agree, agree, and agree. However, I believe that since this is a much publicized and debated controversial matter of public interest and the likely conflict of interest at DOJ, Garland could (akin to a judge’s sua sponte authority) decide on his own to appoint special counsel, irrespective of a direct request. See 28 CFR 600.1

        1. Yes he could. My point is that the NYT has confirmed everything the whistleblower said about Weiss’s lack of authority. On the special counsel question, the defence now is that Weiss never asked Garland himself. But he did ask the top career professional. So what happened next?

          It is now clear that Garland did not give Weiss the authority Garland told Congress that he had given Weiss. For that Garland should be investigated and, if things are as they now seem, impeached.

    2. “In this case, Garland was also. He carefully stated, “Mr. Weiss never made that request to me.”
      Ah, the doublespeak. Weiss made it to 2 others in charge in 2 states and Garland made certain he was refused both times.
      Good call. Weasel words by the lying weasel.

      1. And my guess is that Weiss made his request to become special counsel to the top career professional at DOJ HQ referred to by the NYT. Another buffer.

    3. Garland uses the time honored tradition of “buffers” to insulate himself from charges of wrongdoing.

  19. With the exception of Xavier Becerra, Biden, Harris, Garland . . . in fact everyone in this administration ALL have that, “deer in the headlights look!”

  20. Every employee at DOJ – including AGs – swear a supreme loyalty oath to NOT violate any persons constitutional rights on U.S. soil or U.S. controlled territories. One cannot have governing authority without taking this Oath of Office.

    The bigger issue is that the DOJ needs major reforms. Throughout American history, DOJ participated in non-confrontational blacklisting tactics like Cointelpro (unconstitutional and disloyal to the Oath of Office). According to the government’s own records obtained by the ACLU – in 2023 there are likely more than 1 million persons still being blacklisted following 9/11.

    Today in 2023, the DOJ and DHS fund other unconstitutional blacklisting programs like state-operated “Fusion Centers” that not only blacklist January 6 sympathizers but innocent and peaceful groups as well. Congress and state legislatures have given FCs excessive and unwarranted exemptions from FOIA requests for Freedom of Information Act requests even for non-terrorism cases.

    Monica Goodling during the Bush Administration attempted to purge the DOJ – trying to remove Democrats and LGBT federal employees – anyone disagreeing with George W. Bush essentially. Instead of prison time, Goodling was granted conditional immunity to tell the truth about how Bush officials were highly disloyal to their Oath of Office.

    The Bush DOJ was the “lead” agency in renaming torture and cruel treatment (felony crimes under federal law) as “Enhanced Interrogation”. According to news reports, the national security agencies opposed torture until the DOJ committee legal malpractice renaming it. Reminder: Reagan wanted anyone that tortured to be criminally prosecuted.

    The DOJ also helped legalize a highly illegal gulag located in Cuba. The purpose of Guantanamo Bay was to circumvent the federal law and highly disloyal to the American Oath of Office. In 20 years not a single AG of either party has closed Guantanamo, the most expensive taxpayer financed prison in the history of the world. Supermax prisons are a fraction of this cost for legitimate prisoners.

    Since 1917, the DOJ has used the Espionage Act primarily (more than 90% of indictments) to punish non-spies and to punish American officials that were loyal to their Oath of Office.

    The DOJ has many fine employees but this justice system is severely broken and needs major reforms. Garland should start here!

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