Report: Biden Official Committed Grand Larceny While on Sensitive Government Trip


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  1. Anmonymous
    That things are off is not unusual.

    You do not have to prove he intended to steal over 1200 to convict him of stealing over 1200 only that he intended to steal.

    If you provide information to kidnappers to help them abduct someone, and that person ends up dead – no one cares that you did not intend that anyone die. Once you committ a crime you own the consequences.

  2. This guy isn’t just a creep. He’s a mentally ill, arrogantly entitled, wallowing in his own self importance, creep.

    1. I suspect he is mentally ill – and should be trreated as such.

      Mentally ill people often present as warped political extrmeists – right or left. But they are just nuts.

      The question is not is he mentally ill.
      But how did he get an important job in government.

      We would be asking the same question if some Republican president appointed Ted Kazinski to a position fo power.

    1. In Todays Society, Any Person who thinks they are actually a Female while records prove they were born a Male must be “Delusional” ???……”INSANE” most likely and incapable of making even a small logical decisions….Being a Kleptomaniac is a minor problem compared to the actual mental instability (Total Insanity)…..This person’s appointment by Biden’s Bunch in the White House should have qualified Joe Biden and many other elected Officials in Government for an automatic Dismissal, Relieved from duty and Recall !!!!! The Fact Republican’s stood by and allowed this Farce, Proves they are part of the Problem !!!!! The American Tax Payer’s are fed up with a weak Government by “Brother in Law”….all working together for their own benefit and Not serving the People that elected them….Regardless of the Tainted Election process they can expect Surprises at Election time !!!!!!

  3. Johnathan, you ponder how. As a former Q Clearance holder re the then Nevada Test Site, the process was described to me as “having a microscope shoved up you ass.” I’m certain that Sam Brinton passed with flying colors.

  4. Let’s not fool ourselves. The Biden administration’s game plan all along has been to select the right “identities” and then do whatever necessary to install them in their positions. Black, Asian, LGBTeieio, non-binary, trinary, minor-attracted… that’s the first priority.
    Then, do whatever is necessary to (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) “vet them,” ignoring as ‘unfounded’ any negative discoveries in the process
    When I received my security clearance the FBI performed deep background interviews with former neighbors, schoolmates, friends. I assume this same FBI vetted this kleptomaniac in the same way. So then it’s one of two outcomes:
    1) They “cleared” him(?) due to abject failure to investigate properly (incompetence), or
    2) This is the same FBI that is used as a weapon against adversaries and a rubber-stamp for their allies (corruption).
    I can’t think of any other options.

  5. It’s not that he was stealing. The problem the politicians have is that he was Caught. That is where he fails as a proper politically appointed government official. Stealing luggage? Why waste time with such small potatoes when you can bilk taxpayers and those hoping to buy favors in the seven figure range, the more you steal the less likely you are to get caught, especially if you are a politician. Think Big!

    He doesn’t deserve to be in political office because he isn’t cunning enough to be an effective thief. He should be relegated into becoming the next Maybelline Spokes-non-binary-Person. Because nothing says beautiful woman like a narcisistic bald dude in lipstick. He should throw in a set a mutton chops for that classic look.

    1. He could go for that vintage look: Perhaps as Gen. Ambrose Burnside with lipstick and a prairie dress, a true 60’s Pin-up Girl. (1860’s that is)

  6. She got her position because she sucked up to the right person. That lipstick 💄 is made by Chapstick. Her position comes with a lifetime supply.

  7. Since this is the they let them off the hook suspended non sentence thread, let’s take an actual look at what charges the Biden’s should be receiving and what was done in 189,000 other gun cases like Hunter’s. Not a single one was given the break Hunter got. It has never happened before. US Attorney lays it out, the Biden’s should be getting the rest of their lives in prison for crimes that are mafia level.

  8. In a unanimous decision, the Georgia Supreme Court has dismissed Donald Trump’s petition that asked the high court to scrap Fani Willis’s investigation into efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election in Georgia.

    Expect another Trump indictment.

    1. Bad decision

      There is no crime of “attempting to overturn an election.

      There is expecially no crime of trying to overturn a rigged election.

      I would also siggest this is far from the end of this.

      This is all a huge losing effort by those on the left to weaponize lkaw enforcement.

      I have not read the GA decision – and I doubt you have either.

      But my guess is that the GA supreme court is reluctant to interfere in what is to this point a hypothetical.

      If and when Willis idiotically moves forward – THEN you can expect the court to weigh in on what she has ACTUALLY done.

      But I would ask you – WHAT IS THE CRIME ?

      I have yet to hear a single left wing nut make an argument for anything that is an actual crime.

      Something beyond – “Get Trump”

  9. ATI writes “Nope. That’s a lie. Nobody was legally allowed to enter.” the Capital Building.

    Did you never look at the videos showing the police permitting people to enter?

    “They were still trespassing illegally whether a cop let them in or not.”

    Since the Capitol is open to the public and the public is permitted in the Capitol, how is that trespass? You are demonstrating your ignorant streak.

    1. Anonymous writes: ” it wasn’t open to the public at the time.” The Capitol Building.

      How does one know they are not trespassing in a building open to the public?

      When the police open the door and let you in.

    2. The capitol was locked down by democrats as a part of that Covid Hoax – though in reality to prevent political protests like J6.

    3. I would note with very few exception sthe alleged tresspass at the capital virtually never results in prosecution.

  10. Trump steals classified documents because he lost an election and needs to pretend that he’s important enough to have our nuclear secrets and plans to invade adversaries.
    He shows them off to impress young female staffers, lies about having a right to possess these papers, lies about returning them, forces a search warrant, and then fundraises over his theft….but Turley’s worried about someone stealing womens’ clothes, which is a state issue?

    1. Theft of property has been a crime for as long as humans have had laws – actually longer.

      Separately – the FACT is that the documents you are whigged out ofer are Trump’s propety – and it is the Biden admin trying to steal them.

      For 220 years of US history a presidents records were his personal property.

      The 4th and 5th amendments preclude government from taking what belongs to others.

      One of the lefts HUGE prblems with its interpretation of the PRA is that if that interpretation is correct then the PRA is unconstitutional – in atleast 2 ways.

      There is a reason that left wing judge ABJ decided that ex president clinton was allowed to keep classified tapes in his sock drawer if he wanted. Because any other reading of the PRA would make it unconstitutional.

      Nor is ABJ the first judge to reach that conclusion.

      You can hate Trump
      You can rant about what he says.

      But the FACT is that Trump was infinitely more legally allowed to have what he had, than VP Biden or Pence, or Sen. Biden or SecState Clinton.

      Whiel most people do not grasp all the legal and constitutional details, they do understand YOUR
      massive hypocracy.

      When all democrats join republicans to impeach Biden over misshandling classified documents,
      We can discuss whether you have a case to proceed against Trump.

  11. This is the woke DIE quality of the biden admin…not the brightest , the best nor most qualified…but the perversion that fits in their tainted puzzle.

  12. It’s one thing to support an individual’s right to self-identify as anything imaginable, but it’s an entirely different thing to consider them employable for a position that requires a fidelity to specific expectations that are not open to the imagination. Sam Brinton should be the poster child for this entire administration. They’ve been reimagining foreign and domestic policy that’s antithetical to our traditional constitutional governance. We should have no illusions as to what they will conjure up to “win” in the 2024 election.

  13. Trump turned his inauguration fund into a halfway point for bribes from the Saudis amongst many others. And he’s binary. He’s trump, so maybe the rat pelt on his head deserves a different classification though.

    1. What a lame attempt to deflect and distract from the failures of the Biden admin . . . How marvelous! 🙂

    2. While I doubt you know what you are talking about.

      It is a bipartisan norm for all kinds of smelly donations to go through inauguration finding.
      Perhaps you have forgotten the stories regarding Obama.

      Regardless in the US nearly all the innauguration is private.
      It is LESS of a problem than campaign funding.

      Absent a clear quid pro quo you have nothing.

      Regardless, Trump may or may not have taken Saudi inauguration donations.

      But he was perfectly happy to screw the Saudis with a pro fracking energy policy that they hated.

      So what is it that the Saudis got for their money ?

      We know what Ukarinae and China got for their money formt eh Bidens

  14. I’m wondering how this individual was hired for a such a high level position in the DOE with only a Masters degree. Were there no candidates available who had Ph.D’s? I’m guessing that this hire was a favor to someone in the DOE.

    1. His lifestyle was what this administration was shoving down our throats. Think of everybody they are putting in. They have to fit the agenda. Gay, black, trans, women ect. No white straight males need to apply.

      1. Demetre Daskalakis
        Karine Jean-Pierre
        Sam Brinton etc. etc. .

        It’s being done on purpose

    2. They explicitly excluded 94% of the population for consideration for a Supreme Court position so they could install a black female who swore under oath she didn’t know what a female is because she’s not a biologist. All Democrat Senators and three extraordinarily useless Republican Senators voted to confirm her – a person who is indisputably either a liar or crazy.

      It’s no longer right vs left; conservative vs liberal; or Republican vs Democrat.

      It’s sane vs crazy. It’s remarkable how many knowingly embrace crazy.

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