Navy Gets the Nod: President Biden Acknowledges the Existence of his Fifth Granddaughter

Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz

For her entire life, Navy Joan Roberts has been “she who must not be named.” There is no evidence that her father has ever visited her, let alone held her.  Her grandparents repeatedly denied her existence and said that they had only “four granddaughters.” They even gave their dogs stockings at Christmas rather than Navy, who never even bit one let alone a score of Secret Service agents. As even Democrats began to voice their own shock at the cruelty of the First Couple shunning this child, the Bidens finally relented and recognized her existence, but only barely so.  They now admit that they have seven grandchildren and five (not four) granddaughters.

Pressed by Fox News, the White House issued this statement:

“Our son Hunter and Navy’s mother, Lunden, are working together to foster a relationship that is in the best interests of their daughter, preserving her privacy as much as possible going forward. This is not a political issue, it’s a family matter. Jill and I only want what is best for all of our grandchildren, including Navy.”

Even for those of us who merely followed this saga from the beginning, the statement was maddening and frankly insulting. It suggested that there was some reason, until now, that prevented the Bidens from acknowledging the existence of their fifth granddaughter. The suggestion was pushed further by CNN, which cited the resolution of  “a protracted and bitter court proceeding over child support.” That is false. There was no legal, or even tactical, reason for the refusal of the First Couple to acknowledge Navy for four years.

Navy and her mother sought that recognition and the Bidens refused. How was that in the “best interests” of this child? Were they fostering a relationship when they gave the German Shepherds stockings at Christmas but not their grandchild?

Moreover, Hunter has not been “working together” with Lunden for the best interests of his daughter. He has been a callous cad throughout this process, consistently putting his own interests ahead of his child.

Hunter refused to admit that he was Navy’s father for years until forced to accept the results of a court-ordered DNA test. He then fought child support and even her use of the name Biden. He was threatened repeatedly with contempt of court over his obstruction in the litigation in Arkansas. The statement that he has been working together with Lunden is insulting to anyone who has followed these court proceedings, let alone their granddaughter.

In June, Hunter settled the Arkansas child support case on the condition that Lunden agreed to withdraw her request to change their child’s last name to “Biden.”

Washington is a hard town. I have lived and worked here for decades and I am still amazed by the cold calculations of many in this city. Long-standing values and associations are routinely jettisoned for personal advantage. Here the moral strictures of the rest of the nation are flipped; vice is a virtue and integrity is a weakness.

Yet, even in this place of utter personal corruption, the Bidens shocked the local population. It was not their millions in influence peddling. The Bidens are standouts but hardly unique in that form of corruption. It is not the President’s obvious lies about his knowledge and ties to his son’s foreign dealings. Truth is as relative in Washington as loyalty in this city. However, few have the stomach for how the Bidens treated this little girl. The Bidens spent more time fretting over the “pressure” of the White House on Major and Commander than they did the emotional impact on a four-year-old child who was prevented from even calling herself a Biden.

So what changed after four years to compel this passing recognition in a press statement? It was not the litigation. There was never any legal reason not to recognize their granddaughter since it was confirmed by DNA and court order. It was not any sudden request of the child or her mother. They have been asking for years for such recognition.

It was more likely the disgust expressed even by Democrats that this is simply wrong. The President is about to head out on the campaign trail and had no answer to that objection. In other words, for the First Couple, it is a political not a family matter. If it were the latter, they would have done the decent thing years ago.

Of course, the President cannot go into his loving account of how his granddaughter is “a talker” and playful (like his German Shepherd) because he has never bothered to meet her.

That is now a matter for this little girl to contemplate as she gets older. However, whatever the impetus of the sudden recognition of Navy’s existence, it was not any legal cause. The First Couple was free to do the decent thing at any time over the last four years. They simply did not find it in their “best interest” to do so.

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154 thoughts on “Navy Gets the Nod: President Biden Acknowledges the Existence of his Fifth Granddaughter”

  1. This is nothing less than a ruthless and selfish PR stunt by a well versed, life-long, lying, corrupt, criminal fraud.

    All of which is brought to you by the Biden Crime Family’s political benefactor and puppet-string puller, Barack “Barry Soetoro” Hussein Obama.

  2. Joe Biden is one evil SOB. He finally decided to acknowledge the existence of his four-year old granddaughter in Arkansas, who he still has not met, but only after:

    — Hunter’s lawyers finished shaking down the child’s mother for reduced child support payments.

    — Hunter’s lawyers forced the granddaughter not to use the Biden name.

    — Democrat campaign advisors confirmed the political benefits of such a decision.

    Who knows, maybe Joe and his wife will find room this year, for the first time, to hang a Christmas stocking for their long-neglected granddaughter, right next to the stockings they’ve been hanging every year for their other grandchildren and the family dogs.

  3. OT: Does anyone know what additional processes and powers the House Judiciary Committee would get if the House were to authorise it to conduct an impeachment inquiry targeting the President?

    1. : Does anyone know what additional processes and powers the House Judiciary Committee would get
      The most obvious, is opening up the check book to hire experienced investigators. It might trigger power to issue warrants and subpoenas. But, I’m connecting some dots from the impeachment 1, and Jan 6

      What I took away from the info out of those two “congressional” investigations, Elected congress critters do squat, then are propped up in front of cameras to read script created be the pros hired to do the real work. The tipping point for me was when the shinola hit the fan when Tucker aired the first Jan 6 videos. It came out when the Chairman of the Committee said he had never viewed ANY of the video, made available to the “committee”. All the video they used for their fictional televised mini series, was chosen by the director of the mini series. Lets just say, the facts were not really a part of the narrative.

    2. Daniel, You may want to check out the Congressional Research Service Report entitled “Congressional Access to Information in an Impeachment Investigation (October 25, 2019).

      1. Well one of your regulars brought up Julie Kelley in another thread, she has exposed another giant lie of Jan 6th by the criminal regime, and asked for a link it was Meyer something I think.

        Anyway, here’s the clip, and the J6 video in it, that shows the officers claims of lots of injuries and even disability now, are complete lies.

  4. Wonder who did the polling that convinced the demented crook to come around to voice an acknowledgement of his lineage. Surprised he didn’t bring her to the White House for a sniff.

    1. Polling is right. To be perfectly cynical, they polled on this issue and found it could help Biden from going down even mire after the Hunter Biden deal went down. Happy talk on the talk shows and need instead of more bad headlines for Hunter. Totally cynical political move to obstruct the truth of the horrible corrupt B II dens. Time to impeach…and remove!

    2. Gee, polling? If I were in Joe’s position(I see no conceivable way I could do what Joe did to his grandchild) it would be enough for me, that not a single sycophant could be squeezed to publicly defend the President’s actions. Don’t need polls to interpret that data point.

  5. I know this child has financial needs and her mother needs it, but… I would like to fantasize with a moment when this young woman comes in front of the cameras and screams “Mr. President, we are not going to allow for you to use my daughter as a political tool so you can brag about being a family man. It is too late, you had your chance to be a decent human been, and you only changed your mind because of the political consequences of the public outrage. Well, now I am telling you, sir, respectfully, you go to hell! Tell your precious son to keep his money. I will raise my girl poor, but with the dignity you never had”. I know, it’s just a dream, but would not be great if such a scene would become the most watched political add in the presidential campaign?

    1. That could be awesome. A break-the-dam moment like “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

      Maybe then the fog of psychosis would break from the American people, like when King Theoden was healed in Lord of the Rings.

  6. “It was more likely the disgust expressed even by Democrats that this is simply wrong.”

    Key phrase: “disgust expressed EVEN BY DEMOCRATS” — LOL — In other words, the skunk smelled bad EVEN TO OTHER SKUNKS.

    Meanwhile, just another day in DC:

  7. Biden did not decide to make this acknowledgement. He has no clue what he’s say, he just reads from a teleprompter, a la Ron Burgundy. His craven puppet masters read the polls, read Maureen Dowd, and made a calculated decision to wrote the acknowledgment for him to issue. He doesn’t even remember doing so. He has advanced dementia.

      1. Why not look up “Talk Like Trump” before you criticize Joe Biden? Watch it while you enjoy a cup of covfefe.

        1. Ahhh Gigi

          Because the answer for anything negative about Biden is——but Trump. TDS in spades

        2. I care far less about Trump or Biden’s words – than their actions.

          Joe Biden is with near certainty eventually going to Pardon Hunter Biden.

          Most parents will understand that completely.

          I would do the same for my child.

          BUT – I CAN’T. I am not president.
          We will all understand when Joe Pardon’s Hunter.

          And many of us will then vote for the other guy – BECAUSE we CAN’T pardon our children.

          But ultimately that is NOT the big deal. The Big Deal is not that Hunter is some hedonistic drug,sex, and alcohol addicted disaster of a child. That is every parents nightmare. Those parents unfortunate enough to experience that have to figure out how to work their way through it, and most of us do not judge, there are no easy answers. There may be no answers at all.

          The big deal is that Joe was a part of all of this – a BIG part of this.

          If our children have problems with addiction – we do not encourage them to become drug dealers and provide them with the product to sell.

          It is way way way past the point at which it is possible to deny that the product Hunter was Selling was Joe.
          More specifically Joe’s leverage as a public servant.

          And Joe making his power as a public servant available for sale is the SECOND most corrupt thing a public servant can do.

          The MOST corrupt thing a public servant can do is to use the power the public granted them to thwart public efforts to grant that power to others. Two years ago Democrats told us that merely seeking the investigation of a political opponent was impeachable.
          Today the same people are using most dubious legal theories are being used to PROSECUTE political opponents., to drive them out of the election.

          You rigged an election – in many ways, but one of those that has been PROVEN beyond any doubt is by using GOVERNMENT to silence those speaking the TRUTH. Since gaining power through FRAUD, you have used that power to PROSECUTE those who have challenged your FRAUD.

          When is the use of FORCE justified ? Law enforcement uses FORCE against those who Commit Crimes.

          Are ordinary people permitted to defend themselves against those who initiate force against them ?
          Is self defense legitimate ?
          What if it is LAW ENFORCEMENT that is illegitimately using FORCE against you ?

          If the power of govenrment is being used FRAUDULENTLY – such as to rig an election by silencing those speaking the truth,

          Are you free to use FORCE against the Govenrment that illegitimately used FORCE against you ?

          You do not seem to understand that many people are not stupid as you. They understand that your J6 related garbage is a RUSE to HIDE the FRAUD you have engaged it.

          I do not have the answer as to whether ALL conduct related to J6 and challenges to the 2020 election are lawful.
          The question is impossible to distinguish from “was the american revolution lawful”
          The declaration or independence asserts that it is both a right and a duty to use force to counter fraudulent and despotic government.

          Little is more despotic than govenrment that uses force to silence its own people, to maintain its own power.

          And yet after the massive PROVEN election fraud of 2020 – nearly all the challenge was PEACEFUL.
          And THWARTED. There was almost no consequential inquiry into allegations of actual voter fraud – and has not been through this day. There has been no consequential inquiry into the failure of the courts to require that elections be conducted lawfully – both before and after the election. There has been no consequential inquiry into the massive scale ballot harvesting – which is illegal even today in every state except California.
          There has been no consequential inquiry into the use of Private funds by those in Government to conduct GOTV efforts that are the domain of political parties NOT government.

          But there HAS been inquiry – no thanks to those in power, not thanks to democrats, no thanks to the media, into the large scale government driven censorship of the truth.

          And that has PROVEN massive election fraud.

          It is likely that REAL inquiry into the unexplored areas of election fraud would prove similar massive fraud – were they ever to occur. But the same censorship that precludes speaking the truth about Covid or the Biden’s has also precluded speaking the truth about the election itself

          Falsus in Unum Falsus in Omnibus.

          Because you have used the power of govenrment to spread lies and to Censor the truth – there is no reason to beleive you about ANYTHING.

          And Like all tyrants you have sought to imprison those who speak or act out to expose your tyranny.

        3. There is a recent open mike moment that caught a respected journalist openly admitting error regarding covid origens.

          But it was not su much the admission of error that was revealing, but the phrasing.

          The prominent journalist admitted to trashing other journalists as “unhinged” for investigating the possibility that Covid came from the Wuhan institute of Virology because that “unhinged” theory was adjecent to the “unhinged” theory that Covid 19 was either the accidental or deliberate release of a bio weapon – just a Bat $hit crazy unhinged theory that taints anyone anywhere near it – or so the respect journalist said.

          I think it is unlikely that Covid-19 was an accidentally released bio-weapon. And less likely that is was a deliberately released bio weapon.

          But it is NOT “unhinged” to consider that possibility – it was not in 2020, and it is not today.
          In fact not only is it NOT “unhinged” – responsible journalism and inquiry REQUIRES that we consider and investigate such possibilities. Not label anyone who seeks to investigate or even alleges such possibilities as “unhinged”.

          What is ACTUALLY “unhinged” is dismissing less probable possibilities – without inquiry.

          That is “unhinged” whether we are discussing Covid or the 2020 Election.

          I would note – this is not about the refusal to accept or even consider possibilities that challenge your preconceptions.
          It is about trying to Crush and SILENCE them – which is what the left has repeatedly done.

          First you label something you do not wish to discuss “unhinged” – and then you use that assessment as the foundations to censor it so that none or at best only a few ever get to discuss the possibility.

          What we have seen over the past decade is that:

          The judgbement of those on the left regarding what is rational and what is “unhinged” – is disasterouysly bad.
          The collusion delusion was a hoax,
          The Hunter Biden laptop the truth.
          Covid came from a lab – not wet markets.
          The 2020 election was without any doubt RIGGED through govenrment censorshiop.
          And likely RIGGED – i.e. FRAUDULENT in numerous other ways.

          Trump and J6 protesters MIGHT have been wrong about the details – or they might not.
          But they were absolutely correct that the 2020 Election was fraudulently RIGGED by Government violating sacred constutional principles of this country

          And having obtained power illegitimately through FRAUD – those of you on the left are using that power to PROTECT YOURSELVES, and to go after your political enemies.

          The indictments of Trump and the convictions of J6 protesters are NOT proof of THEIR criminality.
          They are PROOF of YOUR Tyranny.

          And just to ice the cake – in ANOTHER J6 revalation we have a capital police officer exposed as a fraud an a liar in his TESTIMONY regarding J6. He was not injured, he did not give Rose Boylan CPR but stood by as she died.

        4. Gigi, maybe you should read “the boy who cried wolf” or “the emporor’s new cloths”

  8. The last thing in the world on Joe Biden’s mind was any empathy for his 7th grandchild. He’s likely a sociopath who has no empathy for anyone. Plain to see why this was dropped at the end of the week. Hunter’s plea deal goes south (and I do not mean to insult the South), 170 SAR’s are reported on the Biden crime organization and Facebook releases the evidence of message and news suppression (free speech) under threat of congressional subpoena. All of which require counter battery fire.. Hence the pile on of charges against Trump and the sudden growth of an empathy gene in the Biden senior circle. I don’t think so. Navy and her mother should take the money and run to the closest witness protection safehouse (not as a witness but just for anonymity and safety). I reiterate Joe is likely a sociopath but has learned how to project empathy without feeling it (which people can do). His son, well that is a likely compendium of medical issues that could range from bipolar disorder to personality disorder-possibly childhood brain injury-addictive personality- and possibly sociopath also. Jill-well that is likely a combination of histrionic and narcissistic problems. Loves the limelight.
    As far as the discussion about eye witnesses and Trump are concerned, that is a bit sketchy. Eyewitnesses can be useful but are notoriously not error free. Especially 30 years after the fact and where memory and imagination start to intertwine with other things where dislike, politics and secondary gain come into play. The fact that the lady could not even give the exact date of the assault is telling. I have never treated a woman who could not give you the date and time of their sexual assault. Ever. Also personal experience and literature will show that there are family and friends who, long after the fact of the incident, will lie through their teeth to protect their friend or family member. Again especially for secondary gain. The Blasey-Ford “eye witness” accounts had numerous holes poked into it, and some very doubtful statements of support by her husband. Just as a recent example.

  9. ” … Washington is a hard town. I have lived and worked here for decades and I am still amazed by the cold calculations of many in this city. …”

    I find solace in relevantradio (.com)

    and reading:

    Sometimes putting dangling your bare feet in the Potomac River along the Rock Creek Trail is reviving. Especially in this Heat.

  10. To imagine that the dementia-ridden Biden is anything more than remotely aware of this “acknowledgement” is sheer fantasy.

  11. Whoever is “Anonymous” that wants to change every discussion to be about Trump. And he/she even brought up his 30 year old civil trial that Democrats had to change State law to allow it to go forward to get around the statue of limitations. Get a life. Biden sexually assaulted a young employee in the Halls of Congress. She has more credibility and the Press has given him pass. Biden is the worst human being that has ever been elected President. Just look at his children and his dogs. He has ruin them all. Hunter is a wreck of a person with no morals. Have you seen Biden’s daughter? No, he screwed her up by taking showers with her. He can not even raise his dogs. They are out of control and they keep biting people in the White House. Biden screws up and ruins anything he gets involved in. The only reason, on a Friday, that after four years he acknowledged his seventh grandchild is that polling was going against him with suburban women and he needs the women vote. Right now we have the worst leadership in Washington in the history of this great country. God help us.

    1. This is another small window into the soul of the corrupt and depraved Joseph R Biden and his corrupt and depraved family.

  12. It’s hard to believe Hunter has only one child born out of wedlock….I’ll bet there are at least one or two more.

  13. JT/Darren/Kristen: It’s my understanding that Navy makes.7 grandchildren not 5. Please check/update post. Thanks.

  14. Nice column. The outrage of sane Democrats like Professor Turley is clearly the only reason the Big Guy’s PR squad chose to acknowledge the child. On the other hand, I know a lot of similar baby momma/ baby daddy situations and it’s not uncommon for the kid to go by the mom’s name. I mean the motivations of the mom in this case hardly seem pure. Hunter is a wreck of a human being. He is hardly a model citizen. However, the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the crooked tree. I think even a better man than Hunter might feel resentful at certain aspects of this situation.

    1. That’s worth thinking about. Birds of a feather often flock together. (note. I have flocked with many fleeces .. . and probably still do.)

      I suspect little Navy will have to make her own way. Which is probably the best way.

      *Turley always couches his old FDR Democrat roots in modern progressive constitutional values .. . which makes him a rabid MAGA hat conspiracy theorist, with a pleasant disposition.

    2. Agreed that this situation isn’t unique and here is the rub. The woman and man are both responsible and the child is a pawn. History will judge all the Biden’s and they won’t look pretty in 25 years when the Dems have moved on to another situation to salvage. Hunter is a CAD, his ‘girlfriend’ wanted support and the Biden’s well, they just wanted to move on and away from ANOTHER Hunter mess. They have shown their true colors and even if they didn’t want to acknowledge the child, it could have been handled with fineness — which obviously they don’t have. Remember — Joe Biden said “Don’t F with the Bidens”. Why would anyone expect anything else? A child evidently is no different from a political opponent.

      This is really a situation to be solved between the biological parents and the courts. And other than tabloid fodder – who really cares EXCEPT the mother of the child who needs funds to support her and a connection to the Biden family (which why would anyone want this now?)

      We are in the age of birth control and both Hunter and the mother were ‘responsible’ adults. Time to man/woman up without the ‘Big Guy’ and his protective wife from even getting involved. Families in these situations usually follow the lead of their child (the parent). There is no legal standing for the grandparents so whatever they say, it is still Hunter who leads.

      We have a country to worry about and while a child is very important, let the courts, personal conscious and responsibility solve this. It is almost too late to build a bridge with this child Hunter has so publicly denounced. He is who he is and no amount of SS agents, family connections will erase his past or unbias his future. To have had the world at his feet and to abuse this privileges, is the mark on one sorry man.

    1. How does one figure that mental state out ? Is it the privilege of rulers and kings and tyrants ? A child not from a “sanctioned marriage” ? A “dirtying” of the “bloodlines” ?
      Our host kind of points at it when he said that DC turns morals and ethics upside down. That means to me the DC demon brigades consider you worthy when you reject out of wedlock children. They aren’t considered of the elite bloodlines… instead, show your power and fortitude by throwing them away, prove to us you have what it takes to murder and war and rule… ?

      It’s all very disappointing. I expect a President to handle the situation with honor and publicly give credence and due and have wit and couth dealing with it and making certain it isn’t a sick court battle – and of course have the Mother and Child invited to White House family gatherings and yes, have Christmas Stockings, instead of being like some hellspawn freak.

  15. When you think of their party’s militancy on killing children for convenience, their treatment of Navy is mild.

  16. Dear Prof Turley,

    I wouldn’t call it a change of heart. I doubt little Navy is in the Will .. . or even invited to dinner.

    Grudging acknowledgement at best, imo.

    But you never know. Joe Biden changes his position(s) like you change underwear. Any wind can blow him .. . a rudderless ship of state.

    *also, Trump did it .. . and appointed the Judge.

    1. Biden sniffs and nibbles others unknown children publicly, as if he is full of love and affection…
      So there is no excuse for what he has done to his granddaughter Navy.

      Someone needs to explain this. It is unfathomable.

  17. Given the corruption of the entire Biden family, I’m certain I would not want my daughter to have her father’s last name.

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