Tale of Two Scandals: The Striking Similarities in the Menendez and Biden Cases

Below is my column in USA Today on what the Menendez indictment might say about the Hunter Biden investigation. From the luxury cars to massive amounts of money to even their choice of counsel, the two scandals have striking similarities.

Here is the column:

In February 2019, Sen. Bob Menendez was having nightmares. The Democratic senator from New Jersey said he was haunted by a question that “keeps me up at night” — whether President Donald Trump was compromised by the Russian government because of past secret dealings.

Menendez’s restless nights also may have had something to do with the fact that at the time, he was allegedly accepting lavish gifts from various sources in exchange for using his Senate seat to bestow favors.

The indictment of Menendez and his wife last week included details of alleged bribes that went to the senator in exchange for revealing sensitive, nonpublic information to Egyptian contacts less than a year before his sleep-deprived speech.

Menendez denied the accusations on Friday. However, even if half of this indictment is true, Menendez is toast. He was able to dodge a bullet in 2017 when a jury hung over a separate series of corruption charges involving lavish gifts. This time, the Justice Department says it has photos of thousands of dollars in cash stuffed in clothing, a luxury car, gold bars and other gifts.

That would keep anyone up at night, but there may be one other insomniac this week: Hunter Biden’s lawyer Abbe Lowell.

The Menendez indictment likely proved chilling reading for Lowell, who not only represents President Joe Biden’s son but also represented Menendez in his prior bribery trial.

There are striking similarities between the Menendez and Biden cases.

While Hunter Biden was allegedly selling access to and influence with his father, he also allegedly received massive payments. His associate Devon Archer told Congress that they were selling the Biden family “brand,” and that Joe Biden was “the brand.”

Like Menendez, Hunter Biden allegedly received a luxury car from his foreign clients. For the senator, the Justice Department says it was a $60,000 Mercedes-Benz. For the president’s son, investigators say it was a $142,000 Fisker sports car.

Menendez allegedly received gold bars worth up to $120,000. Biden received a diamond allegedly worth $80,000.

Indeed, the alleged object of these payments was influence with then-Vice President Biden, when he was the presiding officer of the Senate. Menendez was one of the nation’s most powerful senators at the time.

There are also dealings that reference Hunter Biden and his associates in the Menendez matter. When the senator was trying to arrange for Joe Biden to host a foreign event, an aide to Menendez reportedly reached out to Hunter Biden’s associates.

While the president’s son is accused of peddling influence, in Menendez’s case, it is his wife who is accused of acting as a go-between with those trying to buy the senator’s attention. Nadine Menendez allegedly had lunches and countless communications with people, who, according to the indictment, sought favors from the senator.

Nadine Menendez allegedly knew the co-defendants before she married the senator in 2020. The couple met at an IHOP, but he fittingly proposed to her in 2019 at the Taj Mahal on a trip to India. The setting for the proposal would foretell the lavish gifts to come.

Like Hunter, Nadine started an international consulting company, Strategic International Business Consultants, after being unemployed before meeting the senator. She found ample business.

Like Hunter, she is accused of marketing her ability to deliver access to her husband. In March 2020, she allegedly texted an Egyptian official that “anytime you need anything you have my number and we will make everything happen.”

There is of course a major difference between the Biden and Menendez cases: Menendez and his wife are being criminally charged for their alleged influence peddling.

The Justice Department has not only let the statute of limitations run out on the most serious tax charges against Hunter Biden, but it also has not charged the president’s son under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Despite charging figures like Paul Manafort for similar accusations, prosecutors have avoided charges in the Biden case that would put Hunter at the center of a corruption prosecution. Instead, they sought an embarrassing “sweetheart deal” that collapsed in court.

In the Menendez case, investigators left no stone unturned in tracing gifts and money. In the Biden case, a special agent with the IRS testified before Congress that the Bidens were tipped off on planned searches and an attempt to interview the president’s son.

As the Justice Department grinds Menendez into a fine powder, it is likely to draw more attention to the relatively light touch shown Hunter Biden. It is, as Menendez said on the Senate floor in 2019, the type of thing that keeps you up at night.

Jonathan Turley, a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors, is the Shapiro professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Follow him on X, formerly Twitter: @JonathanTurley


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  1. The virtual silence coming from Senate and House Leadership is deafening. Menendez was particularly sloppy and got caught. Hunter Biden was reckless and got caught. The other corrupt members of Congress are circling the wagons, or, maybe they heard the story about “those who live in glass houses……”

    1. you’re kidding right? Dem voters are all in on their “guys” doing this crap, but getting away with it. They have been knowingly electing crooks for decades.

      1. No way any of this occurs without the consent of Democrats by and large… all Democrats must suffer in the punishment that Jesus- whom detest unfairness and injustice will surely mete out.  Remember you smug ones- even God can say Enough!

  2. Jon, your tone in your piece seems to contrast markedly from the testimony you gave the other day. Here, you project an air of serious doubt about Hunter’s possible innocent involvement in crimes. When you shared your views before congress, you seemed much less persuaded that the Bidens were innocent in light of some very damning allegations.
    At the same time, I can harmonize your seemingly contrasting positions by studying very carefully precisely what you said. Very interesting indeed. Essentially, you said the same thing with a much different emphasis in what you shared today.
    Bottom line: there is no way we could impeach Holy Joe based on what we know today, but you have little doubt, if we can nail down the detailed evidence lurking behind the various claims, which you are convinced we will, Joe’s finished.
    You are a very, very gifted and shrewd individual.

      1. At the very heart of these attributions or ten causes to impeach exists the ever present “intent” of each action.

    1. The trolls are too stupid to understand the difference between, enough evidence to start an Impeachment inquiry, vs enough evidence to impeach.

    2. An ‘Impeachment’ requires the “The Pot and the Kettle to call Themselves Black”
      They’re all Guilty of ‘Privilege & Influence’ Abuses. No One is ‘innocent’, All would have to be Convicted.

    3. Read carefully what this idiot just said.

      before congress, you seemed much less persuaded that the Bidens were innocent in light of some very damning allegations.
      “Much less persuaded the bidens were innocent”

      Meaning he felt they were guilty

      Here, you project an air of serious doubt about Hunter’s possible innocent involvement in crimes.
      “Serious doubt about hunters innocent involvement in crimes”

      Meaning, he thinks they are guilty

      Oh wait, i see the difference. Yesterday he was persuaded, today he projects an air.


  3. Turley’s comment section went off the rails extra early today. By noon it became 95% Friday Happy Hour drunken nonsense posted by nitwits.

  4. Wow, Dennis, bad news. RFK Jr going to run as an Independent. He has been polling at 15% with Democrats.

    I heard there is a MAGA PAC financing his campaign.

    Guess Pedo Joe shoulda debated him.

      1. I have no idea what polls you refer to
        But the majority of us grasp that about 1/3 of all voters will vote for trump no matter what

        There is no similar block supporting Biden

        In early 2020 polls showed 10% of Biden voters self reporting voting for trump or not voting had the knowing about the hunter Biden laptop

        We are way past the laptop

        On issue after issue trump has proven right and
        The media
        You have proven wrong

        Todays news is that the CIA was involved in planting the story that the DNC was hacked by Russians in 2016
        Even today there remains no evidence that the dnc emails were made public by the Russians
        Worse still we keeping forgetting that those emails expose the dnc and media collusion to rig the democratic primary

        IE the government has been interfering in us elections for 8 years

        If you want people to believe you are honest

        That is easy to accomplish
        Do not lie and cheat

        Falsus in unum
        Falsus in omnibus

      2. Bwahahahaha u idiot. No one draws a Trump supporter away. No one!

        He might get the Libertarians that handed biden a “win” the last time.

  5. Self-destroyer, wreck your health
    Destroy your friends, destroy yourself
    The time device of self-destruction
    Light the fuse and start eruption

    There’s a red under my bed
    And there’s a little ORANGE man in my head
    And he said, “You’re not going crazy, you’re just a bit sad
    ‘Cause there’s a man in ya, gnawing ya, tearing ya into two”

  6. Jonathan: Now if we want to talk about the “similarities” between scandals maybe we should focus on the the one right in front of us. The history of influence peddling and corruption before and when DJT was in the WH–and his relationship to the Saudi Kingdom. And the history goes way back.

    It started in the early 1990s when DJT sold his 282 ft yacht to a Saudi billionaire for $20 million. This was at a time DJT was facing bankruptcy–one of his four. DJT sold his NY Plaza to Saudi Prince Alwaleed for $325 million. In 2001 DJT sold the 45th floor of the Trump World Tower to the Saudis for $45 million–that became part of of the Saudi mission in the UN. DJT continued to take money from the Saudis when he became president. The Saudis bought his condos and invested heavily in the DJT properties. When DJT was cash strapped the Saudis bailed him out.

    Of course there was a quid pro quo. DJT was expected to reciprocate by protecting Saudi interests. He did that when he won the presidency in 2016. DJT brought Jared Kushner into the WH as his advisor on Middle East policy. Kushner was no expert in the region. But in that role Kushner ran interference for the Saudis–protecting Crown Prince bin Salman from accusations he orchestrated the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a critic of bin Salman’s dismal human rights record. And what happened when DJT lost in 2020? Literally in days after Kushner left the WH he received a $2 billion infusion from the Saudi Wealth Fund to start a financial investment company. No Qs asked. Even though Kushner has no financial experience. That’s what “influence peddling” will get you.

    Now the reason I bring this up is that corruption and influence peddling has many faces. Now that Judge Ergoran has shut down DJT’s business empire in NY who is DJT going to turn to bail him out? Will the Saudis want to save DJT in his hour of need? When he won’t be able to get any bank to loan him money? By my calculous what is in it for the Saudis? An outside chance DJT could be reelected next year? Not a prudent reason for the Saudis to continue to invest in DJT.

    All said, “influence peddling” is about getting a return on your investment. DJT sold his “brand” when it was worth something. Now the brand is worthless. Funny, you never wanted to talk about how DJT turned influence peddling and corruption into a cottage industry back when. Wasn’t on your radar. Why is that?

      1. The sad part is that you know Denny continues to obsess about Trump only because he thinks that it will antagonize the other commenters here. Like me, they see him mention Trump and they immediately change the channel, so the rest of his keyboard diarrhea never gets read. What a dum dum.

        1. He gets paid by the character. The more characters he types, the more he gets paid.

          OTOH, if he danced with knives ala Britney Spears, that might get me to watch

    1. There is some type of sickness going on in Dennis’s head. He thinks in the 1990s the Saudis bought things from Trump because they knew he would become president decades later.

      Mc stripe, (the yellow one) can you explain how the Saudis knew this so far in advance?

      1. It does not matter if the saudis knew
        It does not matter if sky private citizen took money from Putin on the promise that if president he would abuse public power

        That is absolutely a reason to vote against him
        But it would not be a crime

        Citizen joe bidens acts in 2017 don’t constitute bribery

        But acts while cup even if paid for later do

        1. I think I miss spelling causes some confusion in your response.

          To summarize, as a private citizen, it is OK to buy and sell. As a public Citizen, it is OK to buy and sell to further American interests. It is not OK to buy and sell to further one’s own interests.

          Joe Biden sold American security and pocketed the money that I am reasonably assured, but to date, we do not have the evidence to convict.

    2. Dennis
      Aparently you are entirely unable to grasp that there is a world of difference between selling public power and absolutely everything done privately

      Neither you nor I have any business even bowing about much less constraining the non-violent actions of private actors

      My tenants pay me for access to my property

      That is legal and between me and them and no one else’s business

      But if I take a dime in personal benefit for wielding public power that is bribery
      That is a crime

      Those of you on the left can not seem to distinguish between public power
      The power of the people vested in the hands of those we elect and those in the employ of government
      And private power – the right of each of us to do as we please with our own Proprty and lives

      I owe you know duty as a private person wielding my private power
      I owe you an immense duty as a public actor wielding public power

      1. John Say: You took the bait! You say “there is a world of difference between selling public power and absolutely everything done privately”. Exactly my point. What DJT engaged in with the Saudis before he became president he was acting as a private citizen. But when he entered the WH he continued to receive largess from the Saudis. DJT appointed his son-in-law to protect the family’s business relationships with the Saudis.

        In contrast, Hunter Biden never held public office. And between 2017 and 2019 Joe Biden was a private citizen. There is no evidence on the record that VP Joe Biden received bribes or influenced official policy to favor his son. No crimes, no bribery. That’s why JT testified before Comer’s Committee that he has seen no evidence to justify articles of impeachment. You are the one who does not see the difference when it involves the Biden family. But thanks for helping make my point!

        1. “You want witnesses that make your case. Picking witnesses that refute House Republicans arguments for impeachment is mind blowing,” one senior GOP aide told CNN. “This is an unmitigated disaster.”

          Just look at the kind of sh!t our misguided lefty friends are inundated with daily. It’s no wonder they screech “there is no evidence”.

          First of all, who believes that this mysterious “senior GOP aide” actually told CNN that? What kind of partisan aid would make that kind of an admission to a CNN reporter, even if he thought it were true? And yet, these Jim Jones level cultists will lap it up. Don’t tell me, the aide’s name rhymes with Cassidy Hutchison LMAO.

          Secondly, you can tell its a Dem operative thought, because of the nature of it. A Republican would want a fair and balanced perspective from their witnesses, not a sycophant to deliver the party line. That’s a modern marxist liberal trait. It makes sense to this dumba$$ CNN propogandist, because he thinks like a marxist, but he is only outing himself as a liar.

          Just look at who the Dems brought as their witness. If I closed my eyes, that could have easily been Philip Bump testifying. On second thought, no need to close my eyes, its Bump with a bad toupe’.

          They all want to act like Comer, Raskin, you, me, and everyone else didn’t already know what Turley was going to say. Idiots. EVERY GOP aide knew goddam well what Turley was going to say. There were NO surprises. The object was to make the case for the inquiry. PERIOD. The only disaster was the Dem’s tripping over themselves to make it about anything BUT Joe, and failing to refute ANY of the evidence. The best they had was “where are Joe’s gold bars?” and “children are gonna starve”.

          Look no further than the smirk on Gerhardt (Bump)’s face whenever he was asked a question. He too knew exactly what the marxist was gonna ask, and how he was going to reply. I would love to see the emails between Raskin and this clown.

        2. John Say: Why is it when people like you who have nothing to offer in way of rebuttal often resort to personal insults? So let me make it simple for even someone like you. DJT accepted lavish gifts from the Saudis when he was a private citizen. That’s not a crime. Agreed? If Hunter, as a private citizen, received similar gifts ( a car, diamonds, etc.) that was also not a crime. Agreed?

          In one of his previous columns JT listed 10 reasons an impeachment inquiry is justified. In count 9 JT offers this as a reason: “At least transfers of funds to Hunter in 2019 from a Chinese source listed the President’s home in Delaware where Hunter sometimes lived and conducted business”. See any problems in this count? I do. First, Hunter was (as still remains) a private citizen. Second, in 2019 Joe Biden was a private citizen so the home was not that of the “President”. And it appears Hunter used some of the proceeds from his business ventures to pay for repairs to his dad’s house. See any problem here? All I see is a son trying to help out his dad. So how can any of this provide any legitimate reason for an impeachment inquiry? I don’t see it. Do have any rebuttal?

    3. Spoken by someone worth billions. The next time you earn 15 bucks an hour, will be the first time. Funny, you confirm the facts about Holy Joe and Kid Hunter. Changing the subject ain’t gonna help. Even a judge figured out they were trying to con her. Get a job for Pete’s sake, woman

      Like it was yesterday, I remember The Leftist Media arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned Big Old Chris Christie 2 seconds after they blamed him for bridgegate. Thanks for the apologies Dan, Tom, etc. THE WORST GENERATION

  7. Wow, I clicked on a story about scandals involving Menendez and Hunter Biden, and virtually all the comments are about Trump. My computer must be glitchy.

    1. Trump über alles

      Someone should take a script from Monty Python’s Spam Cafe skit and replace the word “Spam” with “Trump”

      Woke Cafe (with Conservative Viking invaders)

      Man (Eric Idle): You sit here, dear.

      Wife (Graham Chapman in drag): All right.

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      Waitress (Terry Jones, in drag as a bit of a rat-bag): Morning!

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      1. Expect it to get worse, Darren. Sorry. David Brock & his minions troll this forum.

        I’d send you a case of Cuban rum but that would break state laws, I believe. However, I can send you a pot of arroz con pollo! My Cuban cooking is pretty good, so the family tells me.


        David Brock’s Memo Detailing Facts First USA (Oct. 25, 2022)

        To: Interested Parties
        From: David Brock
        Date: October 25, 2022
        Subject: Facts First USA: A SWAT Team to Counter Republican Congressional Investigations


        We propose establishing an independent 501(c)(4) committee to direct and coordinate the
        outside effort to support the White House against the upcoming attacks by defending and
        counterpunching – sometimes surgically, sometimes broadly, but always methodically.

        1. Estovir,

          Thanks for the offer of Arroz con Pollo. Here’s a simple recipe I made yesterday that was reasonably tasty.

          split pea soup


          1 cup dried split peas
          4 1/2 cups water
          7 Quarter turns of course-ground pepper from a pepper mill
          1 medium to large bay leaf
          1 small clutch of fresh parsely (slightly chopped)
          1 teaspoon dry tarragon
          1 small dash ground minced garlic
          1/2 teaspoon dry paprika
          1 corn cob (without corn (corn used for other recipe))
          1 left over pork rib (for flavoring and doesn’t need much meat thereon)

          1) Put everything in a pot and bring to a rapid boil, covered on a stove top
          2) Stir, then reduce heat to medium low and medium to produce a low simmer
          3) Remove lid and stir occasionally to prevent peas from sticking to the bottom, about every 10 minutes
          4) After about 20 minutes but before water level becomes too low remove from heat. The ideal time is when most of the peas have split up and broken down so that no hard parts remain.
          5) Remove the bone, corn cob, bay leaf and mix at medium high speed within a blender until consistent.

          The recipe has no added salt and in my view needs none. The soup is very low cost and offers the use of left over rib (for savory) and corn cob (for sweetness). Make sure the corn cob is not dried out or else it will adsorb a great deal of the spices and will impart a dry-bitter taste.

            1. Thank you, Cindy

              One can also add about a couple tablespoons or so of fresh diced shallots.

              One really underappreciated aspect of soup made at home is that many of the ingredients are effectively free such as when you use bones, fish heads, rinds, cobs, leftovers, to create a base or stock. Then add a main ingredient plus a few spices and you have a soup. The CSA I buy groceries from includes stalks and leaves with the beets. Regular grocery stores trim those off. But they can be used for a nice side dish:

              Beet Leaves and stalks


              Beet stalks
              Beet leaves
              Tablespoon of butter
              Teaspoon of olive oil
              Teaspoon of honey
              pinch of ginger powder
              pinch of red pepper flakes ground in motar & pestle or Paprika depending on heat preference
              Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (the better quality/aged the less you will use)

              1) At the center of a high-walled frying pan put a pat of butter.
              2) Drizzle the honey and olive oil on top of the butter. Turn burner to medium high
              3) Quickly trim leaves from stalks and cut stalks into 1/2 inch lengths
              4) Chop the leaves to squares probably about 1 1/2 inches or so in size
              5) When butter has melted, swirl pan around to evenly coat
              6) Put cut-up stalks evenly into the pan, cover and cook for three minutes flipping each minute to cook through
              7) Remove pan from burner then drop in leaves. Stir leaves around and add ginger, pepper flakes or paprika.
              8) Return pan to burner but reduce heat to medium
              9) Keep lid off pan and after one minute stir again. When leaves are starting to wit, drop several drops to a short sprinkle of the Balsamic Vinegar. Not too much but just enough to impart the flavor as your experience with this vinegar will dictate.
              10) Stir occasionally over two more minutes or so, just before leaves wilt too much.
              11) Serve as a side dish.

              This is another example of low-cost dish, mostly of stalks and leaves the grocers usually throw away. The amount of stalks and such is from about half a dozen good sized beets but the size of these can vary. Experience will show you what you prefer and at what ratios.

              Also, if you steam the beets the water in the steamer makes a good sweet drink after it has cooled.

              1. Drizzle the honey and olive oil on top of the butter.

                I really like this idea. Interestingly while visiting Florida we looked for Orange blossom honey and bought a large jar. We really like that flavor of honey over clover honey, but it can be hard to find outside of Florida, I think. It works great in oatmeal. I cook a large pot of oatmeal on weekends, cooked with 2% reduced fat milk, honey, raisins, ripe banana, vanilla extract, almond extract or orange extract, cook on low flame stirring continuously, remove from heat after 15 minutes, let it sit for 1 hour. Good nutritious carbs, great to eat before hitting the gym throughout the week along with a protein bar.

          1. The ingredients look very tasty to me. Here are some substitutions to consider if you wish a Cuban or Spanish flavor:

            Add Spanish Olive Oil

            Use fresh garlic gloves, press them and scrape off from presser and into skillet or cauldron. Far easier than cutting cloves and chopping them. More surface area of garlic gloves is exposed when pressed and hence more flavoring added (at least theoretically)

            Use white pepper instead of black pepper (more mild taste)

            Cilantro instead of parsley (Cilantro is a favorite at home)

            Use stainless steel pressure cooker, cook 1 lb beans/peas in water with 1-2 bay leaves, one whole, cut in half green pepper, on high heat for 25 mins

            Add Spanish Chorizo with the pork rib or ham (though Spanish chorizo may be hard to find in your market?)

            Consider using Azafran (Saffron) and/or Comino (Cumin) as needed for taste

            I use these ingredients regularly for Frijoles Negros (Cuban Black beans), Frijoles colorados (Cuban “colored” red beans), and Caldo Gallego Galician soup which requires turnips! The above items can be used as a side dish with/without rice or as a stand alone soup meal.

            Disfrute! (enjoy)

          2. Darren, I posted a long reply with list of ingredients in Spanish and English if you wanted to make Cuban black beans, Cuban colored beans, Spanish Galician soup, and links as well, but it was not posted. Hopefully it got stuck in Word Press filters otherwise it is gone. I didn’t save a copy. Bummer!

            1. Estovir,

              The comment you speak of was snagged by the filter most likely due to the word “negros”. It’s not smart enough to differenciate False Friends of prohibited words in other languages. (Negro) It hits words like that since it is absolute in its enforcement. In another situation the Spanish word “Con” could be snagged if it was posted to a French Language site.

              I’m definately going to try the black bean recipe you mentioned. There is a carnicería a few towns over so I should find the chorizo there.

              I use Saffron on occasion and cumin more often so I should manage most of the ingredients. thanks you.

              1. Oh Emm Gee! It never even occurred to me that the phrase “black beans” in Spanish would trigger….. SMH. such is the problem with politicizing speech.

                I hope you can find Spanish Chorizo. Boar’s Head does not come close to the taste. I add a tablespoon of sugar in the pot of black beans during the last 30 mins of cooking and Spanish olive oil for flavor. Place freshly cut minced onions on the table in a bowl to sprinkle on the black beans before eating. Simply delish!

                Here is the classic black beans soup recipe in Spanish from a famous Cuban cookbook by Nitza Villapol, the Betty Crocker of Cuba.


                Frijoles Νεgrος a lo Valdés Fauly

                2 1/2 lbs. de frijoles nεgrος
                2 tazas de aceite de oliva
                1 1/2 lb. de ajíes
                1/3 taza de vinagre
                1 1/2 lb. de cebollas
                2 cdtas. de azúcar
                2 latas de pimientos morrones
                Sal y pimienta al gusto


  8. OT

    Scott Hall, one of the defendants in the Trump GA RICO case, is the first to flip and plead out. One of the terms of his plea agreement is that he must testify truthfully in the case. This is bad news for Sidney Powell.

  9. “From the luxury cars to massive amounts of money to even their choice of counsel, the two scandals have striking similarities.”
    The biggest similarity is the party they both swear allegiance to. Not particularly “striking” though, merely preditable. Being a Dim now comes with a costume of sack cloth and ashes.

  10. Byron Donald’s presented an organization chart developed by IRS investigators into the Biden’s “Business” enterprise. The success of this criminal enterprise wasn’t possible with just the entities identified in those organization charts. This enterprise has international and domestic tentacles that reach into our government and corporate entities. Republicans should now update that chart to include all the entities that have been and are currently involved in running a propaganda campaign to defend this criminal enterprise. And that would include every member in the House chamber attempting to gaslight the American people, knowing full well their “client” is guilty. At this point, all of these people are co-conspirators.

          1. I will only admit it is rather confusing to keep track of all the myriad and various ‘anonymouses’, I count three distinct serious dedicated anonymouses, and the rest are accidental default mis-attributions. Like yours.

            The main thing, Ralph, is what they’re saying, of course. Does it make any sense? Is it fair and reasonable? That sort of thing.

            Btw, how do you see the difference between the ‘allegations’ and ‘evidence’ viz the impeachment inquiry so far?

            * outside of a court of law (or impeachment) – and even then they have strict ‘rules of evidence’ – I tend to see the stunning scope and scale of the unexamined allegations, so far, as rather alarming.

            1. “… how do you see the difference between the ‘allegations’ and ‘evidence’ viz the impeachment inquiry so far?”

              Since you asked, I will assume the question is sincere. I think that there’s been more than enough evidence for impeachment AND removal from office since the military was withdrawn from Afghanistan BEFORE the civilians were evacuated, leaving behind the civilians AND $80 BILLION in advanced military equipment. While incompetence isn’t constitutionally listed as a basis for impeachment, I see no reason to assume incompetence played a role in what could easily have been an intentional betrayal of duty by the Joetard administration.

              Added to that is the Joetard administration’s intentional LYING about COVID and the fake “vaccines” that actually increase one’s chances of getting COVID, per a study by the Cleveland Clinic:

              “The risk of COVID-19 also varied by the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses previously received. The higher the number of vaccines previously received, the higher the risk of contracting COVID-19 (Figure 2).”

              As with the Afghanistan withdrawal, I see no reason to chalk up the mishandling of COVID to incompetence as opposed to intentional betrayal of duty.

              I could go on and on until dawn and barely scratch the surface, establishing a statistical case that that much misconduct isn’t likely to be accidental. But there’s no point in beating that dead horse in the middle of the night.

  11. Grab the popcorn Denny, it’s gonna be fun to watch!

    Goldman—-“aha, so you did defend a pedophile!!!”

    Turley —-“uh, no, it was the Sisters of the Poor”

    Goldman —-“aha, see!!!”

  12. Jonathan: By all accounts yesterday’s hearing by Comer’s impeachment inquiry Committee was an unmitigated disaster for the MAGA Republicans. Neither you nor any of the other 3 witnesses could provide any support for Comer’s claim that Hunter Biden and his dad were involved in bribery or any other basis for an article of impeachment. In fact, you told the Committee flatly there is no such evidence. You also had to school Comer and the MAGA Republicans on the Committee that without a formal vote by the House the work of the Committee would lack “legitimacy”. McCarthy, who originally said he wanted a vote, has now back peddled. He knows he would lose that vote. Comer seems to think he can barge ahead anyway. Not good optics for a GOP House that often complained that the Dems blatantly violated House rules.

    So your column today is an attempt to put lipstick on the pig. You now bizarrely claim there are “striking similarities” between between the Menendez and Hunter Biden cases. How? Because both Menendez and Hunter received expensive cars as gifts? There are more dissimilarities between the two cases that stand out.

    For starters, the allegations against Menendez involve his acts as a sitting Senator. Hunter has never held public office. The allegations against Menendez also involve claims that his wife, Nadine, was also involved in the bribery. At all relevant times Hunter was divorced. He had lots of girlfriends but there is no evidence any of them gave their phone numbers to anyone in Ukraine or China.

    Then you go on and bizarrely claim there is something “chilling” about Abbe Lowell representing both Hunter and Menendez. Nothing strange about the dual representations. Lowell represented Menendez in his first corruption trial–that ended in a mistrial. Lowell is the logical lawyer to represent Menendez in this case. He has a successful record of representing defendants in high-profile cases. And Lowell has represented both Democrats and Republicans. Last year Lowell got Mathew Grimes acquitted. He was charged with secretly acting as a foreign agent for the UAE. Who is Grimes? He was an employee of DJT’s long time supporter Tom Barrack. Then, Lowell represented Jared Kushner over his security clearance. Lowell doesn’t discriminate among clients–regardless of party affiliation.

    Painting Hunter and Menendez with the same brush does not enhance your claims about Hunter. They will each have to stand on their own. So far neither you nor Comer’s little impeachment inquiry have offered any evidence to show Hunter or his dad were involved in either corruption or bribery. So far Hunter has been indicted only on gun registration and tax charges–not bribery. That makes the two cases completely dissimilar!

      1. Denny…too dumb to understand that

        Hunter=Menendez wife=bagman
        Joe=Menendez=crooked self serving politician

        If the FBI went to JB’s house, I suspect they’d find cash in his windbreaker too.

        You’re not even a good apologist, Denny

    1. Dennis, I agree that running $20m worth of money (given for some reason, yeah?) through a maze of shell companies and then into the accounts of relatives who did nothing to merit getting it isn’t really evidence of any wrong doing and doesn’t need to be investigated. Oh, wait…it sure as hell does!

    2. ..Dennis M. attention deficit.. falsely attacking Prof. Turley again: (“Neither you nor any of the other 3 witnesses could provide any support for Comer’s claim that Hunter Biden and his dad were involved in bribery or any other basis for an article of impeachment. In fact, you told the Committee flatly there is no such evidence…”) . i.e., not absorbing the Full testimony of Prof. Turley that 1.) the Law is clear that being the source / the provision of under the table payback to others is indeed Corruption, i.e. ‘the money’ does not have to come directly to you.. and.. 2.) the purpose of the Inquiry is to provide the forum which can take hard data from the research to the next level, and call it (officially) ‘evidence…’

    3. By all accounts yesterday’s…

      Its called an echo chamber Dennis. That is why all your post grade out at retard level. you live in the echo chamber

    4. Denny, I was walking in the park one day
      in the very merry month of May
      When a couple of great guys
      Gave me 20 million bucks
      said cause I’m such a nice guy
      so it was no big surprise
      Happens every year in the month of May

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