Ten Reasons Why the Biden Impeachment Inquiry is Justified

There have been repeated references to the ten facts that I alluded to in my congressional testimony as establishing an ample basis to launch a formal impeachment inquiry. I have received emails asking about those ten developments so I wanted to post them. They are found in my written testimony, but I did not have time to go through them all in the course of my oral statement before the Committee.

While many have noted that I stated that I do not view the current evidence as sufficient for articles of impeachment, that is hardly surprising. This was the first hearing of the inquiry and was called to address why the threshold for an inquiry had been established. I was also asked to address the constitutional standards and best practices going forward. Indeed, I criticized the last two impeachments for prematurely declaring impeachable conduct without fully developing a record to support such articles. This hearing returned the impeachment process to a type of regular order in reserving judgment until all of the evidence could be acquired by the three committees.

Here are the ten developments that I cited as justifying an impeachment inquiry (a view with which my fellow witness University of North Carolina Professor Michael Gerhardt disagreed):

The record currently contains witness and written evidence that the President (1) has lied about key facts in these foreign dealings, (2) was the focus of a multimillion-dollar influence peddling scheme, and (3) may have benefitted from this corruption through millions of dollars sent to his family as well as more direct possible benefits. The President may be able to disprove or rebut these points, but they raise legitimate concerns over his role based on the accounts of key figures in the matter. Consider just ten of the disclosures from the prior investigation:

  • Hunter Biden and his associates were running a classic influence peddling operation using Joe Biden as what Devon Archer called “the Brand.”[1] While this was described as an “illusion of access,” millions were generated for the Bidens from some of the most corrupt figures in the world, including associates who were later accused of or convicted of public corruption.[2]
  • Some of the Biden clients pushed for changes impacting United States foreign policy and relations, including help in dealing with Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin investigating corruption.[3]
  • President Biden has made false claims about his knowledge of these dealings repeatedly in the past, including insisting that he had no knowledge of Hunter’s foreign dealings which Archer has declared “patently false.”[4] The Washington Post and other media outlets have also declared the President’s insistence that his family did not take money from China as false.[5]
  • The President had been aware for years that Hunter Biden and his uncle James were accused of influence peddling, including an audiotape of the President acknowledging a New York Times investigation as a threat to Hunter.[6]
  • President Biden was repeatedly called into meetings with these foreign clients and was put on speakerphone.[7] He also met these clients and foreign figures at dinners and meetings.[8]
  • Emails and other communications show Hunter repeatedly invoking his father to secure payments from foreign sources and, in one such message, he threatens a Chinese figure that his father is sitting next to him to coerce a large transfer of money.[9]
  • A trusted FBI source recounted a direct claim of a corrupt Ukrainian businessman that he paid a “bribe” to Joe Biden through intermediaries.[10]
  • Hunter Biden reportedly claimed that he had to give half of his earnings to his father[11] and other emails state that intermingled accounts were used to pay bills for both men, including a possible credit account that Hunter used to allegedly pay prostitutes.[12]
  • At least two transfers of funds to Hunter Biden in 2019 from a Chinese source listed the President’s home in Delaware where Hunter sometimes lived and conducted business.[13]
  • Some of the deals negotiated by Hunter involved potential benefits for his father, including office space in Washington.[14] At least nine Biden family members reportedly received money from these foreign transfers, including grandchildren.[15] For Hunter Biden, this included not just significant money transfers but gifts like an expensive diamond and a luxury car.[16]


These are only some of the serious corruption allegations facing the President, but each could raise impeachable conduct if a nexus is established to the President.


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“’I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled. Tell the director that I would like to resolve this now before it gets out of hand, and now means tonight. And, Z, if I get a call or text from anyone involved in this other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.'”

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  1. Mr. Turley is regurgitating long discredited fairy tales about Hunter and Joe Biden. Footnotes 3 and 10, in particular, are simply not true and were debunked in 2019 when Lev Parnas and Drunk Rudy were stumbling round Ukraine, trying to manufacture dirt on Joe Biden. Viktor Shokin was NOT investigsting corruption in Ukraine, which is why he got his lying butt fired! It is shameful that a law professor at a major university would print obvious lies about the President of the United States. Turley is a lying partisan hack.

    1. Viktor Shokin was NOT investigsting [sic] corruption . . .”

      So JB wanted Shokin fired because he was *not* investigating Burisma?! You know, the company that paid protection money to HB.

    2. A counter argument is not debunked. I do not see any “obvious lies”. Anonymous Posts lack credibility.

  2. Lists of Biden ‘apologists’ are being created, expanded, and kept in hand-written form rather than on computers which are hackable (you can’t hack a lit written in Ticonderoga #2 pencil, can you). These lists are potentially, allegedly, purportedly, going to used by people who use them to purge (exactly what purge means is yet to be determined) the anti-American actors from the people who have spent their lifetimes building up America. The left destroys nearly everything it touches.

  3. The allegations of Joe’s involvement with Hunter’s friends are while Joe was not president is just a dog and pony show. If Repukicans wanted to impeach Joe, they could charge him with willful violations of numerous laws on the border which are high crimes and misdemeanors.

    1. Show some patience. The House has only had it’s first Impeachment Inquiry hearing. Stay tuned.

      1. Seriously? Theyve been scheduling show trials for years, always with a Nothingburger for “evidence.”

  4. You have to hand it to Democrats. No matter the evidence, the crime or the corruption, they stick together, because the party is more important to them than the people or the country. They’ll deny, obstruct and ridicule the impeachment process, even though their against Trump was a complete farce, in order to keep Biden propped up as the party head. Their allegiance is to power and wealth, not truth and integrity. A shameful bunch of wankers.

    1. The majority of Americans believe that if he committed a crime, he should be charged. But ask any police officer whether you get to arrest someone prior to collecting the evidence. If you show up at a trial date with the amount of evidence displayed here, you would be found in contempt.

      1. No one is trying to arrest anyone now. This an inquiry to see where the facts lead. Something the left would know nothing about.

  5. Sir, I watched your testimony during the impeachment inquiry hearing. Your testimony was very valuable for those who are actually curious about whether President Biden used his position for gain- either his own or his family. I was struck over and over again at the apparent inability for many Democrats to distinguish between evidence of an impeachable offense and evidence that is sufficient to begin asking more questions. Obfuscation was clearly the goal of those on the Democratic side of the committee. Of course, there is sufficient evidence to take a longer and stronger look into this matter.

  6. To introduce a politically valuable “common enemy,” Biden labeled actual Americans “white supremacists” and “white nationalists.”

    Imagine white Americans (e.g. redundant) being persona non grata in the United States of America—oh, my apologies, I forgot they are now the “fundamentally transformed (e.g. invaded and conquered) United States of America,” having counterintuitively and inexplicably suffered that fate at the hands of an eminently ineligible son of a foreign-citizen father.

    Were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, George Mason, John Jay, Ben Franklin, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Richard Henry Lee, et al. “white nationalists” and “white supremacists?”

    Well, God did make them white.

    And one may safely presume that those who created and established the United States of America were loyal and fervent supporters of their nation, aka nationalists.

    Supremacy?  All must agree that their supremacy in establishing self-governance through the Constitution and Bill of Rights was and remains, as Merriam-Webster defines it, “the highest in rank or authority, greatest in degree, quality, or intensity, and characterized by the highest excellence or achievement.”

    All must agree that American self-governance through the Constitution and Bill of Rights succeeded above all other nations.

    Can anyone blame them?

    1. Our founding fathers lived in a world where the opinions and guidance of non-whites and women held little value. Our nation and the world has changed, trying to disregard the fact that we fought for equal rights and still want to maintain that same power balance in aeternum is what’s labeling them white supremacists.

  7. Hon Counselor, The Inquiry follows and is justified by the Rule of Law and so is the events of the Articles of impeachment. Comer and Jordan indicate a mountain gf evidence the Democrats deny. If AOC, Schumer, and Warren object, too bad. they can write a letter to Kamala although that will not change the Inquiry either. Democrats should relax and wait it out.

  8. Gigi

    10. Archer never once used the word “illusion” in his testimony
    9. Can’t admit that Hunter called Joe from Dubai for help with Shokin
    8. Doesn’t understand that Turley could feed at the same trough as Michael Gerhardt and make more money, but he has principles
    7. Can’t tell us how much more a $250k house costs at 7.3%, than at 2.99%
    6. Doesn’t know the difference between crude oil and natural gas
    5. Doesn’t know that the inflation rate when Trump left office was 1.4%, not 8%
    4. He/she has no idea who Amos Hochstein is
    3. He/she has no idea who Marc Holtzman is
    2. He/she has no idea how many of Hunter’s business accociates and clients met with, golfed with, had dinner with, had breakfast with, and visited the White House more than 80 times with….Joe Biden (its called ACCESS)

    And the number one reason that Gig gets called a c*nt….

    1. Can’t accept that Trump is going to be sworn in as the 47th President of the United States, even if its from prison or county lockup.

    Who knows, maybe someday he will pardon Pedo Joe.

    1. Hey Dennis

      You know everything…wanna help Gigi out with any of this? You’ve tried before to come to her rescue.

  9. Professor Turley is trying to be open minded and unbiased, just like a good judge should be. We need good judges. In this process the Senators are the “judges” and they need to present a facade similar to that presented by Professor Turley here, regardless of their personal feeling or beliefs.

    However, the house is a different matter. That is where the advocates are expected to come from. I have no problem with a house member allowing their bias to show and arguing that the evidence is already sufficient for impeachment. Hint: it is. There has been sufficient evidence for an inquiry since the laptop emerged in 2019. If it had not been for the coordinated coverup by the media and the DOJ, the Senate trial would have been long over and Kamal would be running for reelection.

  10. In the last week, Trump has mused about executing America’s top general, joked about a man getting his skull bashed in with a hammer (while Trump’s crowd laughs), urged people to shoot shoplifters (murder, and again his crowd cheers), deludedly insisted that you need an ID to buy bread, deludedly claimed that illegal immigrants have cell phones while veterans don’t have cell phones, and been found liable for fraud. Earlier, he was found liable for rape, his company was found guilty of criminal fraud, and he’s facing 91 indictment counts.

    Go ahead, hold an impeachment inquiry for Biden. But face the facts about Trump.

    1. There’s a red under my bed
      And there’s a little ORANGE man in my head
      And he said, “You’re not going crazy, you’re just a bit sad
      ‘Cause there’s a man in ya, gnawing ya, tearing ya into two”

    2. This Tweet is about Biden, not Trump. Jonathan Turley is giving a perfect recap of the evidence and the facts they have on the Bidens, and because you can’t stand Trump you think Joe didn’t do anything wrong, Jonathan is a legal scholar and legal analyst in broadcasting and print journalism. He has testified in many congressional proceedings about constitutional and statutory issues. He testified in Bill Clinton’s impeachment and was for it, and he testified in both Trump’s impeachments and he was against it, and guess what he is a DEMOCRAT.

    3. Rio: hey anonymous, don’t you know how to read between the lines. If you want higher gas prices, overran borders, leave us Americans out of it

    4. “. . . [Trump] urged people to shoot shoplifters . . .”

      Good for him.

      Leftist pro-criminal policies have unleashed hordes of barbarians ransacking American cities and assaulting the innocent. Any “extreme” measures now needed to stop those barbarians are squarely on the shoulders of the Left.

      And as a practical matter: Shoot one. Then watch the rampant destruction stop immediately.

  11. Turley’s REAL reasons:

    1. Because Fox has paid Turley to advocate in favor of the existence of a”Biden Crime Family” meme, even though he knows there’s no evidence, despite massive amounts of time spent investigating that have turned up nothing.
    2. Because Trump is really running the Republican Party, and that’s what he is demanding.
    3. Because Trump wants payback for his having been impeached twice, and Republicans, being the obedient lap dogs they are, will do as they are told. They are taking marching orders from a twice-impeached, quadruple-indicted election loser found responsible for sexually assaulting a woman instead of working for the good of the American people. Think about that.
    4. Because Turley is being paid to try to legitimize Republicans who are devoting their time and effort to smear and undermine Joe Biden’s presidency instead of working for the American people.
    5. Because Marjorie Taylor Greene promised, before Biden took office, that she would file Articles of Impeachment.
    6. Because alt-right media have to have some talking points because every single day there’s a new court ruling or lawsuit against Trump, who is unfit for the office of POTUS–there must be created some counter-narrative to offset the news about Trump.
    7. Because Turley can’t back-track now, having gone on-air and on his blog pushing for the “Hunter Biden Scandal”. So, there at least has to be SOME kind of a scandal.
    8. Because, despite all of the “whistleblowers” and other “witnesses”, there is still NO nexus between anything Hunter Biden is alleged to have done that constitutes a crime and his father. The rest is just smoke and mirrors, or, possibly, Hunter just trying to cash in on his name, which isn’t even a crime for him, much less a crime attributable to his father. But, if you keep pushing and insisting there is a “scandal”, some gullible people might just believe it.

    Some of the garbage above has been explained and de-bunked, but Turley keeps on repeating them–to-wit: the “illusion of access” is NOT actual “access”, nor is it illegal to pretend that it is. So what if some of Hunter’s “clients” pushed for changes in US policy–was there any ACTUAL change, and did JOE Biden take money for it? HOW could Joe Biden singlehandedly change US policy? He can’t, and Turley knows it. WHAT, exactly, were Hunter’s”dealings” that JOE Biden supposedly knew about, and how does this constitute a crime? Is this anything close to Donald Trump lying, for example, about the size of his apartment–claiming it was 3Xs the actual size, and then using this inflated size to inflate the value and then leverage this false value for a loan on better terms, which is why the Trump Organization’s business licenses were revoked in New York? After his divorce, Hunter’s official legal address was Joe Biden’s home in Delaware. Turley knows that the calls made by Hunter to Joe Biden involved innocuous topics, like travel and weather–there’s actual testimony to this effect, so why does he keep harping about this as proof of anything else? The rest is uncorroborated hearsay.

    1. You do know that there are koolaid detox centers that can help you and there are medications to alleviate your TDS. Seek help now before it is too late to save what is left of your mind.

      1. “HOW could Joe Biden singlehandedly change US policy? He can’t, ”

        Thanks for making my point. The VP has no such authority, yet he and (get this name) AMOS HOCHSTEIN decided they would, by leveraging $1B against it.


        Funny you never come back for seconds after you claim injured status and your bogus argument has been decimated.

    2. Turley knows that the calls made by Hunter to Joe Biden involved innocuous topics, like travel and weather–there’s actual testimony to this effect,

      So this isn’t uncorroborated hearsay?? Who corroborated it, dumba$$, Dan Goldman??

      But this ACTUAL TESTIMONY is?

      Archer – “Z implored Hunter to call DC because of pressure from Shokin”

      Q—“Who did he call?”

      Archer—“His dad”

      And you wonder why you get called a c*nt…

      1. What are you afraid of Gigi?? They will NEVER find ANY evidence, so why do you care?

        I had no problem with the Trump impeachments. It was fun watching the Dems crash and burn. Methinks thou doth protest too much.

        1. “illusion of access” is NOT actual “access”, nor is it illegal to pretend that it is.

          You are making this too easy. Go find out everything you can about Marc Holtzman, and come back and tell us what “access” is. Otherwise, forever be a c*nt.

          While you’re at it, tell us how many times Devon Archer, Tony Bobulinski, Eric Schwerin, Miguel Aleman Velasco, Miguel Aleman Magnani, Carlos Slim, Jeff Cooper, Vadym Pozharskyi, Karim Massimov, Kenes Rakishev, Jonathan Li, Joan Mayer, Anne Marie Person, Fran Person, Rob Walker met with Joe Biden. (Including 80 visits to the white house)

          You don’t even know who most of these people are, do you? Get informed or STFU.

        2. It seems that Trump’s case is a matter for the justice system and Biden’s matter is a medical matter.

      2. “instead of working for the good of the American people. Think about that.”

        You mean like AOC, and all her Democrat friends, who voted against a CR to continue funding the gov’t, at the behest of Pedo Joe?

        Yea, they are really concerned about the “unpaid border agents and their starving children”

        Think about that!

    3. Oh, Gigi, your response is hilarious. Biden is a bigger criminal than Hillary. At least she used her Foundation to launder the money. Joe was too stupid to do that. And BLM weren’t riots, just peaceful protests.

    4. You are seriously delusional and need a Dr ASAP! You have just read 10 classic examples of proof of a Biden corruption influence peddling in which all solid 10 points would be needed to justify an impeachment INQUIRY and now further advance impeachment proceedings. Now go back and swallow your liberal pride and try hard to not be influenced by Trump deranged syndrome. Prof Turley is one of the nations prestigious & experienced scholars of Law. He has received and earned many awards, honors, and accolades for his career in law. How dare you belittle and disrespect him for the simple fact that he is employed by Fox News. He also is paid and does appear on behalf of other networks. I honestly dont see how the 10 points does not lead a resonable person to conclude that all those in and of themselves are grounds for a successful impeachment INQUIRY. Keep in mind the definition of inquiry as it relates to this specific incident. Now you can disagree with all 10 points of evidence stated but it does further warrant the next step in the process. It will now be up for a vote if impeachment is justified given all facts. Those 10 points are also all facts. You can go ahead and say to you and your left liberal mind that you dont believe they are evidence but you CANNOT say that they are all not facts cause we know they happened. Which a reasonable and stable person would agree if 10 points are facts then facts equals evidence. I would love to read a rebuttal to Prof Turley’s points of why an impeachment inquiry is justified. Can you pull something together has the DemocRATs attorney Gerhart or I aplogize for getting his name wrong can he put his case for the latter together or has he already? Love to read his dissension. Prof Turley is spot on and so are the American people’s claim & assertion Biden Crime Family has got to go NOW!

    5. If they have been debunked, they will be debunked again after the impeachment inquiry concludes.
      Let’s not get head of ourselves.

  12. It is important to emphasize what this hearing. It is not a hearing on articles of impeachment, what has launched is an impeachment inquiry.

    Most importantly in seeking to establish whether impeachable conduct has been committed by the president this process can assure the public, that allegations of corruption have been fairly and thoroughly investigated by Congress.

    The House needed to create a full record to support the articles of impeachment. We need a fair, precise and detailed explanation inquiries of the final merits for make an investigation or impeachment, based on irrefutable evidence of potentially impeachable conduct in the investigation.

    An impeachment inquiry is warranted, when the evidence meets the standard of a high crime and misdemeanor, needed for an article of impeachment.

    1. Ya.
      Maybe we need an assessment hearing of whether an impeachment inquiry should be initiated.
      How many prerequisite looks are needed for an actual impeachment to commence?

  13. There’s not enough room on this comment thread to enumerate the reasons justifying the impeachment of Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, Jack Smith, Alejandro Mayorkas, Pete Buttigieg, Jennifer Granholm, Miguel Cardona, and the eminently ineligible, non-natural-born citizen Kamala Harris et al.

  14. The claim that Joe Biden’s presence at Hunter’s meetings, luncheons, dinners or phone calls with business associates was merely social, “talk about the weather,” echoes a scene in one of The Godfather films. A Congressional committee is investigating Michael Corleone, who arranges to have an adverse witness’ non-English-speaking brother brought in from Sicily and into the hearing room when the witness is getting ready to testify. The point is made: the witness changes his story from what he stated in his affidavit.

  15. An impeachment inquiry, like any other inquiry, is but an investigation aimed at seeking information about facts that show a probability of the occurrence of corruption. The persons asked to testify at the the hearing of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability brought their expertise not as fact witnesses, but more importantly at this juncture as experts who appreciate that there are many dots to be connected. Three of the panelists performed as they should have, i.e., methodically, deliberatively, and most important apolitically. It is regrettable that University of North Carolina Professor Michael Gerhardt was the lone exception. But then in his defense, he was not called by his fellow democrats for his professionalism, but rather for his politics.

  16. There exists an eleventh reason why the impeachment inquiry is merited. Professor Turley could have listed it but he is too squeamish to do so.

    Joseph Biden has been propped up by his handlers to appear that he is alert and oriented x 3. However, 2+ years of video recordings of him acting batsheet crazy tell a different story. Call it a “fake alive” Presidency. Until Americans are provided evidence that Joseph Biden has successfully passed a mental status examination, and that evaluation is made public, he should be impeached.

    IIRC ex-Yale psychiatrist, Dr Bandy Lee believed she was an expert on these matters during Donald Trump’s presidency, and the totality of the Left supported her, as did disgraced General Mark Milley, the Woke former head of Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    Woman propped up to look alive for family after already being declared dead at Adena Hospital, records show

  17. Jonathan: I don’t want to spend more time on Thursday’s hearing so let’s move on to some other important news this week. It involves important developments in the Fani Willis case in Fulton County.

    First, three “false electors” in Georgia asked to have there cases removed to federal court. Meadows lost his case for removal and now Federal Judge Steve Jones has also denied the request by the other three. This means all the cases, unless there is a successful appeal, will be tried in state court. The first two cases are those of Ken Chesebro and Sidney Powell. They will be tried together staring in less than a month. And all the trials will be televised! Beats any other day time TV. In the cases of Chesebro and Powell there was a hearing before Judge McAfee on Friday. Fani Willis’s prosecutors indicated they might soon offer plea deals for both. Wouldn’t that be a gold mine for the prosecutors?

    Then, one plea deal was announced this week. Scott Hall, the former Fulton County Republican poll watcher and bail bondsman, pleaded guilty to five misdemeanor counts. No jail time. Another gold mine for Willis who now can use Hall’s testimony to expose the “fake elector” part of the conspiracy.

    This means the list of the remaining defendants is down to 18 with the possibility of 2 more to plea out. Others will probably also plea out. Rats don’t want to remain on a sinking ship. I predicted this would happen just after Willis announced her RICO indictments. I hate to gloat, but……

      1. Gloat on this Dennis

        1. Can’t accept that Trump is going to be sworn in as the 47th President of the United States, even if its from prison or county lockup.

  18. As usual the Professor is spot on with his commentary….in today’s article, his written and oral testimony before Congress, and in previous offerings here.

    He has very carefully explained to Congress why the two Trump Impeachments would fail….and they did.

    He explained to Congress how they could succeed but Democrats ignored his sage counsel and both Trump Impeachments failed.

    Once again, Congress has sought his counsel in a public hearing and he once again has demonstrated the value of his long experience and knowledge of Presidential Impeachments.

    This time….Congress in the form of Republican controlled Committee’s and the Speaker are paying attention except for the holding of a formal vote on the House Floor.

    Unfortunately for the Democrats (as usual) their ignorance and ignoring of precedent has backfired on them and the Republicans decided to not hold the vote but follow established precedent in the conduct of the Inquiry process.

    That they have attacked the Professor professionally and personally in vile efforts to demean his testimony only shows how blind they are to reality.

    1. Recall Clinton’s impeachement hearing was preceded by Special Counsel Starr investigating Bill Clinton.
      Had Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to investigate Joseph Biden, and not obstructed justice, stonewalled and covered for Biden, we would not be here today.

      Democrats are Communists. They seek to enslave us all to their dictatorship of relativism, authoritarianism and lust for power. They can move to Cuba if they wish. Americans arent going to let the USA become another Cuba.

      From Professor Turley’s written testimony:

      The third relevant inquiry preceded the Clinton impeachment. The House inquiry began as Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr was investigating President Bill Clinton regarding his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. On September 9, 1998, the House formally received Starr’s Report and 18 boxes of supporting documents. With this ready-made foundation for impeachment over Clinton’s perjury, the House began an investigation and the Judiciary Committee announced that a formal resolution for the inquiry would be submitted to that Committee.

    2. Trump WAS impeached–he wasn’t removed from office, and the only reason why is that Republicans, as always, put party before country. Forty-eight US Senators voted to remove him, but it takes a 2/3 majority, so you are believing an illusion if you think Trump was somehow not wrong or was exonerated. We all saw what he did, and he deserved to be permanently banned from office. If Republicans had the cojones to abide by their oaths to the Constitution, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today. Turley is a purchased mouthpiece–pure and simple. “Congress”–meaning both Democrats and Republicans, did NOT “seek Turley’s counsel”–that was Republicans. He was there to defend them for wasting taxpayer money on their political agenda of trying to smear Joe Biden as payback for Trump’s 2 indictments and is current legal embroilments. Attempting to defend Turley shows that you are blind to reality.

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