“He Will Help You With What You Need”: New Messages to Hunter Deepen Concerns Over Chinese Influence

After the initiation of the Biden impeachment inquiry, new messages are deepening concerns over the influence of Chinese figures on the Biden family. Messages from longtime Biden associate Fran Person show the Chinese stepping in to support Hunter’s lavish lifestyle as funds dried up during his divorce. Person wrote Hunter that Chinese businessman Bo Zhang “will help you with what you need.”

Fran Person was not just a close aide to Joe Biden for years, but someone that the First Lady Jill Biden described as a member of the family: “Fran has been like a son to Joe and me. For eight years, we traveled the country, shared holidays together … Fran may be leaving the office, but he will always be a part of our family.”

Fran left the staff of Joe Biden and went to work with Chinese figures . . . and Hunter.

In a July 2017 WhatsApp message, Person told Hunter that Zhang was aware that he was in financial distress during his divorce and would cover his costs. Hunter sounds desperate for the Chinese support as he gushes money to fund his lavish lifestyle: “100K at least gets me until next month.”

Person assures him that Zhang has his back: “He will help you with what you need.”

Fox News Digital reported on Person’s messages. They include this assurance:

“I talked to Bo previously about the 37K – he didn’t flinch. I will talk to him about 56K and possibly 100K. It really depends on his liquid assets in the US…I will ask. His only problem is getting large sums out of China (especially right now).”

Hunter appears in distress and presses Person if he knew whether anything was wired or if they were in a “holding pattern.”

Person responds “No holding pattern…he was on his way to the bank this morning. He will be in touch when it’s confirmed.”

“He will help you with what you need. He also mentioned that you should take a trip to China some time this month to just get away for a week or so…just decompress.”

Hunter later schedules the trip.

The concern is that Hunter was receiving money from figures closely associated with foreign governments and foreign intelligence agencies, including the CCP.  These operatives often look for people who are in desperate situations to exercise influence over them. Hunter Biden’s massive spending and addictions would have been a draw for intelligence services.  He offered an obvious entry into potential influence or access with regard to Joe Biden.

At one point, Hunter offers in July 2017 to have Zhang at his father’s McLean home after Joe Biden left the vice presidency.

Zhang met repeatedly with Hunter Biden, Person, and Eric Schwerin.

Person’s message shows him showering Hunter with praise and promises of Chinese funds. In one message, Person told Hunter that he

“selfishly want[s] to work” with him “because I know what the hell your capable of, AND I want to learn from you. I’m putting myself out there right now, and I’m learning quickly. But I’d love to be there with you doing some of this stuff. I mention the 500K on 10M raise be I’m about to get started on that, and I could really use your help. We could knock it out together. I’d think that’d help take some bite out, and you wouldn’t feel like your ‘resorting’ to anything…I’ve got one loyalty brother. That’s to my family. Your family.” 

Person is obviously going to be busy during this impeachment inquiry. Despite President Biden’s repeated denials that anyone in his family received any money from China, The Washington Post and other media outlets have found those denials to be false.

Indeed, at least two transfers of funds to Hunter Biden in 2019 from a Chinese source listed the President’s home in Delaware where Hunter sometimes lived and conducted business.

The latest messages reveal how Hunter Biden’s personal and financial distress may have been viewed as an opportunity for foreign interests. Hunter suggests that he was existing month to month on such payments. The question is what he did in return for such foreign generosity in what is clearly an influencing peddling operation.

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  1. I once posted that I thought that Dennis McIntyre might be one brick short of a wall.  His response was that I didn’t know anything about building a wall.  He wrote that he built a wall once where he left bricks out on purpose so that he could watch his neighbor sunbathing without being detected.  I thanked him for letting us know about his peeping tom wall.  He never responded.

  2. Jonathan: Some of your loyal followers are consternated that Judge Engoron has imposed as gag order on DJT on the second day of his NY trial. “Anonymous” (the really crazy one) calls Engoron a “pedophile”–as if he knows the judge personally. Anonymous has apparently not been keeping the appointments with his psychiatrist. Then we have “Ralph de Minimis”, who is always D-minimis when it comes to how courts work and the power of judges. Ralph thinks no amount of DJT’s attacks on the judge or the court clerk can “possibly effect (sic–Ralph is bad at grammar too) any ruling because it’s the JUDGE, not any jury, that will issuing the ruling. Judges don’t have the power to limit anyone’s speech about anything when that speech can’t influence a verdict”. My first reaction is that no one should be allowed on this blog who does not have some law school education or basic civics instruction. Ralph is de minimis in both.

    That said, what did DJT say that prompted Judge Engoron’s gag order? On his Truth Social DJT reposted someone attacking Engoron’s top court clerks, Allison Greenfield, with a link to a picture of her and Senator Schumer. But DJT added that Greenfield was “Schumer’s girlfriend” and “she is running this case against me. How disgraceful.” DJT made the same malicious claims outside the courtroom today.

    Now here’s the legal part. Paying attention Ralph? Whether it’s a jury or bench trial all judges have the power issue gag order against any party who engages in extrajudicial attacks on judges, prosecutors, witnesses–or, in this case, a clerk of the court. A defendant’s 1st Amendment rights end at the courtroom door. It’s called the “fair administration of justice”. Got that Ralph? Any Qs for the professor?

    What is interesting about Judge Engoron’s gag order against DJT is that Judge Chutkan is holding a hearing on 10/16 to consider a similar limited gag order request from Jack Smith in the Jan. 6 case in DC. No doubt she is paying close attention to all of DJT’s continued attacks on the judicial system and this will weigh heavily on her ruling. And it’s not going to be good news for the Trumpster!

      1. 1st Amendment

        – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    1. “My first reaction is that no one should be allowed on this blog who does not have some law school education or basic civics instruction. Ralph is de minimis in both.”

      How many cases have you won in the Court of Appeals, Cllown Boy? Mine are published in the law journals.

  3. Turley, your no-rules website has descended into glue-sniffing playground anarchy instigated mostly by the plethora of childish “Anonymous” comments and replies posted by people who apparently camp out here ALL DAY every day. It’s hardly worth visiting Turleyville anymore, even to read much less comment.

      1. SANDMAN IS ESTOVIR, of course (as if we didn’t know).

        Estovir is also: Tom, Ralph, James, Richard Head McGiilcutty, Thinkthrough, Hullbobby, Upstate Farmer, Guy Ventner, Margot Ballhere, Shakd, dogsnowden and many, many more.

        Estovir is a little stressed today because our m0derator isn’t rushing to delete comments exposing Estovir’s puppets.

        Many of these puppets go back more than 3 years and we’re supposed to accept them as long-established ‘commenters’. But it’s been Estovir all along; the creepiest of nerds.

        1. This is EXACTLY the kind of glue-sniffing trash I’m talking about. As things presently stand, this website is allowing ANYBODY to say ANYTHING.

        2. Oh, and such clever puppets they are, when they themselves claimed that Estovir and Ralph are one and the same, as I have done. 
          Nobody cares if you stick around for a minute, it’s good entertainment to see you ridiculed and exposed  

  4. I am a man
    Of constant sorrow
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    For six long years I’ve been in trouble
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    I have no friends to help me now

    —Soggy Bottom Dennis McInlyre

  5. The lefty toads here don’t care about wasted labor, because they’ve never created a goddam thing.

  6. Jonathan

    Sandmann here, made sleepy once again from Denny’s gossip column.

    Look what Dennis brought back from his little sewing circle this time. Somebody tell him he is 3 days late on the “Abba forgot to check the box” lie.

    Same question for him. Show the form or admit you’re a little gossip who doesn’t have a clue.

    Denny honestly thinks someones 6th and 7th amendment rights boil down to checking a box?
    No, he doesn’t. He’s just a liar and provaceteur, as well as a paid troll, albeit a belated one.

    But he is right about one thing. She is smokin’!!! I guess Leticia and Fani are more his type.

      1. Gaetz doesn’t have sufficient support from the Republicans, and the Democrats didn’t ask for McCarthy to be ousted, that was Gaetz who asked for it.

        Dems have no reason to vote for McCarthy, just like Republicans wouldn’t vote for Pelosi.

        1. The will get their reason, when they get a real conservative who will dog cuss their type and censure the f*ck out of their retards who say and do stupid sh!t, like Bowman. One who will abuse the speakers power like Pelosi. Up to speed now?

  7. Jonathan: This is another of my updates on DJT’s civil trial in NY before Judge Erdogon. This is the second day and have you noticed something unusual about the proceedings? Melania Trump is no where to been seen. We pretty much know why? The couple is on the outs. Melania wants no part of her husband and his legal woes. There’s is a purely transactional relationship.

    But who IS at DJT’s side in the courtroom? Alina Habba who is one of DJT’s defense attorneys. Alina is not exactly the brightest legal mind in the universe. She made a major flub when she failed to mark the box for a jury trial in this case and it’s unclear she will present any evidence or cross examine prosecution witnesses. DJT has bitterly complained he was not afforded a jury trial. The blame is squarely with Alina. DJT has fired other of his lawyers for much less. So why is Alina at DJT’s side?

    Alina’s relationship with DJT goes back to 2019 when she joined DJT’s golf club in Bedminster (talk about “influence peddling!). She joined DJT’s legal team in 2021. Since then she has filed numerous lawsuits for Trump–frivolous claims rejected by the courts and in which she has been severely sanctioned. So why does DJT keep her on? You would think DJT could find more competent counsel. So is this a strictly an attorney/client relationship? We do know DJT attended Alina’s 39th birthday party earlier this year. He sat right next to her. Any casual observer can see Alina is at least as attractive as Melania (now 53) and a lot younger. Grist for a lot of juicy gossip.

    So what could be going on here? Since you deal in a lot of speculation, insinuation and innuendo, let me pretend to be the famous Hollywood gossip columnist Hedda Hopper. In 1939 in a column in the LA Times, Hopper broke a story about marital problems involving the marriage of James Rooselvelt, the eldest son of FDR and an executive at Samuel Goldwyn Studios. In typical fashion Hopper asked Roosevelt: “Is it true that you and your wife are going to be divorced?”

    Now you are probably wondering why I would bring up the relationship between DJT and Alina Habba. Just gossip. Right? Well, I would put their relationship in the same category as all your claims about Hunter and Joe Biden. Just gossip! And your good at it!

    1. I can’t believe this website allows you to post your gossip along with all the other trash you post.

      1. Why not?

        It allows George to copy and paste the same comments day after day. It allows people to post nasty personal attacks. It allows page-long comments from John Say. …

          1. “I’m not Bug”

            LOL thats the demented part.

            The douchebag part is saying someone wishes you were, when no one wishes he existed.

      2. Oh, Dennis, if your mother could see you now. Wouldn’t she be so proud??

        Does she even realize you are living in her basement?

        1. “Now you are probably wondering why I would bring up the relationship between DJT and Alina Habba”

          Wrong again Denny. We all know exactly why. Because you are a paid troll with a hysterically bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

          Oh, and jealousy. You just know dude is giving it to her in every orifice. Go Donald! Something else for you to fantasize about Denny. You’re welcome! You and Toobin should love that one next time you get together for some gossip and a spanking.

  8. Off-Topic #2: The judge in one of the ridiculous NY cases against Trump just slapped a Gag Order on Trump, even though it’s a non-jury trial and there’s no basis for thinking that Trump’s out-of-court comments could influence a jury:

    BREAKING: Far-Left NY Judge Engoron Issues Gag Order in Trump Fraud Trial

    So Trump isn’t allowed to point out to the public that the clerk of this NY Kangaroo Kourt is hanging out with NY Senator Chucky Schmumer.
    There is NO legal basis for a judge issuing a gag order when the forbidden comments can’t influence the outcome of the proceedings.

    It would be nice if Professor Turley had the time and inclination to elaborate on what, if any, legal basis there is for this Gag Order when the forbidden comments can’t possibly effect any ruling because it’s the JUDGE, not any jury, that will be issuing the ruling. Judge’s don’t have the power to limit anyone’s speech about anything when that speech can’t influence a verdict.

    1. Trump linked to the clerk’s Instagram account. He’s putting her in his stans’ crosshairs and that is not OK.

      1. It’s NOT within this judge’s jurisdiction since it has no possibility of influencing the case. Go back to playing in your sandbox.

        1. It’s irrelevant whether you personally believe it to be in his jurisdiction. He ordered it, and everyone in the case has to comply. No one has any business attacking court staff. Trump already deleted his Truth Social post.

          And I’m not in a sandbox.

      2. Sure its OK. He learned doxing from the left. You clever, smug a$$ people never stop to think about your bullsh!t coming back on you. Eat it.

  9. “It’s guilt by dribble, dribble insinuation and innuendo. That’s not the basis for a legitimate “impeachment inquiry”.

    Why. This is not dribbles but a flood of SAR’s, emails, pictures, videos, transcripts, lies and a President trying to prevent the truth from being revealed.

  10. I don’t care about Bug. A long time ago, I had a discussion with him where we both used our respective names or aliases. I showed conclusive proof he was wrong, including the mathematics involved. He left the discussion essentially saying that 2+2=9 and then continued repeating his nonsense. We have seen the same scenario repeated over and over again. Most, even leftists, know he is a kook and can’t get his facts straight, but they like the fact that he interrupts the discussion. Their numbers are dwindling, so what we have to be concerned with are those in the center.

    The center frequently absorbs things directly or indirectly from the MSM. That is why they can hold onto ideas that Feinstein is a centrist leftist when, after tabulating her votes in 2022, the ACU found she and two others voted consistently for the most leftist bills. This erroneous argument was published in the WP and filtered out from there. We must look at those leaning center and right-of-center people who refuse to vote for Trump should he be nominated. That is their prerogative, but again, we need to see where their ideas come from.

    Every human being has faults. We forgive some and not others, but what happens when they are magnified by a barrage of attacks meant to humiliate anyone who forgives them? If the barrage is great enough, many succumb without knowing why. That is why when asked to point out arguments, they don’t because their arguments conflict with their intellect. This is a problem with smart people who are used to being right most of the time and looked up to because of their knowledge. They are among the best people but follow the lead Bison to their deaths.

    Bug, below, is trying to prove Trump said what Trump didn’t say. He links to a blog because he isn’t intelligent enough to copy the words and defend them. This time I don’t blame him because the words and out-of-context verbiage attributed to Trump are not based on legitimate quotes. If they were, they would quote them.

    Trump never said he would put Milley to death. We have Trump’s actual words, but articles linked to by Bug either disprove him or are wrong. 

    I pulled the wrong quote in my earlier statement when I didn’t check before pressing send. Here is the quote that says nothing like the words from yesterday’s libelous leftist post.
    “Trump’s heinous sin, according to the editors, is saying “that Gen. Mark Milley, the nation’s highest military officer, deserves execution—as in death. He said NBC should be investigated for treason and that the FBI should raid the homes of Senate Democrats. Then he accused President Biden of being manipulated by ‘the Fascists in the White House.’”

    Now listen to what Trump actually said about Milley as quoted by the Journal: “‘This guy turned out to be a Woke train wreck who, if the Fake News reporting is correct, was actually dealing with China to give them a heads up on the thinking of the President of the United States. This is an act so egregious that, in times gone by, the punishment would have been DEATH!  [emphasis added].’” That’s more nuanced than saying Milley “deserves execution.” 

    Read carefully, one wonders why the editorial would provide its own refutation. Take “Woke train wreck.” Has the Journal forgotten that in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee, Milley argued for bringing critical race theory propaganda into the military academies and the armed forces’ training programs?

    1. Today, that kook actually started whining that I was trolling him! You can’t make this stuff up! As long as he is here, I will be too, until they fix this crap.

  11. Trump has been officially gagged by the judge in the fraud case. 

    Stupid trump went after the judge’s clerk.  He’s giving judge Chutkan a good reason to issue a gag order herself. 

    1. LOL — There’s no legitimate legal basis I’m aware of for a judge to issue a gag order when the statements allegedly leading to the gag order can’t possibly influence the trial since there is no jury for that trial.

      1. Judge Engoron: “Personal attacks on members of my court staff are unacceptable, inappropriate, and I will not tolerate them in any circumstances.”

        1. Pedophile Cab Driver Judge Engoron: “Donald Trump is just a bad guy. She should go after him”.

          He is gonna get slapped down on appeal soooooo badly.

  12. So much attention is focused on the money laundered through the Biden influence-peddling operations, but what specific actions by Joe Biden has that influence bought?

    1. but what specific actions by Joe Biden has that influence bought?

      First of all, you dont buy actions with influence. You buy influence with money.

      Ok, if you’ve been asleep for the last 5 years, don’t expect us to catch you up.

      “Son of a B, he got fired.”

      You can go back to sleep now Olly

      1. First of all, you dont buy actions with influence. You buy influence with money.

        You don’t say.

        “Son of a B, he got fired.”


        Looks like an action to me. Care to revise your statement?

        The point of my question was to get a comprehensive list of the policy decisions by this administration that have harmed our country in favor of countries the Biden Crime Family sold out to.

    2. Olly– I am no expert but things that come readily to mind are promoting a cover story on Covid-19’s origins, seriously weakening our energy industry without which we are not a military threat, assisting the Chinese (up to and including litigation) in purchasing huge amounts of American land, some of it near very sensitive military bases, and allowing the Chinese spy balloon to move, unimpeded, across the US, gathering whatever its operators wanted to gather. There is a long list of things, of which these are but a small sample, some big some little, all of which have benefited China at our expense.

      1. Thank you HLM. I’m no expert either, but you’ve identified 4 areas where Biden’s actions have weakened our national security. All of those actions make absolutely no sense, unless he is compromised.

      2. HLM, please add keeping our border open in order to weaken our country. Maybe also add spending like a drunken fool in order to flame inflation and decree wokeness for our military that now can’t recruit to needed levels.

        Just a note: Ever notice that the climate “activists” never say a word about China? The “movement” is comprised of grifters, like Granholm, that are making millions off this farce, true believers, a small percentage of the “movement” made up of little kids from campus and Chinese sympathizers, spies and government embeds.

        1. The “movement” is comprised of grifters, like Granholm, that are making millions off this farce, true believers, a small percentage of the “movement” made up of little kids from campus and Chinese sympathizers, spies and government embeds.

          Well said hullbobby. Once upon a time, progressives would push for policies that while idiotic, were intended to fix a problem in this country. Those days are over. Everything they do today appears designed to inflict as much damage on this country as possible.

        2. hullbobby– It should have been number one of the list. I do not understand why Biden is not being impeached on that one count alone. He intentionally has allowed the border to be overrun by people entering illegally including people who have been identified as sworn enemies of the country and criminal enterprises who are killing Americans with drugs produced by China and the Mexican cartels. Allowing the border to be overrun violates not only explicit federal law but also the Constitution. There could be no clearer evidence of a high crime and we already have the proof at hand without the need for an impeachment inquiry. I do not understand why Biden is being allowed to get away with this. Of course now that McCarthy has been deposed, the House will not and cannot do anything– including carrying on the impeachment inquiry– until a new speaker is elected.

      3. and criticizing Trump’s ban on travelers from China in early 2020 as being “racist”. Or, selling oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Chinese companies.

    3. So far, the list of Biden’s actions that reflect he has sold out our country for personal gain:
      – QPQ to get Shokin fired.
      – Silencing lab leak theories. Attacking Trump’s Covid ban on Chinese from entering the country.
      – Reversing our energy independence thus becoming a country dependent on foreign oil.
      – Depleting the Strategic Petroleum Reserves.
      – Enabling China to purchase land, farms, etc., often near sensitive military installations.
      – Allowing Chinese spy balloons to flyover this country and our military installations.
      – Open border allowing millions of undocumented migrants to flood into the country. Gotaways. Enabling the trafficking of fentanyl and human trafficking.
      – Woke policies in our military affecting readiness.
      – Afghanistan withdrawal leaving 80+ billion in US military assets to be confiscated by the Taliban.
      – Paying a ransom to Iran for American hostages.
      – Green New Deal.

  13. Jonathan

    Come on, do you really expect us to believe that Joe Biden, that paragon of virtue signaling, who has never once been caught in a lie (or accused of sexual assault), knew what his adult son, who has spent 30 years with his head up daddy’s a$$, was up to? Tsk tsk.

    We would MUCH rather believe the following:

    Joe got Shokin fired, so that someone else would come in and shut down the company paying his son MILLIONS.

    That, although they talked on the phone every day, Hunter needed to be copied on Joe’s schedule as VP

    That Hunter and Zlovchevsky called Captain Kangaroo from Dubai

    That Archer had NO IDEA what Hunter and Joe were up to, despite the fact he was Hunters closest friend and business partner for 20 years, and described the operation as “Icarus getting too close to the sun”

    That the shell companies were for a legitimate reason, and the millions flowing from Zlovchevsky (separate from Hunters Burisma salary) thru them to grandkids, was just because

    That Joe having breakfast with Marc Holtzman, Archers paying client, and being lobbied by him to install the guy he wanted at the UN, was just an “illusion” of access

    That Hunter calling Amos Hochstein, and lobbying for Burisma, and the next day Hochstein boards AF2 with Joe, bound for Ukraine, and rewrites the speech, is just a coincidence

    That Hunter wasn’t really with Daddy when he coerced the Chinese, even though there is a photo of him driving daddy’s vette that very same day

    I could go on all literally ALL day, but you get the point, don’t you Jonathan. You’re “innuendos” and insinuations will NEVER sway us from believing the FACTS!

    Signed—Dennis and his sockpuppets

  14. You have nothing left but name calling and discounting sources.
    “When the law is on your side, argue the law; when the facts are on your side, argue the law; when neither is on your side, pound the table.”

    When you’re defending a habitual liar facing 91 criminal counts in multiple jurisdictions. Call people names and dispute any information that works against you.

    1. I think you posted that in the wrong place, dum dum. (es ipsa loquitur)

      Why don’t you answer for why you keep referring to civil findings as criminal guilt, instead of whining about being called what you continue to prove yourself to be.

      Vox, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Rachel Maddow, Teen Vogue are not “sources”. I don’t have to “discredit” them, because they are NOT sources. Every single word in them is an opinion piece. It would be like me saying “Hannity said so”. You get it now?

      So pound the table and scream Vox!, like a good little Marxist.

      1. Who is this creepy Anonymous above? Why it’s Estovir, of course! The same creepy nerd as James, Ralph, Richard Head McGiilcutty, Upstate Farmer, Guy Ventner, Hullbobby, Feldman and many, many more!

        1. Thank goodness bug face the lawn boy didn’t include me in that list.

          I would hate to be outed by the third grader.

          I do like how people are actually adding to the name now. Hilarious!

    2. enigma – virtually everyone in politics can be called “an habitual liar”. It is how they reached the top. As for the 91 or 901 indictments, time will tell if any of them hold up in review by appellate courts, esp. the US S Ct. I suspect that none will.

      1. Out of curiousity, what do you see as the legal defense against obstruction of justice in Mar-a-Lago, assuming several witnesses say the same things on the stand they’ve said to grand juries?

      1. I think it really bothered that bug face guy that the Anon dude bad mouthed Rachel Maddow.

        Dick Head

  15. I would not be at all surprised if Anonymous were paid, even indirectly, perhaps through a Soros channel, by China. I would equally not be surprised if Soros and his son speak very good Mandarin. I’ll bet Hunter has a few cultural catchphrases, too. Between China, Russia, and Ukraine, we have the most corrupt ‘democratic’ party the world has ever seen. It has gone beyond absurd, it has gone beyond concerning, straight into the territory of: how do we solve this without bullets or bombs? It is rapidly all becoming untenable, and the entire Western world is at stake. Also sad, dismaying, and hopefully shocking to the parents in question to think that much of this could have been averted by simply raising one’s kids better. It’s on us, to an extent. Regardless, it is ugly, and it is likely not going to end well.

    1. Estovir, we wouldn’t be surprised if you were being paid by some far-right proxy group.

      And we’re sick of having your puppets praise each other’s comments.

    1. I can’t space or go to the next line and I can’t post a URL image, only a link – exactly which URL effects an image and video?

      What’s up, Darren?

  16. Off Topic: Best Tucker Carlson interview yet, with Victor Davis Hanson:


    Best Carlson interview yet, not only for its content but because it accentuates the difference between Carlson and Fox. There are longer interviews with Hanson on Youtube and elsewhere, many of them being an hour or longer, where the interviewer asks a brief question to get the ball rolling and then shuts up (like a GOOD interviewer is SUPPOSED to do) and actually allows Hanson to talk and make his points.

    Unfortunately, most people are probably familiar with Hanson from his appearances on Fox (Ingraham and Hannity), where he’s constantly interrupted by the “wisdom” of Ingraham and Hannity (I’m sure Turley knows how that feels), who talk throughout the interviews as much or more than they allow Hanson to talk.

    This Carlson-Hanson interview is the best synopsis of what’s happening that you’re likely to find. Subtracting the 3 1/2 minute intro, it’s less than 30 minutes, and every minute is worth watching.

    1. Agreed. Hanson has one of the most brilliant analytical minds of our day.

      Also agree that the Fox hosts should shut up and let him talk, although I don’t share your animous to Ingraham and Hannity.

      On my way to watch that interview now. Thanks Ralph

      1. I give Ingraham and Hannity credit for bringing Hanson to the attention of the general public, much the way I give Ed Sullivan credit for presenting The Beatles to American audiences. And that’s literally ALL I give Ingraham and Hannity credit for.

    2. Ralph,
      I think these were some of the best of the interview, “Liberals are now telling us they plan to protect American democracy and that’s the clearest possible sign that they intend to end it.” And, “I think they’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is an existential threat and by association, half the country is to their vision of what they want to transform us into, and so they feel that whatever means necessary are justified.”
      Scary. And we see it here on the good professor’s blog.

        1. LOL — the website removed my reply to your GARBAGE lie and left you Garbage lie up. I rest my case about this being a garbage site.

  17. Darren, I hope that the two comments from Anonymous do not accurately reflect blog policy.  Please clarify the removal of comments policy and explain why the comments in question will or will not be removed.  Thanks.

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