NYU Activists Tear Down Photos of Hamas Hostages [Updated]

New York University is investigating an incident involving three alleged NYU students caught on videotape tearing down posters of Hamas hostages. The videos were taken outside NYU’s Tisch Hall and shared by the Students Supporting Israel NYU Chapter. The chapter identified them as NYU students, but it is not clear if that has been established by the university.

The Chapter wrote on X.: “Today, we witnessed 2 NYU students violently tearing down posters of kidnapped babies, mothers, and grandmothers hanging outside of NYU Buildings. This was done in a laughing manner, exhibiting complete disregard for Jewish lives and Jewish safety.”
flyers torn down

The red and white posters with the word “KIDNAPPED” have gone up across New York City to remind people that 200 people have been taken hostage by Hamas.

It is telling that these individuals wanted to remove the images of these victims of a terrorist attack.  It is one thing to advocate for Palestinian rights and to protest grievances. Many on our campuses have done so for years. However, that should be accompanied by a condemnation of the massacre of civilians, rape of women, and the taking of hostages. Those are atrocities and constitute crimes against humanity under international law. Hamas does not represent the Palestinian cause. It is a terrorist group that has engaged in unspeakable crimes.

Update: A NYU student has now admitted to being one of those tearing down the images. Yazmeen Deyhimi stated

 “I have found it increasingly difficult to know my place as a biracial brown woman, especially during these highly volatile times. I have felt more and more frustrated about the time we currently find ourselves in, and misplaced that anger into actions that are not an accurate representation of who I am as a person.”

Tearing down these pictures will not erase the memory of these victims:

Here are some of those pictures:

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    1. Do you mean pictures of the Hamas terrorists that brutally murdered, raped and tortured Jewish women and children? Or pictures of the university faculty, media figures, and government officials who celebrated the barbaric attacks?

      1. Maybe these terrorist supporters need to be called in for questioning, maybe they know where their terrorist friends are hiding the hostages.

  1. The NYU student association’s full statement, translated from Woke to English:

    Our professors at NYU taught us that black women are supposed to be angry. Israeli Jews are oppressors, so it is normal to take our anger out on them.

    If these videos hadn’t gotten out, the university would have been fine with us tearing down pictures of Jewish hostages.

    We are sorry the capitalists invented iPhones and didn’t stop the videos from spreading on social media and in the New York Post.

    We were just doing what they taught us to do. We are only 20 and it is all very confusing. Should we still write about this on our law school admissions essays?

  2. Jamaal Bowman pulls fire alarm to obstruct Congress

    No arrest

    Rashida Tlaib coordinates w/Hamas supporters to stage Insurrection of Capitol

    No arrest

    Top Secret docs in Biden’s Corvette garage

    No indictment

    “We do not have two tiers of justice!” ~Merrick Garland (lying sociopath)

    1. Keep in mind that the Tlaib’s pro Hamas insurrectionists who stormed the Cannon building today have ties to REAL terrorists. Unlike the J6 Grandmas who are being thrown in federal prison for YEARS for “parading” and “trespassing” and not showing “sufficient remorse.” GTH you corrupt Marxist partisan hacks posing as DC judges. Merrick Garland is such a pathetically weak, partisan hack. For shame.

      1. If the Islamic terrorists who hijacked United Flight 93 on 9/11 had succeeded in their goal, we would not have a Capitol Building.

        1. The J6 gang were escorted by USCP
          The Hamas Democrat guilty of inciting violence and threatening POTUS

          Prison for all of Oct 18 Insurrectionists.

    1. For what offense, specifically? Is it a violation of official school rules?
      From what I see and read in the news these days, many colleges condone students shouting invited speakers down so that they can’t be heard. That’s just an oral version of removing flyers. There’s no substantive difference in the two behaviors, as they both squelch the speech of others, one kind spoken and the other kind written.

      1. Is it a violation of official school rules?

        Yes. If not, it should be. And they should be expelled. That’s the only way the lawlessness at universities is going to be cured.

  3. ” However, that should be accompanied by a condemnation of the xxxxxx Those are atrocities and constitute crimes against humanity under international law.”

    Take your own rule and apply it to Israel. It has already been condemned for two crimes against humanity, the top UN person addressing that.

    I have noticed the US and Israel break the international law all the time and give the finger to the UN. so give the finger like you usually do but don’t expect your opposition to respect you, believe you, or reform themselves based upon your admonitions. HYPOCRITES WILL NOT BE LISTENED TO.

  4. It continues to amaze me how many people who claim to be staunch advocates of “free speech” also turn out to be staunch advocates of ruining people’s lives and the lives of their families if they disagree with the “free” speech that they hear.

    I don’t think speech can be called “free” when simple WORDS end up costing people their livelihoods and ability to function in our society. As opposed to actually being “free,” I’d say that “free” speech can be very expensive speech, especially when the speaker is young and stupid (pardon the redundancy), and possibly misled by propaganda or the garbage media (again, pardon the redundancy), or maybe just too idealistic for the REAL world in which they live.

    In a very real sense, the expression “free speech” has become an Orwellian euphemism, like 1984’s Ministry of Truth.

    I also feel compelled to mention that I could never post this comment at GARBAGE Fox, because as a Trump supporter I’ve been banned from commenting there (because Garbage Fox doesn’t believe in free speech) just as I’ve previously been banned from commenting here in Turleyville, until I snuck back with a fake screen name, and then had to drop that in favor of posting comments as one of who-knows-how-many “Anonymous” posters.

    Anyway, not wanting the “free speech” MOB to come after me, I should probably also mention that I support Israel in relation to this attack by Hamas. I’m just not digging the Orwellian Ministry of Free Speech.

    1. I don’t think speech can be called “free” when simple WORDS end up costing people their livelihoods and ability to function in our society.

      You misunderstand the concept of free speech. It means the government may not prevent you from speaking or impose criminal penalties when you do, but it doesn’t mean you don’t bear the consequences of your speech. If someone berates his kids everyday and his kids end up hating him, that’s a natural consequence of his speech to which he is not immune. If you speak in a way that an employer would not want to hire you, that’s also one of those natural consequences.

      1. Good grief. It was a play on words regarding the two different meanings of the word “free.” Borrow a dictionary from one of your friends who actually managed to graduate from high school, and look up the word “homonym.”

        1. I think you’re backpedaling. You were calling out “staunch advocates of free speech.” So you specified exactly which meaning you intended, and then made a false accusation of hypocrisy. You now claim to be making a play on words, but that is not credible. Own up to your mistake.

    1. A dentist in Florida was also caught ripping down photos of victims of the Hamas attack, and has been fired by his employer:

      I posted my opinion at the Garbage Fox website, however since I’m a Trump supporter with over 210,000 upvotes at Garbage Fox, I’m now BANNED from commenting at Garbage Fox, so my comment won’t be visible to anyone but me, due to Garbage Fox’s shadow-banning tactic. Here’s the comment that an honest website wouldn’t shadow-ban:

      While I’m a supporter of Israel in this war against Hamas, I think the return of blacklisting to America isn’t something to celebrate. I imagine that many people behind this movement have no idea how it was used in the 1950s to ruin people’s lives and careers, and how they might be next.

      1. LMAO garbage fox huh. I will check that out never heard of it.

        People who attack others property should get the usual fines and sentencing. I see though that very often it has been excused as some sort of notional counter speech when it is in the political realm.
        Now everyone is having an emotional fit and declaring some speech unacceptable and want all sorts of punishment for it.

        If someone attacks property not theirs, that should be punished. Not more not less based upon some political ideology.

        No one should be forced to condemn anything. That’s compelled speech and it is Unconstitutional. I was one who stood against all the raging hate filled estrogen doused moron control freaks when the Westboro Baptist Church was running around denouncing at military funeral areas and other protest sites. Almost everyone went stark raving mad and screamed they would do xxxx and demanded they be stopped. Well they won their court case because free speech. It was obvious, but I was nearly all alone. I may have been actually all alone I can only vaguely remember maybe one person once or maybe another out of hundreds of ragers actually getting it correct.

        If we are going that route I want everyone here to condemn Israel’s international war crimes. If you haven’t done that and you support Israel blah blah blah you’re just like the terrorists. That’s not less valid than the other way around.
        Several war crimes are already active – like cutting off the water and food aka collective punishment. See that won’t happen, but that is terrorism as well, and it is upon millions not thousands.

        I’m not on either of your side of you war mongering out of your minds liars. You won’t be getting along and my country has been on an insane illegal criminal tear for two decades plus. If I hear some lie or spin I will point it out if I can. That’s about it.

        It’s really sad how quickly people lose their minds and lie and spin and just can’t help themselves.

        Cancel culture is already way beyond the 1950’s my friend. Way, way beyond it.

        1. If you stop paying for your water or have back-flow from your pipes, does the city or water company keep delivering water to your address?

  5. Off-topic reminder: In less than two days — Friday, 10-20-23, at 5pm — the Stay issued by Justice Alito of the Supreme Court concerning the Temporary Injunction issued by Judge Doughty on July 4th in the Missouri v Joetard case is set to expire:

    Oct 13 2023 “Order issued by Justice Alito: Upon consideration of the application of counsel for the applicant, the response, and the reply filed thereto, it is ordered that the preliminary injunction issued on July 4, 2023, by the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, case No. 3:22-cv-01213, is hereby administratively stayed until 5 p.m. (EDT) on Friday, October 20, 2023.”

    Presumably, sometime before 5pm Friday, we’ll finally find out what, if any, steps the Supreme Court intends to take after this case has bounced around from the District Court to the Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court back to the Court of Appeals and now back to the Supreme Court.

    To the best of my knowledge, Professor Turley has yet to publish an article about the current stance of this case.

    Can SCOTUS issue aa ruling without hearing further arguments, based upon the arguments put forth to the Court of Appeals?
    Will SCOTUS schedule additional arguments before the Supreme Court?
    Will SCOTUS allow the deadline to expire without taking any action?
    Will SCOTUS extend the deadline?
    Is Las Vegas taking bets on what SCOTUS will do?

    1. N ice topic.i read to page 45 of the brief. The difference is …. when w et al used their “bully pulpit” it wasn’t to freeze other people’s speech. Indeed there are laws how manufactures etc can be converted to gov service in times of WAR. Nit tgeir speech. And jfk broad casts. Are diffe rent.
      Here it was plainly censoring speech that disagreed with the sess….oops I mean DS.. They were clearly coerced by the – viewed that they’d be subject to accomplice with porn and terrorism et al. Look how the sec harassed musk. For spea king. Crown. Royal. If this isn’t a war….why would the gov care what ppl say and then want it shut down? Oh wait we are at war. W ds. Bye bye love.

  6. Suspect: “I have found it increasingly difficult to know my place as a biracial brown woman, especially during these highly volatile times. I have felt more and more frustrated about the time we currently find ourselves in, and misplaced that anger into actions that are not an accurate representation of who I am as a person.”
    She should go to Ukraine and see how much better her life is by comparison

    Crimea River

      1. A fake attempt at remorse when she discovered that her face was recognized and her identity could be made public… thus reducing her ability to find a job upon graduation.

        She should be expelled from the school.

    1. Crimea River is right! It’s not difficult? Puhleese. She should know by now that her place is ABOVE all others in line simply BECAUSE of her brown skin, brown woman status.
      For all we know, she could be the next U.S. Supreme Court Justice hired BECAUSE she is a woman with brown skin.
      No matter that she believes the Constitution is an outdated white supremacy document, she’s brown skinned and woman! You’re black and you’re a woman (not a biologist, but a woman!) and most importantly:
      you are a LEFTIST ACTIVIST!!! Yay! You’re hired Ketanji!

    1. Boo hoo. They deserve to endure the WRATH of the voters and constituents they continually BETRAY.

      Primary them all….

  7. Take a moment to consider that we may be training some of these people to make viruses more deadly.

    How do you think that will work out?

      1. Just decide: never EVER take another “vaccine” injection of ANYTHING the gubment recommends or dares again to try to “mandate” on the public by fraudulently calling it “safe & effective.” They lie. Do not EVER believe anything the gubment tells you. They LIE. It’s ALL they do. Believe them at your own risk.

    1. Do not take ANY refugees from “Palestine”….they are brainwashed to hate all Jews and hate America and they will never assimilate….they hate American values….they want Jews extinguished…..they will only become the enemies within. NO Palestinian refugees in America, PERIOD.

      1. Just remember how these “Palestinians” are trained from birth: the Revolution above all.
        Same mindset of the Democrat Left: the Revolution above all.
        Recall Barack Obama’s clarion call to all the True Believers and Revolutionaries in our midst: “We are just 5 days away from fundamentally transforming….” blah blah blah….
        Inviting the enemies of America into this country is a deadly mistake.
        That’s not bigotry or racism; it’s practical reality.

      2. Unfortunately and dangerously, we have a Palestinian radical as a sitting member of Congress. She seems to believe she is representing Palestinians first and foremost versus the American constituents whom she allegedly was elected to represent. She is a clear and present danger to our democracy.. Again, not bigotry or racism, but practical reality. She is an enemy within. Without a doubt.

        1. We MUST begin to call things what they are.
          Trump demonstrated this.
          He called Hillary to her face a liar and a crook during that one debate and it was beyond AWESOME.
          He told her she would “be in jail” if he became POTUS. Another AWESOME truth bomb.
          Unfortunately, Trump was too nice and said “aw shucks, we don’t want to lock Her Up.”
          And now? Look who is getting locked up? Trump.
          Do NOT ever play nice with these people.
          The Democrat Left are playing for keeps and working with the Devil. You cannot give them an inch.
          Again, just practical reality.

  8. We now know that Hunter, Jim and Joe Biden solicited and took in over $20 million bribes from hostile foreign powers THAT WE KNOW OF this far, and paid NO TAXES on said $20 million. Are ANY of them in prison yet?

    The POS who LEAKED Trumps tax returns just got a sweetheart deal. Maybe a year in prison, maybe not even that. A crime like THAT should get AT LEAST 10 Years to Life. But no, the leaker got a slap on the wrist.
    But J6 grandmas? They get 5 YEARS in FEDERAL PRISON! Oh hell no you POS commie Democrat partisan thugs. You will NOT get away with this injustice.

    You know what? I am not going to pay one more penny in taxes to this corrupt POS communist government that is now aggressively targeting and hunting people like me: we are MAGA, we are conservatives, we support Trump. Do not send one more penny of MY TAX Dollars to Hammas terrorists!

    You can go collect your tax dollars from the CRIMINALS sitting in Congress, from the CRIMINAL family sitting in the White House, from the CRIMINALS all over Washington DC. Leave the rest of us alone you POS criminals.

    God help us all. The ENEMY is within. And it is called the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

    1. Unfortunately, the terrorists didn’t miss. Hundreds were killed. What kind of idiot op-ed leads with a lie?

      1. The “miss” in the headline refers to the rocket that went awry and hit the hospital (or at least the hospital parking lot).

  9. Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks says she has “received credible death threats and a barrage of threatening calls” after not voting for Jim Jordan today.

    1. Good. Keep calling !!! Keep calling !!!

      They represent their constituents NOT their own grudge agenda….

      Primary them all…..

  10. (I posted the below earlier this evening, accidentally in response to an unrelated comment – I was working from my phone where I sometimes make that mistake due to the limited screen space.)

    Israeli survival will be dictated by Israelis, not Americans, not even American Jews. When it comes to the wars Israel is forced to fight, it’s “win one, win one; lose one, lose ‘em all.” Unlike the US and many other nations, Israel cannot afford to lose even one war.

    The closest analogy from our point of view would be the fight against 20th century totalitarian regimes that sought world domination. When Nazism, for example, sought to plunge civilization into darkness and brutality, it was not enough just to expel that monster from the nations it had invaded. The snake had to be killed. There were no German soldiers in England, Canada, or the US on D-Day. But that didn’t mean the threat was over. The Allies invaded and went all the way to Berlin, as they had to do to ensure the survival of civilization.

    If you’ve ever read Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, why was Ender chosen? Because he understood that when a bully attacks you and you fight back, it is insufficient to simply win *this* fight, you have to win all future fights. This brutal massacre of civilians by Hamas has woken Israel up from the false sense of security that it had allowed Hamas to lull it into. Its leaders realize the cold hard fact that in fighting back against the bully known as Hamas, it must, in *this* fight, win all future fights against Hamas, which really means against the evil leadership of Iran.

    1. Nobody liked your stupid comment.
      You tell a bunch of lies and declare a bunch of things that are not true.
      1.isrsaelis survival will be dictated by ISRAEL NOT AMERICA NOT AMERICAN JEWS …xxxx wow so we have a dictator – great, NO HELP NEEDED THEN ! SINCE YOU’RE IN CHARGE OF IT ALL, YOU DO IT. YA LOON.

      2. “Unlike the US and many other nations, Israel cannot afford to lose even one war.” TOTAL BS SPECULATION I guess the lies never end.

      3. “The closest analogy from our point of view ” once again, speaking for everyone ? It’s your lunatic point of view. Yours alone, you are here not representing some “our”.

      4. “the fight against 20th century totalitarian regimes that sought world domination. When Nazism, for example ” LIAR Germany did not seek world domination. Germany sought survival after the crushing lies and illegal hammerings post WW2. Unreasonable idiots forced what happened to happen. Germany threw off the international bank minders and in 3 years produced an extraordinary economy the world has not seen before or since. It was and is a great accomplishment and shows just how pathetic criminal central banking is. IT IS DESTROYING EUROPE RIGHT NOW
      Communism however has a world domination goal. You idiot. You never brought them up, because at base you’re a liar.

      5. “Nazism, for example, sought to plunge civilization into darkness and brutality” Quite untrue. It was great for the people, but people like you always want war, so you turned something good into trouble.

      6. “The Allies invaded and went all the way to Berlin, as they had to do to ensure the survival of civilization.” More estrogen doused world ending lies. Germany was quite civilized and still is. It kicked your filthy jew perversions out though. It burned your sick perverted trans sex books you idiot. The filthy jews of you still run the porn industry.

      7. More excuses and lies, all we have ever heard is they are terrorists, there was no lulling anyone. Israel looks guilty. Don’t sweat it DF, WE WILL DECIDE HOW YOU WIN. WE WILL NOT YOU.

      1. Thanks Upstate. There’s an hate-filled antisemitic deranged little psycho going around leaving smelly turds again (I don’t read his comments beyond the second or third word, by which time I can tell it’s a turd), so I appreciate your encouragement.

  11. Sen. Mark Warner:
    “The Senate Intelligence Committee reviewed intelligence related to the attack on al-Ahli hospital in Gaza. Based on this information, we feel confident that the explosion was the result of a failed rocket launch by militant terrorists and not the result of an Israeli airstrike.”

    1. Did they mention anything about the rocket landing in the parking lot and not hitting the hospital and NOT killing anyone much less the reported hundreds of people?

    2. And the false notion that it was from Israel was the basis of major demonstrations in the Muslim world, as well as a major diplomatic shift where the heads of some surrounding nations called off a summit with Biden.

  12. Some of us just need somewhere (here!) to express the outrage, the fury we feel toward Biden, Garland, Wray, and all the lefty Commie unjust, incompetent, petty, lawless braindead Obama judges who continue sentencing J6ers and grandmas to YEARS in Federal prison while almost certainly giving a TOTAL PASS the the REAL Pro-HAMMAS INSURRECTIONISTS that just took over Federal Buildings TODAY.

    Will these protestors be charged to the FULLEST EXTENT of the LAW and locked up in the DC Gulag ???!!!!
    They had better be! OR the entire world will be witness to the SELECTIVE PROSECUTION of this Biden department of INjustice. And the PROTESTS AGAINST THE BIDEN COMMIE REGIME WILL COMMENCE.

    I hope to God the lawyers for EVERY SINGLE J6 rally goer who is NOW BEING *PERSECUTED* by this BIDEN COMMUNIST POS LAWLESS regime DOES SOMETHING to stop this monstrosity and miscarriage of INJUSTICE.

    Where do we the people turn? The COMMUNISTS are now in charge of PERSECUTING AMERICANS they hate.

    GOD help us all.

      1. We must ask WHY did Pelosi give these traitors so much power in Congress?
        Ask yourself why?

        The Democrat party are communists and they are working to DESTROY DEMOCRACY, our Constituional rights, and the country that they all DESPISE.

        DO NOT LET THEM.

  13. Now these biracial ladies have issued a CYA apology. They should be made to stand before the parents of those children that were slaughtered and apologize as a condition of their continued attendance at Harvard. But I say, can you really blame them when Harvard made them who they are.

      1. With their hard-left orthodoxy that admits of no dissent, they’re all starting to sound exactly the same.

    1. That sounds insane. “They should be made to stand in front of those parents….
      I guess fake free speech and all that fake tolerance they have has infected you.

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