The “Exhilaration” of Massacre: Russell Rickford and the Radical Chic of Higher Education

Below is a slightly expanded version of my column in The Messenger on the recent controversy over Cornell Professor Russell Rickford and his celebration of the massacre in Israel. I have opposed calls to censor or fire Rickford. However, this controversy should highlight a more troubling trend in academia in the hiring of extremists as a type of radical chic.  The problem is not that we have radical left voices on the faculty. The problem is the lack of intellectual diversity left after decades of purging conservative, libertarian, and dissenting faculty members from many universities.Here is the column:Cornell University Professor Russell Rickford is much in the news this week with his celebration of the Hamas attack on Israel. While insisting he does not condone the targeting of civilians, he heralded as “exhilarating” an attack that led to the massacre of civilians, the raping of women, and the taking of hostages. As some in the media and academia now distance themselves from Rickford, they ignore their past support for him and others with the same radical agenda in academia.At Stanford, Ameer Hasan Loggins was suspended after telling a small number of Jewish students to collect their things and stand in the corner. “This is what Israel does to the Palestinians,” Greenberg reportedly said, “How many people died in the Holocaust?… Six million. Colonizers killed more than 6 million. Israel is a colonizer.”

These academics were well-known by their schools for their extreme views and advocacy in classrooms. They are part of an academia that now runs largely from the left to the far left.

I have previously opposed efforts to censor academics or students based on their controversial viewpoints. What is ironic is that many of the figures who have led past cancel campaigns are now the subject of the same calls after supporting Hamas’ attack.

The greater concern should be that Rickford is not the exception but the rule for many faculties in a shift to the far left. Many schools have purged Republicans, conservatives and libertarians over the last two decades. In that sense, Rickford is the norm, part of academia’s radical chic.

Rickford made news in Ithaca when he worked a crowd with his joy over the Hamas attack. In the wake of clear atrocities, Rickford was ecstatic: “Hamas has punctured the illusion of invincibility.  … Nothing will be the same again … It was exhilarating. It was exhilarating, it was energizing. And if they weren’t exhilarated by this challenge to the monopoly of violence, by this shifting of the balance of power, then they would not be human. I was exhilarated.”

A member of the Democratic Socialists of America, Rickford has long been a favorite of some media, including the Washington Post which has run his columns. Citing struggles from Black Lives Matter to the Palestinian cause in one Post column, Rickford insisted that Blacks need to reclaim the radical image of Martin Luther King and realize that true solutions will not be found through the government but “from the unruly and subversive elements that lie below.”

Cornell was enthusiastic in adding him to its faculty ranks as it has other militant far-left faculty. At the same time, it has gradually eliminated the conservative voices that Rickford has denounced.

Even Cornell’s director of “diversity and inclusion” at the School of Management  called the massacre an act of “resistance” in an Instagram post and told those traumatized by the terrorism to “F–k your fake outrage at Palestine.”

Recently, the Harvard Crimson found that the university had effectively eliminated conservatives from most departments. One survey revealed that more than three-quarters of Harvard Arts and Sciences and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences faculty respondents identify as “liberal” or “very liberal.” Only 2.5% identified as “conservative,” and only 0.4% as “very conservative.”

study by Georgetown University’s Kevin Tobia and MIT’s Eric Martinez found that only 9% of law school professors identify as conservative at the top 50 law schools. A 2017 study found that 15% of faculties were conservative, and another study found that 33 out of 65 departments lacked a single conservative faculty member.

Keep in mind that, according to Gallup, “37% of Americans described their political views as moderate, 36% as conservative” in 2022. Only a quarter identified as liberal (25%) — yet that segment of our society occupies the vast majority of university faculty positions.

Nevertheless, Rickford and others on campuses have been widely cited as describing such bias and the dominance of liberal values as a myth.

Academics like Asheesh Kapur Siddique, an assistant professor of history at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, have written columns that the dominance of the left on campuses is a pure myth, as is the “alleged lack of ideological diversity on American college campuses.”

In reality, Siddique insisted, the “modern American university is a right-wing institution” and the “right’s dominance of academia and its reign over universities is destroying higher education, and the only way to save the American university is for students and professors to take back control of campuses.”

At the same time, Rickman and others have railed against whites on campuses — racist attacks that would never be tolerated if directed at other groups. Rickman has said that only a “sliver” of whites actually want equality. He insists that, for most whites, “deep in their heart, they despise your blackness more than anything else.” He called for an “antiracist movement to defeat capitalism altogether and it’s not going to happen at the ballot box.”

Many academic leaders seem desperate to prove they are part of that “sliver” of the enlightened, by hiring far-left advocates like Rickman. They nod in agreement or remain silent in the face of racist, inflammatory rhetoric.

For many professors, the risk is simply too great when they could be the next target of a cancel campaign. Now, those same long-silent academic voices are being raised in shock at Rickman’s latest rhetoric. Yet, in fairness to Rickman, he has hardly been subtle or restrained; he simply directed his hate-spewed rhetoric against others in the past.

After years of calling upon donors to respond to this academic echo chamber, a few are finally waking up after the rationalizations of Hamas’ terror attack. That response is a couple decades late, given the support of universities and colleges for years as they adopted increasingly intolerant and orthodox environments.

The solution, again, is not greater censorship but greater diversity on faculties. Donors and alumni need to demand a reversal of the elimination of conservative, libertarian, and dissenting voices on faculties.

Such reforms will occur only after they recognize that Rickford has long been the ideal, not the aberration, in academia.


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  1. Mr. Turley, you tend to be a bit light in your loafers in your writings like this “I have previously opposed efforts to censor academics or students based on their controversial viewpoints.” Similar to when you repeatedly offer marshmallow soft criticism of Biden’s version of Lavarentiy Beria, your former colleague Merrick Garland, when you write that what he is doing puzzles and disappoints you. That’s how you view Garland’s three years of police state fascism, serving as the Sword And Shield of Biden and the Democrats?

    More than one thing can be true at once. You can value protecting First Amendment free speech, no matter how odious – right up to the point where it is speech that advocates for physical acts: to rising up and slaughter Jews, place bombs in public places, murder police officers, etc.

    Free speech does have some small limits – and advocating for the commission of criminal/terrorist acts for ANY reason is perhaps the only valid one.

  2. If one is to debate the entire history of Palestine, in all honesty you need to go further back than the Balfour Declaration. Were the Ottomans benevolent rulers in Palestine? The Crusaders or Saladin? The Romans? King David or Solomon? Carthage? Go back to the tribe of Israel leaving Egypt and invading Canaan, killing the males, enslaving their women because God told them to. Joshua at Jericho. The tribes of Israel inviting the men of Canaan for dinner, saying they could be the tribe of Israel’s allies if they submit to circumcision, and killing them while they were down. The conquering Muslims, offering conversion to Islam or suffering the sword if they rejected. . Pushing Palestinians our of their homes to build condos in the West Bank. The whole thing one hot mess with lots of victims and villains. The winner in the end writes the history. If we are the winners and around to write it and not exterminated in a Global nuclear holocaust. And who are we? Who is the most right and who is the most wrong. Pick your allies and your enemies at your own peril.

    1. Given your post, it appears we should be guided by what happened during the time of the Old Testament and guide current decisions by what was done then. If so, can we also be sympathetic to and guided by Black Liars And Marxists, the New Black Panthers, etc claiming America is systemically racist, given the America where the Kluxers had the segregation and apartheid well within living memory? And thus their woke/Democrat response to correct that is justified?

      Or perhaps as those desperately attempting moral equivalency between Hamas terrorists and the Israeli response, look back to the Crusaders versus Saladin that you mention?

      The first crusade of the Hajjis was stopped not far from Paris somewhere around 730 A.D. at the Battle of Tours. A wee bit of a distance away from the birthplace of Islam. The First Crusade took place THREE CENTURIES LATER when Christians attempted to RETAKE land they were driven from by the Caliphate Crusades. Meanwhile Saladin’s resumption of the Caliphate Crusade took place about FOUR CENTURIES after the Battle of Tours stopped the first Caliphate Crusade.

      Exactly the same thing, Christian Crusade compared to Caliphate Crusades? Just like what is now being pitched – the Israeli response to attack is no different than the initial assault?

      “Pushing the Arabs out of their homes in the West Bank” – the ones you prefer to use the Egyptian terrorist Yassar Arafat’s word for – Palestinians – who in living memory overwhelmingly came from the part of Israel that was taken to become Jordan, Egypt, Syria, etc? The West Bank where there NEVER was a country or territory called Palestine – but for centuries their were parts of historical Israel called Judaea and Samaria. You think history started when? In living memory – 1917? Or perhaps 1948?

      No context or nuance required about what’s going on in Judaeau and Samaria (or if you prefer, the new name “West Bank”)?

      As in “when in history was the West Bank called Palestine”? And “if they those Arabs living in Judaea and Samaria indeed thrown thrown out of their homes, how many homes and WHY?

      In the real world, context and nuance matter. Desperately trying to present carefully chosen slices of the entire history – while also desperately seeking to justify moral equivalency is also something that you do at your own peril.

      A final thought for your attempted moral equivalency equating Israelis and Israel to the pre-Medieval Salafist/Wahaabist cult of Islam that spawns The Mad Mullahs of Iran and their genocidal tools Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah, Al-Queda, ISIS, the PLO, Black September, etc. They are also demanding the destruction of The Great Satan – not just The Little Satan, the Jews and Israel.

      Last time I looked around me, only a fraction of Americans are Jews, and observant Christians aren’t even close to being a majority as well. Might want to think of why these theocratic cult of murderers wants to destroy America when so many Americans are not observant of any faith.

    1. @S Meyer,
      The trouble with this audio recording is that it exposes some of Israel’s surveillance capabilities.
      It will notify Hamas that they need to change their communication technology.

      It wasn’t really necessary but it was more icing on the cake…


      1. I guess you’re a goonberry, israel already claimed they had everyone tapped, and a lie by israel like this one isn’t exposing anything but the vileness of the regime of israel

        1. I recall many radical 60’s era radicals- SDS member types who advocating overthrowing the US government – even were involved with bombings of federal facilities- ended up getting jobs in college professors agt publi universities. You don’t see any radical right wing types getting jobs at state colleges or Universities, so there is a double stndard. If I was doing the hiring at a college – hiring professors – I would steer clear of employing left wing extremists, or right wing extremists.

      2. Thanks for the comment. This is always a problem for those that use more technology than their enemies. Israel is trying to combat the media, in specific the NYTimes and WP. The NYTimes lies, by commission and omission. They did the same with the Holocaust and with Duranty.s Pulitzer Prize piece on Russia. The take away:


    2. LMAO – the secret idf recording “was it ours?” “it looks like it ?”.

      Sorry charlie, the babies lies, the false video with wrong time date, the failed video rocket exploding in the air way up with not very much power(when you go to the same video with sound) – and now a secret recording .. HAHAZHHAHAHAHA

      We have the air strike video with the not failed launch and drop from high up into the hospital from a many miles strike range – in other words 100% israel only. We have ground confirmation from internationally employed sources.

      Shouldn’t have lied so much to begin with because now there’s a not a chance to be believed. The evidence is already overwhelming.

      1. What in particular was a lie, and what is your proof? You don’t have any. We repeatedly prove on this list that you lack the facts. You produce a lot of lies but don’t even know the history of Hamas and Gaza.

        Keep proving yourself unreliable. It makes it easier for us to ignore what you say. Keep appearing like an anti-Semite. That further demonstrates you are not trustworthy.

        Compare the lives of the Gazans before 2005 and after. Their lives got worse. All the money goes to military equipment, and all their babies are considered future canon fodder for Hamas. You support that type of death, but who cares? None of us have to live with you.

        1. You have repeatedly proved nothing.

          “Compare the lives of the Gazans before 2005 and after.”

          You make a new argument and something I have not commented upon. I do know Israel pushed for and funded starting Hamas to split off the west bank from gaza

          “All the money goes to military equipment, and all their babies are considered future canon fodder for Hamas.”

          This must be a JOKE by you. The first part is an insane fearful lie and dissing attack. If you had told me the estimations are xx.x percentage is spent on defense, I’d take you seriously, but you’re so insane you said every dime.

          Then you did the same thing only different with gazans babies, claiming your enemy considers them all cannon fodder but actually YOU DO, you dearly hope so, because they are EXPANDING.

          “What is the total fertility rate in Gaza?
          Total fertility rate: 3.54 children born/woman (2021 est.)
          27.67 births/1,000 population

          Israel birth rate · Jews and others: 19.1 births/1,000 population (and others is crap)· Muslims: 23.4 births/1,000 population ·
          Whereas the average Israeli woman has 2.9 ( geeze they guard that info)

          Okay, 3.54 vs 2.9 that portends future issues, you must slaughter the gazan babies, and they must keep them alive to overwhelm you.

          Gosh how about that, some facts instead of twisted spewing lies.

          Gaza expanding population “1,1 million in 2000, 1.5 million in 2010, and 2.1 million in 2023” Us census bureau estimation
          Other say 2.3 million currently so shlekht mzl with international war crimes culling.

          Whatever you were probably trolling, at least in your mind it seemed real.

          1. “You make a new argument and something I have not commented upon.”

            The argument was not an argument rather something for you to think about, the civilian population of Gaza. Hamas ‘soldiers’ are war criminal and terrorists. They do not abide to international law and hide among civilians getting civilians killed. That is your nature, cowardice so you accept that type of war crime and use it in argument.

            The Gaza’s voted for Hamas that originally were more peaceful and helpful to civilians. The PLO descended from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who allied with the Nazis to kill all the Jews. Yassir Arafat was the nephew of the Grand Mufti and wanted death to the Jews. Those Arabs in Judea and Samaria are led by organizations that were formerly the PLO.

            Israel needed to protect itself from terrorists. Judea and Samaria are a part of Israel, not part of Gaza. Gaza was free to have their own leaders and the people chose war criminals and terrorists.

            The rest of what you have to say is silliness or stupidity. Your choice.

  3. “At the same time, Rickman and others have railed against whites on campuses — racist attacks that would never be tolerated if directed at other groups. Rickman has said that only a “sliver” of whites actually want equality. He insists that, for most whites, “deep in their heart, they despise your blackness more than anything else.” He called for an “antiracist movement to defeat capitalism altogether and it’s not going to happen at the ballot box.”
    When you’re attacked for an immutable charateristic like race, you have no choice but to fight back — sometimes violently or ruthlessly. Like so many things in life, that works both ways though sometimes it takes a while to realize this is the only choice.

  4. Jews are the indigenous people of Judea. They have their own religion, culture, language, and traditions going back thousands of years. Israel is the third Jewish state in Judea. They are indigenous, not colonizers.

    There has never been a Palestinian state. There is no Palestinian language, culture, or religion. They are indistinguishable from any other Arab.

    The Romans called the region Palestine, to punish the Jews for revolting against Roman Imperialism. It was never a separate state.

    90% of Israel was given to the Arabs in the first land for peace deal, with the formation of Jordan and part of Syria from land slated for Israel in the British Mandate. Israel was reduce to the size of New Jersey, but it’s been willing to offer land for peace regularly. Muslims never accepted it, because they will not tolerate a non Muslim nation in the Middle East, even if it is only the size of New Jersey.

    Hamas’ slogan is “We love death more than Jews love life.” Their entire reason for existence is to kill all the Jews “from the river to the sea.” That’s what that phrase means.

    Academia is essential supporting modern day Nazis, in their support of Hamas. The rhetoric is the same. Goal is the same.

    1. “Jews are the indigenous people of Judea.”
      That’s not what your Torah and thus the Bible says.
      It says the promised land was warred upon and taken by the wandering moses jews hebrews.

      Will you admit this or adhere to your lie ?

      I note as far as any land dispute the disputees want to go back so far and no further and often lie lie lie, and that means both sides.
      Or go forward or start at some spot and call it good.

      1. @Shakdi

        I suggest you spend more time reading the old testament along w learning the history of ancient Middle East and the 12 tribes.

        Jews have a better claim to Israel than the Muslims.
        Can you say Temple Mount?


        1. Okay, so you’re saying I am correct, without saying it.
          Nice try at redirection.

          For you and “Karen” (ROFLMAO)

          ” The Canaanites are best known from the biblical accounts that portray them as a hostile, pre-Israelite indigenous population residing in the “promised land” who were conquered by the tribes of Israel under the leadership of Joshua following their Exodus from Egypt. ”

          oH GOSH ! i’VE COMMITED AN anti Semitism NOW i CAN’T TYPE ! MY FiNgERS… ohh The PaiN – stop Smilin… itS not FunNy

          Golly those nasty indigenous canaanites (some say those are PHILISTINES (that come later) so David is a very naughty boy rock thrower ) (hello Karen, anyone home?!) were hostile to the jews coming to take their land — does anything ever really change ?
          Hmm… wow … thanks for all the lies guys and gals I’m learning so much !!!

          Karen S says:
          October 18, 2023 at 8:03 PM
          “Jews are the indigenous people of Judea.”

          Oh boy.

          How about dat, cash you outside… she said.

          “Early Philistine Religion in Text and …
          Biblical views. The biblical description of Philistine religion seems straightforward. Their chief god in the Early Iron Age was Dagon, and his sacrificial cult was practiced at temples in at least two Philistine cities, Gaza and Ashdod.” google
          (claimed to be greeks now but those historicals lie a lot too and greeks are short)
          Gee look at that map and that red dot gaza in the lower left corner


          I’ve got say you’ve taken over a lot more than you had then.

          Wow what a cohencidence
          Hey Sam, you naughty boy….
          Joshua 10:6 “Then the sons of israel did evil again the eyes of the lord and WORSHIPPED BAAL” amongst others.

          Oh boy the Baal of Sam tsk tsk you naughty naughty Sam.

          ANON : “Jews have a better claim to Israel than the Muslims.”
          Suggest what you want if I catch “you lying” I might make a post about it.

          A better claim … well that’s an interesting theory because where do we start or stop and whom do we include or forbid since Canaan was a country … a land a people …

          *Recent DNA analysis shows arabs and jews share the dna of Canaanites

          “Abraham is known as the patriarch of the Israelite people through Isaac, the son born to him and Sarah in their old age and the patriarch of Arabs through his son Ishmael, born to Abraham and Hagar, Sarah’s Egyptian servant.”

          You naughty relatives need to get along

          Yeah boy I had better study up !

          1. Did Monkeys precede the caananites? That seems to be where Shak is going. He wants all people out of the middle east to be replaced by Monkeys. Then he will have a home to go to.

          2. Shak, stop acting like a Monkey.

            Monkeys act like Monkeys because they are Monkeys.

            I guess that is Shan’s logic behind acting like a Monkey.

      2. Apparently, you’ve read neither the Torah nor the Bible.

        Israel was at the promised land for the Jews, which they settled many thousands of years ago, after Moses lead them out of slavery in Egypt, around 1300 BC. Moses received the 10 Commandments, foundational to the Torah and Old Testiment. Judaism, the religion of the Jews, developed in Judea from its Canaanite precursers. The word “Israel” is mentioned in 2,507 times in the Torah, and a total of 2,534 times in the Bible. Israel is mentioned 43 times in the Koran. The last time I checked, Palestine was never mentioned at all in the Koran.

        Native Americans did not evolve in North America. They traveled there, over the Berring Land Bridge. Their culture, traditions, and languages developed until they became indigenous to the area. From a biological perspective, every single endemic native species all have a “starting point” as you call it, from which its precursor arrived, adapted, and eventually became native to the area.

        Darwin’s finches are endemic to the Galápagos Islands. And yet, their ancestors were blown there thousands of years ago, until they evolved and thrived, and became a native species to those islands.

        What are you trying to say? That humans can only be indigenous in the Cradle of Civilization in Africa? Because if so, make your case to the Native Americans, indigenous to North America.

        Islam did not exist in 1300 BC.

  5. Breaking news.
    Putin just demanded all the Ukrainains leave, any who don’t are fair game for their coming offensive.

    The nasty nazis and fellow citizen haters of ukraine led by the Christian hating jew Zelinksy a JEW who is now a dictator who has murdered local Christian priests and bulldozed their churches and used bandera nazis in his criminal war machine slaughtering his own citizens in the east initially and now all over the place is still begging for more to slaughter away all the CHRISTIANS in the area because he hates them all and wants to wipe them off the face of the earth, and Russians too, mostly Orthodox Christians which really burns him up inside.

    So Putin has done the just thing just like israel and demand all the ukrainians leave and huddle over on the west side corner of Ukaine, as the gazans are ordered to huddle in the south by israel, and if they don’t, they just prove what terrorist monsters they are once again, as the videos show they mistreat every captured opposition russian soldier shooting them and murdering them, while russia treats all pow’s with kid gloves, that’s why so many conscripts forcibly snatched from their homes by the jew zelinsky the dicator surrender to Putin and thus aren’t a meat grinder slab of dead as they would be and have been otherwise. So far no gazans are reported to surrender to BB, the pow camps are already full of them, so no room at the torture centers.

    So dear Ukrainians, DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, LIKE ISRAEL HAS TOLD THE GAZANS – MOVE THE HECK ON OUT OR GET WAYYYY OVER TO THE WESTERN EDGE OF UKRAINE , because BB and Putin are the good guys and know how to make a slaughter fair and square !
    now if you are slaughtered it’s your fault

    /sarc fake news for your edification and pleasure – and to straighten your twisted lying brain out


      This was posted by Turley’s employee who writes most of the comments here. Yet George Washington University is indirectly linked. So Turley becomes a good example of why universities steer clear of wacko conservatives.

      1. Well wrong again, and lot of my post is truth and reality. Let’s go one by one since you have no rebuttal just lies and personal attacks or jokes as you surely call it. Raging sureties maybe.
        I don’t mind both rebuttals and headbutts but you should include the rebuttal. In fact I prefer a good dose of both because then I will learn. If I was wrong and snowed and the correction changes the point then that is great. If it’s a side hack and not pertinent really it’s weak and fails.

        I don’t mind personal attacks only because that means you have nothing.
        So let’s go through the truth in the Lesson in Honesty.
        1. the fake putin demand outlines the ridiculousness of israels demand, it’s not putins land and it’s not israels land but both putins russia and israel may say it is for historic reasons. Judea and Russ-Kiev. It’s a perfect fit. The ukranians were slaughtering ukranian russians in the east and demanding they not speak their language, etc, you should love that last part.

        2. the 2nd paragraph is truth and ONE possible exaggeration, Zelinksy the jew’s desire to wipe out Christians – might be true not sure. The effect of his action is that though, they let all the jews go first out of Ukraine, thus leaving only the Christians. So it’s probable.

        3. It is true Zelinksy the JEW has abused and murdered Christian pows we have all seen the vids if we look at all. It is also true Russia does not do this, it is their original homeland and a lot of the people are russians and putin has tried to bring a quick end to everything and has held back time and again and absorbs the Ukrainians abandoning post and treats them well for strategic reasons. Putin expected an early settlement, and a later settlement near signed ink almost dry boris and the war mongers jumped in and scuttled.

        4. I haven’t heard how israel treats its prisoners, except the 2 million plus prisoners in the concentration camp. Not good. So I may have blown that one but may have not concerning pows in israel proper. So that one you should have blabbered up on.

        I think that about covers it.

        Someone should pay me or employ me here, I’m that good, but nope, just a random visitor. I was offered a column writing job by one of the big ones. New York Post. I refused.
        My name is the only one I have ever used, the one you see in the above and will see in this post, though a few anons have slipped by since the server upgrades / software changes, but I am probably easily identified anyway.

        So, a perfect lesson for you. Any real complaints or corrections ?

        1. Estovir.
          Most of Ukraine’s people are Eastern Orthodox Christians. Yet they’ve been steering away from the Russian-controlled Orthodox church for quite some time. That was one of the reasons Putin invaded: ‘Ukraine was cutting ties to the Russian church’.

          Since the invasion, Ukrainians have been highly distrustful of the Russian church. It’s leader, Bishop Krill, is tight with Putin and has cheered the Russian invasion.

    2. Poor Misguided Shakdi

      Perhaps you never learned the history of the Middle East and the role the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem played during WW II.

      Palestinians are Nazis. The mufti was good friends w Hitler who used him to help align the Muslims in Eastern Europe w Germany.

      Mufti wanted Hitler to extend his ‘solution’ to the Middle East. (Hitler wanted to only apply his ‘final solution’ to Europe.

      So yeah. That’s your Hamas.

      Truth hurts.


    3. Shakdi:

      I’m so happy to hear that you think Nazis are nasty. The rhetoric of Hamas is indistinguishable from the Nazis. Hamas seeks to usher in a Holocaust, a genocide agains the Jews, killing all of them “from the river to the sea.”

      Since you oppose Nazis, then logically you should oppose the modern day Nazis known as Hamas.

  6. Professor, next time please use the original official seal of Cornell University. The bastardized version you have used was created by the current “woke” university administration to remove the founder’s name and motto, and to eliminate any oblique association with the United States.

  7. “I have opposed calls to censor or fire Rickford.”

    I vehemently disagree.

    When you cheer for the slaughter of innocent civilians, you shouldn’t be entrusted with cleaning a dog park.

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