Washington Post: Sen. Harris Being Called “Hysterical” For A Style That Won Her Praise As A Prosecutor

440px-Kamala_Harris_Official_Attorney_General_PhotoThere is an interested article in the Washington Post entitled “As A Prosecutor, Kamala Harris’s Doggedness Was Praised. As a Senator, She’s Deemed ‘Hysterical.'”  The Los Angeles Times also described Harris’ style as prosecutorial in nature and referenced her skills in court examination.  The articles raise a common comparison between court and congressional hearings in terms of questioning.  When I served as lead counsel in the last impeachment, I constantly spared with Senators over the failure to follow basic rules of evidence or practice.  The Senators would respond that such rules do not apply to them — which is technically correct though good practices are not always required practices.

Former Trump aide Jason Miller was confronted by USA Today columnist over his description of Harris as “hysterical” in the hearing. Her point is a valid one but the Washington Post suggests that this type of questioning would be considered praise worthy in a prosecutor.  The comparison between actual litigation and congressional examinations is an interesting one.  I have great respect for Sen. Harris and her experience. However, while her questioning began well, it quickly fell into improper questioning if viewed from a litigation viewpoint.  As a criminal defense attorney, I can say that it would not only be viewed as improper but judges would immediately sustain objections to such badgering of a witnesses. Indeed, I was surprised watching the hearing as Democratic senators pummeled Sessions with questions and demanded rapid answers.  Sessions had just been attacked for failing to fully and truthfully answer an earlier (and rather unclear) question from Sen. Al Franken.  Now however they were giving him rapid questions and cutting off his answers. Harris was the most extreme in that respect.

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Cambridge Faculty Told Not To Use “Genius” and “Brilliance” Because Of Sexist Connotations

Jimmy_Neutron_Boy_Genius_filmI guess Jimmy Neutron will have to live with “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius .  Cambridge University examiners are being told to avoid the words “flair”, “brilliance” and “genius” in the review of student work because these terms are sexist and “carry assumptions of gender inequality.”  It appears Madam Curie was just a really solid researcher.

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Hut In Antarctica Yields Beautiful and Haunting Painting Of Famed Explorer Edward Wilson

The watercolor depicts a tree creeper. Pic: Antarctic Heritage Trust

This is the type of thing that I find thrilling.  An effort to preserve a hut at Cape Adare in Antarctica led to the discovery of this beautiful 118-year-old painting by Dr. Edward Wilson.  The British polar explorer died in Antarctica on an expedition led by Capt. Robert Falcon Scott.  This incredible picture sat in a pile of papers unnoticed for over a century.

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Three Out Of Four African-American Boys In California Fail To Meet Minimal Reading and Writing Standards

download-1The latest data from the California Department of Education indicates that three out of four African-American failed to meet reading and writing standards.  We have previously discussed how our schools continue to fail to educate minority students despite large budgetary allotments.  The problem is clearly money.  I have long advocated more funding but schools must also be held accountable for this appalling performance.  These kids are entering society with a huge disadvantage in seeking employment and advancement.

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Albany Law Professor Challenges Women-Only Screenings of Wonder Woman

Wonder_Woman_(2017_film)ClarkStephen_150wAlbany Law Professor Stephen Clark has taken on case with truly heroic dimensions.  Clark has challenged the decision of Alamo Drafthouse to hold showings of the movie Wonder Woman in a female-only event.  Clark, 48, has said that as a gay man he is sympathetic with efforts to help disadvantaged groups, but he viewed the event as per se unlawful.

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Evergreen State College Faculty Sign Letter Supporting Students Accused Of Abusing Professor

theevergreenstate640_c0-0-640-373_s885x516We previously discussed the proposal at Evergreen State College to have all white faculty, staff, and students leave campus for a day as part of a “Day of Absence” to raise awareness of the contribution of the black community.   Evergreen State College biology professor Bret Weinstein made a reasoned objection to the plan for this year’s “Day of Absence.” As shown in a videotape, there was a mob scene around Weinstein as students called him a racist and called for his resignation.  Protests have denounced his “anti-blackness” and demanded his removal from teaching.  Now, the faculty at Evergreen State College has sent a letter to students supporting the protesters and their demands for  disciplinary action of Prof. Weinstein.

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