Wisconsin Students Demand Free Tuition and No Standardized Tests for Black Students

imagesStudents at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have demanded that African-American students be given free tuition and housing because blacks were denied access to college educations for much of our history.  They also opposed the use of standardized test scores as a barrier to black students.  

Federal Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction of Executive Order In Virginia

donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedIt appears that the problem with the Internet in Palau resulted in the deletion of the original post on the decision in Virginia.  I did not want to delete any discussion so I am keeping this post.  I am in Guam now with better Internet access.  Virginia federal district court Judge Leonie Brinkema granted a preliminary injunction which requires a higher showing for the challengers. In that sense, this is an obvious victory but it could also be an opportunity for the Trump Administration.  I believe that the Brinkema decision might be the better option for the Administration to appeal given its focus on religious discrimination and its reliance on campaign statements and the bizarre statements of Rudy Giuliani.

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Brady Takes Heat For Using Kipling Poem In Tribute Tweet to Teammates

rudyard_kipling_portraittom_brady_2016It takes a lot to get me to support Tom Brady and the Patriots as a lifelong Bears fan.  However, there is a bizarre controversy after Brady posted a picture of his Super Bowl winning team with a quotation from Rudyard Kipling’s 1898 poem If on Instagram and Twitter.  That unleashed an outcry from some who denounced the poem as written by a racist.  Other said that, given Brady’s support of Donald Trump, the use of the poem was alarming.  Perhaps the critics should also consider another quote from Kipling: “I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble.”


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“Now, After” A Short Story Of PTSD

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

now-afterYesterday I discovered a touching and effective video bringing light to the many struggles and hauntings those afflicted with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder struggle with daily. It is not often the personal toils of these challenges are presented to the public in a manner other than academic or disaffected medical analyses but I found this video to be very engaging and while certainly difficult at times for most to watch, due to some very graphic imagery inherent with combat, I believe these depictions of violence and hardship are necessary to provide you with a sense of how gripping this injury can be on those so encumbered.

While the video presents PTSD as experienced through the thoughts and trepidation of an Iraq war veteran, it can in most ways be insightful to the same traumas causal to other manifests of the injury.

SSG Kyle Hausmann-Stokes, the video’s author, is due much credit for a presentation into the manner and effect of a PTSD injury. I invite you to share in his experiences…

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Fairfax Mayor Reportedly Close To Pleading Guilty In Meth-for-Sex Case

silverthornemugWe have been discussing lawyers and professors nailed as drug dealers.  Now close to my home, the former mayor of Fairfax City will enter a plea in a meth-for-sex prosecution.  R. Scott Silverthorne, 51, is reportedly ready to plead guilty after allegedly offering an undercover officer methamphetamine in exchange for an orgy at a Tysons Corner hotel.  Silverthorne told The Washington Post that 2015  was  a “terrible year” due to political challenges.  2017 has the makings of a much much worse year.

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Trump Tweet On Nordstrom Dumping Ivanka Line Falls Under Inherent Parental Powers

1202996429_8991-3Another tweet by Donald Trump  has caused a ruckus back in Washington (I am in Guam for a speech).  Trump took after Nordstrom for dropping the Ivanka brand. While the store cited poor sales, Trump tweeted “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!” Shares for the store chain dropped in value following the tweet and media began calling to ask for the legality of such criticism by the president. The answer is that it is perfectly legal . . . just ask Harry Truman.  While the scope of executive privilege is broad, it is not nearly as broad and plenary as that of inherent parental authority.  When it comes to a president and his daughter, history has shown that this is one power exercised by all fathers that is accorded sweeping deference and little judicial review.

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