Semper Fido: David Motari Allegedly Apologizes for Throwing Puppy Over Cliff

While some commentators have rushed to suggest that the puppy shown in this video was either dead or stuffed, the accused Marine has reportedly posted an apology. David Motari has been named as the Marine in the video, though the Marines are still investigating. In what is purported to be a posting from him below, he blames the stress of combat.


In his alleged apology, Modari says that in combat people “develope [sic] a different sence [sic] of humor than what others are used to.” He say that he is “sorry about the dog.” He also complains about people bothering his family and his girlfriend.

For the statement, click here

Yet, in this video of the incident, a strikingly different individual is shown.

There is still no confirmation that this is indeed a genuine apology from Motari. Notably missing in the statement is any support for the spin recently put on the video to claim everything from a dead puppy to a suspected IED, click here

Even if there is no confirmed apology, one would have expected someone to come forward to make that stuffed or deceased dog claim given the torrent of controversy. Some advocates seem to be struggling to find a way to blame a liberal media for the controversy and have made criticizing this Marine into an attack on all Marine. Obviously, the outrage is due not only to the horrible attack but that this is not indicative of our service members. Indeed, the Marines seem pretty ticked about this whole episode and they will likely prove the harshest judges of all.

It is certainly wrong that people are harassing his family and girlfriend. That is a uniquely stupid act — not unlike throwing a puppy over a cliff. While combat fatigue may be a defense (or mitigating factor) in a possible criminal charge , click here, it should not alter the fact that this Marine does not appear capable of maintaining proper discipline and conduct in a combat area. It may be sufficient for Motari to simply agree to a less than honorable discharge as the proper punishment for this monstrous act. What he lost (in what this posting suggests is a momentary loss of humanity) should be the honor to wear the uniform of the United States Marines. It is a hard punishment for a young Marine, but it could be worse: he could be thrown over a rocky cliff.

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  1. Make a joke about it douchebag. Next he’ll be throwing a kid against a wall or down the stairs, then maybe his big ass wife. Then he’ll get behind the wheel and run someone over, or go nuts with one of his guns at a store. There’s a connection between violence against animals and humans. Monsters often start out with animals and go on from there, maybe with one of your kids. I hope this hangs over his stinking head until he leaves this earth. No excuse for atrocities like this. He will never live it down. He writes like a moron with an IQ of 60. The military accepts waste products like him who have no chance of succeeding elsewhere. Sadly, this is what happens. This retard should have never been born, let alone let in the service.

  2. … Im confused… you say that you go where we tell you too… but uhmm… who ordered him to flop a puppy over a cliff? Can you justify that for me please… I really dont care to hear about the oh woe is me sob story… you’ve fallen off topic. I dont care if that guy was just fucked up the ass by some towel head a few hours earlier… who gave the order to play saddistic games?
    Certainly not americans…?

    You got your facts right though, 1 in 4 make up the homeless population… Yes, the weak ones who can’t handle their actions… maybe they should have never signed up ey? No one is tugging you there anymore… my pops was drafted, he dint run like a sissy. He died in his home at 87 years old, mentality in check, with his name attached to countless deaths, and front row seats to the death of his many friends. He had 4 dogs. What makes him different from mr.puppycliffman? Well… simple… he was not a fucking psycho.

  3. Clearly Janet is a moron, or possibly the mother who raised that piece of shit. The fact is, our AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS are paying for scum like that. My reasoning for being so pissed off was his statement about having to tug the puppy along to safety10 miles away. Gosh, imagine if that was a baby- would he tug that useless piece of shit thing back to safety? Clearly anyting useless or innocent is mere dead weight to that scumbag, so JANET, I could care less.. that psychotic bastard needs to check himself into the nearest metal hospital. But that too would cost me tax dollars, so yeah, I agree with those who’d like to see him lynched… hes a fucking disgrace to my country, a waste of my tax dollars, and a waste of oxygen.

    Its really comforting knowing our american tax dollars are funding psychotic sick games like these. Janet, is it so comforting to you? You must wipe your ass with Franklin’s no?

    What an embarassment to our country… showing this clear cut whimp bringing harm to something so innocent, and helpless. Wow, the fucking turban heads must be laughing their asses off. Couldnt bag a terrorist, so he goes and kills something that cant fight back. WTF?

    Janet you lost me the moment you went off on your ridiculous conspiracy tangent about … hmm… well I didnt read that far into it, it was mere gibberish, and so off topic that the badwidth cops should send you a bill. Because people want to see this scumbag punished, that makes them unamerican? Please, get the hell off of our high horse, and feel this amazing emotion called compassion. I have no compassion for those who harm innocents. Animals, humans, etc.

    Like I said, I have no compassion for scumbags, for non-humans… seeing him hung would bring tears of joy to my eyes. If he is so fucking damged, as he claims… then just finish the fucker off, he’s too weak for this country apparently. I find him to be useless, like he found the puppy to be. Throw him from a cliff… I’ll supply the push.

  4. He was supposed to be so strong and mean, so apology is not accepted. What a despicable creature that man is.

  5. Its funny how you all think you know what happens over there. When I did my tours we were constatly under fire and not able to fire back for fear of injuring innocent civilians, yet a good number of you think we are all just baby killers and rapists. Yes there are incidents of non-combatants being killed by mistake aswell as a few by moraly corrupt people, but dont lump the entire armed forces into “bush’s mercs” or just sadistic people. more good has been done for that country than most back home realize. I personaly have been part of opening three schools in one area on the syrian border (Al Qaim region). But you go ahead and just listen to the talking puppets on the news, because all your going to see is what grabs ratings, death and sadness.

    I know this is not going to change anyones opinions, but I had to say it even if I am a year late on this topic.

  6. Does anybody know what has happened to motari at this point has any significant action brought against him



  9. People need to understand the Act itself was wrong (and I’d love to seem him punish ala Michael Vick) but this Marine just damaged the good name of the USMC. I’m not sure why he would let anyone videotape the action. There are a ton of videos on the net showing our Army acting like pricks towards the Iraqi children.

  10. I’ve already made up my mind about the whole thing. As I’ve got nothing better and I’m a complete nutcase animal lover, I will stalk Motari a few years until his first born turd comes out of his wife’s c**t. And when he least expects it, I’ll take the kid down in some kind of an auto accident.
    You think this is cruel? You think I shouldn’t take revenge on a harmless innocent child, be it the son of a murderer? You’re probably right. But it’s the only way to ensure that scumbag who has disgraced our brave military and our entire country will *never* forget his actions.
    Those guys are incurable. They may put out some phony apologies, it don’t fool me. I know there’s only one way to handle them and that’s severe punishment.
    And to all of those who try to downplay Motari’s action by bringing up the other many cases of animal abuses, please, don’t be so stupid. If you killed your spouse and tried to explain your act by telling the judge that many others have killed their spouse before you, do you think this would help lessening your sentence? Do you seriously think that it somehow lightens your case? Come on! Get real.
    Motari’s first born must and will die.

  11. The psychopath David Motari deserves to die, and the standing of the US army has suffered damage that will not be repaired in one generation.

  12. I hope that terrorits give him the worst possible death. I would pay for it.

  13. I hope all american soldiers will be burnt into fires, I hope they will die as soon as possible and I will be very very very happy when I see their families crying in the news. I get very happy when just one american soldier dies in iraq and watch it peacefully. As i m in love with innocent animals, I ll never forget these scenes and that lovely puppy’s screaming in my life. I hope he will be eaten by dogs or his children die in a cruel way. I really wish that from my heart. Whenever I see an american soldier been killed in iraq, I go out and celebrate it for that loveley puppy. I m not talking about americans, I m talking about these soldier cunts who are torturing poor people and animals in iraq. I ll never forget the american cunt woman soldier who was watching the poor iraqian men being raped, and ll never forget that puppy thing. There is no american army, there is AMERICAN COCK SUCKERS! there is no american men power in the world. They are just fast-food people, fat, obese and smelly bastards. I hope you all soldiers will die, cheers!

  14. If he did throw the puppy the best thing for this world is to toss him over a cliff too. We’d all be better off. Sadly this behavior happens everyday in this country – watch Animal Cops on Animal Planet and you will see dimented people do these types of things on a daily basis. It’s sad but true and the only way to stop it is to impose much stricter laws toward this behavior. Jail time (min 1yr) would be the START along with high fines ($5,000 min) and community service. If he did it, he should pay and so should his parents. They “raised” a disgusting, pathetic, devil of a “man”.

    As for Anon’s (the village idiot) post….. The worst thing I have personally done would be not tipping enough or not calling on someone’s birthday. Throwing a dog off a cliff couldn’t compare to what most normal individual’s heat-of-the moment occurences. Anon, your response was lame beyond belief.

  15. I have NO sympathy for ANY of them! They’re Bushe’s mercenaries! They ALL joined because they wanted to kill something…What do you expect out of future “serial killer”?

  16. Better yet, we need to work toward a world where there is no longer a military occupation, no longer a profession of killing others.

    Someday, someday.

  17. What is strange about this defense (repeated by many conservative pundits) is that one does not want people who respond to combat pressures by killing small animals for giggles. It would seem a rather clear case of someone who needs to find another occupation.

  18. that has to be the lamest apology i have ever read in my life.

    he obviously still has zero remorse and apparently is more ‘sorry’ about the bad press than he is for what he did.

    this guy is a psycho and a disgrace to the uniform. i hope the Marine Corp is smart enough to court martial him and boot his ass out of the Corp…they should also make the world aware of his mail forwarding address.

    what a coward. ‘Combat Fatigue’. he’s a douche bag who probably never even discharged his weapon in combat. he was probably guarding some pile of rocks, got bored, and for shits and giggles he and his homo lover in the video decided to throw a puppy off a cliff.

    this guy is pathetic.

  19. I agree with Mark on March 5, an apology is not going to stop the lynch mob that is going after him. There is too much hatred for him, he’s not safe that’s for sure, someone is going to find him and someone is going to hurt him. I for one will be glad when I have heard it’s happened.

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